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ISSUE 98 May/June 2021


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Welcome To The May/June Stockbridge Spotlight

Hello. When I wrote this piece for the last issue we were waiting news on the steps for opening up Lockdown. As I write it for this one, restaurants, pubs, gyms and many more shops have just opened. So we are definitely heading in the right direction and long may it continue. I can’t wait to get out and about more and be able to enjoy different aspects of life again. My first hair appointment is very soon and I am so looking forward to being at the hairdressers. Not just because my hair really really needs done but it’s a great place for a chat and a catch up on what’s happening in the ‘real world’. ‘Shimmering light on The Botanics Pond’ 30cm x 30cm, Oil on linen

We human beings are social animals at heart. Yes, we appreciate the TV channels, online shopping, social media and group calls, but their benefit to our wellbeing and morale is tiny when compared to physical interaction with other people. The highlight of my week was sometimes a trip to the local shop/Post Office where I knew there would always be a bit of chat with the girls who I have got to know over many visits. It cheered me up every time. Shopping online is definitely convenient and isn’t going away. But one thing the pandemic has brought home is how important using local businesses is. On page 4 you will find an article about the benefits of using retail outlets close to you in your community. It will be appreciated by the business owner so much more than any spending you do with detached online businesses who know nothing about your or the area you live in. So lets support the community by shopping there! Many thanks to Jamie Primrose for allowing me to use his painting (above) on this page. Good luck with your exhibition (pgs 18/19).

Best Wishes Sue Contents

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Talk to us for Independent Whole of Market Later Life Lending advice. We will ensure you are provided with the most suitable product whether that is a:- Retirement Interest Only (RIO) Mortgage - Equity Release /Lifetime Mortgage - Standard Residential Mortgage (Interest Only or Capital repayment up to age 85 years) For a free, friendly no obligation chat please get in touch. Our office is closed due to COVID but we are still working and available to contact by phone on 0131 344 4301 or email: contact@mallenymortgagesolutions.com

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Visit The Royal Yacht Britannia Best UK Attraction (Which? Magazine) Step aboard The Royal Yacht Britannia as the Best UK Attraction (Which? Magazine) re-opens, Wednesdays – Sundays, from 12 May! Just 2 miles from Edinburgh’s city centre, head to the sea to follow in the footsteps of Royalty and discover all five decks of this iconic ship. All ages will love to explore with their own free audio guide (children even get their own version), as they discover life on board for the Royal Family. See where they spent their holidays to the Western Isles and where celebrities and esteemed guests, from Sir Winston Churchill to Nelson Mandela, were entertained at sparkling state functions. Head below decks to where the crew of 220 Royal Yachtsmen lived, slept and worked as well as the gleaming Engine Room. With waterfront views, the Royal Deck Tea Room is the perfect place to enjoy freshly baked cakes, scones, soups and sandwiches, all made on board in the Galley kitchens.


HARD SUDOKU HOW TO PLAY Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through to 9 with no repetition! Thats all there is to it. You solve the puzzle with reason and logic - there’s no maths involved and no adding up. Its fun. Its challenging Its addictive. (Soln on pg 34)



Helping You And Your Family Prepare For The Future Powers of Attorney – do I need one and how do I get one? A power of attorney (POA) is a document which appoints someone you trust to be your attorney(s), and authorises them to act on your behalf, during your lifetime. Your attorney can act for you either if you ask them to and give them your permission, or if you have lost capacity and are not able to act and make decisions for yourself.

I probably don’t need one then… (hint, this is incorrect!) The key thing about POAs is that if you wait until you definitely need it, it might be too late. It should be discussed, drafted and signed while you have full capacity, without needing anyone else to be involved, and there are no doubts about your instructions. A bit like house insurance – you could say that you don’t really need this, but if you wait until your kitchen is smoking you’ll have a hard time getting any insurance cover!

What’s covered in the POA? What can my Attorney do? There are two main aspects to a POA – financial and administrative matters, and personal welfare matters. The financial side includes things like accessing your bank accounts, paying bills, dealing with your savings, investments, property, tax, benefits, pensions, and purchasing equipment, paying for care and so on. The welfare side of things includes consenting or withholding consent to medical treatment, making decisions on care and accommodation, and day to day personal matters such as participation in social, religious and cultural activities, as well as dress, diet, appearance and so on. The crucial difference is that welfare matters can only be dealt with by your attorney if you have lost capacity and are unable to make such decisions for yourself, whereas financial matters can be dealt with by your attorney if you have lost capacity and/ or if you give permission for them to 12

act for you. This often happens if there is a physical reason making it difficult for you to get out and about or to speak on the phone, use technology for banking and so on.

It’s not for me, it’s for my parents… We are happy to have an initial chat with you if you think a family member might need a POA, however we do need to take instructions directly from the person putting the POA in place. It is important that we verify their identity and ascertain that they have capacity to deal with this, and make sure that no-one is putting them under any pressure or influencing decisions. Feel free to pass on our contact details though, or leave the Spotlight lying open at this page!

How do I get started? Email or call us to get started. Catriona Torrance, Lisbeth-Ann Pay and Barbara Watson Expert Advice With A Personal Touch are our private client specialists and have a wealth of experience in drafting powers of attorney, wills, and winding up estates. Contact us by email at enquiries@elpamsolicitors. BUYING AND SELLING PROPERTY co.uk, or by telephone on 0131 554 8649, and we will be delighted to assist. Our phones are set up to allow our receptionists to transfer calls to our solicitors when they are working from home. We are continuing to provide the same great service to our clients WILLS throughout these unusual times. & LIVING WILLS



Lisbeth-Ann Pay

Find out more about our people and services at

www.elpamsolicitors.co.uk Call us now on

or call us now on 0131

554 8649 or 0131 312 7276

98 - 99 Ferry Road, Leith 89 Main Street, Davidsons Mains

enquiries@elpamsolicitors.co.uk 13


By Gillian Dalgliesh

In the film, The Wizard of Oz, Glinda the Good Witch of the North, tells Dorothy, “You always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself”. Or in other words, Dorothy just had to look within.

Consciously Enjoy Life Today, find a reason to be joyous and childlike. For example, as I write this article, today is Earth Day and we’re being asked to go outside and photograph ourselves amongst the cherry blossom that’s so abundant at this time of the year and share it on social media. It not only lifts our spirits, but others too! Affirmation “I remember to seek out joyous experiences each day!”

I believe what Glinda said applies to all of us: We all have the power to get where we want to go, because it’s within our power at any moment of any day to make huge transformations in the way we view things and to alter the course of our lives. Whether To read my complete article on ‘How to you realise it or not, you have complete Change Your Life In a Day’, then please sign control over your internal world. up for my free monthly newsletter on my website www.gilliandalgliesh.com While it’s true that external shifts like really big life changes might not happen in a day, Big self changes that require you to release internal shifts can happen in a matter of & heal past hurts & blocks in order to realise moments. Of course, we cannot control the your true potential are part of a larger process big things that happen outside of our lives, of healing and I offer a free 30 minute but we can control how we react to them, and Discovery Call with me if you would like to how we control our inner lives. start to explore deeper issues and find out how I can help. See ad for contact details. Everything starts in our minds and you have the power to make the magic shifts required that can change everything in your life, starting today …. Here are a few steps to radically transform your life in no time at all. Decide to Change your Mood Make a decision to let go of anger, frustration, boredom and negativity today. Decide to adopt a more positive way of thinking. In order to keep this decision in the forefront of your consciousness, remind yourself by wearing something you don’t normally wear – a ring for example. Every time you notice it, repeat an affirmation such as “Today I choose to keep my thoughts positive and direct my energy towards happiness and peace.” Count your Blessings Regularly take a few moments to really appreciate all that is around you and give thanks for all the wonderful things you have in your life – nothing is too large or small. This automatically raises your vibrational frequency to a higher level and you’ll attract more abundance and happiness. Repeat an affirmation such as “Thank you for all the beauty in my life.” 14

Are you struggling to deal with issues in your life? Weight Loss? Anxiety? Stress? Smoking? Phobias? Alcohol? Confidence? If so, then hypnotherapy may be the solution. Find out more about my holistic approach to resolving client’s issues on my website www.gilliandalgliesh.com or call me on 07593 082 349 for a free consultation


Deceased Houses Respectfully Cleared



Jamie Primrose Contemporary Scottish Artist

Stunning local vistas by the Eco Chic atpainter Home By Katherine ellatmosphere best-selling

around the locality within his stunning work.

‘Shimmering Light’ Exhibition

Firstly, Primrose depicts gorgeous, seasonal (spring, autumnal and wintry) light impressions dancing through the natural elements of Inverleith Park and The Botanics (well-walked spots) in a blaze of ever-changing colour. From casting patterns ‘Sunset over The Stockbridge Colonies’ 30cm x 30cm, Oil on linen

‘Glistening light on Inverleith Pond’ 30cm x 30cm, Oil on linen

With past sell-out solo exhibitions, Jamie Primrose is regarded as one of Scotland’s most prominent, sought-after contemporary painters. His outstanding investment paintings are continually in demand by a discerning and expanding UK and international clientele, with critical acclaim, plus he has over 40 highly successful solo collections to his name in Edinburgh and London. However, the talented artist has a wealth of in-depth knowledge of North Edinburgh – a huge inspiration for his latest exhibition of 50 magnificent oils of the local area on next month at The Dundas Street Gallery (Friday 4th – Saturday 12th June). Having grown up in Trinity and been schooled at The Edinburgh Academy – before leaving for many years for a fine art degree at Newcastle University (1990-94), world travels and work in London – his emotional connection and childhood affinity to the area was reawakened on returning to the capital in 2003 to become a professional artist. Fascinated by the fleeting nature of light, he now paints daily from his Stockbridge studio, beautifully capturing luminosity, colour and 18

Jamie Primrose ‘Shimmering Light’ Friday 4th – Saturday 12th June The Dundas Street Gallery 6a Dundas Street, Edinburgh EH3 6HZ Preview Day By Booked Appointment: Friday 4th June, 11am – 8pm Open For Walk-ins thereafter: Saturday & Sunday, 11am – 5pm Monday – Friday, 11am – 6pm For painting enquiries or further details please contact: Mari Primrose t: 0131 446 9510 m: 07947 243 418 e: mari@jamieprimrose.com View paintings online from 19th May at www.jamieprimrose.com

‘Glistening light over Newhaven Harbour’ 30cm x 40cm, Oil on linen

through the trees onto their pathways, he features serene shimmers on their sparkling ponds (see pic to the far left) in the early morning and late afternoon. Continuing his water theme along The Water of Leith, the talented painter leads us on a delightful tour (remembering childhood walks) from the Colonies to beyond The Dean Village, expertly portraying tranquil ripples along the way (see pic to the left). Likewise, then onto the crystal-clear, silent sheen of stillness on The Shore in Leith nearby, with light and shade on the surrounding architecture skilfully crafted in his glorious depictions at sunrise.

“Jamie Primrose has an incredible feel for the light of his native Edinburgh” The Sunday Times “Primrose’s paintings exude a heaven-sent sense of calm” The Herald “Jamie has had an astonishing degree of success with his atmospheric paintings” Galleries “Jamie Primrose’s paintings display an atmospheric, ethereal quality that makes his work so sought-after” Scottish Field “Primrose has an ever-expanding band of collectors snapping up his work” The Herald

Then heading eastwards to further coastal shorelands of the Forth, in his work the highly collectable artist evokes fond memories of evening walks around Newhaven Harbour with vibrant sweeping cloud formations above the lighthouse and boats gently bobbing in the bay (see pic above). Next, Portobello Beach at dawn and dusk offers magnificent, dreamy skies with gleaming watery reflections on its iridescent sands below. Moving westwards, the shore at Cramond is bathed in a sparkling, wintry play of light, with delightful, soft ochre and umber hues. Finally, the iconic Forth Bridges are strikingly portrayed from the north and south, with rich fiery sunsets creating sensational reflections and breathtaking vistas. These superb, collectable artworks highlight Primrose’s ongoing passion for the surrounding locality and this exhibition is not to be missed. N.B. To ensure an enjoyable exhibition visit, all expected gallery safety measures will be in place as per government guidelines.

Book Your Preview Day Appointment: (half an hour)

Friday 4th June, 11am – 8pm

Please email Mari Primrose with your preferred time & numbers: e: mari@jamieprimrose.com quoting ‘Stockbridge Spotlight’ 19








Get Ready To Travel…. With borders preparing to open by the end of the year, now is the ideal time to get your holiday Spanish, French, Italian or German ready to go! Learn how to order your beer, talk to the waiters, get your hotel room sorted, ask directions, meet people and much more… Small groups, practical language, no exams and no endless grammar. Useful, practical phrases to give you a good solid grasp of the language and culture, so you can travel with confidence. 10 week courses, all on Zoom so you can learn from the comfort of your home, with a maximum of 6 people in a class. Join us from May 24th and get yourself holiday-ready!

To book your slot, visit www.speakoutwithconfidence.com or call Ruth on 07825 597056. Bonnes vacances, Buone vacanze, Schöne Ferien, Qué tengas unas buenas vacaciones!


General Knowledge Crossword

(soln on pg 34) 28

ALL ASPECTS OF ELECTRICAL WORK re-wires electric shower shop fitting smoke alarms lighting, sockets testing & inspection landlord certificates

0131 5550892 07543698172

info@mcelhoneelectricalservices.com www.mcelhoneelectricalservices.com 29

Get Up, Stand Up Many of us have spent winter and early spring in virtual hibernation. As lockdown eases, we’ll all be moving more as we go about our daily lives outside of the house. If you’ve been sitting down a lot, you might notice that you get calf or leg pain from standing up and walking about more. Even walking to the shops might feel like an effort. You are not alone! The price we pay for sitting too much can be shortened leg muscles and ‘lazy’ feet. If you’ve not been on your feet, just walking (or jogging) short distances can be harder than it used to be. As a Personal Trainer, over lockdown I have been allowed to train individuals outdoors – and for many of my clients, their fitness session was the only part of their day that they were on their feet. I can tell you that there have been a high number of calf niggles and overall leg tightness. The best


By Tracy Griffen

way to alleviate this is to gently ease back into exercise. A step counter app on your smartphone is a good way to check if you’re increasing your activity. Most people I know haven’t been hitting 10,000 steps – many have been lucky to make it to 5,000. This is significant not just for leg strength, but for cardiovascular fitness. “Sitting is the new smoking”, as the media used to say (pre-pandemic). Standing up uses more calories and also boosts your metabolism compared to sitting down. Standing desks are a brilliant way for home workers to stay alert and active. Start with half an hour a day (for example, for a regular team meeting) and build up from there. When you stand,

you not only use muscles in your legs and calves to stay upright, but you are also working your core and balance and it’s good for your heart, too. Stand up to make phone calls, actually try standing up as you read this. You don’t get unfit overnight, so too it takes time to improve your fitness levels. Start gradually, and increase slowly. Remember to stretch your legs and back, and also hydrate well to ensure your muscles are in tip top condition. And if you need a hand, don’t be afraid to call in a professional. A qualified Personal Trainer or fitness professional can help you get in shape safely and effectively. Get fit and enjoy it! Personal Trainer Tracy Griffen runs a private fitness studio just off Leith Walk. She is currently taking individual bookings for studio sessions, as well as teaching outdoors and online. You can talk to her directly on 07743 741 088.



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Stockbridge Spotlight Issue 98 May/June 2021  


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