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ISSUE 101 October 2021


Welcome to this issue of the Spotlight. It is hard to believe that this is the October issue already - this year just seems to have sped by even faster then usual. Some of my friends have even started talking about Christmas already!! Though with the shortages of lorry drivers and deliveries we are currently experiencing, they might be the savvy ones. The same goes for those of you savvy people who planned early in the year to tackle home and garden improvements. As time has gone on finding a gardener or decorator available or getting your hands on materials for thing like decking has got harder and harder. Whether it’s a tidy up or a major makeover that you want to tackle, the latest looks and colours will no doubt influence your choices. Fashion is just as prevalent in the home and garden as it is on the catwalk. Remember when carpet in the bathroom – and sometimes even carpet in the kitchen - was popular? And when a garden make over was just adding some planting. If you are like me, you can spend hours trawling the internet, pinterest and FB pages looking for ideas and end up totally overwhelmed with so many choices that it becomes impossible to make a decision. Visiting a friend and seeing what she has done in her garden gave me a much clearer idea of what we could do in part of our garden than all those hours on the internet did. And a wander round a local lighting and home furnishings shop gave me the ideas for the finishing touches to one of our recently renovated room. My point is that on line shopping has its place, but sometimes you just can’t beat a wander round a local shop and a chat with a real live person to help your ideas become a reality. If lockdown has taught me anything, it has definitely made me appreciate the value of faceto-face communication. The icing on the cake would be to see the friendly smile I am sure is behind the mask!

Best Wishes Sue

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14 An Update By Councillor Max Mitchell

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19 Imposter Syndrome


24 Money Matters - teaching kids to be savvy savers

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10 Hard Sudoku

28 Heart Rate Training Is For You 32 Mini Cryptic Crossword 35 Let There Be Lights! 36 Halloween Howlers 37 Community Spotlight 38 Puzzle Solutions 39 Recipe -Indonesian Chicken With Buckwheat Noodles

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Steven Boles Hair Design Chairs to rent in nice Newtown salon in the centre of Edinburgh. For busy self employed stylists. Full or part time considered

Call Steven on 07810 891157. Or email


The importance of the new fire alarm laws when selling a house in Scotland Changes to fire alarm laws in Scotland from February 2022 The Scottish Government carried out a review of Scotland’s building and fire safety legal framework following the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in London. This resulted in legislation* being passed in January 2019 which will come into force in February 2022. The new legal requirements were originally due to come into force in February 2021, but in light of difficulties caused by COVID-19 the Scottish Parliament agreed to delay implementation for 12 months. With only 5 months left, it is important for all homeowners to start taking any action needed to ensure compliance with the new requirements in time. There is of course no need to wait until the deadline, and improved fire safety in our homes will undoubtedly be beneficial and in some cases life-saving.

Fire & smoke alarm rules for homes All residential dwellings, whether owned or rented, will be required to have:

• • •

one smoke alarm installed in the room most frequently used for general daytime living purposes; one smoke alarm in every circulation space on each storey, such as hallways and landings; and one heat alarm installed in every kitchen.

These alarms must be ceiling-mounted and interlinked. A carbon monoxide detector is also required where there is a carbon-fuelled appliance (such as a boiler, fire or heater) or a flue. This does not need to be linked to the fire alarms.


There are two types of alarms that comply with the new requirements: 1. tamper-proof long-life lithium battery alarms, which can be fitted by individuals themselves or 2. mains-wired alarms, which are cheaper but should be installed by a qualified electrician and may require a building warrant for installation in a flat. In tenements or blocks of flats, it is not necessary for individual properties to be linked to each other, and there is no requirement for alarms to be fitted in communal areas such as entrance halls and stairways. The owner of the property is responsible for ensuring compliance, and Local Authorities have Expert Advice With A Personal statutory powers to deal with properties that do not meet the Touch tolerable standard. Private tenants may be entitled to raise an action against their landlord at Tribunal for failure to BUYING SELLING PROPERTY comply. It may be a conditionAND of household insurance policies that the new standards are met.

How the new fire alarm law affects selling your home WILLS & LIVING WILLS

Compliance with the new legal requirements will be important in the context of selling your property and will be covered in the Home Report which is made available to prospective POWERS OF ATTORNEY purchasers. Electricians and qualified trades companies will be able to advise in individual cases, and information from the Scottish Government with full details of the requirements, along with EMPLOYMENT LAW SPECIALISTS relevant questions and answers, can be found on the Scottish Government website. Further Scottish Government information on fire safety can be found on the Safer Scotland Facebook page and on their ‘FireAND safety forCOMMERCIAL home owners‘ webpage. LEASES RESIDENTIAL * The Housing (Scotland) Act 1987 (Tolerable Standard) (Extension of Criteria) Order 2019

If you are considering selling your property and would like to speak to LEGAL SUPPORT FOR BUSINESSES one of our estate agency team, please do contact us at or 0131 312 7276.


Find out more about our people and services at Call us now on

or call us now on 0131

554 8649 or 0131 312 7276

98 - 99 Ferry Road, Leith 89 Main Street, Davidsons Mains


HARD SUDOKU HOW TO PLAY Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through to 9 with no repetition! Thats all there is to it. You solve the puzzle with reason and logic - there’s no maths involved and no adding up. Its fun. Its challenging Its addictive. (Soln on pg 38)




Last month saw the launch of the new initiative – Stockbridge Music Hub. This sees Stockbridge Church as a base for community music practitioner, Clea Friend, to run activities and classes for all members of the community both in the church and in and around Stockbridge. Clea is already bringing music making to local care homes and schools and this month sees the first Culture Club session (a screening of a play, musical or opera production) which is open to all. The hub, and Clea herself, are a resource for the community and its aim it to assist with covid recovery by using music for integration, interaction and socialisation in this time when there might be apprehension about sharing a space and meeting with others. Please visit the new website to find out more. or contact Clea:

Stockbridge Music Hub


An Update From Councillor Max Mitchell Since I became a councillor in 2017, residents across Inverleith Ward have been in touch about the excessive use of a nearby house or flat being used as a short-term let. Not all shortterm lets are problematic, but for those living next-door to one or sharing a stair that has very frequent usage, it can have a seriously detrimental impact on their well-being and amenity because of noise or disturbances. Furthermore, it can often add pressure to residential bins as well as putting additional pressure on local housing supplies. In 2019, 31% of AirBnB’s listings in Scotland were in Edinburgh, followed by 19% in Highland then 7% in Glasgow, which demonstrates the volume in Edinburgh compared to other parts of Scotland. The current enforcement process is extremely time and resource intensive and often takes months of investigation to resolve. In August this year, the Planning Committee approved a proposal to consult on whether the city should have a ‘Short-Term Let Control Area’ covering the entire city. If approved by the Council and then the Scottish Government, property owners who are letting out a residential property as a short-term let would be required to apply for a ‘change of use’ through the planning application process in order to operate. By requiring planning permission, it would enable the Council to consider where short-term lets can function and whether the location is appropriate or not. I should add that this is not a blanket ban on short-term lets, but it allows for more control under the planning regulations where there are high concentrations of short-term lets or excessive use. Decisions on applications would be made in line with the Council’s Local Development Plan and other ‘material’ considerations. There would be instances under what is proposed where permission would not be needed; the ‘control area’ would not affect those who let rooms in their own home or let out the whole residential property where it is the owner’s principal home and the owner is absent. This proposal is related to the Scottish Government’s recent consultation on a licensing scheme for short-term lets, which looks to address safety standards and anti-social behaviour. If the proposed licensing scheme is passed, all short-term lets will need to be licensed by 1st April 2024. One of the proposed conditions of the licensing scheme requires the property to have planning permission or have submitted a planning application. The consultation began on 2nd September and is open until 5th November 2021. Please do consider visiting the Council’s consultation hub online to give your views on the proposals. Subject to approval by both the Council and the Scottish Government, the ‘control area’ could be in force as soon as April 2022. Please don’t hesitate to contact Inverleith Ward councillor Max Mitchell by email,, or by phone 0131 529 4409, with any local issues or questions.


Finalists in the 2019 and 2020 Scottish Mortgage Awards for both Best Mortgage Broker Edinburgh & Scotland categories Thinking of Equity Release?

Talk to us for Independent Whole of Market Later Life Lending advice. We will ensure you are provided with the most suitable product whether that is a:- Retirement Interest Only (RIO) Mortgage - Equity Release /Lifetime Mortgage - Standard Residential Mortgage (Interest Only or Capital repayment up to age 85 years) For a free, friendly no obligation chat please get in touch. Our office is closed due to COVID but we are still working and available to contact by phone on 0131 344 4301 or email: 175 Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh. EH10 4DG

A member of the Equity Release Council. Regulated and Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. 15

ALL ASPECTS OF ELECTRICAL WORK re-wires electric shower shop fitting smoke alarms lighting, sockets testing & inspection landlord certificates

0131 5550892 07543698172





By Gillian Dalgliesh

I was watching a nature programme recently. It featured big cats – tigers, lions etc. I was watching a tiger as it walked. These big cats are unapologetic about their power. They’re enchanting because they put their full force into each and every step. These powerful beings are totally aligned with their present, their presence, their power, their purpose and their capacities. It gives them focus, peace and the confidence of success. They’re beautiful and what joy to witness! Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if we could all incorporate this into our daily lives for ourselves??? Unfortunately, many of us can’t actually align with this feeling and we doubt our abilities and feel like a fraud. It’s labelled Imposter Syndrome. Paradoxically, it disproportionately often affects high-achieving people, who find it difficult to accept their accomplishments. (Especially women). Many of us question whether we’re deserving of accolades. From a hypnotherapist’s point of view, this is known as “Cognitive Dissonance” – the mental discomfort from holding 2 opposing points of views which results in conflicting beliefs, attitudes & behaviours. At a conscious level you know, from experience, that you are competent, able and have a history of success, however there are dissonant beliefs and cognitions which override all of that and they cause you to experience self doubt, overthinking and discomfort. Hypnotherapy can help you to shift those unnecessary, unhealthy & redundant beliefs, quickly & safely in order to align you with your own peace, belief and power. If you would like to have a free 30 minute Discovery Call to find out more, then please call me. I’d be delighted to hear from you and to have a chat. In October, I’ll also be running a free Webinar about Managing Imposter Syndrome. Get in touch if you’d like more details. Contact details are in the advert. **STOP PRESS** Join me for my new Online Course starting in October “CHANGE YOUR MINDSET TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE” fun, weekly workshops to create sustainable peace & self empowerment! Places limited.

Are you struggling to deal with issues in your life?

Weight Loss? Anxiety? Stress? Smoking? Phobias? Alcohol? Confidence? If so, then hypnotherapy may be the solution. Find out more about my holistic approach to resolving client’s issues on my website or call me on 07593 082 349 for a free consultation

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Jamie Primrose Contemporary Scottish Artist Captivating Eco Chic atSkyscapes Home By Katherine ell By The Acclaimed Painter Next,

continuing with captivating clouds and water closer to his home in Edinburgh, (but still overlooking East Lothian beyond), the highly collectable artist beautifully showcases ethereal skies and the sculptural landscape of Arthur’s Seat. Offering breathtaking vistas from nearby Blackford Hill and the ancient crag’s own hill-top vantage points, the stillness and serenity of its gleaming lochs – Duddingston, Dunsapie and St. Margaret’s (see pic to the right) are also skilfully highlighted with glimpses of the city below.

Jamie Primrose ‘Luminous skies over Fidra’ 40cm x 40cm, Oil on canvas

The transient nature of light onto water and land continually fascinates and inspires Jamie Primrose to create luminosity and atmosphere in his stunning original artworks. As one of Scotland’s most prominent soughtafter painters, with past sell-out collections to his name, he presents his latest gorgeous solo exhibition of over 50 magical skyscape oil paintings from Friday 5th – Saturday 13th November at The Dundas Street Gallery, which is not to be missed.

‘Evocative Skies’ Exhibition Firstly, Primrose encapsulates the dreamlike quality of passing, ephemeral clouds and glorious streams of light reflecting onto the sea and iridescent sands, in a gorgeous suite of glistening East Lothian beaches, evoking blissful childhood memories. From Yellowcraig (see pic above), Seacliff, Longniddry, North Berwick and Tyninghame (see pic to the right), including Bass Rock – these uplifting, sweeping cloudscapes draw the viewer in and delightfully depict the ever-changing drama and play of light above sparkling, tranquil shores. 20

Jamie Primrose ‘Winter clouds over Tyninghame Beach’ 30cm x 40cm, Oil on linen

Jamie Primrose ‘Evocative Skies’ Friday 5th – Saturday 13th November The Dundas Street Gallery 6a Dundas Street, Edinburgh EH3 6HZ Preview Day By Booked Appointment: Friday 5th November, 11am – 8pm Open For Walk-ins thereafter: Saturday & Sunday, 11am – 5pm Monday – Friday, 11am – 6pm For painting enquiries or further details please contact: Mari Primrose t: 0131 446 9510 m: 07947 243 418 e: View paintings online from 13th Oct at

Jamie Primrose ‘Last light over St. Margaret’s Loch, Edinburgh’ 80cm x 80cm, Oil on canvas

Probably best-known for his vibrant, colourful sunset city skylines from Calton Hill in an expressionistic palette, the talented painter also pleasingly revisits these motifs, with a striking series looking towards Fife, East Lothian and over the majestic capital’s architectural silhouette.

“Jamie Primrose has an incredible feel for the light of his native Edinburgh and in East Lothian” The Sunday Times “Primrose’s paintings exude a heaven-sent sense of calm” The Herald “Jamie has had an astonishing degree of success with his atmospheric paintings” Galleries “Jamie Primrose’s paintings display an atmospheric, ethereal quality that makes his work so sought-after” Scottish Field “Primrose has an ever-expanding band of collectors snapping up his work” The Herald

The iconic Edinburgh Castle Esplanade is Primrose’s final muse on high, as he then winds his way from Castlehill down the Royal Mile – with St. Giles Cathedral and nearby Victoria Street, the Grassmarket and Edinburgh University in an atmospheric range of characterful, magical twilight nocturnes – his wintry midnight blue blanket above enveloping the historic streets beneath. A master at expertly capturing spectacular, impressive skies in his work, this recurring theme and skill ensures his investment oils and exclusive limited edition prints evoke a luminous quality, a soothing ambiance and an uplifting mood for the viewer.

Best-selling Painter A highly collectable artist with over 40 new solo art collections in Edinburgh and London since 2003, Jamie Primrose has an evergrowing UK and international clientele, his work continually in demand. Brought up and schooled in Edinburgh, he gained a fine art degree at Newcastle University (1990-94), then for a decade travelled the world and worked in London. Since returning to the Scottish capital to become a professional painter, he has achieved huge success and critical acclaim:

Book Your Preview Day Appointment: (half an hour)

Friday 5th November, 11am – 8pm

Please email Mari Primrose with your preferred time & numbers: e: quoting ‘Stockbridge Spotlight’ 21







Heart Rate Training Is For You

By Tracy Griffen

Last issue I wrote about post-Covid fitness. I mentioned that heart rate training is a safe and effective way to build up fitness after Covid. This is issue I’m going to explain exactly what HR (heart rate) training is, and why it’s suitable for ALL fitness levels. We quite often don’t think of our heart, but it’s a very effective pump. The healthier it is, the more blood it pumps each stroke. The fitter you are, the lower your resting HR, and the easier exercise will feel. Movement puts a demand on muscles so the heart needs to pump more oxygenated blood around the body, elevating heart rate. Your heart is a muscle that can be trained like any other muscle, by using it. Aerobic exercise is basically strength training for your cardiac (heart) muscle. So it is super important! This is why I do heart rate training with all new clients, regardless of their fitness level. We use a HRM (Heart Rate Monitor) with chest strap to accurately monitor the heart’s bpm (beats per minute). By getting someone moving in their target HR rate, I can see how fast they need to move to have a fitness benefit, and how quickly they recover from exercise. The target HR you need to exercise at gets lower as you get older. For example, if you’re 20 years old, you need to go at least 130bpm, if you’re 40 year old, it’s 117bpm, and at 60 it’s 104bpm. The fitter you are, the lower your resting HR, so the faster you’ll need to move to get in the ‘zone’. By measuring your HR, you can ensure that you’re going fast enough to get fit. We can keep an eye on HR to make sure it’s not going too high. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) can be handy for some purposes, but for returning to fitness it’s always advisable to start with the lower intensity cardiovascular exercise. Start slow and long and build up your speed and 28

endurance with practise. Many post-viral clients tell me that they feel like they should be able to move faster, but their body will not let them. Sometimes their HR is higher than expected and everything is an effort. There may also be the feeling of stiffness in the chest. This is the after effects of your body fighting the virus, and it varies from individual to individual. Best to take it easy, and have lots of recovery days, and build up slowly. Rest and recovery days are especially important when coming back from an illness, so more on that next issue... Personal Trainer Tracy Griffen specialises in fitness for those coming back from injury or illness. She believes in supporting clients through their fitness journey. For more information, see advert below




(soln on pg 38)

Mini Cryptic Crossword

Deceased Houses Respectfully Cleared







Community Spotlight SALE OF PICTURES ON BEHALF OF CHRISTIAN AID Twa Bunnets by Helen Forde

The club meets at Blackhall St. Columba’s Church hall, Queensferry Road, the second Friday of each month from 2pm to 4pm

Future Meetings October 8th

Pamela Galloway from Dunfermline “Painting by Flowers”

November 12th

Dawn Weaver from Chester “Wildwood”

December 10th

Karine Murray from East Kilbride “Christmas Joy” Membership for the year 2021/2022 is £20 and new members and visitors are always welcome

Twa Bunnets, by the popular Leith-based artist Helen Forde is one of some 200 paintings, drawings and prints on sale at this autumn’s Christian Aid Sale. Artists across the city and beyond have given their work with great generosity and this October’s sale promises to be one of the best. The venue, as usual, is St Andrew’s and St George’s West Church at 13 George Street. There is no need to book but masks should be worn. The sale is the perfect opportunity to buy that special Christmas present knowing not only that you have acquired an original work of art but that every pound you spend goes straight to Christian Aid to help the poorest and most needy right across the world. And after the dreadful couple of years we have had those pounds are needed as never before. The sale is open Thursday and Friday 14th and 15th October from 10am to 3pm and Saturday 16th October also from 10am to 3pm.

St Vincent’s Chapel Stockbridge

SundaysS Sundays

10.30am Sung Eucharist

(no music on 3rd Sunday in the month)

6pm Evensong 6pm Evensong


11am Eucharist Join our friendly congregation for a traditional service. All welcome. Scottish Episcopal Church, part of the Anglican Communion 37

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