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THE VOID Documenting Music and Art from Amsterdam and the World Issue 2. April / May 2019


“The Void is like a constellation in a galaxy of images. If we were sailing in the open ocean in search of Vibe Island, we would look to it for navigation.”


Linda Fox about our publication The Void. Linda Fox plays 17 May at De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam. Free for Subbacultcha members.

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The Void, Documenting Music and Art from Amsterdam and the World. Published by Subbacultcha six times a year. Issue 2, April 2019 Front cover

Subbacultcha team Publishers and Creative Directors Leon Caren Bas Morsch Managing Editor and Content Creator Angela Donskaia Art Director Lin Ven Copy editor Brittany McGillivray

We were lucky to spend a day at the park with Reckonwrong. Come walk with us and read the interview in The Void.

Marketing, Sales and Partnerships Shari Klein Photo shot by our Click Click Club at the Kedr Livanskiy show at Garage Noord, Amsterdam.

Marketing and Editorial Assistant Sydney van Nieuwaal & Nela Zielinska Booker Robert Lalkens

The Void Issue 2 was made with the talents of Amelie Amei Kahn-Ackermann Ilse Bloemendal Kévin Bray Leon Caren David Cross Jack Dolan Angela Donskaia Paul Edelbluth Liza Federmesser Jorrit Groot Misha Gurovich Shari Klein Noortje Koster Hannah Pezzack Kamila K Stanley Robert Lalkens Sasha Mademuaselle Bas Morsch Sydney van Nieuwaal Annabel van Royen Sophia Seawell Lin Ven Tobias Withers Nela Zielinska The Void was printed by Rodi Rotatiedruk Diemen, the Netherlands

Memberships Jorrit Groot Finance and Production Noortje Koster Interns Ilse Bloemendal David Cross Paul Edelbluth Hannah Pezzack Tobias Withers A heartfelt thank you to Alex Christodoulou Karolina Howorko Catherine Holbrook Flavien Tridiel Cat Winter Joost Koster Daniel Encisco Laurien Winckels LouLou Kusters Illias Karakasidis Gido Lahuis Evelyn Andoh Crys Leung Valerie FotoLab Kiekie After Press Groep B.V.

The Void is published five times a year and is distributed all over the Netherlands. The Void represents our inspiring community and reflects our vibrant surroundings. Consider it an ode to unruly creativity and the musicians and artists who challenge the norm and amplify our cultural taste.

The Void is published by Subbacultcha, an Amsterdam-based platform run by real people who are hopelessly devoted to music and art.

HORSE SYMBOLISM “An important thing to remember about horses is that they are representative of the spirit, similar to freedom. The horse serves man, but can never be fully tamed by him.”

About The Void

The Void also shines a light on all the concerts and events we organise in and around Amsterdam, showcasing the emerging artists and musicians we love.

WELCOME TO THE VOID Spring is around the corner, alongside the first golden hours and evenings outdoors. Nights full of music, picnics, adventures – the nights we tell stories about for years to come. And let me tell you, dear readers: we’re ready for it. We’re done with cocooning and can’t wait to see your face at the next shows. Trust us. We’ve got one helluva line-up for you to discover and as you soak up the first spring feels.

Shot by our Click Click Club at the Jerusalem in my Heart show at s105 (De School), Amsterdam.

Spring isn’t all that’s fresh this month. We’re proud to present our freshest copy of The Void. Another blooming publication filled to the brim with unruly talent, crisp surprises and fragments of daily life. Dive into these pages about the wizzards from behind the decks and safe-space astronauts. Nights backstage and walks in London parks. Contemporary beauty standards and playlists for when you’re stuck at the airport.

The Void is made in close collaboration with our dedicated community of readers, members, artists, musicians, writers and photographers from all over the world. Come join us!

About Subbacultcha We unearth the best emerging artists and bring them to alternative stages near you. We also publish the Void: a publication documenting Subbacultcha’s ever-expanding universe.

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Horses in the Void 19 April, OT301, Amsterdam

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Shot by our Click Click Club at Horses in the Void at OCCII, Amsterdam.

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Join us on the 18th of May for the premiere of PERMANENT DESTRUCTION: The HM Concert by Naomi Velissariou at Theater Utrecht. And don’t worry about going alone, ‘cause we’re organising a little bus trip to Utrecht to get to the event.

budget friendly office computer <3

At home with

NOCTURAL FEMME Interview by Angela Donskaia Photos shot for Subbacultcha by Annabel van Royen in Amsterdam

Naomi Velissariou shot by Jan Hoek

We highly recommend to take the effort and go see the exhibition ZEEUWS MUSEUM X DAS LEBEN AM HAVERKAMP at Zeeuws Museum, Middelburg. On show till 9 June.

Nocturnal Femme is going to skyrocket in the Amsterdam music scene. Sanae, the woman behind the mysterious moniker, is a DJ and co-founder of the X3 collective. With her chimerical sets, she effortlessly takes the audience on a melancholic trip. We visited her at home and talked about night space, online communities and therapeutic writing. Do you make a lot of music in your room? In the evenings I’m at home a lot. That’s when I prepare my sets. I also write a lot and really like ambient and nature sounds. So my goal for this summer would be to produce an ambient track featuring my voice and lyrics.

So what inspires you on the internet right now? This experimental clubscene on Soundcloud, with cyborg-inspired identities. They all organise their own parties and make crazy shit, like the festival Creepy Teepee. It’s hedonistic and a bit communistic.

Cool! And what do you write? Poetry, or potential poetry and auto-biographical stories. It’s my creative outlet to reflect upon everything. I’ve always loved music and singing, but when I write I have so many epiphanies. Or, I can suddenly burst into tears. Writing is so therapeutic. Should people write more?

I’ve got this theory that it’s good we all die one day. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be so eager to make the most of it. So yes, I’m always doing something. You also co-founded X3, organising events with a safe space policy. What was the trigger to launch this? We definitely felt the need for more safe spaces. I would say X3 is queer but in the broadest sense of the word. It’s an inclusive mindset. People who feel different can go out in a safe place where they are respected without worrying about being too extra or too naked. X3 is also how I started DJing, and now I play sets outside of the event which is super exciting. Did you start DJing through X3? Yes! It was handy for me to play the opening set at our parties. We always felt bad for booking DJs at time slots when the venue was still empty. Now I also play sets outside X3, which is super exciting.

Walking in nature is the best thing for me to calm down. When I’m alone I have the tendency to really overthink. I live next to a lake and a park, so I’ve got quite some options around me. I’ve also spotted a David Lynch biography in your room? Yes, I really recognise myself in him. As a kid, he used to be super anxious, and now he’s this amazing multidisciplinary artist. He’s also quite melancholic, so I can really relate. I’m a winter child, you know what they say.

Do you feel like there is a strong need for online and offline communities? I feel like in this generation, there isn’t such a strong focus on connecting with your family. Sometimes friends share the same space in people’s lives as relatives. Or even more. The power of the communities lies in creating your own new families. What’s your other favourite item in your room? My beamer, best buy ever. I love making crazy compilations with visuals and music. Seeing that on my wall is amazing. I Love creating a nice atmosphere in my room. Now I’m finally at peace. Your moniker being ‘Nocturnal Femme’, what do you love about nighttime? I like the night space. It’s when I feel the community the strongest. And actually, I feel a lot safer at a safe space party than at school. At home, I also have a lot of coloured lights and candles, for the cosiness. And after sunset, my inspiration usually comes in. — Noctural Femme plays 19 April during Horses in the Void at OT301, Amsterdam. Free for Subbacultcha members.

Check out the full playlist at our Spotify account Subbacultcha_nl

Do you feel the pressure to go out here and do a lot?

You love nature sounds. Do you spend a lot of time outdoors?

On a stormy day in March, our intern Hannah got stuck for nearly 17 hours in Birmingham Airport – the ultimate mindfulness challenge. But rather than dwell on the negative experience, she saw it as an opportunity to catch up on some great tunes and create this playlist for when you’re stuck in between time zones—from obscure, orchestral interludes to sunlit psychedelia to raise your spirits.

Yes, born and raised! It’s funny to grow up here. When I was a kid, I used to hang out at squats all the time, and I went to puppet shows at OCCII. Now I go out there. Amsterdam is my home, but it’s intense.


Hey Sanae, thanks for having us over in your crib! Have you always lived in Amsterdam?

I think a lot of people don’t even know how nice it is. Everyone cares about success, but not internally. Rather financial and statusrelated. Social etiquette keeps people from doing what they really enjoy.

Colin Self. Read the full interview in The Void

“For me, the library is such a queer erotic space.”

“I think that Shortparis is about finding the universal language that would be understood by absolutely everyone.” Shortparis

Decadent punk designed for the dance floor

SHORTPARIS Photos shot for Subbacultcha by Sasha Mademuaselle in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Based in St. Petersburg, Shortparis are at the crux of the Russian avant-garde, underground music scene. Theatrical performances, erratic dance moves and exalted lyrics characterise their enigmatic shows which border on performance art. Drawing inspiration from rave, darktronica, and Depeche Mode, Shortparis are not to be missed. Join us at the Shortparis show, 3 May at OT301, Amsterdam. It’s gonna be a night full of gripping music, as Partners and Yegor Zabelov are also joining in.

A note found at the Subbacultcha office. We are still busy deciphering the meaning. Rumours are that it is the explanation by our art director Lin about the ending of the world.

Point of View

MY BODY, A BILLBOARD by Sophia Seawell

My sister once traded me an iPod for the removal of my leg hair. Yes, really. This transaction occurred when I was studying in Rhode Island and went to visit her in North Carolina for spring break. Not long after we started the drive from the airport to her house she glanced at my bare legs, smirked, and said: “So, we’re not shaving are we?” We were not. I stopped sometime in my first or second year of college, presumably following my feminist awakening. Don’t remember my thought process exactly, the moment of making a decision. Perhaps because a lack of action didn’t feel like a decision, exactly. Rather, my immersion in gender studies and feminist theory allowed me to cease seeing my body hair as something that made me undesirable or unfeminine. Or, more precisely: it allowed me to question my investment in cultivating a certain kind of body, one that would be favorably appraised by an imagined male viewer. Simply put, I no longer felt the need.

To read:

Pisswife Zine We’re really excited about the beautiful work created by Pisswife – an Amsterdam-based art collective and zine publication promoting survival tactics for feminists of every race, gender and sexual orientation. Reclaiming the Dutch insult ‘zeikwijf’, the girlgang craft a subversive commentary on political issues through art, music, poetry and events.

“Well, when we get home, you can take a shower if you want - and shave,” my sister suggested, only half-joking. “Nah, I’m good,” I responded cheerfully. There was some back-and-forth on this point, and eventually we came to the aforementioned agreement: I would shave in exchange for the extra iPod nano she used for playing music in the car.

Check out and also read our full article on the Pisswife zine at

Recommended event:

Subbacultcha presents:

DIRTY GOD Music by Shystie + Q&A with Sacha Polak

For some time my leg hair was a lightning rod for commentary and jokes about my new role as the feminist killjoy in the family (replaced in the last year or so my newly visible armpit hair). To many people body hair on women is the quintessential signifier of feminist politics, along with bra-burning and man-hating. These tropes feel so trivial, so irrelevant to how I identify and see the world that I can sometimes forget that they still hold some meaning in the public imagination. But hold they do - which means that not shaving cannot not be a feminist statement. It continues to be read as making a point for the sake thereof. As such one must be prepared to explain it, defend it, enter into conversations with strangers about it.

23 April, Melkweg Cinema Free for Subbacultcha members.

Sacha Polak adds depth and glory to the movie by including the music she personally loves, yet perfectly parallels the persona of the main character Jade, played by Vicky Knight. Think: scores by Sevdaliza, Stormzy and Shystie. During the castings, Sacha was particularly looking for women active in the trap music scene to play the role of Jade’s best friend. That’s how she discovered the striking talents Roxxxan and Shystie. Amazed by all these empowering women, she either asked them to make a soundtrack or to star in the movie.

“I’ve developed deep personal memories to the film and am honestly swept away by Vicky. Being in this movie she told me she had developed such personal empowerment. And that’s one of the most beautiful things that happened.” Sacha Polak, director of Dirty God

If body hair is stereotypical of feminists in the public eye, within some feminist circles it is also a kind of trope, a subject considered primarily of interest and concern to the newly-awakened feminist. In this line of thinking, body hair as a feminist issue, with its emphasis on choice and individuality, is considered not much more than an expression of neoliberalism. And for the most part, I agree with that. But I have also come to experience how body hair illustrates a particular paradox that accompanies trying to live a feminist life: in trying to liberate my body from the norms that are supposed to govern it, my body becomes a billboard for those very norms, and an invitation for others to debate them. My feminist politics, when exercised individually, can’t do the work of de-politicizing my body. When others are so invested in the presence or absence of hair on my body, to demonstrate one’s refusal to be equally invested is tantamount to announcing a rebellion.

But the body remains the first language, the original site of struggle and negotiation of power. Patriarchy has constructed my body in such a way that whether I shave or don’t, I am making a statement. Lifestyle politics are no substitute for collective organising. But the body remains the first language, the original site of struggle and negotiation of power. Patriarchy has constructed my body in such a way that whether I shave or don’t, I am making a statement; unlike those of my (cis) male counterparts, my body cannot move through this world as neutral. And so to talk about letting my body hair grow as a non-decision, as a lack of action, is also disingenuous. I knew what I was doing. To take something apart, you first have to hold it to the light, for all to see.


A TASTE OF DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE The first rays of the sun are creeping through our windows. And slowly but surely, we can start dreaming of summer along with the new festival season. Down The Rabbit Hole is our long-time favourite, and we are so excited to tumble into this musical wonderland again. To get a taste of the artists set to take the stage, our booker Robert has selected four favourites from the line-up who should be blazing through your speakers right now. SKEPTA The godfather of grime. ALTIN GUN A perfectly balanced fusion of Turkish and European psychedelic music. AGAR AGAR The ideal ingredient for Asian desserts, and the ideal ingredient for your summer festival afternoon. SHO MADJOZI Gqom straight from the source.

Cruising through experimental electronica

COLIN SELF Interview by Jack Dolan Photos shot for Subbacultcha by Amelie Amei Kahn-Ackermann

Multi-disciplinary artist and tireless collaborator Colin Self received widespread acclaim for his debut LP Siblings last year. His work pulls together opera and theatrics with queer theory and experimental electronica. We hopped on Skype to find out what fuels Colin’s endless curiosity.

What does an average day in Berlin look like to you? I’m really a morning person. I like the hours between 7 AM and noon. I like to meditate, cook breakfast, then usually around noon I start doing studio work. Your latest project is all about archivism. Do you spend a lot of time at the library? Libraries are sexy, I’ve had sex at the library multiple times. Maybe it’s a gay thing but I find them super cruise-y. You’re in the queer theory or sci-fi section and you see somebody else and you’re both kind of looking at each other. For me, the library is such a queer erotic space. What were you reading when you were 16? I got really into both queer theory and then really gruesome erotic fiction. I was probably reading my first queer feminist theory like Judith Butler when I was 16. I was also really into Dennis Cooper, these books about gay hookups where they would murder them and pull out their organs at the end.

I got really into both queer theory and then really gruesome erotic fiction. I was probably reading my first queer feminist theory like Judith Butler when I was 16. What kind of music were you listening to when you were 16? I only wanted to listen to things with female singers. Everything from Bratmobile to Bikini Kill. I feel like in every single interview I mention this litany of screaming women.

Editors Janelle Monáe Underworld Thom Yorke Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes Foals Vampire Weekend De Staat Balthazar dEUS plays The Ideal Crash Grace Jones Robyn The Roots Rosalía Skepta AURORA Beirut Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles David August Kamasi Washington Khruangbin Lewis Capaldi LP Mahalia Maribou State Matt Corby Ólafur Arnalds Parquet Courts RY X SofiTukker Agar Agar Altin Gün Amber Arcades Benny Sings DâM-FunK (DJ-set) Donny Benét Ezra Collective Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes George FitzGerald HENGE Jonathan Wilson Jordan Rakei Liniker e Os Caramelows Low Nona Orpheu The Wizard Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Sam Fender Sampa The Great Sho Madjozi slowthai SONS The Comet is Coming Tshegue

5 – 7 juli 2019 Groene Heuvels Beuningen

Special Guest: Ronnie Flex & Deuxperience


Oh, by the way! As we’ve been collaborating with Down The Rabbit Hole from the very beginning, we’re super excited to announce that Subbacultcha will be curating the next festival guide again. <3 The festival is taking place 5 - 7 July in the Groene Heuvels close to Nijmegen. Wanna know what else is cooking? Keep a close eye on and

There’s also a noticeable techno and electronica influence in your music. Where did that come in? When I was 18 I was dating this DJ who was ten years older than me and got me to start DJing vinyl. He was really big on Italo disco and also introduced me to loads of obscure, experimental stuff. How does partying in Berlin compare to the Pacific Northwest? I feel like there’s this expectation that if you live in Berlin, party culture is a big musical influence but it’s really not for me. I feel kind of disconnected from this taking drugs for twelve hours thing. I would prefer to go to a gay bar, go to the dark room for an hour, exchange blowjobs and then go home. Call me old fashioned but I prefer a low key kind of situation. Your live shows can get pretty intense though, right? One of my favourite shows to date was Bristol because it turned into a crazy mosh pit. Shout out to Bristol. I try to never do the same performance twice. Whatever city I’m in I try to do something as a one-off. I would get bored if I didn’t. Have you ever had anything go seriously wrong at a show? One time I had a hammer on a rope as a prop. At the time I was wearing white contacts and I’d blacked out my teeth so I looked like a dead villain version of myself. I swung this hammer and hit myself in the mouth. I couldn’t tell if I’d lost any teeth and also they were painted black but then I started bleeding profusely. I think some people thought it was planned. I’ve come to realise I just love demonstrating the limits of what a human can be or do, even at the risk of losing a tooth. — Colin Self plays 19 April during Motel Mozaique, Rotterdam. For tickets and more info go to

Colin Self shot by Amelie Amei Kahn-Ackermann


Monday 18 February 2019 666 unread messages in the inbox of Subbacultcha co-founder Leon Caren

Your day-to-day guide to unruly adventure, selected by our team. For members, non-members and anyone in between. Got tips? Send an email to with Kate NV, Sapphire Slows and more.

APRIL Monday







Gothics in Nigeria Corrosia Theater, Expo & Film, Almere Haven


Book recommendation

Read The Mother of All Questions by Rebecca Solnit


Steve French Melkweg, Amsterdam



STRP Festival

3 - 7 April Klokgebouw, Eindhoven


Female Frame: Persepolis LAB111, Amsterdam



Listen to the album Ecophony Rinne by Geinoh Yamashirogumi recommended by Kévin Bray



Panel talk

Coming In - Coming Out 3: Feminisme in de Islam Rode Hoed, Amsterdam


Subbacultcha event

Into the silence s105 (De School), Amsterdam


Subbacultcha Event

OTHA + Reckonwrong + Mich Cota s105 (De School), Amsterdam





Minimal Music Festival

Subbacultcha event

Free for Subbacultcha members

Minimal Music Festival x De School Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam Free for Subbacultcha members

Minimal Music Festival x Subbacultcha: Lyckle & Friends Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam Free for all




Subbacultcha event

Strange Days + KNOW V.A. Release party Garage Noord, Amsterdam


Higher by Michele Rizzo De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam

Subbacultcha event

Ambient or noise? The Pace of Viewing De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam

Free for Subbacultcha members Free for Subbacultcha members

Our beloved marketing and editorial assistant Sydney says hi to you from his trip through South Africa!



TR/ST Bitterzoet, Amsterdam



Panorama: La Planète Sauvage (1973) LAB111, Amsterdam



Weyes Blood Paradiso, Amsterdam



Taco Tuesday: taco’s for €2,Kriterion, Amsterdam


Subbacultcha event

Subbacultcha presents: DIRTY GOD w/ music by Shystie and a Q&A with Sacha Polak Melkweg Cinema, Amsterdam Free for Subbacultcha members



Subbacultcha event


Subbacultcha event


Subbacultcha event

If You Could See Me Now (SPECIAL EDITION) by Arno Schuitemaker OT301, Amsterdam Free for Subbacultcha members

OSZIPARK s105 (De School), Amsterdam Free for Subbacultcha members

Horses in the Void #2 w/ Dis Fig • Croatian Amor • Eigen Risico • Nocturnal Femme • Collapse OT301, Amsterdam Free for Subbacultcha members




Creative women

No Guys Allowed! A Creative Women’s Group Paper Fetish, Amsterdam


Watch As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty Filmhuis Cavia, Amsterdam


Studio Blind Matisse by Žilvinas Landzbergas, Axel Linderholm W139, Amsterdam

Free for all





ZEEUWS MUSEUM X DAS LEBEN AM HAVERKAMP On show till 9 June Zeeuws Museum, Middelburg

5 Years Is Burning (Gaynight) Warehouse Elementenstraat, Amsterdam




These Guys Kingsday NDSM Werf, Amsterdam


Tyler Mitchell - I Can Make You Feel Good till 5 June FOAM, Amsterdam Free for Subbacultcha members


Read the poem Be Drunk by Charles Baudelaire




Female Frame: Lady Bird LAB111, Amsterdam


Subbacultcha event

Eartheater + Eklin s105 (De School), Amsterdam


Subbacultcha event

Shortparis + Yegor Zabelov + Partners + Spill Gold OT301, Amsterdam





Girls go BOOM: Debate Girls in Music versus Pussycount FLAWED, Rotterdam

Take a moment to appreciate and celebrate freedom Anywhere you like



Free for Subbacultcha members Free for Subbacultcha members


Music recommendation



Listen to Lulu’s playlist to guide you through the day In The Void #2 or at

Female Frame: La Ciénaga (2001) LAB111, Amsterdam



Playlist recommendation

Music for Waiting at Airports by Hannah In The Void or at

VR experience

Sacrifice EYE, Amsterdam


Breakfast recommendation



Try a croissant with a soft boiled egg in it, some salt and extra butter. Das Bisschen Totslag Fabian’s favourite.

Albert Watson Kahman Gallery, Amsterdam




Female Frame: Girlhood (2014) LAB111, Amsterdam



Trance in Overdrive: Rank 1, Torus, Ki/Ki e.a TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht

Our favourite spot for coffee meetings, post-work drinks and hangover brunch. Check out their new spring menu from the 26th of March. Big love for the blueberry banana pancakes with maple syrup, you gotta try them.

Subbacultcha <3 Café DS


Panorama: Blade Runner The Final Cut (1982) LAB111, Amsterdam

Subbacultcha event

Jakuzi s105 (De School), Amsterdam


Zeen by Scheltens & Abbenes till 5 June FOAM, Amsterdam


Subbacultcha event

Sneaks + Linda Fox De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam


Subbacultcha event

PERMANENT DESTRUCTION: The HM Concert Naomi Velissariou. Theater Utrecht, Utrecht*

Room to Dream, the David Lynch biography Nocturnal Femme’s favourite book of this moment.



Go for a divine brunch at our favourite spot Cafe DS (De School), Amsterdam


Playlist recommendation

Google the Romantic Acid Night Driving playlist by Sapphire Slows



Futures Past & Present Huis Van Marseille, Amsterdam



Bordello A Parigi: Void Vision (US) OT301, Amsterdam

Free for Subbacultcha members


Subbacultcha Event

Collection presentation by Miro and Lieselot s105 (De School), Amsterdam


Subbacultcha Event

Drugdealer De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam Free for Subbacultcha members


YOU ARE SEEING THINGS Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

*Don’t worry, we got the ride covered.

Free for Subbacultcha members B ook recommendation


Free for Subbacultcha members

Free for Subbacultcha members Cinema


Recommendation by Jakuzi

Discover emerging Turkish bands like: The Raws , Palmiyeler, Art Diktatör, Elz & the cult, Skata, Mind Shifter and Brek.



Try out a super quirky ice-cream flavour Ludo and Hedo, Amsterdam


Subbacultcha Event

Crack Cloud OT301, Amsterdam Free for Subbacultcha members



INNA, directed by Dean Blunt and music by Mica Levi Korzo, Den Haag



Lentekabinet Het Twiske, Oostzaan

At Horses in the Void at OCCII, Amsterdam.


COMING UP AT SUBBACULTCHA Reckonwrong makes catchy and progressive pop tunes, leaning towards the more experimental side of the genre – sung with a huge amount of swagger. Check Otha’s odd and dreamy dance floor anthem ‘One of the Girls. Hazy and rhythmic, Mich Cota explores the trauma she’s endured as both an indigenous and trans woman. A night full of gripping pop music.

Tuesday 23 April Friday 12 April


Saturday 6 April


Know V.A.’s seminal club night - Strange Days - has already made a significant impact on Amsterdam’s underground. It seeks to bring out both its contemporary hardcore and consistent vibrancy. This time around they invited friends and acquaintances to celebrate their new release, forthcoming on Signal Life records. Casual Gabberz collective, Kurama from Genome 6.66 Mbp, with local talent Nocturnal Femme from X3’s and Snufkin joining in. Installation by visual artist Daan Couzijn.


In Dirty God, director Sacha Polak paints a portrait of a woman with incredible resilience. Jade, played by the striking newcomer Vicky Knight, attempts to resurface her happiness after experiencing an acid attack. The movie offers a capricious, complex character study. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with the director and a music performance by Shystie who’s featured on the original soundtrack.


De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam

Thursday 2 May Sunday 14 April



Thursday 11 April

At Horses in the Void at OCCII, Amsterdam.

We present you with a Minimal Music Festival Sunday special, wholeheartedly curated by Lyckle de Jong. Affiliated with the musical output of Waterlelyck, Barry Slee, de witte kunst, Lamellen and Yuko Yuko (the list goes on), Lyckle has been on a creative duty for as long as we can remember. This time around, the unrivalled keyboard pop polymath invites his musical allies for a soothing, lazy one-dayer.

INTO THE SILENCE s105 (De School), Amsterdam

At Kedr Livanskiy at Garage Noor

A night of visual art and sonic performance that expands into an alternate world. Bringing together visual distortions and sounds from the near and distant future. Join us on our interdisciplinary voyage that crosses all boundaries, borders and margins, accelerating through the everyday, with noise into the silence. Our first instalment brings together members of Oramics Collective, a group formed as a platform to empower women, non-binary and queer people in the electronic music scene.


At Horses in the Void at OCCII, Amsterdam.

De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam

Sunday 7 April

“Think David Bowie having a fever dream in Turkey, Depeche Mode stranded at the Bosporus”. Emerging from Istanbul’s vibrant grassroots scene, Jakuzi’s 2017 debut album Fantezi Müzik offers an escape from harsh reality. Their second album Hata Payı is coming out on the 5th of April; until then listen to their newest track ‘Süphe’. Truly, music for lovers and fighters.

Friday 17 May

Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam Minimal Music Festival offers an alternative view on experiencing music, seeing it as a physical phenomenon rather than simply a listening activity. Together with the MMF and De School we present a night of live performances by Mohammad Reza Mortazavi, Kate NV and Garland, followed by DJ sets by Phillip Jondo and Sapphire Slows. Expect a mind-expanding transcendental trip.

s105 (De School), Amsterdam

A kissing couple. Downcast eyes. Pots on the stove, bubbling over. Do you look at photography in a different way when you’re listening to ambient music? Are there other things that strike you in a picture, when the gallery space is filled with noise? During the exhibition, Subbacultcha adds an audible layer to the suggestive images of the photographer and filmmaker.

s105 (De School), Amsterdam Eartheater is the alias of Alexandra Drewchin, a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist painting sonic collages full of clashing textures. Her third full-length release, IRISIRI plays as a maelstrom of both beauty and noise with her whistle-tone vocals wrapped around distorted electronic sounds. The night’s support comes from a familiar act Eklin, who’ll serve lush ambient soundscapes.


s105 (De School), Amsterdam OZSIPARK is a creative collective intertwining fashion, music and art through events in and around Amsterdam. On 18 April the group is taking over s105 to present DJ sets, live performances and a lot of creative spirits. Line-up: Dymph, Jespfur, KLAPLONG, Le3 Bastard, OP Soundsystem, Rouzbeh, Flansosa, Lotus, Janice Jacksun, clothing exhibition by OZSIPARK, visual art by Noah van Grootheest aka Easy.

Friday 19 April

HORSES IN THE VOID #2 OT301, Amsterdam Bringing music, art and people together. We present you with yet another instalment of our bi-monthly genre-defying club night celebrating The Void. From us to you, truly with love. w/ Dis Fig (live) • Croatian Amor (live) • Eigen Risico (live) • Nocturnal Femme (DJ) • Collapse (DJ) • Ignas van Rijckevorsel (visuals).

Saturday 25 May

DRUGDEALER De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam

Friday 3 May

Thursday 18 April

Sneak’s freshly released album - Highway Hypnosis - is a neon-pink record which orbits between minimalist electronic and hip hop. Her rebellious spirit, directness and DIY- aesthetics are showstopping. The alias of Michael Donovan, Linda Fox produces spectral, dream pop. His debut album Leopards Break Into My Heart landed in December 2017 and is a surrealist exploration of restorative dreaming.


Sunshine songs to enthral the soul. Hazy, postBeatles meanderings characterise Drugdealer’s creations. Debut album The End of Comedy – which enlisted the likes of Ariel Pink and Weyes Blood – dropped in 2016 to rave reviews, presenting a refreshing new take on psychedelic pop. Second venture Raw Honey (engineered by Mac Demarco) is scheduled to release in April 2019.

OT301, Amsterdam Decadent punk designed for the dance floor. Originating from Siberia but based in St. Petersburg, Shortparis are at the crux of the avant-garde, underground Russian music scene. Theatrical performances, erratic dance moves and exalted lyrics characterise their enigmatic shows which border on performance art. Drawing inspiration from rave, darktronica, and Depeche Mode, Shortparis are not to be missed. Joining the bill is experimental duo Partners, psychedelic Spill Gold, and accordionist Yegor Zabelov.

THE CLICK CLICK CLUB The Click Click Club means future #tbt material by our members. We hand over a disposable camera at our shows and you show us what you see. Want to join? Pick up a camera at the cash desk of one of our next shows or shoot an e-mail to for more info. All s105 shows are sponsored by Jupiler.

Thursday 30 May

CRACK CLOUD OT301, Amsterdam Crack Cloud operate as a rehabilitative outlet for a revolving cast of artists from Canada. (You may recognise three members – guitarists and saxophonist Jon Varley, Noah Varley and Bryce Cloghesy – from new wave sensation, N0V3L). Expect down-to-earth, anarchist chic and quirky lyrics. Danceable post-punk akin to Gang of Four and early Talking Heads meshed with hip-hop and Fela Kuti influences.

Backstage at Jerusalem in my Heart at s105 (De School), Amsterdam.

Thanks to FotoLab Kiekie for developing our negatives!

s105 (De School), Amsterdam


At Kedr Livanskiy at Garage Noord, Amsterdam.


Saturday 11 May

At Black Midi at OT301, Amsterdam

Friday 5 April

Keep an eye on our website for the freshest updates. We add new shows all the time, so don’t miss out. All these shows are free for Subbacultcha members. Sign up between 18 April and 2 May at and get your first month for free!

At Horses in the Void at OCCII, Amsterdam.

At Kedr Livanskiy at Garage Noord, Amsterdam.

Blooming parks and pop music

A DAY AT THE PARK WITH RECKONWRONG Interview by Angela Donskaia Photos shot for Subbacultcha by Kamila K Stanley in London, UK

A bouquet of upbeat, electronic sounds: that’s Reckonwrong. We caught up with him during a walk in the park and chatted about everything from the perks of being in nature to party burnouts.

Hey Alex! Can you tell us about how you got into music? I was really into guitar bands as a teenager. Then I somehow got nerdily interested in synths and electronic music, industrial and breakcore. I was a bit of reclusive stoner though, so it wasn’t until later that I really started going out, and then became obsessed with dance music, especially techno. Meanwhile, I was studying classical music at university, also at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. It felt like a totally separate thing at the time, though now it all kind of fits together in my mind. Do you still go out a lot? Back in the day, I used to go out a lot more. I would hop on the train and go to the club on my own till 7 AM. I was really obsessed with the music and would just go there for the sake of listening to techno. But one day I somehow got a party burn-out and had to reset my lifestyle.

Is there a park you’ve got a special memory attached to?

What happened when you burnt out on partying?

Brockwell Park is home to me. That’s where I grew up. I also spent a lot of time there every day while working on the last record. For the video of I’m A Spoon, we snuck in early and were blessed with an incredible sunrise, I’d never seen it that magical. Even on a grey day, I find the landscape and views really calming.

It was partly partying, but also me pushing negative feelings to one side. I had this halfjoking motto ‘Embrace the Chaos’, which is not always the best approach to life. My state of mind collapsed, I got a bit ill and had to take a step back from things for a while. When I started working on music after that I felt like different things naturally came to the surface. I would start working on a club banger and accidentally finish with a piano ballad.

— Reckonwrong plays 5 April at s105 (De School), Amsterdam. Free for Subbacultcha members.

So where do you go now in London to feel good? I like being outside, getting in as much nature and sun as possible. So I walk around the park every day and spend quite a lot of time just wandering about in the city, popping into galleries and stuff. Especially when I’m broke it’s nice to make the most of public spaces.

“Especially when I’m broke it’s nice to make the most of public spaces.” Did you spend a lot of time in the park as kid too?

spaces have for people and how important it is that they’re maintained.

I remember walking through Ruskin park as a kid with big dilated pupils on the way to eye checkups at the hospital. And it generally feels nostalgic for me. Sitting at the top of the hill there’s a really cool view over the city. Recently I met someone there who wanted to clean the bench I was sitting on, turned out it was a memorial for his son. It really brought into focus the different meanings these shared

Do you listen to podcasts or music while walking? I prefer to be aware of the sounds around me, and especially if I’ve been working on music I try to rest my ears when possible. It helps with letting background thoughts rise up in a healthy way.

“It’s very Dutch. Don’t try it.” Dutch Subbacultcha team member advising Polish Subbacultcha team member during lunch.

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Todd Rundgren These New Puritans Mekons + Eton Crop The Comet is Coming Julia Jacklin Amyl and the Sniffers Teenage Fanclub Giorgio Moroder Nilüfer Yanya Cherry Glazerr Outlet Drift Weyes Blood

LINDA FOX Have you met Linda Fox already? It’s David Biddle’s song-writing project, fusing elements of lo-fi, haunting noise pop with a bit of dancerock. Linda has a special place in our hearts and we’ve heard she’s got a brand new album coming out in April. Full of curiosity and excitement, we got in touch again and popped this legend a few questions. About horses and about the void.

Amyl and the Sniffers @ Paradiso Noord

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Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Altin Gün Kap Bambino Omar Souleyman Rat Boy Jacco Gardner’s Somnium Mild Orange Men I Trust Kneebody London Calling met o.a. Still Corners, Hotel Lux, Gently Tender, Anemone, Body Type Methyl Ethel

What does your track Horsin’ in the void mean? Horsin’ in the V.O.I.D. explores the possibility that, although we are living in a Reality™ that gives rise to infinite ways of interpreting it, and the current multitude of interpretations held by humanity seems complex and deeply conflicting, perhaps the necessary thread to weave together this seemingly impossible patchwork of realities is that deep... dark... thing called L.O.V.E.

June Mon 3 Thu 6 Mon 17 Mon 17

Cass McCombs The Good, The Bad & The Queen Meat Puppets Kevin Morby

The V.O.I.D. is the space between the many truths of the world, where L.O.V.E. is still possible. Horsin’ is sort of like flirting with the Universe© with the hopes of falling in L.O.V.E. with it (again).

Weyes Blood

Tickets & info:

How do you get out of ~the void~? A DV ERT ISEMEN T

You leave the V.O.I.D. if you look the Biz_Man in the eyes and accept his job offer. What are things in life you avoid? I avoid the gaze of the Biz_Man, but sometimes I find myself signing a long term contract for a position with a three figure salary. The Biz_Man has a very firm handshake.

Artwork made by Linda Fox

Linda Fox plays 17 May at De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam. Free for Subbacultcha members.

A note from our booker



internationaal podiumkunsten amsterdam 29 mei - 23 juni 2019 info & tickets

holland festival

Linda Fox explaining ‘Horsin’ in the void’

Honestly, I think we are blessed with so much great music. The list of mind-blowing music I’d love to share would be endless. But to give you a glimpse of it, here are some of my current favourites. Including a mix of first singles by (used-to-be) locals, revisited classics, so-called supergroups and the continuous Russian influence. Future dreams and works in progress. Here are the tracks that lit up my month.



Britse elektronicakunstenaar komt met eigen, nieuwe interpretatie van Stockhausens compositie WELTPARLAMENT met behulp van AI. 14 juni, Muziekgebouw

Een symfonieorkest van synthesizers en luidsprekers. 22 juni, Het Concertgebouw



Actress, Nederlands Kamerkoor

Colin Benders

“The V.O.I.D. is the space between the many truths of the world, where L.O.V.E. is still possible. Horsin’ is sort of like flirting with the Universe© with the hopes of falling in L.O.V.E. with it (again).” YOUFF et cetera Drugdealer FOOL

© Janiek Dam

Shortparis Страшно LYRA PRAMUK (live performance) YEAH YOU Skin (I have only lived once) KNOW V.A. Obvi/Undone 700 Bliss Spa 700 Kelman Duran 6 dela Mañana Raven Artson seen by you

Karlheinz Stockhausen, Holland Festival, De Nationale Opera, Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag

Bryce Dessner, Kaneza Schaal, Korde Arrington Tuttle, Roomful of Teeth, Asko|Schönberg

Mich Cota Kijà / Care Xx Roby Nonchalance

Colored nail polish being applied to finger nails, often used to display an air of nonchalance or indifference.

Booker at Subbacultcha Self Portrait, 1988 © Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation. Used by permission

Hoogtepunten uit de zevendelige operacyclus LICHT van Stockhausen, pionier van de elektronische muziek. 31 mei – 10 juni, Westergasfabriek, Gashouder

Dessner (The National) onderzoekt in muziektheaterproductie het controversiële werk van fotograaf Robert Mapplethorpe. 18 – 19 juni, Internationaal Theater Amsterdam

Read the full interview with Real Farmer at Real Farmer plays 14 June in De School, Amsterdam. Free for Subbacultcha members.

“We figured that it’s quite difficult to find us online. Recently we made a Facebook page, but when you type Real Farmer you’ll most likely get real farmer simulation games.”

4 AM Forever 4 AM is the most spiritual hour. When night dissolves into day. The magic hour. The liminoid phase of dreaming. For this project, we ask artists to set their alarm clock at 4 AM and create something covering their lucid dream state at that moment. Divine creations at the most ungodly hour. 4 AMEN.

KÉVIN BRAY Kévin Bray is a French artist currently residing at the Rijksakademie, in Amsterdam. His work oscillates between video, graphic design and sound design. Through the latter, he questions the existence of the image. To what extent is a still image time-related?

Could you describe how you felt that night? At 4AM I wasn’t tired yet. I am quite used to working at night. It always makes things more sensitive and sensible. I always found it exciting. Unfortunately,I tend to forget my dreams rather quickly. As much as I believe they influence my work, I can’t look back at them once awake. By making this 4 AM drawing I was trying to reach back to my dreams by using the automatic drawing technique. Certain shapes were recalling others. Abstraction was transforming into figuration.It slowly became a scene where various narratives could be part of a dialogue. What music were you listening to at 4AM?


An amazing album from Geinoh Yamashirogumi called Ecophony Rinne. It’s a fascinating Japanese musical collective consisting of hundreds of people from all walks of life: from journalists and doctors to engineers, students, and business people. Wanna see more of Kévin’s work? @bray_kevin •

SAPPHIRE SLOWS We’ve got a soft spot for Tokyo-based artist Sapphire Slows, who produces drifting synthwave with hints of dreampop. After the brutal earthquakes in Japan in 2011, she decided to chase her dream and launch a music career. And now, she’s blowing us away with this ethereal new wave sound. There’s a sporting chance you’ll love her too.

Google Sapphire Slows’ Romantic Acid Night Driving playlist – it’s amazing.

For the best night of your life, in your headphones, check out her 80’s Mega Mix.

Sapphire Slows loves a beer before the show. (spotted on Instagram @sapphireslows)

She’s been released on many incredible labels such as Big Love, Not Not Fun and 100% Silk.

Sapphire Slows’ tracks are all made in her bedroom.

Sapphire is a transparent precious stone, typically blue, which is a variety of corundum (aluminium oxide), or a small hummingbird with shining blue or violet colours in its plumage and a short tail.

The cherry on the pie? The following shows during Minimal Music Festival are also free for Subbacultcha members: Kate NV, Mohammad Reza Mortazavi, Garland, Driftmachine and Phillip Jondo. Find more info on

Soft synth that envelops you in a marshmallow cloud. Both sentimental and sexy. We caught up with Fabian, Max and Niklas from Das Bisschen Totslag over an excellent brunch at Cafe DS and chatted about what’s so cool about Hamburg, their appetite and soft boiled eggs. Read the full interview at

Some things you need to know about Sapphire Slows:

Can’t wait to check out Sapphire Slows IRL? Subbacultcha members can attend her performance for free on 6 April during Dreaming the Dreamhouse at the Minimal Music Festival at Muziekgebouw ‘t IJ, taking place from 3 to 7 April.

SUBBACULTCHA RADIO: HOPELESSLY DEVOTED Every month, our charming host Toby Withers climbs into the little red booth at Red Light Radio to take an hour-long dive deep into Subbacultcha’s Amsterdam program, featuring exclusive live recordings and interviews from some of the most exciting artists being showcased. Listen back the fourth (!) episode of our Hopelessly Devoted radio show at


— Hopelessly Devoted #4 features music from Kedr Lavinskiy, Guenter Råler, Eliza McCarthy, Circular Ruins and poetry from Nadia de Vries and Ignas van Rijckevorsel.


LULU Lulu’s soft trance-y DJ-sets are meditative whilst making you feel utterly alive at the same time. Without sticking to one specific genre, she has a music signature one could describe as sensual psychedelic, with influences from near and beyond. We asked Lulu to curate a playlist for every moment of the day. A track to rise and shine peacefully. Novi Sings Chopin – Prelude in E Minor Op. 28 No. 4


Breakfast background music. Yannis Kyriakides & Andy Moor – Minores Slightly festive music to celebrate lunchtime. Hlasko – Time

So, do you wanna get published?

A track to listen to during a siesta. Munma – Cadavre Exquis (feat. Jad Atoui)

For the previous publication, we were pleasantly overwhelmed with a myriad of exquisite artworks. Incredible to see how much talent is roaming around out there! A heartfelt thank you for that. <3

An afternoon pick-me-up. Niña Dioz – Tambalea (feat. Lido Pimienta & Ceci Bastida)

We’re craving for more of your words, visuals, shorts, pixels, glitch art, videos and whatever floats your boat. From sweet and salty, to raw, uncut, wet and dry. We wanna know what’s cooking on your laptops, your notebooks, and in your wildest dreams. In short: we want a slice of your (he)art again. Send us what you got:

Descending slowly into a peaceful evening. EVA808 – SELEKTA Brings out the hedonist in you. Greater Than One – Ignorance Is The Agent Of Fear Closing off the night Eindkrak – Enter Sandwichman

— Jakuzi play 11 May at s105 (De School), Amsterdam. Free for Subbacultcha members.

At Subbacultcha we are hopelessly devoted to pretty-looking-things and we are also devoted to share our finds with you. So, in each Void, we gift you a poster. You know... from the (he)art! This one is made by Kévin Bray and is called Thinking others.

We said enough.

He kept on playing for a while.

Here I am at the concert hall, waiting for my soundcheck. Originally this place was a lecture hall. We’re playing at an event tonight organised by students. They’ve been organising this event for 25 years already.

Can was trying to take the photo of Ulas when she captured him.

In our room. Trying to get a snap of Can who was trying to take a picture of nothing.

The band. Doing nothing.

We were staying at a guesthouse of the University of Ankara. This was the lobby where I was chilling. Felt like a time capsule back to the 80’s.

Soundchecks are not always fun but we had fun while listening to our guitar and synth player Ahmetcan, trying to play drums.

Excited to see more? Check out Kévin’s 4AM Forever creation in this publication.

Lulu shot by Sophie Schwartz

We arrived in Ankara. I was having a small snack with our manager Ulas and a fan was spying on us.

Breakfast break on the road, I was having Menemen a traditional Turkish egg with tomato and green peppers.

Fire up your speakers with Jakuzi’s slow-burning lo-fi krautrock sound. This Istanbul-based underground band is triggered by the darkness of the world and finds inspiration in Drab Majesty, John Maus and old Soviet goth post-punk bands. Along the glistening synths, you’ll hear lyrics on personal existentialism, love, hate and life. We asked them what their life on tour looks like, and in reply, we got a glimpse of their day through an iPhone lens. With moments from breakfast till after the show. Our first coffee break while being on the road to Ankara from Istanbul.


Read the full story behind this playlist at

Thinking others by Kévin Bray. 2019 • @bray_kevin

Going back to our rooms, tired but happy.

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Photo shot by our Click Click Club at Horses in the Void at OCCII, Amsterdam.

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