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Machine made Paper Bags



pp Woven bags


The Woven bags manufactured by us are highly customized and capable to meet client's specific requirements. We are manufacturing PP woven bags in varied attractive colours. They are lightweight and have strong carrying capacities. Our range of woven sacks is available in different sizes and specifications to meet the client's needs. According to the last scientific research, this type of bags has less greenhouse gas footprint in life cycle, comparing to other bag types.

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We offer an exclusive quality of Plastic bags with square bottom. They can be made by frosted, transparent or coloured material, w/o high definition printing. Each bag is manual finished with rope or plastic handles. Many brand-protection extras are • 1L»LS.

available as option.


long handles



eyelets for handles



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hot stamping


Isothermal bags

Ideal to carry hot or frozen food and beverages, our Isothermal bags are solid, eye-catch looking and non-expensive. They have clip-on handles with strong closure, and multilayer structure to prevent heat exchange with the environment.

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\ Our Duffle bags target are the young, active people. They have one drawstring handle which allow very comfortably carrying on shoulder. Outside printing can be varnished or laminated for high durability. ^LDPE 4/ COE, (j^L

eyelets for handles

mat/Qloss lamination



Luxury paper bags

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You can add value to your brand, using our classic hand-made Paper bags. We are manufacturing variety range of sizes, using different papers, with many possible extras for added value. , Paper (j^j


long handles

hot UV varnish stamping 1

eyelets for handles

mat/gloss lamination

inside printing



Machine made paper bags

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We are manufacturing Paper bags with twisted

paper handles. They are made on high-automated machines, that's why they have low cost and constant quality. We use strong paper, recycled or made from truly well managed forests. Many finishing options are available to make your brand unique. inside priming


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Soft loop handle bags w/o bottom gusset


Very common use in shopping malls, Soft loop handle bags are durable, beautiful and practical.

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We are manufacturing this type of bags using varied polymer materials, colours, sizes, etc.

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Patch Handle bags with glue or thermal reinforcement. They are very popular for clothing and gift items. We offer varied sizes and extras to make your bags unique.

Turn-over top bags

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Die cut bags

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Die cut bags are very useful for trade shows, promotional events and shopping purposes. We offer high definition printing and varied sizes and materials for that bags type. N301 marking SSffi,

tear-off coupon


T-shirt bags

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Vitamina E Omega forte




This is a wide spread type of bag in supermarkets and stores. It is suitable for carrying of any products - light TVK.K.imAK.1

or heavy, or voluminous. We offer

T-shirt bags in big size range and varied materials. Degralen

Shell Brunflo




Courier bags We are manufacturing strong and functional Courier bags. As standard they are made by co-extruded polyethylene, and


they can have permanent

T&T express

for bill, and perforation for


easy opening.

sealing tape, transparent pocket




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transparent pocket


We offer a range of bags ideal for retail display purposes with

euro-slot hanger or POS hole






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and a lateral seal if required.

euro slot punch

sealing t tape



Packaging bags

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We offer varied Packaging bags, which are usable in many business fields. For example bags for tires,

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for foods, for chemicals, laundry bags, etc. mater


S-100 LDPE


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Caution tapes are frequently - •-

used in the fields of law enforcement, event's exterior design, safety, construction, painting, mining, hardware and utilities.

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eyelets for handles

mat/gloss lamination



Long handles are very suitable for carrying bag over your shoulder. We offer varied colours and materials such as polyester, polypropylene and cotton.

LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) - This is the oldest type of polyethylene, which is used for plastic bags. LDPE has good transparency and seal ability. It's common used for Patch Handle Bags, Soft Loop Handle Bags and Die Cut Bags. In North Europe LDPE is still used for T-shirt bags. We can extrude LDPE films with thickness between 18-180 micr.

The Eyelets are both stylish and functional - they reinforce handle holes. We offer metallic, white or coloured eyelets. Eyelets are more applicable for plastic luxury bags.

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) - HDPE is stronger than LDPE on stretching, but it tears easily. This material is highly suitable for T-shirt bags and Die Cut bags Also, the thick HDPE (50-90 micr.) is often used for fashion bags. Naturally HDPE is lustreless. The prices of HDPE and LDPE are very often changed on the market. We can extrude HDPE films with thickness between 8-100 micr.

Lamination is common used surface finishing process, which adds luxury appearance to packagings. We offer both gloss or matt lamination on paper, PP woven and plastic bags. Very often used in printed media as magazines and packagings, UV zone varnish is right way to focus attention on your products. We offer regular and relief UV varnish, as well as pearlescent (with pearl particles inside).

hot stamping

CoEx - We offer 3 layer plastic films for customers, who needs a special characteristic for their packaging. Common use is to make different film colours inside/outside, to increase durability, sealing properties, thermal stability and many other properties.

Hot stamping is a dry printing method in which a heated die and foil are used to apply graphics to a surface. Although it is used to imitate gold/silver printing, we offer several other colours. \j Degralen)


We offer ribbed Embossing on the paper bags. It gives ripple effect on bag's surface. Other option is Embossed logo or relief. In some cases, especially for brand protection, you can add Printing inside bags. This makes your bags unique.

Inkjet marking. You can add unique mark on your bags with this option. Very usable for promotional codes, dates, bar-codes, etc.

The Tear-off coupon is configured with the rest of the bag for rapid production and easy detachment from the bag. The coupons are separable from the bag portion due to perforations.


euro slot punch

In many cases Perforation can help your customers to open the bags. Ifs recommended for packaging and security bags. We offer perforations with different tearing effort.

Euro-slot punches will allow you to create the euroslot shape in your stock in order to display on a variety of hook and slot shape retail shelving.

Transparent pocket. They are commonly used for the insertion of waybill or consignment notes. The transparency making it possible for bar code scanning.


Degralen - It is similar to LDPE and HDPE, but there is additive which makes bag to degradate in presence of oxygen in the nature. The Degralen bags can be used approximately for an year if they are kept in dry , cool storage. Ecomater - It is based on polylactose from corn. Ecomater bags are biodegradable only in compost environment. Bags made by Ecomater meet the European standard for compostabilty EN13432 BOPP (Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene) - BOPP is a well-known material for food packaging. Snacks, sugar and many other foods are packed in BOPP films. It has super transparency, very high resistance on stretching, but it can breaks very easy. The BOPP by itself is not suitable for advertising bags. From 30 micr. BOPP we usually produce envelopes and special bags. BOPP has different varieties as lustreless and metallized BOPP, that are often used for laminated films Woven PP - We offer to our clients bags made of woven polypropylene fabrics. It is the strongest material available for bags manufacturing. Woven PP bags are offered with lamination - gloss or mat and high definition flexo printing.

Paper - Paper is well known material with long history of using in bags manufacturing. We are using the following kind of papers: • Kraft, white or brown, plain or ribbed; • One side coated paper; • Two sides coated art paper. Kraft paper features strength combined with natural paper look and feel. Coated grades of paper distinguish superior print quality.

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