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Provisionals 2010-2011

Back, L to R: Stephanie Love, Nancy Winston, Stephanie Gustafson, Melissa Radke, Emily Grimes, Leslie Day, Kimberly Doyle, Amber Youngblood, Kelli McCollum, Misty Zeleskey, Mallory Grubb, Renee’ Robertson, Amanda Morales, Tammi Axelson, Becky Cota, Karen Runnels, Amy Jo Roland, Tina Luna Not pictured: Chasity Gauthier, Kelli Slaga, Melissa Whitaker

w w w. j u n i o r l e a g u e o f l u f k i n . o rg 

T h e M o n t h ly M ag a z i n e o f t h e W o m e n o f t h e J u n i o r L e ague of Lufkin, Inc.

OCT O b e r 2 0 1 0 Vol. XVI, No 126

ii October 2010

Vol. XVI No. 126

October 2010

■  ■  ■ M e e t i n G R e m i n d e r !

General Meeting Tuesday, October 12, 2010 Museum of East Texas *Remember to wear your name tag for an awesome door prize!

Table of Contents Bulletin Board................................................................... 2 Leadership Lines............................................................... 3 Volunteer of the Month/Pat on the Back.......................... 4 Charity Ball/Simply Done................................................ 5 MVP/Vision Screening..................................................... 6 A Word of Advice............................................................. 7 Helping Hands.................................................................. 8 2010-2011 Provisional’s............................................10-12 Take A Time Out............................................................. 13 Provisional Ropes Course............................................... 15 Sustainer News............................................................... 16 Events & Birthday Calendar........................................... 17

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JUNIOR LEAGUE w w w OF . j u nLUFKIN i o r l e a gINC. Women building better communities R

President........................................................ Allyson Langston President-Elect.................................................. Jennifer Webster Secretary................................................................Marcy Weibe Treasurer.............................................................. Reba Squyres VP Finance.......................................................... Ashley Bowers VP Communications.......................................... Julianne Greak VP Membership...................................................Susan Belasco VP Community Projects.......................................... Shelli Ellis Strategic Plan.................................................. Stephanie Oliver Parliamentarian................................................... Cindy Tierney

Vision Statement The Junior League of Lufkin welcomes all women who are committed to volunteerism. The League educates and challenges its members to be effective community leaders, advocates, and individuals. Trained volunteers and collaborators will address and respond to community needs with positive solutions. The League focus is to educate and empower individuals, primarily children, by providing the resources and tools that will address all aspects of their well being.

October 2010 1

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47   5/634-2 Alvis 16 635-859 10 atherine 13 /676-64 5 Anna C 3 3 -3 is 4 2 8 Alv th e b 4 a 1 9 Elis 634-588 69 ates 14 /637-70 Jacie C man 40-1958 le 2 o C n 5 1 4 Ashly 7 7 n -0 671 Dorma 16 7 Mallory 414-643 ast 15 Emily E -5838 9 3 y 6 ra G 14 7 Krysta 875-639 Harris 17 Hannah 783 -5 5 ia c 7 u 8 L 507 15 4/212-1 Lyndsey 637-252 tcliff a R 5 1 ty a 4 K 676-333 awls 13 4 Macy R 212-273 berts o R e 5 s 1 e 5 Re 676-403 rney ie T 6 la 1 y Ka s te a Y y Am

WOW! The League is now able to accept debit or credit cards! See Jennifer Webster, Reba Squy res or Michelle Haney at the Octobe r meeting to pay yo ur $50.00 mandatory fundraisi ng fee. We currently ac cept Visa and Mastercard and are working on Amex. 

Please contact D onna Quarles (d onna@ m or 936.240.29 92 ) for any League events th at need a Photog rapher

Welcome Provisionals!! We are looking forward to seeing you at the October meeting!

Change of Status

Members on Leav e: Jennifer McCall Amber Wagnon

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Members Onlyand

bsite section of our we s link click on the Forum and register

Night” y l i m a F “ Dates for Coston

at ber 16th m e v o fkin N , nton, Lu e Tuesday r T 7 0 7 ar y, rrett Element 4th at Ga 2 h c r a ufkin ,M Thursday 07 Kurth Drive, L ar y, 5 Element

r RemindDeon e–

r T hank you to ou Floral Sponsor!

October Simply Boo Baby items & Zoo Candy.

Thank you to our October food Sponsor!

Special thanks to the Museum of East Texas Board for the hosting th e September Reception.

Roderick of Texas

Nancy Winston with The Very Thing!

be@ Weibe at mvwei cy ar M t ac nt co Please s, email change of addres for a e number address, or phon

Law Firm PLLC

Additional Offices: Nacogdoches, Texas and Livingston, Texas

2 October 2010

Leadership Lines By Shelli Ellis


s our JLL year is off to a great start, I would like to thank each one of our members (both past and present) who have put long, tireless hours into helping build the League into what we have today. We are truly blessed with a wonderful group of diverse ladies that have made and will continue to make a difference in Angelina County. Each one of us has commitments outside of the League … our church, husband, children, school, work and/or friends, but we come together to give of ourselves and our time to help make a difference in someone else’s life. This year, the Board adopted the simple motto of “Here to Serve” and I want each of you to know what you do within the League does make a difference in someone else’s life. From the child who has his/her vision screened and is now able to obtain glasses so he/she can see to the numerous backpacks that were delivered to the ACE campus (LISD Alternative) that help provide food for a hungry child over the weekend from school. Recently, my husband shared with me an illustration that he used in a Sunday School lesson -- “When you have one horse pulling, it can pull up to 2,500 pounds, but when you team two horses together they can pull up to 12,500 pounds.” I’m thankful for the team of wonderful women we have in the Junior League of Lufkin and when we come together, working

Roderick of Texas

Floral Company

Phone: (936) 639-2961 Cell: (936) 414-0555

as a team, we are able to make a greater difference in someone else’s life! I look forward to working with each of you this year!

Shelli Ellis

Serve We are here to serve; or you can call it give. To bless others with our skill. T here are things that I can do; that you may not be able to do too. And in return it’s the same, it’s things you do, that I can’t fame. We are here to serve; our time to give, to bless others with our skills. And sometime it may not be your skill; just volunteer to help the ill. To hold a baby in neonatal; your warmth, your touch, to rock and cradle. To volunteer to serve a meal; at a shelter, our services give. To help the weak up life’s hill, we are here to serve and give. When our volunteer day is done; it didn’t cost money from anyone. Our service, we did for free, the cost was time of you and me. But in reality we did get paid. T he love we feel, because we gave. By Phyllis Strong

2610 S. John Redditt Lufkin, TX 75904

Rod Puryear Owner

October 2010 3

Volunteer of the Month/Pat on the Back Volunteer of the Month

Pat on the Back Award

Julianne Greak

Keela Morgan

Julianne Greak was presented with the September Volunteer of the Month award for her outstanding service and strong commitment to the Junior League and to the community. She has worked hard in all her placements over the years but this year she worked extremely hard to reinvent our JLL website. She spent many hours coordinating with the webmaster making the sight more user friendly for our members and more visible to the public. Thank you Julianne!

Keela Morgan deserves a pat on the back for her outstanding service in coordinating, implementing and successfully completing her placement last year. She is a member who always has a smile on her face and a kind word on her tongue. Thank you for the wonderful job you did with Career Conference.

Injuries & Illnesses Injuries & Illnesses

Injuries & Illnesses Injuries & Illnesses Injuries & Illnesses Antibiotics & Shots On-Site Digital X-Ray On-Site Digital X-Ray Antibiotics & Shots Antibiotics & Shots On-Site Digital X-Ray Urgent Asthma & Allergy Treatment Urgent Asthma & Allergy Treatment On-Site Digital X-Ray On-Site Digital X-Ray Injuries & Illnesses Lacerations & Broken Bones Urgent Asthma & Allergy Treatment Lacerations & Broken Bones Injuries & Illnesses Urgent Asthma & Allergy Treatment Injuries & Illnesses UrgentInjuries Asthma&&Illnesses Allergy Treatment Antibiotics & Shots Lacerations & Broken Bones Urgent On-Site Lab Urgent On-Site Lab Antibiotics & Shots Lacerations & Broken Bones Injuries & Illnesses Antibiotics & Shots Lacerations & Broken Bones & Shots On-Site Digital X-Ray UrgentAntibiotics On-Site Lab On-Site Digital X-Ray Urgent On-Site Lab Antibiotics & Shots On-Site Digital X-Ray UrgentOn-Site On-SiteDigital Lab X-Ray Urgent Asthma & Allergy Treatment Urgent Asthma & Allergy Treatment On-Site X-Ray UrgentDigital Asthma & Allergy TreatmentInjuries & Illnesses Urgent Asthma & Allergy Treatment Lacerations & Broken Bones Lacerations & Broken Bones Injuries & Illnesses Urgent Asthma AllergyBones Treatment Antibiotics & Shots Lacerations && Broken Lacerations & Broken Bones Urgent On-Site Lab Livingston Lufkin Urgent On-Site Lab Nacogdoches Antibiotics & Shots Livingston Lufkin On-Site Digital X-Ray Lacerations & Broken Nacogdoches Urgent On-Site Lab Bones 888-634-DOCS (3627) Lab Urgent On-Site 634-DOCS (3627) opens 888-634-DOCS (3627) Livingston 634-DOCS (3627) Lufkin opens Nacogdoches On-Site Digital X-Ray On 190 Across Between Livingston(3 November Urgent Asthma & Allergy Treatment Lufkin Urgent On-Site Lab Sam’s and Nacogdoches On 190 Across 888-634-DOCS Antibiotics & Shots Antibiotics & Shots

Between Sam’s and Tractor Supply Tractor Supply

4 October 2010

634-DOCS November Lufkin(3627)

opens Nacogdoches Walmart

2010 634-DOCS opens UrgentBetween Asthma &(3627) Allergy Treatment Walmart Sam’s and 2010 November 634-DOCS (3627) Lacerations & Broken Bones opens Between and TractorSam’s Supply Tractor Supply

Between Sam’s and Lacerations & Broken Bones Tractor Supply Urgent On-Site Lab

November 2010 November 2010 2010

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Charity Ball/Simply Done Charity Ball

Simply Done


ake a moment to reflect on these questions: In regards to the Charity Ball, have you ever. Attended? Or Helped decorate? Perhaps donated an auction item? Or bought a raffle ticket? And even cleaned up the day after?    If you answered yes to any of these questions, you belong to a club of thousands; individuals who have worked for the past 35 years (yes, that is 35 years) to make the Charity Ball a huge success and a wonderful legacy.    Lora and I are both humbled to have the distinct honor of working tirelessly with the committee and the entire JLL to bring yet another wonderful Charity Ball to our community.  We can’t wait until the official unveiling.  The entire committee is counting the days until October 12th and we promise fun and excitement!  The unveiling is already planned, and trust us, you do not want to miss the October meeting!!   In addition, if you did answered “yes” to any of those previously mentioned questions, a huge thanks to you on behalf of the entire Charity Ball Committee.  For each minute and dollar that was designated to past Charity Balls, our community became the direct benefactor of your generosity.    See you at the October 12th unveiling!

Natalie Thornton & Lora Huerta

Charity Ball 2011 Chair and Co-Chair


By Susan Harris, Simply Done Chair hank you SO much for your generosity with our September Simply Done project. Our second project this fall will benefit the Rainbow Room. This agency is always in need of baby/toddler items for the families that they work with.  Many times when caseworkers go to the homes, the children do not have even the most basic of items that they need. As you are out and about this month, please remember to pick up one of these items.  Even better, if you have gently used baby or toddler clothes, shoes, or blankets, bring those. I know many of us have young children and would love to donate the clothes your babies have outgrown.  This does NOT need to be a financial burden! We ask that you pick up one item and bring to the October meeting.  If you would like to buy more, it will always be appreciated.  I know that the Rainbow Room will be so grateful for what we will donate. Items that they can always use: diapers, baby wipes, baby clothes/sleepers, baby blankets, bottles, diaper rash cream, formula, toddler clothes/shoes, baby and toddler toys...any other baby items that you would use, I know they could use! As part of our Simply Done project, the League will have a booth at Zoo Boo. We are asking that each member bring a bag of wrapped candy to the October meeting. In addition, we will be asking for volunteers to run the booth.   Thanks in advance for helping with our October Simply Done project!

Susan Harris, Rhonda Cates, Allison James

Simply Done Committee

Visit our NEW website at

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Proud Sponsors of the Junior League of Lufkin & Changing the Path – a support  program for families affected by Autism.

Proud Sponsors of the Junior League of Lufkin & Changing the Path – a support  program for families affected by Autism.

October 2010 5

MVP/Vision Screening



By Rhonda Jones, MVP Chair

he Middle School Volunteer Program began the new school year with a “Back to School Rally” on Friday, August 27 and Thursday, September 2. We had a great turnout and look forward to our 6th, 7th, and 8th graders becoming a part of our volunteer program. We have several projects already scheduled for the fall and are excited about these young volunteers being involved in our community. Our first volunteer project was Saturday, September 25, from 9:00 am - noon at the American Legion for “Because We Care”. On October 30th ,we will help at the Museum of East Texas with the Pumpkin Patch/Party. In November, we will decorate ornaments that will be displayed on the MVP Christmas Tree at the Museum of East Texas. To finish out 2010, the MVP will assist with the Santa Express, along with the Texas Forestry Museum, on December 4th, and also wrap gifts at the Lufkin State School in December. The MVP committee is still working on projects for the spring, but we anticipate it to be a list of rewarding activities for our volunteers. MVP committee members for 2010-2011 are Anita Boyd, Rose Johnson, Hilary Walker, and Rhonda Jones (Committee Chair). For more information about MVP, please contact Rhonda Jones at MVP is a wonderful way for our youth to experience what it takes to be a volunteer, the importance of commitment, and the understanding that at this age they can make a difference in their community. If you know of any 6th, 7th, or 8th graders in Angelina County that may be interested in being involved and are not already signed up, please let us know.

Rhonda Jones

Don’t just dream about retirement.

Plan For It. Vince Treadwell, CFP® 321 S. First St. Lufkin, Tx 75901 (936) 634-6116

6 October 2010 Member SPIC

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Vision Screening


By Nickie Ashby, Vision Screening Chair

or the vision screening committee of the Junior League of Lufkin, “Beauty is in the EYE of the beholder” is especially true. We think that “beauty” is helping our children see the world with perfect vision. Our committee has the unique privilege of working one-on-one with a large percentage of the students in Angelina County. We are so blessed! Many times vision problems in children remain undetected and can lead to hardships in the classroom, or worse, serious eye problems later in life. The vision screening committee has partnered with the school nurses of LISD, St. Cyprians, Pineywoods Academy and Peavy Primary to assist in chart screening these students. The State of Texas requires that all students in Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st grade, 3rd grade, 5th grade, 7th grade, and all new students that have moved into the school for the current year, have their vision tested. This is where we come in! We began the year with a wonderful, informative training by Edee Crosmann from the Texas Health Department. She taught us all the ins-and-outs of chart screening so we would be prepared to go out into the field and aid these children. I was completely overwhelmed by the number of actives and sustainers that came to be trained and help out this rewarding placement. We had 26 women at the training – the most ever to attend! My sincere gratitude goes out to them: Tracy Nichols, Michelle Combs, Tamara Day, Claudia DeArmond, Whitney Garza, Julianne Greak, Allyson Langston, Melissa Whitaker, Melissa Roberts, Shelli Ellis, Keela Morgan, Tracy Jerke, Lorelle Coleman, Karen Harris, Sharon Kruk, Jennifer Webster, Barbara Peterson, Dessa Glass, Ginger Bates, Ashley Bowers, Jane Ainsworth, Lisa Griffin, Elisa Hurst, Kathi Johnson and Michelle Haney. In addition, a number of women who were not able to attend the training but have committed to helping include: An Sweeny, Melanie Sanders, Mary King, Callie Winston, Kelly Moore, Ginna Hudgens, April Brewer, Stephanie Rasmussen, Lindsey Goforth, and Cindy Neal. What a fabulous group of women! We kicked off our placement this week by visiting Slack Elementary and Burley Primary. In just two days, we screened 648 children for eye problems and found 126 children that need additional screening by either the school nurse or a doctor. What a difference we have already made in these young lives! As the year begins, I am excited about this partnership between our schools, children and our wonderful JLL women. I’m honored to be a part of such an outstanding group of women committed to enhancing the lives of Angelina County children. Thanks again to all of you who believe that beauty is in the EYE of the beholder!

Nickie Ashby

A Word of Advice


By Laci Discoll

he average person has approximately 100,000 hairs on their head, therefore its not surprising that it is one of the first things that you notice about someone. Styles, products, and looks are constantly changing and improving and you certainly don’t want to be left behind. Our hair is bombarded with chemicals from shampoos, conditioners, colorings, and products. It faces wind, sun, humidity, blow dryers, flat irons and much more. So what advice can I give that will help you keep your locks as healthy and beautiful as possible? The first step is to determine what type of hair you have; thick, medium or thin; dry, normal or oily; straight, wavy or curly? To determine the fullness you can pull your hair up and if a ponytail will only wrap around it once then you have thick hair, two or three times you have medium, and three or more then you are considered to have thin hair. The rule of thumb typically is if your skin is dry, normal, or oily then your hair will be also. This would be at your scalp where your hair is in its true form not necessarily the body or ends of the hair where it is environmentally influenced. You can tell just from looking at your hair if it is straight, wavy or curly. These will all be very important things to know in order to select the right products for your hair. Stylist will probably all agree that the way your hair looks and feels is greatly determined by the products that you use. Dry hair: shampoo every other day or at night to allow time for your hair to air dry. When hair is already dry a blow dryer and hot tools each day can be very unkind to your tresses. Normal hair: shampoo according to the circumstance. For example, wear it straight on the day you shampoo and try curling it or pulling it up on the next day. Oily hair: cleanse daily due to the heavy look that oily hair often gets. Try Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo. This is a dry shampoo that comes in a spray and is great at absorbing excess oils and leaving

your hair with a fresh smell. Color-treated hair responds well and last longer if you choose professional products that will help repair hair and lock color in such as Pureology. Once cleansed your hair needs certain products to achieve the look you desire. Start off with a great root pump to give you that fullness at the scalp such as Big Sexy Root pump plus or Lemon Grass Root Lift. Hair that is fine and limp will require a product to thicken and volumize such as Freak of Nature by Love Peace and The Planet or Sebastian Texturizer. Hair that is dry and porous does really well with a smoothing product such as S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer or Agadir Argan Oil to hydrate. Now for the blow out!! This will influence the way your hair looks for the rest of the day or two so take your time!! The blow dryer, brushes, and hot tools that you use are crucial in the health of your hair. Once your hair is 70% dry, part into sections for easier styling. Very thick and curly hair tends to do better with harder bristles such as the go2 ionic paddle brush or the Cricket Technique Thermal brushes. A boar bristle brush such as the Spornette collection is great for fine or thin hair. Round brush hair away from the root to create volume with a shot of hairspray on the root as you dry for added fullness. Once dry spray with a thermal protector before using your flat iron or curling iron and finish off with a little After Party by Bed Head for shine. Give it a final spray with maximum or flexible hold spray and you will look like you just stepped out of the salon!!!

Laci Discoll

Studio 319 (936)699-4515

Samie Montes

Creativity by Samie (936) 366-2590 October 2010 7

Helping Hands 2010 – 2011 Helping Hands Campaign Partners Corporate Partners

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Gold Hands - $5,000 Memorial Health System of East Texas The Journey Magazine Urgent Doc

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Fall Special

2010-2011 Provisionals Tammi Axelson

Spouse: Chris Axelson Children/Ages: Raelynn 11 years old (stepdaughter) and Cole 22 months Occupation: Social worker/homemaker Dream career: Not working! Hobbies: Reading, shopping, traveling Favorite volunteer activity: Rainbow Room and Camp Sol Favorite way to spend a day: Sleeping in, the spa, and time alone with my spouse Favorite author: Francine Rivers Favorite vacation spot: Fiji Most people don’t know that: I swore I would never live in a small town (and now I do!)

Becky Cota

Spouse: Kevin Cota Children/Ages: Josh 13 years old and Andrew 2 years old Occupation: 2nd grade teacher Dream career: Master teacher Hobbies: Reading and spending time with family Favorite volunteer activity: Anything that brightens a child’s life Favorite way to spend a day: At the beach with my family Favorite book & movie: Dirty Dancing Favorite vacation spot: Jamaica Most people don’t know that: I grew up in Wisconsin

Leslie Day

Spouse: Patrick Day Children/Ages: Taylor 16 months Occupation: 4th grade teacher Dream career: Personal shopper/stylist Hobbies: Reading, shopping, and hair bow making Favorite volunteer activity: Anything with kids! Favorite way to spend a day: Taking a long nap during a rain storm and playing with my daughter Favorite book & movie: Mark of the Lion series/ Pretty Woman Favorite vacation spot: Hawaii Most people don’t know that: I can fit a whole cupcake in my mouth. Song that best describes you: Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Kimberly Doyle

Dog: Stuart 4 years old (Westie) Occupation: Special Education Teacher at Anderson Elementary Dream career: Food/Restaurant Critic Hobbies: Reading and running Favorite volunteer activity: Relay for Life, Cancer Awareness Favorite way to spend a day: Watching Lifetime movies and relaxing Favorite book & movie: The Goonies and Garder State/ Twilight Series Favorite vacation spot: Any beach, most recently Dominican Republic Most people don’t know that: I have lived in Texas, New York and Montana Song that best describes you: Independent Woman by Destiny’s Child

Chasity Smith Gauthier

Spouse: Sundance Gauthier Children/Ages: Expecting in 2011 Occupation: Elementary Teacher Dream career: To own a Bed & Breakfast Hobbies: Reading, working with kids and cooking Favorite volunteer activity: Relay for Life Favorite way to spend a day: With family or friends Favorite book & movie: Oh the places you’ll go! By Dr. Seuss/Grease Favorite vacation spot: Beach Most people don’t know that: I’m a cancer survivor! Song that best describes you: Tough by Craig Morgan

Emily Grimes

Occupation: 2nd grade teacher at Burley Elementary Dream career: Part time Pre-K4 teacher or volunteer full time Hobbies: Swimming, reading, and spending time with friends and family Favorite volunteer activity: Going to Camp with the youth at church Favorite way to spend a day: At the lake with friends Favorite book & movie: Sweet Potato Queen book series Favorite vacation spot: Relaxing at the beach or lake Most people don’t know that: I had straight hair as a kid and I went to college in Corpus Christi. Song that best describes you: Girls just wanna have fun

Mallory Grubb

Occupation: 1st Grade Teacher Dream career: Boutique owner Hobbies: Shopping, reading, and working out Favorite volunteer activity: Anything with kids Favorite way to spend a day: Relaxing by the lake Favorite book & movie: Random Family/Shag Favorite vacation spot: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Most people don’t know that: I love the grocery store. Song that best describes you: I’m a little more country than that.

Stephanie Gustafson

Spouse: Guy Gustafson Children/Ages: Devin 12 years old, Sydney 11 years old, and Logan 8 years old Occupation: Orthodontic Assistant, Owner/Trainer of Lufkin Boot Camp Dream career: Jillian Michaels – Workout Mama!! Hobbies: Scrapbooking and working out Favorite volunteer activity: Working with children Favorite way to spend a day: Reading by the pool Favorite book & movie: Back Roads – Tawni O’dell/Aladdin - Disney Favorite vacation spot: Cozumel, Mexico Most people don’t know that: I’m from Minnesota

The Junior League of Lufkin appreciates the support of Lufkin Industries

M-F: 8 a.m.-6:30 p.m. Saturday: 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

936-639-2346 200 Gaslight Blvd. Lufkin, Texas • Compounding Pharmacy • City-Wide Delivery • Jobst Supporting Stockings • Mastectomy Fitting Room • Diabetic Supplies

10 October 2010

• Therapeutic Shoes • Wheelchairs/Walkers • BCBS Provider & most insurances accepted

2010-2011 Provisionals Stephanie Love

Fiancé: Travis King Dream career: Treasure Hunter Hobbies: Shopping, socializing, gardening, cooking, and planning fun things Favorite volunteer activity: Working with children and the less fortunate Favorite way to spend a day: Relaxing at the beach, lake, or pool Favorite book & movie: Modern Girls Guide to Sticky Situations/ Into the Blue Favorite vacation spot: The Caribbean and England Most people don’t know that: I have dual citizenship (American/British) Song that best describes you: Smile by Uncle Kracker

Tina Luna

Spouse: Nolberto Luna Children/Ages: Nolberto 15 years old and Andres 14 years old Occupation: 1st grade teacher Dream career: Personal shopper Hobbies: Reading Favorite volunteer activity: Football Mom! Favorite way to spend a day: Relaxing around the house with boys, puppy, family Favorite book & movie: Mixed Blessings/ Urban Cowboy Favorite vacation spot: Disney Most people don’t know that: I have a business degree Song that best describes you: Girls just want to have fun!

Kellie McCollum

Spouse: Warren McCollum Children/Ages: Madeline 6 years old and Beth Anne 4 years old Occupation: Stay at home mom and volunteer Dream career: Personal Financial Planner Hobbies: Reading, shopping and internet Favorite volunteer activity: CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) Favorite way to spend a day: Day trip with Warren without kids! Favorite book & movie: The Thornbirds/Under the Tuscan Sun Favorite vacation spot: New York Most people don’t know that: I’m an only child Song that best describes you: Daughters – Loudon Wainwright

Amanda Morales

Spouse: Joe Morales Children/Ages: Emily 13 years old and Olivia 19 months Occupation: Teacher Dream career: Doctor Hobbies: Reading, shopping and spending time with family Favorite volunteer activity: Coaching UIL Favorite way to spend a day: Waking up late, grilling and watching a movie Favorite book & movie: Dear John and too many movies to list Favorite vacation spot: Anywhere that has a beach Most people don’t know that: I cannot sing Song that best describes you: The house that built me by Miranda Lambert

Melissa Radke

Spouse: David Radke Children/Ages: Remi 4 years old and Rocco 2 years old Occupation: Writer, public speaker, and Cat Wrangler (AKA – stay at home mom) Dream career: Traveling full-time for speaking and having a book signing at Borders with a line that wraps around the building. Hobbies: Reading, writing and reality TV Favorite volunteer activity: My church! My church! My church! Favorite way to spend a day: Chocolate chip cookie dough and a Golden Girls marathon Favorite book & movie: The Kite Runner/While you were sleeping Favorite vacation spot: Maui

Most people don’t know that: I was a studio singer in Nashville for the last 15 years. Song that best describes you: I Wanna Talk about Me!

Renee’ Robertson

Spouse: Casey Robertson Children/Ages: Reid 2 years old Occupation: Homemaker Dream career: Interior Decorator Hobbies: Reading, running and trying out sewing Favorite volunteer activity: Mosaic Center Favorite way to spend a day: Shopping Favorite book & movie: Redeeming Love/ Dumb & Dumber Favorite vacation spot: Destin, FL Most people don’t know that: I am pregnant!! Song that best describes you: Carrie Underwood – All American Girl

Amy Jo Roland

Children/Ages: Bayley, son, 11 years old Occupation: Cosmetic Retail/Small Business Owner of Merle Norman Cosmetics Dream career: Own a chain of Merle Norman Studios Hobbies: Anything involving activity. I can’t sit still! Favorite volunteer activity: Any activity that helps the

community. Favorite way to spend a day: Surrounded by family and friends doing FUN stuff – playing games. Favorite book & movie: Notebook/Sweet Home Alabama Favorite vacation spot: Tropical or Beach Most people don’t know that: I can be serious at times but mostly I am a little goofy because we only get one chance on this EARTH so let’s just make the best of it and be happy! Song that best describes you: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Karen Runnels

Spouse: David Runnels Children/Ages: Doug 21 years old and Katie 16 years old Occupation: Youth Minister Dream career: Leading Trips to the Israel/Holy Lands Hobbies: Reading, hiking, Biblical research in original Hebrew/ Greek Favorite volunteer activity: Doing mission work with teens and teaching Bible studies Favorite way to spend a day: Hiking/Outdoors Favorite book & movie: Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen/Defiance Favorite vacation spot: Israel Most people don’t know that: I was on a professional water ski team for 5 yrs Song that best describes you: She moves in her own way by The Kooks

Kelli Slaga

Spouse: Jeff Slaga Children/Ages: Brittany age 9 years old, Camryn 8 years old and Blake 6 years old Occupation: Transition Counselor for Department of Rehabilitation Services (I work with high school students with disabilities) Dream career: Working in the helping profession…as I am doing currently. I hope to finish my Master’s in social work in the next year and a half. Hobbies: Running, reading and scrapbooking when I have time!! Love being with my family. Favorite volunteer activity: Anything that benefits children and families in need Favorite way to spend a day: Doing absolutely nothing!! Resting! Favorite book & movie: The Notebook, Remember the Titans & Steel Magnolias Favorite vacation spot: Somewhere tropical….definitely the beach!! Most people don’t know that: I was in FFA in high school (was the FFA Sweetheart) Song that best describes you: Happy Girl by Martina McBride

October 2010 11

2010-2011 Provisionals Nancy Winston

Occupation: The Very Thing & catering Dream career: Celebrity chef Hobbies: Gardening, sewing, traveling, and cooking Favorite volunteer activity: One that involves working with families or involves the environment. Favorite way to spend a day: With my family or friends,

shopping! Favorite book & movie: Breakfast at Tiffany’s/ Books… any but love a mystery Favorite vacation spot: Anywhere new or a quiet beach. Most people don’t know that: I have mini donkeys and my dad calls me Roo Roo.

Melissa Whitaker

Spouse: Bruce Whitaker Children/Ages: Ashton 17 years old and Kiersten 7 years old Occupation: Retired flight attendant/ homemaker Dream career: Nurse Practitioner in Oncology. I have already lived my true dream as a flight attendant. Hobbies: Baking, Sewing, arts & crafts Favorite volunteer activity: Fundraising, golf tournaments for the Children’s Miracle Network. Favorite way to spend the day: Being with my family. Favorite book/movie: 90 Minutes in Heaven/ Nights in Rodanthe Favorite vacation spot: One of my most culture shock places was Amsterdam!! My all time favorite is Canada. Most people don’t know that: I used to escort professional wrestlers to the ring. Also, I am known to be a perfectionist. Song that best describes you: Happy Girl by Martina McBride

Amber Youngblood

Spouse: James Youngblood Children/Ages: Shelby 17 years old (stepdaughter) and Barrett 14 months Occupation: Adult Probation Officer Dream career: Lawyer Hobbies: Scrapbooking, shopping, and hunting! Favorite volunteer activity: Community awareness Favorite way to spend a day: With my family Favorite book & movie: Any kind of historical romance novel/ Gone with the Wind Favorite vacation spot: Mexico Most people don’t know that: If I find a book interesting, I will not put it down until I’ve finished reading it.

Misty Zeleskey

Spouse: Josh Zeleskey Children/Ages: Halli 10 years old and Tripp 2 years old Occupation: Stay at home mom Dream career: Nutritionist or Labor & Delivery Nurse Hobbies: Tennis, snow skiing, outdoor activities, shopping and exercising  Favorite volunteer activity: Anything with kids Favorite way to spend a day: Relaxing by the pool or the beach with my family. Favorite book & movie: Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers/ Grease 1 & 2/  Steel Magnolias Favorite vacation spot: Costa Rica, Mexico or anywhere with a beach! Most people don’t know that: I had many unique pets when I was growing up, including a pet tiger named “Raja”. Song that best describes you: Any Jack Johnson, Michael Buble or Beach Music!

Members enjoyed the delicious food provided by The Museum of East Texas at the September meeting.

12 October 2010

Take a Time Out think about what matters By Jennifer McCall


elcome back to the hectic yet wonderful rhythm of the fall routine. I recently related to some words in my church newsletter comparing back to school time as a time for renewal, a time to set goals, and a time to get focused. After college graduation I was faced with the sad traumatizing thought that summer would never be a rest period again for the next 40 years, and that perhaps none of the seasons would ever quite mean anything anymore as I would just always be glued to a desk inside a dimly lit office crunching numbers. This was of course when I was completely clueless to all of the variety and serendipitous turns God had waiting for me. Shortly after college graduation in 1993 I landed a job at KPMG, Pete Marwick LLC as a CPA, and was abruptly and painfully introduced to the real concept of “Busy Season” vs. “Non Busy Season”. As luck had it, my clients all had a fiscal year end that allowed September to mark the beginning of my “Busy Season”; which really meant to me that summer was still going to be a “Non Busy Season”. Whoo Hoo! Yippee! God is good – I could make this working thing work for me after all! And so continued my 35 year, and counting, love affair with my summer Non Busy Season and also a deep appreciation for the accomplishment and focus that comes from a productive Busy Season. With a new “middleschooler” in the house, a homework saturated 4th grader, and 4 sports all navigated with my career, we have had many opportunities for stressful moments to pop up in the past few weeks as we have been adjusting to the 2010/2011 Busy Season. One night in particular, Whit was not focused on his homework (he insisted he had ants in his pants); and Mattie was seriously fretting about assignments that were not even due for over a month. Amongst all of this, I was deeply focused on a work deadline and feeling very guilty that I had not started dinner yet. I sort of lost it and said, well actually hollered, “Okay everyone, THINK ABOUT WHAT MATTERS!” The words surprised me and I was not sure where the phrase came from, but they were words I needed to hear probably more than my children did. After counting to 10, I put my work down, and put noodles on to boil and sat down with them and had one of those family pow wows that we all have from time to time to regroup. We wrote a list of what mattered that night and what we needed to do next week and the week after to get Mattie through her projects. We ate dinner and took the dog for a walk. As the leader of my family, I am in charge of staying focused on what matters and also in teaching them about what matters in life…and I was not at all thinking about what mattered when I was tucked away in my office during the hours of the night that they needed me most! After I tucked them in bed that night, I grabbed a little book from my shelf that I had read a few years back called “This is Water”, by David Foster Wallace. Mr. Foster was invited to speak for a graduating class for Kenyan College and the book was basically his address speech. He starts his book with some strange story about fish swimming along discussing the water, yada yada. But then he diverted from his didactic parable-

ish story and jumped into the truth of what he wanted these new graduates to know. And he simply wanted them to know how important it is to think about what matters. He acknowledged their brilliant minds and pleaded with them as a group to use those hearts and minds responsibly and collectively to think about what matters – and to not waste those brilliant minds thinking about what does not really matter. He used so many anecdotes that I related to. There was one about being in a rush to get out of the grocery store, yet stuck in line behind some haggard woman with three carts of food. And at that exact point in time you can chose to feel impatient and perturbed or you can use the time to feel compassion for this stranger. She is feeding her family with that food, or her church, or perhaps she has worked 17 days straight and this may be the only day she can get the shopping done for her family for another month. It’s so simple, you can chose to be rushed and in your head, or you can chose to have compassion. He had several other simple examples too – if someone is driving like a maniac, perhaps he has a sick child in the car and he needs to get to the hospital – perhaps the woman at the gas station was rude because she was exhausted from being up late with her husband dying of bone cancer. There were many other moral examples that the author used to lead to his main point. And the main point was that if you really truly learn how to think about what matters, how to pay attention, how to have compassion, then you will learn you have other options in life. To use the author’s words, “It will actually be within your power to experience a crowded, hot, slow, consumer-helltype situation as not only meaningful, but sacred, on fire with the same force that lit the stars – compassion, love, the subsurface unity of all things.” Now yes, that is a little too deep for me to say without a slight smirk – but his main point still resonates for me…take time to learn how to think about what matters. As active women in this community, as sisters and wives and mothers and daughters and friends, we can chose to think about what matters – and we can chose to not fret over what does not matter. We have chosen to be focused and in tune with the needs of our families and our community. What matters to us, will be different for each woman. JLL provides an excellent opportunity for us to put our collective compassions to work for our community. Our friendship and fellowship will provide support so we can focus on what matters in our personal lives. I want this Busy Season to be filled with accomplishment and focus for us all. I do not want to waste time on what does not matter. I am quite certain you will see us walking our dog in the evening a little more than the last Busy Season. What will you do different if you take a time out this month to think about what matters? With love,

Jennifer McCall

LANGSTON CONSTRUCTION INC. “Our reputation is building every day”

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14 October 2010

Provisional Ropes Course

Ropes Course 2010

October 2010 15

By Kathy Barrett

Sustainer News

The Fall Luncheon and Business Meeting will be Wednesday, October 20th at Crown Colony Country Club from 11:30 to 1:00. Watch  for your invitation in the mail and let’s have a great turnout! More fun information about our current board. Vickie Evans joined the League in 1978 and was an active member for 16 years. Her first placement was at the Museum, like every provisional at that time! Vickie favorite placement was Cookbook chairman. Who can forget those long cookbook discussions we used to have? A funny memory of Vickie’s was going to Austin to hear a band for the Charity Ball and Susan Sumners locking  the rental car keys in the trunk as they were trying to get to the airport to fly home! Vickie was our President in 1990-1991, and was the 1st League President to have a full time job.  Now, in addition to being principal of Lufkin Middle School, Vickie loves spending time with husband Marty, her children, and new grandson, Anders.  She even finds time to visit Hayley in London.   Linda Malnar, currently the treasurer of the Sustainers and is married to John Malnar. Linda has 2 sons, Gerald and Eric Freeman, and 2 step-sons, Justin and Cody Malnar. They have 3 grandchildren, Wesley 9 yrs, Kyndra 20 mos, and Jackson 3 mos.  Linda’s provisional year was 1997 and her first placement was helping Jennifer Cumbie at the County Extension office with a program called For Kids Sake.  Active in the League for 8 years, Linda’s favorite placement was Tree Farm and  her funniest memories  were helping  kids at Art Camp because  she says she  is NOT artistic!  But she does love to read,  go to the beach and  go on hunting trips with John!   Susan Morgan is one of our new board members this year.  She and husband Terry have 2 children, Sarah and Scott.  Active for 7 years, Susan’s first placement was at the Ellen Trout Zoo.  She says she truly enjoyed all of her placements, but Advisory Chair was her favorite.  Susan is currently on the Angelina Alliance for Children Board and volunteers at First United Methodist Church and Lufkin Middle School.  She loves to travel, cook, scrapbook and spend time with her family and friends.  An interesting fact about Susan is that she has an interior design degree and certification.   Barbara Peterson is another newcomer to the board. She is  our Vice-President.  Barbara is married to Leonard and  has 3 children, Brook Johnson and husband Hunter, Jon, 20, and Kate, 14. She has a grandchild, Ryder Johnson who calls her BB.  Barbara joined the League in 1990 when she moved back to Lufkin. Her first and favorite placement was vision screening.  One of Barbara’s funniest League memories was the provisional skit the year she went sustainer.  She was portrayed by a provisional wearing a cowgirl outfit(???), acting clueless while Jane Ainsworth was portrayed as having it ALL together AND bringing a casserole!!! Barbara volunteers at her church, as well as being

Sustainer News

a board member of the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council and Child Welfare Board. Barbara says being a domestic engineer specializing in purchasing, food services and transportation takes most of her time but  she enjoys photography, crafts, reading, travel and shopping also.   Mary Jane West is married to Jim West and has 2 children, Rebecca and Scotty. She joined the League in 1983 and at that time all provisionals worked on every placement. Her first active placement was the Cookbook Committee. After spending 10 active years in the League, Mary Jane’s favorite job was being President in 1991-1992.  She also loved being Zoo chairman. All of her funny memories relate to being a zoo docent.  Once Mary Jane  took a parrot to Mother’s Day Out at First Christian Church and while holding him on her arm, he started pecking the buttons off her shirt!!  Another time while the newspaper was taking a photo of docents holding zoo animals, her large snapping turtle kept trying to bite her. Finally,  she  gave  Jackie Strain the turtle and held Jackie’s snake! Mary Jane’s community activities include volunteering with the Angelina County Historical Commission, Museum of East Texas, Daughters of the Republic of Texas and the Junior League. She loves antiques, genealogy, and  traveling, especially to Maine.  Mary Jane is a stockbroker with Southwest Securities, Inc.  and has been licensed since 1980.    Jane Johnson is a long time member of the board.  She is married to Ken Johnson and they have 2 sons, Hunter and wife, Brook, and Ramsey and wife Karen.  She has one cute little grandson, Ryder and another grandbaby on the way.  Jane loved all of her League placements, especially being a Museum docent.  She says the League enabled her to meet so many wonderful people. Jane loves to travel, read and SHOP!  She and Ken are enjoying their new beach house  and spending time with  family there.  Jane and Ken have dated since the 8th grade and just celebrated their 40th anniversary.  Congratulations!

Around theKathy Barrett Around the corner... Around the ! e r e h w corner... y r corner... e m ev

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16 October 2010

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M i s s i on S tat e m e n t The Junior League of Lufkin is an organization of women committed to promoting volunteerism and to improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

Introducing the Area’s First and Only Physician Specializing in Mammography Interpretation Christopher T. Sherman, M.D., Ph.D. Board Certified Radiologist Fellowship Trained in Breast Imaging at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center At Memorial Health System of East Texas, we strive to provide exceptional care for those in our community. By offering Digital Mammography for over 3 years and now with the addition of Dr. Sherman, women can expect even more specialized care. Dr. Sherman is a Board Certified Radiologist and the only radiologist in the area to have completed Fellowship Training in Breast Imaging at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.

• Extensive clinical experience in screening and diagnostic mammography, breast ultrasound, breast MRI, breast pathology and interventional procedures.

• Training in the advanced interpretation of mammography, breast ultrasound, breast MRI and in the accompanying image-guided biopsies.

To schedule a mammogram with one of our registered mammography technologists, call (936) 639-7374.

Visit us online at

• Education in the epidemiology, diagnosis, pathology and therapy of breast cancer including screening for breast cancer and identification patterns of recurrence of malignant breast tumors.

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Our View October 2010  

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