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o here we are, issue 2 of the new look Nerve Magazine. Before I reveal some of the great content you can read in this issue, I would like to say a special thanks to all of you for the great reception the magazine received last month. We really value your feedback, going so far as continuing a number of your favourite features and designs in this issue. With this, our Halloween edition, you can expect the same original and in-depth features but with a spooky twist. Abbie Bradford provides you with more student hacks, offering cheap fancy dress alternatives for your Halloween night out, while Georgina Barnes outlines some rules we should all keep in mind this Autumn. Of course, Nerve Magazine wouldn’t be without its star-studded cover interview and this time, we caught up with Amber Run on their European tour. You can read about their new album, their dream band members and more all inside this issue.


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o Swinson saying she will never accept a leave result, Boris Johnson shutting down parliament just weeks before we are due to leave and Jeremy Corbyn still not making the public aware of his stance, we still seem no closer to leaving the EU than we were three years ago. Back in 2016 over 17 million people voted to leave the EU and the politicians told us that they would work their hardest to get the best deal they could and honour the people’s decision. What has followed since then has been an absolute disaster. When Boris Johnson took over from Theresa May the people were told that Britain would be leaving the EU on the 31st October deal or no deal. However, it seemed that overnight we went from having some sort of a deal to no deal at all.

but considering we are three years on, people were beginning to accept it and just wanted us to leave so we could get on with our lives. Although this transpired not to be the case.

3 |

Written by Conor Faherty Boris knew certain MPs would not back him so he decided to suspend parliament to get a Brexit deal over the line. Just weeks before we are due to leave the MPs vote against Mr Johnson’s no deal plan, but then vote against a general election which would allow a party of the people’s choice to negotiate a Brexit deal. So, with no general election and no parliament it means we will most likely have to beg Brussels to extend the deadline to get a deal over the line. Only a few weeks ago, Mr Johnson said that

What next? Well if Boris is a man of his word and is unable to get it over the line than he must resign. However, the state of his competition is very questionable. Are you able to back a leader who doesn’t respect the result? Can you back a leader who won’t tell you what he believes? With the deadline looming and pressure


Designed by Jack Furness

from the likes of Nigel Farage and his Brexit party Mr Johnson really has to sort something out. We have become a laughing stock in European Parliament. Whether it be the Lib Dems wearing their ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ t-shirts or the Brexit Party turning their backs on the European anthem it’s clear to see that that the country is still very divided.

One thing we all agree on is that Brexit needs to be sorted but nothing will be sorted until politicians put the need of their country before their own. MP’s have totally let us down and faith in our political system really has taken a beating. If they were in any other job they would have been sacked months ago. We have trusted them to put the need of the country ahead of their own and they have totally failed in this department. Being laughed at by the likes of France and Germany is embarrassing and the fact

that we are no closer to leaving means that normal folk don’t know what it will mean to their job or business. The sooner we leave the better for me at least we will all know where we stand and what it means for our future instead of going around the houses yet again. Who do I think is the right person to take us forward? To be honest I could not tell you but what I can tell you is if Swinson or Corbyn get into power we are doomed. Although I don’t really want a no deal Brexit. I believe in honouring what the people voted for and that was to leave, if that means leaving with no deal then so be it. Just recently the UK was mocked by the EU commissioner Donald Tusk and the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar in which they highlight they want a Brexit that won’t be detrimental to themselves and the UK. The suspension of parliament was unlawful and nobody knows what is going to happen. Only time will tell I guess? Oh, wait we have had loads of that.


The One With The 25th Anniversary


eptember 22nd 2019 marked the 25th anniversary of the iconic American sitcom Friends’ first broadcast. Still loved by millions, over time Friends has started to divide audiences as they become aware of some of its more controversial content. Is Friends problematic? Or can its jokes and lack of diversity simply be explained as a sign of the times?

All of these, for millions across the world, spark memories of six twenty-somethings living their lives in New York City. It sparks comfort, laughter, the feeling of taking a break from the troubles of life in front of the TV. It’s been twenty-five years since Friends first graced our television screens and, despite its age, Friends remains one of the most-watched series on Netflix and maintains a heavily-loyal fanbase. However, since Netflix acquired Friends in 2015, younger audiences are rewatching and starting 5 |


to question the integrity of some of the show’s more sensitive jokes and storylines. For example, why were there so many gay punchlines? Why was Chandler so insensitive towards his father’s sexuality and gender identity? Why was the fact that Monica was previously fat a constant source of shame and mockery? Many loyal Friends fans are defending its political incorrectness as a sign of the time it was written. Friends lover Ellie Jenson, 21, said: “The show aired in 1994 and the jokes reflect that. I personally love the nostalgia of the show and still relate to it 25 years on. After all, the 1990s were a long time ago, it wasn’t just Friends that had the sardonic humour and an all-white cast.” After speaking to a variety of viewers, all agreed that Friends’ borderline offensive humour was simply a symptom of the nineties, the result of a less politically-correct time.

Does that mean it’s excusable? Louise Hill, 21, from the Isle of Wight, believes it’s not: “I do believe the show was problematic in the ‘90s, the lack of representation in an emerging sitcom scene and just some of the jokes in general, people should’ve known better.” And therefore if Friends is seen now as a mashup of perpetuated stereotypes, lacklustre attempts at diversity and offensive jokes, why is it still one of the most popular shows on television? It’s very possible that Friends’ charm comes from its place in our shared history. The nostalgia factor, now more than ever, is a goldmine for creators.


With Netflix able to purchase shows and films from our childhoods and give them to us on a plate, it’s so easy to relax into our old selves while we watch. It’s easy to give Friends a pass for its mistakes because it makes us feel comfortable. We can all see its flaws but, like looking back on high school as the “best years of your life”, it’s easy to block these out in favour of a trip down memory lane. There’s no question that if Friends were to be remade in 2019, much would have to change. Either from pressure from audiences, or simply renewed social conscience, there’s no way the show would be a hit if it remained as it was 25 years ago.

t’s this fact that reminds us that yes, Friends was made in a different time, and maybe it didn’t use its power to the best of its ability. But for now, there’s not much we can do except to look forward. From Brooklyn 99 to One Day at a Time, Friends provided a foundation for shows that maintain their sense of humour but also have that renewed social conscience we’re looking for.

Written by Jess Allen Designed by Jack Furness



or the first time in history, birth rates around the world are declining. More and more women are choosing the childless route, but why? What has changed? For starters, the average cost of raising a child to adulthood in the UK is around a quarter of a million pounds. Per child. If you had four children, you are looking at a hefty £1m spend by the time the youngest turns 21. These figures alone are enough for a lot of women to veer off the child-bearing path - but it’s never been a secret that having kids drains your finances. What has not always been so clear, however, is the environmental impact of increasing our already vast population. Having a child is one of the worst things you can do for the planet at this stage. More babies means more nappies, taking hundreds of years to biodegrade. It means more single-use plastic, more car journeys, more emissions produced. Even Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have stated they will only have two children, for the sake of the environmental proliferation. Climate change is a real and pressing issue, and women are not only staying childless for the good of the planet, they are also

7 |

Women are worth more than the

Why more Mille are choosing Child



reluctant to bring children into a dying world... There’s also the fact that childbirth hurts, a lot (not new) combined with women having more freedom than they did 50, 60, 70 years ago (new). Girls are more than wives and mothers now – they’re leaders of countries, they’re astronauts, they’re changing the world. They simply do not have the time to be popping out

climate-destructive children that they don’t necessarily want, just because society for some reason still believes it determines their worth as a woman. We are an educated age. We know more about genes and disease than any of our parents or grandparents could even imagine, and



eir wombs.

enials dlessness

reedom information can be found out in seconds thanks to our phones. It may be the case that women, particularly those who have severe mental health problems or life-limiting conditions that run in their families, just don’t want to pass this on to any future generations. Couples are now able to find out, long before they’ve conceived, if they hold the unique gene combination that causes cystic fibrosis. Women electing not to have children could really

be starting a compassionate form natural selection,

only mean good things for our crowded world. Society just needs to unlearn the idea that a woman is only worth her womb, and - here’s the important bit:

choosing not to create a child that will likely suffer its whole life. Stop asking Despite these often brave, women when they wise and practical choices, are planning on people will look at a childless man and say that he has made having children. a decision. They look at a childless woman and say that she has made a mistake that she will regret when she is old. They ask her 100 times if she is sure, they offer her egg freezing ‘just in case.’ Because despite the amazing things that women continue to achieve all over the world, so many people still just see them as vessels for future humans. So what does women having less children mean? Will we die out as a species? Could this be the beginning of the end? Honestly, no. Most women still do eventually have children. While motherhood isn’t for everyone, there is a certain hormonal surge when a woman nears her 30s that for a lot of ladies, can mean maternal instincts kick in and they suddenly develop a desire to procreate. We are unlikely to go into population decline just yet – and even if we were to, it can

Written by Beth Dean Designed by Jack Furness

Elective childlessness aside, infertility is also on the rise and asking a woman why she doesn’t have children is at best, patronising, and at worst, could unearth trauma that a lot of women feel when faced with the prospect of lifelong infertility.


ertile or not, a woman’s purpose is not to carry a man’s children. Some women cannot even imagine a future where they don’t have children, and some little girls dream of becoming mothers. And this is great. But for those with other priorities, we need to celebrate other things that they achieve that don’t involve pushing an eight-pound potential climate nightmare out of their body and honestly, just leave them alone. 8


maintenance loan, for the majority of students, is a lifeline. Money from the government that, in theory, will cover your rent and living costs at university.

How much money you receive is decided by assessing how much money your household – i.e. your parents – brings in. This can cause a lot of problems for students, as factors such as the amount of dependents there are in the house, the size of the mortgage and other debts and expenses are not considered in generating the amount of money you receive.

in order to make ends meet, disadvantaging them when it comes to completing work outside of lectures. While it is true that some people’s parents are able to support them at university, for a large number of students affected by this means-tested system,

– whether that’s because they have a poor relationship with their parents or simply because the spare cash just isn’t there to be given, despite what the house brings in on paper.

9 |

The system needs to consider more factors than just your parents pre-tax earnings if it is going to be an effective way to decide how much money a student is to receive to survive at uni. Students being forced to work over 25 hours per week on top of their course is definitely not what the arrangement intended to achieve, but the reality is that it’s happening to young people across England, who

system that to help them through higher and is failing to

promised financially education, do so.



rexit is a completely different story but is also linked to everything going on in the government today. According to The Week, the Government have currently spent ÂŁ97 million on Brexit consultancy fees alone and the BBC say would rise to ÂŁ25,000 and a there would be a review of the student finance system. According to the House of Commons library, more than

so with this in mind along with NHS pressures and cuts to Education, the likelihood of it being possible to guarantee every student the same amount of money which would guarantee to cover their rent and ensure a comfortable lifestyle is not likely. On 1st October 2017, Theresa May announced that there would be changes to the student finance system: the fee cap would be frozen at ÂŁ9,250, the repayment threshold

In addition, the Government expects that only 30% of current full-time undergraduates who take out loans will repay them in full. If student loans were to increase for higher household incomes, this would mean some sort of compromise of the lower household incomes decreasing. This could result in students

from low household income families choosing not to go to university because of the financial pressures it would bring, putting them at a disadvantage. Whilst the system may not be completely flawless due to

it seems to be the best way to determine how much each student should be leant for their time at university.

Written by Chloe Randall (No) and Beth Dean (Yes)

Designed by Jack Furness


Boujee on a budget Written by Shannon McDavitt Designed by Chloe Portwain


here there is a will, there is a way; where there is a high-end product, there is a high-street dupe. This month we are looking after our curly-haired boys and girls, our blondes, the dyed hair fanatics and everyone in-between because why should we spend hundreds on our hair when we can find a cheaper alternative.


We begin with something for our curly-haired readers. The Kevin.Murphy Killer Curls Creme is £31 and is used to define and hold curls throughout the day but if you’re not ready to pay that price, the Noughty 97% Natural Wave Hello Curl Taming Cream is only £6.99. The Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair deep conditioning mask is a go-to for damaged hair, but what student wants to fork out £30 when there is a 3-minute miracle by

Aussie for just £4.99? This is a product you will love if you put heat on your hair but don’t want it to fry it. The Oribe Hair Care Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray is £55 - a little steep. For the student budget, the TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray for £3.99 does the job just as well!




GHD Advanced Split Therapy for £21.95 is a dream for anybody trying to grow their hair, but can be a suspect for breaking the bank. However, the L'Oreal Elvive Dream Lengths No Haircut Cream is just £3.99, the product is a leave in cream and also a hair protectant. 11 |

fashion and lifestyle


Next, a top choice for men is the £25 KEVIN.MURPHY NIGHT. RIDER but for a fraction of the price you can get the BED HEAD by TIGI for Men Matte Separation Workable Wax for £5.98 - saving yourself £20.


Mizani Styling Edge Taming Gel for £12 doesn’t sound too expensive - but for my people that love their edges slick it all adds up, but the AS I AM Naturally, Classic Collection Smoothing Gel is just £8.99 and keeps those edges sleek. Bumble and bumble Surf Spray, £20 for the natural beauty waved hair or the Toni&Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray £8.25? I know which one I'm choosing.


Sachajuan Silver Shampoo for £20 is a perfect for our blondes keeping it toned to perfection but PRO:VOKE Touch Of Silver Brightening Shampoo is only £2.66 per bottle, so you can get more for less.






o with Halloween just around the corner, have you got your outfit planned? No..? Splashed out in your first month of uni and now don’t have the money to buy a Halloween costume? Well anyone can wear all-black and put on a pair of cat ears, but if you’re looking for that standout costume, NERVE has you covered with this month’s Student Hack… our favourite DIY Halloween costumes!

£5 13 |

Get ready to cause double trouble with this couples costume we made! All you need is some card, foil pie dishes, paint, glue, Alice Bands and oversized t-shirts. Firstly, paint the foil pie dishes, one yellow and one red (top tip - the foil surface makes it tricky for the paint to stick and dry, so I would recommend using a hairdryer to speed up the process) then cut cone shapes out of the red and yellow card and use your glue to stick it to the top of the pie dish. Then glue an Alice Band to the underside of the pie dish so that it’s easier to wear. Voila! Ketchup and mustard are ready to hit the town and for no more than £5!

fashion and lifestyle

So we’ve all got that crappy umbrella stashed somewhere that you spend more time wrestling with in the rain rather than it actually keeping you dry - time to put it to good use! For this one you will need: one black umbrella, black hoodie, black bat ears. Carefully remove the metal from the umbrella with a pair of scissors (top tip – try not to snap any of the metal as it will be very sharp!). Once you have separated the fabric, cut it in half. Grab your black hoodie and use safety pins to attach each half of the umbrella under the arms. I used black safety pins from Amazon which were only

£1.50 but regular silver pins would also work. Now you can either use store bought black ears (Wilko sell these for £1) or you can make your own with black card and an Alice Band. And there you have it ready to face the night for only £2.50!


For this one all you need is a white t-shirt (that you are prepared to ruin!) a black t-shirt and some red card.


the heart in the right place. Put the white t-shirt on over the top and there you have your own DIY skeleton costume!

Grab the white T-shirt and draw a ribcage (top tip – this sounds much harder than it actually is, have a quick look on google images to see the shape you’re aiming for and then just go for it, I did a rubbish job of the drawing and it still looks effective!) Cut out the pieces you have drawn and don’t worry if it’s a little messy. From the red card, cut out a heart, put on the black t-shirt and attach

Written by Abbie Bradford | Designed by Chloe Portwain 14


Up and Coming Brands should be more than sticking a

Print on a T-Shirt Written by Dani Oyeyinka | Designed by Chloe Portwain


hen it comes to starting your own fashion brand, people try their hand at making a logo in Photoshop to put on a t-shirt via a wholesale production company to spin a quick profit. However, going with this easy route isn’t always the best way forward.

The problems with start-ups is that not everything you stick on clothing will work. The market has become so saturated that people don’t really know what it takes to invest. Throwing your designs to a mass production company isn’t the best way and just because bigger brands rip off aspects of pop culture, it doesn’t mean you have to. 15 |

fashion and lifestyle

In recent times, however, figures within the industry, such as controversial stylist and social media influencer Ian Connor, have been able to get away with it. Connor rose through the ranks of the A$AP Mob to curate the “Revenge Storms”, a Vans-styled silhouette sneaker, taking inspiration from Nigo’s Bapesta. But independent brands that don’t always have to lean on the things above can strive. Rhys Cox owns independent brand De-fec’t. NERVE Mag caught up


with Rhys for an insight into fashion, streetwear and most importantly techwear. “In starting my own brand, I was able to create my own aesthetic and push my ideas in an ideal creative outlet. There’s more in store for De-fec’t with a lot more development to come.” De-fec’t was originally created as a direct reaction to a gap Rhys had identified in the techwear market. “My goal was to create an affordable techwear brand focusing primarily on accessories. My first product was the Type 001 side bag [below left].” It’s clear that having a strong idea for a niche to attack with your brand is the way forward, and if you would like a better understanding of production, then learning about Cut and Sew is crucial to building your brand. Cut and Sew (right) offers more creative control over your final product, allowing you to go beyond the traditional process of translating your

for a

ideas into t-shirts. They offer flexibility and control over measurements and garment fit, as well as customised labels. It is also important to consider not only production but the ethos behind the brand. Make something with meaning - it doesn’t always have to be personal but there should be a recognisable brand identity. But most importantly, have fun with it! It’s not just about spinning a profit, there should also be a passion, confidence and excitement for sharing your ideas with the world.

Successful Fashion Brand

Good Ethos

Brand Identity

Make Something with Meaning

Have Fun and Passion 16



re the stresses of uni life getting to you already? Perhaps that freshers fresh set of lashes you got is due an infill? Worry not as our October pick of the month ‘The Venue’ is the solution to all your needs for a little TLC. As you walk through the door it’s all smiles and spa vibes, the smell alone gives you an instant sense of calm and the luxury feel and décor really gives a sense of indulgence.

“Would you like a coffee?”

is a question I have still never said no to. After checking in for my appointment I’m directed to the waiting area which in itself is a very relaxing place to be and when one of the salon team brought over my coffee (with a chocolate muffin may I add!). I was in full indulgence mode. 17 |

Now, I must admit that the uni stresses are already getting to me, and freshers week didn’t do my skin any favours, so I booked in for an express facial. The treatment rooms are luxurious and to a higher standard than what you would find in most spas. Complete with gentle lighting, fluffy towels and that iconic spa music, I was feeling the stress melt away already.

The facial itself was lovely, so many products, masks, exfoliation and steaming my skin was feeling amazing. Included in the express facial was a neck and shoulder massage which I really wasn’t expecting but without me even knowing, was exactly what I needed. I was met at reception with a glass of lemon water, so I could slowly come back to the real world. I left feeling so relaxed and just glowing.

The Venue offers a range of treatments from nails, eyelashes, hair, massages and specialist treatments like LED mask therapy and semipermanent make up. So, let’s talk about pricing… Understandably, the price is slightly higher than other beauty salons you will find around Bournemouth, however when you look at the quality of treatments and the salon itself, the experiences are incomparable. And of course it has the added bonus of being just up the road from the University! The express facial would normally be £30 for a half an hour treatment (fully recommend!) however the team at the venue have given NERVE Magazine an exclusive 20% discount across all treatments! Simply cut out and take the voucher to The Venue to redeem, terms and conditions apply.

fashion and lifestyle

Written by Abbie Bradford Designed by James Harris


Right girls… hands up, who’s guilty of repeatedly going back to ‘nail bars’? I used to be too. My nails would be repeatedly drilled until the point where they hurt and were paper thin, but of course we are all lured in by the cheap prices! Here at The Venue the focus is making your natural nails as healthy as possible, even if you choose to have acrylics.

When having my ‘nail bar’ acrylics removed, I was told that what was on my nail was not nail acrylic at all, but was instead dental acrylic! Silva, the nail tech at The Venue, worked hard to get my nails back to a healthy condition and using their new BIAB Gel Builder, my nails feel stronger than ever and still as long - I strongly recommend trying this!

*T&Cs: Cannot be used in combination with other discounts, expires on 25th November 2019


19 |

fashion and lifestyle

Taken by Louisa Moth (@BULouisaM) at the Colosseum in Rome this summer! 20

Contraception is an important and essential part of many womens lives, but women are beginning to shift towards more natural methods to avoid nasty side effects. Contraception is free in the UK but is it costing women their health? Women have been using contraception for hundreds of years and since its creation in the 1950s, the pill has been a popular and convenient choice. However, in recent years there has been an increasing amount of negative press and attention on social media about birth control and how damaging it can be. You only have to search for ‘the pill’ on social media to see a cascade of horror stories and warnings to women from around the world. The most popular contraceptive methods like the pill, implant and coil are known to have some unpleasant and common side effects such as: nausea, weight gain, high or low blood pressure, migraines and headaches, depression… the list goes on. When faced with all of these side effects it’s clear to see why some women have been scared away by what is considered a ‘common’ side effect, let alone the uncommon and more serious.

21 |

Some women have suffered horrendous complications as a result of contraceptives from the coil and implants immigrating elsewhere in the body, endometriosis and even infertility.

contraceptive pill Rigevidon since she was 17 years old, but at the age of 24, things started to go wrong very quickly.

Complications of contraception can be devastating both physically and mentally and often leave women with lifelong scars, with many not realising it was even a possibility. Bobbie had been taking

After having severe headaches and nausea for a week, Bobbie was relieved to wake up on the morning on 20th February 2018 feeling well and with no headache. She drove to her boyfriend’s house and was waiting for him to come home when her arm suddenly went numb.

fashion and lifestyle on your brain, I was terrified.”

“I went into the Cabin waiting for him to get home when my arm went funny… and then I just remember for some reason the advert where it says can you raise both arms above your head? I don’t know why I thought of that, but I tried, and I just couldn’t. I panicked a bit, I sat down, and I was trying to find my phone and then next thing I remember is waking up and just trying to hear myself breathe.” Bobbie suffered a stroke and doctors told her that her contraceptive pill was to blame for thickening her blood and causing a clot. “the doctor came in and said to me, ‘we don’t know what it is, but we’ve found a mass

The stroke caused Bobbie to lose sensation down her left side and she was unable to walk for a long time. Bobbie was taking the pill Rigevidon, one of the most popular pills prescribed in the UK Its important that contraception is accessible for all women and is free and safe to use without danger. Wendy Higson, a contraceptive nurse working for the NHS said: “contraception is important, it’s necessary and it’s a right. But it needs to be safe to use without the danger of something going wrong.” Although there are many stories of contraceptives going wrong, you can greatly reduce the risk of complications by attending regular pill reviews and checkups – if you feel something isn’t right or experience abnormal changes in your body, visit your GP as soon as you can.

Cara Chalmers started taking Rigevidon in October 2016 when she was 21 years old. Cara immediately started getting headaches: “It was a particular type of headache I would have which was down the left-hand side of my head and quite a sharp pain. I was doing my dissertation at the time and was in fourth year at university so I genuinely put it all down to stress.” On Mother’s Day in 2017, Cara was rushed to hospital with severe headaches, nausea, drowsiness and confusion. An MRI scan showed that Cara had multiple blood clots on her brain, likely caused by the pill thickening her blood. Cara was lucky to make a full recovery and wants girls to be aware of the potential dangers.

Written by Abbie Bradford | Designed by Chloe Portwain



n the 1975, taken Nerve are

aftermath of the concerns a new turn. exploring the

Cultural Appreciation and Cultural Appropriation, while they may sound similar, are two very different concepts. Cultural Appreciation is when an individual seeks to understand and learn about another culture in order to broaden their perspective on a culture. Culture Appropriation, however, is the adoption of elements of one culture by members of another culture but there is complete disregard for the origin of the element of culture and is only used for personal use. For example, when people wear bindis, henna, or Navajo headdresses at festivals, this is seen as Cultural Appropriation as it is mostly done without understanding the cultural meanings behind these elements. The latest debate surrounding Cultural Appreciation and Appropriation started at a concert by The 1975 in Dubai on 15th August. Lead singer Matty Healy decided to protest against Dubai’s anti-LGBTQ laws by kissing a male audience 23 |

an incident in Dubai involving Matty Healy from The around Cultural Appreciation and Appropriation have With contribution from Rumours of Fleetwood Mac, concepts of Cultural Appreciation and Appropriation. member during the concert, with cheers and applause from the audience. Homosexuality is, in fact, illegal and punishable by imprisonment and the death penalty in the United Arab Emirates and public displays of affection are frowned upon. Therefore, this act by Matty Healy has not gone down lightly in Dubai. Matty Healy made his reasons for defying the laws of the United Arab Emirates clear by stating to the crowd:

“I just want us to identify as humans and not as groups of individual different people” Additionally, in a statement days after the controversial occurrence, Matty said:

“I really liked that boy and I am pretty sure he liked that kiss” as well as stating “it is not me that needs to change, it is the world that needs changing.’’ In saying this, Matty is going against the ideas of Cultural Appreciation by being unable to appreciate the ideas and laws regarding homosexuality and going as far as supposedly putting a fan’s life in danger to satisfy his needs to spread his ideas across the world. Therefore, Matty’s actions can be seen as Cultural Appropriation.


However, rather than appropriating to the culture of the United Arab Emirates, Matty has attempted to appropriate the culture of the United Arab Emirates to suit the culture that he lives in. This can be seen as both a personal gain and a gain for those in the LGBTQ community, showing complete disregard for the laws of the country and the consequences of his actions for the people of the United Arab Emirates. Nerve Magazine has spoken to Dave Goldberg, a member of Rumours of Fleetwood Mac, to discuss his thoughts on Cultural Appreciation and Appropriation, from the perspective of someone who has been on tour around the world. Rumours of Fleetwood Mac are about to embark on a thirtysix-date tour of the United States and have previously toured across the world on numerous occasions. While Dave said that Rumours of Fleetwood Mac

Written by Josh Burgess

“have not had to change in any major or specific ways” in order to adhere to a country’s rules and regulations. They are “given rules of what not to do and what not to say” as well as being told “how to treat people”, adhering to the rules of the countries and following their policies on homosexuality and gender among other concepts. Dave also mentioned that he thought that it was “interesting to be able to deal with different cultures” and likes to “get a sense of different ways that countries do things”,

Designed by Jack Furness

therefore being a part of the Cultural Appreciation. The ideas surrounding Cultural Appreciation and Appropriation are complex and advanced. Differentiating them, and deciphering which one you are adhering to, can be hard. Matty Healy seemed to be trying to spread a positive message. However, this backfired. Dave Goldberg believes that you “feel like you have to control yourself” when in another country in order to obey their cultural standards. Appreciating and Appropriating Cultures are two majorly different ideas. Whether celebrities and musicians adhere to the cultures of the countries that they go to or not, that is their choice. However, the consequences should not affect their fans and audiences. 24

Student Travel Tips


ravelling on a student budget can be tricky, especially if you’re considering a placement year abroad that isn’t paying much, however there are some things that you just should not skimp on... This is a checklist of the essentials that you need to budget for when you’re getting ready for your year abroad.

Visa OK, so it might be obvious but get your visas sorted as soon as you can. There are lots of different visas so you must check that you are getting the correct one for the country you’ll be entering. Visas can also differ depending on the type of travel you are doing and

25 |

whether you are working or not. It is important to get your visa as soon as possible in case there are any delays - otherwise you may not be able to travel when you originally planned, potentially costing you lots of money.

features Written by Shannon McDavitt Designed by James Harris

Top Tip

Make a list of important numbers in case of an emergency.



This one might go without saying but it is important to make sure you have the correct insurance for the year you are about to adventure on. Insurance varies per trip depending on what you will be doing. If you plan to get involved with some local sporting activities like water sports, or if you’re working abroad, then check that your insurance policy covers you - you may need a different insurance package. If you’re travelling before 31st October, apply for an EHIC card - it’s free. If you’re travelling after this date, then make sure that your travel insurance comes with healthcare cover.

A student budget can be tight sometimes, but vaccinations are a must when you’re travelling or living abroad. Requirements differ depending on the country you are going to, but you can check online to see which ones you need. You should contact your GP well in advance of your travels, and book in early so you’re prepared. Some vaccinations can be expensive but, again, vaccinations are recommended for a reason, this is something nobody should be skimping on before travel.

Finally, enjoy the adventure! 26


Written by Georgina Barnes Designed by Jack Furness 27 |

alloween is slowly creeping its way around the corner, and for many students the excitement of dressing up for a night out grows near. Decisions grow harder: Cameo or the O2? Does dressing as a sexy cat mean you’ll be matching with almost every other girl in Bournemouth? These ultimatums aside, many students forget to make themselves aware of the dangers that can come along with Halloween. Not to fear, as here is a go-to list compiled with things to look out for.


Mandy or Man Down?

Stranger Danger

Protect Your Bev

Pre drinks can sometimes take a dangerous turn for the worse if you start adding illegal drugs into the mix. For example, if you were to take MDMA with alcohol, both substances dehydrate you. This runs the risk of you overheating and becoming dangerously dehydrated if you don’t drink water during the night. Take care of your body and don’t feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to. Educate yourself on the dangers of drugs by checking out the charity’s twitter account - they provide information about dangerous pills and how you can keep yourself safe this Halloween.

Who’s behind the door you’re knocking on? Yes, it may only be the student flat down the hall from you, but it’s important to keep yourself safe and stick with a friend for the night look after each other! Speaking to campus police officer PC Ian McCue, he gave advice for anyone who felt unsafe on a night out: “If they feel like they are in danger at the bar because of people they’re with or people that have approached them, they can go to the bar staff and use the word’s Ask For Angela. “It’s a code word which means the bar staff know this person doesn’t feel safe and they’ll take them somewhere safe.”

Keep your drink on you at all times! The use of date rape drugs has increased by a staggering 108% since 2015 (Sky News FoI), giving you even more reason to protect your drink. Some simple tips include drinking out of a bottle or something that can’t be easily spiked or not accepting a drink from a stranger (no matter how attractive they look as a ghostbuster). PC Ian McCue added: “If anyone feels that they may have been spiked, there are testing kits behind many of the University bars now which can test the drink.”

Pranks Gone Wrong

Costume Faux Pas

RIP Pumpkins

Yes, it is funny when you’re drunk to watch your flatmate throw themselves into a bush; harmless fun, right? But some jokes can be taken too far, especially during Halloween. Reports of students egging other flats, wrapping houses in toilet roll and putting fireworks in letterboxes are one of the few reports police have had to deal with. PC Ian McCue recommended: “Just have fun but be careful - make sure you’re not going to scare or hurt anyone and (for example) don’t throw anyone into the road!”

Afraid of looking the same as every other playboy bunny in the room? Not to fear, just be more original - but not to the detriment of someone’s race, gender or religion. PC Ian McCue also noted the importance of props: “Be careful - don’t take any imitational firearms, don’t take any knives out, just be careful what you’re carrying with you.”

Arguably the most important part of the list: the death of many pumpkins. Last year, the UK threw away approximately 8 million pumpkins after Halloween, which is the equivalent of enough pumpkin pie to feed the entire nation (The Guardian). Reduce, Re-use, Recycle!

At the end of the day, Halloween is just another excuse to go out and get drunk with your pals, but make sure you look out for each other and don’t get in too much trouble. 28

29 |


Written by Tara Proudfoot Designed by James Harris

The Block Party is back yet again this year to celebrate Halloween across Lansdowne. With over 40 DJs and 5 venues hosting events like Foreverland, Suddenly Funk and TechBox, it is a unique and action-packed night. Sat 26th Oct 2019 | 21.00-5.00 | £10-£35

Canvas club brings Caribbean-inspired Halloween vibes hosted by Appleton Estate and Wray & Nephew. Sat 26th Oct 2019 | 21.00-3.00 | £5 or Free before 11

For a fancy night out, head to the Halloween Soirée at Hilton Hotel’s Sky Bar. Fancy dress is compulsory, so don’t forget to dress up in your best Halloween attire! Sat 26th Oct 2019 | 20.00-1.00 | £25

Join Lethal Bizzle in Cameo for the Festival of the Dead! Performing in Bournemouth’s biggest nightclub for a night of Halloween festivities. Thur 31st Oct 2019 | 21.00-5.00 | £8 - £15

Head down to The Old Fire Station for a Halloween-themed night of Hip Hop and R&B. A night of fancy dress and urban music. Thur 31st Oct 2019 | 23.00-4.00 | £5 - £8

Head to Bomo Bunker for The Haunted House, Halloween Special. Be creative with your Halloween costume, as there’s a prize for best dressed! Thur 31st Oct 2019 | 21.00-4.00 | £5

For a spooky atmosphere, head to Halo for Halloween! What better sinister location than a club in an abandoned church… Thur 31st Oct 2019 | 22.00-3.00 | £3 - £7 30

KETTLE OF KITES - ARROWS (T) Kettle of Kites are a band unafraid to break the curve. Kettle of Kites are a sci-fi inspired rock band currently based in Italy. Their new album, Arrows, contains nine tracks individually inspired by the works of science fiction master Isaac Asmiov. The result is orchestral tinged post-rock, recommended for fans of Talk Talk, Radiohead, and Idlewild.

With band members from Scotland, England, Belgium and Italy, Kettle of Kites gaze far beyond the borders of Earth and transfix upon the wonders of the universe and its limitless possibilities. The new album is out on the 11th October and combines a collection of experiences from music scenes across Europe, from supernova crescendos to special melodies.

Written By Tara Proudfoot (T) & Nicole Baddeley (N) Designed by James Harris


31 |

Margaret Atwood’s novel The Testaments takes an in depth look at the lives of three women after the fall of Gilead. The Booker Prize nominated book is the sequel to the awardwinning Hand Maid’s Tale. Fear not, if you have only watched the highly-acclaimed HULU series, Atwood forgivingly skipped the fall of Gilead which allows for an easy read. Set in Canada, the location

Gilead in Ardua Hall, this dystopian world often leaves one wondering how opposite from reality is it… Similarly to the prelude, The Testaments tackles issues surrounding truth, accountability and barbarism. However, this time, the reader is treated to glimpses of hope, humour and humanity. A novel such as this is a welcome break with a stark wakeup call attached to it.


EVERYWHERE WE LOOKED WAS BURNING (T) Tunisian-born/New York-based experimental singer Emel Mathlouthi has announced the release of her new album Everywhere We Looked Was Burning. The album was inspired by the “essential imagery” of poets Rainer Maria Rilke, T.S. Elliot, and John Ashbury, and “thinking back to how music in English was so important growing up.”

Emel initially rented a house in Woodstock, NY and set off to “write about nature as well as the beauty and struggle of these times.” She spent hours recording the woods, wind, water, and fire in the world around her. In the studio, she matched this earthly choir with homemade synths, keys and percussions.

DEATH BY PIANO – COUNTDOWN (T) Death By Piano channel the ageless trip-hop atmospherics into their immersive and invigorating darkwave sound. Echoing their transient reverbwashed sounds across the pond this Summer, Death By Piano now release their debut EP for UK release: ’Countdown’. The

‘Countdown' EP was produced by Death by Piano themselves, with 3 tracks co-produced with friend and frequent collaborator Jamal (No Surrender), with the EP further mixed by Michael MacAllister & Abe Seiferth. ‘The Countdown’ EP came out on the 13th September.

METRONOMY – METRONOMY FOREVER (T) Metronomy’s innate skill for blending off-kilter funk, energising club vibes and esoteric pop is interspersed with some mood-setting, glistening and melodic electronic tracks. The five-piece electronic pop band released their new album Metronomy Forever on the 13th September. As a followup to 2016’s album ‘Summer 08,’ the 17-track album is born

from adesire for breathing room, from not wanting to stuff the hits together like a bouquet of petrol station roses – a modern way of listening to music. Metronomy’s innate skill for blending off-kilter funk, energising club vibes and esoteric pop is interspersed with some mood-setting,glistening and melodic electronic tracks. 32

33 |




mber after their their

Run are currently embarking on their tour of North America touring the UK and Europe. Nerve Magazine caught up with guitarist Joe whilst they were in Amsterdam, to talk about songwriting process, their new record and his dream band.

The British indie rock band Amber Run, from Nottingham, have now released their third record after starting out in 2012. The group met at the University of Nottingham after all studying subjects in Humanities and Law but they abandoned their subjects in their second year of study to pursue their dreams and focus on the band. When speaking to their guitarist Joe Keogh “We were practically living together at the time and we were like ‘we’ve got opportunities that people who we love and really respect haven’t been given and we would be doing them and ourselves a disservice so let’s give it a go’ and here we are releasing our third record.”

In the cutthroat business that is the music industry, what is the moment that encouraged them to take the risk and give their all to the band? “Around the time we were recording the first record we were really really proud of it and it was so cool and we felt it had a purpose. “Like many things, if you are gonna do something you might as well put everything into it and try and make the best you can out of it.” The band released their latest record Philophobia on 27th September this year and it is said that bands often struggle to write their second album after the hype and excitement of the first one.

We asked Joe about how he found the process of the second album to which he described how during the process of this album, it was a difficult time in their life. Joe said: “When I describe the second record, I wouldn’t describe it as difficult to write, just a very difficult moment in our lives. We were just desperately unhappy. You can probably hear it in this new one that there is an ease and confidence to it because we’ve been doing this for a while now.” After releasing the record, the band have toured the UK, Europe and are now on their North American leg of the tour with them doing 28 concerts in total since the release.

35 |

Written by Chloe Randall

Designed by Jack Furness


When performing to a different crowd in a completely different place each night, we asked if the crowd was different wherever they went to which Joe said: “There is definitely a different crowd in different places. You know it’s a bit like in the UK when you can tell whether it’s a Monday or Tuesday night compared to a Friday or Saturday. You can tell Paris from Amsterdam and you can tell Berlin from Munich.” The songwriting process is unique for every band and Joe told us how they think about writing songs and how they respond to critics and fans.

“If people enjoy it and people hold on to it then that’s such a beautiful beautiful thing.“ “I don’t think we are thinking about anyone else when we write songs, it’s a beautiful by-product and other people get to listen to it. That’s what is always funny when critics or magazines and stuff comment on tune or whatever. But I’m always thinking, it really helps me, I got something really great out of it. So I get a lot of solace in the fact that it doesn’t matter what other people think, and if people enjoy it and people


inally, we asked Joe if he were to create a dream band then who would he include to which he replied: “I want Prince on vocals, you know what I want Tom Sperring there because he is jokes, Ringo Starr on drums, I’ll be roadie.”



37 |


The season so far

THE POPPIES REVIEW Bournemouth FC, also known as ‘The Poppies’, are a football team that play in the Sydenhams Wessex Premier Division, which is at Step Five of the National League system or the ninth tier of the Football League system. New manager Leonardo Cabeleira has taken over from Michael Cuffie, after helping lead the team to third place in the league last season.

“But players like [Tyrone] Carkeet at right-back have been a good surprise for us. “Patrick Wilson came on board, and is bringing some strength to the back four together with Lewis Harvey and Kevin Foreman” he added.

NEW PLAYERS An almost complete squad overhaul has been made, with only brothers Jake and Liam Harvey sticking around from the previous season. Goalkeeper James Mayo has been added along with defenders Tyrone Carkeet, Kevin Foreman and Patrick Wilson. Midfield additions include Jamie Trimble, Edgar Zanin and Rafael Santos, whilst attacking additions include Lewis Coulson, Karol Rog, Jack Voisey and Davidson Borges. Leonardo Cabeleira has had to take this massive change of players into consideration.

“It’s a new team, things are going step-by-step”

CUP ACTION Even at this early stage in the season, the Poppies have been incredibly busy outside of the league, contesting three cup competitions. In the Sydenhams Wessex League Cup, they dramatically overcame Downton 6-5 on penalties after a 1-1 draw. However, it was also by penalties that they exited the Hampshire Senior Cup, with Newport IW FC winning 7-6 after a 2-2 draw in normal time. In the FA Cup Bournemouth beat Frimley Green 2-1 in the Extra Preliminary Round, but were humbled 5-0 in the following Preliminary Round against Step 4 side Bracknell Town.

Written by: Carlo Simone | Designed by: James Harris

PERFORMANCES IN THE LEAGUE The first game of the season against Fareham Town required a penalty save from Mayo to secure a 1-1 draw, which was followed by a 2-1 away loss to Hamworthy United. A first league win was then achieved against Amesbury Town, with Karol Rog scoring the only goal of the game. Unfortunately, Bournemouth drew blanks in their next three games, as a 0-0 draw with Hamworthy was sandwiched between 1-0 losses to Baffins Milton Rovers and AFC Stoneham. The Poppies did score in their next match, but it was only a consolation in a 6-1 thrashing by AFC Portchester. At the time of writing, Bournemouth sit in 14th position in the Sydenhams Wessex Premier Division.


Written by: Carlo Simone Designed by: Connor Stringer


he 2019 Rugby World Cup will be the ninth Rugby World Cup to be held, and for the first time will be hosted by a country outside of the ‘traditional heartland’ of the sport.

Japan will be hosting the tournament from the 20th September to 2nd November, becoming the first Asian country to do so as well. Notably enough, every team to have qualified for this tournament has previously taken part in at least one Rugby World Cup. Russia are the least-experienced side having only featured in one previous World Cup, and are only taking part after disqualifications of Romania and Spain in their qualifying group. However, the established countries such as New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and France will be vying it out to crown themselves as champions, whilst England will seek to improve on their Pool Stage elimination as hosts in 2015.

39 |

Tournament Structure As in the past five World Cups, 20 teams qualify for the tournament. The top three teams from each of the four pools at the 2015 World Cup automatically qualified, which included Japan, who would have qualified as hosts regardless. The remaining eight spaces were filled from existing regional tournaments plus a few cross-regional play-offs. These sides are then drawn into four pools of five teams each, who then play each other in a round-robin format. Four points are awarded for a win, two for a draw and zero for a defeat by eight or more points. A bonus point is awarded for a loss by fewer than eight points, and another bonus point can be obtained by a side scoring four tries. The teams that finish in the top two of their pool advance to the quarter finals and so forth until two teams reach the final.


The Favourites New Zealand will undoubtedly be favourites, as they look to secure the tournament for the third year in a row, after winning in 2011 and 2015. Australia will also be fancying their chances of winning their first Rugby World Cup since 1999 after being defeated by the All Blacks in the 2015 iteration, and finishing third in 2011. There is some cause for optimism after they defeated New Zealand 47-26 earlier this year, but this has been tempered by a 36-0 defeat in a World Cup warm-up match. South Africa must also be considered as threats to toppling New Zealand, after only being edged out 20-18 in their semifinal in 2015. They will have to face the All Blacks at an early stage though after being drawn against them in the Pool Stage.

Outside Chances Having reached the semi-final and quarter final stage at the last two World Cups, Wales may be a good outside bet at winning the tournament. Having just come off a Six Nations Championship win, Warren Gatland’s side will be brimming with confidence, and were the number one ranking side in rugby union as recently as this year. Sitting fourth place as September 2019, there will still be hopes of causing a major shock to the established

titans of these tournaments. Argentina also cannot be ruled out as a possible contender. The South American side’s best finish was third place in the 2007 tournament, but they managed fourth place in 2015 after being bested by Australia in the semi-finals. England will also be hoping to be amongst those sides in with a chance of capturing the Webb Ellis Cup. They have shown good form in Test matches as they overcame Wales, after losing to them in the Six Nations this year, and thumped Ireland 57-15. This combined with the form of Owen Farrell, Jonny May and Manu Tuilagi should prove crucial to England progressing in this tournament.

Key Players Owen Farrell will be pivotal for England to have any chance of success. At either fly-half or inside centre, the England captain’s knack for conversions and penalties should yield many points. South Africa’s S’bu Nkosi will be a threat for any team he comes up against, with his seven tries in eight Test matches proving his quality. New Zealand’s No. 7 Ardie Savea is a great all-round player to watch, with his willingness to smash attackers helping him to win turnovers and score tries freely.


The Preview


he Women’s Super League has returned in what is set to be its biggest and best season yet. On the back of a successful World Cup with a new sponsorship in Barclays and the launch of the FA player – including multimedia deals around the world – it’s been the leagues most anticipated year to date.

41 |

Last Season

The Top Tier

Last season it was Arsenal who lifted the WSL trophy – ending their seven-year wait to do so and getting them back into the UEFA Champions League for the upcoming season. Having strengthened in the summer – including bringing World Cup silver medallist Jill Roord from Bayern Munich – they began their defence of the title at home to West Ham. But their aim of going backto-back wouldn’t be without its challenges with Manchester City and Chelsea breathing down their necks. City finished last season with the cup double but failed to pip Arsenal to the title despite finishing the season with only one defeat, but one too many draws was to be their ultimate downfall. Meanwhile Chelsea will be looking to make up for their previous season – finishing outside the top two which resulted in them losing out on a Champions League spot.

With Yeovil relegated and the league expanding ever so slightly, it welcomed two new teams from the Championship who finished top and second respectively. Enter Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur into the top tier of English football for the very first time. As if new teams weren’t exciting enough – the WSL season kicked off with a Manchester Derby at the Etihad and a London Derby at Stamford Bridge boding for two of the highest attendances in the women’s game, with City against United taking top spot for the WSL attendance record. While excitement brewed for the newbies and the top 3, the rest of the league quietly went about their summer business and strengthened accordingly coming into this season. At least one side brought in a significant player that would be pivotal to their league success if they were to have


any; from Liverpool signing Melissa Lawley, Everton bringing in Lucy Graham or Brighton coming out on top to sign formidable keeper Megan Walsh.

Transfers Birmingham were one side who saw significant departures in their transfer window as they were seemingly dismantled – in particular losing Aoife Mannion to City, Paige Williams to Madrid and Hayley Ladd to United; all of whom were pivotal to their impressive Top 4 finish last season. Their brightest addition came in the form of Brianna Visalli who has impressed even so early on in the season.

The 19/20 Season The 19/20 Super League season is now three weeks in – excluding a week of Conti Cup action – Arsenal and Manchester City remain unbeaten, while a surprise addition in the mix at the top is Everton who have looked an exciting prospect under Willie Kirk. Meanwhile Liverpool are yet to win a point, much like Birmingham, while United finally got off the bottom of

Written by Courtney Hill

the table winning 2-0 against Liverpool in the latest week of fixtures. Chelsea are also unbeaten – but fell to a second fixture draw in a surprise result for Brighton, with the latter looking promising this season in comparison to last in which they were well among the relegation battle for the most part. This season is looking like the most difficult one to predict with who could be on the end of relegation come the latter stages of the campaign, with the likes of Liverpool, Bristol and Birmingham looking as though they could be in the mix.

in the mix, dropping points to teams like Brighton won’t help their bid for the title anytime soon.


ne thing is for certain though, the newlypromoted teams have come into the season with real intent – evidence Injuries through their impressive As for the other end of the transfer windows – and table, given the importance of look as though they’re certain players coming back here to stay. from injury – particularly Lia Walti and Jordan Nobbs – along with strengthening through signings and not to mention the Netherlands’ all-time top goal scorer (for men and women) Vivianne Miedema leading their line, Arsenal look strong enough to go back-to-back in the league. However, another injury problem could leave them vulnerable to City’s undeniable quality in depth and ability to grind out results. Although Chelsea are certainly

Designed by James Harris



he Bournemouth University Bobcats will be hoping for a second bite of the cherry this season as they look to bounce back from last year’s promotion heartbreak. The Bobcats finished the regular season 6-1, reaching the Division Two playoff semi-finals for the first time in their history. However, it was a divisiondeciding, 13-2 regular season defeat to the Worcester Royals that inevitably dashed their promotion hopes. Throughout the season the Bobcats’ social media boasted the slogan #newera. It appears that same hype is building once again as they look to claw their way into Division One. A mood summed up by third-year Linebacker and Club Treasurer, Joe Genovesa.

He told Nerve Magazine:

“We reached the playoffs and lost. We learned some key things, such as nothing is given to you easily. “It’s boosted the morale of the players to improve and make a massive rebound this year. “We’re confident in our ability and confident in the coaches to clinch promotion to Division One.” Although the team were left licking their playoff wounds, the scenes of jubilation following their Varsity win over the Southampton

Solent Redhawks – their second win over Southampton that season - showed just how successful last year was and how much it meant to the players. Joe continued: “The season was an amazing experience, to be part of such a huge turnaround of a sporting team and Varsity victory was a great way to end off the year over Solent.” Perhaps the key difference last year to previous is the addition of several new coaches. Joe said: “We brought in close to 10 new coaches that are mostly linked with the Bournemouth Bobcats senior team. “They have been great and really helped our great freshman class to develop and even take some starting roles on both sides of the ball.” The team not only enjoyed their best season to date on the field but excelled off of it too.

Written by Josh Taylor | Designed by Jack Furness Photos: @bu_bobcats on Instagram 43 |


They were awarded SUBU Club of the Year, Club Commendation in Sport and declared a Five-Star Club at the SUBU Activities Awards. The team were hailed for their spirit and their interactions with other societies, such as holding fun open training sessions. They were also regularly seen supporting other university teams and even busted out some moves during the BUDS’ fundraiser, BU Come Dancing. The Club Treasurer said: “Being recognised as SUBU Club of the Year really helped crown off an amazing year for us. The Students’ Union had helped us a lot throughout the season and all of our hard work paid off in the end. From as soon as the year

started, as is our same mindset this current year.

“We have plans in place for renewing our five-star status and we aren’t giving up Club of the Year anytime soon.” The Bobcats will also be hoping to see some fresh faces welcomed into the sporting family. Joe said: “We’re looking to have a great recruitment year we already have some great plans in place for the upcoming season, with certain

players working with coaches throughout the summer on playbooks and positive changes all over the club.” If there was any piece of advice he would give to those wanting to try out it is: “Just to give it a go, don’t be scared and just ask as many questions as you can to current players and coaches. “If you don’t find your position directly we’ll help you find what’s best suited for you and just don’t be afraid of not being good enough, no one’s not good enough to try out.” Adjusting to new players, new systems and setting new targets is always difficult but one thing is for certain; the Bournemouth University Bobcats are preparing to pounce on promotion this season.


45 |


Sports Reporter, Daily Mail 46





erve Magazine catch up with BU Alumni Dan Davis who after graduating in May, is now a sports reporter at the Daily Mail. Dan tells us the highlights of his time at BU.

Dan Davis

Sports Reporter, Daily Mail

Written by Dan Davis Designed by Jack Furness

I’m Dan, and I’m an online sports reporter at the Daily Mail. I finished the Multimedia Journalism course at Bournemouth University in May, after three amazing years of meeting new people and having the time of my life! One of the first things I did when I started my course (when I was still fresh-faced and could actually handle a vodka shot) was sign up for Nerve Media. I’ve wanted to be a journalist for as long as I can remember, and I’ve always held a passion for sport. To be able to combine the two for my current job is a dream come true, and I genuinely believe that I owe this to my time with Nerve. In my first year, I was actively involved with news online, but also hashed out several articles to be published in the magazine as well. Being able to see my name

47 |

in print for the first time was a brilliant feeling, and inspired me to climb the ranks with the sport team. I met some brilliant people during my three years with Nerve, and knew that it would be the perfect platform to really challenge myself. I threw myself into every aspect of Nerve, including radio, and picked up countless invaluable skills to prepare me for life outside university.


When I attended the dreaded interviews in London I was fully prepared because of what Nerve had taught me and allowed me to do. The key bit of advice I would love to pass on is to believe in yourself. I was originally rejected for my role, horrifically on the same day I handed in my dissertation, but kept the faith and what I had picked up with Nerve eventually shone through.

et involved with everything while you can! Nerve was the best part of my university experience (apart from Wednesday’s at Cameo of course) and I really do miss it even now. Plus, you’re guaranteed to make friends for life!



My Summer

Placement Experience

Nerve Magazine caught up with BU student Emily Barker to hear about her experience as a placement radio reporter at the BBC.

Written by Emily Barker Designed by James Harris

Over the summer holidays I spent one week on placement at BBC Hereford and Worcester radio station. Although I was only working there for a week, I gained very valuable skills which are transferable to wherever my career takes me in the future. On my first day, I was understandably slightly apprehensive of what to expect. Despite this, I was immediately put at ease by the abundance of friendly faces that welcomed me into the newsroom. I started off with smaller ‘behind the scenes’ tasks. This included things such as finding guests to be interviewed on various shows throughout the day; collating lists of new contacts for other reporters to contact and editing shorter radio clips to be broadcast on air. While these smaller tasks were helpful, it was really in the 49 |

latter half of the week where I would say I was fully immersed in the role of a local radio reporter. There was a heavy focus on the cricket in the news as this was taking place in Worcester at the time. I was able to go down to the stadium with one of the reporters at Hereford and Worcester for an interview. We interviewed the coach of a kid’s summer cricket camp which was running that day.

Everyone made me feel very welcome, and part of the team throughout my placement.

The process of reporting at the BBC is so similar to what we’re taught at university. All the equipment used were things that we have already had experience with in the last two years- which made everything a whole lot easier! I also got the opportunity to go out and record some vox pops with another reporter. This was useful as I found it boosted my confidence when approaching people out of the blue and helped me find better ways of doing so. The week rounded up by going out in the radio car to be a part of some live reporting on location which was a great experience. Overall, my week at BBC Hereford and Worcester has advanced my knowledge of how radio reporting works and I would love to gain more experience in this field in the future.



51 |


A little career chat...

NIGHTMARE PLACEMENT When embarking on a placement, the thoughts of not liking it and not fitting in overpower the idea of any absolute nightmares happening. However, we caught up with two BU alums to talk about their placement from hell and how they came out of it stronger than ever. What was your placement nightmare? Elanor: Whilst I was in Brussels, the Paris terrorist attacks happened where it was linked back to areas within the Brussels city centre. The terrorist cell bombed the airport which was minutes away from my office. Many people lost their lives and the city was placed under lockdown without public transport and flights. Malcolm*: When they offered me the job they told me I would need to start the following week. My salary was minimum wage, I worked until 1am multiple times, my manager never spoke to me and I felt excluded. When I asked questions, she told me that she did not have time to answer my questions and advised that they hired me because they thought

I could do the job. Things went from bad to worse so earlier than expected, my time at the agency ended. How did you overcome it? Elanor: I was due to return home only 2 weeks following the incident so I mostly worked from home and didn’t go back into the office. I was happy to leave Brussels so took a 10 hour coach to return to London as there weren’t any flights and the Eurostar could have been a target. My BU Placement Development Advisor was amazing, ringing me immediately after it happened which helped put me at ease. Malcolm*: Luckily a woman who I was liaising with from an advertising awards show as part of my role rang the agency to speak to me. They said I had left so she rang my mobile directly and offered me an interview based on our telephone interactions. I worked with her for three weeks freelance and then was head hunted via LinkedIn for a FTC role in a top 3 creative agency. They paid me an honest wage and treated me well which did wonders in restoring my confidence.

What are you doing now? Elanor: I am in the Consumer PR department for Camelot, on behalf of The National Lottery, working with winners of The National Lottery to tell their amazing and life-changing stories. Malcolm*: I’m now currently an Account Manager in Europe’s largest and most creatively awarded advertising agency. I’m also studying film-making in the evenings in London alongside my job. Any advice for students thinking about placement? Elanor: Don’t be afraid to go somewhere out of your comfort zone, it will teach you a lot. Malcolm*: Check reviews for the company on these can often give insight into the working culture and salary of the agency, keeping in mind that people are more likely to leave a negative review than a positive.

Name: Elanor Corbett Academic course: BA Communication and Media Placement company type: Global hotel brand Name: Malcolm* Academic Course: BA (Hons) Advertising Placement company type: Creative advertising agency *Name changed for legal reasons

Written By Vianna Renaud 52

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