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August 2009

Your Home At Home: building the home of your dreams 10 Landmarks: el camino real 12 Homestead: homebuilding 101 13 In the Kitchen: summer recipes 14 Landscaping: late summer gardening 16 Your community business spotlight: City hall update 18 Business Connections: yana ogletree 19 lufkin Chamber of Commerce 20 Nacogdoches Chamber of Commerce 22 Calendar 24 Places and Faces 26 Giving Back: crimson christian academy 30 Inspiring young woman: shelby and karli richardson 32 inspiring woman: camilla saulsberry 34 parade of homes 36 Your Life Hall of Fame Hubbies 40 Pretty Babies 41 Girls Group: Lufkin parks and recreation 42 your wallet: tax rebate for new homeowners 44 weddings 45 Relationships: it’s hot outside 47 education: road trip 48 Your Body Fitness 101: putting it all together 50 fashion: fall Fashion 52 Beauty: new trends 53 Review 54 market ads 55 parting advice 56 / 3

Welcome It is about that time. As August rolls around, I am already beginning to miss summer. It is no fun to think of the anticipated structure and routine--the hustle and bustle of the school year. At the end of June, I started to hear moms say, “We’re trying to get a few more things in as a family before the kids go back to school.” As moms, we feel the pressure to create lasting memories for our families. Summer is the best time to do that! There are just a few more weeks to get all of that in. Remember it isn’t the extravagant trips to Disneyworld (because when I talk to adults who went as children, they don’t remember the trip at all, except through pictures.), or the long family vacations--it is the day to day one on one time. One thing I remember being able to do is spend the night at my grandparent’s house in the summer and stay the day with them. So simple, yet such a treat! Over and over again, I hear from adults that it is the little things they remember most--being tucked in bed each night or getting to read a book with dad before bed. I see that with my kids, too. The things they enjoy and like to do are the things that do not cost money, but require your time and attention. They love having a picnic lunch (thanks to Mamaw and Gampa), or playing “makeups” and giving pedicures. So, instead of your normal routine of eating lunch at the table, one day this week, throw a blanket in the yard and enjoy a couple more weeks of summer! Too bad the end of summer doesn’t mean the end of the treacherous heat! Stay cool!

Stephanie oliver president & editor

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News Resou r c e

As we work on each issue, the staff hopes it becomes part of your resource library. We want to give you useful and resourceful information. We recently talked to Amanda Johnson from the Helping House in Nacogdoches. (We covered the new school they opened for Autistic children back in March.) She told me that someone called and told her that they were holding on to The Journey for three months thinking about calling her. It is good to know and hear testimonials! We truly hope you use the magazine as a resource and encourage you to become an Inspiring Woman in your home, your church, your career, or give back to the community through one of the stories we share with you. Amanda is a perfect example of what East Texas is all about-she was a teacher that felt called to do something and fill a need in our community. She is one woman who wanted to make a difference! If you do not feel like you can take on a huge project like she did, then call her and partner with her, call her and ask how you can help her, or call any one of the non-profits we have highlighted over the years. We want to hear your stories about women and non-profits that are making a difference in our community! To contact Amanda, visit or contact us at We want to hear from you!


Stephanie Oliver P r e s i d e n t a n d E d i to r Michelle Briley d i r e c to r o f s a l e s Courtney conerly l ayo u t a n d d e s i g n Kristie Huddleston graphic designer Greg Patterson Sharon Ford w w w. g r e g pat t e r s o n . c o m C o v e r p h oto g r a p h e r Lisa crow e v e n t p h oto g r a p h e r woodie hicks e v e n t p h oto g r a p h e r allyson langston c o p y e d i to r Susan childers web designer Paula Metzinger s ta f f w r i t e r


school shopping for our children. There is such a need for many school aged children

Anna Lee Boles X a n d B r ow n Elaine Cameron K at h ry n G r e e n e E m i ly Pa r k s Ashley Sanders Bare Minerals

in East Texas. Let’s help them reach and even exceed their goals! Drop off locations


Backpacks! We are still trying to help The Junior League of Lufkin collect backpacks. Let’s dig in our kid’s closets for gently used backpacks or pick up one when we are out

are at Lufkin Mall and Abeldt’s Pharmacy, or email us at

Of f i c i a l F lo r ist The Journey has partnered with Brookshire Brothers Florist to be our official florist! They can create anything

Ja n e t G lov e r e m i ly ko l k kari spurgeon co lto n r aw l s lu f k i n au d r e y o d o m n aco g d o c h e s C h r i s sy l av i o l e t t e l i v i n g sto n

you need or are looking for. If

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you need a custom gift basket

The journey PO Box 150537 Lufkin, Tx 75915

or a unique bouquet of flowers, Brookshire Brothers Florist is your answer!


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Director’s Chair Anyone who has ever built a new home or remodeled an existing

time. Be a volunteer. Spend time worshiping God. Let’s allow our

home knows how overwhelming the amount of choices and decisions

perspectives to be refocused so that we can lay a solid foundation

can become during the process. You know you are going to have to

for what really means the most to us. It then becomes possible for us

live with the final product, so you want everything to be just right.

to forgive, to serve, to not seek vengeance, and to be generous.

Much thought and effort goes into every little detail. Those details lay the foundation for transforming a house into your home.

As you read through the magazine this month, please take time to notice the advertisers who have laid a solid foundation in this

Laying a solid foundation with any home is one of the most crucial

community. Whether you are in the middle of a home project or

aspects of construction. Without it, walls will crumble, work is

plan to complete one in the next few years, I encourage you to keep

wasted, and dreams are shattered. As this issue of The Journey was

this issue as a resource of local businesses who are committed to

being completed, I began to wonder about the foundations we lay

meeting your needs.

in our every day lives. How much thought and effort do we put into our relationships? Relationships with friends and family, with God,

Staying Focused,

with business associates, with neighbors, and even with enemies… Are we willing to give of ourselves and our time to make sure the important details of life are our focus? Let’s remind ourselves of what is truly important. Take a walk with your family. Send a card to someone experiencing a difficult

One of Life’s Important Details...

6 / The Journey - August 2009

Your Little One’s First High Dive Jump

michelle briley director of sales

Way to Go, Brett!

Your Home / 7

402 s. bynum lufkin

At home

building the home of your dreams When creating the “Home of Your Dreams,” remember that the

lots of counter-space, storage, and a folding island. This room also

house needs to fit your dreams. There are many ways to customize

serves as the “back door” for guests. She has even used this island as

your home to perfectly fit your family and your lifestyle. When

a service entrance/extra food counter for big parties.

building your home, choose the perfect architect and a builder who shares your vision. In the end, when all the drilling is done, the dirt

Master bath. What a unique feature! The Moores decided to

is swept away, the headaches are gone, and the last decision is made,

incorporate an island in the master bath for the ease of packing

it will all be worth it!

luggage. There is also a hidden side on the back that is open with all their bath and shower necessities.

Here are some great examples of how others customized their dream home.

Outdoor Living. As Texans, we like to entertain outside. The Moores created a very welcoming and inviting space. The outside ceiling

The Home of Karen

has stained and painted tin to create a rustic look. And they topped

and Rodney Howell

off the space with an outdoor fireplace and sink and serving area.

The family mud room.

Stained Glass. The Moores incorporated a piece of stained glass

The Howells created

they used in their very first home as part of their front door. They

a really fun space for

have taken the glass to every home they have owned. Now, on the

their home. The outside

fourth home, the stained glass adds a very beautiful touch to the

wall to the mud room is

master bedroom.

curved. There is builtin seating and a locker

Stained entryway. A beautiful touch that welcomes all guests is the

for every member of

stained sidewalk. Their manicured yard really makes the sidewalk

the family.

stand out. It is a great addition that matches the feel of their home

The room

also transitions space between



entrance, main wing, and kids/guest wing. Debra and Steve Moore The Moores spent a lot of time making their home fit their lifestyle and their family. The couple are recent empty nesters and no longer needed a two story home. They made some great custom features with the help of Hester and Sanders architecture. Trophy room. As you can see, Steve is an avid hunter. To prepare for all the trophies to come, they installed ¾” plywood before the sheetrock to hold all the trophies they might ever have. This makes installation and placement easy because a heavy trophy cannot be placed ANYWHERE without knowing where you want it during the design phase. Laundry room. Debra’s laundry room is incredible! It comes with 8 / The Journey - August 2009

and welcomes you through the stunning double doors.

Stonegate Carriage Style. Carriage style garage doors are a beautiful way to add a unique look to your home. Windows. One of the easiest ways to add elegance to any home is through the shape of windows. These are lined with crown molding and have a gorgeous shape to them. Technology. It is hard to make all the new gadgets fit and look just as beautiful in a custom home. The inset cabinetry will give the living space an attractive look, versus being an eye sore. Custom Touches. There are many ways to add custom looks throughout the home. Some examples include a stunning staircase entrance to your whirlpool bath, coffered ceilings, and wall texture. / 9

/ Yo u r H o m e


El camino real de los tejas | by Paula Metzinger On Highway 21 between Crockett and San Augustine there are

San Augustine was the first settlement on the Texas side of the

stretches where mature native trees stand on both sides of the road

Sabine River on the El Camino Real. Historic homes in the town

to shade the asphalt from the hot summer sun. Traveling through

include the Col. Stephen Blount Home built in 1838 and the Ezekiel

it’s easy to imagine the road as it once was…a path through first

Cullen Home, built in 1839. The county’s tourism center and Chamber

generation pines and hardwoods linking settlement to settlement,

offices are housed in a historic log cabin.

Nacogdoches to Mexico. El Camino Real de los Tejas, The King’s Highway, it was called by the early Texans.

Winding through the East Texas country side for slightly less than 100 miles, the El Camino Real is a lesson in Texas history or a Sunday

The road was designated as a National Historic Trail in 2004,

afternoon drive.

according to the internet. El Camino Real, now Highway 6 in Louisiana and Highway 21 in Texas, has existed for more than 300 years. Today the historic trail runs from Natchitoches, LA through the East Texas towns of San Augustine, Nacogdoches, Alto, and Crockett and south into Mexico. Historic sites along the trail include the site of Mission Nuestra Senora do los Delores de lo Ais, Gaines –Oliphant House, The Stone Fort Museum on the campus of SFA in Nacogdoches, Mission Tejas State Historic Park and Caddoan Mound State Historic Site outside Alto, according to the trail’s brochure. Houston County is the oldest county in the Republic of Texas. Stately historic homes line Goliad and Houston Ave. in Crockett. Other points of interest are the Depot Museum and Visitor’s Center and the Davy Crockett Springs where the Texas hero is believed to have camped. Caddo Mounds State Historic Site, between Crockett and Alto, preserves the home of the Mound Builders of Caddoan origin. An interpretive center, archeological experiment exhibit and an interpretive trail are all part of the park to preserve the history of

For more information about the trail, the towns, or for special events in each town along the trail check out the following websites:

these early Texans who are believed to have lived in the area for 500 years, beginning in A.D. 800, according to the park’s web site.

Nacogdoches, the oldest town in Texas, was founded by the

Spanish in the 1700s. Visit the “Stone House” or “Stone Fort” as it is

called today, built by Antonio Gil Y’Barbo. Other historic buildings in

Nacogdoches include the Durst-Taylor Historic House and Gardens, the Sterne-Hoya House Museum and Millard’s Crossing Historic Village, according to the El Camino Real Historic Trail’s website.

10 / The Journey - August 2009

Homestead Building 101

Taking on a huge project like building your dream home can be overwhelming. If you do your homework and a lot of preparation, the process can be rather smooth. Here are some hints for you to take into consideration as you anticipate building a new home. 1. Budget. Once you are approved for financing, make sure to have an overrun fund. When building there are many non-budgeted expenses that pop up, most of which are construction upgrades that many homebuilders would like to have. 2. Homework. Do you homework and meet your architect and designer with as much information as possible. Give them the style of the home, house plan/ layout idea, and have sketches ready. The more pictures, magazines, ideas you can give- the better off you will be. The key is to keep it organized so it is not overwhelming to you or your professionals you work with. Homeowner tip: “We planned our home for almost 5 years. I pulled pictures from magazines, went to home shows, open houses, everything we could look at. We took pictures of everything we liked and I kept a huge folder. I credit David on researching new trends as far as appliances, windows, water systems, and heating & cooling. The planning process is the biggest part. I encourage not rushing thru that!” Kelley and David Moore 3. Construction Specifications. Once your architech, engineer, and designer work on your specs, this is it! Look it over carefully. The square footage of the living room, where a window is placed, how big or small a closet will be. Specs are important. Homeowner Tip: “There is a lot to decide before the slab is poured. Make sure you discuss in detail electrical and plumbing when deigning your specs with your architect.” Melissa and Bob Justice Homeowner Tip: “Get a tape measure out, to measure the dimensions of every room, so you know how big or small it will be and if the furniture will fit. Also, don’t forget where to stratigecally place plugs and light switches.” Mary and Andrew Moore 4. Builder. Finding your perfect match with your builder. Take your specs and send them out for home builders and or contractors. Once again, homework is key in this area. Do your research and get word of mouth advice on how other homebuilders processed work- the good, bad, and ugly. You also need to be up on negotiating a contract. You can contact the Deep East Texas Association of Builders to find out resources in our area. 5. Financing. Once you have accepted a bid for construction, there are two parts to financing. Your lender will provide a home construction line and residential mortgage. The construction line is for materials of the building process and this is where your excess budget comes in. Once the construction is complete, the financing for the actual mortgage will then be signed. / 11

In the Kitchen by anna lee boles

As I was directing Gourmet Kid’s Camp the last week in June, I was

This network constantly offers new knowledge on food and

reminded of how much kid’s love to be in the kitchen! It is so fun to

cooking techniques.

watch them as they learn how to use kitchen utensils and equipment

• Making homemade ice cream or sherbet.

to create their “masterpiece meal.” They love to do even the simplest

• Teaching your children how to shell peas, corn, or other

things such as use a can opener and pour the contents into a bowl, cut

vegetables. Kids need to know that vegetables do not necessarily

peaches and find the seed in the middle, or make homemade twice

grow in the same form as they are in the store.

baked potatoes.

• Carving watermelons and making personal fruit baskets out of them.

If you had the opportunity to read June’s issue of The Journey, you may have seen the article I wrote about how you and your child can create family memories in the kitchen. It is very important for your child to have quality learning experiences in the kitchen so that they

oven fried green tomatoes

will gain the skills to carry with them as they grow into adults. Between Gourmet Kid’s Camp, Kid’s College, and S.E.A. Camp, the month of June was filled with 3 weeks of food and kitchen education for kids between ages 5 and 14. Over those three weeks, I accumulated several recipes that are kid friendly and nutritious. To continue on with June’s article, I see it only fitting to now share with you some excellent resources to find great recipes for you and your kids. Check out these websites: • Junior League’s Kids in the Kitchen – http://kidsinthekitchen.ajli. org • Kids A Cookin -

1 cup skim milk

• Disney Family Fun –

1 Tbsp. vinegar

• Kraft Foods -

1 egg


2 large green tomatoes, sliced

• Food Network –

1 lb. fresh okra cut into bite sizes

• Cooking for Kids Online -

Salt and pepper to taste 1 3/4 cup corn meal

There are also various ways in which you can teach your family about food and the kitchen. Some of your options are:

In a small bowl, combine milk, egg and vinegar. In a separate

• Visit your local Farmer’s Market to get the fresh produce that is

bowl, combine corn meal, salt and pepper. You can add cayenne

not in a grocery store setting.

pepper or use a seasoned spicy salt for more flavor if you would

• Plant a mini garden for your family. Have each person in the

like. Toss okra and tomatoes in wet mixture then dry mixture and

family pick one vegetable to plant and grow.

transfer to a greased baking sheet. Bake in a 375 degree oven for

• Make Food Network a channel that you and your family watch.

20 minutes. Stir or flip vegetables halfway through cooking time.

12 / The Journey - August 2009

strawberry-blueberry milk shake

1/2 pint fresh strawberries 1/2 cup fresh blueberries 1/4 cup powdered sugar 1/4 cup skim milk 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 pint low fat vanilla ice cream Place all ingredients in a blender with the fruit being at the bottom. Blend until smooth. You can make this milk shake with any type of fruit that you would like. Some other yummy suggestions are: Strawberry banana, Peach and Strawberry, Banana and Peach, Peanut Butter and Banana, Cranberry and Pineapple, Lemon and Cherry, and Watermelon

Anna Lee grew up right here in East Texas in the wonderful town of Center. While growing up, she was very much involved in her local 4-H

More precise. Faster recovery.

Robotic Assisted Hysterectomies.

club participating in projects from foods and nutrition, showing chickens in the infamous Poultry Festival, and riding in the Shelby County mounted drill team, played on her High

Available in Lufkin only at Memorial Medical Center

School Golf team, and worked at her parent’s

Less pain

family business, Boles Feed Company. Anna

Visit us online at

completed a Bachelors degree in Family and

Shorter hospital stay

Less scarring

Consumer Sciences at SFA, Master’s degree in Family Studies at Texas Woman’s University. Anna and her husband, Justin, live in Nacogdoches. Lufkin Livingston San Augustine Memorial Specialty Hospital / 13


late summer gardening| by elaine cameron The




cooler temperatures remind gardeners its time to begin planning garden projects for the pleasant autumn days ahead. Fall is the second gardening season of the year in East Texas after plants and gardeners have survived the summer heat. When your yard dries out take a stroll and evaluate your plants, especially the new varieties you added this year. Make notes of which plants performed well in the heat and which plants have struggled or died to help you plan for next year. Plan where you want to plant spring flowering bulbs. Later this month prepare beds by tilling organic matter into your soil. Bulbs like raised beds that drain well. Next week this column will tell you more about which varieties of bulbs are suited for our area. October is the time to plant annuals for fall, winter and early spring color. Choices include pansies, snapdragons, ornamental kale, stock and dianthus. Start making space in your beds and work in additional organic matter. Summer blooming annuals and perennials, such as lantanas, pentas, salvias, impatiens and periwinkle may be overgrown or spindly and a little ragged. A light pruning to shape them followed by a water soluble fertilizer will get them ready for a fall color show. Crape myrtles and roses will also benefit from a light pruning, removing any dead branches, weak unproductive growth and seed heads to stimulate new growth and fall blooms. Feed your roses lightly with fertilizer or use a water-soluble fertilizer, always following label directions. Also continue a disease spray schedule on roses, as black spot and mildew can be troublesome in September and October. Prune out dead or diseased wood from trees or shrubs, saving heavier pruning for wintertime. Spring flowering shrubs and trees should not be pruned because they have already set buds for spring blossoms. September and October is the time to divide spring flowering perennials such as iris, gaillardia, rudbeckia, cannas, daylilies, violets, liriope and ajuga. Share excess plant divisions with your friends and neighbors.

Angelina Master Gardeners are available to answer your gardening and yard care questions. Contact us by calling 634-6414 or visit our website at and e-mailing your questions. 14 / The Journey - August 2009

Your community / 15

Downtown Lufkin Wall Mural

Business Spotlight city hall update | by paula metzinger

City Hall Update was started a little over two years ago as an

One of the most popular segments on the program has been

educational tool to keep Lufkin residents informed about what

the animals for adoption from the city’s animal shelter. For each

goes on at City Hall and in the community. It has succeeded and

session, Rhonda McLendon, director of Lufkin Animal Control,

excelled in all areas. City Manager Paul Parker said the program has

brings several dogs and cats that are up for adoption. Since the

proven to be very popular, adding much of the credit belongs to Sid

program began airing the city has seen an increase in the adoptions

Munlin, head of the city’s Information Technology department and

from the shelter, Parker said. Also popular are the updates from the

Bill Cameron the city’s web master.

Parks and Recreation department and the Civic Center.

City Hall update was started to better inform Lufkin citizens of city events and the responsibilities of the various city departments, Parker said. “I know it is being seen because people frequently stop me to talk about something that has been on the program,” Parker said. The show, which is taped monthly and updated every two weeks, airs on Channel 15, the city’s public access channel and on the City’s Internet page. It is also aired by Suddenlink and Cox Communications. Yana Ogletree is the host and narrator of the program, interviewing department heads, city council members, and others from the community. The program began by featuring a department head and now has begun to bring in guests from non-profit organizations, Parker

The quality of the program also continues to improve. The

said. This has also broadened the scope of the program to all county

recent addition of the green screen in the background allows for

residents, while still focusing on education and information. “We

pictures to be superimposed illustrating the topic being discussed.

do not want anything controversial. It is not a political forum or for

The update has also been helpful in announcing and explaining any

personal opinions,” he said. “It is an educational tool.”

new city programs such as the changes in the recycling program and the cart distribution, changes in the US 59 construction project and it can be used in emergency situations, such as hurricanes. The IT department has done an excellent job and they continue to look for ways to improve on the quality and content of the program, Parker said. “People are getting more and more in touch with the city and the programs going on around the city, he said. “We are extremely proud of the program and think it really is a service to the community.”

To view City Hall Update visit

16 / The Journey - August 2009

Business Connections yana ogletree| by paula metzinger From


University from







to marketing; from Angelina Beautiful Clean to marketing director at Memorial Health Systems of East Texas, Yana Ogletree is leaving her mark. Along the way she has gathered several awards from the





Relations of


competitive spirit and a commitment to excellence that she brings to each job. But she is also quick to say the awards have been a team effort with those working along side her to create the best, whether is was a program, a web site or a marketing plan. Her first public relations award came in 2005 while at Woodland Heights Medical Center. “Bill Cameron and I created the web site for Woodland Heights. I wrote the content and we worked on the design together. The web site was named Best in the Texas, beating out Southwest Airlines and Radio Shack,” she said. In 2006, while still at Woodland Heights, she and her co-workers earned another award from the public relations group for the “Women in Red” program. The ad campaign and the actual program won the prestigious Silver Spur Award for best special event, which is the highest award given by the group. In 2006 she went to work for Memorial Health Systems of East Texas and in 2007 working with Cameron again, earned the best web site award for Memorial’s new web site, this time beating out the web sites for Dunkin Donuts and the cities of Austin and Fort Worth. This year Memorial’s “Cooking Innovations,” a monthly cooking show, won the Best in Texas Award for a series. “The show airs on Channel 15, the city of Lufkin’s Public Access Channel and on the hospital’s web site. Chef Reggie (Malone) and the hospital’s nutritionist (Tim) Scallon, teach people how to prepare meals for special diets, whether it’s diabetes or heart disease. It’s not just telling people what to do but they explain why a certain food is good for you, what it does and how to prepare it,” she said. “It packed with a lot of nutritional information. We have had a tremendous response to the program and it has created an incredible amount of web traffic.” Yana said she originally left the television market (she served for a time as anchor on Lufkin’s KTRE) when her oldest son, Hunter, was two so she could spend time with him. “I wanted to spend regular hours with my son and be home in the evening to have dinner with him,” she said. Family now includes Hunter, 16; Cannon, 12 and husband, Clark plus two older stepchildren, Robert and Rebecca. / 17

angelina county Chamber of Commerce Coach John Outlaw to Speak at First Friday Luncheon in August in Conjunction with the Chamber’s New Member Showcase The Lufkin/Angelina Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce the August First Friday Speaker Lufkin High School’s Athletic Director and Head Coach, John Outlaw. The luncheon will take place on Friday, August 7th at the Lufkin Pitser Garrison Civic Center and will begin at noon.

Prior to and immediately

following this program, be sure to visit the Chamber’s New Member Showcase from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. also at the Civic Center. In 1994 Coach John Outlaw came on board at Lufkin High School and has brought fame and honors to the Lufkin Panther football team, given new life to game attendance and greater value to a small piece of paper called a football ticket. As a graduate of the University of Central Arkansas, he brought to Lufkin valuable coaching experience from Sherman High School and Arkadelphia High School. For Lufkin he has an outstanding record of 136 wins and only 39 losses. He has won multiple division and district championships and taken the Panthers all the way to state champions in 2001. He was also the 5A Coach of the Year that same year. Coach Outlaw is a member of the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association, the Texas High School Athletic Directors Association, and the Texas High School Coaches Association. The Presenting Sponsor for the 2009 First Friday Luncheons is Lufkin Coca-Cola Bottling Company. The August sponsors are Cellular One of East Texas and Mike Love & Associates. Tickets to the luncheon are $15 each and may be reserved by calling 936-634-6644 or emailing RSVP by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 6th and enter to win the $100 On-Time Drawing that is guaranteed to be awarded.

18 / The Journey - August 2009

Yo ur Co m m un i ty /

angelina county Chamber of Commerce Join us on Friday, August 7th at the Pitser Garrison Civic Center for the Chamber’s New Member Showcase. The showcase will be held in conjunction with our August First Friday Luncheon. The showcase will be from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and will pause at noon for the luncheon. Stop by and see what our members have to offer. Browse their booths, do some shopping and see what they have available to you! If you are a Chamber Member that joined between January 1, 2008 and July 31, 2009, please call Tony Moline at 634-6644 to see about setting up a booth at the New Member Showcase. The New Member Showcase is sponsored by Alexander and Spencer, P.C. & Haglund Law Firm. The First Friday Luncheon’s Presenting Sponsor is Lufkin Coca-Cola and the sponsors for August are Cellular One of East Texas & Mike Love and Associates. Admittance to the showcase is free and tickets to lunch are $15 and can be reserved by calling 634-6644 or emailing

Ribbon Cuttings: Loper’s Family Pharmacy 575 N. Temple Diboll 936.829.2900

Heart to Heart Hospice 1320 S. John Redditt Suite A Lufkin 936.699.6011 / 19

NACOGDOCHES County Chamber of Commerce Meet the new Jacks at Back Lot Bash The Back Lot Bash begins at 5 p.m., Sept. 3, in the parking lot behind William R. Johnson Coliseum following the SFA Freshman Convocation. The event is designed to get 2,600 freshmen excited about all the possibilities awaiting them on the SFA campus and in Nacogdoches, and it is a great opportunity for area businesses. Each business or organization will have one six-foot table, and there is no charge to participate. Call the Chamber at 936560-5533 and reserve your spot today. A registration form can be found at

Photo from past Back Lot Bash. SFA Freshman start their new life adventures at SFA hungry for information.

Fourth Friday Luncheon Legacy Leadership Dr. Randall Garner, Professor of Behavioral Sciences at Sam Houston State University, will present “Legacy Leadership - the Legacy You Leave Is the Life You Lead” at the Fourth Friday Luncheon, from noon to 1p.m., Aug. 28 at Hotel Fredonia. A luncheon registration form may be found at Alive after Five America’s Self Storage & Mail Center will host the August Alive After Five. The event is Thursday, Aug. 27, from 5:30 to 7 p.m., at 2903 South Street. Blanca Giner and her staff invite everyone to come to the after-business-hours event. Enjoy delicious hors d’ouvres, make new contacts and win cool door prizes. All chamber members are entered in the $50 cash drawing, but you must be present to win. Alive after Five is an enjoyable, relaxing, after-work event that gives every Chamber member a chance to meet and greet others in business. Always know the latest Nacogdoches news - Twitter updates for Chamber. - Twitter updates for Texas Blueberry Festival. - The Nacogdoches County Chamber Web site is also a great place to find a community event online calendar (submit your events, too), links to the Chamber events photo albums, Shop Nac First and NacBlog sites and more! 20 / The Journey - August 2009

NACOGDOCHES County Chamber of Commerce Recent Ribbon Cuttings:

Sisters Gifts 301 Hospital Street (936) 564-1234 New Business at Hotel Fredonia on 6/18/09

Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful 2516 North Street (936) 560-5624 10th Anniversary

upcoming Ribbon Cuttings: 11:30 a.m., Thursday, August 13 Auto Clinic Owners Hubert and Euna Murray and Juanita Murray 1719 Douglass Hwy 936-564-2779

11a.m., Thursday, August 6 Olde Towne General Store Owner Dolli Geyerman 205 E. Main St. 936-560-3210

Visit Us on the web The Nacogdoches County Chamber Web site is also a great place to find a community event online calendar (submit your events, too), links to the Shop Nac First and NacBlog sites and more! Visit: / 21

August 2009 Calendar of Events 3 East Texas Archery Camp Saint Cyprians Gym 936-465-1565

FREE Featuring Billy Cranford, Ricky Russ & Danny Ray Harris

3-7 Kids In The Kitchen This will be a fun, interactive way to have your child learn about food, nutrition, cooking, and fitness. Open to grades 3rd-5th. 9a.m.12p.m. To find out more visit www. or contact Susan Harris at 936.676.0414

SF 2009 Chamber Music in the Pines Festival 7:30 p.m. Cole Concert Hall of the Wright Music Bldg at SFA

3-14 Art Camp Museum of East Texas For ages 4-14 To register, call 936-639-4434 or go online to 5 Woodland Heights Medical Center Senior Circle Day Trip to The Blue Moon Gardens To register or for more information , call 936-637-8687 Live Country Music and Dancing 7:00 p.m. Harlon’s BBQ, 603 Old Tyler Rd. Glen Lenderman and band plays all your favorites from the past to the present. 7 First Friday Cruise Nights 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Downtown Nacogdoches Cruise into downtown and shop late till eight! 559-2573 7-8 Texas Mud Race Expo Center 564-0849 8 Nacogdoches Farmer’s Market 8:00 a.m. 107 Pearl Street 559-2573 A Christian Country Concert Saturday Night Northwood Baptist Church 3224 NE Stallings Dr 22 / The Journey - August 2009

15 SFA Summer Graduation

Fajita Fly-In Angelina County Airport 936-225-0422

Nacogdoches Farmer’s Market 8:00 a.m. 107 Pearl StreetChildren must be accompanied by adult. 10:30 a.m. Third Saturday Cruise Night 5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Lowes, Loop 224, NE Stallings Dr. Classic Cars - Trucks, Street Rods, and Muscle Cars

8-9 Millard’s Flea Market Dawn to Dusk Hwy 59 North

15-16 Trade Days Dawn to Dusk Loop 224

10 Junior League of Lufkin Charity Golf Tournament All proceeds will be use to purchase backpacks for Children in Angelina County Crown Colony Country Club 936-229-2897

16 SFA 2009 Chamber Music in the Pines Festival 2:30 p.m. Cole Concert Hall of the Wright Music Bldg

11 SFA 2009 Chamber Music in the Pines Festival 7:30 p.m. Cole Concert Hall of the Wright Music Bldg 12 Live Country Music and Dancing 7:00 p.m. Harlon’s BBQ, 604 Old Tyler Rd. Glen Lenderman and band plays all your favorites from the past to the present. Nacogdoches Farmer’s Market 8:00 a.m. 107 Pearl Streert 559-2573 13 Camino Real Heritage Education Project lecture - Caddoan Mound 6:30 p.m. Caddoan Mounds State Historic Site 1649 State HWY 21 Alto Tx, 468-2408 14 SFA 2009 Chamber Music in the Pines Festival 7:30 p.m. Cole Concert Hall of the Wright Music Building

17-21 Art Camp Adult Classes 1 – 4 p.m. Museum of East Texas For registration materials and information, go to or call 936-639-4434 17-21 Art Camp Wee Art (children age 3 and a guardian) 9:30-11 a.m. Museum of East Texas For registration materials and information, go to or call 936-639-4434 19 Nacogdoches Farmer’s Market 8:00 a.m. 107 pearl Street 559-2573 20 2009 SFA Mast Arboretum Les Reeves Lecture Series 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. SFA Agriculture Building Rm 110 468-1832

20 2009 SFA Mast Arboretum Les Reeves Lecture Series 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. SFA Agriculture Building Rm 110 468-1832 21-23 Tax Free Weekend 21- Sept 27 SFA Gallery Series - Michelle Rozic Ecotone” The Cole Art Center Reavley Gallery Opening Reception August 21 at 6:00 p.m.. A Member of the SFA Faculty since 2007, Michelle Rozic received her MFA from Indiana University, Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts, in Bloomington, Ind., and her BA from Columbis College of Art & Design (CAD) in Columbus Ohio. This is her first solo show at SFA. 22 Adam Carroll and Michael O’Connor 7:00 p.m. 401 W Main Banita Creek Hall Mill Room $35.00 ONLINE and Banita Creek Hall Adam Carroll has been compared to Bob Dylan and Townes Van Zandt. Michael Oconner is a “A List player. Houston native Keith Whitton will perform the opening set of this show. 936-462-8000 Nacogdoches Farmers Market 8:00 a.m. 107 Pearl Street 559-2573 22-23 Youth Ranch Rodeo George H. Henderson Jr. Exposition Center 936-637-3976 26 Live Country Music and Dancing 7:00 p.m. Harlans BBQ 604 Old Tyler Rd 29 ETTRA Team Roping Event George H. Henderson Jr. Exposition Center 936-637-3976

30 Art Camp Reception Museum of East Texas 936-639-4434 31 Jordon Production Circus George H. Henderson Jr. Exposition Center 936-637-3976

September 3 Free Diabetes Teaching Seminar Sponsored by Mercyfull Home Health of Nacogdoches Fredonia Hotel 11 am - 2 pm Lunch will be served. Call 936-564-3735 for more information. 5 Grand Day Texas Forestry Museum 936-632-9535 8 Museum Guild Luncheon and Fall Style Show 12 noon Museum of East Texas Call 936-639-4434 for more information or to make a reservation 12 Fajita Fly-In Angelina County Airport 936-225-0422 16-20 25th Annual Texas State Forest Festival George H. Henderson Jr. Exposition Center 936-634-6644 27-January 19, 2010 JOHN JAMES AUDUBON:American Artist and Naturalist Opens to the public, free of charge Museum of East Texas 936-639-4434

Send us your events. Submission deadline is the 15th of the month prior to publication. (August 15th for the September issue) In order for your event to be included please list all ofthe following: Date, Event Name, Brief Description, Event Location, Time, and Contact. / 23

Yo u r Co m m u n i ty /

places and faces fourth friday chamber luncheon June 10, 2009

“There’s no place like home….Discovering Hometown gems on Staycation” Speaker Samantha Mora CVB Media and Community Relations Coordinator

24 / The Journey - August 2009

junior league of lufkin grant presentations May 22, 2009

Museum of East Texas

2009 Scholarship Recipients

Concerned Black Men

Hospice in the Pines


Pregnancy Help Center

Mosaic Center


Lufkin State School Services

Seasons of Hope

XChange Place


Angelina Alliance for Children

Changing the Path

Gang Resistance / 25

art camp Museum of East Texas

First Friday June 22, 2009

Agriculture Extension Office Silver Spike Award Recipient James Slack Lufkin, Texas

26 / The Journey - August 2009

/ Your Commu ni ty

texas forestry museum eek! Week Timber Tots Summer Sylvans

Senior Circle Day Trips Jefferson-- April 15 Old Town Spring Part 1- May 27 Shreveport- June 18 Old Town Spring Part 2- July 9 Woodland Heights Medical Center / 27

Giving Back

crimson christian academy | By Paula metzinger

The idea of a Christian high school in Lufkin was born in a Longview gym between dribbles and free shots at a basketball game. It will become a reality this August as Crimson Christian Academy opens at Southside Baptist Church. In between, there have been prayers, meetings, and more prayers and more meetings. Shelia Whitaker said a core group of a 15 families have been working since February to get the school up and running by August. “We were at a basketball game in Longview and there were several Christian schools there that had high schools,” Shelia said. “We just started thinking, why not in Lufkin?” A letter was sent to parents who might be interested, asking them to pray about their role in beginning the school. The next step was putting action to their prayers and they started meeting in homes. A school board was elected and recently the academy has completed the process for 501 c3 status. A director, Doug Boone, has been hired, and Sheila will be the teacher for the ninth grade. Eight students are needed for each class, to make although Shelia said the 9th grade will meet regardless of the number of students. “We were very concerned about the credits transferring. The academy will go through Texas Tech’s distance education program and all work will be mailed to Texas Tech to be graded,” she said. In the parlance of private schools, the academy will be a traditional school, in that it will teach standard curriculum in a traditional classroom setting. The school will also have a Christian perspective in that it will bring Biblical based principals and beliefs into the classroom. There will be prayer in the classroom, daily Bible lessons, and worship every day, she said.

28 / The Journey - August 2009

One primary goal of the school will be to equip students with not only the education to succeed in college and the work force, but also the faith and Biblical foundation to hold on to their Christian faith through the college years and beyond. Fundamental to the school’s curriculum will be teaching a Christian World View: a view that will help students respond to their culture by making decisions, whether they be political, ethical or personal, using Biblical principals as a guideline. The school will be totally independent from any church or school, and although they will be meeting in Southside Baptist’s building, they are not a ministry or outreach of the church, she said. “We know that a Christian school is not the only way to go and our school will not be for everyone, but it will give parents an alternative in their student’s education,” she said. “We really believe this is a ‘Godthing’ and what has been done, God has done. We covet the prayers of everyone for this ministry. It has been a lot of work (to get the school up and running), but it has been a joyous work.”

Crimson Christian Academy Notebook Unapologetically Christian Academically Excellent Tuition: $5,300 plus $100 registration Scholarships are available First day of school: August 24 For more information: 936-639-1222 / 29

Inspiring Young Woman

30 / The Journey - August 2009

/ F e at ur e s

Shelby and Karli Richardson Inspiring Young Woman words by paula metzinger

Jana Richardson said she prayed for a long time for something to do

The girls stand out at the race track and not just because they are

as a family, she just didn’t expect God’s answer to have eight tires and

girls. “We always pray before each race and I think that is a witness to

go 50- 75 MPH. Both the Richardson girls, Shelby, 18, and Karli, 15 have

the other people in the pits,” Jana said. “You have to keep your emotions

gotten hooked on racing: as in cars.

in check. Most of the men have a saying on their car, and the girls have

Shelby started the trend and actually began racing at 14, two years

scripture.” Shelby’s is inscribed with I Timothy 4:12 and Karli’s has

before she got her driver’s license. “My Dad sponsored a few cars and I

Philippians 4:13. “When the girls started doing this their Daddy told

started going to the tracks with him,” Shelby said, admitting she’s always

them they were going to be ‘clean racers’,” Jana said. “Some drivers

been a Daddy’s girl. “I loved watching. It took two years to convince my

will get into someone else’s car. The girls have to race clean and be

mom to let me race.”

respectful of the other drivers.”

The first two years she raced in what is called the “Junior Minis,” for

Both girls have had crashes but Karli was involved in the most serious

12-15 year olds. Now, she is in the youngest driver in the Hobby Stock class,

one last year when she hit a wall and her car flipped. Although she was not

driving an ’80 Monte Carlo. They started racing at the track in Lufkin but

seriously hurt, it was pretty scary. Their racing gear might not make much

since that closed they travel to Beaumont every Friday to race on the

of a fashion statement, but it does help on the safety side. Both girls wear

oval dirt track at the Golden Triangle

a fire-proof suit, gloves and helmet.

Raceway. They have also raced at

Their cars have a five-point harness.

tracks in Waco and Many, LA.

Shelby’s car also has a special fire

Karli now races in the Junior Minis

system for extra protection.

in the Mustang handed down to her

There isn’t a lot of opportunity to

by her big sis.

practice racing, so getting out on the

And it is still a family outing, Dad

track and racing is all the practice they

Ken is the crew chief and Mom is the

had. “It’s kind of a sink or swim thing,”

videographer, a job she took over from

Karli said. “There is a strategy on how

Karli when she started racing. “I saw

you enter the corner and you have to

how much fun Shelby was having and I

live and race on the edge.” “If you go

wanted to be a part of it,” Karli said. Both girls love the thrill of racing and said it is a real adrenalin rush. “It scares me to death,” their mom,

into the corner too fast you’ll spin out,” Photography by Becki Basham

Jana said. Average speed for in the

Junior Minis class is 55-60 MPH and in the Hobby Stock is 70-75 MPH.

Jana, said. Most of the other drivers are men (or boys in the younger

The girls help each other out and give each other tips and pointers,

class) and they get very upset when they get beaten by a girl, Jana said.

including telling how the track feels for the racing, whether it’s slick or

Each Friday evening there is a heat race or qualifying race and the

hard. Their cars are sponsored by Richardson Dozer, Jerry’s Equipment,

drivers draw for position for that race. “How you end up in the heat

Grandgeorge Construction and Mission Tortilla.

determines your position in the race,” Shelby said. Once the race starts,

Shelby graduated this past May from Lufkin High School where she

adrenaline kicks in and it’s fun, she said. “I’m only nervous waiting to

was a member of the National Honor Society, a drug-free all-star and

go onto the track,” Karli said. It is a little different from regular driving

manager for the Panther Pride. In the fall she will head to A&M. But she’ll

since you have to keep both feed on the pedals, one on the accelerator

come home every Friday she can until racing season ends in September.

and the other on the brakes, Shelby said.

Karli, who just got her learner’s permit to drive, will be in the 10th grade

Both girls say racing has taught them patience, patience and more

at Lufkin High School where she is a percussionist in the band and a

patience. Part of the skill is knowing when to pull ahead and when to

twirler. Their Dad constantly works for their cars and frequently the girls

hold back. There is also a definite skill required to maneuver the corners.

are out there trying to help, a bonus to Jana’s original prayer for family

“It’s also taught us confrontational skills and how to deal with people,”

togetherness. “The girls have developed a special relationship to their

Karli said. “Racing is an emotional sport. You have to talk to people you

dad and with each other,” she said. And they all have been reminded

can’t just go off on them.”

that God does hear and answer prayers, just not always as expected. / 31

Photography by Greg Patterson

Inspiring Woman

32 / The Journey - August 2009

/ Fe at ur e s

Camilla Saulsbury Inspiring Woman by paula metzinger

If life gave Camilla Saulsbury lemons, she wouldn’t just make

worked with some larger catering companies,” she said. During this

lemonade she would make herb-flavored lemonade then perhaps serve

time she improved her baking skills while doing a lot of experimenting

it with a lemon raspberry tart, made with puff pastry. “My parents were

with dishes and recipes. “I knew I didn’t want to be a restaurant chef but

both great cooks. My Dad cooked and he

I liked the developmental part of cooking

taught my mother how to cook,” she said.

and I thought it was something I could do

“Mother was more experimental and she

on the side,” she said.

would try new things. They cooked a lot with fresh herbs. We had a lemon tree,

Still pursuing sociology as her main

plum tree, cherry tree so we had lots of

vocation and cooking as a side dish, she

fresh fruit.”

went to Indiana University to work on her master’s and doctorate degrees. While at

The youngest of three, Camilla grew

graduate school the cooking really took on

up in Albany, California a small town

a new level. After reading an ad for writers

situated in the center of Berkley. Her

for the college newspaper, she offered

parents encouraged all their children to

to do a food column, and that opened

cook and to help in the kitchen. They also

another avenue for her. “Cooking with

encouraged them to try new things and to

Camilla” focused on quick easy recipes

pursue what made them happy. Camilla did try new things which led

geared to the students. It was very instructional and encouraging, she

her right into the kitchen and ultimately onto the bookshelves of cooks

said. She also tried to make it very specific to the region offering tips on

all around the US and maybe even into your home on your kitchen shelf

where to purchase certain items. While some students might draw and

or through your television.

doodle on the margins of their notes, Camilla wrote recipes and kept a notebook handy in her classroom for cooking notes. “The more I cooked

“I always enjoyed cooking I just never thought of it as a career,”

the more I realized this is what I wanted to do,” she said.

she said. Tall and slender (the fringe benefit perhaps of those aerobics classes she teaches) the California accent lingers even after four years

In 1999, while still in Indiana she entered her first recipe contest,

in East Texas. She is animated and excited when she talks about cooking

found on the back of a bullion cube container. “I was a runner up and

and her passion for it shows in her eyes. She still has the first cookbook

I think I got a cookbook and a baking mitt,” she said. “And I thought,

she got as a young cook of 4. “It was from Cricket (the children’s

‘that’s interesting.’ I found a web site that listed all kinds of cooking

magazine) and all the recipes were set to music,” she said.

contests. In between writing papers I would think about recipes.”

After high school, Camilla went to Bryn Mawr College in

So in her tiny kitchen she began to create recipes for different contests.

Pennsylvania majoring in sociology. But she never really left the kitchen.

She started out entering small ones, sometimes there would be cash

She discovered a professor who liked to cook and starting helping him

prizes, sometimes the prizes might come in food coupons, like $10 worth

with dinner parties until eventually she was doing most of the cooking.

of free chicken. “This spurred me on to keep entering,” she said.

“That created a spark in me that this might be something I could do,” she said. Although she still didn’t look on it as something she could settle on as a profession.

She eventually cooked up some bigger prizes, including $25,000 for the Food Network’s Ultimate Recipe Showdown (Cookie Episode);

After graduation Camilla moved back to California, put her degree

$50,000 in the “Build a Better Burger” Contest and $100,000 in the

to work and did some catering on the side. “I focused on deserts and

National Chicken Cook-off. “I really like experimenting with flavor / 33

combinations,” she said and so she started playing around with

Shelly’s in downtown Nacogdoches and anticipates doing more, later

cookie dough. Inspired by a cookbook she had seen for cakes, using

this summer or in the fall. She said she strives to make her recipes

cake mixes and then adding ingredients, she began doing similar

simple with ingredients that can be found in the local grocery stores.

experiments with cookie dough.

“I cook with familiar ingredients but in new ways. I try to use things people can find and can cook in a relatively short time. I like to put a

In the middle of researching her thesis for her doctorate in

new twist on an old thing,” she said.

sociology she researched writing cookbooks and then wrote a proposal for a cookie dough cookbook. Cumberland House Publishers

And she encourages other cooks to experiment. “That’s what is so

bit on the idea of Camilla’s cookbook and “Cookie Dough Delights”

wonderful about recipes, you can just use your intuition, try different

was published in the spring of 2004.

things and you will get a feel for what works and what doesn’t,” she said. It doesn’t require a chef’s kitchen or restaurant quality cookware.

Since her first cookbook, 10 more have followed with the

“I started out with a tiny kitchen and dented cookware,” she said. Her

latest, “Shortcut Cookies,” and another currently at the publishers.

cooking has also led to appearances on The Today Show and The

(Cumberland House has recently sold to Source Books in Chicago

Food Network and her recipes have been included in a number of

which will give her books even greater distribution.)

magazines from Southern Living to Cosmo Girl and Vegetarian Times. Her winning recipes plus recipes for Pepperidge Farm and Pillsbury

In between cooking, creating and classes at Indiana University,

can be found on her website:

she also met and eventually married Kevin West. The couple moved to Nacogdoches four years ago where Kevin is on the faculty at SFA.

“Food is all about family,”

Their son Nicholas just turned 3. And yes, she did try her hand at

she said. “I love cooking in my

baby food when Nick was born but admitted, “Nick was not very

home and sharing recipes. I love

excited about it and most of (the puree) ended up in cupcakes for

to share ideas with other cooks.

Mom and Dad.”

Food is community and family and friendship. I’m the luckiest

Pepperidge Farms also took notice of Camilla after her cookbook

person in the world with my job. I

“Puff Pastry Perfection” was published and now she serves as the

do most of my work at home. It’s

company spokeswoman. She has taught some cooking classes at

the perfect job for motherhood.”

34 / The Journey - August 2009 / 35

DB Builders 205 Saddlebrook Drive Lufkin, Texas 75901 936.875.4535 1795 Sq. Ft. 2B + Study/2B

Horton Homes 3004 FM 1194 S Hudson, Texas 75904 936.875.4462

36 / The Journey - August 2009

Caldwell & Loper Homes 1061 Ralph Nerren Road Huntington, Texas 75949 3016 Sq. Ft. 3B + Study/2.5B

Burton Homes 417 Ashwood Bend Hudson, Texas 75904 936.875.3124 2100 Sq. Ft. 3B/2.5B

BC CUSTOM HOMES 168 Egg Farm Road Huntington, Texas 75949 936.875.3734 1777 Sq. Ft 3B/2.5B

Melvin Linton Homes 3043 Rifle Road Pollok, Texas 75969 936.635.8942 4654 Sq. Ft. 4B/ 5B

McCleskey Enterprises Lot 30 White Oak Loop Huntington, Texas 75949 936.637.6911 1803 Sq. Ft. 3B/2B

DB Builders 205 Saddlebrook Drive Lufkin, Texas 75901 936.875.4535 1795 Sq. Ft. 2B + Study/2B AUGUST 8 & 15 10:00AM - 6:00PM

Horton Homes 154 Westfield Loop Hudson, Texas 75904 936.875.4462

Melvin Linton Homes 155 PR RD 7991 Broaddus, Texas 75929 936.635.8942 2986 Sq. Ft. 3B/3B

Stricklen Homes CR 2628 Wells, Texas 75976 936.676.3668 2600 Sq. Ft. 4B/2.5B

AUGUST 9 & 16 1:00AM - 5:00PM * Admission is $10 for Adults, payable at the door of any home. * If you would like to participate in voting for Best of Show, you must View at least 10 of the 11 homes. * No Strollers Please. If you do bring children, please have them by the hand. If you would like to take photos, please ask homebuilder first. / 37

Your Life / 39

204 Cordelia

Hall of fame hubbies Sean Alexander

My husband, Sean, is a big kid at heart and makes parenting so easy. He spends a lot of time with our 11 month old son, Sean Dalton, and is very excited to be a first time dad. He is quick to jump up and do the feeding, dressing, bathing, and even the much dreaded diaper change. He puts a smile on our faces and makes us laugh constantly. When I was pregnant with Sean Dalton, he never missed an appointment. He was so supportive and encouraging during my pregnancy, that I almost forgot I was giving birth. There is no job too great or too small for my husband to do his personal best. Our relationship as a family is a very strong one, and I feel so much joy knowing that he’s not only an amazing husband but truly a #1 Dad, and that quality time together and making memories are what’s important to him and our family. We love you so much! Your loving wife and “mijo” – Mari & Sean Dalton Alexander

Mark Phillips Mark is my handsome, hardworking husband and father of our 2 darling children. He is patient, caring, honest, loyal, kind, loving, witty, and the list could go on and on. We have been married for 11 years and he treats me like a queen even on the rare occasion that I am not acting like one. Our children can not wait for their daddy to come home from work so the “real” playing can begin. He is the best daddy I know. He likes to design and build things, ride the whole family on the 4-wheeler, push Katee on the swing, and go hunting with Jacob. One of the things I love the most about him is that he loves to spend time with his family and always puts us first. I am one lucky girl to be married to this man. Mark Phillips, husband to Angie and daddy to Jacob, 6 and Katee, 5

Please submit your Hall of Famer to Be sure to include a photo with 75 words telling us about your husband. Do not forget to list your children or grandchildren’s names if you would like to include them. 40 / The Journey - August 2009


Pretty Babies 1. 2.

Christopher Glenn Donahoe June 22, 2009 proud Parents: Steve & Amy Donahoe Grandparents: Joe and Suzy Ragan, Wanda and stan Donahoe Lufkin Mallorie Anne Pinner September 12, 2007 Proud Parents: Amanda and Jonathon Pinner of Huntington, TX Proud Grandparents: Vicki and Joel Pinner of Huntington, TX and Ana and Ramiro Lopez Lufkin


Kenzee Knicole Burton August 8, 2008 Proud Parents: Linda and Jason Burton Lufkin


Alexander Guirimo Saldana (left) and Max Phillip Saldana (right) January 7, 2009 Proud Parents: Pamela and Mario Saldana Austin, Texas




4. / 41


Girls Group

Lufkin parks and recreation

Christie Maddux has been teaching gymnastics and cheerleading at the city’s Park Department for 10 years. The classes average 50 students per session and she teaches four sessions a year. That she loves what she’s doing is evidenced by the enthusiasm she shows her young students and the energy that keeps her jumping and cheering and tumbling, session and session, year after year. “When I was three, I watched Mary Lou Retton win the gold at the Olympics and I wanted to emulate her,” Christie explains. She started taking gymnastics at the city’s facility when she was five and took for ten years. She was also a cheerleader at Lufkin High School. She says she did it then and still does it for the love of the sport, not for the competition. A ’99 graduate of Lufkin High School, Christie went on to SFA where she earned a degree in marketing and business. By day, this high kicking, tumbling teacher is marketing director at Lufkin Mall. The classes are something the city does for the community and it gives all children a chance to participate. Sports can build self-esteem and self-confidence in all kids, she said. Christie said gymnastics or cheerleading can help a shy, insecure child develop self-confidence. Because it requires teamwork, they will make new friends, which will often help them come out of their shell. According to Christie, the classes also help kids release that pent up energy, especially during the school year, and help build social skills. Gymnastic classes typically start with stretches while Christie gives each student a chance to tell her the best part of their day and ends with students telling her the best part of the class. Christie said that gymnastics has taught her about setting goals and that hard work and dedication achieve results. She strives to instill that into her students during each session. “But more importantly, I hope it has allowed me to be a role model for young women and encourage a healthy lifestyle,” she said. “I hope they have learned that faith and determination can produce great results for anyone.” (Registration for fall classes at Lufkin Parks and Recreation Department begin Aug. 21. In addition to cheerleading and gymnastics, a variety of classes are offered for children and adults. For more information, call 936-6330250 or check out the city’s web site.) 42 / The Journey - August 2009

Your Wallet first time home buyer tax credit

In 2008, Congress created a first time home buyer credit. This year, they have expanded on that bill and have made the credit even better! If you build or purchase a home in 2009, you will receive an $8000 credit on your tax return. The 2008 credit had to be repaid; with the new amendments, the credit does not have to be repaid. The provision applies to homes purchased on or after April 9, 2008, and before July 1, 2009. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 made a huge adjustment in that the credit does not have to be paid back. The adjustment comes with the condition as long as “the home does not cease to be the taxpayer’s main residence within a three-year period following the purchase.” According to the IRS, “first-time homebuyers who purchase a home in 2009 can claim the credit on either a 2008 tax return, due April 15, 2009, or a 2009 tax return, due April 15, 2010. The credit may not be claimed before the closing date. But, if the closing occurs after April 15, 2009, a taxpayer can still claim it on a 2008 tax return by requesting an extension of time to file or by

homebuyer credit now? That would allow me to use the refund for a down payment. A. No. You may not claim the credit in anticipation of a purchase that has yet to happen. Until you have finalized the purchase of your home, which for most purchasers occurs at the time of the closing, you do not

filing an amended return.”

qualify for the credit.

This is great news for many in East Texas. Homebuilders, realtors,

Q: When must I pay back the credit for the home I purchased

lending institutions are fully aware of the credit and will help you with your questions. There are still many questions and concerns when getting free money from the government. Here are a few questions and answers to review. For more information, contact your local

in 2009? A: Generally, there is no requirement to pay back the credit for a principal residence purchased in 2009. The obligation to repay the credit on a home purchased in 2009 arises only if the home ceases to be

accountant or lending institution.

your principal residence within 36 months from the date of purchase.

Q. I plan to build a home and occupy it in 2009. Can I claim the

the year the home ceased being your principal residence.

first-time homebuyer credit now and use the funds toward the down payment or other ongoing construction costs? A. No. To qualify for the first time home buyer credit, the residence must be purchased. By statute, a residence which is constructed by the taxpayer is treated as purchased on the date the taxpayer first

The full amount of the credit received becomes due on the return for

Q. If I claim the first-time homebuyer credit for a purchase in 2009 and stop using the property as my principal residence before the 36 month period expires after I purchase, how is the credit repaid and how long would I have to repay it?

occupies the residence.

A. If, within 36 months of the date of purchase, the property is no

Q. If I purchase a home in June 2009, and have already filed my

the credit. Repayment of the full amount of the credit is due at that

2008 tax return, can I amend my 2008 return or will I have to claim it on my 2009 return? A. You can either file an amended return to claim it on your 2008 return or claim it on your 2009 return.

longer used as your principal residence; you are required to repay time the income tax return for the year the home ceased to be your principal residence is due. The full amount of the credit is reflected as additional tax on that year’s tax return. Source:

Q. I am in the process of buying a home. I expect to close the deal before December 1, 2009. Can I claim the first-time / 43


Wedding Bells

Mr. and Mrs. Badders

Amanda Nicole Hamby married Jeffery Heath Badders May 2, 2009 Photographer: Trecia Johnson Registered: House of Traditions

Mr. and Mrs. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Machaud

Mr. and Mrs. Phillips

Joni Williams married Colby Machaud

Ashley Adkins married Tyler Brown

Kasey Mackey married Blake Phillips

June 20, 2009

June5, 2009

May 9, 2009

Nacogdoches, Texas

Nacogdoches, Texas

Nacogdoches, Texas

Photographer Trecia Johnson

Photographer Trecia Johnson

Photographer Trecia Johnson

Do you have an engagement, bridal, or wedding photo you would like to share with The Journey? Email your photo to

44 / The Journey - August 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Wiggins Mandy Bates married Mike Wiggins June 27, 2009 Nacogdoches, Texas Photographer Trecia Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Hernandez

Gloriella Chong & Eduardo Hernandez June 13, 2009 Photographer: Crystal Williams Lufkin, Texas / 45



It’s hot outside and the kids are driving me crazy | by Kathryn greene

Is this a description of your summer? What can you do to get some relief? You could call Nana and see if she can help, but Nana has a doctor’s appointment. You could tell their daddy and plead with him to take a day off from work and give you a break. But, he will probably tell you that he has a major project he has to get out. The kids have watched all their movies two or three times and now they are bored. But, it is just too hot to tell them to go outside – they will have a heat stroke. What can you do to get a break? Sometimes the best break is to change the way you are thinking. Think about cool lemonade, your favorite book, and a lounge chair in the sun room. Then, after lunch you need to declare it is rest time! The younger children can look at books and take a nap and the older children can go to their room and do something quietly. If they don’t, they lose their “Wii” privileges for a week. Believe me they will be glad to be obedient. Everyone needs time to pull away from the stress of everyday. Mothers probably have the hardest time to do that. Mothering is 24/7 – the job is never finished. Even when you fall into bed at night, you are awaken too soon by a child having a bad dream, or one of the children getting sick, or a child who is scared because of all the “bad guys”. There are always clothes to be washed, folded, and ironed; meals to cook; birthday parties, gifts to be bought, and a cake to be bake; beds to be made; floors to be swept, vacuumed, and mopped; and the list goes on… Even on vacation, you still have to work. 46 / The Journey - August 2009

Not only can you change the way you think, but you also need to make sure you have a good support group. You need a friend that you call and say “I am having a very bad day!” Tell them all your troubles – they will understand (your husband won’t). Once you talk to another sane adult who will listen to you and not talk kid talk, you can make it through your day without losing your mind. When my two sons were little (they were only 15 months apart), I remember telling my husband at the end of a day, “I have only talked toddler talk today, please talk to me in adult language!” He might not understand, but another stayat-home mom will. So, when you feel like you have had it, pick up the phone and call a friend who will listen and then give you an encouraging word. So many times all we need is just someone to listen to us and let us know that we aren’t crazy yet! A meaningful time for my daughter-in-law is when she calls a couple of friends and says it is time for a coffee. They meet at Starbucks after their husband gets home from work and the evening meal is finished. They find a corner and talk until they are told they have to leave because it is time to lock the doors. The girls love it! They call it having their “girl time out”. Women understand women, men don’t understand women! God made us for relationships and He knew our need to get together with other women and get our emotional cups refilled. When you’ve had it, or you just need a break - put the kids in quiet time, get a glass of lemonade, and then call a good friend! The cool days of October will be here soon…

Education with emily road trip | by emily parks

Turn the DVD player, PSP, and Nintendo DS off and travel oldschool! Here are some activities to do in order to pass the time on your next family road trip! • ABC Sign Game Find a sign that begins with a letter of the alphabet…but you have to go in order! Start with A, after someone spots a sign that starts with A, then move to B…all the way to Z! You can even keep score! • Look for license plates from other states. What a great way to encourage discussion about other states! You can talk about where it is on a map, the capital, cities you would like to visit, etc. • Talk about directions. North, South, East, and West. Take a compass along and teach how to read it. Look at a map, pick out a place, and ask your child, “We are here, which way do we need to go to get here.” • Map It! Looking at a map alone can pass a lot of time. Have your child highlight cities as you go through them. Find the legend, or map key, and talk about the symbols. Seek and find the symbols within the map. With a ruler, measure the distance between two places and calculate the mileage. / 47

Education with emily Continued

• Play “20 Questions.” This was my personal favorite growing up! One person thinks of a person, place, or thing. The others in the car take turns asking a “yes/no” question-meaning the person who is “it” can only answer with a “yes” or “no.” The people asking the questions only have up to 20 questions (collectively) to guess what the other is thinking of. • Read a chapter book. Take turns reading a chapter (for those who don’t get car sick)! • Enjoy the scenery! Compare it to how it looks back home or draw a picture of different spots and put it in a scrapbook. • Time Games This will help with the age-old question “are we there yet?”. Have each person estimate the time of the arrival to your destination. The one closest without going over, wins! OR when the question is asked, tell that person how long it is going take, and then have them calculate that amount in minutes only and then seconds only.


Emily Parks grew up in Lufkin and then graduated from Texas A&M with a bachelor of science degree in Education. She taught 8 years and this year has taken an indefinite leave from the classroom. Education is very dear to Emily’s heart and she wanted to continue to help parents feel more comfortable throughout their child’s educational journey. Emily and her husband, Chad, own Cross Medical, a local Durable Medical Equipment company. Their two sons, Pierce, 4, and Jackson, 7, also keep her very busy.

48 / The Journey - August 2009

your BODY / 49

Synergy Fitness


fitness 101

putting it all together | by xand brown Let’s talk health! Exercise is being shouted from the rooftops

commercially grown produce rank as some of our biggest contributors

today as our golden key to health and vitality. This is true, but it is

to toxicity (and cellulite) in the body. Our bodies do not recognize

the combination of functional exercise and specific, lifestyle choices

these packaged items as whole foods because they lack essential

that make the difference in how we look, how we feel, and how quickly

vitamins and nutrients due to the amount of chemicals they come in

we see results. Let’s discuss some key lifestyle guidelines that will

co! ! ntact with on the journey to your plate. There are 51 essential

help you burn fat, increase energy, relieve chronic pains, and detoxify

nutrients that have to be in any food in order to satisfy the appestat,

the body better than any supplement ever could, all with the use of

the part of your brain that basically tells you to stop eating. Processed

functional exercise and some acute changes to your diet. We must

food manufacturers selectively remove nutrients and add chemical

begin with what you put in your body, and then relate it directly to

fillers instead. This leaves us with incomplete nutrition and a brain

how your muscles function and how they affect your appearance. We

thinking it should continue to eat! Sound familiar? In the words of

establish you can never obtain the body you want on the outside if you

Jack LaLanne, “If man made it, don’t eat it.”

don’t look good on the inside. There are many ways to break an egg, but today we only cover the most effective, the most efficient, and the most natural ways for achieving our goals!

The commercial livestock industry has skeletons in its closet as well. The US Department of Agriculture has recently approved the feeding of sawdust, plastic chips, industrial waste, sewage, cement

For starters, do not diet! Your body loves food, thrives on it

dust, and dead animal parts to commercially raised animals. These

actually, but eating for your metabolic type can make all the difference

toxins are being shoveled into our animals and being served to us

in developing the body you want. Eating for your metabolic type is

every day! And as for the fruits and vegetables, consider the following:

simple. It is nothing more than finding the right ratio of fats, proteins,

In 1945, farmers sprayed 200,000 pounds of pesticides on American

and carbohydrates for your unique needs based on ethnic origin

soil. In 2002 they sprayed two billion pounds, yet crop losses were

and your environment.

William Wolcott’s book, The Metabolic

double what they were comparatively in 1945. This shows the cure

Typing Diet, is an excellent way for you to easily incorporate suitable

isn’t working and as a consequence our toxicity is progressively

nutrition for your individual biochemical makeup. As soon as you

becoming higher. I mean not to scare you, but encourage you to

jump off the band wagon and begin eating according to Dr. Pritikin

become an educated consumer and learn to make healthy decisions

or Dr. Atkins you take the risk of eating for the wrong metabolic type.

for you and your family !

This is commonly seen when one person thrives on a specific diet while their friend onl! ! y packs on the pounds. When you eat for your

There is a tremendous dehydration problem today. The only

metabolic type you raise your metabolic rate, therefore helping you

substitute for water is water! When you drink water you are drinking

burn fat quickly and permanently! Remember, the body will never lie


to you. If you feel like crap, your body is telling you something. It


is not saying there are low levels of drugs in your blood stream, jack

agent. The best solution for

me up. It is saying “Hey you, pay attention. Feed me correctly!” A

pollution is dilution.

headache is not an aspirin deficiency.

means water, not tea, not



detoxification This

sodas, not orange juice... Next is getting rid of the toxic garbage in our bodies! The more


Drink half your

toxic your body is, the lower your quality of life will be. If it wasn’t

bodyweight in ounces of

growing on this earth 10,000 years ago it is probably detracting

water a day. If you weigh

from your health instead of contributing to it. Always strive for the

150 pounds you have to put

highest quality of food possible, this standard being certified organic

75 ounces of water into the

or biodynamicly grown. This simply states that your food has been

body a day to effectively

grown and raised without the use of chemicals or other synthetic

clean, detoxify, and energize

enhancements. Processed foods, commercially raised livestock, and

it. Sports drinks are the

50 / The Journey - August 2009


most deceptive hydration myth of all.

Flashy marketing and

when exercising, regardless of age or body type. Head carriage, first

sporting events supply us with tales of infinite energy and excelled

rib angle, shoulder girdle posture, pelvic tilt, and lower extremity

performance. In reality they are nothing more than exciting bottles

posture are all intimately related to how a woman looks, moves, and

of sugar water. If you’re exercising for less than 90 minutes the

feels. Always consider your posture when exercising. The easiest

sports drinks aren’t doing you any good ! ! because most of the time

way to try to correct posture is to simply pick up the rib cage and

you have enough energy in your body to last through your workout

relax the rest of the body around it. Optimal postural alignment is

alone. Can you guess where the water comes from when you drink

assured when all of these factors have been addressed correctly.

something high in sugar... your muscles! That’s right this magical

The more functionally capable you become the more you can push

sports drink is actually sucking the water right out the muscles

yourself and the more you can sweat. And I hope you love to sweat

you’re trying to exercise, dehydrating the muscles and trapping you

because sweating is one of the greatest ways to burn calories and

in a catabolic state.

rid your body of toxins. Taking ! ! this holistic approach to exercise shortens the amount of time it takes you to achieve your goals,

This brings us full circle back to exercise. Your exercise

lowers your risk of injury, relieves chronic pains, and builds you a

program must begin with and reflect definite goals and direction.

healthier body, while flattening your tummy and tightening your

Then you must realize everyone is an athlete. Both men and women

glutes by default!

came from an environment where you had to be an athlete to survive. We are still those same people. We need to exercise functionally,

There are so many factors that contribute to true fitness

train the body with integrated movements and not just pick the

and health, there is no way I can cover them all in this article. We

popular muscles to fill out our clothes. Suddenly with the invention

learned how eating for your body type, keeping yourself hydrated,

of all this shiny equipment, we have completely changed the way

and practicing functional exercises can improve your physique and

the body is exercised and moved. We have moved away from the

increase energy. The bottom line is optimal health is our birthright

developmental environment which created the very body we use

and it is up to us to learn how to maintain it. If you are curious about

today. Instead we’ve adopted inadequate exercise philosophy and

changing your life or are looking for personalized, corrective health

inadequate exercise techniques. The sad part of it is that women

experts that specialize in all the areas discussed above, come visit

suffer the ! ! brunt of these changes far more than men. People are

Synergy Fitness at our downtown Lufkin location, 109 N. First St. o!

generally weak and can benefit from activating and training joint

! r call us at (936)-634-5533 Let us show you how you can help your

stabilizers as well as the prime mover muscles. This being said,

body get the care it needs and deserves. We love to talk!

women have many orthopedic concerns that must be addressed / 51



smokey eyes are the look for the fall by bareminerals

Soft Rock Eye Look • Prime the eyelids with bareVitamins Prime Time Eyelid Primer • With the smudge end of the *Rock “N” Roll Brush apply *1880s Eyecolor on the lid and blend into the crease. Pat for more color

BareMinerals gives us the tools to pull off the look.

pay-off and buff for less color pay-off • Using the pointed end of the *Rock “N” Roll Brush apply *Black Leather Liner Shadow, line the upper lash line corner to corner. Then line the lower lash line starting from the outer corner and sweeping to the inner corner • Using the SWIRL, TAP, PAT technique, apply *Rock Star Eyecolor with the smudge brush end of the *Rock “N” Roll Brush in a solid mini-triangle above the outer corner of the eye • Use the Light Stroke Brush to apply Chenille Eyecolor to the brow bone and bring down to blend into the crease. Pat for more color pay-off and buff for less color pay-off • With the Angled Brow Brush buff bareMinerals Brow Color onto the eyebrows • Apply Big Tease Mascara to the lashes Crank up the intensity of the soft rocker eye with the Heavy Metal look • Extreme lining: lightly dampen the pointed brush end and using Prime Time Eyelid Primer make a paste in the lid with *Black Leather Liner Shadow • Line the upper lash base with the pointed brush end and smudge with smudge brush end to smoke out the color, creating a thick line • Line right over your lower lash line from corner to corner and line the inner lower lash • Remove *Black Leather Liner Shadow from the pointed brush end. Lightly dampen the pointed brush end and using Prime Time Eyelid Primer make a paste in the lid with *1980s Eyecolor and line the lower lash •With the Angled Brow Brush buff bareMinerals Brow Color on the eye brows and apply Brow Finishing Gel • Apply Big Tease Mascara to the lashes

52 / The Journey - August 2009

Your body /


5 fashion tips for fall | by ashley sanders owner of adair boutique, Nacogdoches, TX


Jeans. The perfect pair of jeans might not necessarily come straight

off the rack. Not every style will fit the same woman and the size on the tag does not matter. If you have to go up a size to get the fit you desire, do it! Do not make the mistake of getting trapped in the number game, as you will regret your purchase later. 2.

Scarf. A cute scarf can change an ordinary outfit to extraordinary!

If you are not feeling the scarf with the outfit, tie it on your purse strap for a pop of color! 3.

Sleeveless cardigan. Investing in a cute sleeveless cardigan is a

purchase you will not regret for many seasons to come. In late summer, sleeveless cardigans can be worn over a cute summer dress to make it more appropriate for the upcoming season. In fall, it can be worn with jeans and many different types of tops. When winter rolls around, put it over a long sleeved shirt, and pair it with a scarf. 4. Boots. Boots can be worn with skirts and dresses in the fall. This allows you to stay cool in the East Texas heat, while making a fashionable transition into the fall season. Boots can be worn with almost every outfit! Pair them with boot cut jeans to add height to your look, or put them over a pair of skinny jeans to add a modern twist to your outfit! 5. Undergarment. undergarment




every outfit much more desirable! Nothing is worse than a wonderful outfit that is spoiled with an illfitted undergarment.


slips are a great way to prevent all the lines showing that we are not proud of. Also, bandeau bras are a type of strapless bra that will stay in place and are more comfortable than the traditional strapless bra. It is essential to find a pair of comfortable underwear (and I don’t mean granny panties) that you can wear with any outfit. You want to make sure they lay flat against your skin to prevent unwanted lines. Make sure that your underwear drawer includes a nude, black, and white pair, along with fun colors and patterns so that every outfit that you wear will be accompanied by the right undergarment. / 53

The review

Turning your house into a home

Sunny and Brook Designs Posh, Hip, Chic! Sunny and Brook found the perfect way to add the final touch to your little angel’s nursery, room, or playroom.


adorable piece of wall art is trimmed in ribbon, upholstered, and handmade to your order. Decorate your child’s walls with a monogram or spell out their name. If you don’t see the perfect fabric to coordinate with your bedding, then send us a picture or the link to your bedding. Visit Sunny and Brook Designs on Ebay (http:// and Etsy (www.sunnyandbrookdesigns., or call 875-5992 or 875-5063. Make your Table Décor Pop Adding a bright sense of style to your dining room is easy with these beautiful pieces. Melamine is back, but in modern colors, patterns, and prints that will make your room pop. They make great gifts, too. They are available in platters, Lazy Susans, salad servers, plastic plates, flatware, cups, and mugs. The beautiful collection is available at House of Traditions, 314 Main Street, Nacogdoches. 936.564.4101. Serta Cool Nature™ Latex Foam Who doesn’t like a good night’s sleep? Latex Foam is the way to get that sleep. Serta’s Cool Nature™ Latex Foam is a revolutionary new Latex foam designed to help regulate temperature while you sleep. Only Serta has Cool Nature built into the quilt, closest to the sleep surface, where its benefits are needed most. Cool Nature is the first latex foam to actually absorb and release heat as needed so your sleep surface is at a comfortable temperature for you throughout the night. It is also a “green,” more natural mattress. Another great feature is the “instant recovery” which means it does not leave your body imprint which allows you to easily roll over. Serta Latex Foam Mattress is available now at Castleberry’s Furniture Showroom, Lufkin, 936.632.8000. Lighting is Everything! Adding a finishing touch with a beautiful chandelier is a perfect match for any home. Tracy Porter is a well known designer that created a beautiful and ornate style of chandeliers. The line is high end, while producing a sense of grace, charm, and elegance to a special room in your home. The chandelier shown is part of the Garnet Tapestry collection that is exclusive to Nacogdoches Lighting, 732 North University Drive. 936.560.5460 54 / The Journey - August 2009 / 55

Parting Advice: I would like to get some outside opinions. With the economy the way it is, every dollar counts. What is the rule or etiquette on tipping hair stylist? Also, what if a housekeeper cancels or you cancel on them- do you still pay? Watching Every Penny, Nacogdoches, Texas

Dear Watching Every Penny,

Dear Watching Every Penny,

MAID SERVICE: I don’t believe that people should ever have to

Tipping hairstylists is based on the

pay for something where a service was not received. Regardless of

same theory as wait staff….we suggest

who cancels, no service is provided so no payment should be made.


HAIR STYLIST: I am always so pleased with my hair stylist, Charles

If you cancel on your regular

housekeeper, you should pay. If she

Longbine, that I tip 25%. But the 15% standard should be applied as

cancels, I would say not.

it would be for quality service from a

I think every situation varies. If the

waiter or waitress.

housekeeper is dependent on the income


and has been a “family employee” for Wendy Buchannon

many years, do what you can to keep your housekeeper!

Senior Vice President- Wells Fargo Nacogdoches, Texas

Francis Spruiell President Austin Bank Nacogdoches, Texas

Dear Watching Every Penny, My opinion on hair stylist is you definitely tip them! I always ask mine how much I owe and then add some to it - even though he is in his own salon. I would say range would be $10-15, I think that is probably average?

Dear Watching Every Penny, I think the first thing to remember is that hair stylists and housekeepers are

Housekeepers - I feel differently about that one. I think it is a service that you pay for.

probably in the same position as you-

If the

they are trying to make every dollar

service is not performed, then you

count as well. I don’t think most hair

don’t pay for it. If you are the one

stylists expect a tip. I am sure they are

that cancels, maybe add a little extra

very appreciative of your generosity,

to the payment the next time they

but I don’t think it’s mandatory.

do it?

However, if you are late, had an unruly child with you or if the hair stylist has worked you in last minute,

Jennifer L. Webster, CPA

I do think a tip would be a very nice and appreciated gesture. If a

Alexander, Lankford & Hiers, Inc.

housekeeper cancels, I think they understand that they are not going

Lufkin, Texas

to be paid for a service they did not do. However, if you cancel their services, I would offer to pay them at least half. They were counting on your payment. They are trying to make a living as well. Michelle Briley Lufkin,Texas

56 / The Journey - August 2009

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