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“ Whether you appreciate Women’s Month as a ‘thing’ or not, August is a time for reflection. Not just on the Women in our lives but on how we’re living as a family. In Ballito, we’re blessed with a fabulous, easy lifestyle. So, being forced to spend more time at home than we’re used to through the Covid-19 pandemic may actually be good for us. Let’s add some peace of mind to the mix and make it safe, too.

If you thought this meant a discussion about boring burglar bars, think again. There are some gorgeous products on the market that do a whole lot more than just provide protection. Here are two ingenious, creative designs that break the mould and make you rethink the security verses style trade-off.


The first example is aluminium louvre shutters. The words ‘fresh’ and ‘crisp’ come to mind when you see them in front of windows or doors. Curtains and blinds are unnecessary because the louvre shutters do it all. They have a functional side, too. The louvres can be tilted to moderate the amount of sunlight, heat and wind that gets into your home. Changing the angle of the louvres also varies the amount of privacy you have from people passing by. If made correctly, like Trellidor Security Shutters, louvres provide a high degree of protection from more menacing intruders. Trellidor manufacture these shutters with built-in strength and an excellent locking system. It’s a trendy safety feature in the form of shutters so pretty you’ll want them everywhere, including your patio.


No photo does justice to this amazing product. It’s a see-through aluminium-framed stainless steel mesh screen so tightly woven that you hardly notice it is there, which is

why it has to be seen to be believed. What makes Clear Guard screens really special is that they keep out annoying insects like mosquitoes as well as snakes, monkeys and, for those that live on golf estates, golf balls too. Plus, they provide a high degree of protection from trespassers. All without blocking your view in any way. Clear Guard screens are custom-made by Trellidor so that they work seamlessly with your doors and windows. They don’t get in the way of door handles and other hardware because they are custom-made in the same format.

Trellidor expert consultants are happy to visit your home to show you these lovely designs. It is a free service and they follow all Covid-19 safety protocols. Alternatively, visit the Trellidor showroom today!