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FREE backpacks filled with school supplies, updated immunizations, dental screening, vision screening and haircuts will be available to Angelina County school-aged (PreK-12th) children who qualify. Call Buckner Children and Family Services to pre-qualify: 936-637-3300. w w w. j u n i o r l e a g u e o f l u f k i n . o rg 

T h e M ag a z ine o f t h e W o m e n o f t h e J u n io r L e agu e o f L u f k i n, Inc.

summe r 2013 V o l. XV I , N o 141

ii Summer 2013

Vol. XVI No. 141

Summer 2013

■  ■  ■ M e e t i n G R e m i n d e r !

General Meeting September 10, 2013 Social at 6:30 p.m. Meeting starts at 7:00 p.m.

Table of Contents Bulletin Board............................................................... 2 Leadership Lines........................................................... 3 Meeting Wrap-ups......................................................4-5 Council Chat.................................................................. 6 Spring Market............................................................... 7 Career Conference......................................................... 8 Helping Hands.............................................................. 9 2013-2014 Placements............................................ 10-11 Sustainers in the Spotlight..................................... 12-13 Focus on the Community............................................ 14 Words of Gratitude..................................................... 15 Sustainer News............................................................ 16 Events & Birthday Calendar....................................... 17

The Board of Directors

Communications Council V. President Communications/ Our View Editor Sharon Kruk Internal Public Relations/Website Frankie Racine External Public Relations Kim Herman Photographer/Archivist Gina Green

President.......................................................... Marcy Weibe President-Elect.................................................... Emily Parks Secretary........................................................Susan Belasco Treasurer................................................... Vanessa Durham VP Finance.................................................. Michelle Haney VP Communications........................................ Sharon Kruk VP Membership.............................................. Suzy Childers VP Community Projects....................................Shawn Dunn Strategic Development Chair............................. Mendi Brent Sustainer Advisor.........................................Bobbi Robinson Parliamentarian.......................................... Jennifer Webster Helping Hands Annual Chair.............................. Cindy Neal

Vision Statement ■  ■  ■ The Junior League of Lufkin P.O. Box 151812 Lufkin, Texas 75915-1812

■  ■  ■

JUNIOR LEAGUE w w w OF . j u nLUFKIN i o r l e a gINC. Women building better communities R

The Junior League of Lufkin welcomes all women who are committed to volunteerism. The League educates and challenges its members to be effective community leaders, advocates, and individuals. Trained volunteers and collaborators will address and respond to community needs with positive solutions. The League focus is to educate and empower individuals, primarily children, by providing the resources and tools that will address all aspects of their well being.

Summer 2013 1

Bulletin Board tes! a D e h t Save et Fit : Camp G July 22-26 onanza to School B ck a B : 3 August 10: September e year eeting of th m l ra e n e First G

Please contact Gina



or 936.229.1035 for

League events that



need a

Please contact Franki

e Racine at or 318-426-4779 with an y updates to our website or any Seat Sh eet information. Please update y our Directory fo r: Leslie Day: 106 Sand Hills Driv e; Lufkin, Texas 7 5901 Please contact Susan Belasco ( for a change of address, email address, or phone number.


Le ag ue Ba bysitters

Hannah Harris (15) 936- 639-5838 Sheridan Adair (17) 936-632-9313 Kayla Tierney (16)


Macy Rawls (16)


Haley Cordell (18)


Reece Roberts (14)

2 Summer 2013


A New Little Leaguer! William Cash Thompson Born April 20, 2013 8 lbs. 4 oz. Congratulations to Marlarie and Cody Thompson!

Leadership Lines By Marcy Weibe, President This year, this portion of our story has flown by at a pace I could never have imagined. Sometimes, it was a real page-turner…and sometimes the pace of our story seemed to slow down a bit. Regardless of the speed or pace, serving as your president has been an absolute pleasure. Thank you for instilling your trust in me. The hours and devotion you have shown our community have never gone unnoticed. We began the first chapter of this year with voting one group of Provisionals into Active Status, and we are ending the chapter of 2012-2013 by saying THANK YOU to nine women, who are going Sustainer. These women represent over 80 years of service to the women and children of Angelina County. 80 years! Their active membership spans from 1998 to today - across all of our councils, our fundraisers and our Placements (past and present). Here is our year (OUR STORY) in review... The summer was busy with Camp Get Fit / Kids in the Kitchen during a hot, but successful week in July...and then the League moved right into our 2nd annual Back to School Bonanza. Although we don’t “meet” during the summer months, many members are still hard at work planning these two projects. Both are such a joy to see in person, and I encourage you to drop in and volunteer this summer - stop by and see the good we are doing in person. We serviced 1,800 kiddos last August at our B2SB with backpacks and school supplies, dental screenings and vision screenings, haircuts, and up-to-date immunizations. Words can not describe the impact of this one-day event. Words also can not describe the heart and passion of this committee. Join us this August 3rd, and I promise you will be back every year! First United Methodist Church partners with us for both of our summer events, and we are grateful for their help and the use of the facilities. CGF / KITK and B2SB wouldn’t be the same without them! Buckner Family Place is another one - they are a HUGE help with the Bonanza and have been with us since the inception of the project. The fall brought us back together for our first meeting in September. Our children were back in school, and our lives were settling into the new routines of homework and practices and JLL committees kicking into high gear. In September we voted the 20112012 Provisional Class into Active Status and then in October, we met and welcomed the 2012-2013 Provisional Class at their very first general meeting. Our Vision Screening (with Whitney Garza), MVP (with Becky Cota) and Parent Academy (with Jeanie McCusker) committees were also busy, busy during the fall. We said hello (and goodbye) to Halloween and Thanksgiving... and before you knew it - winter was upon us! Sustainer Susan Morgan very graciously hosted us in her home for our December Social - what a great way to kick off the holidays! In January we continued our PJs & Pearls Cottage Meetings, but this year, we met in the homes of nine Sustainers, who have never lost their love for our organization…Melissa Abeldt, Jane Ainsworth, Dot Brookshire, Llewellyn Frazier, Cissy McCarroll, Debra Moore, Barbara Peterson, Janice Ann Rowe and Dana Smithhart – thank you! It was a great night for small group discussion about topics for 2013-2014. It was an opportunity to poll you guys about future fundraising endeavors and also the possibility of a Membership Points System. In January and February, we began our Big Raffle for this year with an exciting, new incentive for League members who sold the most tickets. We launched a new extension of our Helping Hands Campaign right after the first of the year as well - $20.13 in 2013. For $20.13 we can buy

and stuff a backpack for one child in Angelina County. I am excited to see this piece of our Annual Campaign grow in the years to come! Our Sprint into Spring Fun Run kicked off the spring for us - the first weekend of March was chilly, but that did not deter the spirit of our volunteers or the runners. Renee’ Robertson and her committee added a 10K race to the event, and everything went off perfectly! We had over 200 runners this year and look forward to growing the number again next spring. Since September our Spring Market committee has been working quietly in the background, but in April, they let the good times roll - Laissez le bon temps roule ~ Spring Market 2013! Melissa Roberts and her committee transformed the newly renovated and expanded Civic Center into a weekend of shopping and fun. For me this spring has been a whirlwind. Since Spring Market, we have also had our May Celebration – a big thanks to Kathryn Williams for coordinating hospitality all year, Career Conference Crystal Gann and her committee had another successful morning at LMS, and the Power Networking Breakfast in partnership with the Chamber. Your new leaders attended AJLI’s Annual Conference in Washington, DC, and Placements have been assigned and distributed for next year. Work is well underway for Camp Get Fit / Kids in the Kitchen and the Back to School Bonanza for 2013. Whew - can you believe we do all of that in one year?!?! THIS IS OUR STORY…the what ifs, the hard conversations, the successes and the failures, the page turners and the slower paragraphs. Each decision we make, each new project or fundraiser we undertake, each scholarship or grant we award, each member who joins, each member who becomes a Sustainer is a piece of our story. The past, the present and the future are our story. The brand, if you will, of the Junior League of Lufkin is more than our name and our projects and fundraisers; our brand – our story - is also compromised of emotions and memories, hard work and dedication. As I (and my color-coded emails) close the chapter of 20122013, Emily Parks and your new board of leaders are saying hello to the next chapter. I can’t wait to see what we will accomplish next! A new group of ladies will transition into chairs of our projects and fundraisers this summer, and their leadership and guidance will continue to help write the ever-evolving, ever-impressive story of JLL. We are an organization founded on hard work, and I believe we continued that this year. I am constantly, repeatedly impressed by your acts of giving. We added some pretty remarkable chapters to the story of the Junior League of Lufkin. Our story is rich; our characters are well-developed and our tradition continues. This is our story... and I thank you for allowing me to tell just a small portion of it.

Marcy Weibe

Summer 2013 3

Meeting Wrap-Ups

Volunteer of the Month

Pat on the Back Tracy Nichols march 2013

Gina Green

Jennifer Webster

march 2013

april 2013

You never see Gina Green without a smile on her face, and she truly loves giving back to this community that she and her family call home. A fellow league member and friend says, “Gina is super-organized and a very dedicated teacher; she is hardworking and definitely someone you want to be like and have working with you.” Her husband had some sweet things to say too, “She is the best mother in the whole wide world. She always enjoys doing for others more than herself. The 18 years we have been married are very special to me.” Gina’s service to the community doesn’t stop with the Junior League. Her Saturdays in the Fall are filled with Lufkin Panther Mother’s Club activities. She’s always making something for the team members and Little Panthers. And, she goes above and beyond in JLL, with a double placement! Congratulations to our League photographer and Fun Run Volunteer Recruiter, Gina Green!

Just a few words to describe Jennifer Webster, April’s Volunteer of the Month: fabulous, gorgeous, very thoughtful, very generous, big hearted, willing, creative, smart, funny, and a just plain awesome high-heel-wearing friend! Jennifer is Supergirl-there’s nothing she can’t or won’t do for her friends. She always has a clear, crisp perspective on issues and is able to see both sides. She is riotously funny and her sincere love for her friends is evident in all her interactions! Jennifer has served in many capacities in Junior League, but her numbers and dollars sense make you wonder why her favorite color is purple and not green! She has grown our investments so that our scholarships might one day fund themselves, and she took on the raffle this year in addition to her placement as parliamentarian. All that and she still finds time to serve the Swim Booster Club and serve as a member of this year’s Leadership Lufkin class. Thank you, Jennifer, for your devotion to the Angelina County community. We salute you as April’s Volunteer of the Month!



E.R. Service Pledge* *A physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner is committed to working diligently to have you initially seen within 30 minutes of your arrival. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911. Woodland Heights Medical Center is directly or indirectly owned by a partnership that proudly includes physician owners, including certain members of the hospital’s medical staff.

4 Summer 2013

66073_WHMC_ERpledge_3_625x2_25bw.indd 1

11/8/12 3:29 PM

Thank you to Tracy Nichols for her work in streamlining the placement packets.

Nancy Winston march 2013

A big thanks to Nancy Winston for the outstanding PR work she did for the Fun Run.

Lora Huerta april 2013

A big thanks to Lora Huerta for finding new grant applications!

Susan Belasco april 2013

Thank you, Susan Belasco, for all your extra help with Spring Market Publicity!

Thank you to El Chico for sponsoring the food at our March meeting! Thanks so much to our April food sponsor, Popeyes Chicken! A big thanks to Grandough Baking Company for the cookies at our March, April and May meetings! Special thanks to Alene’s for the beautiful flowers at our March and April meetings!

Meeting Wrap-Ups

Volunteer of the Year 2013 - Suzy Childers Suzy Childers goes above and way beyond when it comes to being a volunteer. She has brought new and innovative ideas to each Junior League placement she has had in order to make it even better than it was before! Suzy gives of her time and her talents over and over with her whole heart. One friend and co-worker describes her by saying, “We have more in common than business and I appreciate her independent spirit. She is both ‘gifted and talented’ and a true southern woman! I can think of no one in Angelina County who deserves ‘Volunteer of the Year’ more. She loves her God, her family and her friends…and keeps the order correct!” Suzy is also beyond talented! Her artistic ability is amazing and the Junior League of Lufkin has been lucky enough to benefit from her gift of art! The Junior League is not the only organization she pours her heart and soul into. Suzy helps others through her church by teaching Sunday School, ringing hand bells and when she donates her time on Saturday mornings to cook for and serve approximately 350 hungry people in our community that need a good meal. She also served on a mission trip to Haiti earlier this year with her church and is ready for more. Suzy’s twin sister says, “Suzy is the most extraordinary person I know. I have never met anyone quite like her. She is always giving of her time to anyone who calls and she does these things because she loves helping others. She always puts others over her own self interest. I am not surprised one bit that she is receiving this award. Her biggest fan, our mom, would be so proud!” Suzy Childers, we are proud to recognize you as JLL’s 2013 Volunteer of the Year!

Rookie of the Year 2013 - Kayla Walker Kayla Walker, Rookie of the Year, is a provisional who is hardworking, highly motivated, very upbeat, and is a great leader. Kayla’s friend says, “As a teacher, she has a huge heart. Kayla takes care of each one of her students like they are her own! She is such a great teacher and would do anything for any one of her 1st graders.” Kayla’s sister describes her, saying, “Kayla is a beautiful, vibrant woman who devotes her time to her family, friends, and coworkers. I have watched her grow into an extraordinary person and I am very proud of her.” Kayla went above and beyond during Spring Market this year as the ultimate Vendor Relations Representative and by helping in other ways… stuffing envelopes to mail to the vendors, researching potential vendors, and she stayed after Pre-Party to help set up for the luncheon. Kayla is thoughtful and served her Provisional class as President. Thank you, Kayla Walker, for your dedication and we salute you as the Rookie of the Year!

Sustainer of the Year 2013 - Kelley Moore Kelley Moore pours her heart into everything she does to help others in need. During her 11 years as an active member in the League, she served on the Museum’s Have a Hug and Super Saturdays events, served as co-chair and chair of the Tree Farm, helped with the Volunteer Celebration, was on the decorations committee for Charity Ball, was Provisional Trainer AND President Elect in the same year, then was President and Parliamentarian…but she did not stop there, she then served on the Spring Market Publicity Committee. In addition, she has been the Museum Board President and has served on other Museum committees. As a Sustainer, Kelley also helps with Vision Screening at schools and at Back To School Bonanza, and has been a model at the Spring Market luncheon nearly every year. Her work with the museum hasn’t slowed down either. Kelley is particularly passionate about raising money to fight cancer. In fact, she was the ringleader in founding the Power of Pink luncheon in memory of her mother-in-law who was a victim of breast cancer. The Power of Pink is now an annual, sold out event benefiting breast cancer research. She also took on a huge undertaking to raise money for the American Cancer Society-the Cattle Baron’s Ball. Kelley’s friends say they want to be just like her…when they grow up! They say she is the epitome of the word “grace” even under pressure. Her words are eloquent and grace-filled and her heart is made of gold and her goodness is luminous! Kelley’s husband of 20 years says, “Kelley has always put her family first and has always done what she thinks is best for all of us. We as a family believe it is very important to give to the community, especially around the Lufkin area and she has done a great job of that. If it’s volunteering at the museum, serving on a committee or board, Chairing Cattle Baron’s or just helping a friend at a time of need she is always willing and up for the challenge!”

For all that you do for the Junior League of Lufkin and the community, it is an honor to recognize Kelley Moore as the 2013 Sustainer of the Year.

Thank you to Posado’s for the delicious meal at our May Celebration! Special thanks to Main Event for letting JLL borrow the cake stand and tablecloths for our May Celebration! A big thanks to Lisa Griffin for letting JLL borrow her beautiful lanterns for our May Celebration table decorations! Summer 2013 5

Council Chat


By Hilary Haglund Walker, Chair

he Junior League of Lufkin, in partnership with the First United Methodist Church and Buckner Children & Family Services, and in collaboration with Angelina Pediatrics, The Children’s Clinic, and other community volunteers, will hold our 3rd Annual Back to School Bonanza this summer. Our big event is scheduled for Saturday, August 3, 2013, from 8am-2pm at First United Methodist Church. Buckner Children & Family Services will begin prescreening families in the coming weeks and will also be on hand the day of the event to assist with qualifying families who are not prescreened prior to the event. The Junior League of Lufkin and First United Methodist Church will provide 2,000 FREE backpacks filled with school supplies to Angelina County school children (K-12) that qualify. In addition to the backpacks, the children will receive updated immunizations (donated by the Children’s Clinic and Angelina Pediatrics); have a dental screening (provided by local dentists

and/or their hygienists) and receive a dental pack that includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and timer (donated by Dr. Fred & Lisa Griffin). All children will also receive a head lice check and will be given the chance to have their vision screened and have their hair cut, too. We have already seen what a positive impact the Back to School Bonanza has had on our community and we are committed to making it bigger and better year after year! We will be sending 15,000 flyers home with all the school children in Angelina County and we are expecting a fabulous turnout! We still need A LOT of help though. If you (or someone you know) are a hairdresser or have training in dental or vision screening and would like to help, please contact one of our B2SB sub-committee chairs below or contact me directly at 936-635-8918 or b2sbjll@gmail. com with any questions you might have regarding the event: Event Co-Chair – Tonja Childers (936-676-2514 or Dental – Stephanie Love (936-674-8031 or

Haircuts – Emily Grimes (936-240-6633 or Vision Screening – Crystal Thomas (936-366-7339 or Hair Check – Melissa Huggins (936-371-1717 or

Together, we will make a difference in the lives of the children in Angelina County!

Hilary Haglund Walker

Congratulations Memorial Health System of East Texas for being awarded the Women’s Choice Award for Outstanding Patient Experience in 2013, for the second consecutive year. The women have spoken and when it comes to healthcare for themselves or their family, Memorial is their hospital for life. Congratulations Memorial for earning the Women’s Choice Award for outstanding patient experience.

Visit us online at

6 Summer 2013

Connect to our mobile site

Spring Market By Melissa Roberts, Spring Market Chair


want to thank all of you ladies for your help during the Spring Market because without you, the Market would be impossible. I personally want to thank the Spring Market Committee. I can’t say thank you enough to each of these lovely ladies. They each were a blessing to work with this last year. Amanda Morales, Co-Chair/Vendor Relations Chair Kim Graham, Co-Chair Vendor Relations Michelle Combs, Ticket Sales Amy Jo Looney, Co-Chair Ticket Sales Donna Ross, Decorations Chair Mary Jane West, Sustainer Representative/Hospitality Chair Rebecca West, Pre-party Chair Jessica Alverson, Style Show Chair We might not have met our first goal of filling up the Civic Center with vendors, but our vendors this year seemed to be very happy with the new renovations and having their own Hospitality Room. They also loved our “Her”-A-Cane Pre-party this year as much as our shoppers did. Some vendors tripled their sales that night! One of our goals was to improve pre-party attendance and we did that! We had 196 ladies walk through the door that night! Our 3rd goal was to have more ladies attend the Luncheon/Style show. We actually had 104 in attendance, as well as actually selling out of our 128 luncheon tickets. We could not have done that without all our JLL members talking and promoting our Spring Market! Thank you!! Our 4th and final goal was to receive as many donations to cut our cost. We had some wonderful donations from Main Event, Confections, Chick-fil-A, Wal-Mart, Standpipe, Saladmaster, The Lunch Box, and

The Gourmet Potato. Please, remember to say “Thank you!” to these businesses for their special donations. With some goals being met and others not, we were still able to raise over $21,000 for our community projects. I am very proud of our Spring Market Committee for working so diligently. I know next year’s market is in good hands with Amanda Morales and her committee and I am looking forward to attending as a SHOPPER (and as an extra hand if needed). Thank you again for everyone doing their part; we might have a committee to plan things, but without the extra hands it would not be possible. Thank you again for allowing me to serve as your Spring Market Chair. May all of you have a fabulous summer and “Let the Good Times Roll!”

Melissa Roberts

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Texas State Bank

3001 S. John Redditt Dr. Lufkin, Texas 75904

936-639-6470 Summer 2013 7

Career Conference By Crystal Gann, Career Conference Chair Career Conference 2013 has ended in another huge success. Our Lufkin Middle School 8th grade had the privilege of interacting with nearly 40 business leaders in our community. College Road Trip went off without a hitch thanks to our nearly 45 Junior League volunteers that worked all stations. Heather Kartye, Co-Chair, and I would like to especially thank Vickie Evans and Suzy Jungmann. Without your help at LMS this wonderful project would not be possible. We would also like to thank all the Career Conference committee for all of your hard work and Junior League members for making this year’s Career Conference such an amazing experience for so many young people.

Crystal Gann

Hassle-free loans at great rates. A First Bank & Trust East Texas lender can assist you with a new car, truck, home or boat. Simple, convenient banking. Cindy Neal Vice President Mortgage Lending - Lufkin

Reach any of our bankers at (936) 829-4721 | 8 Summer 2013

Helping Hands

2012-2013 Helping Hands Campaign Partners Corporate Sponsors

Sustainer Partners

Brookshire Brothers Peltier Chevrolet Cadillac

Mary K. Grum

Platinum Hands-$10,000 Gold Hands-$5,000 First Bank & Trust East Texas

Blue Hands-$1,500

Johnson Pools & Spas Lufkin Coca Cola Lufkin Industries, Inc. Woodland Heights Medical Center Temple Inland

Red Hands- $1,000

Bettye & Murphy George Foundation Simon & Louise Henderson Foundation

Green Hands- $500

Abeldt’s Gaslight Pharmacy Alexander, Lankford & Hiers, Inc. Bancorp South Forestar Dr. Fred D. & Lisa Griffin, DDS Texas State Bank Winston & Denman Timber Zeleskey Law Firm

Yellow Hands- $250

The Advanced Financial Group Blithe Boutique Borgfeld & White, P.C. Brigettee and Trey Henderson The Center for Sight Chance Law Office Community Title Co. Cross Medical Ellis Chiropractic Haglund Law Firm, P.C. Popeyes Security & Guaranty Southwood Drive Animal Clinic Todd, Hamaker & Johnson, LLP Vince Treadwell, Edward Jones Investments Whataburger

Orange Hands- $100

Dream Homes & Drafting, LLC The Elite Cleaners Dr. Kyle and Becky McMorries Southern Chrysler The Very Thing Wes Combs, CRNA

Purple Hands- Advertising

Beard Fine Jewelers Amy Jo Looney, Merle Norman Cosmetics Memorial Health System of East Texas Morgan Insurance Agency Warthan Dermatology

Sustaining Hands- $1000

Serving Hands- $251-$500 LeAnne Anderson Dot Brookshire Martha Chandler Lorelle Coleman Jim & Jennifer Cumbie Llewellyn Frazier Mary Martha Henderson Kathi Johnson Junior League of Lufkin Sustainers Theresa McKewen Nancy Moore Janice Ann Rowe

Supporting Hands- $250 & under Martha and John Bates Carol Bradley Anita Caraway Barbara Carter Jean Dillahunty Rona Friesen Liz Jeffrey Hilda Mitchell Bobbi Robinson John Rudis, MD and Sharon Rudis Ann Mayo Shands Susie Shands Thalia Tierney Jetta Westerholm

Other Partners $20.13 in 2013

Dr. & Mrs. William Barrett Craig C. Bonner Rusty Brenner Del Bridges Clara E. Coziar Janice Craven Deborah Crawford Betty Emery Etech Sundance Gauthier Arlin & Mary Grimes Earl and Barbara Harris Susan Harris Shelly Hufford Cynthia Iverson Janet Miller Sarah Milligan Ron & Cathy Murdock Sammy Parks The Price Family Angela Silverthorne Ann Simpson Maurita Stark Sheila Thacker J.S. Tower Sandye & Van Vandervoort Bobbie Yawn

Summer 2013 9

2013-2014 Placements 2013-2014 JUNIOR LEAGUE OF LUFKIN COUNCIL SYSTEM JLL BOARD OF DIRECTORS President – Emily Parks Sustainer Advisor – Bobbi Robinson President-Elect- Susan Belasco Secretary-Susan Harris Treasurer – Mary Ridings Parliamentarian- Marcy Weibe V.P. Finance – Jennifer Webster V.P. Communications – Sharon Kruk V.P. Membership –Michelle Briley V.P. Community Projects – Tracy Nichols Strategic Development Chair – Tara Watson Watkins Helping Hands Chair- Melissa Roberts

V. President Communications Sharon Kruk

V. President Finance Jennifer Webster

V. President Membership Michelle Briley

Communication Chairs

Fundraising Chairs

Membership Development Chairs

Community Projects Chairs

Advisory Michelle Briley, Chair

Mendi Brent

Our View-Editor Kim Herman Our View Co-Chair/ Internal PR Frances Racine Our View Sustainer Contributor Anita Caraway External PR/ Advertising Becky Cota Photographer/ Archivist Gina Green

Treasurer Mary Ridings Assistant Treasurer Jessica Brown


Stephanie Oliver, Chair Rebecca Brightwell, Co-Chair

Hospitality Ashli Baldridge

Fun Run

Provisional Chair Chasity Gauthier

Tina McDonald, Chair Shanelle Stewart, Co-Chair

Spring Market

Amanda Morales, Chair Kimberly Graham, Co-Chair, Vendor Relations Chair Katie Saalfeld, Vendor Relations Co-Chair.

Grant Writer Diana Hineman Fundraising Research Renee Robertson

10 Summer 2013

Co-Chair & Membership Relations Chair Kathryn Williams

Helping Hands Annual Campaign Melissa Roberts


V. President Community Projects

Tracy Nichols


Back to School Bonanza

Hilary Haglund Walker, Chair Tonja Childers, Co-Chair/Chair Backpack Supply Chair Stephanie Gustafson, Co-Chair Backpack Supply Chair

Camp Get Fit/Kids in the Kitchen Heather Slaton, Chair Becky Butler,Co-Chair

Parent Academy

Amber Youngblood, Chair Elizabeth Grimes, Co-Chair

Vision Screening

Melissa Whitaker, Chair Leslie Ainsworth, Co-Chair


Mallory Muhlbach, Chair

Career Conference

Heather Kartye, Chair Carolyn Moyers, Co-Chair


Chair: Amanda Morales Co-Chair/Vendor Relations Chair: Kimberly Graham Vendor Relations Co-Chair: Katie Saalfeld Ticket Sales Chair: Amy Jo Looney Ticket Sales Co-Chair: Latoya Wesley Decorations: Jessica Alverson

Hospitality: Susan Harris* Luncheon: Rebecca West Publicity: Leslie Jinkins Pre-Party: Tyler Pavlic Style Show/Entertainment: Nancy Winston Sustainer Representative: Mary Jane West

*JLL Member volunteered for a double placement.

SPRING MARKET SUB-COMMITTEES This is in addition to the 2 hour decoration shift AND your placement. Thank you for your help on our fundraiser! Vendor Relations 1. Rolunda Coleman 2. Laci Driscoll 3. April Earley 4. Rachelle Frankens 5. Crystal Gann 6. Chasity Gauthier 7. Elisabeth Grimes 8. Emily Grimes 9. Cassell Hodges (Todd) 10. Allison Horsely 11. Tina Luna 12. Samie Montes 13. Heather Robertson 14. Renee Robertson 15. Elizabeth Simpson 16. Heather Slaton 17. Christie Todd 18. Katherine Todd 19. Kayla Walker Style Show 1. Lindsey Freisen 2. Kelly Jobe

Luncheon 1. Leslie Ainsworth 2. Becky Butler 3. Mandy Camp 4. Rebecca Davis 5. Leeanne Haglund 6. Malorie Thompson 7. Melissa Whitaker Decorations 1. Lori Bennett 2. Emily Meisel 3. Melinda Moore 4. Monica Peters 5. Abby Root 6. Ashley Self 7. Kathryn Williams Pre-Party 1. Erica Callaham 2. Tonja Childers 3. Melissa Huggins 4. Misty Zelesky

Publicity 1. Tamara Day 2. Leslie Day 3. Jenny Blackledge 4. Frances Racine Ticket Sales at Door 1. Tammi Axelson 2. Jessica Brown 3. Stephanie Gustafson 4. Diana Hineman 5. Allison James 6. Brook Vann 7. Amber Youngblood Hospitality 1. Ashli Baldridge 2. Lia Frost 3. Stephanie Love 4. Emily May 5. Tanya McDonald 6. Jennifer Molina 7. Mallory Muhlbach


Chair: Tina McDonald Co-Chair: Shanelle Stewart Sustainer Representative: Lisa Haglund

FUN RUN SUB-COMMITTEES This is in addition to the 2 hour packet pick-up shift AND your placement. Thank you for your help on our fundraiser! Registration 1. Whitney Garza 2. Hilary Walker Sponsorship 1. Becky Cota 2. Stephanie Rasmussen

Volunteer Recruitment 1. April Brewer 2. Gina Green

Public Relations 1. Michelle Combs 2. Kim Herman Race Logistics 1. Crystal Thomas 2. Carolyn Moyers

RAFFLE 2014 Chair: Stephanie Oliver

Co-Chair: Rebecca Brightwell

Raffle Volunteer Committee 1. Monica Gunter 2. Courtney Gould

2013-2014 PLACEMENTS KIDS IN THE KITCHEN/ CAMP GET FIT Chair: Heather Slaton Co-Chair: Becky Butler Sustainer Representative: Tina Turner 1. Lori Bennett 2. Becky Cota 3. Lindsey Freisen 4. Monica Gunter 5. Allison Horsely 6. Emily May 7. Brooke Vann 8. Misty Zeleskey


Chair: Melissa Whitaker Co-Chair: Leslie Ainsworth Sustainer Representative: Ginna Hudgens 1. Laci Driscoll 2. April Earley 3. Lia Frost 4. Crystal Gann 5. Jennifer Molina 6. Christie Todd 7. Katherine Todd 8. Kayla Walker 9. Sha’nin Willis


Chair: Heather Kartye Co-Chair: Carolyn Moyers Sustainer Representative: Suzy Jungmann 1. Jenny Blackledge 2. Erica Callaham 3. Rolunda Coleman 4. Rebecca Davis 5. Leslie Day 6. Elizabeth Durrett 7. Rachelle Frankens 8. Whitney Garza 9. Lindsey Goforth 10.Michelle Haney 11.Leeanne Haglund 12.Kelly Jobe 13.Samie Montes 14.Monica Peters 15.Amber Wagnon


Chair: Amber Youngblood Co-Chair: Elizabeth Grimes 1. April Brewer 2. Allison James 3. Emily Meisel 4. Melinda Moore 5. Stephanie Rasmussen 6. Abby Root 7. Ashley Self 8. Elizabeth Simpson

MVP (Middle School VolunteerProgram)

Chair: Mallory Muhlbach Sustainer Representative: Robin Flournoy 1. Cassell Hodges 2. Tanya McDonald 3. Malorie Thompson 4. Cindy Tierney

BACK TO SCHOOL BONANZA Chair: Hilary Walker Co-Chair/Chair Backpack Supply Chair: Tonja Childers Co-Chair Backpack Supply Chair: Stephanie Gustafson Sustainer Representative: Cathy Todd IMMUNIZATIONS Chair: Heather Robertson Co-Chair: Lora Huerta 1. Courtney Gould

DENTAL SCREENING Chair: Stephanie Love Co-Chair: Mandy Camp 1. Tammi Axelson

HAIRCUTS Chair: Emily Grimes Co-Chair: Tina Luna 1. Lori Bennett

HAIR CHECK Chair: Melissa Huggins Co-Chair: Frances Racine*

VISION SCREENING Chair: Crystal Thomas Co-Chair: Michelle Combs 1. Tamara Day *JLL Member volunteered for a double placement

Summer 2013 11

Sustainers in the Spotlight By Frances Racine, Internal Public Relations

Allyson Langston My Favorite Placement and Why… I’m cheating and saying I have two favorite placements because I just cannot decide. Provisional trainer was incredible—I loved, loved getting to introduce 20+ girls to the League and go through their provisional year with them. I was also blessed to form some close friendships that remain to this day. The other favorite was President. My board made everything so easy and the year was mostly fun. The way everyone stepped up and took over after Lucy’s bumpy arrival still brings me to tears if I start thinking about it. It was a true honor to serve as President of an organization that is so close to my heart and to work with all of you incredible women! Some advice for new members of the League… Try to stay focused on the big picture and remind yourself of the mission of the League. It is often easy to get caught up in the minutiae and drama that can occur when you get a large group of women together—when you are feeling that way, remember that our League is here to serve the women and children of Angelina County. The League was created to serve and we have a rich legacy of incredibly driven, hard working women who dedicated countless hours to that mission. It’s easy to get focused on the trees, but try to keep the “forest of volunteers” and community we serve in mind. Where will you continue to volunteer… I am delighted to be serving on the Board of Trustees for Lufkin ISD for the next three years, and I will continue volunteering with Cattle Baron’s and Lufkin Community Partners. Plus, I plan to help with League events. Favorite or funny memory of my time in the League… I will never forget our League hosting the AJLI President, Delly Beekman, in Lufkin when I was 38 weeks pregnant and President of the League. Stephanie Oliver ran around at 36 weeks pregnant putting together a welcoming basket for Delly and all of the Board came together—along with past Presidents—to make sure Delly was thoroughly entertained for her two night, three day stay. I was terrified my water would break at any moment! Such a proud moment to be a part of the League— and there have been many! Follies back in 2001 is also a very happy memory, as it brought together our League, our spouses, and our community.

Julianne Greak My Favorite Placement and Why… I enjoyed the challenge of chairing a new fundraiser for JLL. I have a passion for running, therefore this event was close to my heart. It was very rewarding for me to see this event be a success so that we could have a second fun run the following year. Some advice for new members of the League… Get involved. Always follow through with JLL commitments. Remember the League is counting on you. Most importantly, have fun making a difference in the community! Where will you continue to volunteer… I will continue to volunteer at my children’s school, my church and The Museum of East Texas. Favorite or funny memory of my time in the League… I enjoyed my Provisional Year. I had an awesome Provisional Trainer (Allyson Langston). I met some wonderful ladies my first year in the League that are special to me to this day!

12 Summer 2013

Cindy Neal My Favorite Placement and Why… My favorite placement was Art Camp… It is so amazing for someone like me with ABSOLUTELY NO creativity or artistic ability to see a young child’s artistic capabilities begin to blossom. It was one of the most rewarding placements I had. Some advice for new members of the League… Stay organized… Be open-minded… You will get more out of it than you ever put into it if you are volunteering for the right reasons. Where will you continue to volunteer… I hope to have time to volunteer with my church and I plan to become an active sustainer volunteer. I will continue to volunteer with the Lufkin High School Alumni Association and the Leadership Lufkin Alumni Association.

Donna Ross My Favorite Placement and Why… My favorite placement was Charity Ball. I loved every part of Charity Ball, from planning the ball to attending the event. The ladies I worked with on the committee became some of my best friends. I felt I accomplished something in the Junior League that was great for the community and had a great group of ladies that helped with that accomplishment. Some advice for new members of the League… My advice is to the new members is to get involved all the way, find your place in the league and be a leader. Where will you continue to volunteer… I plan to be more involved with my girls school, and be a part of a few organizations around town. My husband will want me to work a little as well. Favorite or funny memory of my time in the League… Which favorite or funny memory do I talk about? I guess the one that stands out is me being late for this last May meeting, that was way too funny that I missed the entire skit which included Melinda Moore who played me in the skit being late. Do you people know me or what?

Nickie Ashby My Favorite Placement and Why… I loved being involved with the vision screening committee. Giving of my time and energy to the children of Angelina County and being able to see a direct impact on their lives was so rewarding. The year that I was chair was one of the first years that we reached out to Sustainers to assist with this placement. The response was overwhelming and I am so grateful that I was able to spend quality time getting to know a number of these ladies that I hadn’t met previously. In addition, a number of my Sustainer friends answered the call to help and I will forever be grateful. Now I am looking at helping out in my new role as a Sustainer! Some advice for new members of the League… Take the time to get to know the members of your committee/placement. We all lead VERY busy lives and the tendency to run in and out just to get the “job done” is there for all of us. Slow down and take the time to develop lasting

Sustainers in the Spotlight relationships with your fellow volunteers. I have personally benefited in so many areas of my life and have wonderful friendships; many of these ladies and I would not have met except for our placement. The league has given me mentors and friends. It has blessed me! Where will you continue to volunteer… I would like to continue with vision screening if possible and anywhere else I am needed. Just ask! Favorite or funny memory of my time in the League… When we were at Garrett Primary to vision screen the sweet babies there, the room that we were in was overtaken by bees. Let’s just say that a number of my committee (myself included) spent the day swatting and generally freaking out all while trying to appear professional and in control. As soon as the room would clear of children….we would all freak out again! Ahhh…the memories!

Suzy Childers My Favorite Placement and Why… Spring Market Chair – I had a great committee, we worked hard and it paid off. Plus, I love to shop! Some advice for new members of the League… Put in the hours to serve and you’ll reap more benefits than you can imagine. Friendship, the ability to work together and raise money for your community, pride in the organization and all the good things that come from helping others. Where will you continue to volunteer… I’m headed back to Haiti this summer and I will continue volunteering at First United Methodist of Lufkin. Favorite or funny memory of my time in the League… I have tons of great memories from JLL. When I was Provisional Chair, my sweet little provisional class had a choreographed routine to the Katy Perry song, “Firework” as part of their sustainer skit. The rehearsals were hysterical but they pulled it together and did a great job “on stage!”

Donna Mathis My Favorite Placement and Why… Reservations – Charity Ball Committee Where will you continue to volunteer… Dunbar Primary

Jean Hester My Favorite Placement and Why… My favorite placement has been the Family Nights program. I really like working with our community in a “Hands On” way: serving dinner, educating them about programs within our community that they might otherwise not know, and interacting with the elementary age students. My favorite moment was when the Librarian at the Kurth Library told us she signed up over 50 new members that she had never seen before! She said that of course JLL members utilize the Library, but these were disadvantaged families that would really benefit from the opportunities they had. I was thinking, “I’ve been taking my kids there for everything from books, to computer games and even Thomas the Tank Engine playtime!!! How do people not know to utilize what our town has to offer?!?!” It made a huge connection to me, that we as Junior League Members are vessels for greatness, not by always doing EXTRAORDINARY things, but by just even showing them something another organization has to offer – especially among the disadvantaged.

Some advice for new members of the League… Get to know the ladies in the League. We are blessed to be “thrown” together as a very talented and engaging group of women. Use this opportunity to learn about these women. Use every meeting as a time to get to know 1 new person in a way that you didn’t before. Sit next to someone you may not know very well, and find out what’s going on in their world. Where will you continue to volunteer… For right now, I want to continue volunteering in my Church and with my children’s activities (i.e. PTK and Booster Clubs). Also, I want to be an active Sustainer supporting the organization in the best way possible. I want to help in a couple of years as a Sustainer Volunteer for the many wonderful committees of the League. Favorite or funny memory of my time in the League… I always heard not to join the League until I had “time.” I don’t know what everyone was talking about, because I wish I had joined earlier. I always had a blast doing anything with these wonderful ladies. I can’t think of ONE instance where there was humor or a particularly funny event, but so many of these women have a great sense of humor and are a blessing to be around, that I would have to say that EVERY time I volunteered my time, I laughed and just had a great time being around everyone.

Shawn Dunn My Favorite Placement and Why… My favorite placement was Helping One Student To Succeed (HOSTS) at Brandon Elementary. This reading assistance program through mentoring was rewarding because we worked 1-on-1 with our student and saw amazing improvements in just a semester. Each student was precious and we formed a special friendship reading together each week! Some advice for new members of the League… My advice to new members is to reach out to other members, especially those outside of your provisional class. Come early to meetings for social time and sit with someone you don’t know. There are plenty of opportunities to make new friends if you are willing to make the effort. Where will you continue to volunteer… My life after Active status with JLL will continue to include volunteering at my church, Lufkin First Assembly, where I work with Special Needs Children and serve as a Greeter. I will continue to volunteer with CASA and will soon take on my third case as an advocate for children in foster care. I am serving my first term on the MET Board and I’m looking forward to staying involved with the Sustainers of JLL. Favorite or funny memory of my time in the League… My favorite memories during my active service time were when we all came together to serve others. I remember serving at the Back To School Bonanza and seeing the smiling faces of all the kids we were helping get prepared for school. Reflecting back, I realized we are making a real difference in each child’s life, even if we are just providing school supplies or haircuts for families that might not be able to provide these things on their own. I hope each of us have many favorite memories and have those “ah-ha” moments when we realize- So THIS is why I joined the JLL.

Summer 2013 13

Focus on the Community By Sharon Shaw, Angelina County & Cities Health District

What would we do without the Junior League of Lufkin?


he Angelina County & Cities Health District has had a friend and a partner in the Junior League since 2002, with almost $30,000 of funding to a variety of programs that benefit children and families. Programs like the Tylenol / Thermometer Education Program – started in 2002, this program has provided approximately 10,000 “packets” to parents who were having their children immunized at the Health District. The packets that were exclusively funded by the Junior League, contained a forehead strip thermometer, children’s or infants Tylenol liquid, and an instruction sheet/education on how to correctly take a temperature and how and when to administer Tylenol to a child. An extremely popular program at ACCHD, as parents were very grateful for the information and the ability to care for their child – right at the time that the child may be running a fever. The Health District is still providing this service to parents. Another great ACCHD – Junior League partnership …the School Based Health Clinic – myPAC, which translates into my Place to Access Care; myPac has provided primary care services on the campus of Lufkin Middle School for the past 5 years. myPAC offers direct provision of care to students at the “largest middle school in the state,” and school nurse referral appointments for all LISD students to utilize the clinic as well. Funding from the Junior League over the past few years has assisted the clinic in the provision of primary care services to students that included sick care such as ear aches, pink eye, fever, coughs, colds and flu, injuries, physicals, referrals for mental health counseling and dental assistance. The on-campus care has made it possible for students to go back to class, and has assisted the district in increasing the attendance rate at LMS to an all time high. myPAC has continued to grow with the newest addition of the “Navigator” program in 2012 that provides health care management to ALL Angelina County school students. This program provides families assistance with Medicaid and CHIP enrollment, pharmaceuticals, referrals to mental and dental care, and referrals to primary and specialty care physicians when necessary. myPAC – my Place to Access Care – has truly become a source for kids to get the healthcare they need.Thanks

Junior League of Lufkin for your support.

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10/10/2012 6:00 PM

Words of Gratitude Junior League of Lufkin presents

Camp Get Fit And

An educational camp focusing on the importance of good nutrition and physical activity.

When & Where:

July 22-26, 2013 9:00am –12:00pm First United Methodist Church Christian Life Center Who: Open to students entering grades 3-5 $10 Camp Fee, Scholarships available Watch the JLL website for registration info! Campers will be divided into three groups. Each group rotates through three 45 minute sessions each day that include cooking, exercise, and health awareness. The focus each day is on the importance of making lifelong healthy choices.

Amy Jo Looney

The Energy Flows Through Us


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Since 1902

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Summer 2013 15

Sustainer News By Patti Smithhart SUMMER IS CALLING!!!!!! She’s getting louder and louder! Soon it will be time for back yards, beaches, ball parks, and family vacations. We never lose the excitement of approaching summer. I hope yours is filled with fun and relaxation. Since my last column, we’ve been busy! In March we gathered for our annual spring social. We partied at the Courtyard by Marriott, a lovely facility. A big thanks goes out to Judy Perry, Barbara Ferguson, and Jan Paxson. These ladies planned a very pleasant evening for us. In April we hosted our Sustainer Emeritus luncheon. Our emeriti were served a very feminine and delicious meal in the home of Ann Watson. Also helping with the luncheon were Bobbi Robinson, Melissa Abeldt, Judy Perry, and Linda Malnar. This new “tradition” for our league is one of my favorites. We are all “standing on the shoulders” of these long-serving ladies. They so deserve our respect and honor. Also in April, JLL held its annual Spring Market with which many Sustainers helped. Mary Jane West served again as Sustainer Representative on the Spring Market team. Mary Jane agreed to be in charge of the hospitality room for the vendors. This is actually a job for an active member, but since no one stepped up, Mary Jane took the responsibility- a big one! We Sustainers are proud of her for being such a willing worker! Thanks to all Sustainers who worked or just attended Spring Market. Special thanks to these Sustainer workers: Kathy Sample, Lisa Haglund, Debbie Lloyd, Tina Turner, Ginger Bates, Rita Rush, Tracy Portwood, Terri Thigpen, Ann Watson, Vickie Evans, Terri Zeleskey, E’Lisa Hurst, Ginna Hudgens, Virginia Winston, and Jamie Zayler. If you were there, you helped with the League’s largest fund raiser! May brings Career Conference. This year it was on Friday, May 10. This is a very fun day for the middle-schoolers, and for the League workers. It is one of my favorites! Sustainers helping with Career Conference 2013 were Bobbi Robinson, Debbie Jackson, Tina Turner, Vickie Evans, Suzy Jungmann. Time for a flash back. Last August, a group of Sustainers worked the League’s Back to School Bonanza. This event is a wonderful service to our community. It has grown in scope and size with each year that passes. Cathy Todd has served as Sustainer Representative for a couple of years now, and will do so for next year. Those Sustainers helping last August were Thalia Tierney, Vickie Evans, Susan Simpson, Bobbi Robinson, Sally Alvis, Doran Gipson, E’Lisa Hurst, Karen Harris, Misty Croley, Kathi Johnson, Carol Moore, and Bridget Grubb. Several of these ladies worked testing vision. They are members of the eye testing team. Our Sustainer of the Year for 2013 is Kelley Moore. Kelley is such a deserving recipient! She continues to work in our community to make this a better place for everyone to live. Congratulations Kelley!!! Our JLL Sustainer Scholarship was awarded this year to Morgan VanSchoubroek, a graduating senior at Lufkin High School. Bobbi Robinson presented the scholarship, and she says that Morgan is a lovely girl who is very appreciative of these funds. What a great use of our money!! Mary Jane West has taken on the job of organizing the League office. As many of you may know, it is often a storage place. This leads to lots of things which are randomly thrown in. We appreciate Mary Jane for tackling this job! We will all benefit

16 Summer 2013

from her work. If you have records or memorabilia which need to find a home in the League office, call Mary Jane West at 6345080; or e-mail her at Barbara Peterson, Sustainer Parliamentarian, has agreed to take on a job we have not had before. Some of us were talking about how nice it would be to have a system in place for acknowledging concern for our fellow Sustainers. If you know one of our number who is ill, or who has suffered a loss in her family; please contact Barbara Peterson at 635-6689. You may call or text. She will then send a card on our behalf. I think this is a personal touch which we all can appreciate. Thank you Barbara! Opportunities for volunteering this summer are: Kids in the Kitchen/Camp Get Fit • July 22-26 • 9am-Noon Contact Robin Flournoy • 422-9953 • Eye Testing training in August Contact Ginna Hudgens • 632-5865 • Back to School Bonanza in August Contact Cathy Todd • 632-5175 • Ladies, several of the League’s projects have grown to the point that they literally could not be done without Sustainer help. What glowing testament to success…and proof of how much we are needed!! Please consider involving yourself in one or more of these efforts. You have so much to offer!! Enjoy your summer…..see you in the fall,

Patti Smithhart

Events & Birthday Calendar

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Camp Get Fit/ Kids in the Kitchen

Camp Get Fit/ Kids in the Kitchen

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Camp Get Fit/ Kids in the Kitchen


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Camp Get Fit/ Kids in the Kitchen

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31Suzy Jungmann Jamie Zayler

Summer 2013 17

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P.O. Box 151812 Lufkin, Texas 75915

Permit No. 45 Lufkin, TX

M i s s i on S tat e m e n t The Junior League of Lufkin is an organization of women committed to promoting volunteerism and to improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

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