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CLUBS SOCIETIES NETWORKS RAG Join a club, form a club, fundraise and make loads of friends. SUBU Activities is dedicated to enriching your student life. WWW.SUBU.ORG.UK

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the activities we have on offer for you during your time at University. It tells you about all of our amazing Clubs and Societies, and our RAG (Raising and Giving) fundraising, all ready to make your experience the best it can be.

e m o c l We ubu to s ities Activ

Getting involved in SUBU Activities will help you make friends, have fun, and even become more employable as an individual as you learn key transferrable skills that will help you throughout your studies, and later in working life. Whilst I was studying, being involved in a society (BU Falcons Cheerleading team) and taking part in other things like Leggit with our RAG team made my University experience a thousand times better than it would have been if I had just focussed on my degree; it also made me more well-rounded as an individual. SUBU Activities has something for everyone, and I honestly couldn’t give any better advice than to get involved now. Whether it’s doing a Skydive for charity, or joining the Performing Arts society, being part of something will help you make friends, make memories and make the most of your University experience!

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Meet your activities officer

Meet your activities Team Emma Smith Activities Development Manager 01202 965744

Jen Caldwell Clubs & Societies Coordinator 01202 965802

Brooke Elias Vice President Activities 01202 965118

es s s a M r o f on ng d i a h e c i R nr e e f i of l nities u t r o p op

Josh Davis Activities Administratior 01202 965903

You can find the Activities team on the 2nd floor of The Student Centre (Talbot).

E D I GU S T N E T N O Top C Tip!

HOW TO JOIN OR FORM CLUBS AND SOCS 4-5 CLUB AND SOCS DIRECTORY -5 STAR CLUBS................................................. 6 -ACADEMIC...................................................... 10 -ARTS AND PERFORMANCE.......................... 18 -CULTURAL....................................................... 20 As part of your BU enrolment -FAITH................................................................ 24 you will need to supply some -POLITICAL AND CAMPAIGNING................. 25 information online. When you -SPECIAL INTEREST........................................ 28 register for your course online -SPORT.............................................................. 40 make sure you read the small THE CLUB I WANT ISN’T THERE........................ 50 print carefully and ‘opt-in’ WHAT IS RAG?...................................................... 52 for SUBU membership. That way INTERNATIONAL TRIPS....................................... 55 you will be entitled to HITCH EVENTS...................................................... join in with all the activity59 COMMUNITY EVENTS......................................... 60 at your SUBU. BECOME A RAG REP............................................ 61 MEET THE RAG TEAM.......................................... 628-19 / sububournemouth 20-21 3 3 22

when you register online

How to Join a Club or Society Once you find a club or society you are interested in, come meet them at Freshers’ Fair. Alternatively, you can contact the club via their Facebook page or email address. We advise you not to join a club straight away, you could try out taster sessions first or meet the club and see if it fits your timetable.

How to Join a Club or Society 4

Clubs Societies networks

You ca n Clubs join as man and So y as you cieties like!

Find a club, society or network that you’re interested in

Contact them via Facebook or SUBU email address



Come and meet them at Freshers’ Fair

Try out taster sessions. Check it fits your timetable

How to form a Club or Society If you can’t find a club or society that interests you, you can always start your own. Once you have your committee, come and see us on the second floor of the student centre

3 Register + Pay membership online:

and we’ll help you get up and running. We can offer you training, advice and support. Committee Members can also take part in our Leadership Award scheme.

1 How to form a Club or Society

Can’t find a group that interests you? Start your own!

A Club or Society needs 5 committee members


3 Fill out the relevant forms

4 Find new members and go have fun!

A Network needs 2 leaders


Clubs directory: 5 clubs WHAT IS 5 STATUS? These are high performing Clubs or Societies that have taken part in this special development scheme.

We are BU Boat Club. We are a friendly open and welcoming club that accepts people of all abilities and experience. We compete at National Events such as Henley and Henley Womens Regatta competitions. Please visit our Facebook page where you can keep up to date with what’s going on at Bournemouth University Boat Club - races, fundraising, club events etc.

ArchaeOlogical, Historical & anthropological society Climbing club

The BU Falcons are SUBU and Bournemouth University’s multi-award winning, competitive cheerleading team. We compete Nationally every year and have brought home our fair share of titles, since being established in 2012. subucheerleadingclub

Boat club

£150 p/year

f o b u l c r a e y e th

“Handball?” You ask. “Yes, HANDBALL!” We reply.  A fast paced and exciting sport, we are one of a growing number of clubs who play around the UK. Founded in 2012 by London Olympian, John Pearce, we were one of the first handball clubs, not only in Dorset, but in the country. One of Europe’s most watched and played sports is finally gaining popularity here in Britain, and it’s about time too!

/ BU Falcons

/buboatclub /Bournemouth University Boat Club

Any Club or Society can take on the 5* challenge.


Join online


Cheerleading (BU Falcons)


The Archaeology, Historical and Anthropological Society is open to all students, providing a range of guest lectures, field trips, updates on current archaeology events around the world, and various awesome socials. We are a welcoming group with a love of discoveries who accept all members, whether they are archaeology students or just curious​.


subuhandballsoc /BU Handball

handball club




We are the Bournemouth University Climbing Club, run by students for students. Whether you are the worlds best climber or you have never climbed before, that is fine! Everyone is welcome and easy to get along with. We currently meet twice a week at The Project Climbing Centre in Poole, where sessions cost £3 for club members.


subuclimbingclub /Bournemouth University Climbing Club




Clubs directory: 5 clubs Performing Arts Society

Join online Student action for

We aim to bring together students studying in different areas across the Health and Social Sciences faculty who have an interest in emergency care as well as the pre-hospital environment. We will be holding meetings and workshops as well as providing a forum for students to share information and gain greater knowledge.


Pre-Hospital & Emergency Care


BU Performing Arts (PARTS) Society offers the chance for students from all courses to come together, sharing their passion for performing arts. Over the last few years the society has staged many successful musicals including Grease, Loserville, The Wedding Singer and last year’s production of American Idiot, which won Event of the Year at the SUBU Activities awards.


 p/year

Student Action for Refugees (STAR) Bournemouth is a society at Bournemouth University fighting for refugees and asylum seekers and their human rights locally and worldwide. Our main objective is campaigning for refugees and asylum seekers in the UK to have a better life, for example with our Equal Access to Higher Education Campaign.


Boat Club Club of the Year




Wildlife Conservation Society was set up to provide a base for like minded individuals to socialise and make a difference. We achieve this through Volunteering in and around Dorset, Providing Trips and Social events for our members and getting involved in Education and Outreach Programs, Charity Fundraising and Campaigns.


subuperformingartssoc /BU + AUB PARTS Society

swimming club

/STAR Bournemouth

Climbing Club Most Improved Club Students Action for Refugees Best New Club, Society or Network Boat Club Best Leadership Team Wildlife Conservation Society Green Impact Award LGBTQ+ Society Investors in Inclusivity Award Performing Arts Society Event of the Year (American Idiot)


CLUB awards 16/17 These are your 2017 award winning clubs

/BU swimming





/BU Pre-Hospital & Emergency Care Society


Wildlife conservation

The Swimming Club offers something for everyone! If you are just looking to train for fitness, our social group is for you! Alternatively, if you have previous experience at County, Regional or National level, we offer a competitive programme to cater for every need! Both groups swim and socialise together in a friendly and inclusive environment!


/Wildlife Conservation Society BU 9

Clubs directory: Academic ANIMATION SOCIETY


The Archaeological, Historical and Anthropological Society is open to all students, providing a range of guest lectures, field trips, updates on current archaeology events around the world, and various awesome socials. We are a welcoming group with a love of discoveries who accept all members, whether they are archaeology students or just curious​.

We aim to bring business minded people together to socialise, share knowledge and expand their skills. Joining our Society is a great way to further you in to developing key connections with other students. As a member you can attend guest lectures with business moguls. We also have social events and quiz nights that test your knowledge.




BU and AUB’s Animation Society brings together those who enjoy watching animations and have an interest in the media, as well as those who are in the practice of animation. We run established life drawing workshops and arrange some social events such as film and quiz nights.



p/year Run by students for students, we enable members to learn about the wide range of career opportunities and gain valuable skills and relevant experience to connect with leading employers.  Focus on helping our student members maximise their employability skills by giving them insights into organisations enabling them to make informed career choices.



/Animation Society BU

Business Collection Society


sububrightfuturesnetwork /BU Bright Futures Society 16-17

Teaching students and external individuals/organisations the risks that are posed to them in society from cyber attacks of various sorts. We will include the types of attack, offensive and defensive training, forensic analysis and incident response. Members of all abilities and disciplines welcome. Meetings are planned to take place Fridays 5~7pm PG13 (Cyber Security Labs) subucybersecuritysoc /BU Cyber Security Society

/The Business Collection




p/year This Society is run by IT students trying to inspire others to get together and socialise. We want to make this society as friendly as possible for people new to IT as well as challenging for those who want to test their abilities. We aim to have events that all students, not just students studying computing, feel welcome to attend.



computing society


/BU Archaeological, Historical & Anthropological Society

Archaeological, Historical & Anthropological Society


p/year subucomputingsoc

/BU Computing Society 11

Clubs directory: Academic games development society



 12


This Society aims to bring together students that have an interest in equities and capital markets. We will share funding strategies and work to learn about and improve analytical skills by analysing company information and current affairs.

law society


subuhipsoc /BU HSS Interprofessional Practice (BU HIP)



history society

Healthcare & Integrated Practice aims to provide a platform for Health and Social Science Students to learn from each other and work to move practice forwards. The current climate highlights how important integrated working is. This group is designed to provide space for new ideas and working practices with activities including lectures, workshops & meetings.

Looking to get involved in the development of video games, regardless of previous experience or area of expertise? We are here to help! Why not learn to create the game you’ve always wanted or take current games to new heights. Whatever your skill level, the Games Development Society can help you.

Join online

investment society



Bournemouth has a varied and colourful history, and our aim is to ignite a passion within all of the society’s members for the local community’s history. The Society gets together at least once a week too organise fundraising events, local projects, voluntary roles within the community, academic speakers, and as well social events.

/The Investment Society - Bournemouth University

/BU League of Entrpreneurs

league of entrepreneurs




We provide a a variety of events throughout the year for our members. All of our members can get involved in mooting, practicing public speaking, research and presentation skills, all necessary for a legal career. Our aim is to give our members the opportunity to develop whilst at BU as well as encourage blending of year groups.


League of Entrepreneurs helps to connect like-minded students together through specialised business events, with aims to encourage, cultivate and inspire entrepreneurial talent! Simply, we create entrepreneurs! We do this by running events, creating networks, and providing resources for students to succeed.



/BU Games Development Society 13

Clubs directory: Academic marketing society

Join online

The Midwifery Society aims to bring together students from across each cohort to offer support and advice, aiming to make new friends and form support networks. We will be hosting study days and events relevant to the future of midwifery and our careers, as well as socials and events to have some fun!




Our Society is for students looking to expand their knowledge in the field of Marketing and Advertising. You’ll have the chance to apply skills and theory learnt during your course to real client briefs as well as build relationships with professionals in the marketing industry. Plus you won’t want to miss our unforgettable socials! 

 14

/BU Marketing Society 2016-17

PermaculturE Society

/BU Occupational Therapy Society



The Postgraduate Research Network gives all Postgraduate students a way to connect, share ideas and socialise in a relaxed environment.

/BU Midwifery Society

£3.50 p/year

This Society aims to support nursing students to get the most out of their university experience through social events, charitable work and through educational events relevant to the field of nursing. The society will organise events throughout the academic years, promoting the core standard of what it is to be a BU nursing student.

p/year subumarketingsoc

Improving awareness of the profession and its ethos by offering peer support to students and opportunities to learn about the industry. It’s also a chance for all students to socialise outside of their academic studies


subunursingsoc /Bournemouth University Nursing Society



PGR Network



Educate students on permaculture, growing food and medicine, biodiversity, green economy, entrepreneurship. Actively participate in the community by increasing edible plants throughout Bournemouth. Our aim is to inspire students to grow food and self reliance, encourage scientific study of permaculture principles.



subupermaculturesoc /Bournemouth Permaculture society 15

Clubs directory: Academic PHYSIOTHERAPY SOCieTY


We aim to bring together students studying in different areas across the Health and Social Sciences faculty who have an interest in emergency care as well as the pre-hospital environment. We will be holding meetings and workshops as well as providing a forum for students to share information and gain greater knowledge.

The Sociology Society aims to provide a place where students from any background can express their ideas and discuss topics and issues that are important to them. The society also wishes to heighten the experiences of students through trips and guest speakers.


Pre-Hospital & Emergency Care


 16

/Bournemouth University Physiotherapy Society




 p/year


/BU Psychology Society


As a new Society this year we are available to any student who has a passion for travel and tourism. We want to share our passion for the Tourism Industry and educate all to the wonders of it!




/Wildlife Conservation Society BU







/BU Sociology Society

The Bournemouth University Psychology Society is available to Psychology and non-Psychology students alike, with only passion for the subject required for you to be able to get the full society experience. We are a student-run society with BU students in mind.

Physiotherapy Society aims to broaden the experience of physiotherapy students through learning and extracurricular activities, and to create an ongoing community between students and physiotherapy alumni.


We were set up to provide a base for like minded individuals to socialise and make a difference. We achieve this through volunteering in and around Dorset, providing trips and social events for our members, getting involved in Education and Outreach Programmes, Charity Fundraising and Campaigns on the important issues in the conservation world.


/BU Pre-Hospital & Emergency Care Society




/BU Tourism Society 17

Clubs directory: Arts & Performance BALLROOM & LATIN DANCE SOCIETY

We practice 6 styles of dance: Ballet, Tap, Contemporary, Jazz, Street and Lyrical. Our weekly classes are taught by current students. We compete in National Inter-University competitions and perform at our end of year showcase and other events throughout the year. The Society is a great place to improve your dancing and make great friends.


subudancesoc /Bournemouth University Dance Society






/BU + AUB PARTS Society


/BU Versatile Vocal Society





The aim of STAGED is to provide an environment for budding writers, actors and directors to work on and showcase their talent in a relaxed and social environment.


p/year subufashionnetwork

We are a new Society designed to bring people together and express their passion for music. You don’t need to be studying a music related degree at all. Everyone is welcome. Whether you just play an instrument, or you want to rap, or produce music, or sing pop, rock, opera, theatre, jazz, all styles are welcome to be expressed. subuvvocalsoc





£120 /Bournemouth University Ballroom & Latin Dance Society

BU Performing Arts (PARTS) Society offers the chance for students from all courses to come together, sharing their passion for performing arts. Over the last few years the society has staged many successful musicals including Grease, Loserville, The Wedding Singer and last year’s production of American Idiot, which won Event of the Year at the SUBU Activities awards.

WELCOME to BU’s very first Fashion Network! If you’re a fashionista, style blogger or just have a general interest in fashion and/or arts, please join our friendly bunch!

The Ballroom and Latin Dance Society take on absolutely everyone, no partners or previous experience required. The club is something social and fun to do, something a bit different, and for those who are competitive, there are chances to compete against the other universities and win some medals!

p/year subustagedsoc

/BU Fashion Network 2016/17 19

Clubs directory: Cultural AFRICAN & CARIBBEAN SOCIETY

Join online RED SQUARE

This society is about gathering people who are interested in the Arab world and giving them a hint of what it is like to be Middle Eastern. We aim to carry out socials that includes shisha night and Arabian food testing. Additionally we aim to provide belly dancing classes and many other events.


/Arab Society - Bournemouth University

/Bournemouth University Bulgarian Society



The African & Caribbean Society aims not only to educate, liberate and celebrate African and Caribbean culture, but to also promote a platform in which these individuals can achieve and succeed. We stand for diversity, history and black excellency.




/Bournemouth ACS

/BU Red Square Society

This Society is designed to bring together all the European and International members of the university in order to meet people from different countries and find others from our own cultures. We arrange fortnightly meetings to socialise and get to know each other, and of course everyone is free to organise their own activities within the group. subueuropeansoc

/BU European Society




We organise cultural events like Chinese New Year GALA and providing a place for Chinese Students and International Students to make friends and have fun! Contact us through Facebook or email.







Even though Russia is the biggest country in the world, people don’t know much about it. Whoever you ask, everyone associates it with cold, bears and vodka. That’s why we’ve launched the Red Square Society. We want to give an opportunity to learn more about our culture to anyone who’s interested. Don’t forget about amazing socials, which will be happening!


A group for students from Bulgaria and those with an interest in Bulgarian culture to get together. We’ll be at Freshers’ Fair or you can contact us via our Facebook page, or email address.





subuchinesesoc /Cssa Bournemouth 21

Clubs directory: Cultural INDIAN SOCIETY (BHARATIYA CLUB)

Love Japan or planning a trip? Learn the language and how to behave in Japanese culture through a training course with an experienced tutor. Have a look at our Facebook page, or email us directly via our email.




subujapanesesoc /Japanese (Nihongo) Society AUB & BU


 22

/Bournemouth Bharatiya Club (BBC)







/Bournemouth University Nepalese Society ( BU-NS )

PAKISTANI SOCIETY /Bournemouth University Nigerian Students Society



As the Nigerian Society we aim to foster a sense of unity amongst Nigerian students and all members of the BU Community. We want to help all new students but particularly those from Nigeria, integrate successfully with the University and the local community. We want to organise courses and events and work alongside and with other societies.

The Nepalese Society is a group for like-minded individuals promoting Nepalese culture. We have regular meetings and socials.

Welcome! At Bournemouth Bharatiya Club, it is our aim to unite all those interested in Indian culture associated with Bournemouth University as students or alumni. It is created especially for us to celebrate cultural activities together. So come and join us be a part of this amazing Society and help us become better!



p/year We provide a platform to showcase the rich and diverse culture of Pakistan. This platform will also help the students from the rest of the world to know about the home of the oldest civilisations of The Harappa and The Mohenjo-daro. The Society also assists socialisation, cultural exchange, educational and professional opportunities for students from Pakistan at Bournemouth University.

/BU Pakistan Society 23

Clubs directory: Faith christian union

Clubs directory: Political & Campaigning islamic society

As a Club we aim to minister the word of God through gospel ministration. We have many gifts and talents that will help to encourage other members that will join the Society. Overall the biggest aim of the club is to allow young Christians to have a place where they can feel comfortable to approach the society leaders for advice.


/BU Gospel Choir

gospel choir society


 24

jewish network




subuchristiansoc /Universities of Bournemouth Christian Union


We aim to raise awareness about a variety of social/cultural issues and current affairs. We hope to keep the students at BU engaged in local and global affairs and keep everyone actively thinking and gaining world knowledge. As well as this we want to fundraise for local and international causes. subuawarenesssoc

/Bournemouth Jewish Society 2016/17

subuislamicsoc /Bournemouth University Islamic Society






/BU Awareness & Change Society

Raising awareness about human rights! We are a new Network. We aim to raise awareness and campaign on behalf of anyone anywhere whose human rights are violated.

Aims to create a unified community catering to all the needs of Muslim students while encouraging learning about Islam in the wider community. Come see us at Freshers’ Fair, or you can contact us through our Facebook page, or our email address.

We exist to love our campuses and provide opportunities for them to hear about Jesus. We do this through a number of events. We meet each Wednesday at Citygate Centre. Our meetings vary weekly and may include prayer and worship nights, talks from speakers from local churches and planning events.




Providing events so the Jewish student community can celebrate festivals together. We invite any student wishing to learn more about Judaism. Take a look at our Facebook page to get in contact with us.



/Bournemouth University Amnesty International Network 25

Clubs directory: Political & Campaigning We aim to engage more young people in politics and spread the word and the policies of the Labour Party, we hope to encourage debate among students and other Political Societies and inspire positive change at BU.


The Conservative Network is designed to expand the conservative membership on campus and to promote a working relationship between students at BU and the Conservative Party. This will be through social events with local MPs and Q&A sessions with ex-cabinet members and notable people within the UK Political landscape.


/BU Labour Society




The Society seeks to expand Liberal Democrat (and Young Liberals) membership on campus and orginise Lib Dem members at BU to conduct campaigns on various issues and support local Liberal Democrat branches. 




 26

/Young Liberals Network BU

POLITICS SOCIETY We are a student lead fundraising group, who put on events to raise awareness and funds for Cancer Research UK.



subuconservativesoc /Bournemouth University Conservatives Society



Join online



An Academic Society for both those studying  Politics & Media, and those with an interest in the subject. Our purpose is to help educate and bring political debate to the University. We want to be open and friendly, encourage political debate and participation by everyone. Look out for our forthcoming debates!


subupoliticssoc /Bournemouth University - Politics Society

/Students Kick Cancer

students kick cancer




We are a Society fighting for refugees and asylum seekers and their human rights locally and worldwide. One of our main objectives is campaigning for refugees and asylum seekers in the UK to have a better life. Furthermore, we have fundraising events throughout the year: Our fundraising will be used to provide free English lessons for local refugees and asylum seekers.

/STAR Bournemouth 27

Clubs directory: Special Interest AIRSOFT SOCIETY

Join online

Anime Society is a social group dedicated to discussing, watching and occasionally drawing Anime of all genres. It’s a chance for likeminded people to share a passion for Anime. If you are interested in joining us contact us on Facebook or via our email.


The Baking Society is a fun sociable exciting place to make amazing treats and goodies. Not only will you make and take home delicious bakes but also socialise with baking fanatics. Contact us via our email address or Facebook.




Airsoft is a sport in which participants aim to eliminate players by firing small plastic pellets at non-lethal speed at one another. We aim to make the sport more accessible to new players by offering up a Society, with transport, equipment and a discounted rate to play, both in a more social chilled way, and more competitive environment.


The Bournemouth 3D Art Network aims to make a space for students interested in creating their own art in a virtual world thanks to any program they desire. It is mainly a way to improve on 3D theory and make something beautiful amongst passionate others.

 28

BU Airsoft Society


/BU Baking Society




/Bournemouth 3D Art Society

/Books & Beyond



p/year Belote is a card game, which originates from France and is very popular in some countries of Eastern Europe. It involves critical thinking, problem solving and team play. We are more than happy to teach everyone willing to try it. We are planning on doing some small tournaments with prizes.





p/year subuairsoftclub


Come to any of our meetings, vote for the book/author/series you like and enjoy intellectual discussions and debates. We will also be having book character socials, movie nights, nights out, dinners, and events with other Societies. Additional games/fun activities will be integrated into our meetings. We will do our best for everyone to have fun.


/Bournemouth University Anime Club


sububelotesoc /Belote Society BU 29

Clubs directory: Special Interest bu officer training corps

The Cartoon Society gives students a chance to watch and enjoy cartoons whilst also making friends through the common interest. We aim to engage in discussion about cartoons and arrange time to come together to draw ourselves. Contact us on Facebook or email.

Join online cetacean conservation network

Are you looking for edam good time? Join the gratest Society of all time as we celebrate cheese in all its pungent glory! Whether your a mild cheese nibbler or extra mature, churn up to our chilled out cheese-venings. Hope to see you soon for an em-mental time.


The University Officers’ Training Corps is a Type B Army Reserve unit. We exist to raise awareness of the fantastic and unique opportunity available to students. It presents university students with an opportunity to develop themselves as leaders and challenge themselves by partaking in military exercises, adventurous training, sport, community projects and expeditions.

 30 /British Army University Officers’ Training Corps - UOTC

cheese society

FREE! We exist to raise awareness of the plight of Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises and to work for the better treatment and understanding of them in the wild. We look for anyone to join who have a passion for Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises and to raise awareness through charity raising projects and education .



cocktail & mocktail society


/Bournemouth University Cartoon Society

cartoon society





We are a fun, friendly Society for people who enjoy making and drinking cocktails and mocktails. Our socials are a great way to meet people and enjoy a relaxed social drink (or two!!). Throughout the year we will have a variety of different socials including cocktail masterclasses, nights at local bars and flair events.

p/year subucetaceannetwork

A Society where students can share information exploring the depths of consciousness and collective consciousness. We hope that this society can unify different perspectives gain more knowledge as a collective. Inspiring more members by promoting mindfulness, situating consciousness, exploration as less alternative in Universities. subuconscioussoc /BU Consciousness Exploration Society

consciousness exploration society



subucocktailsoc BU Cocktail & Mocktail Society 31

Clubs directory: Special Interest cup pong society

Join online

Welcome to the BU Design Society! Where the only limitation is your imagination. Whether it’s a chosen career path or just a hobby, come and join us on Thursdays at 5pm in P102. Everyone is welcome!

disney society

The Club aims to give gamers the opportunity to find others with a similar interest with E-Sports, either to play casually or on a competitive level. We organise events such as; University level tournaments at a competitive and casual level, along with regular meetups.


design society


‘Cup Pong’ - also referred to as Beer Pong or Beirut is an easy way to have fun and meet new people. We are a relaxed and casual Society, merging some sport and competition aspects with going out on some socials to have a great time! Although the game is traditionally played with alcohol, non alcoholic drinks are equally as welcome! 


 32

/BU Cup Pong Society

e-sports society


Welcome to Bournemouth University’s Disney Society! If you love all things Disney then this is the place for you! We meet every Monday at 6pm in PG11 to watch our favourite Disney films, talk, eat cake, play games and much more! If you’re looking for a place to talk/share/ discuss any Disney related topics then our Facebook is the place to go!


/BU E-Sports


/BU Disney Society




The Bournemouth Exploration Society’s main goals are to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilisations, to boldly go where a lot of people have probably gone before. Exploring, hiking, camping and many more activities are on the agenda in the Exploration Society, within Bournemouth and beyond!

/BU Fighting Game Community



p/year subucuppongsoc

exploration society

Bringing together everyone with a casual and competitive interest in fighting games, players to come together to share knowledge, practice, and compete within a friendly and social atmosphere! Our most popular and commonly played games are Super Smash Bros for Wii U and various titles from the Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom series.


/BU Design Society



subuexploresoc Bournemouth Exploration Society (ExSoc) 33

Clubs directory: Special Interest FILM SOCIETY

We’re the First Aid Society, offering opportunities to train as a first aider and the potential to become a volunteer firstaider and offer support at various events. Not only is it a good skill to have, but it can help you professionally too.


What do we do at Gaming Society? It’s quite simple really, we play games! Monday - Board Games and Card Games; Wednesday - Video Games; Thursday Role Playing Games. The Society brings together everyone to indulge in a passion for gaming in both a social and competative environment.



/B.U. First Aid 2016-17






 34

/BU Film Society

gamers society



Our Society unites students who are fans of the popular MOBA video game ‘League of Legends’ in one friendly community, and we hope to facilitate the growth of e-sports within the university. Members can expect: Regular 1v1 tournaments with RP Prizes, Themed Socials, LAN Parties, Cosplay Workshops, Online Tournaments, Friendly Teams, Trips out to gaming events and more. subulolsoc

/BU Gamers Society

A place where fans of Game of Thrones can be together and enjoy watching and talking about the show as a community. We aim to host a weekly screenings of the show and celebrate the wondeful world of Game of Thrones!

Our Club aims to achieve a greater understanding of film and cinema through weekly discussion and viewing of movies. The Bournemouth Uni Film Society is a place for you to meet others that share your love of the big screen.

harry potter society


/BU League Of Legends Network

league of legends



The Bournemouth University of Witchcraft and Wizardry is a British wizarding boarding school teaching the magical arts. Bournemouth is considered to be one of the finest magical institutions in the wizarding world, though other notable schools include Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and the Durmstrang Institute. As a school we aim to have a great time doing everything related to Harry Potter.



SUBUHarryPotterSoc /BU/AUB Harry Potter Society 35

Clubs directory: Special Interest magic the gAthering network


Discuss all forms of writing (scriptwriting,novels, poetry etc), get feedback on your work and create new ideas alone or in collaboration with others that will then get produced! Includes various guest speakers throughout the year.





 36

/BU Magic Network

marrow network



parkour and freerunning society




/BU Poker Society

poker society


Parkour and Freerunning involves a combination of climbing, vaulting, jumping and acrobatics to move creatively through an environment. We hold coached sessions at the purposebuilt Parkour facility held by Train Hard’s qualified Parkour coaches. All ability sessions are tailored to your confidence and ability and will help you to develop your physical fitness whilst making new friends and having fun.

subumakeupsoc /MUA Society

Winners of the UK Student Poker Championships 2017! The Society offers a relaxed environment for players of all skill levels to either learn or improve through our weekly poker tournaments. We’re all about giving, and students have a chance to win good cash prizes every week through a league, without the risk of losing large amounts of money.


We share people’s passion of the makeup industry and run events where we can share skills and learn about areas of makeup we might not be good at. It is also a chance for individuals who excel at the art to teach men and trans individuals who are new to makeup about the best tricks to create a flawless look.

Our Society allows players of Magic the Gathering a place to meet others and create a nice environment to play against each other and help each other, new players would have a great place to come and learn the game with friendly people who know the game well.


This Network exists in order to raise awareness of The Anthony Nolan Trust and to encourage students, staff, everyone at BU and AUB and all of our affiliated colleges to join The Bone Marrow register. Contact us through our email address.


/BU Writers’ Society




subuparkoursoc /Bournemouth Uni Parkour/Freerunning Society 37

Clubs directory: Special Interest quidditch society (banshees)

Clubs directory: Special Interest rock & indie

The Reducetarian Network gives people interested in reducing meat and dairy from their diets an opportunity to join in group work and conversations. Join our facebook page.



/Reducetarian Society BU










/Bournemouth Banshees

weiss schwarz network

/BU Rock & Indie Society

This network will aim to educate through wildlife documentaries. It will be an opportunity for people from a range of courses to enjoy and talk about nature documentaries such as “Life on Earth” and “Planet Earth”.


subuwilddocnetwork /BU Wildlife Documentary Network


Weiss Schwarz is a Japanese collectible card game, whether you’re familiar with the game or just want to learn, come and join our friendly group





terrific tales & fantastic fables society


The Society will give members a chance to enjoy outings with similar people to places such as music festivals, gigs and bars as well as giving people the chance to start up their very own bands. We hope to be able to put on our own shows on campus and elsewhere around Bournemouth.

Welcome to the Bournemouth Quidditch Club! Come play the game sweeping the nation with our brand new team, we are ready to grab our brooms and get playing competitively across the country as our team and skills expand.

We are a film production Society that aims to make a number of short films over the academic year. The films will draw inspiration from the Twilight Zone television series, and create films with a horror, supernatural, creepy or otherworldly theme! We are aiming to give ALL our members valuable experience in all area of film production, and fantastic looking films for their portfolios. subufantasticfablessoc

subuweissschwarznetwork /BU Weiss Schwarz Network 39

Clubs directory: Sport WINE & SPIRITS SOCIETY

Join online

american football

The Club aims to improve students’ wellbeing, giving ant opportunity to get to know yoga. Doing yoga is a journey of self exploration, and through the Club, we want to assist students to find out about themselves and build up selfcompassion. The Club will run weekly yoga classes, and a yoga retreat nearby Bournemouth or at the beach.

(BU bobcats)


/SUBU Yoga Club 16-17

yoga club



We aim for every event to introduce the basics to explore the world of wine all in a friendly atmosphere. We sample from countries around the globe, tasting reds, whites, champagnes, ports many others, sometimes rare, many esoteric, all worth a try, and there are no wrong answers in wine tasting, it’s all about what you think.



athletics club

£195 p/year

We are a sucessful American Football team and have seen hundreds of members grow their ability and knowledge at the game. We welcome all abilities and are always keen for new recruits. Competitive spirit and passion is at the heart of our team mentality and we see ourselves as a family, not just a team.

archery society


Our Club seeks to encourage people to engage in a social sport that promotes team working. The Club is not competitive and is designed to cater for those of all capabilities. We host events on the beach through the spring and summer months, with indoor events over the winter. We’ll be hosting BBQs, predrinks and socials that all members are welcome to. sububeachvolleyballsoc

/BU Beach Volleyball Club

beach volleyball




The Archery Society exists so it can teach students an ancient method of hunting and to help students learn to focus and concentrate on what they are doing. Future aims include participation in competitions and to work with other Archery societies around the UK.



p/year /BU Wine Society

We offer three different opportunities to get involved: Performance Athletes, Development Athletes and Club Member. Performance and development athletes will be able to engage themselves in Bournemouth Athletics Club in Kings Park for training session every Tuesday and Thursday. Performance athletes can compete at BUCS. All abilities of the club will be able to attend the weekly sessions in Slades Farm (opposite University) every Wednesday 10am. subuathleticsclub /BU Athletics 2016-17


p/year subuarcherysoc

/Bournemouth University Bobcats 41

Clubs directory: Sport boat club

club of the year

Join online

“Handball?” You ask. “Yes, HANDBALL!” We reply.  A fast paced and exciting sport, we are one of a growing number of clubs who play around the UK. Founded in 2012 by London Olympian, John Pearce, we were one of the first handball clubs, not only in Dorset, but in the country. One of Europe’s most watched and played sports is finally gaining popularity here in Britain, and it’s about time too!

shredders society

/BU Handball

handball club

£150 p/year

We are BU Boat Club. We are a friendly open and welcoming club that accepts people of all abilities and experience. We compete at National Events such as Henley and Henley Womens Regatta competitions Please become a fan if you are a current member, past member or just take an interest in the club!!



scuba diving


Hello, we’re Bournemouth Shredders - we’re a sociable club where all members have one common ground, the will to roll on 4 wheels. Main hobbies include skating, baking and snaking (down hills not each other). For all those involved or all those who want to be involved in Longboarding, have a look at our facebook page where we post the club’s goings ons. subushredderssoc /Bournemouth University Boat Club

casual tennis society

We compete nationally every year and have brought home our fair share of titles, since being established in 2012. Whether you’re looking to cheer or dance (Hip Hop and Pom) there’s always space for newbies to come and try something new or experienced cheerleaders to carry on this outstanding sport at University.


/Bournemouth Barracudas Scuba Diving Club



If you are a complete beginner or are already qualified we are the Club for you. We organise scuba diving trips as well as other social events through out the year. We are one of the University’s oldest clubs and have been established for over 20 years. Our aim is to ensure safe and fun diving, and additional further qualifications. subuscubadivesoc




/BU Falcons




Play Tennis with friends! We want to have a group of tennis players of all abilities who can meet up on local authority courts and have a relaxed game, learn and increase skills and enjoy ourselves away from the hot house environment that studying at the University can be. Come along, make new friends and play tennis! 


(bu falcons)

£250 p/year


/Bournemouth Shredders 43

Clubs directory: Sport climbing club

Join online

Whether you’re a road, track, street, mountain or downhill rider we have members in all disciplines! There are many awesome places to ride around Bournemouth and we try to get out most weeks. We’ll be attending local race events and the bigger British Student Championships in April. We also host a number of trips to North/South Wales and the French Alps. subucyclingclub Bournemouth University Cycling Club - BUCC

equestrian society

cycling club


Whether you are the worlds best climber or you have never climbed before, that is fine! Everyone is welcome and easy to get along with. We currently twice a week at The Project Climbing Centre in Poole, where sessions cost £3 for paying club members. We also run trips with local transport and equipment hire included!



 44

Bournemouth University Climbing Club 2016 / 2017

We are BU Free Fall Club! We offer the chance for anyone who wants to learn to skydive, and experience the thrill of a lifetime! From total beginners to seasoned pros, we can satisfy all adrenaline junkies!

muscle and athletic sports society

We aim to make Polo accessible to as many of you as possible. We’re a continuously improving team promoting a friendly and supportive atmosphere to anyone that wants to give polo a go! Previous horse riding experience isn’t necessary! We meet and train weekly – catering for all abilities. Join our team that will create friends for life, not to mention to experience killer socials!



free fall club




p/year subuequestriansoc

/BU Equestrian Society

/BU Free Fall Club


Welcome to the Bournemouth University Equestrian Society! This club is open to anyone who is interested in all things equine regardless of experience or knowledge. We have something for everyone, whether you are interested in just riding casually and improving your skills or competing for the University in a BUCS team. /Bournemouth University Polo Team Members

polo club


p/year Muscle and Athletic Sports Society will include Health, Fitness, Wellbeing, Bodybuilding Olympic Weightlifting,Strongman MMA etc. We offer support whether you are a beginner or experienced athlete. Our aim is to transform a students health and fitness confidence and life experience at University by creating a health and fitness community offering help to all. MASS Bournemouth (Muscle and Athletic Sports Society)



Clubs directory: Sport ROUNDERS SOCIETY

Join online snowriders

Something for everyone, from beginners training, to social sailing and yachting trips, and meet new people with an awesome social scene!

Why not make the most of being at University in one of the sunniest seaside places in the UK? Join up and enjoy sun, sea and surf!


/Bournemouth University Sailing Club

sailing club


p/year Rounders SocietyMeet new people. Enjoy a friendly sport and lead a healthier lifestyle! Come see us at Freshers’ Fair or email us.


 46

/BU Rounders Society 16/17

swimming club

subusurfclub Bournemouth University Surf Club Members 2016-17

surf club




subusnowridersoc /Bournemouth Snowriders

subutrampoliningclub Bournemouth University Trampolining Club

trampolining club

£220 The Swimming Club offers something for everyone! If you are just looking to train for fitness, our social group is for you! Alternatively, if you have previous experience at County, Regional or National level, we offer a competitive programme to cater for every need! Both groups swim and socialise together in a friendly and inclusive environment!



We are a social and competitive Club that is for anyone, if you’ve competed before or never even been on a trampoline, we will always cater for your ability. Its great fun, a way of keeping fit, but most importantly its a brilliant way of getting involved with the University and a chance to meet new people!


If the snow doesn’t come to you, you go to the snow! Two unforgettable trips to the French Alps each year, plus trips to UK centres, you can hone your skills and enjoy the famous social scene!





/BU swimming 47

Clubs directory: Sport ultimate frisbee society (heat)

Join online

Get involved and try wake or kite boarding now! Offering meets for fun or training for those who want to compete and get involved in an awesome sport.

water polo society

Why not make the most of being at University in one of the best places for Windsurfing and Kitesurfing? Join us if you want to learn from our qualified windsurf instructors or if you want to have some friends to freesail with! Beginner, intermediate or advancetd - this is the group for you, for all other information please head over to our Facebook page.






 48

/Bournemouth Heat- University Ultimate Frisbee





/BU Windriders


We provide students that are keen or interested in water polo an opportunity to train and compete. Water polo is a thrilling and challenging sport which offers multiple social and health benefits. Whether you are keen to try a new sport or want to develop your water polo abilities, this Society is perfect for you.

A friendly Club for people who want to try something new. We compete at men’s BUCS and men’s, women’s and mixed tournaments. Always welcoming new players of all levels.

y-ball society


/BU Wake & Kite

wake & kiteboarding




This is a brand new concept sport, played to music with the referee acting as an interactive MC - get your requests in! And to top it off , yBall has it’s own  NIGHT version of the sport complete with night vision goggles and reflective ball.

p/year subuwaterpolosoc

/BU yBall 49

The club I want isn’t listed? We have 120+ Clubs, Societies and Networks, but if you think we are missing one and have the passion to get something going, you can always start your own! Starting your own Club, Society or Network is easy to do, and we can support and train you throughout.

What do i need to do? You need at least 5 members to start a Club or Society. 5 members would form a committee and would look after the running of the club. Don’t have 5 members? You can always start by forming a Network (which only needs two leaders). Once you have 5 members, just complete and submit a registration form, which you can find on our SUBU website:

Form YOUR own club OR socIETY

More clubs We also have old Clubs that just haven’t reformed due to interest or students leaving, maybe there’s something here you’d like to re-invent? Available Clubs are: Accounting Society Advertising Society Boxing Society Clay Pigeon Society Dodgeball Society Once your Club is approved, then you will be able to book rooms on campus, apply for funding and collect membership fees.

Events Society Forensics Society Geography Society Guild of Assassins Health & Fitness Society Kayak Society PR & Comms Society


And here’s just some of the Academic Societies still needing to be launched: Biological Science Society Econonics society Engineering Society Events Society Forensics Society

To discuss e and further com s team tivite meet the Ac floor of d on the Secon ent the Stud Centre.

Hospitality Society Music and audio tech Society Product design Society

01202 965903

Social work Society


RAG Fest

what is Rag? RAG stands for Raising And Giving and is the best way for BU students to raise loads of money for charity whilst embarking on life-changing adventures. Over the last 5 years RAG has raised and donated over half a million pounds! From our legendary 36-hour charity jailbreak event LEGGIT, to trekking to see the last of the remaining wild Silverback Gorillas in Uganda, we want you involved!


thurs 5th october You could face your fears by taking on a skydive, set a world record, or join one of our 4 overseas trips. Whatever your passion, RAG is guaranteed to have something for you.

Not sure what you want to do yet? No worries! Pop in to our RAG Fest on Thursday 5th October across Talbot Campus to talk to the team about all our opportunities and take part in a range of mini fundraisers. We will also be holding our Annual Adventure Charity Challenge Evening on this day at 7:30pm!

NATIONAL Award Winning NaSFA LOCAL IMPACT PROJECT 2017 NaSFA Hope For Children RAG of the Year 2016 NaSFA SU Staff Member of the Year 2016 Emma Smith

This Chapter to u o y e c u d o r t will in e m i t e f i l a the once-in s RAG experience . has on offer

FIG Community Impact Award 2015 FIG National RAG Member of the Year 2015

ď‚‚ /RAG Bournemouth

Shannon Knight (RAG Ch

air 2016/17)


Our Core Charity This year, with an incredible number of student votes, we are pleased to be supporting Dorset Rape Crisis Support Centre. Every year BU students vote to choose which charity they want Bournemouth RAG to support as their Core Charity. This means that for all our hitches and community events, as well as all the collection pots you will see around campus in our SUBU outlets, the proceeds are donated to our core charity.

Dorset rape crisis Support centre

Dorset Rape Crisis Support Centre is a pan-Dorset charity and voluntary organisation run for men, women and young people over 16 who have been raped or sexually abused. Conceived in the 1990’s as Dorset Rape Crisis Line they have developed into a centre offering emotional and practical services County-wide. These services include the Helpline, face to face counselling and emotional support and practical support and advocacy.

INTERNATIONAL FUNDRASING TRIPS The Gorilla Trek Take your journey by foot and hand-crafted dug-out canoe across the amazing landscapes of the Ugandan highlands tackling mountains, extinct volcanoes, forests and lakes with breath-taking views along the way, including the famous River Nile. Then, see where your fundraising is going transforming an empty playing field into a vibrant, exciting and creative playground for all to enjoy.

As a charity we are very excited to be working alongside SUBU as their RAG Charity of the year. The opportunity to raise funds and awareness of the work we do is a big deal for us and we look forward to the year ahead.

: Info MeetingOc tober 2017 Tuesday 10th eatre Barnes Lecture Th 6:00pm Trip Date: July 2018

Simone Gosden, Dorset Rape Crisis Support Centre

RAG cares! Bournemouth RAG is sector leading in our approach to due diligence on overseas trips. We’ve raised the bar for the sector, making sure that all our challenges adhere to the highest safety standards, are ethical, and accessible to all. We only partner with companies that are Ethical Tour Operators, meaning that all our challenges are locally-led, offering continuous employment opportunities in-country, and ensuring minimal disruption to local communities. Our providers are members of Tourism Concern (RGN: 1064020); A charity set up to advocate tourism which is ethical, fair and a positive experience for both travellers and 54

the people and places they visit, to ensure tourism always benefits local people by challenging bad practice and promoting better tourism. Our challenge providers are fully ATOL protected and adhere to the highest British Safety Standards (BS8848). Our providers are also IATA and ABTA accredited – 2 of the highest accreditations in the travel industry. If you have any questions or want to review our due diligence process, you can at any time, just pop up to the second floor of the Student Centre and ask any member of the Activities Team.

g for?

Who are we fundraisin

Charity: East African Playgrounds Play is one of the most important building blocks for a child’s growth. Without the freedom to play children struggle to make friends, to learn, to reach their physical capabilities, to enjoy life to the full. It is out on the playground where children really get the chance to put their education into practice and develop their skills. By building safe, fun and high quality playgrounds across Uganda, East African Playgrounds is able to promote and reinforce the importance of every child getting the chance to enjoy their childhood.




Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the most impressive sights in Africa and climbing it is one of the all-time great achievements, with only 1% of the world’s population taking on the challenge. Rising majestically from the savannah of Tanzania, Kilimanjaro soars to a chilling 5,895m, climbing high above the cloud line. It is the highest mountain in Africa and the largest free-standing mountain in the world. Climb your way skywards through all types of terrain as you walk through the clouds on your trek to the roof of Africa.

Follow in the footsteps of the Spanish Conquistadors and Early 20th Century explorers as you cross the high Peruvian Andes in search of Machu Picchu, the Lost City of the Inca. The Trek winds it’s way through breath-taking mountain passes, past sacred mountains and on through humid jungle trails to reach the fabled ruins of Machu Picchu.

Info Meeting:October 2017

Info Meeting:October 2017

Thursday 12th eatre Barnes Lecture Th 6:00pm Date: August 2018

Thursday 10th K101 6:00pm Trip Date: Summer 2018


g for?

Who are we fundraisin

Charity: Hope for Children Hope for Children enable vulnerable children to experience a positive childhood by improving their access to education and healthcare whilst empowering their families to support themselves. Our aims:


g for?

Who are we fundraisin

Charity: Action Against Hunger

To promote child protection and children’s rights

Action Against Hunger is an international charity committed to ending hunger. We work to save the lives of malnourished children while providing communities with sustainable access to safe water and long-term solutions to hunger. Our programmes focus on four areas:

To promote the institutionalisation of children

Nutrition – treating malnourished children to nurse them back to health

To promote sustainable development whilst strengthening and empowering communities to sustain the impact of our work

Water and sanitation – helping to prevent illness and disease that can cause malnutrition

To strengthen our partner organisations so they can provide high quality services to children and implement quality programmes

Helping communities to establish food security – enabling families to be self-sufficient

Advocacy – lobbying support and keeping hunger on the political agenda



Hitch Events


Iceland: Fire and Ice Trek

ExperiExperience the incredible natural beauty of Iceland as you trek over mountain passes, past active volcanoes and across glaciated lakes. Starting and finishing from the capital city of Reykjavík and taking in much of the south of the island, the Iceland: Fire and Ice trek will see you strap on crampons and ice axes as you trek across Europe’s largest glacier as well as trekking to the now infamous Eyjafjallajökull volcano and venturing between the giant floating Icebergs of the Jökulsárlón Lagoon.

36 hours. No money. How far can you Leggit? Our legendary hitchhike event is now one of the most talked about events of the year and gives you and your friends the chance to raise money for charity whilst doing something unforgettable. All you have to do is make your way as far away from Bournemouth as possible without spending a penny on transport. Simple enough, right? So get a team together and see how far you can get!

Info Meeting:October 2017 Thursday 12th eatre Barnes Lecture Th 7:00pm Date: Summer 2018


g for?

Who are we fundraisin

Charity: The Children’s Society The Children’s Society helps change children’s stories, working towards a country where all children are free from disadvantage. We’ve been trusted for over a century to drive change locally and nationally and provide support where it’s needed most. Together, we tackle child poverty and neglect head on, from helping families trapped in debt, child runaways and young carers, to stopping child sexual exploitation.

Nov event Date: 11th & 12th Info Meetings: tober 2017

I decided to finally take part in Leggit last year after a few years of eyeing it up but putting it off, and I can honestly say it was one of the best weekends of my university life. It was such a fun experience and something you wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to do.

Lost is getting bigger and better each year and is fast becoming one of RAG’s most popular events! We take you on a blacked-out bus to a mystery location in the UK, and we leave you there. It’s your challenge to make your way back to Bournemouth as fast as you can, with no technology, no maps, and no money. Lost is an exciting experience for you and your friends to get together and have a fun day out!

Lost was a brilliant opportunity. Being completely isolated while having to find your way home was challenging but we met some really nice people along the way, which reminded us how generous people can be. Anna Hayward, Lost Participant 2016


Brooke Elias, VP Activities 2016/17

Tuesday 17th Oc eatre at 6:00pm Barnes Lecture Th tober 2017 Oc Thursday 19th eatre at 6:00pm Th re ctu Le Cobham

18 Event Date: February 20 Info Meetings: February 2018


RAG Community Events

Become A rag rep

As well as our events further afield, we also run a variety of community events on-campus and in the local Bournemouth community, for those with limited time to fundraise, but who still want to make a difference.

• Skydive • Runderpants • Rehome a Duck Day • Marble Competition


I chose to do a skydive because I wanted to challenge myself by doing something crazy and, in the process, raise money for a great cause. It was such an amazing feeling to jump 15,000ft out of a plane and I would not hesitate to do it again!

The Big….?

If you are passionate about fundraising and supporting worthwhile causes, but don’t think you have the time to participate in an event, it’s the perfect role for you, as the work is flexible around your commitments.

Feel like you can’t make a difference on your own? Our BIG events show just how much of a difference we can make when we come together! By volunteering your time for just a short time you can help us give to worthwhile causes, and maybe even break a world record in the process! Through collaboration with other groups, we have put on events such as The Big Gift Wrap, The Big Feed and The Big Stitch.

It’s a great opportunity to meet new people, make a difference and get involved!

I wanted to help create something which encouraged both the university and local community to come together to help a cause in need. Lauren Burton, The Big Gift Wrap 2016

The RAG team put on loads of great fundraising events throughout the year so keep an eye out for our updates on social media to hear about all the amazing opportunities you can get involved with. 60

Our reps are our most valuable resource as we rely on them for promotion, stewarding at events and helping with preparation as well as spreading the word across campus about all the amazing things RAG has on offer! Every rep gets a free t-shirt to keep once they have helped out at 5 events, and a free hoodie when they reach 10 events! They receive training and work closely with the leadership team to make sure every event runs smoothly, and it looks great on your CV too.

Katie Bastable, Skydiver 2016

And many more…

Want to go one step further and do more than just fundraise? If you want to help support and organise our events then RAG rep could be the role for you.

Like us


Follow us


Get involved Email Reps Co-ordinator:


Meet the RAG Leadership Team chair

it could bu! community events co-ordinator

As RAG Chair your role is that of an Elected Officer. You will sit on the Activities Council representing all things fundraising at BU! Cross-campus campaigns, working with others, inspiring ideas and being approachable are all a must! You will also need to organise and Chair RAG Leadership Team Meetings. You will be the main point of contact between the leadership team and SUBU. Nominate yourself for the position now!

RAG is the opportunity to challenge yourself and help give back to the community. I decided it was the time for me to take on this opportunity to make it an unforgettable year not only for myself but everyone who’s shares the passion to help and support.

Alexandra Cazacu

Lansdowne co-ordinator

Hello my name is Katie, my role is the Lasdowne Coordinator for RAG, my aim is to promote RAG within the health and wellbeing community of the University to build awareness of the fabulous charities and events we support. I got into RAG as I took part in the Dorset Blind run last year and decided I would like to do my bit for our fabulous community.

Katie Porter 62

Hitch CO-ORDINATOR I decided to be more involved with RAG as I want to spend my free time doing something that will benefit others. I participated in LOST in my second year of university and absolutely loved the experience and wanted to do more to contribute. These fundraising experiences with RAG have been super fulfilling and have been an amazing opportunity to meet new people and do some amazing things for those in need!

Vanita Patel

media and communications co-ordinator

Overseas co-ordinator Becoming a part of the RAG team in first year gave me the opportunity (kili & Machu PiccHu) to fundraise with anmyawesome group of people I’ve never

met before, and to go on to conquer our Kilimanjaro trek having nothing but a laugh along the way. It’s made me aware of some of the problems our world faces, but more importantly how easy it is to help, and that is the underlying reason RAG is the best society you can join at Bournemouth Uni.

Liam Baldock rag reps CO-ORDINATOR

I got involved with RAG because it equips me with essential transferable skills that will help me with future employments. It’s also great for the community and the social aspects of it are amazing. I’ve met so many new people and made amazing friends.

Katrin Mahfuz

Overseas co-ordinator (eap & iceland)

I wanted to be involved in something at the university away from just friends at my flat and on my course. Freshers Fair was the perfect place to try and find out about everything I could do. Through this I applied to RAG after showing an interest in the East African Playgrounds Gorilla Trek. It’s a once in a life-time experience.

emma reynolds

I got involved with RAG because I feel it’s one of the most important aspects of BU. I love volunteering and fundraising for those in need and hope to encourage and inspire others to do the same

stephanie campbell External Campaigns Co-ordinator

naomi richards

I have been involved with RAG since my first year at university, taking on The Gorilla Trek with East African Playgrounds. In my second year I joined the Leadership Team as the Overseas Expeditions Co-ordinator and I lead a group of students to summit Mount Kilimanjaro. This year I’m excited to take on the new role of External Campaigns Co-ordinator and fundraise even more for charity!

Campaigns@bournemouthrag. 63

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