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BOSCOMBE GOES 8-BIT We’ve all wanted to walk the streets of Boscombe without actually being there, and now you can! Creator Burt Burnell explains what the game is all about and what drove him to put Boscombe on the gaming map.

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It’s the time of year when we’re all choosing where to live next year. Student-run site Move’m are here to explain why you should be checking before you sign that contract.



Juliette Mainx is a photographer who was so inspired by what she was capturing, she ended up designing it into a t-shirt. We have a look at her work, and her ideas for the future. 01202 961681

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For opportunities to get involved, whether it be writing, design, illustration, photography or even a spot of photobombing, email for details.



We have a friendly chat with the five-piece from Surrey whose new album, Cavalier Youth, is already proving to be a huge success in the album charts.



It’s safe to say that Barry Hearn has an impressive sporting CV. We ask him as much as we can about his career, but we’re bound to have missed something...





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We’ve just said goodbye to the Winter Olympics, so that means Summer is coming, right? Well until then, there’s plenty to keep you occupied during these stormy times. We kick off the issue with interviews with Bombay Bicycle Club and You Me at Six, who have both released brand new albums this year. How about travelling around Boscombe in a similar way to how you would when you played Pokémon on your Game Boy Colour?! Well, now you can in the Boscombe RPG, and we ask the creator what inspired him to create a game centered around a suburb in Bournemouth Just in case it carries on raining (which I can almost guarantee it will do) we have the rainy

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day fashion essentials. Also, to take your mind off the weather, our regular top 5 looks at ways of bringing in the summer earlier. Another fun part of this time of the year is... house hunting! We’ve been looking at student housing to try and stop you making any decisions you will later regret, especially when you are parting with hundreds of pounds worth of your loans. For you sporty types, we’ve got the ultimate love/hate relationships in sport (yes, we know we’re a bit late for Valentines Day!) Mix that with some reviews, gig listings and comment, and you have yourself Issue #5 of Nerve. Enjoy! Joshua Iredale

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Essential TRACKS we’ve been listening to this MONTH

BUSTA RHYMES THANK YOU Rap legend Busta Rhymes has released the second single, Thank you, from his tenth studio album E.L.E.2 (Extinction Level Event 2). The collaboration features Q-Tip, Lil Wayne and Kanye West, alongside sampling from Alicia Myers’ 1981 song, I Wanna Thank You. This creates an innovative blend of a deep tenor, and fast lyrics, against her soulful melody.


HALF MOON RUN CALL ME IN THE AFTERNOON Frolicking guitars, gorgeous harmonies, and clapping a-plenty, you could mistake this for just another folk-rock number. But with urgent vocals rushing alongside the intricate musical stylings from the trio, this track feels more substantial than anything else on the market.

This has been titled by Shakira as a Rock/Reggae mix song, which sounds like a refreshing mix. When first hearing this it sounds more like a clash than a mix between the two, with guitars crashing in at unexpected places, but this is a grower, and is a sure fire hit for two of the biggest female artists in the world.

ETHAM BASDEN YOUTH FEAT. SAM CHOKRI AGAINST ME TRANSGENDER DYSPHORIA BLUES The first record from the American punk band since lead singer Laura Jane Grace came out as transgender deals with the issues of her gender in a brutally honest and raw way, resulting in an extremely powerful and emotional concept album about a transgender prostitute.

KYLIE MINOGUE INTO THE BLUE Into the Blue is Kylie’s first release after signing to Jay Z’s Roc Nation Management and promises a reinvigorated sound with the iconic energy that we’ve come to love. 2014 will see Kylie collaborate with the likes of Enrique Iglesias, and Sia. Into the Blue is out on March 9th with the album Kiss Me Once soon to follow.

MAJOR LAZER AEROSOL CAN FEAT. PHARRELL WILLIAMS Major Lazer is ultra-cool dancehall producer Diplo’s Caribbean flavoured side project, and Aerosol Can, the first single from upcoming EP Apocalypse Now, is possibly his best work yet. Featuring some machine-gun fast rapping from the equally chill Pharrell Williams, it’s almost physically impossible to do anything but love this bouncy little gem.

Head straight to the playlist by scanning the QR code or visit NERVE | 6

YELLOW OSTRICH WHALE This endearing harmonic track from Yellow Ostrich, not only offers up an adorable title name, but also delivers a chorus of delicate vocals and sweet lo-fi rattles to suckle on. The track is the perfect blend of simplicity and pop and would be adored by fans of They Might Be Giants, The White Stripes and Sufjan Stevens.

Credit: Adam Romero

Covering Daughter’s Youth, upcoming singer/ songwriter Etham Basden is still relatively small time, releasing many covers whilst trying to find his own sound. Here he collabs with Reading’s own Sami Chokri (Formerly Sami Switch) - an upcoming UK rapper. The song ‘Youth’ combines Etham’s warming, powerful voice and guitar, with Sami’s added Urban touch, to create a brilliant track - two artists definitely to be on the look out for.


The Smyths March 21st

The Old Firestation


Box Office 0844 477 2000 //







Room 94

The Wanted

Old Fire Station 1 March

Old Fire Station 2 March

BIC 31 March

O2 Academy 7 March

BIC 4 March


Old Fire Station 8 March

BIC 6 March

Pavillion Theatre 3 March

Old Fire Station 15 March

Old Fire Station 7 March

Pavillion Theatre 6 March

Old Fire Station 15 March

O2 Academy 15 March

BIC 16 March

Old Fire Station 29 Marc

60 Million Poscards 21 March



Get Satisfied Enter

Jungle Vision We Are Your Friends


Maximo Park Temples Paolo Nutini Oliver Wilde Metronomy

Credit: Ben Watts


Moscow Ballet Russell Kane

Maybe he’ll talk dirty to you. Jason Derulo @ BIC, 28 March

The X Factor Live Moscow State Circus Pavillion Theatre 20 March

BIC 23 March

Jason Derulo BIC 28 March NERVE | 8

With a promise to ‘ejaculate thoughts about smallness’. Russell Kane @ Pavilion, 6 March

david beckham It didn’t seem like life could get better for David Beckham - illustrious football career, worldwide superstar, national hero... well it just did! Not only did he strip down for millions to see during his H&M Superbowl commercial, the guy also officially announced the plans and launch of his Miami based football (or ‘soccer’) franchise, who will compete in Major League Soccer.

Daft punk Credit where credit is due, the helmet-headed, robot entertainers cleaned up at the Grammy Awards - claiming 5 awards, including Album of the Year, and Record of the Year for their hit single Get Lucky. The duo, as always, had little to say up on stage, but dazzled with their performance of Get Lucky with collaborators Pharrell Williams, Nile Rodgers, and special guest Stevie Wonder.

seattle seahawks MetLife stadium, New Jersey - Superbowl XLVIII takes place, and makes history, as the Seattle Seahawks win for the first time in their near four-decade existence. In an awe-inspiring 43-8 victory (third largest point difference in Superbowl history), the event gave way to the breakdown of Broncos veteran quarterback Peyton Manning, a 69-Yard touchdown from MVP Malcolm Smith, and an incredible half time performance from Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.



denver broncos

kendrick lamar Nobody would have ever thought, after his groundbreaking year, that we would be calling California based rapper, and protégé to Hip-Hop icon Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar, a loser. But after Macklemore and Ryan Lewis beat him to Grammys for Best New Artist, and Best Rap Album, Kendrick is in fact a loser. Although most Hip-Hop fans still believe him to be the true winner, it seems the Grammys have caused uproar and upset again this year.

The Broncos were the pre-match favourites to win this year’s Superbowl after dominating the NFL season, thanks to veteran quarterback Peyton Manning. Yet, when it came to the big day, Manning and his team choked massively, losing 43-8 to the Seattle Seahawks in one of the most onesided Superbowls of all time.

flappy bird That damn bird. Its inability to keep up in the air and manouevre through the pipes, despite you trying your hardest to save it from plummeting to its death (all whilst getting repetitive strain injury from repeatedly tapping at your screen), makes it the worst game in history as you can NEVER WIN. Even more annoying is that the owner has taken Flappy Bird down from sale, meaning that phones and tablets with the ‘rare’ game are now selling for upwards of £10,000 on eBay. Flappin’ ridiculous.

Bombay Bicycle Club’s bassist Ed Nash spoke to Jacob Newbury and Joshua Farmer to discuss the brand new album, and whether he prefers Reading or Leeds How did you all meet? The other three guys went to school together since they were 11 or 12. They did a music project for an assembly, where only three people played instruments. It went OK, then they needed a bass player and they asked me. We played at some shows together, but it was incredibly small. We knew each other from the North London social circuit; they actually asked me to play my first gig at a funeral, which was pretty strange. What was the reasoning behind the name? It was chosen when we were 15 years old, and you know when you’re 15, you have no idea of the impact your decisions will have on the rest of your life. I wasn’t a part of the band at this time, but they were on the way to a gig and went past a restaurant named Bombay Bicycle Club which they used to go to. We all

regret it now, as it is a really bad name. Do you still go? No, they actually changed the name to just Bombay Bicycle. So, we came out on top but they did take us out for a meal there once for some cross promotional deal. I was at BoardMasters three years ago, around the time your last album came out. What has changed since then? Wow, I remember that. My mate lived in Devon and we just got smashed a few hours before we played. We went on tour for a year and a half after that and played at a lot of places and met a lot of nice people. What was the influence for the new album? I guess there were some broad areas of inspiration. The way we made it, is very loop

based, with lots of samples. It lends itself to the electronic music structure, especially dance music, building up tracks with these loops and percussion, then dropping and building them up again. We listened to a lot of hip hop and dance music when making the album. The structures of the songs are similar to those genres. Most of the album was put together on a laptop, with lots of electronic samples used.

We listened to a lot of hip hop and dance music when making the album

Do you have any favourite songs on the new album? The last song on the album, So Long, See You Tomorrow. It starts off real mellow and slow, and it’s reminiscent of the stuff from the first album. Then it picks up and at the

Bomba B NERVE | 10

end it’s a massive freak out, similar to a Chemical Brothers’ track. Two sides to it really, calm and electronic, epitomising the rest of the album really. Are you doing any festivals this Summer? We certainly are. We can’t say exactly which ones we’re doing but we are definitely doing some in the UK and Coachella in LA. Some European festivals too, so watch this space. How do you prepare before a gig? When we’re on tour, we don’t really rehearse because we play every day. We do some vocal warm-ups and sing together beforehand. We have a couple of drinks to loosen up a little bit. In the day we just explore and do something different, as we’re always somewhere new. You’re going to Europe and America the next few months, any places you’re looking forward to go in particular? I’m really looking forward to go to Scandinavia, like Denmark and Sweden. I’ve always wanted to go there, so that will be cool; not sure if anyone will turn up

though! Where do you see yourself in five years time? I don’t even know where we are in two years. If you asked what we would be doing two years ago now, I’d have no idea we’d have just done the album we did. So far it has worked out and I’m still enjoying playing in the band. We have a lot of fun, so to continue doing that would be brilliant. With the release of the video and releasing the album, were you nervous? My nerves weren’t wrecked, you know. I personally love the album and hope people like it. I wasn’t nervous for it, I just hope they enjoy it. Have you been eagerly awaiting this release? Yeah, I have been waiting all year for it and first of all, we are a live band, so we’re just enjoying playing all these new songs. That’s what we write them for. So Long, See You Tomorrow is out now, including the first single Luna.

ay Bicycle Club


Quick fire round:

Festivals or your own gigs? Our own shows, I prefer doing what we want to do, with our own crowds. Reading or Leeds? Reading. It was my first ever festival, so I will always have fond memories. There is something about the place that I really enjoy. I Had the Blues but I Shook Them Loose [1st album] or Flaws [2nd album]? I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose, whenever I listen to it, it reminds me of being a teenager and going through a diary. Bob Dylan or Johnny Cash? Bob Dylan, straight up. Michael Jackson or Elvis? Michael Jackson, one of my all-time heroes.

NERVE | 11


L o n g D i s t a n c e

Get Over It! The challenge of maintaining long-distance relationships while at university is something that many of us face – but ultimately is not an impossible task. Nerve’s Mallory Mabe explains her experiences with long-distance love, and tips to keep the romance alive despite the distance


’ve always been fascinated with the UK. While most Brits dream of moving to the bright, glamorous city of New York, or spending days on the beach in Malibu, I was dreaming of double-decker buses in London and afternoon tea in the Cotswolds. Because of this little dream I decided to find a pen pal I could write to. You know, just for fun. More specifically, I decided to get an Irish pen pal. I found the website penpalparty. com and created a profile. To be honest, there weren’t many pen pals from Ireland and after my decision to find a male pen pal it narrowed it down even further. I felt part Sherlock Holmes and part Jane Austen – trying to detect any ounce of psychopath in the profiles while romanticising about having a friend in my dream country to write letters to. Then I picked one. "I’m from Belfast and am looking for someone to teach me Swedish. I lived there for a few years and want someone to keep speaking it with me to perfect it and not forget it. Hobbies include gaming, anime..." I don’t speak Swedish (never have and probably never will). I also don’t play video games and, at the time, I had never watched anime. To this day I honestly can’t tell you why I chose this profile, but I did and I couldn’t be happier because this, ladies and gentleman, is where my whirlwind relationship started. His name was Shane. He hated my cheesy, cringe-worthy humour, didn’t like my type of music and, like me, didn’t understand why I messaged him yet somehow found me interesting. At first we messaged through email or Facebook at random times of day and night, and later had 6 hour Skype calls each night for a year. He gave up sleep and I gave up time. Our differences kept us curious and entertained, learning more about things outside of our personal interests each NERVE | 12

Words Mallory Mabe Design Lucy Figiel Illustrations Alice Kirkham

day. From gaming and Guinness, to religion and culture, there was always something to talk about. December 30th, 2011. I was finally here: Belfast. By this point we were past friendship and were about to meet for the very first time. We did the chick-flick cliché of meeting at the airport, more nervous than ever before and then the official first hug. Yes, it is as romantically terrifying as it looks in any film. We spent the week not taking a single moment for granted. Being together was like a dream and we knew we would soon have to wake up and face reality. Remember that scene in Like Crazy when they say goodbye at the airport? The feeling of their hearts breaking because they had to part for 6 whole months? Well, that scene could have been modelled on us. It was back to long Skype sessions, late-night texts

and empty beds. There is nothing more difficult than saying goodbye to someone for so long and only seeing them through a screen. You start to forget they actually exist outside of it. We did this for 2 years. The opportunity to study at Bournemouth University came up and in August 2012 I was on a plane from little old North Carolina, USA with Shane moving to England exactly 12 months later... We made it. I’m sharing my story with you for one reason: proof. Whether you’re in a long distance relationship or know someone who is I’m sharing my story with you to show it can work. These relationships are like the Hunger Games of all relationships and if the odds aren’t in your favour or you don’t fight for it, then yes, you will fail.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Here’s my survival guide Talk

Talk on the phone, talk on Skype, talk through text – heck, even send a telegram if you have to! Don’t let a day go by that you don’t at least speak for a minute. Taking the time to speak to them brings you closer and helps you forget the distance. Tell as much detail as possible; make the person feel like they are there. After all, you don’t want them to forget you exist.

Set A Goal

You forget to dwell in the current situation and look forward to that exciting moment of seeing each other. Set a goal, even a small one, and I promise it will get easier.

Set A Routine

You can’t eat a tub of ice cream every night and cry along with Bridget Jones whenever you’re apart – men, this goes for you too – mainly because you would put on a hell of a lot of weight, but also because you need to have a life outside your relationship. Get up! Join a club, take up a hobby, get a job or designate nights with friends. Get out there and get into the habit of living a life for yourself because it not only helps you, but it gives even more stuff to talk about when you’re together.


Over the 2 years of distance people constantly told us that our relationship was destined to fail. Though my friends and family encouraged me to date other people and give up, I couldn’t imagine sharing my life with anyone else. A long distance relationship, despite the growing pains and nights of crying to friends, was the best thing that could have ever happened to us. Our relationship continues to grow stronger. NERVE | 13

On and off the runway:


Cara Delevigne and Michelle Rodrigues take to the floor With Paris Fashion Week coming to an end, Nerve’s Sarah Mckelvey looks back at the best bits


ara Delevigne hit the runway during the Chanel fashion show as part of Paris Fashion Week haute couture Spring/Summer 2014. The 21 year old supermodel represented various outfit styles while her good friends Michelle Rodrigues, Tilda Swinton, Lily Allen, Olga Kurylenko, and Vogue’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour sat front row to watch her work the catwalk. Social media sites Twitter and Instagram have been buzzing ever since, fawning over Delevinge’s ability to work such varying looks so effortlessly. During the show, we saw her steer away from her usual baggy trousers, beanie hats and crazy faces as she held herself with elegance and grace down the runway. The sheer white bridal-style dress was embellished with jewels and completed with an extravagant feather headdress. Cara fluttered her eyes through lashings of silver eyeliner as she glided along the catwalk with a page boy in tow. The thing most loved about Cara D is her wacky personality, and she continues to have a voice even on the runway. Showing off her personality, the supermodel exchanged delicate stilettos which fit the dress perfectly, for comfy yet classy trainers. After Chanel’s Spring/ Summer show, Cara met up with her famous gal-pal actress Michelle Rodrigues. Rodrigues wore an all-black

ensemble of a jacket, t-shirt, leather pants and platform heels, accessorizing the sleek look with round purple shades. Delevigne joined the Fast and Furious star wearing a black jacket, blue trousers and white wedge trainers. She topped the look off with an edgy hairstyle she had kept from the runway, and a white crop top that read; "Twerking is not a Crime." However Paris Fashion Week was not as ‘perfect’ as some people think. One model lived a real life nightmare as she fell rapidly to the floor during the Elie Saab show, leaving her struggling to her feet in sky-high heels and long-flowing gown. On the bright side though, the model kept her cool, smiled, and somehow managed to gracefully finish her walk with elegance. Maybe we should try that approach next time we slip on the middle of the dance floor in Cameo? As for LFW which is rapidly approaching, we expect to see pastel shades, sheer fabrics and hopefully some more fabulous, high-fashion bridal couture.

NERVE | 15

. . . . ENTS ..........................................

BOSCOMBE GOES 8-bit! Arriving in Boscombe with no money is never good, and it’s certainly not a good idea to take up drugdealing whilst you find your feet in the town. However, if you want to do it in cyber space, the Boscombe RPG is just for you! Poppy Jeffery speaks to creater Burt Burnell about the game, and why Boscombe was his choice of location


new, free downloadable game, based in the area of Boscombe, has been released online - with a massive local response. Over 1500 people have now downloaded Boscombe: The RPG, a Pokémon-style game based on Boscombe. In the game, the player takes on the role of ‘Stoned Steve’ who battles ‘Hooligans’ and ‘Crack-heads’ on his quest to sell enough drugs to get out of Boscombe. The game features real locations around the area and Bournemouth town centre, recreated in a cute style. The gameplay uses a delightful recreation of Boscombe, with shops such as Clobber and even the O2 Academy featuring in the game. The creator of the game, Burt Burnell, spent a year creating Boscombe: The RPG. No attention to detail has been spared. With no bugs or glitches, it is hard to believe that this is his first game! The hilarious concept of making the idea of drug dealing in Boscombe into a game that looks like it should be certified 3+ until further inspection, has been praised by gaming blogger Kat (Startled the Witch), who said: "Boscombe: The RPG is full of injokes making it a fun game for fellow Bournemouth

dwellers, and proof that in pixelated form anything can be cute, even Boscombe." Burt, who runs the local On The Bus Festival, said that he had hoped to combine the influence of early RPGs (role playing games) such as Dope Wars and Final Fantasy with an open world environment "which locals would find funny and others are likely to find a bit surreal". He also asked for people to send in their own quotes and photos so they could appear in the game as characters that Stoned Steve could interact with. About 60 people were added into the game out of over 200 submis-

.............................................. NERVE | 16

.............................................. sions. This makes the game just that bit more personal, knowing that your friend could be in there somewhere. Although Boscombe may not have the most glorious reputation as a Dorset beauty spot, the RPG makes it seem quaint and an (almost) desirable destination for a spot of shopping. A game which makes Boscombe fun? That can’t be bad! Boscombe has had its fair share of showbusiness in the past, with Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman even having had a drink at Chaplin’s Bar whilst filming Batman Begins. This game could add a much needed injection of cuteness and fun to Boscombe again, whilst making the drug culture represented in the game a much less ominous affair. Burt said: "Boscombe is in fact a vibrant community full of great characters. The game more reflects the view people from ‘nicer’ areas seem to have of Boscombe." The average gameplay lasts over 6 hours. Obviously, this isn’t a game you would let your children play, but instead, it is an ideal game for bored Bournemouth University students on ‘short’ revision breaks. Some people who have managed to get far in the RPG are LoudApples, gaming reviewers, who made a walkthrough video on YouTube and found the game hilarious, especially when crackheads appear at random. They then fight in a Pokémon style scenario, in which you attack your opponent with magic, special attacks and guards to win the fight. They even visit a well-known location in which they can meet a virtual prostitute and a tattoo parlour, which poisons them. Their main issue was, strangely, with the music: "This music isn’t very Boscombe, it’s too happy for Boscombe".


.............................................. NERVE | 17

. . . . ENTS .......................................... Selling drugs is the object of the game and it could be seen to encourage drug dealing, although it can be disputed that anyone would be encouraged into a lifestyle by a cute retro RPG based on children’s games. When asked whether the game may glorify or trivialise drug use, Burt said: "The game doesn’t promote drug use. Steve finds himself in a hole and selling drugs is a means to an end. None of the game should be taken too seriously though". On the subject of a sequel, Burt Burnell has unfortunately said: "I can’t see myself making any games in the immediate future as I have a festival to organise and that is my main priority and takes up most my time. Who knows though, maybe a Street Fighter type game in the Sovereign Centre?" So although a sequel may not be on the cards right now, there is plenty of gameplay time to last us until then. Sadly the game is only downloadable for PC, however, don’t despair Apple users! Simply download Wine for Mac, which lets you play any PC software. The Facebook page has already attracted over 2000 likes, showing the amazing audience that a brilliant idea can attract. The game is free, but donations are encouraged to ‘buy us a beer’! Words Poppy Jeffery

Boscombe is in fact a vibrant community full of great characters. The game more reflects the view people from ‘nicer’ areas seem to have of Boscombe

Boscombe: The RPG is available to download from

.............................................. NERVE | 18





Mould, bad landords, even a homeless man in your shed – chances are the majority of us will face some problems with our student home. But what can we do about it? Alys Penfold went to find out more

earching for accommodation for your second year can be a stressful and tiring experience. Although any second or third year would love to tell you it was a breeze and the easiest decision they ever had to make during their time at university, most of the time this isn’t the case. Dodgy estate agents, neglecting landlords and troublesome housemates can make life in student housing a living hell. While it may seem there are many barriers to securing accommodation for second and third year, there is a lot out there to assist you in your choice. Move’m is a housing review website set up by Peter Ramsey and Josh Hughes to help students choose the right house for them. In an ongoing survey, they have found that from 330 Bournemouth students, 41% were living in a house with mould, and only 1/3 would recommend their property to a friend. Around 30% said they were suffering with heating problems, only 26% said they were happy with the deposit they received back at the end of their tenancy and only 55% overall said their house was in good condition. Ultimately the issue of housing standards for students is a prevalent issue. Poor housing standards are not just a problem that a couple of people have com-

plained about in the past – it is an ongoing problem in the student community. Much of the problem, explains Peter, is that estate agents and landlords do little to rectify any problems that are reported by students. "There’s this one review we’ve just had of this house that has had 3 consecutive years of really bad problems. They had mould in the house which made them all really ill and affected their social life and they even had a homeless man living in their shed! It’s just absolute negligence from the people managing these properties." Peter tells us. He also points out that the cliché of student housing being typically dirty and cold means that landlords feel like they don’t have to do anything about it, and problems are not fixed. "People will still come in next year, so landlords just keep screwing people over. Like with the example of the homeless man in the shed, we found that had been going on for three years, but how long had it been going on before that?" There are now over 500+ reviews on the Move’m website for students in both Bournemouth and Brighton. Students can search for properties on the site in line with criteria that includes the things that the estate agents and landlords won’t tell you, as Peter


Top House Hunting Tips


Use review sites such as Move’m to get information about the property. Most problems will only become apparent after you’ve moved in, and won’t be disclosed before.


If the estate agent tells you ‘if you don’t put money on this house now it’ll go’, then they’re lying. The estate agents drip good properties out throughout the year, so don’t be pressured into signing into anything that doesn’t feel right.


Just because it’s close to uni, doesn’t mean it’s a good house. Always view a property and weigh up its pros and cons before making any commitment.


Don’t put money on a house the day you view it. Sleep on it and see houses from multiple agents before making your decision. NERVE | 20

outlines. "It’s as a platform to help students find accommodation that is suitable and to avoid houses which have known problems as well as giving landlords and estate agents feedback about their properties, which we hope will improve the system overall." Second year Multimedia Journalism student, Mollie Perella, has had extensive problems with her house since moving in during September: "I first noticed some mould growing on the skirting board in my room, and then a few weeks later it had spread all over my chimney breast in my room. "Both Environmental Health and two mould companies told us we had to keep our heating on in our house 24/7 as well as keeping the windows open, but to do that is too expensive for us to pay out of our student loan." Mollie explains that while the landlord made attempts to fix the problem, it is still unresolved. "Over the Christmas holidays my bedroom and our front room were cleared out and re-plastered, which was supposed to fix the problem. However, pretty soon after, I discovered more mould on

my skirting boards. There doesn’t seem to be any insulation in the house, and there are holes in the walls near the skirting boards!" While structural and home interior problems are widespread amongst student homes, many of the issues faced by students can be derived from the unpredictable nature of house sharing. It starts to get complicated when people you have decided to live with pull out and you are forced to turn to another option. Sarah [name changed to remain anonymous] and her friend were forced to turn to a house share after one person pulled out 10 days before the deposit was due. They felt it was their only option to avoid losing their £210 booking fee, but the problems started as soon as they moved in: "We have had endless problems with our landlord. At first he tried to move in his daughter’s boyfriend completely against regulation, and then tried to make us sign a contract to permit it." Problems have escalated since moving in, mostly from the troublesome landlord. "The landlord is sarcastic and rude in

Questions you should be asking Is this property fully managed by the estate agent? If yes, this means that you will rarely, if ever, get to contact the landlord directly. Why is the review on Move’m the way it is? It might actually be the case that reviews are false, or the problems have been fixed, but you can only find out by asking. Are the bills included? What are the average bill costs? All inclusive may save you money in the long run, just make sure you’re being given a fair deal, and compare rents with other all-inclusive properties. What utilities are included? i.e microwaves/hoovers/kettles. This helps you plan what to bring before you move in. What are the fees at the end of the tenancy? Make sure they’re not hiding anything, otherwise you could be in for a shock.

? g in k c o h s e s u o h r u o Is y Tweet us pictures and stories of

your home horror stories to @NerveMagazine

his emails. It actually got to the point where I was coming home every day to hear that there was a new email saying something else was wrong which was our fault. These would all be things that you wouldn’t have a clue about, know how to fix or how they’d get broken in the first place. And it would just bring us down. I suffered severely with my mood, and ultimately my university assignments. You think bills will be the only problems you face in second year housing – this is definitely not the case!" Peter does however give some assurance, "Over half of the reviews on the website are positive, in most cases the landlord or landlady are genuinely great, some fixing problems within days of being reported by the students." He hopes that Move’m will become more recognised as time goes on, the more students that know about it – the better. "Students spend about £4,000 over the course of a tenancy, but why would you spend that money on anything you haven’t read a review on?" NERVE | 21


Juliette Mainx Mainx Clothing Couture

the beauty of this project is that it wasn’t planned

NERVE | 22

At only 21 years old, Juliette Mainx is set to be the next best thing in fashion. Having designed two very trendy aluminium patterned t-shirts for her company Mainx Clothing, Nerve spoke to the entrepreneur about the her brand and its rapidly growing popularity

What was the inspiration behind your T-shirt designs? It started quite spontaneously really, it was a crazy thing. I was working as a product photographer and the items I would photograph were placed over an aluminium sheet. I was amazed by the fascinating patterns created by the metallic reflections, so I picked up a sample of the picture as a pattern to create something. After brainstorming some ideas, I decided to print onto fabric. I considered every possibility before starting the project. All the companies I contacted asked for a minimum of 1000 copies, which of course would require a large budget. Luckily I found someone who supported my idea and offered to sponsor the project. As for the cutting and colours, I followed my intuition.

Did you receive any support from stores to sell the T-shirts? It was a difficult task, but at the same time I was really motivated because it was my first project. I found a store willing to sell my clothes, and from there onwards everything fell into place. Social media also helped; I sold more T-shirts on the internet than in store.

You’ve received a lot of recognition because of these designs, how does that feel? I didn’t expect such good feedback from people! The most important part of starting the project to me was to meet new people, as well as gaining contacts and recognition around Berlin, even if it was in a negative way. Fashion designers do get annoyed by proposals that include sponsoring and helping to spread the merchandise, and I understand them in part.

What’s the future for Mainx Clothing? I’m a photographer. Fashion is definitely something that interests me as I have collaborated with designers, but at the moment my focus lies exclusively on photography. I can’t exclude the possibility of designing more clothes, but I guess the beauty of this project is that it wasn’t planned. Photographer Lucas Ottone

Model Lorena Cao

Clothing Matrix Clothing

Location Mallorca NERVE | 23

An illustration celebrating the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. By Laurence Thomas


East India Youth, aka Will Doyle, has already been touted as one of the most important artists of 2014. James Hibberd caught up with the Bournemouth-born electronic musician

east india youth

‘We’re all talking, there’s no bad blood there at all. I don’t think Alex (Urch, drums) has returnedto the kit in a while, but Ben (Clark, guitar) is up at the University of York doing a music degree. I think he’s going to be an insanely good composer in a few years. He’s probably one of the most talented musicians I’ll ever have the pleasure of working with. I’d like to work with him again in the future.’ The transition from a frontman into the only man on stage has been yet another challenge, and he admits it hasn’t been easy to give up his previous stage presence: ‘It’s a lot more nerve-wracking, and a lot scarier, but that gives you a bit of a rush. It’s quite intoxicating. I’m so used to prancing around in a group and being the front man, I kind of miss having that freedom on stage because I’m tied to the laptop and the keyboard. I have no problem with singing along to a backing track and I don’t think that’s any less of a live performance than me hitting the right buttons at the right time, so I’m trying to work out ways of doing that with some dignity, rather than it looking like karaoke.’ He’ll have plenty of opportunity to perfect his live shows this year, with a UK tour in February, followed by a trip to America for SXSW in March, and then a whole host of festival shows over the summer. After that, it’s onto planning the notoriously difficult second album, although Doyle has already had a few ideas about the direction he wants to take there. The long time between him finishing the first mix of TSF in 2013 and this year’s release date allowed him to take some time to think about the future, so he ‘won’t be starting completely from scratch.’ So, the important question is, was it worth leaving the band for East India Youth? ‘I knew at the time in some capacity I’d be happier, regardless of whether or not I was going to be more successful. All I cared about was my happiness in doing it, otherwise what’s the point? As long as I was happy to be in music, and hopefully making some kind of living off it, then I was happy to do it. I think I made the right decision.’ It’s hard to disagree.


fter falling out of love with being the energetic frontman for up and coming indie band, Doyle & the Fourfathers, Will Doyle took the big decision to go it alone with a secret and much more chilled electronic project that he’d been working on in his spare time away from the band. And so, East India Youth was born. He says, ‘It was just frustration, I didn’t really want to be in a touring indie band any more; that lifestyle wasn’t really agreeing with me creatively. I just felt more impassioned by what I was doing on my own at home and making electronic music. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, don’t get me wrong, but I feel a lot happier now in this space.’ No surprise Doyle is so happy, as three years since he began writing the tracks that would eventually become debut album, Total Strife Forever, East India Youth is poised for a monumental year ahead. The album has received glowing reviews from practically everyone who’s listened to it, with many reviewers already naming it an early contender for a Mercury Prize. Doyle was born in Bournemouth in 1991, and spent the majority of his childhood here before moving along the south coast to Southampton when he was 11, and from an early age, he knew that music was the path for him. When asked what he would have done instead had his musical career not panned out, he admits that it’s the only career he’d ever thought of: ‘Maybe I would have liked to have studied architecture or something like that, or be involved in some sort of urban planning. If not that, maybe a gardener.’ His previous band, Doyle & the Fourfathers were wellknown around the Southampton area, and picked up the attention of BBC 6 Music, with DJ Marc Riley being a big fan of their Pulp-inspired sound. They even managed to join an exclusive club of artists with songs banned by the BBC, as their 2012 track Welcome to Austerity was booted from the playlist, allegedly for being overly critical of the Olympics. Doyle’s frustration with the band’s slow progress led to their split, but he insists he is still on good terms with his former bandmates:

It’s a lot more nerve-wracking, and a lot scarier, but that gives you a bit of a rush. It’s quite intoxicating

NERVE | 25


Having only been established in November 2013, BU’s Wildlife and Conservation Society is only in its infancy. With its membership and interest increasing, Anna Pujol-Mazzini spoke to the society about de-bunking conservation stereotypes, plans for the future, and tips for students to help the wildlife in their own gardens


n a quiet evening in the middle of January, Kimmeridge House plays host to the first event of the new year for Bournemouth University’s Wildlife and Conservation Society. With a table of snacks and refreshments, about 10 or so students are gathered for a movie night. The mood is light-hearted, and everyone seems to know each other and share interests. The society – one of BU’s newest having only been approved in November 2013 – works with students to increase awareness of conservation issues and around the University and in the local community. "It is a society that was going before, but it stopped, so this year myself and another first year decided to give it a go again." Explains the society’s president, Tom Dando. "I study Ecology and Wildlife Conservation for my degree so it’s something that is very important to me." After only a few weeks of activity, Tom prides himself in already having 22 committed members to the society, and a growing number of like-minded people in their Facebook group. "We only just started, so I’m hoping to reach 40 members by the end of this year," he explains. "For the first few months of term we were waiting for SUBU to approve the society, but now that’s out of the way we can get really things going." Right now the society’s main goal is to have regular meetings and social activities every fortnight, as well as organising monthly trips. However in the future the society is hoping to expand further by capturing the imagination of first-year students at next year’s Fresher’s Fair, and run campaigns on conservation issues that are close to their hearts. "Shouting the loudest is probably the best way to have a voice and raise awareness on these issues," Tom adds with a smile. The committee is also planning on hitting Dylan’s Bar Quiz every Tuesday, pub crawls as well as potentially doing some

more volunteering in partnership with the Dorset Wildlife Trust that may involve trips to the New Forest Wildlife Park. "We’ve also got a couple of guest lecturers that I have arranged to come and speak to us" The first movie night organised by the society started lightly with a projection of The Lion King, but according to members of the society film choice can be varied. "We like to alternate between light animal-related movies, or even animation movies, and deeper documentaries on controversial issues." The film on the agenda for tonight is Oscar-winning documentary Blackfish. Contrary to the popular stereotypes of those involved in conservation and wildlife issues, only a few of the team members are vegetarians or vegans. "I am personally not," explains Tom, "because I think that humans are conceived to eat meat. So as long as the food we consume is made in a sustainable and respectful way, I don’t have any problem with it." Kate Rickard, a committee member for the society, is vegetarian but does not condemn those who aren’t. "It is a personal choice, and not everyone in wildlife or conservation relates with it." Tom leaves us with advice on what students can do in their everyday lives to help with conservation issues. "Obviously donating to the related charities is the most straightforward way to make a difference, because most of them rely exclusively on that, but also consuming food from sustainable sources can be a start. We need to make sure we know what we are eating and where it comes from." "In people’s everyday lives, in their gardens or at work, there are always little things you can do to make it a better habitat for wildlife – especially for animals like birds. You can always set up habitats and get all the information you need on the Internet."

In people’s everyday lives, in their gardens or at work, there are always little things you can do to make it a better habitat for wildlife NERVE | 27

YOU ME AT SIX You Me At Six have gone from strength to strength since Take Off Your Colours debuted six years ago. Hannah Jackson talked to the Surrey boys about their new album, Cavalier Youth, and how it’s already taking the charts by storm


onquering huge festivals like Reading & Leeds, touring the globe and selling out Wembley Arena whilst all in their early twenties is undeniably a massive feat for You Me at Six. But with album number four released last month, one of Britain’s biggest rock bands face their greatest challenge yet: making Cavalier Youth, an accumulation of two years hard work, their most distinctive and groundbreaking piece of work to date. "There was definitely a pressure of make or break on this record" according to Chris Miller, the band’s guitarist. "A lot of groups don’t always get to this point, they fizzle out after one or two albums so for us to get here is a big achievement. There was this burden to write the best CD we’d ever had but at the same time our recording process was actually the most chilled I found, it was the best vibe we’ve felt." Cavalier Youth marks a new step-

NERVE | 28

ping stone in You Me At Six’s bright career. "It’s a nice progression, not excessively far in any direction but more about just how we as a band want to sound. All the niggles we had in the past are gone and we’ve basically written a group of songs for ourselves."

There was definitely a pressure of make or break on this record

According to the British quintet: "There are a few little surprises on the album and fans should expect a couple of heavier songs, but also a track or two which experiments with other genres. There is a song called Forgive and Forget, for instance. It’s slower and a bit dif-

ferent to what we’ve normally done in the past but we’re really excited about it. Cold Night is a favourite as well; it’s almost Sting and The Police-esque and that kind of old school style is something we’ve not explored in depth before. We’re really proud of every song for a load of different reasons." Lived a Lie and Fresh Start Fever, the album’s first two singles, lyrically express You Me At Six’s growing maturity on subjects like adulthood. ‘Old enough to know better by now,’ a line growled by front man Josh Franceschi on Fresh Start Fever highlights the group’s newly developed outlook. However, both anthems still manage to pack a punch with their impressive production values and sing-along choruses. It’s not hard to imagine a stadium of adoring adolescents religiously reciting Lived a Lie’s catchy chant of ‘We are believers! We are believers!’ and that’s just


their first single off the record. "We’ve all matured a lot as we’ve got older and our style of songwriting has improved. Obviously as musicians and songwriters you are going to get better after playing for an extra six or seven years, but with Take Off Your Colours you can tell we were 16 when we wrote it because all the songs are really fast. We’ve definitely chilled out a lot since then and all of us like the way the music is going." Responding to Britain’s overwhelming reaction to Lived a Lie, which placed at No.11 in the UK singles’ chart, Miller said: "We didn’t really know what to expect on our return because we hadn’t released music for so long and weren’t sure if people were still going to be interested. The response was insane

though and we couldn’t have hoped for much more really. It was our highest charting single and that was just mind blowing to us." Cavalier Youth’s predecessor Sinners Never Sleep was host to some heavy guest vocalists; Oli Sykes’ of Bring Me the Horizon’s guest appearance on Bite My Tongue proved a massive hit for instance, but does You Me At Six’s latest LP follow in the same footsteps? "We never go into a CD planning to have collaborations, you know? On the last CD and the one before that, we just wrote songs and we knew when it would benefit having a particular vocal on it. With this album we were happy with the songs as a whole and didn’t feel that need to have anyone else. The record completely speaks for ourselves and we have the primary focus on us this time round."

We’re really proud of every song for a load of different reasons

Back on UK soil following some time in Australia supporting Paramore, the boys’ headline tour kicks off in March. "It’s been ages since we’ve done anything in the UK of this size. It’s going to be really exciting, we literally just found out that the Alexandra Palace show is completely sold out now, so that’ll be amazing and it’s looking like the whole tour will be the same. "We only first performed Fresh Start Fever on tour in Australia not that long ago and it’s going to take a bit of time getting used to playing it live. It’s always weird with new songs, grasping the vibe of them on stage but it’ll be great having new material to play for the UK tour in a couple of months."

NERVE | 29





NEEDS Reiss, £49

Words Henry Glennon Design Gaby Rock


A good belt is a definite must have in any mans wardrobe. They are a subtle accessory designed to keep your trousers up! Though don’t be a show off, wearing a huge bling buckle which draws attention downwards is far too in your face. Stick to a good quality black or brown leather belt - they are timeless, work with most colours and last years. Also if you can wear a belt which will blend with your other accessories, such as a watch or bracelet, it will help to complete your outfit and tie your colour scheme together.


Luggage Bag

H&M, £29

Guys need a good luggage bag in their wardrobe - staying over your girlfriend’s house for the first time? You don’t want to have all your stuff in a rucksack! Go in with a bit of style. This H&M bag is a steal at £29 and will go with whatever you wear. There aren’t many style tips to lend with pieces like this as they are generally fairly understated. Shorter men should wear an across the body strap as it will help to elongate your chest making you look taller.


Quality Footwear

NERVE | 30

Invest in quality footwear: ‘A good pair of shoes will last you a lifetime’. No matter who you are, what your profession is or even if you are unemployed (like most students), you will always need a good pair of smart shoes. It could be a wedding, job interview or night out - a good boot or shoe is the best way to finish a smart look.

J By Jasper Conran, £85 @ Debenhams


Smart Blazer

A blazer is the best way to turn a casual look into a smart one and they go with anything: t-shirts, shirts, chinos, pretty much everything except jogging bottoms! For a good blazer, look around charity shops, they are often full of untapped treasure. If you can’t find any there, try Topman. With blazers costing up to £100, they may sound pricey at first, though if you work out your cost per wear you are bound to recognise the value for money.


Topman, £100

Button Down Shirt Every man needs a shirt and the Oxford cloth button-down shirt is ideal for every look whether it’s casual with a pair of chinos and Chelsea boots or formal with a full suit. These are staple pieces for every wardrobe and will go with anything.

Topman, £65 NERVE | 31


Rainy Day Essentials

Amongst all the beautiful things, England is also known for the unpredictable weather conditions. What better way to get prepared than to have the right clothes and accessories? Jade Jannotti shares the top five must-have pieces for those rainy days.


umbrella This is the most obvious accessory for a rainy day. Going for a full-sized umbrella has its perks. Besides being stronger it’s also much larger, not only keeping you dry, but also the stuff you might be carrying around. Although compact umbrellas are easier to carry, as you can simply put them in your bag, they are generally quite cheap, meaning that you might initially be happy about the bargain buy, but you might end up paying that amount twice, if not more. As far as style goes, stick to bright colours. Pastels are particularly on trend in the coming season, so pick pink, lilac or blue to keep dry.

trench coats or parkas


Trench coats are very popular in both male and female departments; timeless because they can be used throughout the whole year. Perfect for the wet weather and simple to carry around as it does not take up a lot of space, can easily be fitted in your bag or adapted to suit a more casual look. Alternatively, you can go for a Parka if the look you want to achieve is more casual. This coat has many military derivations, which is a trend that rarely goes out of style and is also perfect to suit unpredictable weather conditions.


3. 4.

It is important to have the right type of shoes when it is rainy outside. A suggestion would be to go for rubber soled shoes. Secondly, try not to go for a classic Chuck Taylor canvas shoe, as chances are, your feet will get soaked. Instead, why not go for something a little bit more resistant to water, like waterproof Hunter boots.

chunky knit As rainy days are usually colder, putting something a little bit warmer underneath is key. Contrary to popular belief, a thinner jumper will keep you warmer and make you look less bulky. For this reason, layer up your knits and accessories. Maybe opt for a cashmere-like garment, to stay chic in the cold.


scarf This little extra never hurts when it comes to rain and bad weather conditions. A nice patterned scarf to match your look is the ultimate accessory. I suggest going for plain neutral colours as they are easier to mix and match, but a nice pattern which isn’t too over the top, is also a good alternative to have.

Words Jade Jannotti design pamela odumusi

NERVE | 33



Champs-Élysées Scarlett Dixon 1st Year Multi-Media Journalism "If you make it up the 284 steps of the Arc de Triomphe, the overlooking view of the stunning Champs-Élysées more than rewards your efforts (well, that and a drink!)"


Enter the jungle Dub optic founder, Luke Murray talks to Nerve about the new projects he’s got lined up, and how he aims to "Give an eye opening experience for people based in sound system and bass music culture"


uke first realised his thirst for the music business aged 18, after he helped re- launch the youth programme for the Isle of Wight festival. He then went on to study Multi-media Journalism at Bournemouth University, but just couldn’t stay away from the music scene, "As soon as I graduated I just got stuck straight back into events." Although Luke understands the business side, he is very passionate about the music and events that he puts on, "For us, its about showing people where the music has come from. It is a journey, it’s not just let’s book some names and get the people in take the money and run. It’s a feeling for us it’s a vibe, we have a tight group of people around us that we like to put a lot of production into the events, a lot of décor and fresh visuals. Dub optic is for the people it’s not just a business." Luke’s extensive knowledge of music just shows how much he cares about what he does, "What comes from bass music culture is the foundation, which is the reggae sound system movement. It started years and years ago in Jamaica, and it was like we want to sing about why we are suffering; we want everyone to get together and sing and dance and be one, it was unity. Then out of reggae came everything. Not everyone realises that, but we have been able to educate them in a sense." The events are well known for big names and a line- up that’s as long as your arm, "The amount of artists we have booked over the years is insane. You do need the odd big boy on the bill and I think if you can slip in a few up and comers in beside them then people will be exposed to artists that they never would have been exposed to otherwise. You might see the likes of Task Force and Lens Man on the line-up, but further down the bill you will see south coast producers like Bound." Dub optic has held its own for nearly seven years, beating down outside competition, "We are very different, NERVE | 36

there’s not really any events like us and we have managed to stand strong. A few out-of-town promoters came to Bournemouth after they saw the sort of things we were doing, it didn’t seem to rock us. We have a very, very loyal crowd who believe and trust in what we do and we are very thankful for that and in return we like to re-invest back into them and we spend as much as we can on the events for the sake of the raver, we were all ravers once." Dub optic have put on many different events from the Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry gig, to a soundclash with "ten tear out drum and bass headliners" at the 02 Academy. Although it doesn’t stop there for Dub Optic, "What’s happening now is that we are branching out, with a sister event, Jungle Vision which is a sort of spin off and that’s gonna be strictly reggae and jungle. I personally think it deserves its own night. I do listen to the crowd, when we have a jungle booking or an old-school drum and bass night, people say ‘why don’t you book more jungle?’ We cant please everyone but we want to try, that’s the aim, it’s a people’s night. So we think its gonna fill a gap nicely and we are also looking to do the same with our hip-hop elements." Dub Optic has some exciting events on the way, with Jungle Vision kicking off on 22nd March, as well as helping with drum and bass night, Metalheads in April at The Old Fire Station. It’s also hosting its very own special guest infused boat party at Outlook festival in Croatia, with a launch party happening here in Bournemouth on 17th May. Things are looking great for the organisers, which means there’s a lot going on for us to get involved in. So to keep up with all their plans, have a look at their social media sites like Facebook, and get in the mood for a good night with their YouTube channel. Words Charlie Souter-Phillips

Photography Sam Baggette



With the biggest night in the film calender just around the corner, Tom Beasley looks at the favourites topped to do very well at this year’s awards


American Hustle

Very few films can boast that they are a true landmark for the medium of cinema. Gravity – the jaw-dropping space thriller from visionary director Alfonso Cuaron – can certainly make that claim. London-based visual effects company Framestore spent three years painstakingly producing some of the most realistic depictions of the empty void ever seen on screen. The result has been called the best space movie since 2001: A Space Odyssey revolutionised the medium in 1968, by some. Gravity follows Sandra Bullock’s rookie astronaut who finds herself adrift in emptiness when debris blasts her away from her shuttle. She faces a terrifying and arduous route to safety, battling against falling oxygen supplies and her own diminishing will to survive. The film is an almost unbearably tense ride, supported by unbelievable visuals, Cuaron’s masterful direction and a remarkable performance from Bullock. In particular, early sequences that play out as long, unbroken takes are utterly beautiful and really show the power that cinema can have. It stands a good chance in many of the major Oscar categories and is a rare example of a film popular enough to gross almost $700m worldwide and still win awards at the end of it.

Boasting great 70s hair and a remarkable acting ensemble from Hollywood, American Hustle is a loud, ostentatious movie about a loud, ostentatious era. Loosely based on the real Abscam operation carried out by the FBI, it depicts a conning couple who are forced to work with a young, ambitious agent to keep themselves out of prison. David O. Russell is making a name for himself as one of the greatest directors currently working. Last year, Silver Linings Playbook became the first film in more than 30 years to receive nominations in all four acting categories. Twelve months later, Russell has repeated the trick, as stars Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are all nominated for their performances in the film. It is also the first film in 20 years to be nominated in all the ‘Big Five’ categories – Best Picture, Director, Actor, Actress and Screenplay. The film comes into the Oscars fresh from winning three Golden Globes and scooping the top prize at the Screen Actors Guild awards. American Hustle is a solid, riotously entertaining film with many laughs and even more craziness, but it probably lacks the gravitas to attract the more serious voters of the Academy.

10 nominations

Captain Phillips

12 Years A Slave 9 nominations

Credit: Fox Searchlight

6 nominations

10 nominations

Tom Hanks missed out on a nomination for Best Actor for his performance in Captain Phillips, but the hijacking drama from Bourne director Paul Greengrass has still secured a raft of nominations, including Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay. The Hanks omission from the Academy is unforgivable, but they deserve to be commended for dishing out a well-deserved Supporting Actor nomination to debutant Barkhad Abdi, whose ferocious performance is one of the film’s highlights. Based on the true story of the Maersk Alabama hijacking, the film tells the story of the eponymous mariner as his ship is boarded by armed Somali pirates. When he is later kidnapped by the men, the film ratchets up the tension to near unbearable levels, rendering the film a truly harrowing experience. It’s rare that a thriller is genuinely exhausting to watch but, in the most positive way possible, Captain Phillips is a difficult film to watch until the end. When the credits roll, it’s almost a relief due to the power of the work unfolding on screen. Despite its healthy crop of nominations from the Academy, the year’s strong field means that Captain Phillips is unlikely to come away from the Dolby Theatre with a shelf full of prizes.

Did you know Steve McQueen, director of the harrowing 12 Years a Slave, is a Turner Prize winning video artist? You’re not alone if you didn’t, but it’s not surprising given McQueen’s feature film releases, which certainly qualify as art. He has previously tackled hunger strikes and sex addiction, but this time he has struck gold with his shocking, brutally realistic portrayal of a free black man who is kidnapped and sold into slavery. Chiwetel Ejiofor, probably best known for his performance in Love Actually, is stunning in the lead role and his Best Actor nomination is more than deserved. Michael Fassbender’s ferocious performance as a sexually violent slave owner is equally impressive, as is the heartbreaking work of Lupita Nyong’o in her debut feature film. Everything in 12 Years a Slave is judged to perfection. The scenes of violence are shocking whilst avoiding exploitation and McQueen really understands the expressive work Ejiofor can pull off silently with his face. Despite its critical status as a modern masterpiece, 12 Years a Slave has not swept the awards board as many thought it would. However, it stands a decent chance of picking up the main prize when the iconic Oscars statuettes are handed out.


Dallas Buyers Club

2013 was the year of monochrome cinema, from Frances Ha to Ben Wheatley’s psychedelic A Field in England. Perhaps the best of the bunch though was Alexander Payne’s frequently hilarious road movie Nebraska, starring 77 year-old Bruce Dern in the lead role. The film follows Dern’s crumbly old man as he attempts to travel to the title state in order to claim the million dollars he believes he has won. When his son checks out the prize, he realises that it is a mail scam designed to get people to subscribe to magazines, but he soon realises that this is something his father is determined to do. With About Schmidt and Sideways under his belt as well, Alexander Payne is the master of the modern road movie. With Nebraska, he has produced a movie that balances genuinely touching emotion with moments of acid-tongued hilarity to great effect. It is a left-field choice for the Academy and this will hurt its chances of converting nominations into prizes, but the film is a great piece of work that is certainly worthy of award’s recognition.

It received very little buzz over here ahead of its February release, but Dallas Buyers Club has come from nowhere to establish itself as a real awards season contender. The film marks the culmination of what Matthew McConaughey himself has dubbed his career ‘McConaissance’ as he moves away from rom-com roles and leaning against things on film posters. In Dallas Buyers Club, McConaughey plays an HIV sufferer who is given a month to live. Unable to get the drugs he wants in America, he brings untested and unapproved medication across the border from Mexico and distributes it amongst the titular group of users. The lead actor shed nearly 3 stone of weight for the main role, and he is amply supported by a similarly leaner 30 Seconds to Mars frontman Jared Leto as a transgender woman. Both actors are in the running to walk away with silverware on the evening of March 2nd and, following high profile wins at other awards ceremonies, it would be difficult at this stage to bet against them.

6 nominations

6 nominations

Our Predictions Best Actress

Best Actor

This is perhaps the most solid pick of all. From the moment that Woody Allen’s latest dramedy was released, Cate Blanchett’s towering performance couldn’t possibly fail to scoop a healthy batch of prizes. Blue Jasmine pays homage to A Streetcar Named Desire and Blanchett looks set to mimic the star of the 1951 film adaptation, Vivien Leigh, by walking away from the Academy Awards with the Best Actress gong. The category is packed with talent, such as Meryl Streep and Amy Adams, but this one is Blanchett’s for sure.

For ages, it seemed as if the Best Actor prize could be sent off to the engravers to have Chiwetel Ejiofor’s name put on it. However, coming from nowhere at the Golden Globes, Matthew McConaughey swooped in to pick up the top prize, a feat he repeated at the Screen Actor’s Guild awards, complete with a bizarre Uranus-based acceptance speech. Leonardo DiCaprio also won at the Golden Globes, but the sheer debauchery of his performance in The Wolf of Wall Street is probably a step too far for the sensibilities of the Academy. Ejiofor’s performance in 12 Years a Slave is nothing short of wonderful, but McConaughey’s dramatic weight loss and remarkable career turnaround might just give him the edge at the Oscars.

Best Picture

Best Director

Cate Blanchett for Blue Jasmine

A few months ago, this one would’ve been a no-brainer victory for Steve McQueen’s slavery drama. However, with the film failing to sweep the board as convincingly as expected at other awards gigs, everything has been thrown into doubt. If 12 Years a Slave does falter at the last hurdle, the door could easily be thrown open for Gravity or even American Hustle. A Gravity victory would be a landmark - the first science fiction film to ever scoop the Academy’s top prize. That said, 12 Years a Slave is still a hugely important movie that is odds-on for success and is still likely to leave wielding the golden statuette.

Alfonso Cuaron for Gravity Credit: Fox Searchlight

12 Years A Slave

Matthew McConaughey for Dallas Buyers Club

The smart money for the Best Director prize is usually placed on the director of the film that wins Best Picture. This year, however, it is difficult to see how anyone other than Alfonso Cuaron can walk away with the gong. Gravity is, above almost everything else, a true achievement in direction. Cuaron’s camera knows exactly where to go to capture the strange beauty of space and he ekes a fantastic central performance from Sandra Bullock. Steve McQueen could nip in and steal it at the last moment, but Cuaron pretty much has this one in the bag.

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Best Supporting Actress

Best Adapted Screenplay

Whilst this category was a walk over for Anne Hathaway last year, there is a definite two horse race to the prize in 2014. In the comedy corner is critical darling and audience favourite Jennifer Lawrence for her zany and completely hilarious performance in American Hustle. Yet, standing equally strongly in the drama corner is film debutant Lupita Nyong’o for her tortured, vulnerable turn as the brunt of much of the violence in 12 Years a Slave. She walked away from the SAG awards victorious. The two performances could not be more different, but both show young performers giving their all to very well-written characters. With the love of just about everyone on her side, J-Law probably edges it.

The field here is not as strong as in the Original Screenplay category, but there is a definitetwo horse race emerging between John Ridley’s screenplay for 12 Years a Slave and the more confrontational work done by Terence Winter in bringing the life of Jordan Belfort to thescreen with The Wolf of Wall Street. There’s a chance that Richard Linklater and co could spoil things with witty trilogy-enderBefore Midnight, but this one is probably going into the awards package coming 12 Years a Slave’s way.

Best of the Rest

Best Original Screenplay

It seems likely that Gravity will be the big winner on the night as it is almost a dead cert in many of the technical categories, including Best Visual Effects. Elsewhere, Paolo Sorrentino’s The Great Beauty is a fairly safe bet for Best Foreign Language film and the horrifying The Act of Killing should win Best Documentary Feature. There’s a bit of a battle for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song, but both of them may well end up in the hands of the fantastic Disney movie Frozen.

In the Original Screenplay category, history has been made by Woody Allen, who has broken his own record by securing a 16th nomination in the category for Blue Jasmine. It’s a strong field, also including the witty American Hustle and darkly amusing Nebraska. However, the winner is likely to be the script for Her. Spike Jonze’s romance depicts Joaquin Phoenix as a loner who falls in love with his computer operating system, voiced by Scarlett Johansson on typically sexy form. It’s an intriguing high concept that is intricate enough to impress the Academy.

John Ridley for 12 Years A Slave Credit: Fox Searchlight

Jennifer Lawrence for American Hustle

from Gravity to Frozen

Best Supporting Actor

Spike Jonze for Her

Words Tom Beasley Design Stephanie Bradshaw

Jared Leto for Dallas Buyers Club

Much like Blanchett for Best Actress, this award is pretty much decided. Jared Leto’s performance as transgender Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club has been acclaimed by practically everyone who has encountered the film, and there is little doubt that his dramatic weight loss shows a great commitment to his role. The only possible shock in this category would be a Michael Fassbender victory for his broiling, horrific performance as brutal plantation owner Epps in 12 Years a Slave. However, it’s difficult to see anyone other than Leto walking away with this prize.

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Celebrating Adoption Parties

Although still frowned upon, Adoption Parties are often a second chance for children in care


doption Parties really have become quite a topic for discussion ever since our cousins from the Americas started them up thirty odd years ago. Like most things to fly over the Atlantic, they’re big, showy and expensive to run – much like a Chevrolet but with less wheels. They rose into the national spotlight of the United Kingdom when Channel Four decided to run a programme called ’Finding Mum and Dad’. When I heard of the programme, I assumed it was some sort of slightly lower budget and less interesting ‘Who Do You Think You Are’. It was not. It was five episodes of watching potential adopters look for children in parties thrown by groups of foster homes. The Guardian – ever the pessimists of the media world – grabbed it warmly by the neck, and proceeded to state that the programme was making viewers watch children have their ‘hearts broken’ when the attending adults did not choose them. In their wisdom, the Guardian decided not to report on the reaction of the child that was adopted, which was one of happiness, not heartbreak. It is an unfortunate fact that adoption is still something that is frowned upon – despite the fact that informal adoptions have been taking place for centuries. An interesting point to make here is that the Royal Family of Monaco have always allowed adoptees to inherit the Crown. However, the stigma still stands, with people describing adoption parties as ‘Child Circuses’ and the more radical people going so far as to say that adoption is unnatural. Of course, what these people forget

is that with adoptions, the children – unless orphaned – usually come from abusive parents, and incredibly unpleasant homes. It may surprise a great many people to know that I am adopted, and I am incredibly grateful to my adoptive parents for spending two years going through the process to adopt me. Being in a foster home is not a nice experience, being adopted is. Throughout my life I have had a great many people throw into question and raise issues with my parentage. They ask "How can you possibly love your parents?" and more amusingly "You realise your parents own you?" said one particularly dim person – who I am pretty sure was one egg short of a full breakfast. The fact of the matter is really quite simple, adopted children have parents, who chose them. Adoption is planned but not all traditional children are, to put it bluntly, and allows that child to feel part of a family again. Adoption Parties are not the work of Satan, nor do you go to them and see a ring master whipping little Johnny until he walks that tight-rope. They are not circuses and they do not cause – despite what the Guardian says – child heartbreak. They give good people the chance to meet desperate children and give those children the chance to have better lives. Irrespective of what you may think about adoption, you cannot deny that it’s better for the child to live with someone who cares for them deeply, than someone who does not. It is better to give them a better life, a caring family and a good upbringing – and it is wrong for us to frown upon it.

Words: Aaron Newbury Business Operations & Project Management Illustration: Nathan Hackett AUCB Illustration Graduate

the stigma still stands, with people describing adoption parties as ‘Child Circuses’


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T R I E D & TA S T E D All you can eat at low prices? We’re already tempted. New continental restaurant Scene Asia in central Bournemouth has already seen an influx of students after opening its doors at the end of last year. We sent our resident Food Critic, Andrea Avellano, to find out what the fuss is all about.


here’s a certain buzz every time a new restaurant opens its doors for the first time. Scene Asia has only been open since December so is very much the new kid on the block. Located on Old Christchurch Road, Scene Asia is a modern, all you can eat restaurant offering a wide range of rustic Asian cuisine. The focus is on the three amigos of Indian, Thai and Chinese; Indian leading the way. I lunched on a Tuesday afternoon after seeing a flyer and thought it seemed like the perfect place for students who want to treat themselves – while still having money remaining in their overdrafts, of course. The costs fluctuate depending on which day you go. Luckily for me, Tuesdays meant that it was only a feeble £6.95 to dive into an oasis of noodles, curry, bhajis and more - a good start! On first impressions the building is beautifully chic and modern; it’s certainly a head turner. The chocolate coloured wood flooring and the black tiling by the food stations all match the wooden theme in the seating area. The interior is very cool and certainly generated high expectations for the food. Be warned howev-


er – it’s cash only, so remember to hit the cash point before arriving. We paid upfront and were left to our own devices. The starters section consisted of Asian street food, from crisp onion bhajis to chicken pakoras and chicken tikka. All went down well. The chicken tikka was slightly dry, but was counteracted when combined with a delicious and refreshing mint yoghurt. You have to go up and ask for poppadoms as they are cooked to order in the open kitchen. These were the real highlight, something very simple just made the meal worthwhile. Crispy, salty and crunchy poppadoms with coarse mango chutney and a tangy lime pickle really sent the palate into a celestial overdrive. So far so good. A breather between courses is necessary to allow for further gluttony – you don’t want to peak too soon after all. The main courses offered a decent selection. I chose to continue with the Indian theme and had a plate of chicken tikka masala, beef korma and a beef dish with chickpeas. All well executed, the masala slightly overly tomato based but still pleasant. Many Asian restaurants don’t hit the spot when it comes to cooking beef, however





the dishes at Scene Asia were beautifully tender. The korma was fragrant and sumptuous, and a second beef dish was paired with plump chickpeas, having an overtone of spice which was really lovely. Served with some light basmati rice and crispy vegetable samosas, it was overall a thoroughly enjoyable main course. However, in sampling the Chinese and Thai food stations, disappointment struck in that nothing really stood out. The Singapore rice noodles were bland and rushed with raw onion, the sweet and sour chicken was somewhat gungy and syrupy, and the Thai green curry wasn’t reduced enough. All disappointing, but nevertheless there are sparks of brilliance at Scene Asia, to which hopefully can only be attributed to teething problems. Overall, Scene Asia is a good independent restaurant and has the potential to be great. After all, I did leave content with a 15 pound food baby. My only concern is its quest for quick success which ultimately doesn’t occur overnight, so it might be worthwhile waiting to visit a few months until it has found its feet.

Words Andrea Avellano Design Rachel Burke





Mark Morriss

After his huge success as part of The Bluetones came to an end with a farewell tour in 2011, former lead singer Mark Morriss speaks to Nerve about what it’s like going solo

Do you prefer performing on your own or with a band? It’s a lot more of a solitary existence doing it on my own because I don’t travel around with any entourage or crew at all and its so different. I much prefer travelling with the band, and I much prefer playing with the band actually. I prefer the interconnection with other players and the chemistry you have together, the instinctive nature of playing together live. But that said, there’s a lot of flexibility to being on my own. I can adapt the shows to my mood a lot more! I do enjoy both and there’s the good and bad with either, but out of the two as an experience, playing with a band is very rewarding. Is interacting with the audience something you’ve been able to do more on your own compared to being with the Bluetones? Absolutely, yeah, there’s much more of that element to the

The acoustic shows for me are just as much about the interaction as they are about the songs

shows when I’m on my own. I mean there was always that element with the Bluetones. We weren’t one of these bands that came on, heads down, played and then left, we always like to take some of the experience for ourselves. I mean, I’ve got a microphone in my hand and you know, it’s dangerous to give me something like that and not expect me to use it to address people. I just want to engage; we’re all in the same room together. It’s quite a cathartic experience. When you performed at The Joiners in Southampton, did you like the intimacy rather than performing to a massive crowd of people on an arena tour? In the past we did some tours where we supported some quite big bands and it’s kind of the antithesis of what I do at the moment. You’re about 100 feet away from the nearest person in the audience sometimes when you go to the front of the stage, there’s the security barrier and if there’s a lead singer who’s got a catwalk then you’re doomed! The acoustic shows for me are just as much about the interaction as they are about the songs because I’m very aware it’s a social occasion. I know some of my songs are quite melancholy, but I don’t want the evening to be a somber affair. Your album is out at the end of this month, are you ready to get it out to people now? I’m itching! The record has been ready for about a year and this is almost like the second release for it because I funded it through Pledge Music, which is sort of a crowd sourcing site, and so about a year ago the people who paid for it have reviewed their copies. It has taken that long for me to sort of tie down a new record deal and get everything in place for it to come out properly because when it’s Pledge Music, it’s just delivered to a set few people. Rumour has it that you’re having some special guests when you’re going out to promote your new album, can you tell us anymore information on that? Well yes, it’s the guys from the Bluetones. They’re going to be providing some musical muscle for me on this tour and when I’m playing some of the songs from my new record. It’s not a Bluetones reunion; it’s a reunion of the people who were in the Bluetones! It really is just a chance to play some songs together. We’re not really keen to reunite the band and play all those old songs; we’ve put that to bed, and we’ve put that to bed for a good reason, but we’ve really missed just playing and we can do that again for a couple of weeks. And you’re looking forward to that, having some company on tour? Very much so! Plus I’ll be in charge this time; they’ll be no democracy here! Have you performed in Bournemouth before and have you been able to look around the town? Yes I have actually, the Bluetones played there on the farewell tour. I have been to Bournemouth myself, but most recently it was on a stag night on a Saturday, so I think I got a somewhat distorted view of what it is really like. So I’ve not really experienced proper Bournemouth yet! Words & Design Joshua Iredale

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R E V I E W E D Inside Llewyn Davis In Cinemas 24th Jan 2014 By Tom Beasley

Shamefully snubbed when the Oscars nominations arrived, the latest film from the Coen Brothers is a dingy musical following the disappointing career of a talented folk singer in New York. The film benefits from its use of extended takes that feature its characters’ musical performances in full, captured live on set. It creates a raw feel to the movie that really makes it sing, if you’ll pardon the pun. Oscar Isaac is a revelation in the lead role, bringing cynicism and despondency to his performance, along with shocking intensity when it is required. A great supporting cast also appears, with quality turns from a cast-against-type Carey Mulligan and a frequently sleeping John Goodman. Unfortunately, there’s an aimless wandering to Inside Llewyn Davis that means it never quite feels like a truly great piece of work. Cryptic clues mount up, but the key to unlock the film’s secrets never materialize.

We are Scientists

The Blackout

We Are Scientists have been one of the most dependable indie bands since Franz Ferdinand first deployed Take Me Out, and with TV En Francais they do no harm to their reputation. As you would expect there is the the usual spread of jokey singles - the propulsive Dumb Luck - and semi-serious rock in the shape of What You Do Best and Slow Down, but sprinkled throughout there are some minor changes to the formula. There’s the incredibly sweet Make It Easy, where you can practically hear the gooey, love-struck eyes in singer Keith Murrary’s vocals and the so-bizarre-it-works Overreacting, that moulds Friday I’m In Love-era. Cure with a disco chorus and its by far the best song on the album. While you chances of maniacal obsession with it are slim, TV En Francais is an enjoyably breezy listen.

The Blackout’s show was slow to begin with, with long set up times equalling the performance lengths of the supporting bands, LostAlone and Rat Attack. Kicking off their set by diving into the crowd, the Welsh six piece gave a performance with far more energy than you might think the small stage of The Old Fire Station could hold. Starting with Riot, the biggest songs of the night for audience reactions were Higher and Higher and Radio, during which the band trialled out a ‘kneeling mosh pit’ to interesting results. Vocalist Sean Smith mentioned numerous times that this was ‘one of their most fun shows and this showed, with the fun being infectious. Definitely worth seeing again.

TV En Francais 13/01/14, By Ben Tyrer

NERVE | 46

The Old Fire Station 28/01/14, By Joanne Ball


City and Colour

Devil’s Due

Canadian singer-songwriter Dallas Green proved, four albums into his career, that he had the power to reduce a crowd of all ages into emotional wrecks. And his weapon to do so? A career spanning set crammed with nostalgia, heart melting vocals and blissfully melodic guitar playing. Alternating between old favorites and tracks off the new album including Of Space and Time, you could cut the awe-inflicted audience’s silence with a knife. Dallas’ performance was memorising and with massive sing alongs for Body in a Box and Northern Wind covered, the folk musician welcomed support act Hannah Georgas on stage for a flawless duet. Fans chanted City & Colours beautiful lyrics back at him throughout his encore of The Girl, marking a suitably sensational end to the evening.

Unoriginal horror movies are not rare, especially in the found footage sub-genre. However, Devil’s Due is about as derivative as they come. It tries very hard to be a Rosemary’s Baby for the found footage generation, but ends up being a bit of a damp squib. The film deserves credit for its decision to prioritise creeping dread over jump scares, but there’s a slapdash nature to it all that means the film never quite gels into a cohesive piece of work. Plot explanation is sacrificed to keep the running time lean, but this doesn’t stop the film feeling flabby and boring in the middle act. The two central performers bring a whole heap of fun and commitment to their roles, but the found footage gimmick wears thin very early on and the scares are too few and far between for it to be an efficient modern horror.

O2 Academy 03/02/14, By Hannah Jackson

In Cinemas 16/01/14 By Tom Beasley

American Hustle

Wolf of Wall Street

Boogie Nights meets The Sting in Silver Linings Playbook director David O. Russell’s American Hustle. The film’s real strength lays in the powerhouse performances of its four central leads, with Christian Bale and Amy Adams at the top of their game as an eccentric pair of hustlers, roped into the machinations of FBI agent Bradley Cooper. Unsurprisingly it’s Jennifer Lawrence who steals the show as Bale’s neurotic, impossibly coiffed teenage spouse Rosalyn; her alcohol-fuelled rendition of Live and Let Die being an audacious comic highlight. Where the film ultimately falls down is its underwhelming central plot, a paper thin and somewhat clichéd ‘sting’ narrative on which to hang its myriad of character profiles. If you’re looking for a fun, well-acted crime caper then you’ll get no better than American Hustle. If you’re looking for something with a little more substance, then you may leave the cinema feeling you’ve been hustled yourself.

Greed takes on a new form, with Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio), a man whose yearly earnings of $49 million piss him off. After the stock market crashes, Belfort gathers a motley crew of salesmen (who mostly deal with weed) and trains them to be the best. Belfort becomes the ‘Wolf’ and all the highs and lows of excessive wealth are now his story, and the FBI’s (Kyle Chandler) interest. Although slightly long, no scene seems superfluous in depicting this bizarre life. Always the Oscar’s bridesmaid, DiCaprio’s performance stands him in good stead for the golden statue. He plays the anti-hero perfectly, the unremorseful, selfish millionaire. The Wolf of Wall Street is hugely excessive, riotous and unapologetic with a stellar cast, all of which make it an Academy-worthy success and one of the Scorsese/DiCaprio pairing’s finest. NERVE | 47

In Cinemas: 03/01/14 By Alex Bradley-Stocks

In Cinemas 17/01/14 By Jessica McCormish



ÂŁ3.00 ...and we can print for you too! 2 Lansdowne Crescent Bournemouth, BH1 1SA t: 01202 299151 e:


Pixel Fix

The four-piece from Banbury look set to take on the UK with their galactic alt-pop in 2014, courtesy of a new EP and plenty of tongue wagging

Words James Hibberd How did the band form? We met and got to know each other through previous bands and other musical projects that we were involved with before Pixel Fix. Marcus and Clem were producing electronic at the time, and as that side progressed, they approached us with the idea to start the band. We all shared a love for guitar-based and electronic music, and we all seemed to be on the same wavelength with everything, so we began to experiment and started creating music together You supported a lot of acts who made a name for themselves last year, what have you learnt from those experiences? We did learn and gain a lot from last year. Having the opportunity to share the stage and support the acts we did over 2013, who put on such good live shows, made us want to better our live shows. 2013 brought us an abundance of experiences, and helped us to progress further as a band. Do you draw more influences from electronic or indie artists? We draw influence from artists within both styles to be honest.

Bands have been the reason why we started creating music in the first place, but more recently, electronic music has been a big influence on all of us individually and as a whole.


Hover boards sound like something we would go for


If you had to be compared to another artist, who would you like it to be? This is always a very difficult question to answer. There are way too many artists out there that we like and are inspired by to choose a specific one.

Fall has been getting some very good reactions from critics and fans, what does that mean to you? It really does mean a lot to us. It's amazing to see a piece of music that we've created receive a positive

response from people! What are your plans for the rest of the year? We plan to play as many shows as we can throughout 2014. Hopefully in the near future, we will be releasing some new material again, which we are excited about. What can people expect from your live show? We try and make our live shows as close to the recordings as possible, Incorporating multiple synths, samplers and effects into our band setup. Playing live is one of the biggest parts for us as a band, so we always try a put on a good show for people. We owe it to the people that have made the effort to even watch us. Your name and sound both conjure up images of futuristic technology, so what piece of future tech (hoverboards, floating cars etc.) would you most like to own? That is a very interesting question! Hoverboards sound like something we would go for. Or maybe something to do with lasers, that could be interesting. NERVE | 49

Take the quiz! WIN a month’s

Play for your chance to for you and your housemates.






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Beauty & the Bleach A closer look at the worrying new trend of bleach facials


ecently I have been made aware that bleach facials are the new ‘trend’ in beauty regimes for women. The treatment of applying household bleach to your face has become popular after a recent study from Stanford University claimed that bleach has anti-ageing benefits. This new DIY procedure where women are resulting to bleaching their skin in a beauty regime is particularly worrying. Bleach is known to burn your skin; the ‘toxic, flammable, corrosive’ symbols on a bottle of bleach aren’t there merely for show and they’re certainly not illustrations to supplement the bottle! However, the fact that women still resort to bleach facials is unnerving; maybe they are not aware of the real damage that bleach can cause in the long run, nor the detrimental effects it can have on your appearance. Some spas are known to carry out bleach facials, but advertise them with ‘natural ingredients’ laced within them such as lemon, honey and lime juice. Being none the wiser, women are opting to put their trust in the hands of these sometimes unskilled practitioners and getting these bleach facials done. Many women do not know that effectively they are allowing someone to smear bleach on their face, all in the pursuit of a more youthful appearance. Even the thought of this procedure is enough to make me squirm in apprehension. There are other alternatives that people can use to get that ‘natural glow’ or for simple anti-ageing benefits. For example, if you consider anti-ageing

cream, there are many brands on the high street who manufacture make up products that can provide a glow far less dangerous than resorting to experimenting with bleach facials in your own house, which could end up with disastrous results. I believe there should not be pressure for women in any way to look more youthful than they already are by resorting to measures like this. Saying that, a lot of ‘lightening’ creams out there on the market today are said to incorporate some sort of bleach-based substance. In the United States, lightening creams are said to contain bleach that is used to treat uneven skin-tones. Dermatologists also treat skin problems with bleach-based creams. In this respect, having a cream prescribed to you to help with skin issues which are only given after your doctor gives you precautions, for example only using a little amount each day or washing your hands after use, is obviously very different to at home bleach facials. All in all, just as a word of advice, do not bleach your skin. There are other alternatives out there that are less damaging to your skin, and I doubt you would want to be the person that it goes terribly wrong on, because you resorted to these drastic measures. Bleaching is just taking it to another level of madness and it should not be attempted in the comfort of your own home, despite the disturbing, yet convincing instructions that WikiHow gives you!

Words: Aliyah Allen Multi-Media Journalism @AliyahMJA Illustration: Nathan Hackett AUCB Illustration Graduate

Even the thought of this procedure is enough to make me squirm in apprehension


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STREET STYLE London Fashion Week is back with a bang for AW14, with a frenzy of new fashion trends. Scarlett Dixon, editor of was lucky enough to be granted access to capture some of the most coveted looks from the front row, and behind the scenes

Blogger Priya trials the ‘tailored trend’ with a classic fit blazer, white shirt and leather trousers

Pop singer Ariana (from Ariana and the Rose) wears a beautiful Aztec, Egyptian inspired print dress teamed with a textured red coat. Backstage at the Zeynep Kartal show, a model shows off the bronzed ‘goddess’ inspired look created by the talented team at The Body Shop. NERVE | 52

Design Abbi Hayden

Words & Images Scarlett Dixon

A fashionable FROW attendee sports a muted black and grey ensemble, perfect for winter wear - but on trend, with a floppy hat and a statement necklace

If in doubt, opt for monochrome. I wear jacket, dress and boots from Bank Fashion, skirt from Topshop and New Look necklace. NERVE | 53


BARRY HEARN Nerve chats to superstar promoter Barry Hearn about his sensational sporting CV and the future of his Matchroom Sport empire


mages of Phil Taylor throwing a 180 at Ally Pally, or Ronnie O’Sullivan hitting a century break at the Crucible are now commonplace on British television. However, there was a time when such sights were nothing more than the distant dreams of a forgotten few. Indeed, these times are placed not too far back in the past, although it would be easy to forget, as the BBC agree a new three year deal to televise snooker and darts also benefits from a lucrative five year broadcasting contract with Sky Sports. What were previously the pastimes of the country’s working men are now the occupants of primetime television slots in the UK. The work of a genius or someone who simply loved the sports, took the gamble and won the jackpot? Matchroom Sport chairman Barry Hearn – who owns World Snooker and the Professional Darts Corporation – has pioneered the reinventions but modestly agrees with the latter. "I’m a working class man and I enjoy working class sport if you categorise it thus, so my interest was in pub sports but I didn’t really have a plan at all, it just evolved" recalls Barry, 65. "There wasn’t an actual laid out plan but it evolved through a mixture of good fortune – with the proliferation of TV channels which just erupted and needed programme – and at a time when I was relatively well off and had a passion for sport, but only the sports which I enjoy. I like fishing, I like darts, I like snooker and I like boxing, so I only do sports that I personally enjoy." However, for someone who has based his entire working life around personal preference, Barry has enjoyed an incredibly prosperous career. The Matchroom Sport empire now controls ten different working men’s sports, from boxing to bowling, all of which have secured huge television deals with major broadcasters. Despite always recognising the potential of these ‘pub sports’, the huge success they have had on British television has very much taken Barry by surprise. "I always hope for the best but fear for the worst in everything we do. Snooker and darts were latent sports which had massive participation but actually no commercialisation, that’s what I brought to it. " "There was so much potential in these sports though because the people who run amateur sports generally speaking, the ‘blazers’ as I call them, are passionate about their sport but they have no commercial expertise of how to spread the game and at the same making everyone a load of money."

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"If you look at darts now and even the early days of snooker you’d say it’s a phenomenon, it has even shocked me. I bought the darts 12 years ago and if you had told me then that one day you would have 11,000 people in the O2 watching four blokes throw darts I would have probably told you to go home via the hospital." While Barry’s current pub sport portfolio continues to flourish, the door is always propped firmly open for new ideas. Matchroom’s most recent venture saw them take ping pong under their wing in 2012 with sensational results. The World Championships of ping pong reached homes of 600 million people in 2012 and followed in the footsteps of darts this year as it was hosted at the Alexandra Palace in London. Barry’s winning formula may be simplistic, but his previous strike rate means it has never needed to be altered. "The template is always the same, go into a volume sport which has been underutilised, underexploited over the years and start off with the basis that the players are the most important thing. Therefore they have an opportunity to change their life." ""Then you commercialise it by way of sponsorship, TV, syndication and the media, and make sure that your revenue streams are varied and all bring something to the big pot. At the end of the day you want a business that makes money but the most important thing is the opportunity of the prize money available to players. That’s what makes the sport become aspirational." In an industry that cannot afford to stand still, there has never been a better time to be involved with working men’s sport. Barry’s sporting stable is growing at a frightening pace and is showing no signs of letting up any time soon. "We look at ten different sporting ideas every year and if one ticks the boxes then that’s a

Words Craig Rodhouse Design Jack Mullen

good year, but there’s never more than one because it’s not just a case of sprinkling the same stardust over every sport, each sport is different." "The way we are now, we’re so established and we’re a global leader in sports broadcasting. I think we’ve still got a long way to go in the sports that we’ve currently got, they’re not topped out yet. Although I’m dealing with ten sports at the moment you can always do a better job and I haven’t peaked in any of those sports yet. That doesn’t close the door on new sports it just makes me very selective."

Style Clash





aris fashion week recently showcased an array of on trend metallics which are expected to be everywhere this summer, so it’s no surprise celebrities worldwide are working it this month. The long legged Elle McPherson and Glee’s main girl Lea Michele were seen sporting gold gowns that sure put them in the spotlight. It doesn’t have to be an occasion to inject some metallics into your outfit though. Often people limit it to Christmas parties or special events, but a metallic tee and jeans would tick every box. Grab yourself a metallic shift in dress and you’re sorted whatever the occasion, bronze, silver or gold! But be careful, metallic can sometimes look cheap, so opt for good quality dresses. River Island always showcases beautifully fitted dresses, or if you fancy shopping online, ASOS is bound to have something for you. The great thing about a metallic dress is that it does all the work; you needn’t have to spend hour’s faffing about your hair or choosing the right accessories. If you’re not convinced by the metallic look just yet, why not try a subtle accessory? A staple item needed in any girl’s wardrobe is the metallic clutch. As a bit of eye candy, it is sure to liven up any outfit, so wear with block colours to make a statement. New Look has a range of chic clutches at cheap prices, so you don’t need to break the bank!


Credit: Getty Images

ot fancying the shine of metallic? How about going for a simplistic monochrome look? There are copious amounts of pieces to choose from. The classic black and white style instantly creates a sophisticated and on trend look oozing class! Fearne Cotton was spotted gracing the streets in a black and white tiger jumpsuit paired with a black leather jacket, and looked the epitome of cool. The tiger print makes her stand out from any normal monochrome outfit, giving her that unique edge. Another popular outfit is the monochrome two piece which everyone is going mad for. This style outfit looks comfy and sleek, perfect for a night out on the town or played down, for daytime, with a pair of converse. Topshop and Missguided currently have tons of must-have monochrome, which is also extremely affordable. Dogtooth is the ultimate pattern and is featured on almost everything: skirts, trousers, dresses and accessories. The ultimate bonus with wearing monochrome is its versatility; it can be paired with anything! Statement jewellery or a bright bag will give you that flawless finishing touch.

Words Sofie Boyland Design Alice Elizabeth Taylor

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SAM MATTHEWS What a difference a year makes. Sam Matthews was playing youth

football against AFC Totton just 12 months ago, but can now boast a professional contract and an appearance against Real Madrid. Nerve chats to the Cherries youngster about a sensational transition. With South Coast neighbours Southampton churning out seemingly endless youth products on a yearly basis, AFC Bournemouth are enduring similar success on a smaller scale. Last season’s top scorer Brett Pitman joins Burnley strikers Sam Vokes and Danny Ings on a long list of players that have graduated from the Cherries academy. Even manager Eddie Howe spent his childhood on the terraces of AFC Bournemouth, working hard with the youth team and eventually making his debut at just 18-years-old in December 1995. The latest buzz is all about 19-year-old Sam Matthews. From a stunning strike in last season’s FA Youth Cup first round against AFC Totton to an appearance against nine-time kings of Europe Real Madrid in the space of just 9 months, time has really flown for the pint-sized central midfielder. "It’s been a big change, there’s been a big difference but I’ve enjoyed the step up. It’s been good and I’ve learnt a lot in a short space of time," said Matthews, who is currently making steady progress in recovering from a long-term thigh injury. Sam’s story started when he appeared as an unknown teenager in the Cherries’ annual pre-season friendly against Poole Town in the summer of 2012. That substitute appearance would be a short fifteen-minute spell that had him labelled as one of the most exciting academy prospects in the past decade to appear in red and black. Fast forward a year and Sam spent his pre-season training with the first-team among the likes of Champions League semi-finalist Ian Harte led by the guidance of Cherries legends Howe and Jason Tindall. "It was something that I was keen to do as early as possible really – get in and around the first team – because I think you develop so much more once you’re with the professionals training. "So when Eddie and Jason came back to the club I wasn’t exactly sure what their plans were for me but once I’d had a few discussions with them and we’d spoke I got the opportunity to train with the first team a few times and from then onwards it really did open my eyes to the world of professional football and it’s the best way to learn I think. NERVE | 58

"In the pre-season when I was training a lot I wasn’t treated any differently and I was expected to be at the standard of the other players to keep training going. I prefer it like that as well. I wouldn’t want to be treated differently." For hundreds of youngsters every year, the promise of professional football as a long-term career vanishes in an instant. Many teenagers are kept in academy systems simply to make up the numbers and the risk of unemployment runs high upon being released in their late teen years. Sam was headhunted as the future of the Cherries midfield early on and explained an incredible few years that started at just 14. "I was fortunate enough that when I was 14 I got offered my scholarship so I knew from a young age that I’d be leaving school to do my two year apprentice. And then when I was 15 – before I’d left school – I got offered my professional contract and so I knew the club was interested in me and I knew that I’d have a contract at the club for a long time."

playing for the first team against real madrid was amazing. i’ll definitely remember that!

Sam’s focus has always been on the near future instead of his long-term ambitions. The fear of injury, a lack of form or just a frequent case of bad luck never crossed the midfielder’s mind as he was coming through the youth ranks. "Really I was only focused on the next game, the next week as a youth team player and trying to improve as much as possible and that put me in good stead",he said. In such a short career, Sam has already experienced what most players won’t have the chance to do in a lifetime. The highlight? Sam appeared against Premier League side West Ham United during pre-season but most would argue it has to be that short cameo against Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid. Sam came on as a second –half substitute and lined up against the likes of Kaka and Casemiro in the ranks of Los Blancos – and didn’t look out of place either. "It

was amazing and great experience. It was a huge game and it was really nice for me to be a part of that. "I’ve been at the club since I was 10 or 11 and so to come through and then be playing for the first team against Real Madrid was amazing. I’ll definitely remember that!" But Sam is a lad with his head screwed on. Not drawn in by all the hype of some of the world’s best and richest players, Sam insists his highlight has simply been being part of it all. A footballer that often passes us by nowadays, who lives for the love of the game and isn’t content playing at the same standard as every year goes by. "When I was around the first team squad and I was training and playing games – was excellent. It’s been frustrating in the last few months because I’ve had an injury which has stopped me training but just the transition from youth team to first team was probably the highlight of my career so far." NERVE | 59


carling cup final T

he Carling Cup final is just weeks away and it certainly isn’t the Mickey Mouse tournament of old. For both Manchester City and Sunderland it is a very important game and both teams will go all guns blazing to secure their name in history and win the first trophy of the season. It is to no surprise that Manchester City are heavy favourites to secure the trophy in what could be a potential quadruple season. But their opponents, Sunderland, may have something up their sleeves. Led by Gus Poyet, the black cats are a shadow of the team that played under Paolo Di Canio and an upset could be on the cards. The famous Wembley Way will be a mosaic of red, white and sky blue and the team in red and white have already disposed of one of the Manchester clubs and they will be seeking the sky blue blood of City to complete the kill. If Sunderland were to do the near on impossible it will be their first trophy since the FA Cup in 1973; it’s fair to say the trophy cabinet may be somewhat dusty. With Adam Johnson back to his best in a rejuvenated Sunderland team, one thing is certain, they will not make the game an easy one for Manchester City. Manuel Pellegrini has done a fantastic job at City, he’s made some shrewd signings in the summer and they’ve paid off. Alvaro Negredo in particular has been a huge hit. ‘The Beast’ as he’s known, along with Yaya Toure has arguably been City’s player of the season. Negredo has hit the ground running; he hasn’t required that obligatory first season to get used to the pace of

the Premier League. He’s got on with his job and has bagged plenty of goals as a result. Whoever is upfront for City it will require a defence made of steel from Sunderland to keep them out. But in particular, Negredo is definitely one to watch. The depth of the Manchester City squad is frightening and on their day they could produce two teams that could give any team in the world a run for their money, even Guardiola’s Munich, they are that good. It will be difficult for Sunderland with Yaya Toure and Fernandinho in the centre of the park but that’s where the match will be won or lost. If you remove Toure and Fernandinho from the equation, the City team isn’t as clinical. The service isn’t provided to the forwards and there’s a certain state of disequilibrium. If Sunderland can keep them out of the game and pressurise the back four it could make for a fascinating game. Whatever the result it will be a great advert for English football. The underdog taking on the heavyweight. The David and Goliath story. The Carling Cup can produce upsets and there have been plenty that have happened in finals before. Arsenal losing to Luton Town in 1988 is one of the famous. If Sunderland were to defeat City it would eclipse that. They may both be Premier League teams, but the current Manchester City team all have experience of winning trophies and are arguably all world class footballers. If I were a betting man I’d certainly put my money on Sunderland then.

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Men’s Hockey When the Bournemouth Varsity hockey firsts were beaten 7-2 on the opening day of the season, few would have believed that they would be on course for promotion at the halfway stage. However, that is exactly the position that the side find themselves in at the time of writing, currently positioned in the promotion spots in the Western 2A division. And after the heavy defeat away at Plymouth in the first game, the side now boast an unbeaten home record in the league and have also been able to avenge their opening day loss. "We got off to a slow start to the season but this was not down to a lack of talent as we proved when we played them (Plymouth) again in the cup and it was a very close game, we definitely weren’t as bad as the result in the first game suggested." says right winger Michael Collins. "We’ve had some fantastic matches and results and a good winning streak, we’re still unbeaten at home and some people are even starting to call it ‘the fortress’. If we stay where we are now then we will be getting promoted and as team that is top of our list of priorities." Collins, 20, is a first year fresher at Bournemouth and this is subsequently his first season with the side after a successful trial for the team during freshers. However, despite moving straight into the firsts’ side this season, Collins believes that he still hasn’t been able to replicate his best form during his time in Bournemouth. "The trials to get into the team turned out to be a big wake up call for me as I hadn’t played for months. I still do not feel like I have got back to the level I once was at. There’s a lot more to come from me definitely. "My personal goals at the moment are first to get fitter as I feel that would help my game out a lot. I would also like to score some more goals as at the moment I am feeling a bit like Fernando Torres when he moved to


Chelsea." While there may be some similarities between the Spanish forward’s spell in West London and Collins’ hockey career at Bournemouth on the pitch, the same can certainly not be said off of it. While 29-year-old Torres’ start in football came after he was scouted by Atletico Madrid at the age of eleven, Collins took a more unconventional route into hockey. "A friend of mine had started playing hockey and he told me to come along and try it. I went along and really enjoyed it and I have been playing it pretty much ever since." Although the side are currently well on course for an extremely successful campaign, the first half of the year hasn’t been without its difficulties. The side has not been able to stay settled with a number of new faces joining the squad for brief spells throughout the season so far. Although Collins admits that the new players’ quality did prove to be a welcome addition to the side, he believes that the spirit that exists between the existing players will be more important if they are to maintain their place at the top of the table. "As for who I believe will be key for the rest of the season I would have to say the whole team, I can’t pick out any individuals. "We have had players who have joined us for a game or two who maybe on the face of it were more skilful but I personally believe we played better without them, but maybe that’s down to them not knowing how we play though." Camaraderie can get you an awfully long way in sport though and it looks like the end of the season could prove to be incredibly fruitful for the side. Watch this space.



With Valentine’s Day just been and gone there’s a certain love/hate atmosphere in the air, even in sport. Nerve’s Andrea Avellano picks out the four sports men and women who are both loved and hated.

Mario Balotelli ‘Why always me?’ Well Mario, it’s a very good question. Mario Balotelli has never doubted himself, once quoted as saying that ‘Only Messi is better than me’ and it may be this arrogance that causes Mario to be like marmite. But, to be fair to the sporadic Italian his track record can justify these somewhat bold statements. Famously scoring Italy’s second goal to send them into the final of the Euros in 2012 and setting up Sergio Aguero on that special final day at the Etihad which saw Manchester City come back from the death to secure their maiden Premier League title. The British media are still mourning the loss of Mario Balotelli and so am I. The youth team of Manchester City are certainly not though; they’ve probably enjoyed not being human dartboards anymore. It is to no surprise that people judge him; his actions are childlike and enigmatic, but, who cares? As you can probably tell from reading this, I absolutely love the AC Milan talisman and I miss watching him week in week out. Luckily for everyone though, Italy have been drawn in the same group as England in the World Cup, so I wonder what Mario will do when he sends Roy Hodgson’s men on the early flight home from Brazil. Whatever he does I’m sure his number of haters will increase. But don’t worry Mario, for as the late Whitney Houston once bellowed, ‘I will always love you.’

Tiger Woods A legend on and off the golf course, you know what I’m talking about. Tiger Woods hasn’t quite fulfilled the potential that everyone saw when he burst onto the golfing scene in the 1990’s. But to his defence he’s been busy satisfying his needs and everyone should respect that. Winner of a jaw dropping 14 majors, Woods is box office in golf and has played a huge part in popularising a sport which sees men hitting a small ball into a hole. But having played golf myself, the respect I have for Tiger is huge. He is capable of anything with a golf club, and I on the other hand am capable of absolutely nothing. He has had his critics, mostly for his off the field antics in his private life which shouldn’t have been exposed. But everyone makes mistakes and people who hold grudges against him are silly for it is his golf that really matters. He is now happy with US skier Lindsey Vonn and is back to playing the golf we once saw all those years ago. Ranked number one in the world, Tiger Woods brings the X Factor to the game of golf and if you looked up ‘lad’ in the Oxford English dictionary his name would appear next to it. I bow down to you, Tiger Woods.

Mario Balotelli

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HATE Kevin Pietersen You don’t have to be a fan of cricket to know that Kevin Pietersen is a bit of a loose cannon. Famous for exchanging text messages to South African opposition during England’s tour which saw him later dropped for the final test. In sport, regardless if they are your childhood friends or not, the opposition are the enemy, the barrier in your way of victory. The puzzling thing is KP is still loved by many, most notably, Piers Morgan. He is England’s prodigal son, the go-to player if runs are needed, but, I’ve lost count of the number of times he’s made the headlines in newspapers and not for his batting brilliance. KP, you’re a professional, it is your duty to perform to the best of your ability, to be a good role model for others. You should not be texting the opposition during test matches, you should not have run- ins with your coach, and you most certainly not be letting your supporters down, for they are the petrol that fuels your bank account. I want to be reading the back pages of The Times, about how you’ve single-handedly won an Ashes series, or how you’ve resorted back to your old off-spin bowling and got a hat-trick. These may seem pretty drastic challenges, but with a player of the ability of Kevin Pietersen, anything is possible with a bit of wood and a big red ball in his grasp.

Serena Williams Okay, so I’m fairly certain Serena Williams threatened to kill a line-judge at the US Open in 2009 and I’m fairly certain she was penalised for this. Rather harsh if you ask me. The golden girl of women’s tennis Serena Williams is undoubtedly the greatest female tennis player the game has ever seen. Yes, this means she’s better than Martina Navratilova and this is why she is floored. She is simply too good, her fastest recorded serve clocked in at a whopping 129 mph and her competitors cannot deal with it. If Martina played Serena today she wouldn’t have a chance. Yes, she may wear some terrible attire, most famously that seductive black lycra catsuit at the 2002 US Open. But I certainly wouldn’t ask her to change clothes or offend her in that matter. I’d tell her she looked great and ask all tennis players to watch and admire. I know money isn’t everything in life but Serena is the only female tennis player to surpass $50 million US dollars in prize money. That’s some going. Without doubt a poorly dressed sportswoman, but frighteningly good at times. Her opponents only hate her because she’s simply the best, better than all the rest. I apologise for once again retorting lyrics from famous American singers. NERVE | 65





Before you whack up the heating for the third time or delve under the bedcovers again, here’s a list of remedies to cure those summer blues



Ice Cream


Go to the beach

Nothing says Summer quite like a 99 Flake. Although most ice cream vans are probably hidden in the depths of garages, the supermarkets sell ice cream all year round, come rain or shine. Hurrah! Grab some ice cream, for yourself or to share with a friend (let’s face it – you’re not going to want to share). Perhaps choose a summery flavour, like strawberries and cream, or just good old vanilla.

Potentially you are reading this a little soggy from the latest deluge of rain, trying to keep it cool while being blown around by gales or even while it’s snowing (fingers crossed!) so the idea of going to the beach isn’t exactly high on your list of things to do. However, it seems that in between this frankly rubbish weather, there is the rare occurrence of a sunny, albeit chilly day that has us all remembering that there is actually such a thing as a sun. Seize this opportunity and head to the beach, even just for a walk, and soak up some rays!



Words: Rebecca Pates Illustration: Charlotte Gay

Summer Wardrobe

A quick trip around the shops confirms that thick jumpers, woolly scarves and winter coats are out and in have come shorts, flip flops and swimming clothes. Now is perhaps the time to get the summer wardrobe ready before the big rush in the summer. Sure, they will probably just sit in your wardrobe for a couple of months, but seeing them there should make you feel warmer!


Start working on the ‘summer body’


Summer Drinks

Most of us may have given up on that New Year’s resolution of keeping fit and losing weight (I know I have) so what better way to anticipate the upcoming Summer and do something healthy at the same time? There are lots of free apps out there currently, such as MyFitnessPal and Pump Up, which are useful to keep track of your diet or calorie intake or tailor your workout to suit you.

Summer is not complete without the obligatory Summer drink, be it alcohol, like Pimms, or something a bit fruitier like smoothies or squash. Or go adventurous and make some cocktails, like mojitos, and mocktails. Popular cocktails can be bought in pre-mixed bottles meaning you only have to add ice for an easy pre-Summer drink.

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