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s the season of festivity approaches and the allure of university freedom grows ever greater, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of one of your great democratic rights – voting. Groundhog Day, Judgement Day, a waste of a day - all names I’ve heard to describe the General Election rapidly approaching on December 12th. Although we’ve become somewhat habituated to the call to the polls since 2016, this one is very different. NERVE Magazine does not take a political stance and nor will this Editor’s Note, but we believe we have the opportunity and responsibility to encourage the wider student population, who we adore, to exercise their right to vote in the upcoming General Election. Exercise your right to vote. Register today at register-to-vote and let your voice be heard.


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hristmas is the biggest, most extravagant holiday in the western calendar; the season revolves around joy, kindness, generosity, hope, peace and all that other goodness that makes it the most magical time of the year. While some may argue that the winter holiday simply brings out the best humanity has to offer but what is religion’s place during Christmas in the 21st century? Research carried out by YouGov found that 91% of Brits celebrate Christmas annually but only 22% attribute the importance of the holiday to the birth of Christ. So with this in mind, many people are taking the ‘Christ’ out of

3 |

Christmas. The secular nature of the season seems to be statistically confirmed. Irrespective of religious inclinations, some of the best Christmas traditions from Christian heritage are not ignored. Advent is meant to be a period of waiting and preparation for the nativity of Jesus but instead is used to eat chocolate or receive a gift for 24 days. Many of the most popular Christmas songs have biblical references and who can forget the classic Nativity production many schools put on at the end of term. Nowadays the essentials of many people’s festivities include new pyjamas to wake up in on Christmas morning, the never-ending coverage of The Muppets on television,

What is the the Secula Written by Emily Dudley

91% of Brits celeb but only 22% acknowl of the birth testing how much food and booze you can consume as a family during the festive season and most importantly, very special sitcom episodes (Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special – we are ready for you). Although some of these examples are uniquely specific, there are many secular elements to modern popular Christmas that are universally practiced and loved.


Reason for ar Season? Designed by David Williams

brate Christmas ledge the importance h of Christ Santa Claus epitomises a secular judge of morality; there are no checks of church attendance or commitment to prayer, just simply whether you’ve been naughty or nice will dictate your gift eligibility. That being said, as the holiday becomes more secular with the majority of the population celebrating, the commercial aspect of the festive season grows tenfold. As one of the

major Christmas controversies, consumerism is often said to be eating into the spirit of the season and overshadowing its meaning in favour of commercial gain. Does this mean secularising Christmas is cheapening the experience for Christians? The more devout may feel that celebrating the midwinter festival without honouring its religious origins is sacrilegeadjacent, however no one is discouraging the religious quality of Christmas on an individual level. In fact, every year churches see huge spikes in attendance in the lead up to the big day which can only benefit their institutions. By secularising Christmas in terms of how we approach the occasion as a nation in public

spaces, we aren’t restricting the occasion to one group of people but opening it to everyone – an important inclusion in the diverse multicultural society we live in. Despite the tensions and valid arguments for either side of the debate, surely it can be agreed that Christmas is about the unity of people. Whether that means your friends and family or a nameless passer-by, Christmas brings a season where typically grumpy Brits give out warmth and kindness. It’s a time for faith but not necessarily in a god, but rather in people at a time when there’s an abundance of charity, generosity and compassion for one another. In that sense, Christmas is not a dying holiday but an evolving one. N



xtinction Rebellion protests have been cropping up across the country more and more frequently since the start of this year, disrupting workplaces, roads and public transport links. Whilst it’s got everyone talking about their antics, is this really the best way to be combating climate change? We have all seen what happens when protesters go too far, with footage of the London riots still fresh in a lot of people’s memories. So, you could argue that XR’s plight to keep in good stead with the police is a sensible choice. However, they are ignoring the fact that in saying to their members:

5 |


Written by Beth Dean

Get arrested! Don’t resist!

Thank the police for their hard work! They are just doing their jobs!” They are ignoring the fact that getting in trouble with the police isn’t a fun novelty thing for a lot of people – most notably working class and BAME people. Getting arrested and spending the night in jail could very well be alright for a white man who has bail money, but statistically, will be significantly less safe for a black person from a less affluent background.

In this ‘peace with police’ form of activism, XR are alienating a lot of people from their group – most notably recently with a white member sending flowers to Brixton police station, thanking them for their ‘decency and professionalism’, when this was the location of a the untimely death of a mentally-ill black man, Sean Rigg, whilst in their care just 10 years ago. Considering they are a group trying to ‘save the world’, they need to set a precedent that everyone matters from the start, and that their message is not in fact just: ‘save ourselves.’ The XR protests also seem to be often affecting the wrong people. At a recent one held at a tube station in Canning Town, the protesters stopped people get to their jobs, on a train – something that XR should surely be promoting, as public transport is much better for the

Designed by Jack Furness environment than driving. As well as that, Canning Town is a relatively working class area of London, and the likelihood is they just stopped regular people from getting to work – resulting in yet more alienation, and a violent brawl that required police intervention. XR evidently have good intentions, with false information going around online preventing them being taken seriously – such as photographs from their April protests that appeared to show piles of litter left at a location where they supposedly set up camp, which turned out to be from the 4/20 gathering at Hyde Park on the same day. Undeniably, they are doing something about a huge issue that seems ignored by the people in power, and trying to make them listen. For this they should be commended; it’s very easy for


Should Instagram hide likes?


et’s get down to the reason Instagram are hiding likes - people are obsessed with the acceptance of others, and Mark Zuckerberg wants to change that; but at what cost?

Social media influencers would potentially lose out on many collaborations, or lose their jobs all together. People’s livelihoods are on the line, and in this day and age this almost seems like a barbaric thing to do just to put everyone on an equal playing field. Some social media influencers have worked a hard graft just to get their likes, and all for nothing if this idea gets the green light. Seeing the number of likes you receive on a photo gives you that buzz of confidence - yes, I do look good in that photo, and yes, I do feel good about the amount of likes I’m getting! For a completely self-indulgent reason, people want to know how many likes they get - and

7 |

they want others to know too. Why is that a problem? Instagram will lose a massive amount of their audience by

Seeing the

number of likes

on your photo gives you a


hiding the likes, as many will just leave the app all together and go somewhere else. New

profile picture on Twitter? Yes please, give that a heart, at least they aren’t hiding my likes! Focusing on a less narcissistic reason, the amount of likes on a post brings mass attention to it yes, most of these are of famous people posing away, but some bring attention to charitable and worth while causes. You’re telling me charities don’t deserve mass amounts of likes? What if they depend on those likes to spread their message? Now you’re a terrible person. And don’t tell me you didn’t find it highly satisfying when you helped the world’s most liked egg on instagram (with a whopping 53 million likes) beat Kylie Jenner for the most liked Instagram post.



% of people say that social media has impacted their self-esteem in a negative way and 80% report it is easier to be deceived by content others share on social media.

With this in mind and with visibility of the issue of mental health significantly increasing, it could be argued that it is the best move for Instagram to hide the number of likes people receive on their posts. The purpose of social media should be to share content and for people to view that content as a form of escapism and to see what their friends and family who they perhaps don’t see a lot are up to. Instead, people are posting their content at ‘peak times’, taking hundreds of pictures before choosing the best one for ‘the gram’ and then adding loads of filters to it to the point they don’t look like themselves, all so they can get as many likes

and followers as their friends. Social Media has turned into a mind game and the focus is

The world of

Social Media has gone

mad not on the content they post, instead dictated by the number

of people who have tapped the heart next to their picture. It has even got to the point where people are spending their hard-earned money on buying likes just so they can keep up and it makes them feel like their content is worthy. Some people have even got into debt over trying to become ‘Instagram famous’ due to the recent opportunities that are available which allow people to have careers as a social media influencer which provides many great opportunities in this day and age. The world of Social Media has gone mad and Instagram would be very wise to hide the number of likes on each post before things get worse.

Written by Georgina Barnes (No) & Chloe Randall (Yes) Designed by Kayla Annakie & David Williams


Boujee on a budget I

Written by Shannon McDavitt

Designed by David Williams

t is important to get into the Christmas spirit and what better way to start the festivities than an advent calendar to countdown to Christmas? It’s a little gift every day. We are not talking your average chocolate calendars - these are beauty and fashion calendars.


To start us off, we have the £50 Revolution Vegan Advent Calendar. This may sound a lot to students but if you know make up, you’ll know it is worth much more. This 25-day calendar will keep you going until Christmas itself with an on-the-go mirror, highlighters and more, so it’s definitely worth the splurge to get into the Christmas spirit.




The Bristle & Smith 12-day Advent Calendar, available at Superdrug, is just £18. So although you only get yourself 12 little gifts before Christmas, you’re paying just £1.50 per gift, so you can treat yourself or even a friend. 9 |

If you are not a make up fan it is okay, we have an alternative calendar here for those jewellery lovers for just £19.50 from Marks and Spencers. This includes a range of gold and silver jewellery, so there is something for everyone. Although this too is a 12-day calendar, you cannot complain for that price.

The Lynx Advent Calendar is slightly more expensive but still affordable at £25. The Lynx Advent Calendar is a perfect student gift as it has all the necessary products including shower gel, body wash, hair wax and more.

fashion and lifestyle


Going back to a slightly pricier calendar, the Cath Kidston Christmas Village Advent Calendar is 25 days of full-size treats. It’s available from the Cath Kidston website for £40, which might seem like a bit of a splurge, especially as a student on a budget, but with each door revealing a full sized product it is more than worth it.


This one is perfect for anyone who loves being pampered - The Body Shop have their own Dream Big This Christmas Beauty Advent Calendar for £45 but the over the 24 days it offers a range of products and scents that total £81.


For the Harry Potter fans out there, Boots have themed 24-day calendar for just £35. It includes products from colour-changing lipsticks bath bombs and hand creams, all inspired by the world of Harry Potter.

a t o


The £26 Superdrug Studio Advent Calendar has all your make up needs covered. The 24-day calendar includes all you need for a full face of Christmas-inspired makeup - not forgetting a make up brush and beauty blender! N 10



Written by Tyiesha Falcon


he season to be jolly is here but how jolly can you really be when your student lifestyle has cursed you with a very small spending budget? So, Christmas… the festive time of year has finally arrived. As a student, knowing Christmas is looming can really dampen your spirits as it will undoubtedly leave a dent in your bank account, especially as the first student loan instalment is disappearing. Struggling for Christmas present ideas for your family and friends is completely normal for any student religiously sticking to their budget but fear not, we might just have the solution for you! Here are some thoughtful, original and homemade present ideas that will make sure you aren’t left with the bank balance of your nightmares!

11 |

Designed by David Williams

Mary Berry it! Baking is a savvy alternative for presents and what better way to reach someone’s heart through their love of food? Baking ingredients can be bought cheap, which will help you stick to a student budget. So, why not use your student cooking ‘skills’ and attempt to make some homemade biscuits? Put your creation in a cute bag and tie colourful ribbon around it. Homemade biscuits are bound to be a successful present; they are full of chocolate and sugar, what more could you want? To make it festive, I used white chocolate stars and silver balls but you can use anything you want! Edible glitter, icing, sprinkles… whatever takes your fancy.

fashion and lifestyle

REMINISCE it! Why not gift a collection of special memories to your favourite people? There are many ways to present your best memories: photo frames, memory jars, scrapbooks etc. This idea will unquestionably show the people closest to you how much you appreciate them and will give you a funny few hours of reminiscing. This is another affordable present which will be kind to your bank account! A scrapbook is a great way to show your loved ones that you cherish your time with them and is a creative way to store those mementos. 1. Choose your topic 2. Choose the album size 3. Choose your photos 4. Gather design materials 5. Choose your layout and get going!

DECORATE it! At this time of year, everyone wants to make their homes as festive as possible, but your bank account balance is at its lowest in the run up to Christmas. So, why not get creative and gift some homemade Christmas decorations to your friends and family? Why not make gingerbread cookies and turn them into Christmas ornaments which will last for years with a few coats of varnish? Or you can glue ice lolly sticks together into shapes such as stars that will look great anywhere in the house. These are quick and easy ideas that will not drain your bank account but will leave a smile on your friends’ and family’s faces.

And there you have it! Time to start your homemade creations; you don’t want to be pulling an all-nighter on Christmas Eve! N


fashion and lifestyle

Outerwear Pieces and Stocking Fillers If you need some ideas for what to get your loved ones for Christmas, or just want to stay cosy over the colder months, here’s a round-up of five great outerwear pieces and accessories to watch out for.

Carhatt Payton Hip Bag

Palace P-Dura Shell Top

For me, Carhartt have always been a staple in streetwear, with a wide range of essential and affordable pieces without compromising on quality, especially with bags. The Payton Hip Bag comes in a variety of colourways, with quality embroidery and zip compartments for everything you can’t hold in your pockets.

If you’re looking to flaunt your swag to your friends and coursemates alike, then Palace is the brand for you! Palace Skateboards are transitioning into their new Autumn and Winter season, bringing a new shell top. This jacket is best for layering over hoodies and sweatshirts in cold and stormy weather.

Stüssy Fall 2019 Basic Cuff Beanie

Nike Sherpa Fleece Gilet

Uniqlo x JW Anderson Large Stole

Stüssy are also a mainstay in streetwear culture across the globe, elevating things across the board and always staying true to themselves. This cuff beanie comes in a ribbed knit and turned up brim, this is the perfect simply styled piece to stay cosy this Christmas!

Sherpa Fleeces have become one of the biggest trends among streetwear and fashion brands over the last three to four years, and Nike have taken notice of this. This fleece gilet is the ideal jacket for layering. Coming in four colours, Nike have added a winterized spin to a classic piece.

Uniqlo have tapped British high fashion label JW Anderson for an outstanding Autumn and Winter collection this year. This large patterned scarf is a quintessential piece for blocking out the cold, offering warmth and functionality with its innovative design. Recommended. N

Written by Dani Oyeyinka Designed by David Williams

13 |


Reviewed Written by Abbie Bradford

Designed by David Williams


f you’re sat there wondering why you’ve not recovered from freshers’ flu yet, constantly feeling tired and struggling to concentrate, this month’s review might be exactly what you need. Most of us know that we should be drinking more water, much more in fact! The NHS guidelines say that we should drink about two litres of water a day and I think it’s safe to say that most of us aren’t reaching anywhere near that amount. Drinking the recommended amount of water every day can have a range of benefits including helping keep your skin healthy, maintaining kidney health (after your first couple of months at uni this is very important!) and also if the pot noodle and baked beans on toast diet isn’t doing great things for your figure, drinking plenty of water helps you to lose weight too! 15 |

The Packaging

Waterdrop is a revolutionary new company re-shaping the way we think about water. Drinking water can get boring (especially when we’re supposed to drink so much of it every day) and flavourings from squashes and cordials can be full of hidden sugars. Waterdrop invented a product that not only flavours water, but also is a great source of vitamins! But does it really work? I tried it for 2 weeks to find out!

So, the first talking point is the packaging - I’m a big fan. The products aren’t necessarily student budget-friendly, but the look and feel of the packaging makes it feel like a real luxury purchase. The ‘cubes’ themselves come in really handy boxes that you can just pop in your bag, and the bottle came in a really nice container and included an insulating sleeve. The bottle itself is made of glass and has a bamboo cap, so for those looking for a plasticfree drinking companion, this could be a great option. Next we have the ‘flavours’. Instead of naming the cubes by what they taste like, they are named by what they can do for you; Focus, Boost, Relax and Defence. I tried the Focus cube first, which has a lime, baobab and acerola flavouring and contains vitamin C, Thiamine

fashion and lifestyle

and Pantothenic Acid. I was sceptical about the flavour but was very pleasantly surprised as it was subtle but very refreshing and left no aftertaste at all. Similarly, all of the flavours I tried were unexpectedly enjoyable in their own ways!

Final Verdict

Does It Work? The purpose of this product is to get you to drink more water, so did I? During the first few days, I was excited to try all the different flavours so I was gulping down water like there was no tomorrow to try a new one, but this is something I thought would wear off after the initial excitement had passed. Instead what I found is that I was using the water to support whatever

activity I was doing. For example, I’d try a Focus cube if I was doing some work, a Boost cube pre-gym and a Relax cube in the evenings when I was winding down. Just those three bottles incorporated into my day meant that I was drinking nearly bang on the recommended amount!

A 12-pack of cubes retail at £6.99, which may sound a bit pricey, but for the sake of getting you to drink more water, the benefit really does outweigh the cost. I happened to have a cold while I was reviewing the drinks, but turning to the Defence cubes I felt like I was getting some valuable (and much-needed) vitamins, whist also reminding myself to drink! N

Give It A Go! Use our exclusive discount code NERVE5 to get £5 off orders over £20 at until 31st December. 16


Written by Olivia Khyat Designed by Jack Furness

ho would’ve thought that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world? The fashion and textile world make up one of the largest polluters and is ranked fourth in terms of the negative environmental impact that it has. Something as simple as the clothes we wear every day is having a staggeringly destructive effect on the planet we live on.

We should all be aware of the plastic crisis that is polluting our oceans. 17 |

We should all be aware of the plastic crisis that is polluting our oceans, but what you may be surprised about is how our clothes are contributing to this disaster. Nylon, acrylic, polyester and polyamide are all forms of plastic found in our clothing. Over 60% of materials in our garments are made up of these and synthetic fibres. Every time we wash our clothes, they shed millions of tiny plastic microfibres, with threads so small they end up draining out our washing machines, through water treatment plants and into the sea.

fashion and lifestyle

Not only is this adding to the plastic problem in our oceans, but these small fibres contribute to the environment in another subtle yet pervasive way, adding to the pollution that’s accumulating in the food chain. They are ingested by all sorts of small marine wildlife. A recent study found around 73% of fish caught at mid ocean depths in the north-west Atlantic had microplastics in their stomachs – let’s face it, no-one wants to be eating their clothes.

Let’s face it, no one wants to be eating their clothes. Fast fashion disregards production of high quality and durable clothing in favour of using cheap materials that can be easily mass produced. A lot of the time, when we get bored of these clothes, we end up throwing them away. The biggest problem with this is that it leads to enormous quantities of clothing ending up being burned in incinerators or taken to landfill where they release methane.

What can I do to reduce the amount of pollution that clothing creates? 1. Ask around and see if any of your friends or family are interested in taking clothes you no longer want. If not, bringing unwanted clothes to charity shops should be your next option.

2. As easy as it is to take clothes to charity shops, buying from them is an

even better solution. Not only are you giving money back to the charity, you’re also helping the environment as buying clothes second hand is a more sustainable option than buying clothes new.

3. Kilo sales and sites like Depop and eBay are another

great way to obtain clothes in a renewable fashion. Often you can even find vintage gems that not only look stylish but cost a fraction of the price they would normally retail at.

4. Plastic free clothing is another way to help reduce the

impact the fashion industry has on the environment. Brands like Loomstate, Plant Faced and Miakoda offer vegan, plastic free alternatives that are made from materials that are either 100% organic cotton or plant based.

Clothing gives us all a sense of identity, but why should we let it destroy our planet? We live on this earth as if we have another one to go to - but we don’t. It’s not hard to swap out small lifestyle choices in order to make a difference. Truthfully, we should all be conscious of the demon that’s living in our wardrobes. N 18

19 |

fashion and lifestyle

Taken by Rachele Piras in Italy.


Women Face Discrimination in Top Theatre Roles Written by Chloe Randall

Designed by David Williams

Amongst the various headlines around the gender gap, there is one industry that is rarely talked about. Chloe Randall goes behind the curtain into a world of unconscious bias.

21 |



trip to the theatre is a common pastime in British culture. Whether it be an old classic musical like Oliver, something a bit different like Kinky Boots or a favourite play like Romeo and Juliet, it is an industry that has been dominant in our lives for as long as we can remember. The traditions of the theatre have lived on through the years but to some degree have evolved with culture, such as the introduction of rap to musical theatre with the awardwinning Hamilton. However, theatre has not moved with society - the idea of men having the higher roles such as director and musical director in the theatre still lives on in this day and age. Out of the current top 30 musicals in London, only 13% (4 out of 30) had female directors - a shocking statistic. Liz Holmes, the general manager of the directors’ union, SDUK, said: “We know from our own membership that there isn’t an overall majority of male directors in the UK. In fact, we have more female than male director members. However, there are

fewer female directors being employed in UK theatres. “The status quo is very hard to shift. Unconscious bias makes directors and programmers choose other directors and programmers that are similar to them.” As part of new regulations which came into force on 6th April 2017, all companies with more than 250 employees were forced to reveal their gender pay gap by April 2018. These figures revealed that three quarters of the biggest performing arts companies pay men more than women. The biggest pay gap in favour of men was 54% at The Academy of Contemporary Music in Surrey. Men were significantly favoured at companies like BBC Worldwide, Walt Disney Company, Delfont Mackintosh Theatres and the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. Sophie Fullerlove, the artistic director of The Spring Performing Arts Centre in Havant, said: “The usual excuses given are to do with women leaving the industry or taking career breaks to have children. I have a little boy and working in the industry with

a child can be challenging as the majority of our work and performances take place during what would be traditionally thought of as family time. From my experience, women are more often found in smallscale organisations.” The PIPA (Parents in Performing Arts) campaign has called for change across the industry. They work to reduce the unconscious bias around women working in directorial positions in theatre. SDUK are also tackling diversity in the industry in terms of gender, class, disability and culture. They also have a majority board of female directors and have had events with panels of females only to discuss women in theatre. In the Summer 2018 season, all Royal Shakespeare Company plays were directed by women. An all-female band performed alongside the cast of Heathers last summer at The Other Palace and the creative team of West End’s ‘Waitress’ are currently all female. With various campaigns and regulations coming into play, girl power will increase when it comes to having directorial roles in the theatre. N



Written by Tyiesha Falcon

Designed by Jack Furness

hen we hear about the meat industry, the horrors of the effects it has on the planet don’t usually come to mind as for many of us, growing up eating meat has been our norm. Our first thought isn’t the pollution, the waste, the amount of land needed for farming and predominantly the lives of billions of animals.

The meat industry is one of the major global economic sectors, with a value of $945bn in 2018. In 2016, the world’s meat production was estimated at 317 million metric tons, which is predicted to have since increased significantly. This suggests the meat industry is responsible for some serious environmental impacts. More than 50 billion farm animals are raised and slaughtered for food around the world. As well as leading to serious pollution, concerns have been raised for human health, including the spread of

23 |

More than

50 billion farm animals are raised and slaughtered bacterial infections which can be transferred to humans. Dr Phillipa Gillingham from Bournemouth University states that “the meat industry has a high carbon footprint” due to levels of greenhouse gas emissions. According to

the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 15% originate from agriculture, with “livestock farming being around 50% of the initial agricultural emissions”. Livestock farming’s emission of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide from transport and methane from cows (a gas 30 times as potent as carbon dioxide) produces more than all transport put together. Shamefully, this means that the meat industry is responsible for producing more greenhouse gases than most industries and some entire countries.

features Producing one kilogram of beef requires 25 kilograms of grain and 15,000 litres of water to feed the animal. The Food and Agricultural Organisation calculated how much meat a person can eat without having such an impact on the planet. The answer was approximately 80g of meat per day.

surface is currently used for livestock farming. Since 1970, more than 90% of the Amazon Rainforest’s land has been cleared for livestock farming. The Amazon Rainforest is home to some of the most important ecosystems in the world, being responsible for generating 6% of all

turkey for their festive meal. At Christmas time, the UK will consume 10 million turkeys. Dr Gillingham told us “one way to make the meat industry less environmentally-damaging is to make sure you use all of it, don’t just cut off the breast and throw the rest away.” Food waste is a huge




Dr Gillingham added, “an average British person eats double that amount, and the average American eats triple that on a daily basis”. The scale of the problem can also be measured in land use: around 30% of the Earth’s land

oxygen produced by Earth’s photosynthetic organisms. The time has come when we can start to think about what meat we’d like to eat on Christmas Day… Chicken? Beef? Turkey? 76% of families in the UK will serve a roast

environmental impact. In Britain, a third of all food produced is thrown away. So, anything to reduce food waste is going to be a helpful impact as less land, fertiliser, water and energy would be needed for food production. N 24

As we prepare to drive home for Christmas, roast those chestnuts on the open fire and (hopefully) let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, it is important to be aware of some of the issues and problems that can occur over the festive period. Written by Josh Burgess The Christmas period is a busy time; filled with joy and happiness, on most occasions. Sometimes, people have eventful Christmases but unfortunately for the wrong reasons. With advice from Public Health Dorset, we are here to guide you on how to stay safe this Christmas. The festive period is the busiest time of the year for shopping. When it comes to the high street, you must be wary of pickpockets and thieves. Make sure that you keep your purse, bag or wallet on your 25 |

Designed by David Williams

person and not in your back pocket when out on the high street, and keep your purchases with you at all times - you never know who’s eyeing up your bags around the corner. Of course, what is Christmas without having a couple of drinks and rocking around the Christmas tree? Whether in a pub or a club, make sure you stick with your friends, keep to your plans, have travel arranged and are careful of what you drink. Public Health Dorset have reinforced that “overdoing it

could become a problem for your physical and mental health so make sure that you know your limits”. They suggest that “alternating alcoholic drinks with water or soft drinks” or “making one night a drinkfree party” will really make a difference to your health. Staying up until the early hours when you’re out, and waiting for Father Christmas to come can take its toll on your body. This is why Public Health Dorset urge you to “make sure that you get plenty of sleep because rest is really

features important” and to “be active”. One of the key issues and recurring problems at Christmas is fire. While it might sound like common sense, you should not use candles or tea lights on a real Christmas tree. And when decorating your tree with fairy lights, do not overload extension strips with Christmas decorations - and turn them off when you are out or are going to bed. They are a major hazard and can catch on alight if left on too long. Most importantly, do not keep a fireplace lit overnight. Not only is this extremely dangerous but it also means that Father Christmas will have some trouble trying to get down the chimney to deliver your almighty presents. Overall, Christmas is about family. It is about spending time with the ones that you love. Public Health Dorset have emphasised how pivotal it is to “connect with people around you”. They have stated that “it’s a great time to catch up with family so try and fit in a few good chats around all of the festivities to find out how everyone is”. If you have an urgent medical problem over the Christmas holiday, call the NHS on 111. They will let you know what you can do. Alternatively, if Christmas is a difficult time for you, you can call the Samaritans who are open 24 hours a day on 116 123. Happy Christmas from Nerve Magazine! We wish you a happy and safe break! N 26


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Written by Tara Proudfoot 27 |



ter: @BombayBicycle

Designed by Jack Furness 28


ombay Bicycle Club are back with their fifth album Everything Else Has Gone Wrong. Nerve Magazine spoke to the band about what’s coming up. After a five-year ‘hiatus,’ Bombay Bicycle Club have hit the ground running with the announcement of their new album and 2020 UK tour. The London four-piece’s return has been long-awaited. In the meantime, they’ve been incredibly busy working on various projects of their own. We caught up with guitarist Jamie MacColl. “When we parted ways in 2015, we all had different things that we wanted to explore.”

29 |

“When we parted ways, we all had different things we wanted to explore.” ‘Different’ is an accurate way of describing some of the things the band members have been up to. Frontman Jack Steadman became Mr Jukes and released a jazz-inspired solo album; bassist Ed Nash started the band Toothless and also released a solo album, which Suren de Saram played drums on. Alongside this, Bombay Bicycle Club’s drummer played for big names like Billie Marten and Jessie Ware. Meanwhile, Jamie,

the only member not making music, was also busy: “I went to King’s College London to do a BA in War Studies, and then to Cambridge to do my MPhil in International Relations. I also made a documentary for the BBC about protest music and worked as a researcher for a private cyber threat intelligence company.” The band first formed in 2005 and after splitting in 2015, they had no intention of making music

entertainment together again. “I think we called it a hiatus because there was a very small chance we were going to get back together and we wanted to leave that glimmer of hope there for ourselves as much as anyone else,” says Jamie. The reunion came about because “we believed that we could make great music that was relevant to the state of music today... When we first played together last year it was like nothing had changed, which is a cliché but I can’t think of any other way to describe it. “It definitely felt more exciting to play new songs than old ones though.” Bombay Bicycle

Club are delighted to share their new single Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You), their first new music since 2014. It’s a song heavy in both melody and rhythm, and acts as a tantalising re-introduction to the band’s world and a taster of what’s yet to come. Making a comeback after a five-year break is a challenge for anyone in the music industry, How does their sound compare to their first album, released a decade ago? “The main difference is less in the sound than in the song writing and lyricism. There’s a lot more restraint than on the last album: we’re not trying to eke out every possible big moment or add lots of layers to every track.”

Having the craft and ability to move away from an old style and adopt a new one is something that their new album hopes to achieve: “In some ways, that’s a brave thing to do, because you’re committing yourself to not aiming to make commercial music. So Long, See You Tomorrow was a consciously pop record in a way that Everything Else Has Gone Wrong isn’t. At the same time, I think the directness of the vocalss and lyrics on this album make it more accessible.” Bombay Bicycle Club will be playing the O2 Academy Bournemouth on 21st January as part of their 15-date UK tour. N


CAMILA CABELLO - ROMANCE REVIEW BY ANOOP BHULLER Camila Cabello released double singles Shameless and Liar from her new album titled Romance. The single Liar has proven a hit, currently maintaining 5 weeks in the Official UK Top 40 Singles Chart. The CubanAmerican singer later released Cry For Me; a heartbreakinglyhonest discussion of jealousy when an ex-partner moves on faster than expected. Camila claimed that Cry For Me is

now one of her favourite songs from the album after originally writing a similar song at the age of 16. The fourth song Easy is extremely heart-warming and proved especially touching to fans with lyrics such as “Always thought I was hard to love.” All the songs from the album so far reflect Camila Cabello’s naturally distinct and smooth music style that made her a pop icon.

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Southampton singer-songwriter Sean McGowan has released his new single Heartbreaker. “I wanted to write a song people could relate to about lust and romance that was focused more on the psychological effects as opposed to the physical.” Written about the complex and often paradoxical array of emotions we experience at the beginning of a

new relationship, Heartbreaker explores those conflicting feelings of wild excitement and guarded anxiety that often precede letting-go to fall in love. Expect not a dry eye in the house when Sean airs Heartbreaker along with other tracks from his upcoming EP at a string of headline UK dates this Autumn/Winter.


MIKA - MY NAME IS MICHAEL HOLBROOK REVIEW BY MAÏTÉ STIGLIANI ‘My Name is Michael Holbrook’, MIKA’s fifth album, came out in early October to make our summer continue a little bit longer. This mix of fresh pop, gentle melodies and beautiful lyrics will feel like a soft ray of sunshine to you, stopping the rain from falling as you listen to these 13 songs. While the pop singles ‘Ice Cream’ and ‘Sanremo’ will

make you feel like driving an open car through the Mediterranean coast, you will share MIKA’s mixed feelings in a beautiful way with ‘Paloma’ or ‘Tiny Love’. An autobiographical album you’ll never stop listening to!

THE ADDAMS FAMILY REVIEW BY JESSICA GRANO DE ORO The Addams are a family like no other. Odd and unsettling, they don’t care if others find them frightening. The film, a remake of the cartoons by Charles Addams, follows a monster family moving to New Jersey and trying to blend in with the humans. The family’s macabre humour, and the multitude

of misunderstandings they get into, make it impossible not to crack up at everything they do. Additionally, the film’s heart-warming theme reminds viewers to embrace their quirks and always be true to themselves. Spooky and funny, perfect to kick-start your Halloween!

THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW REVIEW BY ELISE JONES I was lucky enough to bag a ticket to one of the best nights in Bournemouth; the touring cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I’d never thought I’d be asked if I was a virgin again, but indeed I was. The show was frankentastic, with the cast energetically making their way through classics such as Sweet Transvestite and Touch-A

Touch-A Touch Me. Stephen Webb was the perfect Frank N. v, taking Brad and Janet through their paces. All I can say is let’s do the time warp again! N




Written by James Charalambides

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ou wouldn’t expect to see a band like Larkins at The Anvil. Their hookheavy Indie rock wasn’t exactly on brand for the Bournemouth metal bar but regardless of the venue, dozens of fans showed up, and all of them were loving it.

I met singer Josh Noble and bassist Henry Beach before their Anvil show, only a few nights into their 32date tour. After selling out a 2000-capacity gig at the Albert Hall in Manchester, the band seemed energetic, and keen to keep moving. It seems like there’s been a rise in recent years of alternative music people can actually dance to. Have you noticed a difference? Josh: “Definitely, the crowds are different between now and three years ago. I think you got a lot more people studying our music back then, and now I think people just want more of a release, they just want to get out of the house and go nuts.” The crowd certainly did. For a young band currently working off singles their following is impressive. There wasn’t anyone in the audience who didn’t know every word. It was also great watching an indie band with a clean studio sound bring it heavier 33 |

to the stage. Nobody was doing one thing; all four of the guys, including co-founder Dom Want and drummer Joe Gaskell, seemed to have an arsenal of hidden synths and drum pads at their disposal. The crowd got a lot more than clean radio rock. Coming from Manchester yourselves, do you have favourite band from the city? Josh: “It’s funny, a lot of people say The 1975 but they’re from Wilmslow. I’d want to say

the Smiths, but Morrisey’s an asshole.” Henry: “I was going to say Everything Everything. I think we like the bands that don’t really sound like typical Manchester bands.” Josh: “You know what, I’m going to go with Elbow. I know that’s a bit of a Dad band.” Not Enough Love is definitely a bit more retro than some of your other singles. Were there any particular influences on the track? Josh: “A lot of Duran Duran. And it’s not retro, but every time we get to a bridge at the moment we’re thinking Bon Iver.” What are you guys listening to at the moment? Josh: “Bon Iver - 22, A Million still. Low Island are brilliant.” Joe: “The new Foals album is great.” Henry: “A little bit of Biffy Clyro as well.” The Are We Having Any Fun Yet? Tour ends in Plymouth in December. N


Written by Daniel Harden


his year marks the 63rd annual London Film Festival. The festival showcases some of the best indie films from some of the world’s greatest filmmakers. This year the festival was opened by Armando Iannucci’s comedic Dickens adaptation The Personal History of David Copperfield (no, not the magician), whilst Martin Scorsese’s gangster epic The Irishman drew the festival to an equally epic close. This year I had the privilege of watching Robert Eggers’ sailor horror The Lighthouse, Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson’s psychedelic sci-fi Synchronic, Hyo-jin Kang’s body swap comedy The Dude In Me and Marielle Heller’s Mr Rogers biopic A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood.

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The Lighthouse marks the Headline Gala for the LFF’s Cult strand. The film is the second feature from Robert Eggers, director of The Witch. The Lighthouse tells the story of a lighthouse keeper and his apprentice who are left stranded on an island and clinging to whatever shred of sanity they can find.

Visually akin to classic black and white films of the past, The Lighthouse is a truly original gothic art house horror, with outstanding Oscar-worthy performances from Robert Pattinson and especially from Willem Dafoe, with an unrecognisable and totally transformative portrayal.


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Synchronic Also part of the Cult Gala is Synchronic, a film by Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson (Spring, The Endless). The film tells the story of two paramedics whose lives are changed after they’re called to a number of crime scenes all linked by a new synthetic drug. Moorhead and Benson are as ambitious as ever with Synchronic, a gripping, emotional and existential sci-fi thriller, led by a strong performance from Anthony Mackie. Also I actually got to meet, shake the hands of, and talk to Moorhead and Benson, two filmmakers I love and admire greatly. They are both lovely guys.

The Dude In Me is the headline gala of the LFF’s Laugh Gala. The film is a Korean comedy that tells the story of a ruthless gangster and a cowardly teenager who swap bodies after an accident. The film is packed with so much character-driven story that it feels much longer than its 122-minute runtime, however, rather than being a bad thing; it simply gets the viewer invested in its characters and their situation and ultimately wins you over. Overall, The Dude In Me is a surprisingly subversive body swap comedy that’s cute and endearing. It’s just a solidlymade 4-star film.

Finally, I had the pleasure of watching A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, the LFF’s Patrons Gala performance. The film is not a Fred Rodgers biopic, but instead tells the story of Lloyd Vogel, a cynical journalist with a troubled past, tasked with profiling the legendary children’s TV host. The film rightfully positions Fred Rodgers, brought to life by a perfectly-cast Tom Hanks, as the helper in another person’s story, due to his mission to spread love to children around the world. However, for a film about emotions, it is rather devoid of it, due in large part to its fictional story and surfacelevel presentation. N 36

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Qualifying Round-Up Written by Rob Edwards

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England all but sealed their place in next year’s championships after they dismantled Bulgaria 6-0 in a game which will be remembered for what took place off the field, not on it.


Back to back 1-1 draws for Wales against Slovakia and Croatia mean they are no longer in charge of their own destiny in Group E. Ryan Giggs’ team are now left relying on Slovakia dropping

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland slipped out of the automatic qualification spots after an agonising 3-1 defeat by the Netherlands, who scored twice in injury time. Michael O’Neill’s side end their qualifying campaign


The on-form John McGinn netted a hat-trick for Scotland as they beat San Marino 6-0 at Hampden Park. However, a 4-0 defeat at the hands of Russia three days earlier extinguished Steve

Republic of Ireland

The Republic of Ireland have failed to secure their place in next summer’s Euros thanks to a 2-0 away defeat to Switzerland. This means they almost certainly need to beat Denmark on 19th November to qualify.

Kosovo’s 2-0 win over Montenegro means England waits to confirm qualification which will surely come in their final two qualifiers next month at home to Montenegro and away to Kosovo. points in their remaining two fixtures, while Wales will need to claim six points from their final two games in Azerbaijan and at home to Hungary.

with a home clash against the Dutch before they travel to Germany. If they fail to qualify through the automatic places, they may still have a chance via the playoffs. Clarke’s men’s slender chances of securing qualification. The Scots’ only hope now is their guaranteed play-off place next March thanks to topping their Nations League group in 2018. Belgium, Italy, Russia, Poland, Ukraine and Spain became the first six teams to qualify for the draw next month, leaving 18 places still up for grabs in next summer’s finals, with one round of fixtures left to go in November. N 38

Written by OliverMcManus Designed by David Williams

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Main Image: Poole Pir ates

2019 Season R eview

Neil Middleditch Image: BBC R adio Solent


The Poole Pirates have through the season. had a season littered with The latter part saw some hitperspectives and sliding doors; and-miss riding with heavy to fall just shy of successive losses to Swindon (37-53) and speedway Premiership titles Wolverhampton (35-55) in the will hurt but there’s still plenty third week of August countered to be upbeat about. with convincing wins against The off-season saw a squad King’s Lynn (58-32) and overhaul, with experienced Ipswich (51-39). Englishmen Chris Harris and The league finished with the Richie Worrall departing the Pirates top of the table having club. Kacper Woryna and scored the second most race Fredrik Jakobsen also made points in the league - 1101 way as Nicolas Covatti, Thomas thanks, in spades, to the trio of H. Johnasson, Jack Holder and Australian riders on the books; Ricky Wells joined the Brady Kurtz, Jack Holder squad. and, captain Josh It was smooth Grajczonek. for the Pirates It was at home - as experienced it has been for rider Dane the past couple Nicolai Klindt of seasons that rather stole with ten victories the show despite ensuring a solid doing his work Neil Middleditch foundation. under-the-radar. Home form He finished has been a pivotal factor 40 legs in first place to to the Pirates’ accustomed register 204 race points. success; since 2001 they’ve Play-offs beckoned and the picked up twelve trophies, Ipswich Witches awaited. A including five league titles. team that the Pirates had beaten Even better, the wheels three times in the league were clicked into motion at away no match in the first leg. 50-40 grounds too. Having fallen the Pirates triumphed with six short last year in regular season, ‘5-1’ legs in seven runs having with 10 losses from 12 away fallen 12 points behind. It was fixtures, the team rode with grit remarkable and the away leg to consistently pick up points was equally tense - ten ‘5-1’ on the road this year. legs traded in the first ten heats The first five away fixtures - before the Witches piled on saw a race points tally of 224- the pressure. From 10-down 226, including a win at Wolves to eight in the clear, Ipswich and two pulsating 45-45 draws, capsized the Pirates’ crusade. to register nine league points. Much will change next For the most part that season as the Pirates apply consistency of scoring followed to drop down to the SGB Neil Middleditch’s team Championship. N 40

The Season So Far


Written by JOSH

t’s been a season which many hoped would be a close fight between two titans of Formula 1: Mercedes and Ferrari. However, it was apparent from the first race that this battle wasn’t going to happen as Mercedes dominated in Australia. In Bahrain a fortnight later, Charles Leclerc took his first career pole. Fans hoped this would be Ferrari’s race but it was not to be, as in the dying laps Leclerc’s Ferrari ran into technical problems demoting him from first to third. Mercedes won the first eight races of the season, whilst also achieving


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five consecutive 1-2 finishes in the process. This year’s Canadian Grand Prix marked the 50th Anniversary of F1 racing at the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve. Sebastian Vettel looked like taking victory for Ferrari, but was given a controversial five second penalty which lost him the race to Hamilton. At the Austrian Grand Prix in Round Nine, Hamilton struggled, leaving the door open for Ferrari and Red Bull. Leclerc looked like taking the pole position,


but Red Bell’s Max Verstappen drove a superb race to steal first place from him. This was the first time Mercedes had not won a race in 2019. F1 came to Silverstone for Round Ten and Mercedes were back on form, taking another 1-2 finish.

Driver’s Championship DRIVER

L. Hamilton V. Bottas C. Leclerc M. Verstappen S. Vettel Accurate 15 November 2019.

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381 314 249 235 230


At this point, Hamilton had a clear lead in the Driver’s Championship and Mercedes had a clear lead in the Constructor’s. In Round 11 the Formula 1 circus rolled into Hockenheim, Germany where heavy rain was predicted for much of the weekend. Wet conditions dominated Saturday’s qualifying, which left the track slippery – causing multiple incidents which saw the retirements of Vettel (Ferrari) and Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes). This left room upfront for a podium that no-one could have predicted before the race. Verstappen took his second victory of the season followed by the Ferrari of Leclerc and then a surprise appearance on the podium from Daniil Kvyat

(Toro Rosso), a driver who was dropped from the sport last year after a string of incidents. This was Toro Rosso’s second ever podium in Formula One, the last coming in 2008. Hungary saw Hamilton take his eighth victory of the season. Round 13 was at the infamous Spa-Francorchamps circuit in Belgium, a race which would be clouded by the news of the tragic death of F2 driver Anthoine Hubert after colliding with fellow driver Juan-Manuel Correa. Leclerc would go on to take victory in Belgium, which he dedicated to Hubert. Leclerc would then take a second straight win in Italy while teammate Vettel got his first victory in Singapore, giving Ferrari three victories in a row. This was the longest

period in which Mercedes had not won a race all year. Russia saw Hamilton take a tenth victory of 2019, while Japan gave fellow Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas his third. Japan saw Mercedes wrap up another constructor’s title, making it six in a row - a feat only previously achieved by competitors Ferrari. This race also left standings such that only Bottas could now stop Hamilton becoming a six-time World Champion. Overall this means that Mercedes will have six consecutive Drivers and Constructors titles, something no team has ever achieved in the history of Formula 1. There are four races remaining in the season. Anything could happen… N 42


fter a very successful campaign last year, Carlo Simone profiles the Bournemouth Uni Women’s Rugby team. The Bournemouth University Women’s Rugby went from strength to strength during the 2018-19 season after fighting the Universities of Plymouth and West England to win the BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) Western Division 2A. In addition to this, they managed to secure the BUCS Western Conference Cup, defeating Exeter’s second team 24-17 in the final. What the team were able to showcase was a determination to come out on top in a tight game, such as when they edged out Plymouth 24-22, which proved crucial in their league success. However, thumping victories were not exactly in short supply either, as Aberystwyth University were incredibly routed 98-0 in December 2018. Bath Spa University were also thrashed 64-0 in the Conference Cup.

43 |

This season saw promotion to the Western Division 1A, where they’ll be competing against sides like Gloucestershire, Southampton, Cardiff Metropolitan’s second team, Plymouth Marjon, Bath and the University of South Wales. This is a challenge that the side will be raring to get at, which was summed up by Club Captain Jenna Beretta: “[We’re] very much looking forward to making our mark in a higher division and showing the other universities that we deserve to be there. “We want to maintain our intense training sessions and we plan to filter in through the newcomers who’ve never played before into more game time to get them more experience for when more people leave at the end of the year.” The process of mixing in new players with the established

squad is something that has proven rewarding so far. “We’ve got quite a lot of freshers who have shown some promise, such as Alice Greenland and Rebecca Dean.” Jenna added. “They haven’t really got too much experience, but they’ve got drive and they’re willing to show a lot of passion in training. “Whenever anything goes wrong at training we try and help anyone out who’s struggling or doesn’t get it. We pause and explain what’s happening, and then they carry on and hopefully they get it.” The new season has only recently begun at the time of writing, and Jenna discussed some of the key players that will be crucial to Bournemouth’s chances of success. “For our forwards I would say Tayla Lewis, who’s new to the position and showing a lot


of promise. And Molly Muir who’s our [number] eight at the minute, and she’s always the loudest on the pitch, you can always hear her,” she said. “Then at the back I’d say Denny Jones, Annalise Cocking [and] Abby Wynne, who are quite experienced players and they’re very knowledgeable and adaptable given any circumstance.” “For the newcomers I’d say Alice Greenland, who’s shown a lot of promise at the minute.” The team have played two games so far in the Western Division 1A with highly contrasting results. They were on the end of a huge defeat to Cardiff Met’s 2nd Team, with the final score being 81-14.

However, the following match against Southampton yielded a more positive result as they came out 25-24 winners. The challenge presented by a higher division has already been demonstrated just two games in. However, there is an indication that Bournemouth will be able to hold their own in the league after that tight Southampton win. However, there is an indication that Bournemouth will be able to hold their own in the league after that tight Southampton win. N

Written by Carlo Simone Designed by Kayla Annakie & David Williams Photos:


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Ryan Evans Reporter, Basingstoke Gazette






erve Magazine catch up with BU alumni Ryan Evans, who after graduating started a job as a reporter at the Basingstoke Gazette. Ryan tells us the highlights of his time at BU. I have some amazing memories of Nerve, including running the Big Review last year, being Deputy and Design Editor of Nerve Magazine and playing crazy golf and Mario Kart on the radio. Throughout my three years in Bournemouth, Nerve is without a doubt the most fun I had and I definitely wish that I was still there doing it. Having the honour of presenting the weekend breakfast show on this year’s FM fortnight was amazing, and we managed to do some great things, including waking up our

Ryan Evans

Reporter, Basingstoke Gazette

Written by Ryan Evans Designed by Katerina O’Shaughnessy & David Williams co-host at 6am with a quiz! It was also so much fun (and a much needed distraction from my dissertation) presenting Varsity back in May, which felt like a mini-Olympics at the time. But as well as being so much fun and making some great memories, Nerve has also helped me since I left uni. I was lucky enough to be able to get a job straight out of university, starting as a reporter at the Basingstoke Gazette in August. Since then, I’ve interviewed a Formula 1 World Champion, reported side-by-side with the

I’ve interviewed a Formula 1 World Champion and the Prime Minister.

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BBC, ITV and Press Association at court, got three front page stories in my first two months and I was even taken to a secret location near Salisbury to interview the Prime Minister. Without a doubt, one of the biggest factors in me getting the job was my experience with Nerve, and the chance to hone my skills there has definitely helped me since I’ve started. I would definitely recommend everyone to get involved as much as you can – whether that’s writing for Nerve Magazine or Nerve Now, getting involved with your own podcast or radio show, reading the news or appearing on Nerve TV. Nerve is a blank canvas for you to make your mark and experiment with - it’s all so much fun, looks great on your CV and will help you hone your skills in your chosen field. N


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My Summer

Placement Experience

Nerve Magazine caught up with BU student Jess Allen to hear about her experience as a placement Pause Cat Café.

Written by Jess Allen Designed by Kayla Annakie

With my peers spending their year placements across the world, from Florida to Amsterdam, it’s easy to berate myself for spending my summer placement right here in Bournemouth, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Working as an unpaid intern can be discouraging, but with Pause Cat Café, it was difficult to find a part of it I didn’t love. I worked for Pause for five weeks over the summer as their media, marketing and PR intern. Pause Cat Café was the first cat café south of London and houses twelve beautiful rescue cats. Their overall mission is kindness, to their cats, to their customers, the community and the environment. During my time at Pause I took on a few different roles. I managed the café’s social media and PR, replying to customers over the phone, on social media

and through email, creating posts and promoting events. Pause’s owner, Jaya, taught me how to use MailChimp and improve email marketing practices, but it wasn’t all computer work. Even as a media intern, working at a cat café is very much hands-on. If I wasn’t helping out with morning cat care, café preparations or going on shop runs, I was filming promotional content for the café or creating graphic and blog content for their site. Now, I know what you’re thinking: how did I get any work done? Surrounded by twelve of the cutest cats known to humanity? That’s a very good question, and honestly, I don’t know.

I must say that the 9am starts every morning were made much more bearable by their little furry faces. Becoming a ‘cat-taxi’ for one of Pause’s more spoiled residents, Petrus, was definitely a highlight of my placement experience. Overall, I loved my time at Pause. While working in marketing isn’t my current goal, I learned more about myself in my time there. I learned what I like doing and what I’m good at, and I’d be crazy to say that spending five weeks in the company of my favourite animals wasn’t enjoyable. Pause takes on multiple interns a year to help with their marketing, admin and café work so if you’re an upcoming placement student, make sure to keep an eye on MyCareerHub for their openings! N 50

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A little career chat...


INTERVIEWS Written by Vianna Renaud Designed by Katerina O’Shaughnessy & David Williams

It is time to get your thoughts together regarding your future interviews. As we know there is no such thing as too much preparation, be kind to yourself and get on it now. I have heard from too many students that with their placement search and coursework, it is hard to keep it all up so all I can say is get on it now! So, some things to start working on now: make sure your social media is red hot in a good way. While some of you have had to put together a LinkedIn profile or a blog for your course, make sure you continue with the ‘tradition’ as any future

employer will Google you so make sure that you have a good profile and track record. Once you have the interview date and time... 1. Research the company. 2. Know your industry trends. Stay up to speed on your professional association websites as this will help you to best answer the question. 3. Think about dress attire. If in doubt, wear something that you feel comfortable and confident in. 4. Know yourself. Be prepared to answer those common questions about strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, etc.

5. Check out any Faculty Placement Facebook Groups. This is a great way to reach out to current students out on placement and ask for tips. 6. Look at the ASET Good Practice Guide for Work Based and Placement Learning. ASET, the UK Association for Workbased and Placement Learning is the leading professional body regarding this area. With information and an easy-to-use chart for universities, students and employers, this is definitely worth a read. They also have great information for students with additional learning differences: 7. Talk to family, academics, university staff in the CareersBU office. 8. Go onto MyCareerHub and use the resources. 9. Check RateMyPlacement as they list internships and placements and also provide current advice on how to best approach certain sectors: N


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