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Play to Z Ltd Resources & Training Catalogue

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Sensory Bambini...

Spotty Beanbag (P41) Children will love this Spotty Beanbag chair made in sumptuous cord. It transforms a dull corner; gives comfort and focus to a quiet/ book area; and adds colour and fun. The colour and texture contrasts provide rich sensory stimulation for children of all ages.

Our fabulous Sensory Bambini range features quality resources that combine safety with practicality, great looks and functionality. Sensory stimulation is vital for babies and these resources support learning and play too.


Llama Love Cushion (B1) Sluggy (P36) A vibrant Slug-shaped support/pillow with great sensory appeal. The accompanying songs, stories and activity ideas ensure great play-value in its own right.

...Play & Exploration


The gorgeously simple yet adorable Llama Love Cushion is versatile and appealing. Designed to encourage tummy time and support young babies while sitting it doubles up as a nursing aid, sensory-rich cuddly and neck support on journeys. Made in the UK. £25

Flower Rug (P37)

Loopy Lion Cushion (B2)

A gorgeous water-proof backed purple mat great for creating an instant play/sleep space and a storytelling/play resource. Embellished with a ribbon-fringed flower and multi-coloured buds it provides ample sensory appeal. Supplied with A5 Activity Card.

The wonderfully tactile Loopy Lion Cushion is as versatile as it is appealing. Designed to encourage tummy time and support young babies while sitting it also doubles up as a nursing aid, sensoryrich cuddly and neck support on journeys. Made in the UK. £25


‘Brilliant. Wonderful, absolutely loved it!’ PLAYGROUP LEADER

Sensory Bambini...

Sluggy Rug (P38) • Purple cord Slug-shaped support/ pillow • Purple cotton padded play/sleep mat with waterproof backing • A5 Activity Card setting out songs, stories and activities • Optional detachable blanket (P39) £65


Extra large and super cuddly bear mat, ideal for sleepovers! Comes with or without detachable blanket.

Sluggy Sleep Pod (P40) Gorgeous soft fleecy blanket attaches to Sluggy Rug converting it into a convenient and comfortable travel/day bed. Children will love the vibrant ribbon petals £75 and activity ideas. P39


Flower Blanket (P39) Use with a pram, car seat or as a cosy play or sleep mat. £16


Giant Bearby (B6a)

Flower Meadow Mat (B11)

Giant Bearby Mat (B6)

Luxuriously soft and thick double layered fleece mat embellished with a beautiful ribbon-fringed flower and flower bud spots. This versatile resource can be used as a blanket, rug, playmat, snuggly, to encourage crawling or rolling or to inspire activities, discussion and stories. £45

Snuggly padded bear mat. Giant Bearby Mat & Blanket (B6a)


Small Bearby (B7)


Small Bearby (B7) Fleece and cord bear with beany paws and finger holes.

£10 +44 (0)1206 796722

Sensory Bambini...

Sensory Flower (B5) Versatile and gorgeous flower with lavender scented sachet inside and moveable mini bug offering a feast for babies’ senses. Babies will enjoy pinging the springy flower stem which can be attached to any size buggy, car seat, cot or high chair. The ribbons and different textures are perfect for £12.50 exploration. Flower Pillow (P50) Cosy pillow with detachable strap perfect for sleepovers, travelling or simply brightening up a bed. Featuring lavender sachet and detachable bug the pillow has a velcro opening, so not only is it machine washable but it also doubles up as a Fidget Spot or pyjama case. £16

...On the Go Snuggy Rug (B4) Multi-purpose buggy blanket for babies and older children. Made in the UK from purple corduroy, the blanket is secured shut with trendy wooden buttons to form a foot muff. The fleece-lined inside conceals an attractive ribbon frilled pocket. Practical and versatile, it also converts into a gorgeous play or sleep mat!

Treasure Traveller (P44a)

Snuggy Rug (B4) pocket detail


A gorgeous ribbon-edged bag, measuring 44cm in diameter, that allows parents to select some treasures from a Treasure Basket (or other small toys) for a child to play with on the move. Fill the bag with 5 or 6 carefully selected treasures to keep baby occupied (with adult supervision). £12

“This is a great learning tool which will capture the imagination of everyone” – Practical Pre-School Magazine

Our baskets are still... • Handmade in the UK using a special (nonscratchy) weave and organic willow. • Built to last with quality craftsmanship evident.


Our treasures are still... • Carefully picked to maximise sensory interest and play value. • Handmade with a wow factor - we’re now working with even more UK centres for adults with learning difficulties/ physical disabilities.

...and now they’re fully Safety Assured... Safety has always been a priority so we’re really proud to announce that all our Treasure Baskets have now been safety approved as toys. This gives customers peace of mind that not only are they investing in quality resources but they also meet rigorous EN71 toy safety standards.

We’re now offering Treasure Baskets to suit different ages. Choose from 10 months + or 3 years + options to find the perfect Treasure Basket for you. Treasure Baskets for Babies (10 Months +) Treasure Baskets for Older children (3 Yrs +)

Babies can now access the Treasure Basket in an innovative basket cover designed to avoid any possibility of small parts choking hazards from the natural willow.


For 3 year olds plus the full glory of the Basket can be enjoyed. Filled with exciting treasures perfect for sensory exploration, they develop problem solving, scientific discovery, language and imagination. +44 (0)1206 796722

Treasure Baskets for Babies (10 months +) The corduroy Treasure Basket cover and carefully selected treasures, picked for play value and sensory appeal, are designed to meet the latest safety standards for 10 month olds plus. However, adult supervision is still recommended, as watching children play is a great way to discover their interests and developmental milestones. For children aged 3 years plus the cover can be removed to reveal a beautiful handmade Playscope Treasure Basket, produced in the UK using organic British willow.

Features • Safe, stimulating & flexible resource. • Great for early sensory exploration. • Luxurious & removeable cover. • Learning toy.

Playscope for Parents (P4)

Starter Set (P6)

Large Treasure Basket (P9a)

• • • • • •

• Corduroy cover • Large basket (34cm diameter) • Gingham cover • 25 treasures • Guidance booklet • Contents list

• • • • • •

Corduroy cover Small basket (29cm diameter) Gingham cover 20 treasures Guidance booklet Contents list



Treasure Basket & Sensac (P1a)

10 Months + Complete Set (P1,2,33)

• • • • • •

This wonderful set complete with Sensac for storage and activities and two sets of Activity Cards is perfect for 10 - 36 month olds and older. The 48 carefully selected treasures will excite and delight children as they explore and play. The fun activity ideas are great for ‘together time’ and maximising learning through play.

Corduroy cover Large basket Sensac 48 treasures Guidance booklet Contents list


• • • • • • •

Corduroy cover Large basket Gingham cover 48 treasures Guidance booklet Contents list


Corduroy cover Large basket Sensac 48 treasures Guidance booklet Contents list P2 & P33 Activity Cards


‘Wow, wow, wow. The all-singing, all-dancing sensory tool. A must have product for all settings.’ PRACTICAL PRE-SCHOOL AWARDS

Treasure Baskets for Older Children (3yrs +) The beauty of the gorgeous handmade British willow basket can be truly appreciated in our 3 years plus Treasure Baskets. Perfect for exploring fingers and curious minds, the carefully selected treasures are great for transporting, problem solving, exploration, scientific discovery and opening up a whole new exciting world of imagination. The unusual and open -ended sensory-rich objects maximise interest, offering limitless play opportunities. Perfect for use individually or in groups, for free play or to support formal learning.

Features • Safe, sturdy & practical resource. • Stimulates creativity & inspiration. • Cross-curricular. • Supports learning & free play. • Introduces problem solving & science.

Problem Solving & Numeracy Complete Set (P1, 19, 20)

Treasure Mat Set (P51)

Large Treasure Basket (P9b)

• • • • • •

• • • • •

• • • • •

Large basket (34cm diameter) Gingham cover 53 treasures Guidance booklet Contents list £175 P19 & P20 Activity Cards

Large basket Mat/Treasure Traveller/Cover 53 treasures Guidance booklet Contents list

Large basket Gingham cover 53 treasures Guidance booklet Contents list

Communication & Literacy Complete Set (P1, 26, 27) As above but with P26 & P27 Activity Cards instead.


Treasure Basket & Sensac (P1b)

3 years + Complete Set (P1,3)

• • • • •

This wonderful set complete with Sensac for storage and activities and one set of Activity Cards is perfect for children aged 3 years plus. The 53 carefully selected treasures will excite and delight children as they explore and play. The gorgeous and fun activity ideas are great for ‘together time’ and maximising learning through play.

Large basket Sensac 53 treasures Guidance booklet Contents list




• • • • • •


Large basket Sensac 53 treasures Guidance booklet Contents list P3 Activity Cards

£165 +44 (0)1206 796722

Sensory Collections Our range of sensory-rich collections offer something for all budgets maximising play value and flexibility. The treasures are now even more enticing and the luxurious corduroy basket covers give peace of mind. Designed for 10 month olds plus each collection is packed with play potential and evolves with a child.

Treasure Traveller Collection (P58) • Pretty ribbonedged bag • 10 sensoryrich and handmade treasures


Nursery Collection (P44)

Small Sensory Collection (P25)

• • • •

• • • • • •

Small basket (29cm diameter) 20 treasures Corduroy cover for the basket 1m diameter, ribbon edged Playmat/Feely/Storage Bag • 44cm diameter, ribbon-edged Treasure Traveller • Guidance notes • Activity Cards

Small basket 1m diameter Playmat/Feely/Storage Bag 30 treasures 20 Activities for Playmat Guidance booklet Contents list



Value Sensory Collection (P30)

Large Sensory Collection (P24)

• • • • • • •

• • • • • • • •

Large basket (34cm diameter) 1.2m diameter Playmat, Feely and Storage Bag 53 treasures P33 Activity Cards 20 Activities for Playmat Guidance booklet Contents list


Large basket 1.2m diameter Playmat, Feely and Storage bag 53 treasures P2, P3, P33 Activity Cards 20 Activities for Playmat Guidance booklet Contents list


‘An holistic, tactile and versatile teaching and learning resource. The learning opportunities are endless.’ NASEN JUDGE

Activity Cards

Stepping Out Activity Cards (P33) • 20 fun multi-sensory activities linked to the EYFS for use with a Treasure Basket with babies and toddlers aged 8 - 20 months and children with SEN • Includes Guidance Booklet & Instruction Card £22

Stepping Out Activity Cards (P2 and P3) • 20 fun and educational multisensory activities for use with a Treasure Basket, linked to the EYFS • Includes Guidance Booklet & Instruction Card • 16 - 36 months (P2) and 30 - 60 months (P3) £22ea

Problem Solving & Numeracy Set 1 (P19) and Set 2 (P20) • 20 fun and educational multisensory activities for use with a Treasure Basket for EYFS, KS1 & KS2 • Includes Guidance Booklet & Instruction Card £25ea


Activity Cards Collection (P34)


Communication & Literacy Set 1 (P26) and Set 2 (P27) • 20 fun and educational multisensory activities for use with a Treasure Basket in Nursery and Nursery/Reception (Set 1) and in Reception/Year 1 (Set 2) • Includes Guidance Booklet & Instruction Card £25ea +44 (0)1206 796722

Playscope Floor Mats

Set of 4 Fidget Floor Mats (P5)

Multi-Coloured Floor Mats (P13) • Great for exploring colours in a fun way. Provides comfort and positioning cues • Set of 4 multi-coloured mats • 4 PVC pouches and 4 re-usable cards • Supplied with Activity Card £60


Sticky Emotion Mats (P14)

Set of 4 Fidget Mat Name Pouches (P23)


Single Fidget Floor Mat (P22)

All our attractive seating and positioning solutions are also designed as fun play resources and valuable listening tools. Made in the UK, our easy to care for resources (all machine washable) ensure maximum comfort, flexibility and play value. Guaranteed to make listening fun and create a ‘wow’ factor.


• Set of 4 visually distinctive mats featuring easily recognisable emotions • Supplied with 20 activities • Designed to be used on own as a play resource/floor mat or with the Multi-Coloured Floor Mats £40

Fidget Floor Mats (P5)

Set of Four Fidget Spots (P28)

• Help children (particularly those with SEN) focus, listen and maintain eye contact • Set of 4 purple fleece floor mats with removable pads • Multi-coloured ribbon edging • Supplied with A5 Activity Card featuring 20 activities

• Fleece & canvas Fidget Spots with ribbon edging help £40 children focus and listen

Single Fidget Spot (P59) • Amazingly simple but effective Fidget Spot £12

‘A perfect multi-purpose addition to any early years setting.’ NURSERY WORLD MAGAZINE

Playmat (P7)

• 1.5m diameter purple fleece mat with richly sensory multi-coloured ribbon fringing • Waterproof backed for taking play outdoors • Features 4 carry handles and Velcro strap for transportation • Supplied with A5 guidance £85 card with 20 activities

Playmats Playscope Playmats

Sensory Collection Mat (P32)

• The amazingly versatile Playmat/ Feely/Storage Bag from our Large Sensory Collection • Use with your own Playscope or homemade Treasure Basket • 1.2m diameter multi-purpose Playmat/Bag • Supplied with A5 Activity £85 Card for using the Mat

Value Large Sensory Mat (P42)

• A budget version of the 1.2m Large Sensory Collection Playmat/Feely/Storage Bag • Use with your own Playscope or homemade Treasure Basket • Multi-coloured ribbon frill replaces ribbon loops • 20 activities for using the £60 Mat


All our attractive seating and positioning solutions double up as fun play resources or valuable listening tools in their own right. Made in the UK, our easy to care for resources ensure maximum comfort, flexibility and play value. Great for parachute games, as a listening aid to storytelling, prop for rhymes and songs, for zoning spaces, creating reward areas or just as a cosy place to sit inside or outdoors, these Playmats represent the ultimate in flexibility. Designed with inclusion in mind, the purple fleece - great for children with autism - and multi-coloured ribbons give children with visual impairments visual and textural clues while the looped ribbons provide proprioceptive feedback to aid listening and enable children to waft the mat in parachute play. All our mats are machine washable and made from azo-free dyes. +44 (0)1206 796722


Seaside Storymat Collection (P54) Create an instant ‘world’ with this retro ice cream van, animals and storybook sure to wow children of all ages. The Activity Cards and wonderful handmade Storymat (1m diameter) will inspire discussion, roleplay, storytelling and creativity. £75

Village Storymat Collection (P55) Create an instant ‘world’ with these gorgeous retro vehicles, road signs and horses sure to wow children of all ages. The Activity Cards and wonderful handmade storymat (1m diameter) inspire discussion, roleplay, storytelling and creativity. Seaside Storymat (objects not included) Large Seaside Storymat (P56) Gorgeous handmade mat, cosily padded for sleep or play. With pockets, flaps and sensory-rich detailing, children will be inspired to create their own stories and imaginary worlds. Measuring 1.5m diameter, it is great for use in or outdoors. Supplied with Activity Card. £120


Village Storymat Set

Large Village Storymat (P57) Gorgeous handmade mat, cosily padded for sleep or play. With pockets and sensory-rich detailing children will be inspired to create their own stories and imaginary worlds. Measuring 1.5m diameter, it is great for use in or outdoors. Supplied with Activity Card. £120

‘One of the best quality and well thought out sets we have ever seen.’ PRACTICAL PRE-SCHOOL AWARDS 2011

Billy’s Bucket (PS1)

Fairytale Fabrics (S11)

Delve deep into the underwater world and discover how vivid a child’s imagination can be. The gorgeous book, sensory-rich objects and activity ideas make this a perfect gift. Adults will enjoy the humour of the story and the serious message that it conveys! £17 £14

Storytelling A gorgeous selection of unusual fabric-inspired stories, CD, artefacts and crafty activity ideas, supplied in a batik bag handmade by adults with learning difficulties. Perfect for EYFS, KS1 and KS2.

Secret Seahorse (PS2)

Discover a host of wonderful sea creatures in this hide and seek journey under the sea. The gorgeous images, information about the creatures, wonderful sensory-rich objects and activities make this a perfect gift. £14



Aaaarrgghh! Spider! (PS3)

Possibility Tree (A10)

Follow this charming spider as she tries to impress a family by showing how good a pet she would make. The humour in the story will appeal to young and old and the sensoryrich objects and activities bring the story to life making this a perfect gift. £12

The Possibility Tree helps create a fabulous enabling environment in any early years or primary setting. Use to display heuristic play resources ready for exploration; to inspire roleplay; to create an impromptu den; or for a host of fun hands-on activities. Supplied with activity ideas. £35

Possibility Tree (A10) +44 (0)1206 796722

Sensory Tales

We All Went on Safari (S2) This Tanzanian counting Sensory Tale includes a gorgeous selection of African inspired sensory-rich resources to re-create the sights and sounds of being on safari on the African plains. Includes artefacts and activities. £45

We’re Roaming in the Rainforest (S3)

We’re Riding on a Caravan (S1)


A vibrant Amazon adventure with a rich diversity of wildlife, vivid pictures and wonderfully simple text. The musical instruments and other sensory artefacts will enthral all ages. Includes artefacts and activities. £45

We’re Riding on a Caravan (S1)

Up and Down the Andes (S4)

Take a trip through ancient China and feel like you’re part of the story as you hear, smell and feel the delights of trading precious stones, silk and spices. An unusual and exciting collection sure to inspire. Includes activities and artefacts. £45

A Peruvian festival tale. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the Inca people of Peru in this charming Sensory Tale of children, festivals and travel. Enjoy the enchanting pictures, travel and excitement of the festival. Includes artefacts and activities. £45

“These magical sets bring stories to life and encourage children of all ages to play together.”

Sensory Tales

We’re Sailing to Galapagos (S5)

Enjoy an ocean journey to discover the amazing Galapagos Islands in the South Pacific. Bring the sounds and smells of the sea to life with the catchy refrain, gorgeous images and exciting collection of artefacts and activities. £45

Off We Go to Mexico! (S6) Take a hot and spicy journey into the sights and sounds of Mexico with this Sensory Tale with wonderful instruments, natural artefacts and animals to excite and inspire. Includes sensory-rich artefacts and activities. £45

We’re Sailing Down the Nile (S7) Set sail along the mighty Nile River to experience the wonders of Egypt. The rhyming story text, information about ancient Egypt and helpful map are brought to life with the richly sensory artefacts and activities. £45


Our range of Sensory Tales offer fantastic stories from around the world. Packed with musical instruments, sensory-rich artefacts and countless activity ideas, these bagged sets are perfect for use in the home, settings and schools to inspire children’s imagination, nurture a love of books and help bring the EYFS, KS1 and KS2 to life.

Praise for Sensory Tales... “It encourages imaginative play and discussion. Both I and my children absolutely love this product and have returned to it again and again, each time finding something different to explore, play or discuss within the tale and sensory artefacts. It truly is a delight!” “A truly lovely product in terms of quality and flexibility.” +44 (0)1206 796722

Sensory Tales

Babushka (S8) An unusual Christmas adventure with a lovely message about giving. The exciting sensory-rich artefacts conjure up the feelings, smells and sounds of Christmas. Enjoy all year round and discover Russian traditions, folklore, facts and activities. £45

The Easter Swallows (S9)

Set of Nine Sensory Tales (S10)


Two swallows retell the story of Easter. Gentle language and illustrations help children understand Easter and why we celebrate it. The gorgeous collection of sensory-rich artefacts help bring the story to life. Supplied with artefacts and Activity Card full of ideas. £45

Indian Paintbrush (N2)

Her Seven Brothers (N3)

Follow Gopher on his journey to discover his true talents in this Early Years Native American story with a lovely message. Enjoy the unusual sensory-rich artefacts and activities that introduce the story and breathe life into a little known culture.

A beautifully told Native American Indian story brought to life with a stunning collection of unusual sensory-rich resources. Use to explore cultures and make learning practical and fun. The activity ideas and objects support children and adults on a voyage of discovery. £50


“I had great fun with this timeless resource in my setting and the learning has been superb for all children”


Little Explorers

Hearts Collection (C2) A gorgeous selection of unusual heart-shaped objects. Children will love exploring the set, enjoying the activities and facts. Perfect for supporting PSED, Communication, Mathematics and Understanding the World, these sensory-rich objects will inspire and enthrall. £48

Ball & Hoop Collection (C3) This wonderful selection of balls and hoops is perfect for developing balance, manipulation and tracking skills, supporting schemas, sorting and exploring cause and effect. It provides awe and wonder and inspires discussion and story-telling galore. £48

Hide & Seek Collection (C4) A wonderfully unusual assortment of containers and hidden treasures. Perfect for supporting schemas this enticing collection provides heaps of play potential. Great for fine motor skills, sorting and creativity the treasures provide awe and wonder and a feast for the senses. £48


Egg and Spoon Collection (C1)

Egg and Spoon Collection (C1) A fantastic selection of egg and spoon-shaped objects. Children will love discovering and experimenting with the unusual objects. Great for fine motor skills, transporting, sorting and problem solving the objects and activities are sure to wow and inspire. £48


All of the treasures in our unusual collections are picked for their contrast in texture, weight, properties, colour, pattern and sensory-rich appeal. Packed with play potential and suitable (with supervision) for children across the ages, these wonderful collections are brilliant for bringing learning and the curriculum to life. +44 (0)1206 796722

Little Explorers

Slate & Pencil (A5)

Colour Paddles (A2) set of 3


Mirror (A4)

Mushroom Diffractors (A3)


Discovery Set (P53)

We offer a wide range of multi-sensory resources for little explorers, from our carefully selected Top-Up Sets, exciting Sensory Bags and selection of magnifiers, mirrors etc. All these resources are designed to support children’s play and learning, provide sensory appeal and inspire exploration and creativity.


Discovery Set (P53) Explore colour, pattern, shape, wildlife, sand and water play inside and outdoors with this £30 fantastic resource set.

Activity Bowl (A1) Versatile and portable watertight activity bowl & ideas.


Activity Bowl (A1)


Magnifier (A6)


‘Inspirational, fun and flexible. They’re great. Use to support children’s learning over and over again.’ NURSERY WORLD MAGAZINE

Top-Up Sets

Sensory Bags P29)

• Use to inspire exploration and creativity in children of all ages. • Collections of 10 - 12 unusual objects for discovery, heuristic play, tactile stimulation, discussion and imagination • Gingham storage/activity bag • Supplied with A6 Activity Card

Delight the senses with this amazing combination of textures, tastes, smells, shapes, and sounds. Each Sensory Bag comes complete with a number of activity ideas and is designed to appeal to boys and girls. This set is ideal for including in children’s Party Bags. Supplied in a handy storage box.

Brushes Top-Up Set (P15)

Natural Top-Up Set (P16)



Animal Towers (C5)

Wooden Top-Up Set (P18)


Sensory Bags (P29)



Metal Top-Up Set (P17)

Little Explorers


Delightful set of 14 gorgeous wooden animals, solid wood ball and pretty gingham bag, perfect for babies through to six year olds. Each animal has been hand-crafted in the UK by adults with learning difficulties, making it a perfect gift. Supplied with booklet packed with fun activity ideas. £20 +44 (0)1206 796722

Little Explorers...

Stacking Hoops - Marmalade (P45a) A stunning multi-award winning resource made up of over 20 sensory-rich hoops, picked for their contrast in texture, weight, properties and fascinating stories. Supplied with wooden stand, bags, detailed Activity Cards, stories, information and gingham £40 bag.


Stacking Hoops - Pistachio (P45b)

...Stacking Hoops A stunning sensory-rich alternative to a stacking toy, this innovative resource is perfect for exploring, sorting and building. The unusual materials and stories behind the hoops provide awe and wonder and inspire discussion. Use with babies to six year olds with supervision, content in the knowledge that this great resource also supports a wealth of good causes.

Pistachio Stacking Hoops features all the same multi-sensory and award-winning appeal of Marmalade but in gorgeous shades of pistachio, olive and apple green. These complement the natural palette providing a visual feast. The addition of Fair Trade rubber hoops makes this product £40 even greener!

This acclaimed resource has scooped numerous awards including: Practical Pre-school 2011 Gold Award u The Independent Toy Eco Silver Award 2012 u Right Start Baby Essentials 2012 Awards Highly Commended u Winner of the 2012 Nursery World Birth to 3 Resource Award. Stacking Hoops is fast becoming a ‘must have’ essential for every home and setting.

‘Wow! A brilliant idea, a sensory learning explosion.’


Fleecy Flower (B9)

Little Explorers...

Fiddle Wiggle Caterpillar (B8)



Mousey Purse (G2)

Bell Flower (B10)

Set of 3 Fiddle Flowers (G4)



Mini Caterpillars (P43 & P43b)

Beany Flower (B12)

...Fiddly Fingers Fiddle Flower Keyring (G5)








The hardest action in the world for a child is staying still. By fidgeting children gain proprioceptive feedback, aiding concentration. These resources are perfect for fiddly fingers whatever the age. From the hand-knitted Fiddle Flowers or keyrings whose curved petals cry out to be touched, to the silky ribboned resources and wooden or fabric animals. Happy fiddling! +44 (0)1206 796722

Treasure Trove

Heart Dish (T36)


Butter Knife (T40)


Juicer (T7)


Honey Dipper (T1)


Wooden Comb (T32)

Melon Baller (T41)

£2.50() Comb


We’re constantly being complimented on the quality, appeal and ‘wow’ factor of our Treasure Basket and heuristic play objects. If your budget doesn’t stretch to one of our gorgeous Treasure Baskets or collections, you can select some fabulous items from our Treasure Trove to add a real ‘wow’ factor to your own Treasure Basket or collection. For each object, find out on our website what makes it special and why it’s so good for supporting children’s play. Perfect as unusual stocking fillers, in the hands of a child each and every item is packed with play potential. Please note that although no minimum order value applies, a fixed charge for postage and packing of £6 will apply to items ordered from the Treasure Trove.

Spaghetti Measure (T43)

“Wow. I love them! They’re gorgeous enough to display after play.”


Treasure Trove Sensory Play (BK1) Treasure Baskets & Beyond (BK2)

Jam Spoon (T39)


Mini Bucket (T10)


Measuring Cup (T16)



Chain (T4)

Mini Funnel (T38)

Whisk (T5)




£8.00 £2.00

Plug & Chain (T18)

Tea Infuser (T37)


Our research shows that many children prefer playing with metal objects. Could it be because they are cold or shiny or because of their noise making potential? All of our metal resources can be used for transporting, mixing, hiding and pattern making as well as inspiring lots of imaginary meals! Use with sand or water for hours of learning through play. +44 (0)1206 796722

Treasure Trove

Treasure Chest (G1)

Rami Scrunchie (T49)


Mini Flower Pot (T28)

Heart Shaker (T29)

£2 ea


‘Diamond’ (T48)



Crocheted Mat (T30)

£1 ea

Mini Glass Jar (T21)


Rubber Door Stop (T45)


Wooden Scoop (T15)


“Watching play with beautiful open ended objects like these is magical.”

Treasure Trove

Cardboard Box (T8)


Soft Brush (T46)


Mushroom Brush (T50)



Plug Hole Brush (T44)

Mini Brush (T33)

Nail Brush (T19)





Scrubbing Brush (T47)

er (T1) Mini Book (T25)

£3.50 £1.00

Each quality Treasure Trove item offers its own unique play value. Perfect for sensory stimulation, pattern making, role-play and so much more we have sourced some extra special objects to save you time. Visit for more Treasure Trove items, descriptions and dimensions and to find out what makes these objects so special. +44 (0)1206 796722

Research & Training

Books & Publications


If budget won’t stretch to training or resources you can purchase from Sue Gascoyne’s range of highly acclaimed books including Sensory Play and Treasure Baskets & Beyond. Alternatively our comprehensive Guidance Booklet provides a great starting point - a mini potted introduction to Treasure Basket play.




Play to Z is proud to have launched several sensory-based research projects with UK universities to inform future policy and practice. For an update go to www.playtoz. Contact us if you would like to find out more about our research findings or to get involved in future research projects.

Sue Gascoyne was named Nursery World ‘Trainer of the Year’ in 2009. She and the team can be commissioned to provide a wide range of training services, be it a cluster session, EYP workshop, conference for 100 participants or Stay and Play session. Contact us to find out how we can meet your training needs, or for a price for a package of Training and Resources.

All our fun, hands-on training and workshops are based on extensive observations and current research. Use Treasure Baskets and Sensory Play to bring the EYFS to life; explore schemas; develop observations; improve partnerships with parents; support communication; understand child development and sensory processing.

What others are saying....


Guidance Booklet (P35)

“The best Treasure Basket training that we’ve been on!” “The training really renewed my enthusiasm for Treasure Baskets and for using them with older children, not just with babies. I’m going to go away and use them now”. “Brilliant Talk” (Autism Show 2012)

Contact us for details of our national and inset training courses, workshops and classes.


How to Order... Use the Order Form supplied or download at 8 Visit our online shop at @ Email us on 7 Fax the Order Form to +44 (0)1206 796722 + Post with payment to Play to Z Ltd, PO Box 9978, Colchester, CO1 9FT. Make cheques payable to Play to Z Ltd ( Phone your Order through to us on +44 (0)1206 796722 BACS payments to Play to Z Limited, Barclays Bank PLC: ACCOUNT NO 60095869, SORT CODE 20 21 73 We are happy to invoice on receipt of a valid purchase order. All prices are exclusive of VAT, postage and packaging - see website for details of costs to mainland UK or telephone us. Please see our website for our returns policy. Every effort will be made to hold prices for the duration of this catalogue.

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Local & Ethical Suppliers We’re proud to work with and support several centres for adults with learning or physical disabilities in the UK. These make batik fabric (for our lavender bags); pottery pebbles; knitted scrunchies, teddies; purses and balls; fabric hoops; and wooden hoops to mention just some, as well as helping with de-labelling. Not only does this showcase and value their talents but it provides funding for the centres and gorgeous, unique resources for children to enjoy. We also support several community and Fairtrade projects in the UK and around the world by sourcing ethical and environmentally friendly products which offer maximum play value and a wow factor.


Proud to Buy British

• We take safety very seriously. All the items in our resources are carefully checked. • All our resources are made in accordance with strict safety standards and require adult supervision. • Our Sensory Bambini range is suitable from birth upwards.

All our fabric resources are designed and made in the UK, ensuring quality and safety. Our products are assembled in the UK, with over half the objects in our Treasure Baskets made by adults with learning difficulties or physical disabilities in UK-based centres. We also offer a bespoke product design service.

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Playscope Catalogue 2013 update  

Latest Product Catalogue updated with our fully EN71 certified Treasure Basket items.