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Island Report News, events, and happenings around Aruba… Xander Bogaerts - #OneHappyNation

All of Aruba was abuzz as they lit up cyberspace with #OneHappyNation tweets and posts for home-grown Xander Bogaerts. In­ fielder for the Boston Red Sox, he saw his team triumph over the St. Louis Cardinals 6-1 to win the first World Series at Fenway Park for Boston since 1918. Twenty-oneyear-old Xander made history as the first Aruban to ever make it to the World Series. The fact that they won made it even sweeter! Congratulations Xander – you are truly a national hero. Aruba going greener than ever!

The past few years year have seen Aruba take great strides in implementing many new green practices island-wide, especially in the wind and solar energy arena. In fact, Aruba intends to be 100% renewable energy powered by 2020, and has joined Sir Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room project. That is one reason why this island was chosen to host the prestigious Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum last October, (CREF 2013) targeting vital energy diversification efforts and attracting over 400 participants from over 40 countries. San Nicolas revitalization

San Nicolas is referred to as Sunrise City, but soon it might become known as Carnival City! As part of an exciting revitalization of the island’s oldest historic center, the Aruban government will be creating a new Carnival Museum and Carnival Village there. At present, visitors can enjoy a preview of the colorful carnival activities Thursday nights at their Carubbian Festival. And now there is also a new community museum full of artifacts and antiques on Mainstreet that will stay open late those nights. 18 Nights

Top photos courtesy of ATA. Middle photo courtesy of Green Aruba. Bottom photo by Luis Mejia


More news, events, and happenings around Aruba… Up, up, and away with JETLEV

Red Sail Sports launches Aruba’s coolest, most exhilarating activity: JETLEV! Fly over the ocean like Superman, soar up to 30 feet in the air... or hover and walk along the water. JETLEV is a water-propelled Jetpack powered by a custom-designed 225-horsepower engine, pumping out 1,000-gallonsper-minute of thrust. A flight instructor and assistant guide you through a safe and controlled experience of a lifetime. JETLEV is an easy-to-learn and extremely fun activity, exclusively available at Red Sail Sports. National treasure knighted

Congratulations to Aruba’s own windsurfing wonder woman Sarah-Quita Offringa for her sixth consecutive win of a PWA world championship last year in Fuerteventura. The unstoppable 22-year-old was also honored by the Royal Order of Oranje-Nassau with a knighthood sanctioned by Queen Beatrix for her amazing accomplishments in the world of sports. Lady SQ says, “Windsurfing is my life’s passion and I’m so proud to be able to represent Aruba in it, but to receive this kind of royal recognition was absolutely surreal!”

Decked out for pleasure

Dining over white sands near the water’s edge, watching cruise ships and sailboats drift by, while a guitarist strums songs of the islands. It doesn’t get much better than this. The West Deck on Governor’s Bay is a recent addition to Aruba’s Linear Park project. The family-run grill and bar offers the sights, sounds, and flavors of the Caribbean in a casual setting. Enjoy local dishes on the large, covered deck or under a shady tree on the beach itself. Call 587-2667 or email 20 Nights

Photos, from top to bottom, courtesy of Red Sail Sports, Sarah-Quita Offringa, and The West Deck

2014 Aruba island report- Aruba Nights Magazine  
2014 Aruba island report- Aruba Nights Magazine