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ISSUE 84 August/September 2019




Welcome To The August/September Stockbridge Spotlight

Hi and welcome back after the summer break. And what a summer it was. It is a long time since I remember a summer which was as warm and had as much sunshine as this year. I have worn shorts and dresses almost constantly for the last 2 months!! Hopefully the warm days will continue for a bit yet.

This issue is jam packed with all sorts of stuff, especially fitness classes starting new blocks after the summer break. So if you are looking to improve your fitness after the summer or are looking for a new hobby now the kids are back at school have a look through and see if you can find something that will suit you. I know its early to mention the ‘Christmas’ word but if you have a business and are forward planning to make the most of this peak season, please get in touch now if you want to feature in the Spotlight. The Christmas issues are always busy so best to secure your space now.

Best Wishes Sue

I hope you enjoy this issue.

Would you like to run your own business,choose the hours you work and earn some extra income for Christmas

Well now you can!!. I am recruiting now for my Body Shop team for Christmas. You work from home or on-line, working the hours that you choose with no pressure. And earn extra income to help towards those Christmas costs. Give me a call on 07817 206418 to have an informal chat and find out more. I hope to hear from you soon. Sue


The Stockbridge Spotlight

6 Interior Design - Make Your Home Office Work Harder For You.

Editor : Sue Hutchison T : 0131 618 6622 (Always include area code when calling)

14 Hard Sudoku 18 Under The Wing - The Healing Power Of Art 23 A Weight Loss Mindset 26 Restaurant Guide - Merienda Edinburgh 28 Health - Everything Everyone Needs To Know About The Menopause 31 Health & Fitness : JustEat Cycles Edinburgh’s City Bike’s Review 38 General Knowledge Crossword 42 Technology - Tech For Tweens

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46 Puzzle Solutions

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47 Recipe - Leek, Aubergine and Tomato Gratin

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44/45 Community Spotlight

October 2019 Issue Artwork Deadline - 19th September 4

Distribution Date - 3rd October



NEW ‘HEALTHY BACK’ CLASSES with LIS MACKIE at Dance for All Strengthen your back and prevent back pain For further details Tel 07751 449513 or email



Adrian Tupper

BACP Registered Counsellor An empathic listener, gently encouraging you to put words to your thoughts and feelings in the security of a confidential, boundaried, therapeutic relationship

E :

ALL ASPECTS OF ELECTRICAL WORK re-wires electric shower shop fitting smoke alarms lighting, sockets testing & inspection landlord certificates

0131 5550892 07543698172






HARD SUDOKU HOW TO PLAY Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through to 9 with no repetition! Thats all there is to it. You solve the puzzle with reason and logic - there’s no maths involved and no adding up. Its fun. Its challenging Its addictive. (Soln on pg 46) 14





TAI CHI Stockbridge Parish Church Saxe Coburg Street

Our popular class returns for our Autumn term on Monday evening, 2nd September at 7.45pm.

All Welcome


Under The Wing - The Healing Power of Art Free classes for women and children who have been affected by domestic abuse, and classes operating on a pay-it-forward model. Under The Wing is a recently launched community-based art project operating in Edinburgh, founded by Sally-Ann Johns. Their aim is to find ways to use art and creativity to help women who have been affected by domestic violence. Domestic violence can have a deep and lasting effect on people, something that makes spaces like those provided by Under The Wing vitally important. The free and subsidised classes they offer give these women a chance to relax, build a sense of community, and unlock the nurturing potential of creativity. Alongside these classes, Under The Wing offers paying classes and workshops from acclaimed artists based in Edinburgh and throughout Scotland. These classes are used to fund those free classes under a community-driven ‘pay it forward’ model. Everything that is done by Sally and the other artists at Under The Wing is guided by a belief in the power of community for helping survivors of domestic abuse. For those people the experience can be an isolating one, cutting them off from important connections. Through these classes, Under The Wing hopes to bring those people together in a relaxing and empowering environment. The classes also seek to unlock the individual power of art and creativity - the ways in which it can not only help to build self-confidence but to also inspire newfound sense of joy and purpose. 18

Under The Wing is the passion project of Sally’s, one that is rooted in her own personal story of overcoming domestic abuse. She draws from this personal experience to cater her workshops to provide the essential support and encouragement that survivors of domestic abuse need. Through her own art, she has come to understand the power and nourishment the creative process can provide. The classes offered by Under The Wing are divided into two categories—the free classes that are offered to those affected by domestic abuse and paid classes for the general public which are used to help fund those free classes. The free classes will focus on helping women to rediscover themselves through art, as well as giving them a relaxing environment in which they can learn and develop new skills. The paid classes are open to people of all ages, backgrounds, and skills, and will be run by notable Scottish artists working in a variety of disciplines. All proceeds go towards financing materials and tutors for the free classes. If you’re interested in exploring your artistic side whilst funding a good cause, or you or someone you know could be helped by the free classes - then you can find out more on the Under The Wing website or Facebook page






By Gillian Dalgliesh

I have been working in the field of hypnotherapy for many years and see many clients with weight management issues: People who have been on a spiral of yo-yo dieting for many years and who are actually gradually increasing their weight rather than losing it! I receive phone calls from prospective clients saying, “Gillian, I need you to help me with my relationship with food!” I hear their concerns, but what I know is that it is actually their ‘relationship with themselves’ that is key! Many of my clients have been ‘battling’ with their weight for years, rarely – if ever – meeting their weight loss goals, and if they do, then this can involve a celebration – eating lots of the ‘forbidden’ foods that they have been denying themselves! I have had clients who wish to lose a significant amount of weight so that they can go on holiday and ‘proper binge out’! And so many of my clients swear to themselves that on Monday they will start rigidly sticking to their diet only to find a short time later that they have started to sabotage their good intentions. A depressing study has shown that 90% of people who lose weight put it all back on again (and often more weight) within a year. So what’s the problem? Why does this keep happening? Answer: Mindset! There are many national and international Slimming Clubs – each with its own methodologies and recommendations to help people to healthily, successfully & sustainably lose weight. Some people do indeed lose weight and can even become “Slimmer of the Year”. However, these people are in the minority because figures show that around 73% of the client base of these clubs are Repeat Customers – people who have been attending, off and on, for 20, 30, even 40 years! I know that these clubs offer much positive advice & support to their clients, however, it seems to me that it is not in the clubs’ interests to teach people effective & lasting mindset techniques as they would effectively lose around 70% of their business!!! So how do you change your mindset? Here are some ways: Hypnosis is exceedingly effective in reprogramming the self-sabotage button in your sub-conscious Coaching Tools: • Changing your self-talk – words & language are crucial in boosting a positive self-identity • Living in your present, instead of re-living your past Are you struggling to deal with • Replacing that harsh Inner Critic, who is issues in your life? masquerading as being helpful, with the Inner Coach Weight Loss? Anxiety? • Raising your personal awareness & Stress? Smoking? developing self-care strategies Phobias? Alcohol? • Consciously discovering gratitude – it is a Confidence? natural, powerful, healing tool that helps to refocus, re-charge and re-calibrate as well as If so, then hypnotherapy much else. may be the solution. I could write on but I am running out of space. Find out more about my holistic If you would like more informationor a free approach to resolving client’s telephone consultation, please do get in touch. issues on my website Gillian Dalgliesh is a Personal Change Expert, Clinical Hypnotherapist & or call me on 07593 082 349 Stress Management Consultant based in for a free consultation

Stockbridge. See ad for contact details.


ExpertServices Advice With Personal Touch Legal As AThey Should Be BUYING AND SELLING PROPERTY LIVING WILLS HaveWILLS you&ever wondered OF ATTORNEY whatPOWERS the most important qualities of a SPECIALISTS Solicitor EMPLOYMENT LAW and Estate Agent are? RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL LEASES LEGAL SUPPORT FOR BUSINESSES TRUSTS & EXECUTRIES Find out more about our people and services at Call us now on

or call us now on 0131

312 7276 or 0131 554 8649

89 Main Street, Davidsons Mains 98 - 99 Ferry Road, Leith


Here are our suggestions : • Putting the client first • Being an expert in their field • Offering real value for money • Aiming for the best result • Communicating clearly • Giving a friendly professional service • Being local and accessible • Being part of a firm that can help you with a range of legal services At ELP Arbuthnott McClanachan we believe that all of these qualities are important, and exactly what clients should expect. We pride ourselves in working in the best interests of our clients using a fair fee structure. If you need assistance in the following areas please get in touch: •

Buying and Selling Property

Wills, Powers of Attorney and Executries

Employment Law

Commercial and Residential Leases

Legal Support for Businesses

Litigation and Disputes





Microsculpture THE INSECT PORTRAITS OF LEVON BISS From the collections of Oxford University Museum of Natural History Inverleith House

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Open daily, free entry 29 Jun – 22 Sept

Supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery, awarding funds from Postcode Earth Trust 29


Good Brothers Wine Bar and Kitchen Local Neighbourhood wine bar and kitchen serving drinks and bar bites all week and dinner from Wednesday to Sunday, 5pm until late. Swing by and say hello. 4-6 Dean Street, Stockbridge, Edinburgh,EH4 1LW T : 0131 315 3311 E : W : 31



JustEat Cycles: Edinburgh’s City Bikes Review By Tracy Griffen Cycling is an obvious solution to getting around a small bustling city. The wind in your hair, the freedom to to move, the simplicity of the machine. On the hottest day this year I had a city bike adventure on the new ‘Just Eat’ hire bikes. These hire bikes are not like normal bicycles – they’re robust enough to live on the street, supposedly vandal and weather-proof. This means they are heavy, very heavy. I’m a pretty fit cyclist and set myself the challenge of cycling up to town from Leith Walk as quickly as possible. On the hottest day. It was a challenge! Firstly you need to download the Just Eat app to your smartphone. This step is what


put me off hiring one in the first place. App downloaded (without any obvious spamming potential) I added £3 to my account for a full day hire (it’s £1.50 for a single hour or £90 for a year). There’s a map of bike stations on the app or website www. – simply go to a bike stance with the app open and a bike will unlock. Pull the bike out, prop the bike up with the bike stand and adjust the seat to your height. There are only three gears, which are very easy to use. Off I wobbled on the most solid two wheels in town. I opted for my usual route of the backstreets then up Broughton Street. It was difficult to get speed up down hills (I imagine the bikes are

speed limited), but it was very comfortable nonetheless. Getting up Dublin Street in the heat was interesting, not easy to stand up on the pedals due to the ergonomics of the design. But I got to the St Andrew’s Square docking station in reasonable time. Docking is easy, just shove it in the stand and your phone will beep to let you know you’re docked safely. Enjoy! Docking stations around your local area are: Comely Bank Road, Hamilton Place, Cannonmills (near Tesco), bottom of Dundas Street, corner of Inverleith Row/ Inverleith Terrace, Newhaven Road (opposite Victoria Park).

Personal Trainer Tracy Griffen runs a fitness studio just off Leith Walk and can also help you improve your cycling performance! See adjacent advert.




General Knowledge Crossword Across 1. Angel of the highest order (6) 7. Plant with soothing juice used to treat burns (4,4) 8. Sound of a bell (4) 10. Small biting fly (4) 11. Pitch dangerously to one side (6) 12. Supreme spirit of evil, Satan (5) 14. Dietary substance found in milk, meat, etc (7) 17. Skin diver’s garment (7) 18. Hollow teeth of a venomous snake (5) 21. Sudden sharp pain in the side of the body (6)

23. Caused to procreate (animals) (4) 25. Speed of progress (4) 26. Mexican hat (8) 27. Strand of yarn (6) Down 1. Filament (6) 2. One step of a ladder (4) 3. Country under the dictatorship of the Duvalier family from 1957 to 1986 (5) 4. Performance of music (7) similar to granite 5. Declare formally (6) as true (4) 13. Period when voting 6. Becoming very takes place (8) cold and icy (8) 15. Perplexing riddle 9. Laminated (6) metamorphic rock 16. Make taut (7)

19. Hand-held piece of armour (6) 20. Chief monk (5) 22. Hollow cylinder (4) 24. Act presumptuously (4) (Soln on pg 46)

Deceased Houses Respectfully Cleared





phone. (It’s proven an absolute hit with my seven and ten year old.)

The watch itself costs £69.99 and you’ll need to choose a rolling network plan, which costs from £10 a month. You can also customise the watch with different straps, which cost £7.50 each. See www.

Tech for Tweens

Kid-friendly technology that keeps you in control Child-friendly tablets With Amazon’s Kindle Fire, you can activate parental controls to limit how much screen time your child has, when they can use their tablet and what they can do on it. It’s also worth adding the YouTube Kids app, which filters out unsuitable content and allows you to cherry-pick the channels you’re happy for your child to watch.

Have an accident-prone child or just want extra peace of mind? It might be worth paying extra for the Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet. It’s priced around £100 to £200 depending on the screen size and memory, but comes with a robust case and a two year quibble-free warranty. You also get a year’s subscription to Fire for Kids Unlimited (normally £3.99 a month), which gives your child access to thousands of age-appropriate apps, game, 42

videos and books – see www.

Smart watches Most children’s smart watches allow kids to take photos and play games. The Moochies watch also allows children to text and call people, but only those who’ve been approved by the parent. So, your child can call you to ask if they can go to a friend’s house after school, send a text message to their cousin and video call their granny, but they can’t call or text anyone you haven’t approved.

There are several pocket money apps and cards on the market The Moochies watch is ideal for children who are old enough for a bit more independence, but not quite old enough for their own

Pocket money apps If your child is old enough to go shopping on their own, you might want to look at getting them a prepaid debit card. There are several pocket money apps and cards on the market, including Go Henry, which allows you to transfer money to the card, decide how much your child can spend, and keep an eye on what they’re spending their money on.

You can also set them chores to earn extra money. So, for instance, you might set them the task of hoovering once a week to earn £2. Once they complete the task, you mark it as done on the parent app and the money is transferred from your account to theirs. You can also set up savings goals and kids can choose to give a percentage of their pocket money to charity. Go Henry costs £2.99 per child, per month at www. Similar schemes include Nimbl (£2.49 a month) and Osper (£2.50 a month).

By Kate Duggan



Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight Celebrate life with us at Sunday Assembly Edinburgh’s ‘secular congregation’ Talks, Songs, Poems, Cake.

St Vincent’s Chapel Stockbridge Sundays

10.30am Sung Eucharist

Sundays 1st September, 6th October

(no music on 3rd Sunday in the month)

6pm Evensong


11am Eucharist

Lifecare Edinburgh, 2 Cheyne Street,Stockbridge EH4 1JB

Join our friendly congregation for a traditional service. All welcome. Scottish Episcopal Church, part of the Anglican Communion sundayassemblyedinburgh

Everyone is welcome at Stockbridge Church. Find us in Saxe-Coburg Street

St Vincent’s Chapel Stockbridge

SundaysS Sundays

6pm Evensong 6pm Evensong

(off Henderson Row).

Sunday services 11 am

(including children's activities). "Malawi mornings" every Friday 10.30 - 12 in the church. Please join us for Fairtrade tea/coffee, biscuits and good company to raise funds for our Malawi projects.

10.30am Sung Eucharist

(no music on 3rd Sunday in the month)


11am Eucharist Join our friendly congregation for a traditional service. All welcome. Scottish Episcopal Church, part of the Anglican Communion

October Issue Artwork Deadline 19th September Distribution Date 3rd October To include community/charity events and information at no cost contact Sue Hutchison.

T : 07817 206418 E : Everyone is welcome

at Stockbridge Church. Find us in Saxe-Coburg Street


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Across: 1 Seraph, 7 Aloe vera, 8 Ring, 10 Gnat, 11 Careen, 12 Devil, 14 Protein, 17 wetsuit, 18 Fangs, 21 Stitch, 23 Bred, 25 Rate, 26 Sombrero, 27 Thread. Down: 1 Strand, 2 Rung, 3 Haiti, 4 Concert, 5 Aver, 6 Freezing, 9 Gneiss, 13 Election, 15 Teaser, 16 Tighten, 19 Shield, 20 Abbot, 22 Tube, 24 Dare.

Leek, aubergine and tomato gratins Simpler to make than a vegetarian lasagne, but just as tasty. Serve with crusty bread and green salad for a family supper.

Ready in: 55 minutes | Serves 4


1 large aubergine, trimmed and thinly sliced 3 tbsp olive oil

1 large leek, trimmed and halved widthways then cut into strips

1 onion, peeled and finely chopped 2 garlic cloves, crushed

600g bottle passata (sieved tomatoes) 2 tbsp tomato puree 2 tsp dried oregano Pinch of sugar

Salt and freshly ground black pepper 200g ricotta cheese


150g mozzarella cheese, sliced

Preheat the oven to 220C/200C fan/gas mark 7. Brush the aubergine slices with 2 tbsp of the oil. Heat a large cast-iron griddle pan and cook the slices (in batches) for 1-2 minutes on each side until lightly charred and just tender. Set aside.

Blanch the leeks in a large pan of lightly salted water for 1 minute then refresh under cold water. Drain well and pat dry with kitchen paper.

Heat the rest of the oil in a frying pan over a medium-high heat. Add the onion and fry for 5 minutes then add the garlic and fry for a further 1-2 minutes. Add the passata, tomato puree, oregano and sugar and bring to the boil. Simmer for 15-20 minutes until reduced and thickened, stirring frequently. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Spread some of the sauce in the base of four shallow individual gratin dishes. Cover with half the aubergine and leek then spread more tomato sauce on top. Crumble over the ricotta cheese. Cover with the rest of the aubergine and remaining sauce. Top with the mozzarella and the remaining leeks. Bake in the preheated oven for 20-25 minutes until golden and bubbling.

Top with a sprinkling of grated Parmesan (or vegetarian Italian-style hard cheese) mixed with brown breadcrumbs before baking to give a lovely golden crispy crust to the finished dishes. 47


Profile for Sue Hutchison

Stockbridge Spotlight Issue 83 August/September 2019  

Stockbridge Local Area Magazine

Stockbridge Spotlight Issue 83 August/September 2019  

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