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Luxurious Layovers

©The Club Barbados Resort & Spa

Snorkeling with Sea Turtles in Barbados


hen you hear the word layover, “luxurious” is rarely an adjective you’d imagine to accompany it. But if you’re booking to Caribbean islands from Montreal that do not often have direct flights from here, a long layover might just be a necessary evil. However, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing if you plan smartly, like I did on a recent trip to Dominica. Once you know where you want to go, check out the best direct flights to neighbouring islands. In this case it was beautiful Barbados, with a short regional hop to Dominica the next morning. Traveling that way, I got to explore another paradisiacal tropical destination instead of cooling my heels in an airport. I also checked for interesting excursions to do while there. Snorkeling with sea turtles was one of them! I checked into The Club Barbados Resort & Spa after an enjoyable direct flight from Montreal via WestJet. After a good night’s sleep in a lovely suite with the sound of the sea directly below me and heartily enjoying their all-inclusive offerings,

including gourmet food and unlimited spirits, I was off to the sea turtle excursion, which departs right from their property. A ten-minute boat ride and we were in the right spot. As soon as we descended into the water, the sea turtles were there. It was incredible to witness them at their most graceful – right in their element – and they didn’t seem to mind our presence either. We also stopped by a coral garden shipwreck for some more snorkeling on the way back. It was amazing. On my return from Dominica, I planned another long layover, though not overnight. This time I booked a day suite at The Divi Southwinds Beach Resort. I enjoyed lounging by their pools, dining at their Bajan Breeze restaurant and strolling along and swimming at their gorgeous Dover Beach – a two-minute walk from my room. After some famous Barbados rum punches and a thoroughly rejuvenating day, I arrived back at the airport relaxed and refreshed. Now that’s the way to do a luxurious layover! Visit . SUSAN CAMPBELL


Luxurious Layovers  
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