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ISSUE 83 June/July 2019


Microsculpture THE INSECT PORTRAITS OF LEVON BISS From the collections of Oxford University Museum of Natural History Inverleith House Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Open daily, free entry 29 Jun – 22 Sept

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Welcome To The June/July Stockbridge Spotlight

Welcome to this jam packed issue of the Spotlight. You can tell the summer holidays and the Fringe are looming. We have loads of info on events happening over the summer and shows coming to this years Fringe. I won’t spoil the surprise - have a read through our pages and see what you can find. I do specifically want to mention a community event that is taking place on the 26th June. Stockbridge Community Development Trust are holding a Community Consultation at 7pm in Stockbridge Church. Everyone who lives, works and visits the Stockbridge/Comely Bank are are invited to attend to hear the Trusts plans and have your say. Please do spread the word to family and friends. See Pg 43 for more details. As usual I will be taking a break over the summer. A relaxing holiday is planned and I will be catching up with family and friends and enjoying the ‘down time’. I will be back with the August/September issue the week after the schools go back.

Best Wishes Sue

Have a great summer.

Would you like to run your own business and choose the hours that you work? Well now you can!!. I am recruiting for my Body Shop team. You work from home or online, working the hours that you choose with no pressure. Check out the advert on Pg 41 then give me a call on 07817 206418 to have an informal chat and find out more. I hope to hear from you soon. Sue

Contents 6 Books - Holiday Reads 10 Be Inspired To Learn At The Botanics 14 Parenting - Budget Friendly Family Fun 16 Hard Sudoku 18 Edinburgh Shoreline Saved For Summer 23 Change Your Mind, Change your Life 26 Restaurant Guide - UMI Edinburgh 28 Tech Tip : Go Paperless 31 A View From Westminster 32 General Knowledge Crossword 36 Health & Fitness : The Sun’s Out, Get Sprouting 40 Motoring - Fine and Points - Five Motoring Misdeeds

The Stockbridge Spotlight Editor : Sue Hutchison T : 0131 618 6622 (Always include area code when calling) M : 07817 206 418 E: Office : 98 Ferry Road, Edin, EH6 4PG “All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is strictly prohibited. All artwork is accepted on strict condition that is it legal/ copyright free and permission has been given for use in this publication. The views and opinions by contributors to this magazine may not represent the views of the publisher. The Stockbridge Spotlight magazine takes no responsibility for claims made by advertisers in this publication”

46 Puzzle Solutions

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48 Recipe - Maple Glazed Pork With Mediterranean Veg Kebabs

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43/45 Community Spotlight

August/September 2019 Issue Artwork Deadline - 15th August 4

Distribution Date - 29th August






Be Inspired To Learn At The Botanics The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh is delighted to let you know that its new education programme for 2019-2020 is launching on Wednesday 19th June, with a host of short courses on offer unique to the Botanics. Take the opportunity to enrich your spare time and develop a new skill. Whether you are looking for a weekend workshop or a weekly beginner’s course, the Botanics has something for every student. Plus, Members receive 10% off all our short courses. The Botanics has a great selection of upcoming horticulture classes including the Blue Poppy (Meconopsis) workshop, giving you the opportunity to brush up on your propagation and division skills with Dr Alan Elliott. Botany and plant science courses reflect the Garden’s world-leading research work. Take a look behind the scenes of the research glasshouses in Gingers @ The Botanics, a workshop where you can learn more about their remarkable ginger collection with botanist Axel Poulsen. Next year will be the 350th year since the founding of Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh as a physic garden at Holyrood Palace. The Herbology department is still building on those origins and grows more and more each year. Join expert Herbology and Garden History tutors and take look back to the roots of the Botanics on the brand new workshop Remedies from the Physic Garden. The botanical illustration programme has a wide range of classes to suit all styles and levels. Beginning at Botanical Illustration is a ten-week class introducing students to the medium and runs at a variety of times to suit your schedule. There are also several complimentary classes focusing on specific botanical illustration techniques and themes, such as Painting Rhododendrons, along with a series of weekend masterclasses with visiting artists. Is there a more beautiful place for photography classes? Workshops range from a Smartphone-ography course, enabling you to make the most of technology in your fingertips, to Photographing the Weird and Wonderful with botanist and photographer David A. Purvis.

You can view the full programme online at







HARD SUDOKU HOW TO PLAY Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through to 9 with no repetition! Thats all there is to it. You solve the puzzle with reason and logic - there’s no maths involved and no adding up. Its fun. Its challenging Its addictive. (Soln on pg 46) 16








Alberto Morrocco, Three Sisters of Lucca, oil on canvas, 127 x 133 cm


Edinburgh Shoreline Saved For Summer

Two new volunteer groups, Seafield Shoreline and Joppa Shoreline are being set up by local people, supported by the Edinburgh Shoreline project. The project applied for more funding and were successful in securing £15000 from Scottish National Heritage’s Green Infrastructure Community Engagement Fund, one of the project’s initial funders. This allows them to continue until September 2019, saving the project from ending in April. Launched in March 2018 the project aimed to reconnect Edinburgh citizens with their coastline. The developers, Karen Chambers, Elspeth Wills and Leonie Alexander were passionate about raising Edinburgh’s profile as a coastal city. Project manager Charlotte Johnson of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh said: “Our first 12 months were a great success in connecting with people. Over 40000 attended an exhibition at the Botanics in summer 2018 and 1500 have been to events. We’re hoping to continue this engagement over the Summer.” The additional money will allow the Shoreline project to continue engaging the community, allowing people to explore the importance of the Firth of Forth, its landscape and habitats, challenging people to think about why we should treasure this resource. Charlotte Johnson explained: “We’re particularly excited to support these groups in their mission to improve their local greenspaces: planting shrubs for birds and invertebrates, Scottish native wildflowers for pollinators, creating insect hotels etc. We’re looking forward to working in collaboration with them and the City of Edinburgh Council to improve these local sites for people and wildlife, and we are always keen to hear from others who are interested in getting involved on their patch!” With new signage to be installed this month in Port Edgar, South Queensferry, Silverknowes, Granton, Newhaven and Leith, the Edinburgh Shoreline project hope to encourage people to visit and learn about the important places, habitats and wildlife found nearby, as well as signposting interesting places to visit. Whilst on your Shoreline adventure, check out the newly unveiled mural at Seafield Promenade, a celebration of the areas wonderful coastal landscape. The recently released Edinburgh Shoreline Activity pack is available on the project website This gives communities, families and groups great ideas on ways to celebrate our seas – from carrying out beach cleans to surveying your local wildlife. Over the coming months keep an eye on the website for fun activities/events like the Urban Butterfly ID Workshop where you will learn how to identify and record Edinburgh’s butterflies.





Change Your Mind, Change Your Life …

By Gillian Dalgliesh

Mounting pressure at work? A boiler on the brink? Kids pushing you to your limit? These or similar can make up just an average day! On days like this it can be hard to turn that frown upside down! However self-awareness and the understanding that we are not our thoughts or emotions – we call the shots! We can choose to feel low or overwhelmed or we can choose to “always look on the bright side of life!” Here are some tips that can help us to refocus. 1. Focus Focus is a powerful tool for achieving goals and attaining happiness. Believe it or not, whatever you focus on grows, whether negative or positive. If you are not sure what you want to achieve, then you are likely to become muddled & frustrated by lack of achievement. Identify clear goals and you will have more chance of achieving them. 2. Count Your Blessings Concentrate on the positive things in your life in order to encourage better things. Buy a notebook and before you go to sleep write down a minimum of 3 positive things that have happened to you that day. Re-read them and hold onto the positive effect they have on you. Having a bad week/month? Re-read your journal to revitalise, re-inspire and recalibrate yourself! 3. Destroy Your Limiting Beliefs Limiting self-belief can cause negative programming & conditioning but you have the power to change it! What do Alan Sugar, Michelle Mone, Karren Brady & David Beckham all have in common? They used to be nobody! They all found the motivation to achieve a dream and so can you! Buy an inspirational book about someone who accomplished a dream similar to yours! 4. Be Careful What You Think Many people don’t realise that you create your life with thoughts – Every thought you’ve had has led to an emotion, which led to a feeling, which led to a decision, which led to an action/inaction, which led to an outcome – Your Thoughts Create Your Reality! Write down your goals and visualise yourself having achieved them. How would you feel? What would be different? 5. Live In The Present The past is exactly that, the past. The future is an illusion that hasn’t yet happened. All that matters is the present, because that is what creates your future. Build the future that you desire from the present moment. The conscious decisions that you make right now have an enduring effect on your life. If you would like more information or support in changing your mindset in order to change your life for the better, see contact details in the ad. 22

Are you struggling to deal with issues in your life? Weight Loss? Anxiety? Stress? Smoking? Phobias? Alcohol? Confidence? If so, then hypnotherapy may be the solution. Find out more about my holistic approach to resolving client’s issues on my website or call me on 07593 082 349 for a free consultation

Good Brothers Wine Bar and Kitchen Award winning wine bar in the heart of Stockbridge will be re-launching its food offering in June 2019 after a short refurbishment. Please join us and enjoy a 15% discount during the months of June, July & August when you quote GOODBRO01 on booking. Feel free to drop in for a glass or two beforehand and hear about what is going on. 4-6 Dean Street, Stockbridge, Edinburgh,EH4 1LW T : 0131 315 3311 E : W :

ALL ASPECTS OF ELECTRICAL WORK re-wires electric shower shop fitting smoke alarms lighting, sockets testing & inspection landlord certificates

0131 5550892 07543698172


Weird Plants Paintings by Chris Thorogood of weird, wonky and sinister specimens from the world of plants John Hope Gateway Visitor Centre Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Free exhibition, open daily 15 Jun – 1 Sept


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y E A r S

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‘ r A v i S h i n g

t h E

S E n S E S ’


BELOW thE BLAnkEt A walking meditation through art inspired by one of Scotland’s great wild landscapes

Wed 24 July – Sun 25 August 2019 (closed Tue) 19.00 – 21.00 (every 15mins) £14 / £12 RBGE Members / £8 Concession + booking fee East Gate, Inverleith Row, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, EH3 5LP B o o k I n G: See Tickets: 0871 220 0260 // Edinburgh Festival Fringe: 0131 226 0000 // (Mon 29 July – Sun 25 August dates only) Presented as part of the Peatland Partnership’s flows to the future Project in collaboration with lead partner rSPB Scotland and in association with rBgE, Below the Blanket is produced by Cryptic.






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18-24 Deanhaugh St, Edinburgh, EH4 1LY

Adrian Tupper

BACP Registered Counsellor An empathic listener, gently encouraging you to put words to your thoughts and feelings in the security of a confidential, boundaried, therapeutic relationship

E :




D E S I G N E D & M A D E I N O R K N E Y, S C O T L A N D

Seasons NEW


Feel the warmth as bright colours shine in Summer enamel with leaves in solid yellow & rose gold Also available in Spring, Autumn and Winter enamels in Silver or All Gold


18 St Stephen Street | Edinburgh | EH3 5AL | 0131 225 5939 30

A View From Westminster By Deidre Brock MP Edinburgh – international city, the arts capital of the world, host to the world’s biggest arts festival (only the Olympics and football’s world cup sell more tickets than the Fringe) – but none of it is easy; it needs the dedication and hard work of some very talented and committed people. They know it’s not easy but they know it’s worth it, too. It’s becoming less easy for them as the immigration system squeezes tighter. Every year international performers in all kinds of art forms are having their visas refused or hugely delayed. Applications that should take a few weeks are taking months, rejections are becoming more common. Refusals are appealed and the appeals upheld and quite often the performer can get here in time – sometimes with the help of an MP asking UK Visas and Immigration to hurry things up. How does putting performers through the tortuous process the UK has for visas help with our reputation as a cultured and welcoming city? Recently I managed to arrange a meeting between a couple of representatives of our festivals and the UK’s immigration minister, Caroline Nokes MP, to discuss the issue. If anyone could persuade a UK Government Minister to consider the needs of Edinburgh’s festivals, it would be Julia Amour and Sorcha Carey, the director and the chair of Festivals Edinburgh (the umbrella organisation for the city’s festivals). We’ll have to wait to see whether anything changes because words are easy in politics but actions don’t always follow and there are some distractions for London politicians just now... What is good news, though, is that there was, finally, a Minister listening to what was being said, hearing the problem firsthand and learning about what the festivals think needs to be done to improve it. That doesn’t sound like much but it’s a start.

If that meeting has an impact, if we get some changes as a result, if we improve the UK’s immigration procedures just a tiny bit, we might start rolling back the ‘hostile environment’ that has been created around immigration. The hostile environment was a deliberate government policy to make things more difficult for people who wanted to come to the UK. Its roots and its effects are intertwined with the causes and outcomes of the Brexit debates but they go deeper as well; they are embedded in an attitude of British exceptionalism and superiority. The results affect our festivals in Edinburgh but they also affect ordinary families, people who want to have the ordinary interactions with their families that we take for granted. I’ve had constituents who have made a life here as academics, doctors, entrepreneurs, and so on whose families are refused simple visitor visas. Grandparents can’t visit newborn grandchildren, siblings can’t attend weddings, parents refused permission to come and help their adult children when illness strikes. What kind of system is that? There are people who have been married for years whose husbands and wives are having their visa renewals refused for reasons that simply defy understanding. There are parents who struggle to bring their children to their new home and there are successful professionals who move away because they can’t bring elderly parents here to look after them. Families put through the wringer to no great end. If Edinburgh’s festivals can nudge this government policy away from the hostile environment just a little then they may be a catalyst for a change that could bring decency back to our immigration visa system. We’re not at the end of this journey but at least we’re on the road. 31

General Knowledge Crossword


1. Female ruler of many countries (7) 5. Crests (5) 8. Popular drink (3) 9. Having existence (5) 11. The smallest quantity (4) 12. Moor (a boat) (3,2) 13. Male parent of an animal (4) 15. Horse-drawn vehicle with four wheels (8) 17. Cause to grow thin or weak (8) 19. Great achievement (4) 21. Devoutly religious (5) 22. Foundation (4) 24. Put to the test (5) 25. Hatchet (3) 26. Closed litter for one passenger (5) 27. Latticework used to support climbing plants (7)


2. Breakfast food (6) 3. Consequently (4) 4. Several parallel layers of material (6) 5. Grazing land (7) 6. Precede in time (8) 7. Cargo, payload (8) 10. City in south-eastern France on the Mediterranean (4) 13. Church spires (8) 14. Came to a conclusion (8) 16. Male relative (7) 18. Small personal computer with a touch screen (6) 19. Professional charges (4) 20. Compound capable of turning litmus blue (6) 23. Japanese drink made from fermented rice (4) (Soln on pg 46) 32




The Sun’s Out, Get Sprouting

By Tracy Griffen

.As the days are long and bright, I like to sprout seeds. Sprouts are seeds that have become very young plants. Sprouting is the simplest and most compact way of growing some of your own food and you can do it from your kitchen. It’s good to have a decent amount of daylight hours, and some warmth, to get the sprouts going. You can either sprout seeds using some kitchen towel and a plate or jar, or spend a little and invest in a seed sprouter. Many health food shops sell a high-rise ‘Biosnacky’ tray device that makes it possible to grow a variety of sprouts at the same time.

To Sprout Seeds In A Jar Or Sprouter 1. 2. 3. 4.

Depending on size of container, use 1 tsp – 1 tbsp seeds. Rinse well in cold water and soak overnight. Drain and place in jar / sprouter. Rinse at least twice daily. If using a jar, you can buy them with a mesh lid, or invert at an angle so the water drains away. Regular rinsing ensures healthy sprouts. 5. Sprout seeds in jar just until sprout tail appears, and transfer to a tray for growing longer sprouts. Or transfer seeds to a tray with soil for growing microgreens. They are ready after 3 – 6 days, depending on the seeds. 6. If you use a Biosnacky the seeds are spouted in a tray that drains, so no need to transfer the seeds to grow longer. Also regularly rinsing and draining the sprouts lessens the likelihood of food poisoning (stale or soggy sprouts should not be eaten, they’re good for compost). Sprouted seeds themselves are a nutritional powerhouse, effectively they have all the nutrients a seed requires to grow into a plant. I like sprouts in salads, sandwiches, as a garnish, or as a snack. You can also lightly cook them in a stir-fry. Smaller seeds equal smaller sprouts, for instance alfalfa, that tend to be better raw. Mustard sprouts are fiery and add a kick to salad and stir fries. Most of all, sprouting seeds is easy, fun and rewarding, and also a wonderful lesson in biology for children. So what are you waiting for? Get sprouting! Personal Trainer Tracy Griffen runs a wee fitness studio in Leith, and loves to eat. She writes a monthly newsletter with easy healthy recipe each month.

Get yours at and also see adjacent advert. 36

Deceased Houses Respectfully Cleared


ExpertServices Advice With Personal Touch Legal As AThey Should Be BUYING AND SELLING PROPERTY LIVING WILLS HaveWILLS you&ever wondered OF ATTORNEY whatPOWERS the most important qualities of a SPECIALISTS Solicitor EMPLOYMENT LAW and Estate Agent are? RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL LEASES LEGAL SUPPORT FOR BUSINESSES TRUSTS & EXECUTRIES Find out more about our people and services at Call us now on

or call us now on 0131

312 7276 or 0131 554 8649

89 Main Street, Davidsons Mains 98 - 99 Ferry Road, Leith


Here are our suggestions : • Putting the client first • Being an expert in their field • Offering real value for money • Aiming for the best result • Communicating clearly • Giving a friendly professional service • Being local and accessible • Being part of a firm that can help you with a range of legal services At ELP Arbuthnott McClanachan we believe that all of these qualities are important, and exactly what clients should expect. We pride ourselves in working in the best interests of our clients using a fair fee structure. If you need assistance in the following areas please get in touch: •

Buying and Selling Property

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(cont’d on pg 42)


Hours to suit you and your family 25% discount on all you buy 25-30% commission on all you sell Free products every month Cash bonus for introducing others Support to further your career Chance to win a FREE 5* holiday every year

To find out more and have an informal chat call local Body Shop Consultant Sue Hutchison on 07817 206418 or email




Community Spotlight


Community Spotlight

Corstorphine Art Group Exhibition 2019

Saturday 27th July to Saturday 3rd August

‘Twitcher’ by Sheila Paton

St Ninian’s Church Hall, St Ninian’s Road, Corstorphine, Edinburgh

(access from the front and rear doors of the church) Saturday 27th July 10.30am - 4.30pm Monday 30th July to Friday 2nd August 10.30am – 4.30pm daily Late Opening Thursday 1st August 10.30am – 6.30pm Saturday 3rd August 10.30am – 3.30pm

Come along and enjoy the wide selection of original works by local artists. Most items on exhibit are available for sale. Everyone welcome – Admission Free If you would like to find out more about the Corstorphine Art Group and the benefits of being a member, please contact or visit for more information.

Celebrate life with us at Sunday Assembly Edinburgh’s ‘secular congregation’ Talks, songs, poems, cake. Sundays 7th July, 4th August, 1st September Lifecare Edinburgh, 2 Cheyne Street,Stockbridge EH4 1JB sundayassemblyedinburgh 44

Community Spotlight Open Gardens Of The Lower New Town (an event in Scotlands Garden Scheme 2019)

29th June, 2:00-5:00pm

St Vincent’s Chapel Stockbridge Sundays

10.30am Sung Eucharist

(no music on 3rd Sunday in the month)

6pm Evensong


11am Eucharist Join our friendly congregation for a traditional service. All welcome. Scottish Episcopal Church, part of the Anglican Communion

Everyone is welcome at Stockbridge Church. Find us in Saxe-Coburg Street

Come and see what some urban gardeners are doing to green up the grey in their own plots, maybe get some ideas for yours, visit corners of the city you may never have seen before and help raise funds for Shelter Scotland and Médecins sans Frontières. A third of the money raised also goes to Scotlands Gardens Scheme for Maggies, Queens Nursing Institute for Scotland, and Perennial. £5 to see 9 gardens, £2 for home-made refreshments at St.Stephens Church, St.Vincents St. Tickets on the day from Northumberland St Lane NW, 18 Henderson Row 33 NW Circus Place.

St Vincent’s Chapel Stockbridge

SundaysS Sundays

6pm Evensong 6pm Evensong

(off Henderson Row).

Sunday services 11 am

(including children's activities). "Malawi mornings" every Friday 10.30 - 12 in the church. Please join us for Fairtrade tea/coffee, biscuits and good company to raise funds for our Malawi projects.

10.30am Sung Eucharist

(no music on 3rd Sunday in the month)


11am Eucharist Join our friendly congregation for a traditional service. All welcome. Scottish Episcopal Church, part of the Anglican Communion

Aug/Sept Issue Artwork Deadline 15th August Distribution Date 29th August To include community/charity events and information at no cost contact Sue Hutchison.

T : 07817 206418 E : Everyone is welcome

at Stockbridge Church. Find us in Saxe-Coburg Street


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Profile for Sue Hutchison

Stockbridge Spotlight Issue 83 June/July 2019  

Stockbridge Spotlight Local Magazine

Stockbridge Spotlight Issue 83 June/July 2019  

Stockbridge Spotlight Local Magazine