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2011-2012 Junior League of Lufkin Board of Directors

Back row, left to right: Allyson Langston, Mendi Brent, Barbara Peterson, Cindy Neal, Marcy Weibe, Susan Belasco, Gina Green. Front row, left to right: Michelle Briley, Emily Parks, Jennifer Webster, Michelle Haney, Julianne Greak.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” – Anne Frank w w w. j u n i o r l e a g u e o f l u f k i n . o rg 

T h e M o nt h ly M ag a z in e o f t h e W o m e n o f t h e J u n io r L e agu e o f Lu f k i n, Inc.

Sept embe r 2011 V o l. XV I , N o 134

ii September 2011

Vol. XVI No. 134

September 2011

■  ■  ■ M e e t i n G R e m i n d e r !

General Meeting Tuesday, September 13, 2011 Museum of East Texas Reception hosted by the MET Board at 6:30 p.m. Meeting starts at 7:00 p.m.

Table of Contents Bulletin Board................................................................... 2 Leadership Lines............................................................... 3 Helping Hands Annual Campaign.................................... 4 Council Chat..................................................................... 5 Back to School Bonanza................................................6-7 Helping Hands.................................................................. 8 Members in the Spotlight............................................... 10 Motivational Minute....................................................... 11 Camp Get Fit/Kids in the Kitchen.................................. 12 Focus on the Community................................................ 13 Charity Ball Update........................................................ 14 Words of Gratitude.......................................................... 15 Sustainer News............................................................... 16 Events & Birthday Calendar........................................... 17

The Board of Directors

Communications Council V. President Communications Mendi Brent Our View Editor Sharon Kruk Internal Public Relations/Website Elisabeth Grimes External Public Relations April Earley Photographer/Archivist Allison James

■  ■  ■ The Junior League of Lufkin P.O. Box 151812 Lufkin, Texas 75915-1812

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JUNIOR LEAGUE w w w OF . j u nLUFKIN i o r l e a gINC. Women building better communities R

President.......................................................... Jennifer Webster President-Elect....................................................... Marcy Weibe Secretary............................................................. Julianne Greak Treasurer........................................................... Michelle Haney VP Finance................................................................ Cindy Neal VP Communications..............................................Mendi Brent VP Membership........................................................Gina Green VP Community Projects........................................ Emily Parks Strategic Development Chair..............................Susan Belasco Parliamentarian..............................................Allyson Langston Sustainer Advisor.............................................Barbara Peterson Helping Hands Annual Chair...........................Michelle Briley

Vision Statement The Junior League of Lufkin welcomes all women who are committed to volunteerism. The League educates and challenges its members to be effective community leaders, advocates, and individuals. Trained volunteers and collaborators will address and respond to community needs with positive solutions. The League focus is to educate and empower individuals, primarily children, by providing the resources and tools that will address all aspects of their well being.

September 2011 1

Bulletin Board guer Little Lea s Zeleskey Hayes Collin ly 26th and was born on Ju d 2 oz. weighed 7lbs an 19 inches. and measured s are The proud parent Zeleske y Josh and Misty

Lufkin’s Bistro is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 1 (7-10pm). Enjoy an elegant evening in downtown Lufkin with live music from the Lords of Denman and fine cuisine from Lufkin’s restaurants. Call 936.633.0349 or visit the Lufkin Convention and Visitor’s Bureau for tickets.

Le ag ue Ba bysitters

Hannah Harris - 15 639-5838 Sheridan Adair - 16 632-9313 Kayla Tierney - 16 212-2734 212-1507 Macy Rawls - 16 Haley Cordell - 18 903-930-9868 Reese Roberts - 14 671-9195 boys) Bryce Roberts - 16 645-8395 (only 18 -03 675 15 n Haley Morga

Want to submit an article, suggest an idea, or have something to add to the Bulletin Board for the next issue of Our View? Please email Sharon Kr uk ( before the 15th of the month. We welcome your ide as, suggestions and feedback!

Please contact Allison J ames (mustangallie@rocketmail.c om or 936.414.2249) for any League events that need a Photographer. Save the Date! Spring Market is scheduled for the 3rd weekend in April, the 19th-21st, 2012.

Please contact Julianne Greak ( for a change of address, email address, or phone number.

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Additional Offices: Nacogdoches, Texas and Livingston, Texas

2 September 2011

Leadership Lines

What if…? By Jennifer Webster, President


appy New Year!!! Um, I mean, Happy New League Year!!! I hope you have all had a wonderful summer. Just as a matter of catch up, we have completed two of our signature League projects already. Camp-Get-Fit/Kids in the Kitchen was held the week of July 25th through the 29th. The kids that participated had a great time and learned about fitness and nutrition. The first annual Back to School Bonanza was held August 6th and was a tremendous success! Many thanks to all those that led and participated in these projects this summer. You have made the League proud! Your Board has been busy this summer as well. We have met several times to plan for the upcoming year. We participated in a retreat in June at the beautiful Crystal Beach house of Larry Cain. We had a wonderful time getting to know each other better, including our new Sustainer Representative, Barbara Peterson. She is a delight! We discussed many, many things, including how to best serve the membership. Our first line of business is to make the general meetings not only more motivational, but more fun! During this discussion, I explained to the Board my notion that more enhanced participation in the League is not only dependent on our mission, but also that we must tie in our social nature. I mean, girls just want to have fun! Am I right, or am I right? For this reason, we are going to strive to make the general meetings an occasion that you do not want to miss, instead of an occasion you just feel obligated to attend. We are going to introduce a “signature drink” for each meeting. We are going to get to know each other better. We are going to have a stated theme and/or purpose of each meeting, and we are going to keep the “business” to a minimum and the “fun” to a maximum! We are going to have the year of the “Vol-fun-teer”! The Board also discussed and began a revamp of our bylaws to get a jump on the process that normally takes place in the spring. It is our hope that by the end of the year, the bylaw proposals will make our bylaws a more “user friendly” place to go for answers. The Board discussed upcoming training opportunities for the League. We reviewed your responses to the survey regarding interest in participating in leadership and willingness to attend training. I know you have all heard it before, but you just do not understand the motivation and inspiration gained until you have attended one of these trainings. If you are at all interested in joining the leadership of our League, please visit and view the upcoming training opportunities. We have budgeted training and travel expenses for our membership, and if you are serious about leadership, we would love for you to attend! Speaking of budgets, please take the time to review our budgets this year. You may be surprised about how much we can do with our money. Your Finance Council can answer any questions you may have about the budgets. The Finance Council is engaged in being the best stewards of the League’s resources. We feel that our financial processes are in the best working order they have ever been, thanks to those in recent years that have taken the time to better organize and set forth procedures that are transparent and practical for us today. Lastly, the Board discussed an additional fundraising opportunity

that is exciting. We will be distributing further information as it becomes available, and we will propose this idea to the membership and ask for your approval and your support. At our retreat and at the other meeting opportunities we have had this summer, we have kept in mind the overall theme for this year, “What if…”. The theme revolves around big ideas and what would happen if they worked and also, what would happen if they did not. As an example, we explored this theme in planning for the Back to School Bonanza. What if…it works? Then we would serve a whole lot of children with backpacks, supplies and services and help them more than we have ever attempted before. What if…it doesn’t? Then all the left over backpacks and supplies could still be given to the individual school districts. In addition, we can see what worked and what did not and improve the project for the upcoming year. I ask that you keep this theme in mind throughout the year when we are discussing our various projects and fundraisers and be open-minded about opportunities within the League. What if…? In closing and combining our theme with our fun, we will periodically be sending out a chance to put “What if…?” to the test. The first five members that respond to this question, via my email address,, will receive a treat at the September meeting (and I will share the answers at the meeting!). What if you could have any superhero power – what would it be and why? See you September 13th at 6:30 p.m.!

Jennifer Webster

Simple Chicken Sandwich

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September 2011 3

Helping Hands By Michelle Briley, Helping Hands Chair


e have officially kicked off our 20112012 Helping Hands Campaign! This is The League’s annual fundraising campaign which generates funding for The League through corporate and sustainer donations. So, instead of hitting up the same people for multiple donations for our fundraising events throughout the year, donors make a one-time donation to The League. The donors are in-turn our ‘Helping Hands Partners.’ The monies donated from these partnerships are distributed to help fund each of our fundraising events: Charity Ball and Spring Market. Donors are able to choose various levels of partnerships. The partnerships include a wide variety of perks for the donors. Examples of these are perks are tickets to Charity Ball, tickets to Spring Market, their name/logo displayed at all Junior League Fundraisers and Major Projects, recognition at the Junior League Power Networking Breakfast and ads in Our View. There is also a partnership level designed just for advertising in Our View. Partners at this level receive recognition at the Power Networking Breakfast and recognition on the website, Charity Ball Program and Spring Market Program, as well as having an ad in our monthly publication, Our View. Prices for the different sizes

4 September 2011

of ads are very reasonable, and ads are seen monthly by all actives, provisionals, sustainers and supporters of The League. What a wonderful target market for a business! Our campaign goal for this year is $75,000. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were able to raise this much money? Imagine what we could do for our community! If you own a business or would like to advertise for yourself, I encourage you to consider partnering with The League this year. This is an awesome way to show your support of The League. If you know of a business or someone that might be interested in becoming a Helping Hands Partner, please do not hesitate to send me their name(s). I will be happy to contact them. My email address is A complete list of our available partnerships is posted on the JLL website. I would like to send a special thanks to Anna Wyatt and Kwik Kopy Printing for all their help with the campaign so far. Anna, you have truly been a life saver - Thank You! Doug and his staff at Kwik Kopy have been a tremendous help with the printing as well. Here’s to a wonderful Helping Hands Campaign for 2011-2012! Warmly,

Michelle Briley

Helping Hands Chair

Council Chat By Gina Green, Vice President Membership


loha, Hola, Ciaro, Bonjour, Bonsoir…or what I like to say… Hey! Welcome back to what I know will be an awesome and heart fulfilling year for all of us! As a membership, we will be given many opportunities this year to serve others in our community, and I can honestly say that every time I have had that chance I have walked away with a new friend and a greater love for volunteerism. It is because of your commitment that we will succeed as a League…and because of your passion that we will impact the hearts of the families in our community. As we begin this year, I strongly encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and get to know someone new… like a Provisional or Sustainer…because we will only be as strong as the relationships we create!

Gina Green

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Proud Sponsors of the Junior League of Lufkin & Changing the Path – a support  program for families affected by Autism.

Proud Sponsors of the Junior League of Lufkin & Changing the Path – a support  program for families affected by Autism.

September 2011 5

Back to School Bonanza


By Shelli Ellis, Chair his year, we opened our hearts and hands to help serve the youth of our community with our first annual Back To School Bonanza. In the past, we have helped children through our annual backpack drive, but this year our goal was to reach at least 1,400 qualified school-aged children with everything they needed to be ready for school, from a backpack to immunizations to haircuts. It takes more than one organization to make something like this happen, so we began looking for others to come along side us. The community was ready and waiting to help. First United Methodist Church graciously volunteered the use of their facility, provided health kits for the children and had at least 50 additional volunteers working at the event. Buckner Children’s and Family Services extended their hand to help by pre-screening families for seven weeks prior to the event and also having staff members screening the day of the event. Next, The Children’s Clinic and Angelina Pediatrics volunteered to coordinate and give all of the immunizations necessary. In addition to these community partners, we had at least 20 hairdressers and barbers volunteering their services throughout the day, 16 sustainers helping with vision screening and in other support areas and 4 dentists managing the dental screenings. Early on, our goal was to provide 1,000 backpacks filled with supplies; however, Buckner notified us days before the event that 863 children had already been pre-screened. At that point, a call to our FUMC liaison, Jim Dunbar and backpack chair, Anna Wyatt was made to come up with a new plan. In a short 15 minute conversation we came up with 400 additional backpacks between the church and extra backpacks the League had. The next two hours were spent with John Jerke at Office Depot, filling up every cart they had with additional school supplies! The journey was just beginning… With help from several Panther Pride Drill Team members, FUMC members, provisionals, league members, and several league children we began the daunting task of stuffing 1,400 backpacks with school supplies! The church had a delicious breakfast ready at 5:00am and numerous volunteers scattered across the campus helping with crowd control. Little did we know that by 7:30am the crowd would be down the walkway, around the corner of the gym and all the way to the road! The fellowship hall was filled with volunteers and Pastor Sholars led us in prayer before opening the doors to the community, to what would be a profound and very humbling experience for each one of us. The haircut station seemed to be the most popular of the day. Next, the children were able to have a dental screening by Drs. Art Jordan, Ken Handley, Tom Croley and Andy McPhillips and receive a free toothbrush kit, donated by Dr. Fred & Lisa Griffin. Vision screening and immunizations were the next station, before they picked up their backpack and smiled all the way out the door! With only a few small glitches to work out throughout the day, we were

6 September 2011

able to serve almost 1,300 children. With the additional backpacks left, we were able divide them between several local schools, including Zavalla, Hudson, LMS, Herty, Burley, Slack, Anderson, Garrett, Dunbar, and Brandon. I am truly humbled to have been able to help coordinate this year’s Back to School Bonanza and could not have done it without having been blessed with such a diligent, hard-working committee, which included: Tammi Axleson, Rhonda Cates (Vision Chair), Suzy Childers, Tamara Day, Kimberly Doyle, Liz Durrett, Emily Grimes, Stephanie Gustafson, Susan Harris (Co-Chair), Tracy Jerke, Tina McDonald (Immunizations Chair), Heather Robertson (Dental Chair), Shanelle Stewart, Kathi White (Haircut Chair), Anna Wyatt (Backpack/SS Chair) and two extras … Jennifer Webster & Marcy Weibe. From our very first meeting in early June until the day of the event, everyone worked seamlessly toward the goal … to help make the life of a child in need a little bit better! A smile is worth a thousand words and we were able to see at least 1,263 smiles that day! Thank you, thank you to everyone (and those that I may have forgotten to mention) that helped make this year’s Back to School Bonanza a success!

Shelli Ellis, Chair

JLL Back to School Bonanza

2011-­‐12 Junior  Lea gue  of  Lufkin     Back  to  School  Bon anza  Committee    

Tammi Axleson     Rhonda  Cates,  Visio n  Chair   Suzy  Childers   Tamara  Day   Kimberly  Doyle  

Shelli Ellis,  Chair   Susan  Harris,  Co-­‐C hair     Liz  Durrett   Emily  Grimes   Stephanie  Gustafs on   Tracy  Jerke   Tina  McDonald,  Imm unizations  Chair

We would  like  to  

Heather Robertso   n,  Dental  chair   Shanelle  Stewart     Kathi  White,  Haircut   Chair   Anna  Wyatt,  Backpac k/SS  Chair  

thank our  commu nity  partners  and   volunteers:   Angelina  Pediatrics   &  The  Children’s  C lini c   Buckner  Children’s   Family  Services   First  United  Meth odist  Church  

A Wild  Hair  Salon   -­‐  Roy  Crager   Abeldt’s  Pharmacy   Angelina  County  S r.  Citizens  Center   Bridge  Group   Wendy  Ayers   Carmike  12   Commercial  Bank  of  East  Texas   Dr.  Tom  Croley,  D DS   Dentistry  for  Child ren  -­‐  Dr.  Fred  Griffi n,  DDS   East  Texas  Eye  Asso ciates  -­‐  Dr.  William   Bright,  MD     E.L.  Brown's  Barber   Shop  -­‐  E.L.  Brown   Elegant  Images  -­‐  S abrina  Sutherland   Ellis  Chiropractic  -­‐  Dr.  Keven  Ellis,  D C   Expressive  Images  -­‐  Janice  Belt  &  Leah  Garcia     Dr.  Ken  Handley,  D DS   Dr.  Woody  Ingram ,  DDS   Wanda  Hollingsw orth   Janell's  Styling  Salo n  -­‐  Janell  Morelan d   Arline  Jordan   Jordan  Family  Dent istry  -­‐  Dr.  Art  Jord an,  DDS   Junior  League  of  L ufkin  Actives:  

Susan  Belasco,  M endi  Brent,  Miche lle  Briley,       Rachelle  Franken s,  Chasity  Gauthier ,  Gina  Green,     Julianne  Greak,   Michelle  Haney,  K im   Herman,       Lora  Huerta,  Jean  Lucas,  Cindy  Neal,  Emily  Parks,       Melissa  Roberts,   Karen  Ronaghan,   Cindy  Tierney,       Jennifer  Webster   and  Marcy  Weibe   Junior  L


eague of  Lufkin  Prov

isionals: Missy  Berry,  Beck y  Butler,  Erica  Calla ham,  Mandy  Camp Tonja  Childers,  Lesli ,     e  Day,  Mallory  Grub b,  Diana  Hineman,   Leslie  Jinkins,  Step   hanie  Love,  Emily  May,  Amanda  Mora Crystal  Thomas,  A les   shli  Yawn  and  Ambe r  Youngblood    

M-F: 8 a.m.-6:30 p.m. Saturday: 9 a.m.-1 p.m.


Junior League  of  L ufkin  Sustainers:        Vickie  Evans,  Lisa   G

riffin, Lisa  Haglund,   Karen  Harris   Ginna  Hudgens,  B eth  Jones,  Emily  J ordan,     Linda  Malnar,  Kelly  Moore,  Barbara  P eter son,     Bobbi  Robinson,     Angie  Roper,  Joy  S cott-­‐Killam,     Cathy  Todd,  Sarah  Vier,  and  Jamie  Z ayler   KTRE          

Lufkin Daily  News   Mane  Attraction  -­‐  Dora  Agudelo  &  M ary  Kennedy   Mary  &  Co.  -­‐  Melis sa  Jones   Mary's  Hair  Desig ns  -­‐  Mary  &  Donn a  Young   Moore  Bros.  Cons truction   Oral  &  Facial  Surg ery  Group  of  East   Texas,  LLP  -­‐                Dr.  Andrea  McPh illips,  MD,  DDS   Shear  Distinction   -­‐  Paige  Rhodes   Stafford’s  Barber-­‐N -­‐Beauty  For  All   Studer  Orthodontics  -­‐  Dr.  John  Studer,   DDS,  MS,  PA   Studio  319  -­‐  Rob  M oore  &  Ariel  Mund y   SuzyLou  Stationery   Stafford’s  Barber-­‐N -­‐Beauty  For  All   Tangles  Hair  Salon   -­‐  Renee  Joslin   Touch  of  Elegance  -­‐  Pat  Alderman   Translators  –  Celia  Luna,  Tina  Luna  &  Maria  Rodriguez   Ultra  Cuts  -­‐  Teri  S elf   Village  Cutting  Room  –  Joy,  Staci,  Cindi   &  Stacy   Wright  Salon  -­‐  Jess ica  Williams  

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September 2011 7

Helping Hands

Thanks to our 2010-2011 Helping Hands Campaign Partners! The Junior League of Lufkin appreciates your generous support, which allows us to give back to the women and children in our community. The 2011-2012 Helping Hands Campaign is underway and we hope to count on your for continued support.�

8 September 2011

Back to School Special

Members in the Spotlight

Can you guess the JLL member? By Elisabeth Grimes, Internal PR

1. I am a counselor at St. Cyprians and I teach both at St. Cyprians and at SFA. I have 3 wonderful kids. I bet you didn’t know that I have my PhD! 2. I am a 2001 graduate of Texas A&M with a degree in Leadership development. I am the owner and publisher of both The Journey and East magazines. I have 4 beautiful children. I bet you didn’t know my favorite placement was VP of Communications! 3. I have a sincere passion for volunteer work. I volunteer with Junior Achievement, Crimestoppers, Family Crisis Center, and the Angelina County and Cities Health district just to name a few. I love anything outdoors including hiking, fishing, hunting and more. I bet you didn’t know that I’m a pretty good cook, but don’t mess with my kitchen because I am obsessed with having it clean! 4. I am the accountant and human resources specialist for PID services. I have a wonderful husband and 2 great boys. I earned my BS and MS in accounting from Texas A&M. I bet you didn’t know that I speak French! 5. I am mom to 2 great kids. I am a professional photographer and full time student. I bet you didn’t know that I am quickly becoming a couponing queen! 6. I am a Biology teacher at LHS. My husband Ray and I have 2 great kids that are both in the PACE program. My favorite placement was Brandon HOSTS. I bet you didn’t know that I have a Bachelor of Music Education from Texas Tech! 7. I am fully licensed to help with all of your insurance needs. I am married to a wonderful man and have an 18 year old daughter. I bet you didn’t know that I wanted to be a lawyer growing up so that I could debate all of the time! 8. I am a computer programmer at Temple-Inland. I am also married to my wonderful husband Roland and have 3 great kids. I love relaxing getaways to Destin or Broken Bow. I bet you didn’t know that I’m a little OCD. I have to check my flat iron several times to be sure it is unplugged or I will worry all day! 9. I am a proud mom of 3 young adults and a teenager. You can see me on TV updating the community as the spokesperson for the Texas Department of Transportation. You should never ask me to cook, but if you need help writing an article I would love to help. I bet you didn’t know that I wanted to be a stewardess when I grew up! 10. I am a Sales Executive for DP Solutions. I am married to my wonderful husband Daniel and we have a son. I am this year’s Charity Ball chair. I bet you didn’t know that I wanted to be a teacher with a dance studio on the side when I grew up!


Donna Quarles


Kathi White


Heather Kartye



Nickie Ashby


Mendi Brent


Lora Huerta


Elizabeth Durrett


Jeanie McCusker

“Our reputation is building every day”

1000 S. Medford • Lufkin, Texas 75901 (936) 632-9847 10 September 2011


Stephanie Oliver


Vanessa Durham

Motivational Minute By Heather Kartye


he loss of a loved one often brings about a period of reflection. My husband recently lost his grandfather. The last month I’ve really thought a lot about Pawpaw’s life, as well as my own. First, let me give you a little background about the amazing man that was known as Pawpaw to so many. His parents emigrated here via Ellis Island from Czechoslovakia, or Bohemia, as Pawpaw liked to say. He grew up in St. Louis, Missouri just a few blocks from the Budweiser brewery. (He could recall prohibition and when the brewery bottled soda instead of beer.) He ended up working for a foundry in St. Louis. Because the unions there were so intense, the company decided to pack up and relocate to Texas. Pawpaw was part of the original crew that opened Texas Foundry here in Lufkin. Somewhere along the way he met the love of his life and married her on Christmas Day in 1939. They had two well-rounded boys together, attended the Episcopal Church, and truly lived the American dream. They were married 58 years before she lost her battle with cancer. I came to know Pawpaw when my husband and I began dating. I was instantly enamored and intrigued by him for several reasons. First, here was a man well into his 80’s that had a computer with the internet. It thrilled him to email jokes to his family. He was sharp as a tack on all current events and could talk politics with the best of them. And he was what my then-boyfriend/future husband would be in another 50 or 60 years; they were alike in so many ways it was uncanny. I adored Pawpaw and his passionate spirit and zest for life! With the death of someone comes the usual funeral service, food, flowers, family gatherings, etc. And of course the sorting through of all of that persons “things.” After Pawpaw’s passing, spending time in the house that he had lived in for decades, where he had raised his children, and entertained family and friends over the years, was enlightening. He was 96 years old and really didn’t have a lot of expensive “things.” And truly that was comforting to everyone because what we had suspected all along about Pawpaw was correct—he had his priorities straight and lived for all the right reasons. So why does it often take the death of someone near and dear to us to truly grasp and understand their significance on this earth? Of course we cherished Pawpaw when he was living, but now he’s gone. Each day when I pass his empty house, I think about him and the man he was and the amazing legacy he left through his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. They just don’t make them like that anymore! So throughout my reflections of Pawpaw, here are some of his qualities that I hope to someday attain:

• Be humble – Do not brag and strive to maintain strong character. Help those who are not able to help themselves, but do so out of personal satisfaction, not out of the need for recognition. • Tell the truth – It’s not always easy, but it’s the best policy. • Have faith – Trust in the Lord and the plan He has for you. Life never goes how you wanted, anticipated, or planned. But in the end, it’s far better than you could have ever imagined! • Be fair – Those that worked for Pawpaw at the Foundry all said that he was a tough boss, but he was always fair. • Love unconditionally. • Have a sense of humor. • Family first – Pawpaw received a lesson on this early in his marriage. He played golf every day after work while his wife stayed home raising their two young boys. One day he arrived home to find a suitcase packed for him on the door step. He never picked up a set of golf clubs again. And he always laughed when he told the story about his wife helping him get his priorities straight. • Be true to yourself – Even when no one else is watching, always do the right thing. • A man is only as good as his word. • Laugh – That is what Pawpaw did best! I would encourage you to reach out to your grandparents (if you are fortunate enough to still have them around) and take the time to learn something from their life experiences. Theirs is a generation that will soon be lost forever. I think you will be pleasantly surprised just how applicable their advice is to these modern times that we live in. I know that Pawpaw’s legacy lives on through those that he left behind here on earth!

Heather Kartye

Roderick of Texas

Floral Company

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September 2011 11

Camp Get Fit


By Laura Mikeal, Chair

his year’s annual Camp Get Fit/Kids in the Kitchen was held at the First United Methodist Church Family Life Center July 25th through 29th. About 50 campers, grades 3-5, attended three 45 minute sessions each day including cooking, exercise, and health awareness. The focus each day was on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. The camp ran smoothly with the help of our wonderful group of Junior League members and community volunteers. I am always amazed at how willing the community is to donate their time to help. Carol Bradley, a JLL sustainer and registered dietician, helped plan the menu and grocery list for each day’s cooking session. She also led the cooking lessons each morning. During the kitchen sessions, the campers learned to prepare and cook healthy alternatives to their favorite dishes and snacks. We focused on the importance of nutrition and helped to teach them to make better food choices. They were not always excited about the menu, but often were surprised at how much they actually enjoyed the alternative dish! Also helping out in the kitchen each day to prepare the dishes, help the campers and grocery shop were Co-Chair Monica Gunter, Angela Marcotte, Amber Wagnon, Rachelle Frankens, and I. We also had “junior helpers” Kaylee Jones and Sara Gunter assisting. Heather Slaton, Brooke Vann, and Leslie Day led the campers each day in the gym for exercise class after the morning warm up. Some of the activities included scarf tag, capture the flag, kickball, basketball, and roller skating. Rhonda Jones helped manage the campers while in the classroom sessions. Our wonderful community volunteers for the classroom included, registered dietician Amy McLeod with Brookshire Brothers, The Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Center, and dentist assistant

Amanda Johnson. Thanks also to Kim Herman for the “My Plate” presentation and Tara Watson for the “Staying Alive” presentation. In addition to the camp committee members, we were very fortunate to have Kim Herman and Emily Parks help most of the week, as well as more junior helpers Colton Herman and John West. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner as a co-chair than Monica Gunter. Monica’s help planning the camp made my job as chair so much easier; she was there in every step of the preparation. My favorite thing each year is getting to know our League members and members of the community on a more personal level. I have made new friendships and have realized again how our community truly cares about the children in Angelina County.

Laura Mikeal

714 Largent Street • Lufkin, Texas 75904 • (936) 639-1397

12 September 2011

Focus on the Community By Natalie Thornton CASA and the Junior League: A Better Reality for Our Children


ASA children are not only abused or neglected children, but they are children who were violated in their own home and then become foster children. Some of the children are placed in Residential Treatment Centers (RTCs). An RTC is a live-in facility providing therapy for behavioral problems. Residential treatment should, in many cases, be considered the “last-ditch” approach to helping a child with severe problems. However, more often than not, they are a storage facility for children in an overburdened foster care system. In rare instances, RTCs are, unfortunately, documented for additional mistreatment and abuse of these children. Many of the CASA Advocates have CASA children in these centers and make frequent visits to scared and lonely children. This is their childhood: their reality. The CASA is often the only visitor these children receive. The CASA’s are able to investigate and conclude whether or not the children are receiving proper care. There are no RTC centers in Angelina County; therefore, it is often a major trip with expenses and large allocations of time for each volunteer. CASA received a grant from The Junior League and the funds are being used to provide travel assistance to volunteer advocates who go visit these Angelina County children. CASA of the Pines appreciates the support of the Junior League for this service to the abused and neglected children.

Just this April, the CASA Traveling Memorial was set up for a ceremony in Lufkin. Each one of these frames represents a child who was a victim of an abuse fatality in 2010. These pictures tell the story of the innocent children who are no longer here with us today. CASA, along with the Junior League and its other funders, are working to eliminate this as a reality for any more children.

Natalie Thornton

CASA Executive Director

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Charity Ball Update


By Lora Huerta, Charity Ball Chair ’m writing this article just a few days after volunteering at the Back to School Bonanza. What an amazing event! Shelli, Susan, and the B2SB Committee created an inspiring event that helped over 1,000 children in Angelina County. Congratulations to you all and thank you to our supporters and our sponsors - without you we could not provide the services and supplies the children in our community desperately need as the new school year begins. It is often said that when you volunteer, you get back more than you give. I found that to be true at the B2SB. What did I receive most of all? Perspective – a nice healthy dose of it. The driving force to work so hard on Spring Market and Charity Ball, and to make them the most amazing events that we can, is to make money to fund League Projects like The Back to School Bonanza. All of our projects - Vision Screening, Camp Get Fit/Kids in the Kitchen, Middle School Volunteer Program, and all the other Community Projects where we donate our time - require money. And what better way to raise lots of money? A SPECTACULAR New Year’s Eve Ball! Our Committee has met over the summer and has started work on every aspect of the ball – the search for the perfect band, the design of the invitations, the decorations, the menu, the “Party with a Purpose” silent auction, the Grand Raffle, the advertising – everything is in full swing! Thank you Committee members for

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14 September 2011

your willingness to get an early start! And a SPECIAL thank you to our Grand Raffle Sponsors who have so graciously donated again this year – Beard Fine Jewelers, Brookshire Brothers, Lufkin State Bank, and Center for Sight – without you, we could not raise the money we need to help support our community! We appreciate you! Would you like to help with the event? Donate a creative party? Help with the planning? Do you have the perfect band for us? We’d love your input - you can call me at 414-0903 or contact one of the other committee members – my Co-Chair Tara Watkins, Stephanie Rasmussen, Vanessa Durham, Courtney Gould, April Brewer, Paula Scherry or Kathryn Williams. Our 36th annual fundraiser will be Saturday, December 31st, at Crown Colony Country Club. New Year’s Eve with the Junior League - save the date!

Lora Huerta

Charity Ball Chair

Words of Gratitude

Volunteer of the Year

Dear All, I cannot even begin to tell you how honored I felt to hear my name called as Volunteer of the Year. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to work with such a wonderful group of women. Each of us comes from various backgrounds, educational experiences and cultural perspectives, but we are drawn together with one common goal and that is to serve our community. Specifically, we strive to make a difference in the lives of the children in Angelina County. It has been my pleasure to serve you and our community and to be associated with an organization that knows the meaning of hard work and commitment to a great cause. You are a fantastic group of women who have a vision for how to change your community and more importantly, you transform that vision into reality by bringing promise and hope to many people who are in need. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this JLL organization, and thank you so much for your kindness and generosity in recognizing me for this prestigious award. It means the world to me. Yours truly,

Susan Belasco

Thank You

Thank you to the Angelina County Senior Citizens Center for their generous donation. They held a charity bridge tournament and donated the proceeds, plus a bunch of backpacks to the Back to School Bonanza.

Sustainer of the Year

September 2011 15

Sustainer News By Lisa Haglund


ow, the League did a great job organizing and working the Back-to-School Bonanza. Shelli Ellis was the chairman of the project. She and an army of active league members, and quite a few sustainers, pulled together to prepare children for learning. Some of the sustainers seen among the crew were Misty Croley, Vickie Evans, Lisa Griffin, Lisa Haglund, Karen Harris, Ginna Hudgens, Beth Jones, Emily Jordan, Joy Scott-Killam, Linda Malnar, Kelley Moore, Barbara Peterson, Bobbi Robinson, Angie Roper, Cathy Todd, Sarah Vier, and Jamie Zayler. Dot Brookshire was wearing her FUMC shirt, so she was playing a dual role. I apologize if I missed others of you that also contributed of your time. Rona and Phillip Friesen have exciting family news; John graduated with his MBA from University of Texas at Austin. He will be moving back to Lufkin in September to begin working with Phillip at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. Also, he has just become engaged to Lindsey Yantis from San Antonio and they are planning a spring wedding. So, once again Rona and the family will be enjoying wedding activities! Blake Deaton, son of Jan and Tommy Deaton, is engaged to Jayne Ann Wolsey. The Deatons (Ryan, Jennifer, Lindsay, Drew, Maggie, Jan and Tommy) met with Jayne Ann’s two brothers, one sister-inlaw and her mom and dad in Gruene, Texas where Blake asked Jayne Ann to marry him. Laura Friesen was also there for the surprise. It seems that she was the matchmaker for the couple! Jayne Ann and

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Laura Friesen were in the same sorority at TCU. Kathy and Charlie Martin are grandparents again. Their son and daughter-in-law, Ryan and Natalie Martin, are proud parents of twins. Born on May 16th, Cooper Alton weighed in at 5 pounds, 4 ounces and Katherine “Kate” Elizabeth weighed 4 pounds, 11 ounces. Even though born a few weeks early, both are healthy and doing great. Cooper and Kate join big brother Jackson, 5, and big sister Macy, who is 3 years old. Marshall McCarroll, son of Cissy and Bob McCarroll, completed an Ironman Triathlon in July in Lake Placid, New York. An Ironman is 2.4 miles of swimming + 112 miles of biking + 26.2 miles of running! Marshall lives in Saranac Lake, NY where he is the guest services director for Young Life. Cissy and Bob were able to be there to cheer him on. Additionally, they witnessed son, Brett, make a hole-in-one at Torrey Pines Golf Course in San Diego, California earlier this summer! I don’t know about you, but I get a yearning for a new box of 64 crayons with the sharpener built into the box about this time of year! No matter how old we are, we always get a sense of renewal in August and September, as the community sends educators and learners back-to-school after summer holiday. Best wishes to all for a great year.

Lisa Haglund

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Introducing the Area’s First and Only Physician Specializing in Mammography Interpretation Christopher T. Sherman, M.D., Ph.D. Board Certified Radiologist Fellowship Trained in Breast Imaging at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center At Memorial Health System of East Texas, we strive to provide exceptional care for those in our community. By offering Digital Mammography for over 3 years and now with the addition of Dr. Sherman, women can expect even more specialized care. Dr. Sherman is a Board Certified Radiologist and the only radiologist in the area to have completed Fellowship Training in Breast Imaging at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.

• Extensive clinical experience in screening and diagnostic mammography, breast ultrasound, breast MRI, breast pathology and interventional procedures.

• Training in the advanced interpretation of mammography, breast ultrasound, breast MRI and in the accompanying image-guided biopsies.

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• Education in the epidemiology, diagnosis, pathology and therapy of breast cancer including screening for breast cancer and identification patterns of recurrence of malignant breast tumors.

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