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ISSUE 93 October2020




Welcome To The October Stockbridge Spotlight As I write this introduction I am hoping this issue is going to reach you as planned. With Covid 19 on the rise again it is clear that changes and restrictions are likely in the next few days - but as yet I don’t know what they are and if they will impact on printing and distribution of this issue. So all I can do is cross my fingers and hope that this Spotlight comes through your letter box early October. With that said, it is good to see more of the businesses I am in contact with up and running again after some difficult times. This issue still has less pages than I would usually expect at this time of the year but I am just grateful that I am still able to bring the Spotlight to you. My mum commented recently when she was looking through the last issue ‘you have been doing this for a long time now’. Which got me thinking about how long the Spotlight has been running - and it’s a long time. It is 14 years since I started the Trinity Spotlight, my original publication and 9 years for the Stockbridge Spotlight. My youngest was only 4 at the time and I wanted the flexibility to work around nursery/school hours and, importantly, school holidays. Starting any business is hard work and demanding but over the years I got exactly what I wanted - more time with my children and family and flexible working hours. It is not by chance that the Spotlight distribution is all scheduled around the school holidays!! But time doesn’t stand still. My oldest son will be 21 next month and his little brother 18 in December. And the Spotlights are still dropping through your door and helping both businesses and residents. That is definitely something that I feel very proud about.

Contents 6 The Money Pandemic 10 Hard Sudoku 12 Berber RuGs From Morocco 18 Coping With Arthritis

The Stockbridge Spotlight Editor : Sue Hutchison T : 0131 618 6622 (Always include area code when calling) M : 07817 206 418

20 Chronic Tiredness Solutions With TCM

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24 Contemporary And Botanical Artists Celebrate The Power Of Flowers

Office : 98 Ferry Road, Edin, EH6 4PG

25 The Men Who 28 Sale On Behalf Of Christian Aid 30 Fitness - A Home Gym In 2020 34 Bedrooms On A Budget 36 General Knowledge Crossword 38 Puzzle Solutions 39 Crispy Topped Apple Pie

November 2020 Issue Artwork Deadline - 23rd October Distribution Date - 4th/5th/6th November 4

Best Wishes Sue

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HARD SUDOKU HOW TO PLAY Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through to 9 with no repetition! Thats all there is to it. You solve the puzzle with reason and logic - there’s no maths involved and no adding up. Its fun. Its challenging Its addictive. (Soln on pg 38)



Berber Rugs From Morocco

By Piotr Wesolowski

Far from the markets of the Middle East and Central Asia; in the world unknown to the merchants of silk and opulent Oriental carpets, thrives a world of textile culture of a different kind. The various Berber tribes of the Moroccan Atlas have for millennia produced rugs of extraordinary aesthetic quality and spiritual depth. Undisturbed by modernity, the Berbers create masterpieces in wool that show both sublime colour ‘Berber Rug from Morocco’ sensitivity and nearly ascetic restraint in their minimalistic patterns sketched against typically plain backgrounds. Their indisputable artistry was already noticed in the late 19th century when, lured by the irresistible charm of Orientalism, many westerners travelled to north Africa. They were astounded by the richness of colour and the complexity of design: the fabric of Morocco. It was however the Swiss French architect and interior designer Charles-Édouard Jeanneret who introduced the Berber tribal rugs to the world. Better known as Le Corbusier, Jeanneret incorporated these rugs into his ultra-modern designs where the warmth of the material and the whimsicality of the primitive patterns contrasted the austerity of his interiors.

‘Le Corbusier : Villa La Roche, Paris (1924)’

The importance of his novel approach which broaches two seemingly irreconcilable aesthetics had an undeniable impact on the visual arts of the period. It is no coincidence that the works of the early 20th century western art appear so strongly to reflect ideas rooted in ancient cosmology of the Berber tribes from the Atlas Mountains.

‘Berber Rug from Morocco’ 12



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Deceased Houses Respectfully Cleared



Out Languages is on a mission to help 50 NEWSFLASH: Speak people speak a new language by Christmas! 8 reasons to get involved: 1. Satisfy your wanderlust. Whisk yourself off to Spain, Italy, France or Germany from the comfort of your own home. 2. Keep your brain active. Learning a new language has been proven to increase brain function, even delaying the onset of dementia. 3. Speak practical, useful language from the word go, rather than focus on endless grammar exercises and tests. 4. Meet new people without leaving the sofa. 5. Discover a new hobby and open up a new world of opportunities. 6. IT’S NOT LIKE SCHOOL. 7. Get yourself ready to travel for the when the world opens up again. 8. Most importantly, have a lot of fun! Don’t take our word for it. Check out the reviews on Google and Facebook.

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Contemporary And Botanical Artists Celebrate The Power Of Flowers As Inverleith House Re-opens New and existing works by contemporary artists Lee Mingwei, Annalee Davis, Wendy McMurdo and Lyndsay Mann join over 40 established botanical artists such as Mieko Ishikawa, Dianne Sutherland and Sansanee Deekranjang in Florilegium: A gathering of flowers, at Inverleith House, Edinburgh, which re-opens this Autumn. The exhibition is the first of a new programme as Inverleith House begins its transformation into Climate House following the award of the Outset Contemporary Art Fund’s Transformative Grant. In this exhibition, the artists have responded to the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh’s globally-important plant collection comprising over 13,500 species. The title derives from the name for a group of botanical artworks and is part of the Garden’s ambitious project to catalogue the plant collection through botanical and contemporary art responses. The artists - living and working internationally - have overcome the challenges of a global pandemic this year to create new and never seen before works of art for Florilegium. They will be displayed for the first time in this major exhibition marking the post-Covid19 reopening of Inverleith House. Created during lockdown, Scottish artist and photographer Wendy McMurdo’s new series of images Night Garden (pictures) was inspired by the flowers growing in the garden beyond her studio. Watching the cycle of germination, growth and renewal from her studio window seemed in direct opposition to her world inside and online. Running from 16th October until 13 December 2020, Florilegium: A gathering of flowers also features works showing plants that can be seen growing in the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Glasshouses. A florilegium is a book of flowers. It is commonly a group of botanical paintings depicting a particular collection. The collection may also represent an exploration of a garden or plant family.

Florilegium: A Gathering Of Flowers

10.30am - 4.30pm, Friday 16 October - Sunday 13 December Inverleith House, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh FREE entry. Please book a time slot in advance of your visit to enter the Garden at rbge.org.uk

See Pg 14 for more details 24

There has never been a more important time to actively maintain positive mental wellbeing. With the world around us changing in rapid and uncertain ways, and expectations to respond appropriately at any given moment, it can sometimes feel like life is getting away from you. And, as men, we are less likely to talk about how this makes us feel. The Men Who: exists to provide men across Edinburgh with a regular opportunity to express these thoughts and feelings. As part of a likeminded community that is free from judgement or agenda, men in our circle are free to share what’s on their mind when they need to share it. We talk and listen in a secure, dynamic and positive environment. This means that everything is shared in the spirit of mutual confidence, and remains at all times within the safety of our space. If you or somebody you know would benefit from participating in The Men Who:, reach out to us today on Instagram @themenwho_ or contact John on 07803 363 879.


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SALE OF PICTURES ON BEHALF OF CHRISTIAN AID The Snake Man of Marrakesh by the celebrated artist, the late David Michie, is just one of about two hundred paintings on sale this month for the benefit of Christian Aid. The bright green and or-ange colours of this tiny gem evoke the heat and magic of Morocco – and that holiday in the sun we were denied this year by the wretched Covid 19. Against all the odds the autumn sale will take place between 22 and 24 October at St Andrew’s and St The Snake Man of Marrakesh by David Michie. George’s West Church at 13 George Street. To ensure everyone’s safety there will be a new sys-tem of display with a circulation route, volunteers to assist visitors, and masks and hand sanitisers. All this, of course, to make it easy and pleasant to browse and buy. Every penny raised goes straight to Christian Aid to help the poorest and most needy right across the world.

The sale is open Thursday and Friday 22nd and 23rd October from 10 am to 5 pm and Saturday 24 October from 10 am to 3 pm



A Home Gym In 2020

By Tracy Griffen

Twelve years ago I wrote a piece for the Spotlight on how to set up your own home gym. Regular readers with very good memories may remember the article. Fear not if you’ve forgotten, as my Home Gym 2020 hitlist is similar. In other words, fads come and go, but you only need a few pieces of inexpensive equipment to exercise from the comfort of your home: 1.Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) – Useful for making cardio (pulse-raising) exercise measureable. It’s an advantage that gyms used to have over home exercise, as HRM’s used to be mega-pricey. You can now get an entry level HRM with chest strap for around £30. 2.Trainers – Your shoes should reflect what you want to do. Many people feel they need to buy fancy trainers to start, but as long as shoes are comfortable with adequate cushioning, you’re fine. You can exercise at home barefoot. 3.Music – Create a playlist of your favourite tunes, to inspire and motivate. Or dig out a CD you’ve not listened to for awhile – It’s been proven steady beat can help you work harder, and for longer. 4.Resistance Tubes / Bands – Super portable, rubber resistance is making a comeback: lightweight and versatile, a Pilates band or resistance tube can add variety to your workout. 5.Skipping Rope – A cheap piece of kit which will get your heart rate up, anywhere, anytime. 6.Exercise Ball – Dependent on space you have available, an exercise (Swiss) ball is very good for ‘core’ exercises and is brilliant to sit on when working from home. Be sure to buy ‘antiburst’ as cheap balls are horrible and difficult to control (and can also burst). 7.A Reebok Step – You don’t need to be an aerobics whizz to benefit from using a step. It’s an easy way to get your heart rate up indoors, and it also doubles as a weights bench. 8.Exercise Mat – Hard floors need cushioning, and a mat also sets up a designated exercise area. 9.‘Get Fit and Enjoy It’ Book – My book on how to get fit from home is released next month. Check out next month’s column on how to get yours! Personal Trainer Tracy Griffen offers home visits and webcam workouts to show you how to exercise from home, using whatever equipment you have already. See adjacent advert. 30

A Warehouse of Tribal Art



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General Knowledge Crossword General Knowledge Crossword





8 9



12 14





24 25

Down 1

7 Member an ancient Hawaiian garland ofof flowers (3)

the time of Christ (8) Fluid in the mouth (6)


8 on-line Hawaiian garland Shared journal (4)


Song 9 used to praise Deity (5) Fluid in thethemouth (6)





Member of an ancient 1 Integers (6)Jewish sect around the time of Christ (8)








Across Integers (6)


See Pg 14 for more details










10 Shared on-line journal (4)

Dogmatism (7)

Song Yellow11 fossil resinused (5)

3 5 6


2 Japanese woman trained to entertain men (6)

Country, capital Madrid (5) Principal bullfighter (7)

3 Country, capital Madrid (5)

Military knapsack (6)

4 lamps Principal Oil used as fuel in (8) 5 Military Curved oriental sword (8)

to praise the Deity (5) 14 Deep red (7)

13ofDog of mixed Organs locomotion and balance in fishes (4)

breed (7)

15 Dogmatism (7)

Dark brownish-red colour (6)


Yellow Sweet17 potato (3)

fossil resin (5)


Ribbon-like intestinalofparasite (8) 21 Organs locomotion

measure (usually of food such as (6)

Japanese woman trained custard) sectto around entertain men (6) 2

of flowers (3)4

Dog of mixed breed (7)


Small measure (usually of food such as custard) (6) 1 Small

bullfighter (7)

knapsack (6)

6 Oil used as fuel in lamps (8)


Pearl-producing shellfish (6)


Mythical monster said to live in 14swamps Deep (6) red watery places like

12 Curved oriental sword (8) (7)

19 Drill used to shape enlarge holes (6) shellfish (6) 16orPearl-producing and balance in school or college balls 20 Formal 18 Mythical monster said to live in watery held at the end of a year (5) 5 Sharpshooter (6) (4) fishes places like swamps (6) 22 Dark brownish-red colour (6) lution 19 Drill used to shape or enlarge holes (6)

ross: 1 Digits, 7 Pharisee, 8 Lei, 9 Saliva, 10 Blog, 11 Psalm, 13 Mongrel, 15 Bigotry, 23Fins, Sweet potato23(3) Amber, 21 22 Maroon, Yam, 24 Tapeworm, 25 Sniper. 20 Formal school or college wn: 1 Dollop, 2 Geisha, 3 Spain, 4 Matador, 5 Kitbag, 6 Kerosene, 12 Scimitar, 14 Crimson, the end of a year (5) 24 Ribbon-like intestinal parasite (8) Oyster, 18 Bunyip, 19 Reamer, 20 Proms.

balls held at

25 Sharpshooter (6)

November Issue Artwork Deadline : 23rd October

Distribution Date : 4th/5th/6th November

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Across: 1 Digits, 7 Pharisee, 8 Lei, 9 Saliva, 10 Blog, 11 Psalm, 13 Mongrel, 15 Bigotry, 17 Amber, 21 Fins, 22 Maroon, 23 Yam, 24 Tapeworm, 25 Sniper.

Down: 1 Dollop, 2 Geisha, 3 Spain, 4 Matador,

5 Kitbag, 6 Kerosene, 12 Scimitar, 14 Crimson, 16 Oyster, 18 Bunyip, 19 Reamer, 20 Proms.




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