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THE BEST BEFORE Shop Smart and Save at the Best Before Food Store

“Best Before Food Store is located within the BP forecourt (Opposite Cindy’s) Umhlali. This little Bargain Bin is a sure way to save money and find some really great products.

THE BEST BEFORE FOOD STORE specialises in the sale of good quality branded products that are nearing or just passed the best before date (Short-Dated Stock). Customers can save up to 30% across their spend when compared to conventional retail.


The Best Before date is the manufacturer’s guaranteed time that the product is at premium quality. After the best before date, the quality of the product may slowly deteriorate e.g. less crunchy, but remains safe for consumption afterwards.


Supplier/Warehouse storage is an expensive business especially when short-dated stock is sitting in storage, ageing quickly and cannot be sold by conventional retailers as a result of lead times to these stores. The Best Before Food store purchases the stock from warehouses /suppliers, thus alleviating the cost of storage and the cost of dumping. By selling this short-dated stock to the Best Before Food Store at reduced prices it allows for the warehouse /supplier to recover some of the products’ cost previously lost to dumping while opening additional space in the warehouse.

Some retailers have seen the benefit of supporting the concept as it eliminates the cost of returning short-dated products to the suppliers a portion of which is most likely to be dumped due to their best before date. These measures result in a substantial saving to the supplier, retailer and, in the end, they are passed on to you the consumer.


Conventionally, Short-dated stock is dumped along with its packaging at landfill sites. Approximately 10 million tons of food goes to waste every year in South Africa. The best before concept was born to try and reduce the impact of this waste. With an estimated 14 million people going to bed hungry, It is obvious that more solutions like this are needed to aid in the prevention of waste and the pollution of the environment

The Best Before Food Store offers you a clean and safe store with a wide range of quality products and friendly team ready to assist you. You really can’t afford to miss out on the savings and convenience offered here.

For more information on the concept or just to check out the latest deals visit their Facebook page: The Best Before Food Store Umhlali.


Monday to Friday: 9am – 16pm Saturdays: 9am – 14pm and closed on Sundays Facebook: The-Best-Before-Food-Store