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ABSTRACT 0.0 miles / We raced free through a road less jungle careful not to grab the attention of hungry leeches. It was Saturday and we cared not for the polished shoes, or the crisp school uniforms. All we wanted was the tea throne. A rare tea bush in the center of the heliport whose branches opened outward welcoming the winner., The daily heir. 8100 miles / I laid on my mother’s lap gazing toward the dark sky blanketed with stars. The humid air had engulfed my fragile frame welcoming me to the land of the free. 615.9 miles / I now long for the moments of faint eagerness when I laid motionless in the back right side of my dad’s Toyota Camry gazing out onto the terrain absent within the narratives of my creation. Are you going to die?” - They all asked. Nothing but fear was racing inside my mind as we were headed towards Ardmore Oklahoma, located within a tornado alley. 743 miles / With a mixture of identities, I became a melting pot absorbing the environments I encountered, yet I lacked some sense of context. This montage becomes my story as fragments of memories overflow the page creating a unique narrative of personal significance. I currently claim myself a student of design through the voice of fiction. The appreciation grows for the capability of one to first construct a unique setting with conditions in which the architecture itself becomes the exposition to an endless, futuristic, fiction.

SUBU BHANDARI 4th year architecture student College of architecture + design EDUCATION U n i v e r s i t y o f Te n n e ss e e Co l l e g e o f A rc h i t e c t u re a n d D e s i g n 2014 - 2019 University of Arkansas Rome Center Spring 2018 Harden Valley Academy 2011-2014

WORK EXPERIENCE Design Intern // Lewis Group Architects // Summer 2017 Assisted in the pre-design, and design phase for a combined high school in Ro a n e Co u n t y, Te n n e ss e e . Student assistant // UTK CoAD // spring 2015 – fall 2017 Designer of multiple college event banners + digital graphics in the College of Architecture and Design Tea c h i n g a ss i s t a n t / / a rc h i t e c t u re 1 2 1 d e s i g n p re s e n t a t i o n / / Fa l l 2 0 1 7 Assisted first year architecture and interior architecture students with a series of assignments circulating around representation through multiple medias. Camp Counselor // UTKcoad summer design // Summer 2017 Guided a set of 12 high school students with a small charrette project introducing them to design through the creation of a garden space surrounding a Japanese sand garden.

COLLEGE ORGANIZATIONS ALPHA RHO CHI Theodorus R e c r u i t m e n t C h a i r / 2 0 15– 2016 + 2017– 2018 P r o f e s s i o n a l C h a i r / 2015 V i c e P r e s i d e n t / 2016– 2017 Construction Specifications Institute V i c e p r e s i d e n t / 2014– 2015 P r e s i d e n t / 2015– 2017 National Organization of Minority Architecture Students E x e c u t i v e C o m m i t t e e M e m b e r / 2017– pre s e nt American Institute of Architecture Students M e d i a C o o r d i n a t o r / 2015– 2016 S t u d e n t m e m b e r / 2014– pre s e nt

COLLEGE HONORS Ta u S i g m a D e l t a Gilman Scholar Hubert Bebb Scholarship Receipt Cooper Carry Scholarship Recipient UTK Design Living and Learning Community Advisor AutoCAD Revit Rhinoceros Grasshopper InDesign Illustrator Photoshop Premiere Pro Microsoft Office Sketch Up



Research facility for cyber security

ARCHIVAL SUBCONSCIOUS Archive for all subconscious memories


Oasis for forced interactions between contrasting rituals

DESIGN TACTICS / creation of fiction Re-thinking design strategies and story making


Salerno / Rome / Nepal

CLOUD / a laboratory for CISCO fourth year / integrations studio / j. rose

CLOUD Inspired by the metaphorical qualities of a cloud, the design for this laboratory is focused on creating a free moving floor plan within a translucent cloud and a celebrated circulation. Cherokee Farm, a research park near the University of Tennessee lacks any sense of identity and attraction. We wanted to expand the audience of visitors to the community by introducing moments of collaboration and transparency between scientists and the community of Knoxville. The “Cloud” has a double enclosure system. A curtain wall on the interior is surrounded by a perforated aluminum facade to minimize heat gain while embodying the cloud aesthetic.. Perforations of the facade vary according to levels of sight. While it does keep much of the sun out, the views onto the Tennessee river are not obstructed. Multiple layers of transparency and identity is reinforced with a celebrated circulation system. Yellow stair “tunnels” circulate along the exterior of the building. Although hidden by the secondary facade during daytime, at night the light illuminates the area.

Tennessee River

JIAM research center

cisco CLOUD

University of Tennessee Cherokee Farm Research Park

From a simple rectangular form an immediate response was made by pushing back the ground floor envelope to create inviting spaces. Our next focus was the location of the core and circulation. In addition to the circulation there are moments within the floor plate in which Simultaneous responses were made by creating a secondary facade as well as creating a celebrated circulation zone on the exterior. The blue represents “pop-out� zones in which the interior penetrates within the cloud .

Roof Plan

Third floor : Typical floor plan layout

Spatial and light conditions within the “cloud� zone.

Interior office work space and collaboration zones

Racetrack perimeter and collaboration zones

Street Approach towards first floor cafe

+ Dove gray perforated + corrugated aluminum facade.

+ Sloped roof of the stair tunnel and piping to collect roof water. + Drainage Tray. + Roof Drain.

+ Reflective yellow metal fire-stair + Access floor with recycled carpet and wood tiles.

+ Steel I–Beams + Perforated metal drop ceiling. + Glazing system for the exterior of fire stair to alight with the mullions of storefront system that surrounds the building.

+ Concrete sidewalk

Celebrated circulation for employees

Final model of circulation zone in relation to the interior and perforated metal facade.

Facade made out of corrugated perforated aluminum

ARCHIVAL SUBCONSCIOUS third year / programming studio / m.stanley

ARCHIVAL SUBCONSCIOUS An investigation revolving around human reactions towards daily rituals in addition to the “black box”, a ten second span of an uncontrollable subconscious mind. The “blur” in relation to memory is defined as the realm of daily forgotten interactions. Blur Squared harbors key unforgotten moments within ones lifetime. Blur Cubed, the third layer of memory exists through outside influences, both truth and lies that shape our understanding of our atmospheres. Archival Subconscious, is a archive for all human memory on Pier 57, a void within the southwest edge of Manhattan. Hovering the high-line and using the concept of “gravitation towards danger” the archive attracts individuals with intention of getting lost. With the data generated from human reactions and interactions the archive comes to live through the form of projection.

ARCHIVE : a manual Gravitation Towards Danger The magnetic pull of putting your life on the line / YOLO culture The archive is almost too large of a intrusion within the pier skyline that might not be as appealing to some. Although the north side of the archive is public, many areas remain private and mysterious which attracts those who embody the saying “you only live once.� Control With Consent Unawareness of ALL events that influence the current. The idea of knowingly allowing someone to determine certain aspects of ones life. For instance, a doctor, a dentist, or even a bus driver. Delicate Mistakes Irritations, intrusions, vibrations / mistakes made through habits of repetition.. Threadlike conditions in which one small mistake can have dramatic effects. Microscopic Flesh Association and ability to view through multiple lenses. The culture of multiple view points OR the fascinations of fleshy grotesque things. blurCUBED Millions of personal interactions and memory that has been blended + forgotten

NYC High-line

Gravitation Towards Danger

Pier 57 // a map of movement and sequential The maze is camouflaged within the repetitive grid. The subconscious stays subdued archive in reactionapproach to the multitudestowards of cityscapes.the The archive not only attracts those inter-

ested in the unknown, but it becomes a safe space for one to wander within a camouflaged maze.

New York City

Manhattan Island Chelsea Piers

each image. The input: A sieries of galery spaces that inhibit curved sequences. Every reaction is monitored, studied and stored. The blur: Thousands of fibre-wires that encompass the archive. The Output: One subject, one dream, 100 wires. One exterior, adaptive shell.

Responsive Exterior Fabric

A morphing exterior becomes the the storyteller by responding to the interior.

FLUID STRANDS The form of the archive focuses on few “strands� that intersect one another at critical points. The weaving form mimics the interactions of different memories coming together into one.

UNDISCLOSED EXTRACTIONS Throughout the space, human reactions to certain imagery they witness will be extracted and stored within the database.

SUBCONSCIOUS PROJECTIONS Smaller spaces include pictorial galleries of stored data, as well as provocative imagery. While the subjects purpose is self entertainment , the archives purpose is extraction of subject reactions.

HUMAN LABORATORIES The private sector of the archive includes series of laboratories that study brain movements of volunteered subjects. The extorted data will then circulate throughout the system.

HUMAN LABORATORIES The private sector of the archive includes series of laboratories that study brain movements of volunteered subjects. The extorted data will then circulate throughout the system.

VERTICAL TRANSPORTATION In addition to a system of escalators, small elevators travel throughout the multiple gallery sequences.

#LIVINGroom / Re-Fabricated Paradise third year / culture+ fashion lab / b.ambroziak

N63 E931

N63 E931




+Can armor be a cage? +Can a cage become our armor? +Is the second skin a form of protection from the exterior or is it a way to confine the internal? Fragmented Enclosure is a series of containment prototypes constructed to study relationships between predictable characteristics and unpredictable tendencies. How does one contain something unpredictable? Is it better to completely cage elements or to embrace the free spirit within? Multiple studies were conducted to better understand the relationship between the object, the mold, and the interactions that occur between them.


Same form. Same body. A second skin is introduced. An armor that contours the natural figure. This forged defense responds emotionally and physically to the body. It is hard, providing protection from the elements, yet it is firm keeping the spine upright and unable to move freely. Vulnerability is masked and the identity within is expressed.

thanks / smol bean + co design

Freedom of body movements

Series of prototypes limiting body freedom

ARCHIVAL SUBCONSCIOUS A place where one watches television A place of connection with the world. A place in-between two spaces. A space where multiple people gather The Paradise is challenged as we view the landscape as manipulated clay forming it to our needs. The suburban grid is formed and natural vegetation is added constructing a layered utopia with hidden imperfections. What lies behind the creme shutters and white picket fence. Re-fabricated Paradise challenges the normal, tame standards of typical suburban living. All of the qualities of a living-room are stripped leaving only the direct meaning of the word “living.� The couch, television, and the coffee table have been removed making room for a organic machine that captures the essence of activities that we much rather hide.

The design takes Gordon Matta Clark’s house and introduces a organic membrane that becomes a true identity of not only the immediate but also the distant activities. By collecting data through the movement of the neighborhood the membrane becomes a beacon of the truth that lies behind the blue shutters and white picket fence. It highlights the imperfections hidden behind the copy and paste lifestyle of suburban living. The membrane harbors the idea of a imperfect suburbia and generates a oasis that keeps all hidden burdens of the community. Layer one / the suburban grid is formed manipulating all things natural and introducing a strict grid and copy+paste dwellings Layer two / with removed vegetation, greenery is re-introduced allowing for a sense of nature. The in-tamable becomes tamed Layer three / within the grid select locations are chosen to house the “growth.� These forms will then represent its immediate surrounding characters.

Three layers of suburban creation and re-creation, forming its individually defined “utopia�

Relationship between old, new and activities that frequently change in the present.

A plan with a frame of a existing skeleton. Yellow / the introduction of a membrane Blue / the defined area surrounding the home

The identity of the original skeleton disappears as the new veil form starts to re-establish its own definition to the term of a “home�

While the frame of the original house remains the same, it has become engulfed with a new identity.


VOGUE / fragmented collages / creation of fiction

Anna Watched the sea (1). Miniature waves sh (2). Wide and watering in the sun, a shallow c (3). A endl

A long arc of snow-dusted sand tilted down ships; hidden treasures, buried footprints. (4)

A little bit grunge, a little bit Marie Antoinette asymmetric, dazzling, chunky, and smile-indu

A cigarette cocked between her two fingers. ( desert, stripped back and left raw, in this case, a h An electric mi

A refined and manufactured process deman exaggeration of shadows and cr

allow A sh ndless Ae


A lo

tle d A lit ndere A re e rett ic iga A c ypnot h A ed efin A r ilver As

1/ a subtraction of fill text 2/ extrusion of fill 3/ located points of intensity 4/ subscribed radius of intensity 5/ extrusion of experience

a visual representation extracted from textual intensities.

hrugged up and under her skin of crackled ice. cry and a chirp of worry was felt in her stomach. less morph engaged with the consuming wind.

n to the sea. A landscape of lost objects; sunken ). It was the city of angels. She caught the reflection of her own red dress.

e, a little bit Austin Powers. Just a footnote to the ucing….. stuff (5). A rendered image screaming utopia.

(6). It’s the vibe of the new generation. Like the hypnotic capsule of highly coverable elements. ix of attraction and dread. (7). It’s complicated.

nds transparency (8)The light had changed to a reases. Lemonade brought from a silver tray. (9) The results were classic, the city of angles. (10) (1)(288) (2)(284) (3)(284) (4)(288) (5)(362) (6)(302) (7)(288) (8)(325) (9)(288) (10)(308)

Memoirs of a Geisha // A story of movement and emotion // Hidden rituals or technicality







Hereditary Diaspora[S] She caught the reflection of her own red dress. dust

Floating through the in-between . She recalls the memories of her life. The experiences that stay embedded within her memory remain minimal compared to her forgotton encounters. A vibrant red dress steals the attention causign everything else to be forgotton. 00B


in flight - en route The forgotton moments between point A and B. A zone of transition displacing individuals into a violated state of comfort. Moments. Fragments Isolated pieces of memory lost within the ruffles of her red dress. Aerodome nomad Lack of origin. origin 00D






TRAVEL HIGHLIGHTS` kathmandu / rome / salerno




Subu Bhandari Architecture Portfolio  
Subu Bhandari Architecture Portfolio