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LR Travel Report

Curacao’s Epic Adventures On Land & Sea

Sunscape Curacao Resort & Spa


sing Sunscape Curacao Resort & Spa as our ideal base, we explored the island from coast to coast. There are so many cool spots to enjoy that two weeks is the optimum length of stay there if you can swing it. Downtown Willemstad is a colourful hodgepodge of Dutch colonial buildings, and not to be missed are Museum Kura Hulanda and the beautifully restored Rif Fort – the port’s original bastion of maritime defence. Then head out to the cunucu (countryside) to explore restored plantation houses that have been reborn as art galleries and the wild north coast of Shete Boka National Park for stunning scenery and incredible natural wonders. There are also 35 stunning white sand beaches dotted around the island, each with its own appeal and attractions. But if you have limited time, be sure to head to the far west point (Westpunt) to GOWEST Diving beside Kura Hulanda Lodge for an epic adventure: snorkeling the “Blue Room”. Ontario born ex-pat in paradise Bryan Horne is at the helm of this first-rate dive


business. He ran away from the snow, fell in love with Curacao and never came back. We met up with him at the beach bar looking out on a postcard-perfect aqua sea along craggy cliffs. This is an extremely undeveloped area of the island; save the eco-lodge, his business, a few apartments and a fishing village, there is little else there. But what is to be explored from the water is surreal. Resplendent reefs full of marine life surround the point, and the “Blue Room” is really an underwater cave accessible from the sea, full of colourful fish and interesting creatures. Inside it appears an eerie, almost neon blue, and the experience is simply out of this world! If you are a certified diver, GOWEST Diving also has a full range of fabulous underwater adventures that will surely sate even the most ardent marine life enthusiast. And, after your underwater adventure, be sure to stop by Kura Hulanda Lodge and check out their Tree House Mansion, one of the few of its kind in the world. Visit: SUSAN CAMPBELL

Curacao's Epic Adventures, Luxury Report by Sue Campbell