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February/March 2021


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Welcome To The February/March Trinity Spotlight Welcome to this latest issue of the Spotlight. I hope that as it drops through your door you are safe and well. This one was a bit touch and go getting it together given current restrictions but I so wanted to support the businesses that were able to feature in this issue so luckily it did come together. All be it a few days later than originally planned! Life is tough at the moment for so many people and in so many different ways. One of the hardest things for me is not being able to socalise with friends and not having anything ‘nice’ to look forward to. How I would love to go out to a restaurant for a meal and enjoy some company. The vaccine is rolling out which gives us some light at the end of the tunnel and the potential for reducing restrictions but there is a way to go yet on this I think so please stay safe. Local events remain cancelled but if you enjoy history, volunteers are running monthly on line history talks which might interest you (see page 29). Or if you have ever wanted to learn a new language Speak Out Languages are running weekly on line sessions (see page 21). I am sure there are other on line events running so please get in touch if you know of any and I will feature if I can. If you have a local business that you would like to promote please get in touch and I would be happy to have a chat about how the Spotlight can help you. Contact details and the date for the next issue are included below. Take care and please stay safe and healthy.

The Trinity Spotlight

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HARD SUDOKU HOW TO PLAY Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through to 9 with no repetition! Thats all there is to it. You solve the puzzle with reason and logic - there’s no maths involved and no adding up. Its fun. Its challenging Its addictive. (Soln on pg 30)




Potters Tree Services *NPTC Qualified *Tree Surgery *Site Clearing *Tree Felling *Pruning *Firewood Tel : 07402 699 043



ALL ASPECTS OF ELECTRICAL WORK re-wires electric shower shop fitting smoke alarms lighting, sockets testing & inspection landlord certificates

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Bode Cloudband Oushak

By Piotr Wesolowski

Part of the permanent collection , ‘Dream and Trauma’, at the Museum of Islamic Art in Berlin, the iconic Bode cloudband, a 17th century Oushak prayer rug is perhaps the most recognizable rug in the world. The carpet belonged once to Wilhelm von Bode, a curator at the Friedrich Museum, now called the Bode Museum in Berlin. It was offered to the museum in 1904, along with several other unique rugs from Bode’s private collection. Bode’s cloudband Oushak prayer rug constitutes a most significant artifact within the museum’s walls. It continues to mesmerize collectors with its mystery and simplicity; it is a Mona Lisa of the textile arts. Chrispher Alexander, a British-American architect and design theorist, used the Bode

‘Bode Oushak replica in our collection’

Oushak to illustrate his highly controversial theory suggesting and defining criteria of objective beauty in an artwork. “…the quality of wholeness is not merely a matter of preference or taste for different observers, but instead a definite, tangible, and objective quality, which really does exist to a greater or lesser degree in any given carpet” In his seminal work, ‘A Foreshadowing of 21st Century Art – The Colour and Geometry of Very Early Turkish Carpets’ Alexander proposes that: ‘This notion of beauty, ‘the detailed organisation of matter’ seems intangible but an analysis of structure can approach it in an objective fashion …


Finalists in the 2019 and 2020 Scottish Mortgage Awards for both Best Mortgage Broker Edinburgh & Scotland categories Thinking of Equity Release?

Talk to us for Independent Whole of Market Later Life Lending advice. We will ensure you are provided with the most suitable product whether that is a:- Retirement Interest Only (RIO) Mortgage - Equity Release /Lifetime Mortgage - Standard Residential Mortgage (Interest Only or Capital repayment up to age 85 years) For a free, friendly no obligation chat please get in touch. Our office is closed due to COVID but we are still working and available to contact by phone on 0131 344 4301 or email: 175 Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh. EH10 4DG

A member of the Equity Release Council. Regulated and Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Helping You And Your Family Prepare For The Future Can I make a Will easily during ongoing Covid-19 restrictions? 2020 certainly had many challenges for all of us. One of the things we noticed was that it brought into focus some of the important things that were easy to put off before. We’ve been busy working all the way through lockdown and whatever protection level we’re in, adapting to different ways of working including home-working, and in some ways enjoying that some technological things have moved fast to become much easier than before. We’re also very pleased to have added to our team, with two new members in our Private Client team, which has been particularly busy. If you’ve been putting off making your will, and talking about things like powers of attorney, this is a good time to get it done, and we can help you do it smoothly.

Do we have to meet in person? Can we make our wills remotely? We can do this remotely! We still have to make sure that we verify your identity and are taking instructions from the correct person, but we can have discussions about your will by zoom or other video call. Drafts can be emailed or sent in the mail to you, and then final versions signed at home – you do need a witness and solicitors can now act as witness by video call if it’s difficult for you to arrange to have someone else present when you sign. Depending on restrictions in place, we might be able to do ‘doorstep signing’ where we come to your home but we don’t come in, and we witness your signature at a 2m distance.

What information do I need before we start? You don’t need a lot of information, we will guide you through and let you know what we need from you. We will have a chat about your personal, family and financial circumstances 16

and it’s a good idea to have a think about who you would like to inherit your assets in the event of your death, who to appoint as executors (they would be responsible for winding up your estate) and any key issues that you might have. This might include guardians and trusts for young children, inheritance tax questions, protecting assets if there might be potential future care costs, for example.

How long will it take? Usually we can have your will completed within a couple of weeks of the initial discussions. This gives us time to draft the will, and gives you time to read and think about it, make sure it is exactly what you want, and then arrange to sign the final version once you are ready.

What then?

We will keep yourExpert original will safe, and sendAyou a copy to Touch keep at home. It’s a good Advice With Personal idea to let at least one other person know that you’ve made a will and where it is, but you don’t haveBUYING to tell them what’s in it. It’s entirely confidential. And we recommend AND SELLING PROPERTY that you review your will every 3-5 years and any time your personal, family or financial circumstances change. Clients always tell us it’s a big weight off their mind once the will & LIVING is signed, and it’s easy toWILLS make changes in the future. WILLS

How do I get started?

POWERS ATTORNEY Email or call us to get started. Catriona OF Torrance has joined us recently and brings a wealth of experience in drafting wills, powers of attorney and winding up estates. LisbethEMPLOYMENT LAW SPECIALISTS Ann Pay and Barbara Watson are our other private client specialists. Contact RESIDENTIAL us by email at, or AND COMMERCIAL LEASES by telephone on 0131 554 8649, and we will be delighted to assist. Our phones are set up to allow our receptionists to transfer calls to our solicitors when they areFOR workingBUSINESSES from LEGAL SUPPORT home. We are continuing to provide the same great service to our clients throughout these unusual times. TRUSTS & EXECUTRIES

Catriona Torrance

Find out more about our people and services at Call us now on

or call us now on 0131

554 8649 or 0131 312 7276

98 - 99 Ferry Road, Leith 89 Main Street, Davidsons Mains


The 7 Day Weight Loss Challenge!

By Gillian Dalgliesh Lockdown has been tough on many people’s £s and lbs! A lack of £s and a gain of lbs! However, I can help you to shed those lbs! I have written a short article – “A 7 Day Weight Loss Challenge” to help you to reprogram your thoughts and behaviours, and teach you some mind hacks & techniques to support your success. Each day I set a challenge and at the end of the day you can assess how easy/hard it was. I have noted a list of the 7 Challenges below and I have included the whole of Day 7 – it’s a lovely Visualisation. (You can listen to a similar one on my YouTube channel Gillian Dalgliesh Therapies). If you would like to receive the complete article, please get in touch and I’ll email it to you. DAY 1 - MOVEMENT DAY 2 - AFFIRMATIONS DAY 3 - TRIGGERS DAY 4 - BOREDOM DAY 5 SELF TALK DAY 6 PLAN & PREP

DAY 7 : Today’s challenge is VISUALISATION Visualisation is a common sense success strategy that can keep you motivated and focused to achieve your weight loss goals throughout your day. Basically, it’s about applying your given gift of imagination to your faith and confidence. Regular visualisation helps to focus your mind on what you want and activates the creative powers of the subconscious mind, motivating it to work harder at creating solutions. And something that really turbo-boosts the creative force of your visualisation is imagining how it would FEEL to already be your ideal weight and shape! The essence of manifestation doesn’t just lie in pictures & words, but with the vibrational energy of feeling that something already exists! The excitement, the gratitude & appreciation of having it in your life! Imagining how it would feel to already have it in your life! So take a moment to imagine how your future self would look. See yourself in a full-length mirror. See yourself as your ideal weight and shape. What clothes are you wearing? What shoes have you on? How does your hair look? Look at your face – your eyes shining, your skin is beautiful, your smile is radiant! How would you feel? How confident would you be? How would you hold yourself? How would you Are you struggling to deal with move? issues in your life? Allow yourself now to feel joyful & happy as you see yourself in the future! SEE & FEEL Weight Loss? Anxiety? yourself peaceful, happy, content, joyous, Stress? Smoking? strong, healthy, powerful, vibrant ….. !!!! Phobias? Alcohol? Commit to yourself that you will do this Confidence? visualisation daily – as soon as possible after you get up. For by doing the visualisation in If so, then hypnotherapy the morning, you are setting your emotional may be the solution. energy & resilience for the rest of the day. Find out more about my holistic And remember, that each time you visualise approach to resolving client’s yourself as your perfect weight & shape, you issues on my website are one step closer to its fulfilment!!!! Would you like to chat to Gillian? Would or call me on 07593 082 349 you like to find out more about how she can for a free consultation help you to manage your weight? See ad for contact details. 18



One In Four Adults Are Experiencing Loneliness During Lockdown Staying connected is vital to our mental well-being and is a challenge for many of us at the moment. Speak Out Languages is here to help. Speak Out online French, German, Spanish and Italian classes have proved invaluable to adults across Scotland during this period of uncertainty. Learners say that the weekly sessions give them a focus and something to look forward to. The groups are small, relaxed and you get to know your classmates quickly. Making mistakes and having a laugh is quite the bonding experience! Family members and friends who are at present socially distanced, also join the groups together. It’s a great way to stay in touch and have fun from the comfort of your sofa. If you’d like to know more, please give Ruth a shout at or visit Keep your brain active, keep connected to others and give yourself something to look forward to.


An Update From Councillor Jim Campbell I suspect few residents will have found the last year anything but without precedent. It’s sobering and incredibly sad that the over 112,000 UK souls have been lost since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic around a year ago. The last few months give us some hope, however, that we can move beyond lock downs and restrictions. That 11.5 million people (at the time of writing) have received their first vaccine across the UK is remarkable. That’s about 14.3 people per 100 of the population in Scotland (England is a little ahead at 17.5 per 100). Around half a million first doses are now injected daily; the latest figures are available at www. The work of British scientists has been recognised as world leading, with Edinburgh based research well represented. The decisions by the UK Government to invest heavily in this science and indigenous vaccine manufacture looks to have been well judged. We see a local example of this with the investment and support given to set up new production facilities in Livingstone. I know the Council Leader recently thanked everyone who has been supporting the vaccine roll out: from our NHS, to the UK Armed Forces, and all between. Prudently, he also emphasised the need for us all to continue to abide by all the other Coronavirus restrictions for the time being. Something I believe we can all unite behind. Let’s just hope we can return to something nearer normal over the months ahead, starting with our young people getting back into classrooms. The vaccine roll out is not the only piece of good news. Over the last couple of weeks the Council’s budget position has improved dramatically, at least for this year and next. This is a result of some favourable outcomes for Edinburgh. Most significantly, the Council received a large pass through from the UK Treasury to compensate for income lost due to the pandemic. This made good things like lost parking fees, lost commercial rents, and losses in our Arm’sLength External Organisations (ALEOs) 22

like Edinburgh Leisure or Capital Theatres. The sum was much larger than anticipated, and was not based on the usual COSLA distribution. Another fillip from The Treasury was a change to Local Authority borrowing rules to help relieve some immediate COVID pressures. In addition, the Scottish Government got a 3.5% real terms increase in its budget for 2021/22. This perhaps helped it give Scottish Councils a slightly more generous budget package than was expected. In Edinburgh, we have a 1.6% increase for the coming financial year, as opposed to the 0.7% average decrease expected. The Finance Secretary has promoting a freeze in Council Tax; I very much hope the Council Administration will change its position and accept this. Council Officers are still working on the implications of this in a fast changing world. In a period of a few weeks we have moved from being millions of pounds overspent, with significant calls on our reserves, to neutral outcome, for this year. For next year, we are no longer facing cuts of tens of million, but project a handy surplus.Much caution is still required. Most of the positive effects that have helped us are “non-recurring”. That means our budget projections for 2022/23 and beyond become much much more challenging. Failure to address these medium to long term pressures could impact the Council’s ability to fund programmes in the future, things like the hugely important Phase 2 of the Trinity Academy re-build, pencilled in for the mid 2020s, which should follow the completion of the new Bangholm sports facility. So Council will still face a tough challenge when it meets to set a new budget on 18 February: how to make best use of our immediate windfall to help prepare for the challenges we face in the years ahead. Although the City Chambers remains closed, I can still be contacted on 0131 529 4235, or better still, by email: jim.campbell@




Try A Microhabit We’re over a month into 2021, and it’s possible some new year’s resolutions have fallen by the wayside (that’s if you bothered to make any). I know many people who are struggling at the moment, it’s been a very tough winter. However spring is on the horizon, the days are getting longer and hopefully warmer too. It’s a good time to start implementing any healthy changes you hope to make. Trying a microhabit is definitely the easiest place to start. The clue is in the name, as they say, and developing a microhabit is all about starting small. For instance, if you mean to floss your teeth, start by flossing just one tooth. It’s possible you might get into that very small habit. And from small things, big things grow. Just think of a seed - you’re placing the seed of a habit there.

By Tracy Griffen

Too often we set grandiose plans, or we try to do too much too soon. It can be overwhelming, so start small, and see how you get on. It gets easier. Start with just one thing.

Personal Trainer Tracy Griffen currently offers webcam workouts. She has a new book available ‘Get Fit and Enjoy It: Learn Effective Exercise without a Gym’, which is available via the website See ad below for PT info.

An example is this article you’re reading right now. I had procrastinated for over three weeks to start writing. It got to the silly point of procrastination. So I thought “I’ll just write the title and save the file” – hey presto, I’ve already written two thirds of the column in one sitting. But don’t expect too much. Start very, very small, and see what happens. Try one squat or even just start by putting on your walking shoes. Once you’ve got your walking shoes on, who knows, you may even go for a walk! One thing I like to do is pick up one bit of litter every day. I find the idea of hours of litter-picking daunting, but I’ve been picking up one bit of litter every day for a few years now. It’s not my job, but I get satisfaction in picking up one thing every day. Sometimes it ends up more, but I’m OK with just one bit. 26



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