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Sensory Toys & Equipment Catalogue

Each and every resource in this catalogue has been carefully selected for its proven ability to support children and adults with an array of sensory processing and attachment difficulties, including Autism and ADHD, giving you confidence and peace of mind.

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I hope you enjoy my selection.

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Wooden Sensory Toys

Fiddle Wiggle (SW2) £4 each

Colourful wooden fidget (15cm) giving calming and stigma-free proprioceptive feedback and cognitive challenge.

Twist and turn the wooden segments of this cute 17cm caterpillar for calming sensory feedback. 12 months plus.

These wonderfully tactile wooden sensory toys provide a welcome change to plastic. The sensory qualities of wood, its weight, smooth, cool or warm texture, and chinkly sound add an important sensory dimension. Robust enough to be used by adults, these calming, selfregulating fidgets are tried and tested and stigma-free.

Twisty Robot (SW3) £4.50 each

Twisty Pirate (SW4) £4.50 each

Twist, pull and stretch colourful Robot into funny positions to explore feelings, regulate and develop fine motor skills.

These visual, tactile, robust 12cm figures offer great fidget potential. Develop fine motor skills and imagination.

Bird Whistle (SW5) £1.50 each

Twisty Dinosaurs (SW6) £22 for 3 or (SW7) £7.50 each

Explore cause and effect and practice oral motor skills with this shrill sounding brightly coloured bird-shaped whistle.

A gorgeous set of 3 cute-as-can-be wooden dinosaurs - complete with tactile details. Twist T-Rex, Diplodocus and Stegosaurus into funny positions to explore feelings, self-regulate and develop fine motor skills. Approx 15cm tall. (Also sold separately - SW7 £7.50).

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Fidget Tools Calming Self-regulation Sensory Stimulation

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Twisty Cubes (SW1) £3 each

View the entire range of wooden sensory toys at

Twisty Knight (SW8) £4.50 each

Twisty Mermaid (SW9) £4.50 each

Bendy Caterpillar (SW10) £4

These fantastic robust 12cm figures offer huge fidget and imagination potential and plenty of visual and tactile detail.

Twist, pull and stretch Mermaid to explore feelings, regulate, develop fine motor skills and spark imagination.

A delightful fidget, great for exploring cause and effect, feelings and regulation. Use for peek-a-boo and attachment. 5cm


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Jungly Animal (SW11) £4 each

Stretch, twist and pull colourful elephant, crocodile or giraffe for calming fidgeting, satisfying resistance and regulation.

Slate and Pencil (SW12) £5

Quality resource, great for mark-making, writing, drawing and experiments!



Tried & Tested Favourites

Squishy Sealife (SF2) £3.50 each

Thread and pull stretchy mice through the squidgy cheese for proprioception, hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

Cute puffer-fish, shark and crocodile look great and feel amazing when squished, squeezed and stretched. (8.5 - 11cm)

These are some of our most popular sensory toys and rightly so, they exude wonderful tactile squidginess; stretch and develop fine motor skills; encourage tracking skills and hand-eye coordination; and provide endearing charm or the yuk factor! Great fun and proven to support children with ADHD, autism and a range of sensory needs these super tactile sensory toys provide targeted sensory stimulation.

Squidgy Monster (SF3) £3 each

Puffy Animals (SF4) £3 each

A rubbery fidget whose yukky brain pops out! Great for expressing anger and developing fine motor skills. 8cm.

Cute, stretchy, squidgy farm animal balls (8cm), great for fidgeting. The soft ‘hairy’ texture provides calming relief.

Puffy Caterpillar (SF5) £5

Hairy Caterpillar (SF6) £3.50 ea

Stretchy Centipede (SF7) £3.50

A squidgy, stretchy fidget, great for sensory stimulation, self-occupation and calming relief. Feels gorgeous. 20cm.

This super stretchy fidget with rubbery ‘hairs’ is great to pull, twist or stroke for calming relief. Styles vary. 18 - 20cm

Stretch, pull or twirl 22cm long tactile Centipede or use its tiny feet to stroke, calm or regulate. Only 1 supplied.

• Fidget Tools • Calming Tools • Self-regulation


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Cheesy Mice (SF1) £5

View the entire range of fidget & calming sensory toys at

Stretchy Snake (SF9) £5 each

Pop Eye Snake (SF10) £4 each

A firm favourite for its long stretchy legs, squidgy body and cute face. Great for regulating. Colours vary. 23cm.

This huge (27cm) realistic squidgy snake is fab. Filled with beads and super stretchy it’s so tactile. Colour/style vary.

Squidgy green or blue snake knows how to get noticed. Squeeze it hard and its eye’s pop out! Provides awe and wonder.

Puffy Chick (SF11) £2.50 each

Squidgy Mouse (SF12) £2.50

Squidgy Unicorn (SF13) £4 ea

A cute squidgy, stretchy 7cm chick whose tiny rubber hairs provide sensory calming relief and regulation. Colours vary.

This fidget is not for everyone but fans of sticky gore will love stretching and squishing Squidgy (slightly sticky) Mouse!

Tactile and soft to the touch, Squidgy Unicorn offers stigma-free fidgeting and great calming relief. Colours vary. 10cm.

Stretchy Person (SF14) 50p

Sticky Splats (SF15) £1.50 each

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Mega Legs (SF8) £4 each

This Stretchy Person may only be tiny, just 5cm tall, but practice those motor skills and watch its arms and legs stretch!

‘Epic!’ was children’s reactions to these amazingly satisfying stretchy Sticky Splats! Stimulating yet also calming, as you can’t rush the rate at which the splat peels off the chosen surface (without leaving its mark). Brilliant for motor skills, schemas, regulation.



Sensory Balls • • • •

Fidget Tools Self-regulation Motor Development Communication

Tangle Ball (SB1) £4

Large Glitter Ball (SB2) £4

Chunky, interesting and tactile for small hands, the lumps and bumps make it easier to catch this 7cm Tangle Ball.

This 6cm glitter and water-filled ball creates an exciting yet calming spectacle when bounced or swirled. Colours vary.

Dino Fossil Ball (SB3) £2.50

Hacki Sack Ball (SB4) £3.50

Juggling balls (SB5) £6

Koosh Ball (SB6) £2

An interestingly coloured, patterned 7cm ball filled with recycled pellets, great for juggling, throwing and self-regulation.

A lovely set of 3 tactile leather juggling balls (6cm) in a retro box. Contrasting colours great for visually impaired.

Boing, stretch or stroke the strands of this amazing feeling, easy to catch ball. Great for calming self-regulation. 6cm.


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Children are fascinated by balls and this fantastic collection has been picked for their sensory interest, wow factor, play and learning value. Use to develop fine or gross motor skills, handeye coordination and tracking skills; encourage turn-taking or communication; explore science; calm and regulate; provide awe and wonder; or discreet fidgets.

A striking mock stone ball (6.5cm) with fossils and soft, squidgy surface offering heaps of sensory appeal and motor skills.

View the entire range of sensory balls at

Meteor Ball (SB7) £4

Comet Ball (SB8) £4

Light-Up Sensory Balls • Communication • Self-regulation • Fidget Tools • Attention • Calming

The unique honeycomb design and inner LED sphere create mesmerising calming patterns. 5cm dia. Colours vary.

Disco Ball (SB9) £3.50

Flashy Spikey Ball (SB10) £4 each

Hedgehog Ball (SB11) £4

The powder coated texture feels lovely but bounce all 5cm (cause and effect) for stunning lights to amaze. Colours vary.

This 8cm sensory-rich tactile ball lights up when bounced. The soft rubber spikes provide textural interest. Colours vary.

The bright colours, tactile spikes, interlocking coloured pieces and flashing light combine to grab attention. 7cm.

Magic Eye Ball (SB12) £4

Glow Eye Ball (SB13) £1.20p each

Smiley Face Ball (SB14) £2.50

The 4cm Magic Eye Ball always has you in its sights! Shake the eye to make it light up, then watch it spookily glide around.

Great texture, high bounceability and glow in the dark creepyness delight and add interest to stories and role-play. 3cm.

Simply bounce this 5.5cm smiley face ball to make it light up. Great for selfregulation and exploring emotions.

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Unusual 6cm ball with contrasting coloured nodules to aid catching and light-up core for attention. Colours vary.



Light-up Equipment

Alien Egg (SL2) £2.50

Cute features, soft rubber hair and a squidgy LED tummy are great for calming self-regulation. Colours vary. 9cm.

Add interest to stories, role-play or the environment with this 5cm fluorescent green high bounce rubbery alien’s head.

These carefully selected lightup resources are great for getting and retaining children’s attention. Use in a sensory room, darkened space, or just about anywhere to provide awe, wonder and visual interest. Perfect for exploring cause and effect, a host of science investigations, developing motor skills and sparking imagination.

Light-Up Hedgehog (SL3) £3 ea

Light-Up Baby Shark (SL4) £2.50

Squeeze soft squidgy Hedgehog and the LED light will flash. Visually and texturally amazing whatever the colour! 8.5cm.

The cute features, squidgy little pink or blue body and light-up tummy will calm and provide sensory interest. 7.5cm.

Kinetic Wheel (SL5) £6

Gyro Wheel (SL6) £6

Sensory Stick (SL7) £8.50

Clever design, gentle movements and kinetic and potential energy keep the flashing disc spinning. Colours vary. 26cm.

Amazingly effective, grabs attention, mesmerises and excites. Great for fine and gross motor skills too. Colours vary.

Form a circuit and amazing light and sounds wow. Use for science, cause and effect, attention, rewards and wonder.

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Cause & Effect Awe & Wonder Focus & Attention Visual Stimulation

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Squidgy Duck (SL1) £3

View the entire range of light-up sensory toys at

Magic Ball Blower (SC1) £5

A fun and captivating tool for supporting concentration, blowing and developing oral muscle tone and speech. Magic!

Tin Fly Eye (SC2) £3.50

Children love detail and this retro multisided prism lens gives a bee/bug’s eye view. Great for attention and regulating.

Calming Equipment • Oral & Motor Skills • Calming Regulators • Sensory Stimulation Kaleidoscope (SC4) £8

A gorgeously patterned quality metal music tin, great for calming and cause and effect. Measures 20cm high.

Mesmerising metal toy with attractive retro patterns. Watch the ever changing shapes for calming self-regulation. 15cm

Glitter Tube (SC5) £3

Glitter Twirl Baton (SC6) £3.50

Sand Creatures (SC7) £3 each

Watch the bubble rise and glitter tumble down the 45cm long colourful tube to create a visual spectacle when turned.

Twirl the 28cm long tube and watch the glittery liquid and bubbles pass from orb to orb. Great for tracking. Colours vary.

Gorgeous quality sand-filled creatures, with visual and textural detail and weighted for calming regulation.

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Music Tin (SC3) £10




Dino Hand Puppet (SP2) £6.50 each

The quality, detail and teeth of scary white or friendly blue shark, will amaze! Great for expressing feelings. 15cm.

This quality sturdy rubber hand puppet (14cm) features realistic details and lifelike teeth for roaring with! Colours vary.

These robustly made puppets look and feel great and have been picked for their special qualities and benefits. Ideal for engaging attention, expressing emotions, encouraging communication and self-regulation, they’re wonderful tools for bringing stories and learning to life, supporting children’s imagination and enabling tactile defensive children to engage in messy play.

Croc Hand Puppet (SP3) £6.50 each

Unicorn Hand Puppet (SP4) £6.50 each

A robust squidgy 15cm hand puppet with realistic features and moving mouth for roaring or messy play! Colours vary.

This gorgeous robust, yet soft rubber Unicorn 14cm puppet is adorable in pink, white or lilac. Great for calming stroking.

Squidgy Mouth (SP5) £4

Snake Finger (SP6) £2 each As w

Chomping Dino (SP7) £3.50 each

Use Squidgy Mouth to express emotions, practice letter sounds, tooth brushing or oral motor development. 9cm.

Wiggly Snake Finger (14cm) is perfect for grabbing attention or children who can’t touch messy materials. Colours vary.

Standing 23cm tall you can open and close Dino’s mouth to roar, chomp, sort with or get messy! Colours vary.

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10 11

Emotional Language Self-Regulation Behaviour Imagination

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Shark Hand Puppet (SP1) £6.50 each

View the entire range of puppets at

Tentacles (SP8) £2.50 for 2

Bendy Monkey (SP9) £2.50

Essential Equipment • Awe & Wonder • Calming Regulators • Timers & Visual Aids

Brilliant cute stigma-free fidget (13cm) which calms, regulates and develops fine motor skills. Monkey’s very bendy too!

Pop Tongue Dino (SP10) £2.50 each

Bendy Person (SP11), Bendy Frog (SP12) £2.50 each

Bubble Window (SE1) £8

Cute faces and suprise pop tongues (7cm) make these ideal for peek-a-boo and attachment games. Colours vary.

Measuring 13cm tall, Bendy Person and Frog are great stigma-free fidgets, ideal for moving their limbs in funny positions.

A calming visual spectacle, children will be fascinated and intrigued by the bubbling 4 coloured liquids. 13cm.

Pop Tongue Animal (SP13) £2.50 each

Bendy Dino (SF14) £1.60 each

Bubble Spiral (SE2) £6.50

These 6cm Pop Tongues are wonderfully calming and encourage self-regulation from repetitive squeezes. Styles vary.

These mini-sized Bendy Dinos - T-Rex, Pteradactyl and Diplodocus make super discreet puppet fidgets with personality.

The stream of coloured bubbles delight, engage, calm and regulate as they track along the 13cm spiral tube. Colours vary.



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This fabulous pair of rubbery sensory tentacles, making reading, pointing and playing with messy stuff fun.

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We’re proud to have been designing and supplying sensory equipment in the UK for over 10 years. Our multiaward winning resources are designed or carefully selected and tested by author and Sensory Play specialist, Sue Gascoyne, giving you confidence and peace of mind.

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Unless otherwise stated all resources are suitable from 3 years plus. Where a number of styles or colours are available, images may show several resources. Unless otherwise stated all prices are per item only. Prices include VAT. Please request a VAT receipt to claim this back.

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