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ssue 4 is here and our first issue of 2020 is jam-packed with content! We catch up with Strictly star AJ Pritchard and his brother from Love Island, Curtis, to talk all about their career and of course their upcoming tour which is coming to Bournemouth in March! Nerve also spoke to broadcaster and adventurer Ben Fogle so definitely check out that feature too. Our Lifestyle Editor Abbie has been to the Juniper Lounge in Bournemouth (right by the Student Halls) to check out their gin so go and have a look at her review as there is even a voucher in there! In terms of Sport, our Sports Editor Carlo chatted to the BU Men’s Rugby Team and we even have an article about horse racing. The next issue will be our last for this academic year before we hand over to the new committee (keep an eye out for applications) so be sure to pick that up as it will contain the Summer Ball 2020 lineup!


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Are you obligated to forgive your high school bullies when they apologise? The Anti-Bullying Alliance found that 1 in 4 UK children reported they were bullied in schools. With bullying often causing so much trauma to the youth of today, are they obliged to forgive their bullies if they apologise? Written by Amy James


don’t believe that anyone who has been bullied owes the person or people who chose to bully them forgiveness. Often, particularly if the bullying happened a while ago, we’re asked to consider what made that person a bully. Who hurt them? Why do they take their feelings out on other people? But if you’re the person who’s been targeted, why should you be required to show compassion to someone who’s hurt you? Bullying, whether in high school, university, work or anywhere else, can lead to anxiety, depression, and selfharming. It can impact people throughout their lives, making it harder to develop trust or make friends. It can make 3 |

Designed by Kayla Annakie

children more likely to drop out of school. It can lead to body dysmorphia. In extreme cases, it can lead to suicide. In a recent YouGov poll, 19% of students between grades 9 and 12 reported being bullied in the previous year, with almost 15% of all high school students describing themselves as having been cyberbullied over the past year. Shock tactic headlines might be designed to do just that, but there are real stories behind them: children changing schools or counties to get away. A boy telling his school he was being bullied only days before killing himself. A 12-year-old girl with special needs who was cyberbullied by the ‘popular kids’ at her school to the point of committing suicide.

Almost 15% of all high school students described themselves as being cyberbullied over the past year. Bullying at any age can have a detrimental effect. But at such a formative age, in terms of emotional and mental state, and when people don’t necessarily have the barriers and coping mechanisms they may develop in later life? That can have traumatic, long lasting repercussions. We probably all know someone who has fears or insecurities dating back to high school. I know many of my own issues with my body come from then.


But does that mean that we shouldn’t forgive our bullies? Well, from the point of view of looking after yourself, it might be better to forgive, if not forget. And it’s not just that holding a grudge against people who have hurt you can hold you back, stopping you from moving on with your life. Holding on to negative emotions can have a negative effect on your mental health, and it can have potentially serious effects on your physical health too. Some studies suggest that forgiving those who have hurt

We all know someone who has fears or insecurities dating back to high school. you can have a positive effect on you in multiple ways. In terms of mental health it can reduce levels of depression, anxiety and stress. When it comes to physical health, forgiving can help you sleep better, lower cholesterol levels, reduce pain, and even

lower your risk of a heart attack. In which case, it seems worth having a go at. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you have to tell the person in question that you forgive them, or that you have to let a damaging person back into your life. Just letting go of that old anger and fear in your own head is enough to have a positive impact on your life. So, are you obligated to forgive your high school bullies if they apologise? Of course you’re not. But if you can, it’s probably better for you in the long run - so give it a shot. N

Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you have to tell the person in question that you forgive them, or that you have to let a damaging person back into your life.





don’t know if you’ve been on social media recently, but if you have, you will probably have heard that we’re currently in the middle of a climate emergency. The globe is warming, the climate is changing, and there is plastic in all the places that plastic does not belong. Thankfully, a growing number of people are actually getting quite anxious about the state of our planet and are taking action in our daily lives to reduce our impact and live sustainably.

choices for the planet, and they’re willing to pay more to do so. But not all sustainability pledges are created equally, and greenwashing gimmicks are proving profitable.

In the fashion industry, sustainability is the new buzzword. Clothing companies have picked up on the fact that their customers want to believe that they’re making the right

As the demand for sustainable fashion grows, companies are trying to give themselves a more ethical and sustainable public image by changing a few things here and there for

5 |

In the fashion industry

sustainability is the new buzzword.

customer approval, but are they going far enough? Take H&M; the Swedish fast fashion company has made some very positive changes in the way it operates to become more sustainable. H&M uses renewable energy in many places along their supply chain, they have a clothes recycling scheme which allows customers to turn in old items, and they are part of the Better Cotton Initiative, which aims to reduce the environmental impact of cotton production. And yet, H&M’s entire business model is based on updating stock as frequently as possible and making sure that customers only wear items a few times before buying more. Fast fashion creates a race to the bottom in terms of


Just a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Written by Sian Morris

the pricing and quality of garments, producing more waste and pollutants than our planet can cope with. The continuing success of shops like H&M alludes to the idea that we are okay with their practices as long as they’re dressed up as sustainable. Bamboo fabrics are another great example. As consumers become increasingly aware of the environmental impact of unsustainable cotton production and synthetic, plastic-based textiles like polyester, a new competitor has entered the ring. So hardy and easy to grow that it doesn’t require pesticides, bamboo can be broken down into tiny fibres and spun into bamboo linen for clothes. But its marketing as a solution to

Designed by Kayla Annakie

the environmental impacts of cotton has put it in high demand for fashion retailers trying to be environmentallyconscious. As a result, bamboo has

So what’s the solution to

greenwashing? Simple: don’t buy it.

become a cash crop, causing farmers to cut down forests to plant bamboo fields, destroying fragile ecosystems in the process. When consumers buy bamboo clothes they might

think they’re doing right by the planet, but they’re just creating more incentives for deforestation. So what is the solution to green-washing? It’s simple: just don’t buy it. It has taken us far too long to realise that on a planet with finite resources, infinite consumption is not possible. Small consumer changes just won’t cut it anymore, we have to make real changes. Vote for environmentallyconscious politicians where you can and write letters to make your voice heard where you can’t. Hold those responsible for selling you a broken planet to account, but don’t believe for a second that buying bamboo will save us. N 6

Should Valentine’s Day Exist? Designed by Kayla Annakie

Written by Georgina Barnes


o. That’s it. That’s the argument. Okay fine, maybe I’m being a bit too cynical but Valentine’s Day is just another day on the calendar.

It’s an excuse for shops to push out a consumerist commercialised load of tosh. Don’t get me wrong, who wouldn’t love a box of chocolates and a giant teddy bear the size of, in essence, you? But then what? That teddy bear will sit staring at you forever until you’re single and alone. No thanks. More importantly, us students need to be saving our money for the important stuff, like getting the VKs in priorities, am I right? Even worse, what if you’re that unfortunate person on the rota having to work the day when all the soppiest, grossest couples come into the restaurant? I feel sick even thinking about it. Valentine’s Day is just full of CRINGE. We have to be put through the torture of walking down the street and being smothered by loving couples.

7 |

I feel

sick even thinking about it.

You can’t escape. It’s like your own personal nightmare, especially if you’re single! I mean come on people, this day is just cruel to those who without a significant other in their lives... other than their pet. No-one will be dancing to single ladies in the club without crying. What’s the point in even going out? Honestly though, it does also boil down to painful envy of those being given amazing romantic gestures, making you think - well when’s my Prince Charming coming to pick me up in a rose-filled jet? Where’s my Tiffany ring and bouquet of flowers? Well, they’re not coming. They’re just not. So should Valentine’s Day exist? Absolutely not - you can shove your flowers and bum shaped chocolates, I don’t WANT THEM. Okay, maybe the chocolates can stay.


Written by Chloe Randall


alentine’s Day seems to be like Marmite. It’s one of those holidays people either really love or truly hate. But no matter your relationship status, anyone can celebrate Valentine’s Day. Single or not, everyone has a loved one. 14th February doesn’t have to be celebrated with a romantic partner. Even if you’re single. The opportunity to adopt the Palentine’s Day tradition as your own is just one of the many reasons you should celebrate V-Day. Palentine’s Day is also an excuse to go out and have fun with your friends in the same situation as you. Let’s face it, everyone loves a reason to go out for dinner and drinks with your friends. Who knows, your future love interest could be in the same bar doing the same thing and bonding over your Palentine’s celebration is the start of any great relationship. If going out isn’t for you then despite what romantic comedies will tell you, there’s nothing wrong with being single and spending Valentine’s Day with some delicious food, wine, your favourite Netflix series and a comfy pair of pyjamas.

The opportunity to adopt the

Palentine’s Day

tradition as one of your own is just one of the many reasons to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

If your friends are planning to spend Valentine’s Day with their partners, and you don’t feel like venturing out on one of the coldest, most crowded days of the year, then there’s no shame in staying home, having an awesome, super chill night surrounded by all your favourite indulgences. And most of all, you have an excuse to order that Domino’s deal for one at last. Finally: presents. Valentine’s Day is a day to treat yourself. The day is all about love so love yourself. Buy yourself that thing you’ve been after for ages. Or if you do have a partner, it’s a chance to spoil your partner rotten and to be spoilt by them. So single or not, Valentine’s Day should exist. It’s either a day to do all those romantic things you don’t do enough with your partner, spend with your pals and appreciating them, or treating yourself which is always important.


9 |



need a dissertation? Written by Jessica Grano de Oro


issertations are the nightmare of every uni student. They are long, arduous and nervewracking, especially because they hold the keys to finishing your degree. Still, are they necessary to have for all degrees? Creative degrees, above all, which don’t have anything to do with research? The main dilemma stems from the fact that dissertations are focused on conducting empirical research to solve problems, while creative degrees focus more on skills and creating a product. Universities believe that it is important for students to undertake a dissertation because problem-solving is an valuable workplace skill. However, when it comes to the moment of truth, employers usually want to see evidence of creative experience. Dissertations do not help

Designed by Kayla Annakie

because, to put it simply, employers are never going to read them - not because they might be lengthy and dense, but because it does not give an impression of your creative ability. This is why building a portfolio of your work becomes vital for creative students.

Universities believe that it is important for students to undertake a dissertation because problem-solving is a valuable workplace skill. If you leave university without one, it could become difficult to win employers over with just your dissertation, which would be your most recent project. If you undertook a project where, for example, you directed a film for a media

degree, then that might be something more interesting for employers to talk about. Still, the argument that dissertations are necessary does make sense, since research is needed for everything. If journalists write an article, they need to research first to verify sources; for artists, if they are creating a comic for kids, they need to know what kids like, and so on. If you have done a dissertation in your student life, conducting research is an experience you have already gained. Companies will like this because you will be more thorough and effective with your creativity. So is a dissertation necessary for creative degrees? It depends. The ideal situation would be to have a combination of both things – undertake a project where you have to conduct research, but also use it to make something employers will love to see. N 10

on a budget Written by Shannon McDavitt


Designed by Kayla Annakie

fter Christmas it is always handy to know where to get expensive items cheaper. Designer bags have been all the rage with Gucci , Burberry, YSL and Guess but sometimes the student budget won’t allow such purchases.


Starting the year off with the £940 Burberry small monogram motif leather crossbody bag. A classic small black bag is a staple in everybody’s wardrobe but the River Island black foldover crossbody bag is similar in design but costs a fraction of the price at £32.


Gucci has been known for its cardholders, from monogram to Disney and leather, but sometimes the price gets in the way of buying these luxury products. The Gucci crocodile card case is £625 but almost identical to the Next personalised mock croc leather card holder by Koko blossom. This product is very similar in design but very different in price at just £18 – and Next even offer personalisation of this particular card holder.


Next on the list is for those that love the Gucci monogram. The Ophidia GG medium tote is a larger bag for more practical day-to-day wear but with the investment of £795. River Island is hitting back with the similar monogram design but with their own twist for the low price of £32 which goes to show you can have designer style bags for a price anyone can afford!

11 |

fashion and lifestyle


Saint Laurent never fails to impress with some of their clothing and accessories including the city backpack in crocodile-embossed leather. The unisex design is an easy everyday option and is the total price of £1140. This time there are two dupes for this bag: one from New Look and one from ASOS. The New Look design is similar with the rounded top from £19.99 and the ASOS a littler larger in size for £28.


A more suitable bag for those needing to pack for a weekend is the Guess, Dan all-over 46 logo weekender for £125. For a designer bag, this isn’t that costly, but there is always a high street item to match the high-end prices. River Island has a similar overnight bag, the £45 Black RIR monogram holdall, saving £80. Perfect for anyone on a budget!


Last but not least is the Dior saddle calfskin bag – this item is known for its lopsided design but it will set you back £2450. However, there is a similar bag which will be the biggest saving of them all! The mini noir ride bag by Skinny Dip will only leave you £14 out of pocket. The obvious difference is the change in material, but the Skinny Dip bag continues the lopsided feature, giving this bag a completely unique look. N


LIFE HACKS Written by Olivia Khyat

Designed by Shannon Moore


new year doesn’t have to mean a new you! It shouldn’t be about changing yourself into someone completely different. If anything it should be about being the best possible version of yourself. It can mean a fresh start from all the things that didn’t go so well last year, and a way to learn from mistakes that are now history. We’ve all been a fool to the idea of new year’s resolutions by setting ourselves unrealistic goals which ultimately lead to disappointment from giving up after approximately two days. However, I recommend keeping a few things in mind that might make this upcoming year a little less stressful and a lot more enjoyable.

GE T OU T YOUR C OMFOR T ZONE Trying new things is something that we should all strive to do in 2020. Although you might be nervous for at first, but you might surprise yourself with the end result. Leaving your comfort zone and doing something you typically wouldn’t is beneficial in so many ways. Opening doors to opportunities you wouldn’t normally go for or meeting people outside your inner circle are just a few things you can gain from trying out things that aren’t in your regular routine. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do but have been too afraid of doing, don’t hold back, you may as well try it. Not taking any risks is the biggest risk you can ever take. 13 |

AC T S OF K INDNES S They can be some of the easiest things but random acts of kindness can go a long way. As cringe as it may sound, a small gesture towards someone else can easily turn around their day. By going out of your way to help, you are not only putting a smile on someone’s face, you’re putting one on your own. Even if it’s just a simple smile to a stranger or checking on your mates to see how they’re doing, the little things can mean the most.

fashion and lifestyle

new year doesn’t have to mean new you!



Juggling the woes of uni and a social life is something that us students are probably all too familiar with. Cramming last minute revision and pulling an all-nighter to finish an assignment is one thing we can all admit to doing at least once. This is the time to make a change, so there will be no more last-minute stressing. Make a plan of everything you need to do and when you need to do it by. It’s so easy to get carried away with all the partying and having fun, but it’s important to make room for both! You’re here to enjoy yourself and have fun with what you’re doing but you’re also here to work hard too. It’s so much more rewarding knowing you’ve handed a good piece of work in that hasn’t been rushed and at the end there’s no better way to celebrate.

As well as helping others close to you, we should also consider the bigger picture. Unfortunately, our planet is in crisis from the drastic change in climate and the amount of pollution being created. It took just moments for the world to react when the Notre Dame Cathedral went up in flames. However, this same reaction hasn’t been met for the Amazon fires which have been burning for almost a year now as well as the 4.9 hectares and millions of wildlife that has been killed in the Australian bushfires. Our planet is in danger and enough hasn’t been done to help. Even just making a small difference in your lifestyle could have such a huge positive impact on the planet. Walking or taking public transport instead of driving, cutting down on single-use plastic, recycling correctly and even changing your diet to cut down on red meats are just a few ways which can help the crisis occurring around us.

2020 is the year for enjoying yourself and making new exciting memories. There’s no point in getting caught up with all the negative things that brought us down in 2019. Instead it should be about looking forward to all the positive future endeavours that we are about to encounter. Focus on yourself and others around you and enjoy the time ahead of yourselves whilst we’re young as these are the most important years of our lives. N 14

NEW YEAR NEW SWAG A rundown of what to look out for in fashion and style this winter. Written by Dani Oyeyinka

Designed by Shannon Moore


The artist The Weeknd has linked up once again with streetwear giant BAPE for a collaborative collection. This new campaign comes with Bape’s signature custom camo, as well as an array of jackets and other cool pieces for fans to wear. It also includes the iconic shark hoodie and other signature Bape pieces.



Travis Scott has had a slew of successful collaborations with brand Nike over the past few years, and this year he’s not letting up on teasing new music and new trainers. Early in January, fans got a good preview of Travis’s Nike Dunks, sure to get hype-beasts riled up when they drop. 15 |

The London-based Aries has released a sneak peak of their spring/summer 2020 collection. The brand has drawn inspiration from 1980s punk and Italian youth culture, as well as Mick Jones from The Clash. There is a real aesthetic about some of the pieces, like their baggy skate style denim trousers. Elsewhere, Aries have continued to use tie dying in some of their designs, as well as acid wash for a vintage feel.

fashion and lifestyle


Liverpool FC have been on a winning streak in the Premier League, and now they can add a newly penned Nike deal to their achievements. Nike will take over sponsorship from New Balance who tried to bring court action against the deal taking place. The deal will officially launch in June, with a new set of team jerseys for the players and memorabilia for the supporters alike.



Jordan Brand and Dior have a highly anticipated collaboration on the horizon this year. A few images circulated late last year of what looked to be a retro Jordan 1 high, with Dior’s monogram print all over the swoosh. This release id sure to pull at the hearts and wallets of those who love high fashion and streetwear.

Noah are set to release a line of t-shirts with all proceeds going towards the fight against Australia’s horrific fires. “This t-shirt can be worn as a symbol to show you're willing to help… in hopes that will help ease the nightmare scale of suffering we've inflicted on animals in one of the world's most diverse habitats.” The brand said in a recent announcement from their social media. 16

17 |

fashion and lifestyle

Taken by Ellie Randall in New York


Fresh off the streets to the runway Streetwear to Runway

How street fashion has moulded a new genre in the world of fashion Written by Olivia Khyat

19 |

Designed by Kayla Annakie

fashion and lifestyle


he streets are our very own runway for the ordinary people like you and me. When it’s not leading powerhouse brands like Gucci, Dior and Givenchy dictating what’s in fashion and what is not, it’s us who roam the urban jungles that are our towns and cities in the clothes we feel most comfortable in. At the end of the day, we have the final say to declare the most fashionable trends of our generation, and we own it from the streets. Thus, this edgy yet put together style known as ‘streetwear’ started from that same place and has amassed into something that holds huge potential in the fashion world. The cool and effortless style that we know as streetwear hasn’t always been as popular as it is today. It originated from the underground and centred around the nineties skate and surf culture as well as the noughties hip hop scene in Los Angeles and has stuck around ever since. Shaun Stussy, the owner of LA surf shop Stüssy, deserves thanks for this new fashionn movement as he is described as the first ever streetwear designer. His clothes that have inspired the hundreds of streetwear shops and brands over the last couple of decades and has influenced so many labels and designers. This birthed a whole new sub-genre and without it we wouldn’t see the luxury brands like Off-White and Vetements,

staple names in today’s contemporary streetwear. With California leading the streetwear scene, it wasn’t long until New York’s own spin started to take off. With brands like Supreme taking off in the early ‘90s, it only propelled the movement further. Supreme created its own hype and culture around the style, giving it an exclusive edge. Street style is commonly worn by misfits and those who don’t conform to typical trends and brands like Supreme steered its products to match these edgy, careless personalities. With weekly Thursday drops, the brand became notorious in the streetwear category. They created a buzz around their products, not just through clothing drops but also other miscellaneous items and once they were sold out, that was them gone for good, standing out from other leading brands. Although Supreme and Stüssy both motivated the streetwear trend, it really started to take off when people began to realise that going against certain clothing expectations is actually okay. We’re wearing streetwear because society’s dress codes have relaxed. For streetwear, the turning point was the eventual interest from celebrities. Beginning to choose to strut about in streetwear looks as opposed to ultra-glam outfits for their everyday life, streetwear gave them an opportunity to mix their recognisable high-end clothing

style with the comforting indulgence they crave. Modern street fashion has started to merge and break boundaries at high-end fashion labels, with lots of them taking inspiration from the style and using it for their own runways and collections. It’s not uncommon nowadays to see these brands collaborating with streetwear labels, like the Ralph Lauren and Palace partnership, as well as the Fendi X Fila collection. It’s a combination that works so well and challenges both brands creatively to make something out of their comfort zones. Even brands like Comme Des Garcons, known for outrageous and outlandish designs, have created a separate line as a part of their label. Known as Comme Des Garcons Play, they offer a streetwear version of their clothes that are more suited to everyday wear. Streetwear is a fashion phenomenon that has blown up in the last two decades, with its humble beginnings in the suburbs of LA and has acquired popularity thanks to its low maintenance and alternative style. It’s a trend that has captivated the modern fashion industry, inspired by youth culture and presented us with new and refreshing clothing unlike any previous trends. It has brought new excitement to the industry and it has my attention firmly grasped. We should all be eager to see where it leads next. N


Juniper the

Nerve Magazine’s Pick of the Month Written by Abbie Bradford


ow that Dry January is far behind us (thank god!), for Nerve’s Pick of the Month we decided to look at somewhere that might just become your new favourite drinking spot. If you hadn’t already guessed from the name, The Juniper Lounge is a gin bar - and who doesn’t love a gin! The Juniper Lounge opened in the summer on the corner of Holdenhurst Road, so perfect walking distance from all halls! Its handy location and very reasonable prices mean that it’s a great place for a few relaxed drinks or somewhere to have some classy pre-drinks before a night out.

21 |

The venue offers a quirky style and atmosphere and with quiz nights, live music and sport, you are bound to find an evening that suits you. So let’s get into it!

The Gin Now don’t get me wrong, I am a massive fan of gin, however, I’ve never been keen on the tonic, so I was sceptical. As we sat at the bar, the owner and manager Russell assured me that this would change. We sat and talked about what kind of gins I liked and whether it was sweet, dry, flavoured or even local, with an impressive 57 gins behind the bar, there was plenty to choose from, but I didn’t have to! Russell insisted that he could make me the perfect gin based on what I liked. He expertly crafted a mix of tonic and spices paired perfectly, and he was right!


fashion and lifestyle


Q&A with Russell

What was your vision for The Juniper Lounge? The concept of The Juniper Lounge is to create a chilled, safe “hole in the wall” bar focusing on gin, live music, a great vibe and fun. Do people really dislike tonic with their gin? Some people ask me for gin with lemonade which is almost sacrilege! I then act as their gin consultant to understand more of their tastes and gin experiences. By personalising the gin doctor approach I mostly am able to prescribe the right medicine and cure the tonic affliction! What’s your favourite gin and tonic combination at the moment? The bar favourite is rhubarb and ginger gin with rhubarb tonic and a big twist of lemon. Currently I enjoy BH1, which has a liquorice botanical, with mediterranean tonic and a twist of lime.

What is the most exciting place you have ever worked? I have been very lucky to have worked for 15 years in Malaysia, Oman, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Dubai. They are all fabulous in very different ways.

What would be your message to the students of Bournemouth University? KEEP CALM, DRINK GIN... OR WINE OR BEERS! N

Exclusive Nerve Magazine Offer Buy Any Gin & Get 1 Half Price 22

Ben Fogle Interview:

Written by Chloe Randall


en Fogle is an awardwinning broadcaster and adventurer. He has written 9 Sunday Times best-selling books and is the United Nations Patron of the Wilderness. Nerve spoke to him about his adventures and what he is still hoping to achieve… From a young age, Ben knew he wanted to do something out of the ordinary. Growing up with a famous mother, Julia Foster, and a father who is a vet, we asked what Ben wanted to do when he was younger. “A kind of vet, an animal rescuer was the dream. My dad is still a practicing vet. I used to spend my afternoons after school watching Dad operate on animals and it was fascinating and inspiring and I wanted to fix animals myself. On one hand there was that and 23 |

then with a mother who was a very famous actress at the time, I’d come back and I’d have tea with Michael Caine. It was very normal but it also meant that when Mum went off to the theatre I spent afternoons in her dressing room watching the excitement of the stage and fake buckets of blood when she was doing Shakespeare plays and I think I also wanted to do that because it looked so exciting so I think that’s where my aspirations came from.” Due to not meeting the academic grades for vet school and not pursuing acting, Ben didn’t follow directly in his parents’ footsteps. The year of 2000 saw the launch of Ben’s television career when he appeared on the BBC’s Castaway, a social experiment reality show where Ben was on a Scottish island for

features features

a year living a very simplistic lifestyle. When asked what it was like to leave the island, Ben said: “I think leaving the island wasn’t entirely different to leaving university. “It’s the end of a big chapter in your life. The island was only a year which is a long time compared to the three or four years you spend at university.” Since then, Ben has rowed across the Atlantic, climbed Mount Everest and visited over 200 places. For a man who has done it all, does he have any other goals he’d like to achieve? “I’ve got lots of goals but I don’t have a bucket list. I notice what people can do and I’ll often read about someone who has paddled down the Amazon or swam three times across the channel and it’s always noted and I think those things are

always lodged in the back of my mind.” On a final note, Ben gave some advice to all the people out there who might be stressed with university work, dissertations or people who are suffering from stress in general. “There are so many things to distract you that are much harder than when I was a student. “I think it is about decluttering and clearing your environment and just having fun and to enjoy it. I’m very much an advocate for don’t just focus on the academia. “Bournemouth University will hate me saying that but it is just as much about the socialisation and the social interactions as it is about the learning. But it is about trying to quieten down those outside noises.” N 24

New Year New You?

Written by Emily Dudley


y now every student from here to Inverness will have been inundated with the annual trend of #newyearnewme. Regardless of which social media platform you’re partial to, there is no avoiding this yearly obsession founded on the unyielding social pressures to change things about ourselves. The scope of the hashtag in online communities has arguably contributed to, or even perhaps facilitated, the superficial nature of the published content it tags. We know that a post on social media is not an accurate indicator 25 |

of a person’s entire character or lifestyle but we also know that what we curate on social platforms reinforces the persona we emanate in online spaces and, unfortunately in the digital age, this image is often considered paramount. Let’s make this clear. You don’t need to change a thing about yourself for anyone else or for a fleeting internet trend, especially changes to your outward appearance. We are all works in progress, growing and developing who we are as people, but can we omit the myth that it happens on one specific night per year at the toll of 12am. The turn of a

new decade can’t compel an instantaneous transformation into our ideal selves yet every year we hope for it and are disappointed when we don’t meet those impossible selfimposed expectations by the end of January. So forget the whole concept. Maybe it works for some people, but the rhetoric can be largely negative. Perhaps instead of a resolution, make a small, manageable, wellintentioned adjustment. If you want a kick-start, here are just some examples which double up as good deeds (remember that being kind to yourself 100% counts as a good deed).


Make Time for People Family and friends are important to us all and we are all guilty of taking them for granted. Call a relative on your commute in between lectures, give a friend in need a hug, buy a stressed-out coursemate a coffee and offer a helping hand. Make their day and yours that little bit more cheerful.

Be More Eco-Conscious Our planet is in severe danger now. If you don’t recycle, start today. Turn off lights. Be conscious of water usage. Invest in a heated blanket (they’re fab). Reduce your carbon footprint.

Volunteer There’s not enough words or time to list the various ways you can positively contribute to your community or your planet. If you only help one person, that’s plenty.

Get Proactive No, this isn’t your typically futile “get fit, eat healthy” (if you hate the gym, don’t go). Instead this example is an encouragement to engage in some social or political activism. If you struggle to find passion or purpose check out campaigns surrounding a social cause you’re interested in and get involved.

Make Healthy Choices Whether they be mental, physical or emotional, start prioritising yourself and your well-being. Students can have it just as tough as any other community so never feel like your stresses are invalid. Wanting to develop yourself isn’t a crime, but a new year doesn’t demand it. If you have to make a resolution, let it be something realistic and proactive rather than an unachievable goal. Be kind to yourself and others and have a wild 2020. N 26

27 |


AJ & Curtis Pritchard Written by Chloe Randall



J & Curtis Pritchard have been gracing our television screens for the last few years and are hugely popular with all types of audiences. Strictly Come Dancing pro AJ and younger brother/Love Island 2019 finalist Curtis are now setting off on tour together with their latest show AJ Live and are even stopping off in Bournemouth! Nerve were luckily enough to catch up with the pair before they hit the road. What can fans expect from AJ Live? AJ: What is great about this show is that it’s live entertainment. All the stuff you love about Strictly plus much more. You get all the dance styles from street to commercial and contemporary. Curtis: The pyrotechnics, the fireworks, you name it, it’s in the show, so it’s going to be action-packed, in your face, right on stage. And we’re brothers so you are going to find out a lot of our banter, a lot about us, a lot about our journey and having fun really. Are you excited to be coming to Bournemouth? AJ: We are very excited to come to Bournemouth because we always used to compete on the other side of the Pavilion in the ballroom, so [we’ve got] many memories from when we were kids. Curtis: That’s where we used to perform, where we were running around when we were

29 |


little, where we were dancing around and now we are going to be there doing our own actual show together which will be incredible. It’s your first show on tour together. What do you think life on the road will be like? AJ: Some problems we will face on the road is that I like to be very clean and Curtis is not so clean. I like to be very early and Curtis likes to arrive just on time. Curtis: That’s lies! Everything he said, it’s the opposite, swap everything around and that’s what it really is! You were in the competitive dancing world when you were younger. Were you competitive against each other? AJ: We were always competitive, whatever it may be, from playing football, to dancing to who can get to the front of the queue first. Even go-karting, it was always about winning. Winning is the way forward, second is the first to lose, that’s what I say!

AJ, if you weren’t in a relationship, would you want to go on Love Island? AJ: I don’t know if I could deal with Love Island. I would love the sunbathing and relaxing but I think being on camera all that time, that’s a lot. I know Strictly’s on camera on lot but you are even filmed when you are in bed on Love Island! I couldn’t deal with that. Curtis: I could not watch AJ on Love Island. And who would be your dream Strictly partner? AJ: Oooh for me, it’s always going to be the Queen, a waltz with the Queen, a little sit down, it’s just perfect, I can see it now. I wouldn’t even have to sweat would I? Curtis: That’s an incredible answer, I’d quite like a dance with the Queen! AJ Live will be at the Bournemouth Pavilion on 20th March and tickets are available through the venue directly. N




Rock and roll star Liam Gallagher teamed up with Centrepoint, Shelter, ICHH and Aberdeen Cyrenians charities to encourage fans to donate a parka coat for his ‘Part With Your Parka’ charity campaign throughout his soldout November 2019 UK and Ireland headline tour. “Go easy on me,” were Liam’s first words to London’s O2 Arena, with a sea of 20,000

faces cheering in response. He opened with Rock ‘n’ Roll Star before performing Halo and Shockwave from new album Why Me? Why Not? Liam played crowd-pleasing Oasis classics Colombia, Stand By Me and Morning Glory. The Oasis star told the crowd “You’re going to have to help me out,” as he ended an unforgettable night with Wonderwall.

Designed by Katerina O’Shaughnessy

FROZEN 2 REVIEW BY CHLOE RANDALL When people think of Frozen, they think of talking snowmen, magical powers and mainly a film for young children who dream of being Ana and Elsa. However, Frozen 2 is so much more than that. The complex yet magical plot makes it enjoyable for people of all ages and Idina Menzel is just as stunning on 31 |

the soundtrack as ever, with the song Into the Unknown a particular highlight. The aesthetic of the film is breathtaking and exceeds all expectations associated with a sequel. Frozen Fever will definitely continue around the world with this film having something for everyone.


THE RISE OF SKYWALKER REVIEW BY ALEX VERNON The Rise of Skywalker is a non-stop rollercoaster ride that, with all its thrills, would have benefitted from more down-time to deliver a wholly enjoyable experience. The saga reaches its long-awaited climax in Episode IX but the emotional payoff never truly felt earned as the film suffered from its lack of build-up due to the decision

to not stand by its predecessor. Although it ret-cons much of what The Last Jedi tried to achieve (I’m looking at you, Rose) some of the most enjoyable parts of Rise of Skywalker are its fan-service sprinkled throughout. If you can ignore its flaws, this is a harmless, fun-filled galactic joyride.

CATS REVIEW BY CHLOE RANDALL CATS is a film for fans of the musical, people with a wild imagination and anyone who is up for seeing something a bit different. After 21 years in the West End, fans of the musical were extremely excited when a movie was announced. Featuring some of the biggest stars in Hollywood such as Jennifer Hudson, James Corden

and Rebel Wilson, the film was packed with star-studded actors and it was very obvious from the production value that they really had thrown everything into it. The choreography, production and the nods to the stage show really were incredible, but not so much if you aren’t familiar with the original.

ALADDIN AT THE BOURNEMOUTH PAVILION REVIEW BY ELISE JONES A love story, with a side of evil villains and a fabulous dame. Aladdin at the Bournemouth Pavillion burst onto the stage on 7th December, and is guaranteed to have you laughing, crying and shouting “it’s behind you!” With the wonderful Anthony Rickman as Aladdin, the beautiful Kelly Agredo as Princess Jasmine and the hilarious David Ball as

Widow Twankey, this unmissable pantomime takes you through the whole journey of Aladdin, desperate to meet the love of his life, Princess Jasmine. With plenty of brilliantlytimed jokes, songs that have you itching to sing along to, and audience participation, this year’s Pavillion Panto is one word: FANTASTIC. 32

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How would you describe your current genre of music?

It sways between folk, punk and a bit of country. Oh, also, there is a Waltz halfway through, is Waltz a genre? If so it's folkpunk-country-waltz although I think we've arrived on Antifolk for the time being.

What was the inspiration behind your new album Dead Debutante's Ball?

I wanted to make something that flowed from start to finish, 33 minutes of songs that all run into each other. It talks somewhat about love, anxiety then a few more playful things like lobsters and a brief history of line dancing.

What do you enjoy most about being a musician?

For me, writing music has also been very therapeutic, so I always start out just writing for me and it constantly surprises me that some people connect with these songs. This genuinely makes me really

happy, describing what are quite vulnerable-feeling or odd songs about line dancing and lobsters and someone saying “yes I feel or get that too,” is quite a beautiful thing. Oh also the fast cars and fast women.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

I love your optimism that we will all still be here in 5 years.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Warren Zevon, Neutral Milk Hotel, Modest Mouse and Johnny Cash.

What is your songwriting process?

Not sure I have a real process as such but I try and write every day and I am constantly making notes on my phone. I think when an idea comes I need to write it down and then judge whether it was good or not later. Also it means I can entertain myself on long journeys by reading all my shamefully bad ideas. N

Ralph Pelleymounter The To Kill A King frontman talks going solo and the inspiration behind his debut album. Written by Tara Proudfoot Designed by Shannon Moore 34

union shop being vegan just got easier

included in ÂŁ3.49 meal deal 35 |



winning campaign, but also for how he has spoken out against racism in football. But it was cricketing allrounder Ben Stokes who swept the main gong thanks to his performances during an incredible summer for English cricket. The 28 year-old was a pivotal part of the squad that won the Cricket World Cup in July; he then blasted 135 not out to secure a remarkable onewicket win over Australia in the third Ashes test. And it was the England Cricket that won Team of the Year with a performance befitting Oasis. A champagne super over was on hand to see them crowned victory in the 2019 ICC World Cup final. A nail-biting contest against New Zealand ended even-stevens after 100 overs, as did the super over, with England winning on the boundary count back rule. Talk about tense. Marathon man Eliud Kipchoge epitomised human advancement when he became


fter another year of great success for British sport, we take a look at the big SPOTY winners of 2019. Sports Personality of the Year 2019 came to us from Aberdeen for a celebration of exceptional accomplishments. The 64th Edition saw six sportspeople nominated for the eponymous award: Dina Asher-Smith, Lewis Hamilton, Katarina Johnson-Thompson, Raheem Sterling, Ben Stokes and Alun Wyn Jones. Asher-Smith and JohnsonThompson were nominated for their achievements in athletics, after winning golds in the World Championship in the 200m and Hepathlon respectively. Hamilton made the shortlist once again thanks to securing his sixth F1 Championship title, whilst Jones was recognised for captaining Wales to another Six Nations Grand Slam victory. Sterling was nominated not only for his integral role in Manchester City’s treble-



Designed by Shannon Moore


Written by Ollie McManus

the first person to run a marathon under two hours. The INEOS 1:59 Challenge saw Kipchoge break the barrier and burn his name into athletics history books. Baroness Tanni GreyThompson was awarded the Lifetime Achievement in recognition of her 16 Paralympic medals and 30 world records. The Welsh athlete competed at distances from 100m to 800m and retired in 2007. John Blackie, meanwhile, won Coach of the Year having guided Dina Asher-Smith to 200m gold in the IAAF Athletics World Championships. Blackie has trained AsherSmith since she was eight. N







f the first encounter of horse racing’s newest rivalry is anything to go by, sporting historians may soon be adding it to their ‘best ever’ compilations - right alongside the time-honoured duels of Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, Muhammad Ali and Sonny Liston, and, of course, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. At no point in the last decade has the jumps racing world more excitedly anticipated a contest than when Nicky Henderson’s undefeated titan Altior and Paul Nicholls’ mercurial challenger Cyrname cantered down to the starting post on a cold November afternoon for the 2.05 at Ascot. Though £40,000 was on offer for the winner, this was an always occasion where pride

Designed by Shannon Moore

would matter far more than prize money. Altior, the horse whose name means ‘higher’ in Latin, could not have done more to live up to that moniker over the past four years. Unbeaten over fences, he has racked up an astonishing 19 victories in his career, including twice winning the Queen Mother Champion Chase at the Cheltenham Festival – the holy grail for two-mile chasers. The phrase ‘greatest of all time’ is banded about in sport with such reckless abandon these days that it has become almost meaningless, but it’s no exaggeration to say that Altior has a claim to be on the shortlist when racehorse ‘GOATs’ are discussed. Yet when rival Cyrname announced himself to the

racing world back in February by obliterating a select field of first-class contenders by seventeen lengths at Ascot, it left him uniquely placed to attempt the taking of the sport’s biggest scalp. The ‘Christy’s 1965 Chase’, over 17 fences and across 2.5 miles of Ascot turf, was set as the stage where Altior would face, in Cyrname, his toughest test. Feverish and frenzied media build-up was similar to that of a heavyweight boxing bout, with hundreds of broadcast minutes and column inches dedicated to the arguments between passionate advocates for both horses.

IT'S no exaggeration TO SAY THAT ALTIOR HAS A CLAIM TO BE THE greatest of all time

37 |


ALTIOR One of racing’s best sporting qualities is its ability to provide conclusive answers to questions just like ‘Altior or Cyrname?’. Unlike football or boxing, there are no frustrating draws. The first two miles of the momentous race developed exactly as had been anticipated. Cyrname, always a horse who likes to get on with things, bounded along merrily in front, with the undeterred Altior scampering close behind, ever threatening. But as the two titans entered the home strait, Cyrname showed no signs of dimming enthusiasm. Getting past him


uniquely placed TO ATTEMPT THE TAKING OF THE SPORT’S biggest scalp

in the final few furlongs would require a Herculean effort. Altior’s jockey Nico De Boinville realised that, for the first time in his horse’s career, all the gears had already been gone through and there were no thrusters left to engage. Cyrname, crossing the line two lengths clear of Altior with an air of pomp and majesty, had well and truly lived up to his hype – and a new King of Steeplechasing was anointed. Five minutes of applause and congratulations later, the next question for racing fans had already been posed: ‘When’s the rematch?’ N


Europa League Group Stage Roundup

Written by Rob Edwards


t was a clean sweep for the British clubs in this season’s Europa League as all five teams involved found passage into the last 32. Arsenal, Celtic and Manchester United came top of their respective groups, whilst Rangers and Wolves both finished runners-up. Whilst all parties will be

39 |

Designed by Shannon Moore

pleased to have progressed, it was far from plain sailing. Manchester United and Arsenal were expected to make short work of their groups, but whilst the aim of group winners was achieved, the road to qualification was far from straightforward. The Gunners’ home defeat to runners-up Frankfurt was a notable low point for the north London side, which led to the sacking of head coach Unai Emery. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side only managed to net 10 times in the six games, five fewer than runners up Alkmaar. With the likes of Benfica and Ajax dropping down from the Champions League, both sides will need to show improvement

if they are to lift European silverware this season. Wolves have yet again proven to be the surprise package of the season. Not only did they progress to the next round, they have maintained high standards in the league which have put them in contention for a top four spot. We have seen in the past how the Thursday–Sunday turnaround of games has killed teams, but this Wolves outfit has thrived.


Willy Boly’s late winner in Turkey against Besiktas is just one highlight from their European journey so far. Who knows, they may just make a few more along the way. Turning the focus to Celtic and Rangers, both have overcome the odds to join the English sides in the next round. Neil Lennon faced questions over his position after his team failed to qualify for the Champions League group stages. Fast forward four months, and his team lead the Scottish Premiership, whilst also managing to finish top of a group which included Lazio, and Cluj, the side who overcame Celtic in Champions League qualifying back in August.

Home and away wins against Lazio were key in sealing progression to the last 32. Had it not been for defeat away at Cluj in the final fixture, they

would have gone unbeaten. Rangers failed to match their bitter rivals in topping their group, but Steven Gerrard will be more than happy that his side have made the draw for the knockout stages. face La Liga side Espanyol. Celtic play Copenhagen while Rangers come up against Portuguese club Braga. The first legs will take place on Thursday 20th February with the return matches a week later on 27th February. N

They too faced a tough group which included Porto, Young Boys and Feyenoord. Victory over Portuguese giants Porto at Ibrox will live long in the memory, but their desire and never die attitude inspired by their manager played a huge role in seeing them progress. In the Round of 32 Manchester United will face Belgian opposition in Club Bruges. Arsenal will play Greek club Olympiakos while Wolves will 40

This was a season which saw most of Europe’s leading teams progress comfortably to the knockout stages. In the ‘Group of Death’ Inter Milan missed out on qualifying from Group F, Barcelona and Borussia Dortmund both progressing. Elsewhere, last year's surprise semi-finalists Ajax failed to progress as, for the first-time, only clubs from England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France progressed. Written by Joel Kiffin

Designed by Katerina O’Shaughnessy

Liverpool Liverpool backed up their Champions League triumph last year by winning their group in what has so far been an impressive season for the Merseyside outfit. However, despite qualification, it wasn’t a faultless group stage in what has been a brilliant start to the season for Jurgen Klopp’s side. Napoli took four points off Liverpool whilst an impressive RB Salzburg side ran them close in both matches as Liverpool waited until the final matchday to secure qualification. However, Liverpool remain well-placed to defend their Champions League title with a last-16 tie against an Atletico Madrid side in transition to look forward to in February.

Manchester City Manchester City finished the group stages of the Champions League as the only English side to go unbeaten. After being drawn in a favourable group, Manchester City quickly put themselves in a position of strength by winning their opening three games. Despite drawing their next two matches to Atalanta and Shakhtar Donetsk, Manchester City qualified as group winners with a game to spare as Pep Guardiola looks to win the Champions League with them for the first time. However, whilst the group stage draw may have been kind to Manchester City, they now prepare for a mouth-watering clash with Spanish giants Real Madrid. 41 |


Chelsea Chelsea’s Champions League campaign has so far mirrored their league form – inconsistent. Their high points included a dramatic fightback to draw 4-4 from 4-1 down against 9-man Ajax and an impressive 1-0 win in Amsterdam to last year’s semi-finalists. However, a costly defeat on the opening matchday at home to Valencia, a match in which Ross Barkley missed a late penalty, proved decisive in ensuring Chelsea had to settle for second place, a result of their inferior head-to-head record with the Spanish side. Nonetheless, Chelsea can look forward to the knockout stages. A last-16 tie against Bayern Munich, a repeat of the 2012 final, awaits them.

Tottenham Hotspur Tottenham recovered from letting a two-goal lead slip to draw in Greece against Olympiakos to ensure all four English teams made it to the last 16. A strong recovery from Spurs to win 4-2 after being 2-0 down in their home match against the Greeks, coupled with convincing wins home and away against Red Star Belgrade ensured qualification. However, bruising defeats to Bayern, particularly a 7-2 thrashing at home demonstrated the gulf that currently exists between Tottenham and the very best European sides. Tottenham face Champions League debutants RB Leipzig in the last 16 as they seek to recapture the form that took them within 90 minutes of winning the last Champions League.


Written by Carlo Simone 43 |

Designed by Katerina O’Shaughnessy


“this year it was kind of coming back and having a reassessment” ollie crookall president


U Men’s Rugby Team had a disappointing 2018/19 season, finishing bottom of the BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) Western Division 1A. Up against challenging opposition, it saw the team on the end of some heavy defeats. Now with the 1st team in the Western Division 2A, and a 2nd team in the league system also, there’s an opportunity to rebuild and see improvement. President of Bournemouth Rugby, Ollie Crookall, discussed the aims they had planned to meet before they got underway. “Last year they were quite unfortunate in the sense that there was a change in coaching staff, there was a change in quite a lot of the players, because quite a lot of the year I’m in were on placement,” he explained. “They’ve kind of almost had a fresh start. So for this year it was kind of coming back and having a reassessment of where we see ourselves in the BUCS leagues and so on.

“This is the first year Bournemouth have ever entered two teams into two different BUCS Leagues. So this year we really wanted to focus on getting a good group of boys together to challenge competitively across both leagues. “Although we all had our goals to get both teams promoted, we wanted them as a whole to make sure we were very competitive in both,” he added.

Both teams are now several months into their respective

campaigns and Ollie has been pleased with the efforts so far. “So far I’d say on the whole it’s been a success,” he said. “The two teams are both still in their cup competitions respectively, so the 1s are on track to hit our target of the semi-finals and the 2s are overachieving with that. “The 1s are competitively competing in their league, although we’ve now lost two [games] which kind of puts us a bit further away from where we wanted to be in regards in trying to go and win the league. “But nonetheless, [if] some results go our way postChristmas we’re definitely straight back in it.” Away from the pitch, the team also prides itself in taking part in charitable efforts, such as when they raised an impressive £6,777 for Movember in 2019. “The one other thing we wanted to set at the start of the season was a fundraising goal, because we do Movember every year,” Ollie explained. “This year we had a gentleman called William Guilder who 44


took the reigns and pushed it on to the club on our behalf. “Basically he tries to stay on top of the boys, making sure that we’re all getting our posts out there, trying to ask for donations, [and] playing quite a pivotal role in organising a cycle [which is the distance] from 45 |

Bournemouth to Twickenham and back in a day. “We ended up finishing with the fourth highest total of any rugby team across the country, only being bettered by the likes of Harlequins Rugby, so actually this year we’ve made a massive impact,” he added.

With further plans to team up with the Women’s Hockey team for a fundraising exhibition match, and with sustained improvement on the pitch, the Men’s Rugby team are certainly on the up. Get updates from the team at @bu_rugby on Instagram. N

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47 |


Dan Foley

Junior Producer, The Film Farmers 48



lumni Nerve Magazine catches up with BU alumni Dan Foley who, after graduating, started a job as a Junior Producer at The Film Farmers. Dan tells us about his job and his tips to follow in his footsteps.


ince graduating from Bournemouth University I’ve started working at The Film Farmers as a Junior Producer. I manage a number of clients, oversee productions, making sure they’re kept to budget, delivered on time and that all people involved in the process are all smiling! The Film Farmers is a film company that specialises in branded content, it’s already taken me around the world and presented me with countless opportunities and challenges. I’ve already worked across a range projects and had the chance to produce several from the ground up myself. These have spanned from kickstarters for up and coming companies, to creating video content for bigger names like Michael Kors and Facebook. 49 |

Written by Dan Foley

As much as I enjoy juggling and organising shoots from office, I love to get out on location, meet the clients and make sure everything is running smoothly. My course at Bournemouth, BA Television Production, was tailored to what I wanted to specialise in which in turn helped me get the job. I focussed on production management in my final two years and in turn adopted it, and the indescribable urge to work within the industry, to get where I am. The course itself is very hands on and taught me everything I needed, not only from a technical standpoint, but it also prepared me socially for the wider world of negotiating, pitching and, most importantly, schmoozing.

To make it into what is quite a competitive industry was not something I would call easy. In addition to my course at Bournemouth University, I undertook multiple placements at companies such as ITV, Comedy Central and Baby Cow Productions to name a few. If there’s one piece of advice I can give to you, it would be to make the most of the time you have now. Knock on people’s doors, be noticed, get experience, make those important connections and most of all, don’t be a d*ck. The main thing I’ve learnt and still practice is that it’s about who you know and how far you will push yourself to make these connections. Best of luck in your studies and in your future careers as filmmakers. N

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My Summer My Summer

Nerve Magazine caught up with BU student Ellie Moore to hear about her experience at her placement with Sky News.

Placement Experience Placement Experience

Written by Ellie Moore Designed by Katerina O’Shaughnessy

A week in the Sky News newsroom means every day is different. In July I was fortunate to spend a week at Sky Studios in Osterley, working alongside some of the most talented producers, editors and presenters in the news business. Once I’d overcome the initial shock of a 4:30am start and the two trains it took to get me there for the day-shift, it wasn’t long before I felt part of the team. For such a huge organisation, Sky is no stranger to accommodating work experience and everyone I met, no matter how busy, made a point of introducing themselves, getting to know me a little and talking me through the role they play. From daytime to the late team, from planning to the gallery, I felt very fortunate

to get a glimpse into the inner workings of a UK news giant. On Wednesday, I spent the day at their studio at Millbank in Westminster. It was during the Conservative Leadership contest and tempers were running high across the political spectrum. I was sent with a reporter to the Conservative Campaign Head Quarters where demonstrators from ‘Our Future Our Choice’ dressed as Boris Johnson, left 2,000 rubber ducks to urge Mr Johnson to stop ‘ducking’ questions about Brexit. Not an everyday occurrence, obviously! The social media team gave me full creative control over an article to be added to their Snapchat channel, and I chose to write about Cyber Flashing.

My research into the issue then informed my idea for my final year project and I got to see my work posted on a platform with a reach of hundreds of thousands. Something so encouraging about the newsroom was the age range of those working in it. I met both industry veterans and graduates during the week and it showed me there’s a place for everyone, and it’s somewhere that employees want to stay. The skills and tips I picked up during those 5 days alone gave me heaps more confidence to tackle whatever my final year of Multimedia Journalism might throw at me. For information on work experience or early careers at Sky, visit: earlycareers N 52


A little career chat...

Securing Summer 2020 Work Experience Now!


Written by Vianna Renaud Designed by Kayla Annakie


elcome to the new year and with that, one must get an action plan going for this summer, particularly for all of you first year students who are thinking about undertaking a placement experience next year. If you are a second year student unsure about deciding between the short or long sandwich placement, you need to have a serious think to plan your best way forward ASAP. As a BU student you are lucky that there are so many resources available to students, however the responsibility still falls on you to take advantage of them. With upcoming course deadlines coming up too, life is bound to get more complicated so save yourself some grief by just putting aside a few minutes each day so that you can stay on top of everything. So, to help you do it right, here are a few tips. 1. Get on your LinkedIn. In the past, students have been

53 |

known to receive offers of paid sandwich placements by posting that they were looking on LinkedIn. If you have worked hard at expanding your network, this could very well work for you. Not to mention some companies will only post positions on LinkedIn so definitely use the search engine for possible internships and positions. 2. Make MyCareerHub your new best friend. Everyday there are new opportunities being posted so do check it. 3. Book in with your Faculty Placement Coordinator to have your CV and cover letter checked. So many students think everything is fine until it’s too late. Don’t let it be you. 4. Stop by the Edge and speak to Employability and Careers staff. Once again, sometimes it is best to gain advice from the experts so take any uncertainties out of the




equation and just stop by the Edge. Talk to your network and spread the word that you are actively looking for opportunities. There is no shame in asking your family and family friends for any possible leads. Get the word out there as, remember, you would rather have more options than fewer. And timing is absolutely critical. Check on a regular basis. More and more students are finding placements this way so do use this as a key resource. Find out more about your potential placement companies on Rate My Placement. This is always a great resource to see what other students thought of their placement company, and how their experience was, so have a look for reference. Any information that you can use to best support you in making the decision of taking a placement or not is important. Don’t forget that you can go for a real job. Just because ‘Placement’ isn’t in the title doesn’t mean it won’t work. Lots of students take up roles as ‘Assistants’ which could work well for your particular course and placement requirements. N


55 |