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Documenting Music and Art from Amsterdam and the World Issue 4. September / October 2019



litterally show me a healthy person by Darcie Wilder recommended by Co-Editor Hannah Pezzack

The Void, Documenting Music and Art from Amsterdam and the World. Published by Subbacultcha six times a year. Issue 4, September / October 2019 Front cover


Subbacultcha team Publishers and Creative Directors Leon Caren Bas Morsch Co-Editors Hannah Pezzack Sydney van Nieuwaal Art Director and Graphic Designer Lin Ven Copy Editor Brittany McGillivray Marketing, Sales and Partnerships Shari Klein

A DV ERT ISEMEN T How Nonviolence Protects The State by Peter Gelderloos recommended by Communications Intern Susanna Li

Grab a copy of The Void at one of the following locations in Amsterdam: The Complete Cosmicomics by Italo Calvino recommended by Art Director Lin Ven

AMFI Athenaeum Boekhandel Bimhuis Centrale Bibliotheek Amsterdam Cinecenter Cinetol Concerto / Plato De Appel De Brakke Grond De Nieuwe Anita De School Distortion Records Eye Filmmuseum Fotolab KieKie Garage Noord Hutspot Rozengracht Hutspot van Woustraat Kriterion Mary Go Wild Mediamatic Melkweg Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ OT301 Paradiso Redlight Records Restored Rietveld Academie Sandberg Instituut SkateCafe Stedelijk Museum Studio/K Urban Outfitters

Before Night Falls by Reinaldo Arenas recommended by Booker Robert Lalkens

Lyra Pramuk shot by Kasia Zacharko in Kino International in Berlin, Germany. The Void Issue 4 was made with the talents of Federica Bardelli Klara Bilic Carolina Calgaro Leon Caren Eliane Castelar Nastia Cistakova Katie Day Kaspar Dejong Kim Dijkstra Max Favetti Justine Gensse Florian Hetz Ériver Hijano Jessica Juarez Shari Klein Robert Lalkens Susanna Li Callum McLean Giulia Morlando Bas Morsch Sydney van Nieuwaal Lizzie Osborne Ellinor O’Donovan Brit Parks Madeleine Peccoux Hannah Pezzack Annabel van Royen Sharon Sutton Annosh Urbanke Lin Ven Veronika Vidoe Catrin Westerland Franka Wiggers Katherine Wimett Tobias Withers Kasia Zacharko The Void was printed by Rodi Rotatiedruk Diemen, the Netherlands

+ many more.

Send to The Void by Madeleine Peccoux

Winter by Ali Smith recommended by Co-Founder Leon Caren

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The Void is published by Subbacultcha, an Amsterdam-based platform run by real people who are hopelessly devoted to music and art.

Horses in The Void #3 at OT301, Amsterdam

The Void represents our inspiring community and reflects our vibrant surroundings. Consider it an ode to unruly creativity and musicians and artists who challenge the norm.

Reaching across this commonality, we’ve found electrifying sparks in the dark. Music that queries convention; artists who make the illusory real. From Lyra Pramuk’s meditative performances that rocket towards a cyborbian future to Erika de Casier’s intimate reflections on life in the digital age. Relax with post-holiday musings from Meetsysteem and ponder repetition with Bendik Giske’s analogue dance music created through pulverising saxophone keys. This issue looks towards our distant horizons whilst delivering a love note to the present moment.

The Void also shines a light on all the concerts and events we organise in and around Amsterdam, showcasing the emerging artists and musicians we love. The Void is made in close collaboration with our dedicated community of readers, members, artists, musicians, writers and photographers from all over the world. Come join us!

About Subbacultcha

A special thank you to all who submitted their art following our latest Get Published call out. We were truly blown away by the incredible quality, depth and scale of the work. Choice cuts include a succulent story by film-maker Max Favetti and collages inspired by Void back-issues from artist Klara Bilic.

We unearth the best emerging artists and bring them to alternative stages near you. We also publish the Void: a publication documenting Subbacultcha’s ever-expanding universe.

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Did you know, according to quantum physics, all things are composed mostly of nothingness? In our most intimate recesses - between protons and electrons - there’s just empty space. The Void in us all.

Kelman Duran at s105 (De School), Amsterdam


Horses in The Void #3 at OT301, Amsterdam

The Void is published six times a year and is distributed all over the Netherlands.

Horses in The Void #3 at OT301, Amsterdam


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MEETSYSTEEM Interview by Sydney van Nieuwaal Photos shot for Subbacultcha by Annabel van Royen in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Blissful synth sequences. Philosophical pop, backed by tight and crispy drum machines. With the release of Meetsysteem’s debut album, Geen Signaal, in the rearview mirror, we visited Ricky Cherim’s abode in Amsterdam West. Over a cup of blue butterfly pea tea from Thailand, we shot him some questions on travelling, souvenirs and (eventually) coming home. You’ve said your music is a soundtrack for travelling by bike. Could you reflect on that a little more?

“I usually live out of my suitcase, but if I can find the energy to unpack it, I’ll end up much happier.”

At home with

As is ‘Geduld’, which was formerly English-sung and titled ‘Patience’. Is patience fruitful as a working method?

Funny that you point that out. To me, music always hits hardest while moving. Slowly drifting away on the bus with headphones on. I get tilted. I get carried away.

“To me, music always hits hardest while moving. Slowly drifting away on the bus with headphones on. I get tilted. I get carried away.” Post-travels; how is coming home for you? I really enjoy coming home. Thanks to the designer-eye of my girlfriend, I can come back to a vibey place where I can chill. It helps creating some inner peace. Hi Ricky, thanks for having us over! Have you always lived in Amsterdam?

On holiday. When I travel, everything resets.

Was New York everything you dreamed and more?

Do you find a similar conjuncture in creating music?

Manhattan was magical, but only for the first couple of months. I was living on a cloud and all of a sudden it was over already. From that point you’re already dying from the inside. Everything is way too high-energy and intense.

Yes, very similar, but really leaning more towards chaos. Tammo Hesselink (DJ and producer) and Sjoerd Oberman (owner of Nous’klaer Audio) helped me a lot with discovering an equilibrium. For instance, the album order is structured according to levels of energy. Finding a flow between high and low.

Yes, you start to see through shit. When I came back home it was like stepping into a warm bath. Cycling around the city, meeting friends at cafés.

Could you tell me a bit more about that painting on your wall? It’s really beautiful. Cool, right? My grandmother made that. I look at this particular one as acid rain. My grandmother died of a brain tumor. In her process of decline she started painting more and more abstract - even before she was aware of her condition. Most of her final paintings display these intense and abstract feelings.

Anywhere else where you can find peace?

Born and raised, but I lived and worked in New York for a while. Acting tough, growing up. I worked in a Dutch restaurant called Vandaag. I walked in and said “yo, I’m Dutch, can I work here?” I was one of the first Dutch people to join the team. The restaurant was very hip. You know, they had a good New York Times review. They fed into the idea that nobody has a clue what’s happening in The Netherlands. Selling bitterballs, but also a bunch of Scandinavian dishes, an Indonesian-Dutch chicken satay and stroopwafels with ice for dessert. The restaurant only lasted for a year.

Things start losing their meaning?

To me, It’s very helpful. I’m able to work rather quickly, but to really make something good I need to take my time. I’m very aware that I have to start working on my next album as soon as possible, or it will take 20 years before it’s released. Haha, I’m on it!

You travel a lot. Do you live out of your suitcase or do you like to unpack it? Haha! I usually live out of my suitcase, but if I can find the energy to unpack it, I’ll end up much happier. Being organized is important to me - but I really have to put in the effort. Living in peaks of chaos and order? ‘Dust’ send to The Void by Catrin Westerland • @czwesterland


How does it feel to put the album out into the world? Do you feel the urge to justify, explain or change anything? No! I’m so happy! Finally, goddamnit. The song ‘Bonaduz’ is six or seven years old.

Could you show us some objects in your house that are dear to your heart? I cherish this artwork by Tjobo Kho. He’s a friend of mine who made the artwork for the album. Also, most definitely my records. Everywhere I travel, I try to purchase one. This one (Wannadi Ana / Erraghaya by Nass El Ghiwane) immediately gives me warm Atlas Mountains vibes. Takes me back to a particular train-ride in Morocco. People playing music, people talking. A train ride as a social gathering. — Meetsysteem’s debut album Geen Signaal is out now on Nous’klaer Audio.

Gossamer clouds and otherworldly vocals

LYRA PRAMUK Interview by Hannah Pezzack Photos shot for Subbacultcha by Kasia Zacharko in Berlin, Germany

Ethereal; shimmering like an intense golden heat. Lyra Pramuk blends together classical singing with contemporary club culture and performance art. Now based in Berlin, Lyra is part of the Holly Herndon ensemble and has collaborated on Colin Self’s MoMA debut. Pressing pause on her busy schedule, we discussed technological landscapes, poetry, and everything in between.

Let’s start at the beginning. How did you get here?

There are a lot of amazing women on that list. In terms of sharing your own story, you’ve been very open and articulate, both online and beyond.

Music has always been a big part of my life. My grandmother was a church pianist and choir director, so my siblings and I began singing at age five. When I was sixteen I decided I wanted to pursue music professionally, focusing on vocal performance. I practiced daily for several hours, learning to sing in several languages. At this point, my focus became really diverse, from Bach and German art song, to experimental and avant-garde, jazz and pop. In 2011 I started writing my own songs on my computer.

I think it’s extremely important for marginalized folks to own their own stories. And so more and more, that means that institutions, governments, and companies need to work together with marginalized collectives, artists, activists and speakers, and give them platforms without judgement and without controlling the narrative. This will pose a direct challenge to existing codes of civility and power, but it is the work that needs to happen now.

We’ve noticed folklore and antiquity in you work, alongside the synthetic. How’d you weave them together?

When I listen to your music I get the feeling of immediacy, as well as connection with something bigger. Is this something you set out to create?

These cultural poles have been a site of productive conflict for me for a while - to be ecological, historical, but at the same time, to look into the yet unknown. I think it’s about maintaining a reverence for ways of being in the past; for ancestry, while not being afraid of embracing and working with the languages of what has not yet come. My good friend, artist Donna Huanca, reminded me once, “nature is not just granola.” There is no duality there, but a massively complex collage.

I’m trying to cultivate an intimacy with myself first. And then I can be more intimate with people around me. With plants and animals, with objects, over longer distances, over the internet. It’s a struggle for me. I cannot do everything perfectly, none of us can. But I can accept my smallness, find joy in it. — Lyra Pramuk plays on 5 September at Het Muzieklokaal (De School), Amsterdam. Free for Subbacultcha members.

Okay, so tech and tradition can go hand-inhand. What kind of music technologies would you like to see developed? I’m most interested in technologies that could unlock the potential to change the performance landscape in a dramatic, democratic way. The kind of technology that helps us control software away from our screens and desks; a more embodied interface. I’ve recently supported a couple of initiatives for motion sensor control on Indiegogo and Kickstarter. The most famous project in this regard are the gloves developed by Imogen Heap and her team. The basic idea is to put parameter and automation control into gestural movement with your hands, fingers, and arms, using a system of accelerometers or muscle sensors. Genki Instruments have just released such a tool - Wave - which I am really excited to try.

Thanks Kino International for hosting Kasia and Lyra for this shoot!

You posted a beautiful poem from Brecht to Walter Benjamin on Instagram. Where does poetry fit into all this? Poetry and storytelling have been integral to my understanding of the world since before I can remember. To be able to take joy, pain, anger, and turn it into a sentence, a paragraph, a word, a story, a song. It’s such an ennobling, educational process, to work with our emotions in such a tangible way. It changes the world. What are you reading currently? In the past months I’ve been reading Emily Dickinson, SPECTRES by Shelter Press, Woman, native, other by Trinh T. Minh-ha, Ursula Le Guin’s translation of the Tao Te Ching, and Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. And, of course, Audre Lorde. I revere that woman:

“The quality of light by which we scrutinize our lives has a direct bearing upon the product which we live, and upon the changes which we hope to bring about through those lives. It is within this light that we form those ideas by which we pursue our magic and make it realized. This is poetry as illumination.” - Audre Lorde, Poetry is Not a Luxury

“To be able to take joy, pain, anger, and turn it into a sentence, a paragraph, a word, a story, a song. It’s such an ennobling, educational process, to work with our emotions in such a tangible way. It changes the world.”


Dazzling saxophone mantras

BENDIK GISKE Free for Subbacultcha members! Become a member at

Interview by Callum McLean Photos shot by Florian Hetz

From Oslo and Bali to Berlin, Bendik Giske’s radical, rhythmic saxophone performances hum and shudder to a techno-like pulse. We caught up with him to talk club culture, transgression and intimacy.



Your mirroring of electronic sounds involves recording your performances up close, intimately.


I definitely find intimacy erotic. Placing microphones both very close and far away in the reverberant spaces where Surrender was recorded allowed me to play with proximity. In post-production I could take this further, almost like whispering in the listener’s ear.


We love the radical concepts behind behind what you do; at the same time, we found your music surprisingly meditative. What effect do you hope to produce in listeners?

EUNDERGROUND A collaboration between Melkweg and Subbacultcha. Exploring the depths of the European underground, scouring across the European landscape. Unearthing grassroot talent that grows, evolves and goes against the grain. With: Shygirl from London, Astrid Sonne from Copenhagen, Crystallmess from Paris, and Odete from Lisbon.

A core feature of your performance involves using circular breathing techniques to build endlessly cycling patterns. What interests you about repetition?

EUnderground at Melkweg, Amsterdam on 26 September. Free for Subbacultcha members.

There is something profoundly real about repetition, like waves. It is the ongoing momentum that confirms our living presence. The pulse; the breath. Then again, I find that the ideals of repetition are in fact impossible to achieve with a human body, so reaching towards it becomes a way to embrace my own humanity. It puts me in a vulnerable state, especially as I get closer to exhaustion, and there is profound honesty to that. Your breathless performances seem physically exhausting. What are your secrets to keeping energy and focus?

What was it about the more traditional worlds of jazz and saxophone performance that you felt you needed to break away from? Jazz has been a vessel for me to acquire knowledge. There’s a wealth of tools and directions to explore within the genre that are instrumental to how I can create. It’s been important for me to realize that knowledge provides a platform to depart from. I try to explore avenues that might reveal themselves as a gesture of opposition to the current. As a performing artist, I want to listen rather than impose myself on my surroundings. I want to establish a momentum and watch as an expression grows out of it. To say the least, you have a complicated relationship to your instrument. I continuously find that the saxophone takes me to interesting places. It has become mine; we have grown together. There’s so much physicality in the tenor saxophone, and I feel it connects well with my body and voice. These discoveries have come out of a sense of urgency to explore other possibilities, to create outside of established frameworks. I’m not sure I’d be a saxophonist otherwise.

Following our Get Published call out, we acquired some beautiful work from artists of BLUE. An inclusive space for multiple disciplines, BLUE holds steadfast to its founding principle that artists have a right to display and create work regardless of their gender, ethnic background, sexuality, class or ability. Keep your eyes peeled for more from them later this year. @bluethecollective

foto Andreas Terlaak


Speeldata, tickets en info: Dansateliers en Korzo zijn de creatieve partners in danslokaal

“Croatian Amor - In World Cell”

KOM HET NIEUWE TALENT ONTDEKKEN IN DANSLOKAAL 7 5 T/M 8 SEP & 12 T/M 15 SEP Studio Conny Janssen Danst, Rotterdam 18 SEP T/M 2 OKT ON TOUR Den Haag | Amsterdam | Utrecht | Rotterdam | Den Bosch | Haarlem

“Stevie Nicks - Wild Heart - Live Demo - 1981”

‘Jonge makers lopen altijd tegen een aantal dingen aan. Hoe vind ik dansers, tijd en geld? Dat zijn dingen die ze vaak niet hebben. En als je werk hebt ontwikkeld, hoe krijg ik dat werk in het theater? En als ik een speelplek heb, hoe bereik ik publiek? Met dans­ lokaal kunnen we nieuwe makers een eindje op weg helpen.’ ­ conny janssen

“My third highest note”

conny janssen danst geeft jong talent een kans met danslokaal. Hét talent­ ontwikkelingsproject waarbij jonge choreografen uitgenodigd worden nieuw werk te ontwikkelen in samenwerking met de dansers van Conny Janssen Danst. Voor elke aflevering selecteert Conny Janssen samen met creatieve partners Dansateliers en Korzo nieuw choreografietalent met diverse achtergronden. Dit keer zijn dat Jason Mabana (Conny Janssen Danst), Rutkay Özpinar (Korzo) en Joseph Simon (Dansateliers).

“Playing a 7/11 polyrhythm inside a 7-Eleven on July 11th at 7:11 for 7 minutes and 11 seconds”


“‘Kitchen Nightmares’ but it’s ran thru a microkorg”


The performance is in itself a ritual. It is exhausting but in an energizing way. I really enjoy achieving that concentrated, meditative state where intuition takes over when nothing else matters but the here and now. It’s like reaching a state of surrender.

It’s frustrating to see how polarization occurs and grows in public debate. So many people are expressing themselves in a strong and powerful ways, making unbelievable efforts to be seen and to bring their story into the light. It is clear that confrontation is needed, but for these statements to be heard, people need to listen! I believe empathy is a superpower that needs to be worked on, that entering meditative states is a portal to a richer understanding of what’s going on in and around you.

“I believe empathy is a superpower” You were inspired to create Surrender following a night at the notorious Berlin club Berghain in 2012. Can you tell us about your epiphany? In Berghain, I found both the music and a culture that invited me to take a counterperspective: one in which you surrender control and just let it happen. This opens up an incredible space to explore identity, togetherness, solitude, movement and so much more. I started asking myself why this felt so special, and part of the answer manifested into how I went about creating the Surrender album, as well as much of the repertoire I’ve made for stage and art spaces. — Bendik Giske’s album Surrender is out now on Smalltown Supersound.

Still from ‘Adjust’ by Bendik Giske


‘Walk with U’ (performance) shot by Marie Houttequiet

A note from our booker

A playlist like the weather. From unpredictable and ‘hard-to-adjust’ to overwhelmingly soothing and ‘making-us-melt-into-plain-liquid’. HIDE Raw Dream

Sounds like

Shygirl UCKERS

We ask our favorite DJs to curate a personal profile of tracks. A list of music that captures who they are, and why they do what they do.


Caroline Polachek Ocean Of Tears Bendik Giske Adjust Idiott Smith So Rocky

An object, lying invert and peaceful, suddenly springs into life. Ode de Kort is an artist living and working in Antwerp, Belgium. Developing a series of performances, photography, installations, videos, she invents a surrealist landscape of iterations. Centred around the circle: an oval or half-formed “U”. The typo; words that slip and shudder out of place. A two-letter alphabet; a score, a cut-out silhouette for the body of the artist to interact with.

Lyra Pramuk Tsuki RØR Buff Sensual Xx Roby

Catch Ode de Kort’s solo exhibition - UU TWOO at De Brakke Grond, 21 September - 13 October. The opening will be held 5pm-7pm on 20 September. Free for all.

Booker at Subbacultcha

Read the full interview with Ode de Kort at A DV ERT ISEMEN T

MEREL Merel’s mixes are tethered to her roost in the experimental Dutch West Coast sound and Intergalactic FM. Her music flutters across genres, producing elusive sonic utterances impossible to pin down. Catch her every other month on Red Light Radio or at her residency slot at Garage Noord. A track that reminds you of your teenage years Boards Of Canada - Amo Bishop Roden Something that surges and crackles with power Ruin - Zamilska A record with a sample you adore Threshold Houseboys Choir The Hangmans Ball A track from a mix you caught recently that truly blew your mind Golden Bug Tamba (feat. Viktoria Wehrmeister) Something that defies categorisation Slikback - Tomo

We’ll be organising a special screening on October 23. Location TBA. Free for Subbacultcha members.

A precious gem you unearthed at a record fair or store Vanligt Folk - Palle Bondo A song that’s been lost to the ages and needs to be heard again Far East Family Band - Tenkujin [天空人] Something with a transcendent build Mkwaju Ensemble Wood Dance (COCO-7765) A track for the crux of your set JASSS Instantaneous Transmission Of Information Summarise your DJ moniker with a song Field Recording - BLACKBIRD SONG Merel plays on 28 September at Horses in the Void #4 at Garage Noord, Amsterdam. Free for Subbacultcha members. Read the full story behind this playlist at

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Kelman Duran at s105 (De School), Amsterdam.










Visit the last day of the double-solo exhibition Decoders-Recorders Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam


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LAB Classics: The Matrix (1999) - 20th anniversary LAB 111, Amsterdam

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Tales of the Future: Escape from New York by John Carpenter Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam Free for Subbacultcha members

Watch Anastasia Karkazis’ video for Only the Stars Come out at Night by Vanity Productions Behind your computer. While the stars are out. At night.



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Subbacultcha event

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Synthese meets Gaudeamus: M.E.S.H. (live), Slagwerk Den Haag, Oceanic, Jasmín & Vierdeux Filmcafé, Utrecht

HIS DARK Elements invites PAG LTV Bovenkamer (Radion), Amsterdam Free for Subbacultcha members

The Rest Is Noise: Tashi Wada Group ft. Julia Holter & Corey Fogel Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam Free for Subbacultcha members





Lyra Pramuk Het Muzieklokaal (De School), Amsterdam

Subbacultcha event






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Lust For Youth Paradiso, Amsterdam

BIG ART (12-15 September) Hembrugterrein, Zaanstad

Horst Arts & Music Festival (13-15 September) Vilvoorde-North

Listen to Wannadi Ana / Erraghaya by Nass El Ghiwane recommended by Meetsysteem Anywhere you like





Free for Subbacultcha members Song recommendation

Listen to Ocean of Tears by Caroline Polachek Anywhere you like, but listen to it loud




Alex Cameron Paradiso, Amsterdam

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LO-FI LE-VI EP Release s105 (De School), Amsterdam


TodaysArt 2019 19-22 September The Hague

Free for Subbacultcha members



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Duran Lantink: Old Stock Centraal Museum, Utrecht

Tales of the Future: Under the Skin by Jonathan Glazer Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam

Free for Subbacultcha members

Free for Subbacultcha members


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EUnderground w/ Shygirl, Astrid Sonne, Crystallmess, Odete and more Melkweg, Amsterdam Free for Subbacultcha members


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Follow @thewhitepube on Instagram for some hot takes on the artworld On the world wide web

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Subbacultcha event

Tales of the Future: Havens/ De Ruiter scores Zemlja by Aleksandr Dovzhenko Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam

TodaysArt 2019 Club night Paard, The Hague Free for Subbacultcha members before 1AM; after 1AM members get 50% discount

Free for Subbacultcha members



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Horses in the Void #4 Garage Noord, Amsterdam

Horses in The Void #3 at OT301, Amsterdam


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Listen to Twenty Thousand Hertz

Front Row Festival Oedipus Brewing, FC Hyena, Dansmakers Amsterdam, Garage Noord, SkateCafe, and H.E.R.O., Amsterdam Both events free for Subbacultcha members

Pick up a copy of Audre Lorde’s Poetry is Not a Luxury recommended by Lyra Pramuk Your local bookshop



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t io n

reb el

l io n .n l


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Youtube search: Communism is like rain Youtube, or, idk, Vimeo (if that’s your thing)

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Music + Film


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Light of My Life Location TBA

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Ms Nina + DRKNGHTS COLLECTIVE Melkweg, Amsterdam



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Sean Nicholas Savage s105 (De School), Amsterdam

Visit the last day of Kevin Bray’s Morpher III Foam, Amsterdam

Free for Subbacultcha members

Free for Subbacultcha members



Themed tour

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CURL (Mica Levi / Coby Sey / Brother May) Kunstencentrum Vooruit, Ghent

The Female Perspective a guided tour dedicated to female perspectives in art Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

Tales of the Future: Use Knife scores La Coquille et le Clergyman by Germaine Dulac Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam Free for Subbacultcha members




Free for Subbacultcha members

Horses in The Void #3 at OT301, Amsterdam

ext i nc

Rebel Without Borders



Record Store

Visit Distortion Records and be prepared to be overwhelmed Westerstraat, Amsterdam

Subbacultcha events

Tales of the Future: The Social Network by David Fincher / Eyeshadow: Gummo + Idiott Smith Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam Free for Subbacultcha members

Documentary Recommendation

Watch Sweetgrass by Lucien Castaing-Taylor On your couch

Horses in The Void #3 at OT301, Amsterdam


COMING UP AT SUBBACULTCHA Keep an eye on our website for the freshest updates. We add new shows all the time, so don’t miss out. All these shows are free for Subbacultcha members.

LYRA PRAMUK Het Muzieklokaal (De School), Amsterdam

Sunday 6 October

Lyra Pramuk is a pensive storyteller who brings optimism into a post-truth world. As a performance artist and composer, she combines technology - sampling, looping and layering her voice - with classical singing. Giving shape to ethereal, otherworldly soundscapes that are both intimate and introspective. Lyra journeys through astral planes, referencing both antiquity and the divine.

Saturday 21 September



Saturday 7 September

Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam


Winterbottom’s nostalgic mockumentary paints an apt picture of the Manchester music scene: think Joy Division and New Order, The Durutti Column and Happy Mondays. Also think: ecstasyfuelled raving. Followed by a performance of the 5-headed garage outfit The Mighty Breaks, you’re in for some high-energy treats.

Bovenkamer (RADION), Amsterdam

Thursday 26 September



THE CLICK CLICK CLUB Sunday 8 September


Melkweg, Amsterdam Exploring the depths of the European underground, unearthing grassroot talent that grows, evolves and goes against the grain. A harmonious union, where everyone sings their own tune - a catchy one. Scouring across the diversity of the European landscape - finding new meanings and breaking the mould in one and the same continent. Shygirl from London, Astrid Sonne from Copenhagen, Crystallmess from Paris and Odete from Lisbon.

Supported by Liveurope - an initiative supporting concert venues in their efforts to promote up-and-coming European artists. During the day there will be a symposium for music professionals, who’re working at one of the fifteen Liveurope venues.

Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam Subbacultcha x Holland Festival at OT301, Amsterdam

Tashi Wada (RVNG Intl.) presents his latest album Nue featuring Julia Holter and percussionist Corey Fogel. “Nue” means “naked” in French. It is also an allegory for an ancient Japanese mythological creature, the chimera. Released as part of RVNG Intl.’s FRKWY series, the project incorporates minimalist bagpipe and off-world vocals, creating “a vision, an endless dream night and a personal story full of joys and demons.”

Subbacultcha members get free access to Front Row Festival. Reserve a free ticket online!

Thursday 19 September

LO-FI LE-VI EP RELEASE s105 (De School), Amsterdam LO-FI LE-VI delivers pop so luscious that musicians as diverse as Red Velvet and Tyler, The Creator have declared themselves fans. Personifying the indie ideal - the bedroom DJ Levi Dronkert single-handedly self-produced his debut Self-Titled EP on his laptop. His accessible lyrics have resonated widely online (‘YOU’ has nearly 2 million streams on YouTube). Set to launch in August, his new EP will be celebrated by a party in our very own s105 (De School).

Melkweg, Amsterdam Since Ms Nina’s performance this March proved to be unforgettable, we’ve welcomed her back for a second show. Prising reggaeton and trap music from the hands of a hypermasculine culture, Jorgelina Torres repossesses the narrative by celebrating confidence and sex positivity. Joining her will be DRKNGHTS COLLECTIVE, a trio who knit together a multitude of high-energy underground club sounds.


Various locations, Amsterdam Noord Our friends of Front Row present a multidisciplinary one-day festival, featuring a vortex of music, theatre, dance, film, art and everything in between. Blowing up a chunk of Amsterdam Noord; in Dansmakers Amsterdam, FC Hyena, Oedipus Brewing, SkateCafe, Garage Noord, and H.E.R.O. Front Row is an ongoing cultural experiment by We Are Public.

Copenhagen rock-ensemble Josiah Konder are dynamic masters, alternating explosive instrumentation with suspenseful silence. Joined by local four-piece Global Charming with their noisy and staccato punk rock. Elegant, romantic and visceral.

Saturday 12 October

SEAN NICHOLAS SAVAGE s105 (De School), Amsterdam Unvarnished avant-garde. Sean Nicholas Savage’s voice oscillates with raw emotional sincerity. The Montreal-based artist’s album Screamo released last year is everything but what the title suggests. A dissociating lo-fi interpretation of catchy 80’s synthpop that’s heart-wrenching and enchanting.

Thursday 17 October


HORSES IN THE VOID #4 Garage Noord, Amsterdam 四 (4) is a sinister number in Chinese, phonetically akin to 死 (death). Death of boundaries and barriers, of genres and disciplines. Where the quadrilateral becomes the multilateral and angles become curves. Welcome to the fourth revival of Horses in the Void, our morphing, experimental club night.

The 80’s classic casts Kurt Russell as the hero of a devastated, dystopian New York. His task? Trying to free the president from the hands of criminal gangs. The dark soundtrack is a powerhouse of electronic fluidity - think spacey synth and ominous chords - produced by the film’s director himself, John Carpenter. Horses in The Void #3 at OT301, Amsterdam

Wednesday 11 September


Mechanic (Huub Stapel) battles a deadly lift that becomes animated with bloody-thirsty tendencies. A darkly bizarre horror-flick that plays on the universal fear of being trapped in a small space with no escape. Director Dick Maas himself produced the synthesizer score, a now classic album that has been internationally released on vinyl.

Sunday 22 September

SOLARIS BY ANDREJ TARKOVSKI Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam Soviet science fiction. Regarding Western approaches to the genre as “shallow”, director Andrej Tarkovski weaves an intense psychological narrative. In the vacuum of space, can you trust your senses? What happens when a utopia is hallucinated collectively? Eduard Artemiev created an electronic musical landscape that mimics mysterious amorphous landscape of the planet Solaris.

HAVENS/DE RUITER SCORE ZEMLJA BY ALEKSANDR DOVZHENKO A masterful piece of Ukrainian cinema, Zemlja (translation: Earth) is an ode to traditional rural life in the Soviet Union. At the same time, director Aleksandr Dovzhenko unflinchingly critiques collectivization and misery of agriculture at the time. Thijs Havens and Martin de Ruiter play a new synthesizer score over the silent film.

Wednesday 25 September


Mica Levi’s composition sets a thin, provoking atmosphere for Glazer’s portrayal of what it means to be human. Scarlett Johansson gives a slow-burning performance as a mysterious woman who preys on men. Shot in the austere and breath-taking Scottish landscape, Under the Skin received rapturous praise upon its release, winning a BAFTA for Best Score.

Saturday 5 October


Ultra-melodic and ultra-emotional. DJ and producer Torus has been on a constant motion of pushing edges, merging and dissecting sub-genres of electronic music. Torus will perform his score live for Andrey Tarkovsky’s sci-fi classic Stalker (1979). A treat for the ear and the eye.

Tuesday 8 October


Thursday 17 October


Almost every track on Erika de Casier’s Essentials is dangerously prone to becoming a summer anthem. The kind you that you listen to in the depths of winter for the sole purpose of reminiscing over steamy summer nights and salt crusted skin. Céline Gillain delivers prophetic sermons stretched over wavy percussion and sparing synth additions. Visceral in its minimalism, and taut in its fluidity.

A crime-flick that switched up the film industry, backed by a soundtrack of a dance legend who defined the 80’s electronic scene, arguably featuring one of the coldest movie characters of all time. We’re talking Tony Montana in Scarface by Brian de Palma, soundtracked by italo-disco pioneer Giorgio Mororder.

Sunday 20 October

Saturday 26 October


GUMMO + IDIOTT SMITH Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam Cult classic Gummo is Harmony Korine’s nihilistic directorial debut featuring deeply disturbing compilation of rural seclusion in Ohio. The film will be followed by a performance of someone very close to our hearts: the ever so romantic Idiott Smith. Sounds like a date night, right?

Horses in The Void #3 at OT301, Amsterdam

Cliff Martinez’s soundtrack with seductive ambient synths and melancholic melodies had almost as much impact as this instant classic itself. Starring the ultra-charismatic Ryan Gosling as a mysterious driver on the run. We won’t spoil too much. It’s iconic.

s105 (De School), Amsterdam

Front Row Festival visitors get free access to Horses in The Void #4.

Saturday 28 September


s105 (De School), Amsterdam

Saturday 28 September


Tuesday 3 September

Sunday 22 September

Tuesday 8 October

HIS DARK Elements (HDE) has teamed up with PAG TLV, one of the oldest queer organizations in Tel Aviv, to bring you a special night of dance and music. HDE is an inclusive collective aiming to provide a space where all sexualities, genders, and races can connect and learn from each other. Expect installations, drag performances and gritty basslines; left-field techno, breaks, electro, acid, and obscure house. Subbacultcha members also have access to the main room & basement that hosts Kraft Und Licht with CJ Bolland and others.

The Click Click Club means future #tbt material by our members. We hand over a disposable camera at our shows and you show us what you see.


Eye Filmmuseum presents a tribute to the synthesizer. All screenings are free for Subbacultcha members.

USE KNIFE SCORES LA COQUILLE ET LE CLERGYMAN BY GERMAINE DULAC In collaboration with ADE, Eye Filmmuseum hosts an exclusive screening of the hallucinatory silent film Le Coquille et le Clergyman, soundtracked live by Use Knife (consisting of Stef Heeren en Kwinten Mordijck). One of the first surrealist films ever, turned up just another notch.

Sunday 26 October


David Fincher directs the story of the convoluted and nasty genesis of Facebook. Money, corruption and an electronic soundtrack by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, heightening the paranoid and anxious atmosphere.

Thanks FotoLab Kiekie for making our negatives positive!

Thursday 5 September

Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam

Horses in The Void #3 at OT301, Amsterdam

Subbacultcha x Holland Festival at OT301, Amsterdam


A conversation that whirls as light as a feather, but cuts to the core


that if people listen to my music and look at my visual artwork and aesthetics they’ll get a pretty good sense of where I stand on things. If you do seek for it, how do you find intimacy via the phone? Other than making plans to meet someone, I don’t feel that I seek for it via my phone. What about in online communities? As far as I know, you can get to know each other through online communities, for sure, but it’s hard to imagine that you can find real intimacy without being together in the same room. Reading each others body language, hearing the tone of each others voice, being present, talking, touching. You know?

“It’s hard to imagine that you can find real intimacy without being together in the same room. Reading each others body language, hearing the tone of each others voice, being present, talking, touching.” Anything that online communication can offer, that real life isn’t able to do? Emojis.

DE CASIER Turning heads with her debut record Essentials, Erika de Casier is twisting 90s G-funk and R&B into something fresh and refined. We caught up for a breezy chat about life in the digital age, a subject that proved ironic when our recording equipment backfired midinterview. Not to worry though, we re-established the line of communication and nothing essential was lost there’s a metaphor in there, somewhere. Interview by Sydney van Nieuwaal Photos shot for Subbacultcha by Ériver Hijano in Berlin, Germany

To quote ‘Photo Of You’: “Let me take a photo of you / keep it forever / you know you look so good / aha, can’t get enough of you”. What are your thoughts on immortalizing moments in your life? I tend to get emotional over certain moments, wanting to keep the moment and return to it whenever I want. But I guess the beauty of a moment is that you can never really get it back, not even through a photograph. A photograph can never fully grasp the moment. As for ‘Photo Of You’, it’s actually about taking a picture of someone and sharing it without consent, which is a whole other conversation. I find some of your songs focusing on selfliberation or ‘putting yourself first’ - would you agree? What does empowerment mean to you? I don’t know if I’d use the phrase ‘put yourself first’ as my life motto. If someone else is struggling you should probably put them first. What I would rather say is; ‘love yourself’ :). It’s about feeling comfortable in your own skin, respecting and accepting yourself. — Erika de Casier and Céline Gillain play on 17 October at s105 (De School), Amsterdam. Free for Subbacultcha members. Essentials is produced by Erika de Casier & El Trick. Singular tracks produced by DJ Sports, Carl Barsk and GlobalKirk.

Hi Erika! Thanks for speaking to us. How was your morning?

have such nice things to say about. Makes me really proud and motivated to keep going.

Thanks for having me! My morning was great.

So, if you had to boil down the essence of your music in a few words to a new listener, what would you say?

You’ve lived in a myriad of places The United States, Portugal and Copenhagen. What makes a place feel like home? Let me think… For me a home doesn’t have to be where you’re from or where you live permanently. I guess what makes a home for me is where you feel you belong, a place where you can relax, feel safe and just be. Also, wherever there’s a cat! Fair enough! Essentials has been out in the world for a bit now: how have things changed for you? I get more gigs for one, which is a lot of fun. It’s been so great to release something that people

Right now it’s good melodies, pleasing sounds and whimsical lyrics. Speaking of lyrics, we’re fanning over these lines from ‘Good Time’: “When you put your phone down, you seem surprised to see me look you in the eye / don’t write it in a message, just say it to my face”. Tell us more about your dynamic with social media. I try to spend as little time on social media as possible. My Instagram is a space where you get a sense of me and that’s it. I don’t feel the necessity to always share my opinions and views. I’m a fairly private person and I feel

One lucky morning we stumbled upon the work of Klara Bilic. She had cut up our anniversary newspaper, celebrating 10 years of Subbacultcha magazine, and rearranged it in one of her many collages. We invited her to the office, handed her the former issues of The Void and asked her to do her magic. The result: Thanks Klara <3 More collages by Klara: @moalle_naps



Veronika Vidoe •



FAMILY BAND (UK) Katherine Wimett• @k.wimett

Nastia Cistakova • @nastiacistakova






Brit Parks • @britparksxx




Jessica Juarez • @jessiejay_16






A DV ERT ISEMEN T Lizzie Osborne • @lordcardigan

Send your work to for a chance to get published <3

The Amsterdam based choir Boeuf Majeur •

Giulia Morlando • @fotostazione


Eye Filmmuseum ‘Tommy’ by Lorenza Brancadoro • @lolladoro

Elinor O’Donovan • @elinorodonovan

Justine Gensse • @juniejustine

FILM + LIVE SHOW September 21st 2019

Film: 24 Hour Party People (2002) Music: The Mighty Breaks


Kim Dijkstra

Sharon Sutton • @ideasloading

October 26th 2019

Film: Gummo (1997) Music: Idiott Smith


Kaspar Dejong • @kaspardejong • FIERC •

Eliane Castelar • @eliane.castelar

Franka Wiggers • @frankawiggers

Annosh Urbanke •

Fonny Stone • @fonnystone Veronika Vidoe •

Katie Day • @k.tieday


Carolina Calgaro

Justine Gensse • @juniejustine

Sharon Sutton • @ideasloading

Federica Bardelli •


4 AM Forever 4 AM is the most spiritual hour. When night dissolves into day. The magic hour. The liminoid phase of dreaming. For this project, we ask artists to set their alarm clock to 4 AM and create something covering their lucid dream state at that moment. Divine creations at the most ungodly hour. 4 AMEN.

FENNA FICTION Interview by Hannah Pezzack Fenna Fiction is an Amsterdam-based visual artist and DJ who constructs fluid digital collages. Glossy, crystalline. A virtual sketchbook of juxtaposing elements. Her work interprets the boundaries between three-dimensional and flat surfaces, alluding to the kaleidoscopic language of optical illusions.

Hi Fenna. What were you just dreaming of? I just graduated from the Sandberg Institute and for the past few weeks I’ve had very vivid dreams. I think it’s because I’m more relaxed and am enjoying the holidays. Last night I dreamt that my sister threw my laptop and phone into a river. I recently had a lot of valuable stuff stolen and in this dream I had the same hopeless feeling as after the theft. Or maybe it was a subconscious message that I should throw away my laptop and phone. You mentioned that you’ve been following a strict bedtime routine. (We’re sorry to break you from your slumber!) For the past six months I’ve been following a tight sleep schedule in order to battle chronic fatigue. So it was kind of strange to wake up in the middle of the night! I am currently working

with my therapist on my goals and one of them is to occasionally stay up late again, so this was a nice moment to try out a different sleeping pattern. And what music were you listening to? During the making of this collage I was listening to slow and trippy music that I put in a playlist for my next DJ gig. Think songs like ‘Geomancy’ by Birds of Prey. Can you walk us through your creation process? The creation process starts usually with me flipping through my books - mostly cheap-ass photography books from the 1970’s and 80’s that I find in thrift stores. I pick out imagery with enticing colors and shapes and put them together. Before I know it something emerges.


Wanna see more of Fenna’s work? @fennafiction

This poster Hortus Fecundus, 2019 (commissioned by Armister Brannion) is made by Lion Sauterleute. As a painter, Lion comments on both classical and modern design. Hortus Fecundus means ‘Fertile Garden’. It refers to the Tree of Knowledge that casts its shadows onto the earth. Lion draws inspiration from the Middle Ages, when paintings were commissioned by noblemen to convey their power. Note the shield of Armister Brannion who is the fictive commissioner of this work. Excited to see more? Check @hirundoaves

Tales of the Future is free for Subbacultcha members. Check out the full program in our showlist or find it at!


Check our calendar for more info.

EXTINCTION REBELLION Extinction Rebellion (XR) is a transnational movement whose members use methods of nonviolent civil disobedience in an attempt to halt biodiversity loss and climate breakdown.

Chances are, you’ve already spotted their imagery around town. The organisation uses art to invigorate the apathetic and indifferent, pumping out intoxicating typography and retro riso prints emblazoned with their calls to action.

tio extinc


Kicking things off on 7 October, XR launches Rebels Without Borders - Opstand voor het Leven, sending out a distinct message to our government: TELL THE TRUTH. ACT NOW. LET CITIZENS DECIDE. Every contribution counts, no matter how big or in what form: XR has peaceful intentions, acting with a strong love for the world. XR acts on behalf of life.

Hortus Fecundus, 2019 (commissioned by Armister Brannion) by Lion Sauterleute . 2019 • @hirundoaves

RE-COMMODIFYING COMMODITIES Duran Lantink - Old Stock Written by Susanna Li

In short, you could describe the work of fashion designer Duran Lantink as “post”. Think postmodern, post-genre, and post-club. Although famous for his vagina pants (worn by Janelle Monáe in the music video for ‘PYNK’), Old Stock takes a different direction, serving a critical commentary on fashion sustainability. It is consistently tongue in cheek, meta, and difficult to define. Old Stock is an exhibition of collected excerpts: different fabrics and garments pasted together, rip marks and dried glue still evident on the quirky and startling outfits on display. But in the space between these fragments, a larger narrative occurs: one of reassembly; of exposed and concealed seams. A study in both process and product, Old Stock will captivate, even as you’re left filling in the blanks. Duran Lantink: Old Stock is on display until 27 October in Centraal Museum, Utrecht. Free for Subbacultcha members.


Point of View


FRONT ROW FESTIVAL Free for Subbacultcha members

Brought to you by our dear friends at Front Row: a multidisciplinary one-day festival, featuring a vortex of music, theatre, dance, film, art and everything in between. With Arno Schuitemaker, Donna Verheijden, Rouzbeh Teymouri and many more. Blowing up a chunk of Amsterdam Noord, you can find shows, performances and screenings in Dansmakers Amsterdam, FC Hyena, Oedipus Brewing, SkateCafe, Garage Noord, and H.E.R.O. And we hear you thinking: “What about that genre-defying club night? With those horses? And that void? That’s on the same night, at roughly the same place, right?” Simple: Front Row Festival visitors get free access to Horses in the Void #4. And because our love is unconditional, Front Row Festival is free for Subbacultcha members. Reserve a free ticket online and make a night out of it! We’ve lined up some top picks in an interview series. Read online at Front Row is an ongoing cultural experiment by We Are Public. A DV ERT ISEMEN T

Horses in the Void 28 September, Garage Noord, Amsterdam

Front Row Festival visitors get free access to Horses in the Void #4.

Some months ago Max Favetti strolled into the Subbacultcha office, blowing us away with his sunshine-coloured dungarees and lyrical mannerisms. Currently based in Amsterdam, the Australian-Italian filmmaker is usually armed with an analogue camera, ready to make art out of the world around him. So naturally, when he embarked on a boat trip islandhopping around Greece, we asked him to write about the experience. A hazy dream of an idyllic summer. Warm souls, hot coffee and life at sea. We arise in the tight cabin, sheen coated, swaying on the azure sea. The small windows pockmarked about that let in small funnels of thalassic breeze do little to stifle the heat. There’s little inconvenience caused, as only a brief, vacant command of the body is required to quell the unease and by this, the third day, we had formed an unspoken morning ritual between us. A filling of the whistle kettle, a lighting of the stove and a rinsing of the french press is all that’s required below. Once done, we clamber up the stairs and jump off the starboard. The water is so warm and the coastline so varied you must take it in and then take it in again: the horse spurs and bluffs and valleys, punctuated with abodes in impossible positions, alone on jagged points, burning bright yellow in the sun. We crawl back and hose off and push the plunger down, setting down mugs upon the front deck to roll cigarettes and sit close to one another, touching brown arms and backs and giggling as we continue to write this fantasy together. We glide forward with the wind behind us. So smooth it is that the only appropriate action to take is to grab pillows and gather at the front, each in our set positions, hands busy holding books and wine. We find paradise can take another shape yet again. On this day, it is that of an island bay, surrounded by fierce mountain tops that buffer the wind, creating a blue so still it could pass for glass to be sauntered to the sand. The clinking chain signalling a dropping anchor is something to be marked, and we celebrate with a pouring of chardonnay and a dip to cool off all that sedentary toasting and sunned ponderence. A shoreside taverna is decided

for dinner. We are beyond capacity and the rubber dingy is sinking by the time we arrive at the restaurant dock, but we are too impaired by hysterics to care for wet bums. We are helped ashore by an unamused attendant, our tanned, smiling faces flashing white teeth as we ask for a table on the waters edge, where fish lap at bread crumbs tossed by patrons. We are “that” party at the establishment, the one that turns the heads of some and is murmured about between spoonfuls of psarosoupa by others. The copper carafes of rosé never seem to cease, we drink it in and each other, exchanging tales of teenagehood and lessons learned, happenings had and about to be undertaken, life yet to be lived while we sit here and live it. The sun rolls slowly downward, turning the sky purple and orange and in streaks, an impossible cobalt blue. There is a final vat of rosé ordered with the bill and the deep gets deeper, until we finally tumble back into our teeny tiny party boat, waving the navigation torch light in the darkness like a disco ball as the bellicosity betwixt us rumbles, splitting the seabed and sinking us yet again. We clamber aboard, one by drunken one, ripping off our Sunday best and brushing teeth together, the bristles wrapping around molars quaking in glee. We fall in a heap and feel the promise of heat ahead. We try to sleep for a time in the cabin and finally relent, realising there is no failure in the victory of slumbering atop. Pulling the manchester behind us we collapse and swaddle at that well worn tip and drift, adrift. The moon is full and hangs bright still at dawn, pendant just above a mountain peak, like a tack poised to burst a luminescent water balloon. I fall asleep, caked in glowing goo and baked in amorous arms.

Read the full version of this text at

Photos by Max Favetti

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