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THE ALVER SPECIAL EDITION A Guitar Player’s Dream. - Dave Charles

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Charles recently played a special instrument custom crafted by Ballito luthier, Alec Mackay, the verdict – sensational!

BALLITO LUTHIER ALEC MACKAY recently completed work on a special guitar. The task was to create a single instrument that offers the player a range of tonal quality that most guitarists would kill for. This Alver Special Edition incorporates some extremely sophisticated electronic wizardry that enables you to switch from full-bodied Fender Stratocaster/Telecaster options to pure acoustic tones. It sounds too good to be true, but I got a chance to play it recently and I found it absolutely thrilling.


It has a semi-solid ash body with spalted maple top and a maple neck. It is a truly beautiful-looking guitar and the build quality is better than you will find in most top-end iconic brands. It comes with rock solid Graphtech Ratio multi-geared machine heads and is equipped with a Dimarzio True Velvet single coil pickup at the bridge and a Dimarzio Area T stacked HB at the neck. But what makes this

instrument extraordinary is the Acousti-phonic setup consisting of a Graphtech ghost preamp system incorporating graphite saddles with embedded pickups. This is where the electric guitar sound morphs into a pure acoustic dream. It is activated via a 3-way mini toggle allowing standard, mix and Acousti-phonic

settings as the player chooses. A stereo output allows a standard guitar to guitar amp setup with the Acousti-phonic mix going directly to the PA system via a supplied preamp and Y cable.It’s a really special instrument and is currently available from Alec Mackay at


082 824 3980.

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