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The Adventure Issue

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Subbacultcha! Magazine July and August 2014

The Adventure Issue

When’s the last time you went on a REAL adventure? You know, the kind where you ditch your cushy routine and set sail for the other side of the world. We can barely recall an instance ourselves. That’s why we’re dedicating this summer to the those who recklessly abandon ship or venture out a little too far. Like climbing a 600-year-old tower just to watch the sun set or quitting your successful metal band to start from scratch alone. It all counts. We’ll even take a remote tropical island and sun-kissed palm trees. Whatever it is, get out there this summer.


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Atlas MONDAY AUGUST 18TH 8:00pm People’s place

S TA D H O U D E R S K A D E 5 / 6 TICKETS € 15,- WWW.GRACHTENFESTIVAL.COM #gfa14 @gfamsterdam


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Cover image by Henri Verhoef


The Hitchcock Touch 24 juli t/m 12 oktober 2014


July and August recommendations This summer our staff provides you with a selection of the finer things in life. Enjoy!

Music: Petite Meller

Music: GEoRGiA

Say bonjour to Petite Meller, the young lady behind ‘Le Nouveau Jazzy Pop’, a genre of her own invention, a quaint mix of French chanson and sugary synth-pop. But don’t be fooled by her flirtatious coo: the French singer is polishing off her Master’s degree in philosophy as we speak. The lovely video for ‘Backpack’ was filmed at the 1950s Hotel Garabit in France, the favoured hangout of Matisse and Picasso, now seen through Meller’s lense of ’60s French New Wave cinema and an obvious Tumblr addiction.

Georgia Barnes is no new kid when it comes to the London music scene; you’ve probably come across her drumming for Kwes, Kate Tempest and Micachu. But it’s with her solo debut that she’s really making heads turn and bop. Her Come In EP is out imminently, but for the moment you can revel in the heady electronic beats and biting vocals on her premiere track, ‘Be Ache’. Our money is on her being the little kid sporting an Adidas beanie and the world’s biggest attitude on its cover.




July and August recommendations Music: All We Are

Music: Some Ember

Rich, Guro and Luis have the high voices and tight trousers you’d expect of a band that describe themselves as ‘Bee Gees on diazepam’. They met at school in Liverpool and started playing their melancholy, drowsy music that will soothe the broken heart you might be nursing. Their new single, ‘Feel Safe’, out on Domino’s imprint Double Six Records, will make you cry on the discoball-dotted dance floor. facebook.com/thisisallweare

This California duo of Dylan Travis and Nina Chase has been releasing some impressively crafty, ethereal synth cassettes on labels such as Night People Records and Ascetic House for the past two years. Now, Dream Recordings (run by the guys from Crocodiles) is realising Some Ember’s creepy-crawly fulllength debut LP. Their sound is that of steady pulsating dark synths and piercing vocals, creating a claustrophobic atmosphere. As Wikipedia tells us, an ember is a glowing, hot coal made of greatly heated carbon-based material that remains after, or sometimes precedes, a fire. And beware: Some Ember can glow very hot.

Milk Music sadly announced they won’t be playing live shows any more, but fortunately there’s some good news too. The magic hillbillies will reunite with our favourite bands from Tampa and Tempe! The three-way split record with Merchandise and Destruction Unit comes with a book full of artwork, flyers, photos and other ‘surprises’. Since D Unit’s last record came with some trippy acid-paper, we can only imagine what these surprises might entail…



Music: Milk Music / Merchandise / Destruction Unit


July and August recommendations TV: Be Here Nowish

TV: Rick and Morty

Waking up hung-over with your face in last night’s greasy pizza box might mean that the wheatgrass-tofu-kale detox you’ve been putting off may actually be happening sooner than you expected. Cue Be Here Nowish, this season’s funniest web comedy show by Natalia Leite and Alexandra Roxo, who know what it means to be a young soul torn between being close to Mother Nature and your iPhone. Ten episodes, ten minutes each, 100 LOLs a minute, totally free. beherenowish.com

There is a myriad of subtleties often ignored in the world of cartoons. In a medium where anything is possible, a special kind of comedic timing and narrative assembly is borne of the ability to mix the reasonable with the imagined. Rick and Morty follows the unusual and often cataclysmic adventures of a teenage loner and his high-IQ, low-brow inventor/alcoholic grandfather through various dimensions and orientations of time. A perfect blend of well-timed weirdness, discerning wit and tacit sentimentality, Rick and Morty brings about the richness and diversity that needn’t be lost in the drawn universe.

Art: Patatap It’s time to stop refreshing Facebook once and for all! Patatap is a funny little animation and sound kit that lives in your web browser and will transform your keyboard taps into limitless symphonies of colour. Made by Google Creative Lab’s Jono Brandel and music duo Lullatone, it’s the closest the internet has got to synaesthesia. All you need is this URL and anything but Internet Explorer. It works on desktop and mobile. patatap.com



July and August recommendations Art: Rainbath Visual

Art: Tent Academy Awards

Meet Reuben Sawyer. He’s been making some amazing dark arts as part of Ascetic House. This is how we got to know him, through the Body of Light emblems that have been our desktop background for about a year now. But Sawyer’s visual explorations are reaching far beyond that at this point. Most recently he designed a shirt for Chelsea Wolfe’s new tour. You should absolutely go and get yourself that shirt; it’s already the most awesome artwork you’ll ever own.

Video art is not the past; it is very much the future. Rotterdam art institute TENT presents this summer’s best video art from all the Dutch academies, together with those of guest country Finland, which is the first to have an academy that provides a practice-based PHD programme for audio-visual artists. New technologies make the world of video a very exciting place right now, which will be reflected in the TAA. During the award show on 12 July they will show the nominated clips, films, documentaries and animations, which will also be on view in the exhibition until 17 August.



July and August recommendations Misc: emojinalysis

Food: Edible Trails Hungry for adventure? Turn eating out into an exciting experience and join The Edible Trails Supper Club, a small underground dining club that hosts secret dinners every once in a while. Think tons of comfort food, one large communal table and a different location – like living rooms, a photo studio or garage – and theme each time. Their motto? There are no strangers, only friends you haven’t met yet. Keep an eye on facebook.com/edibletrails for upcoming dinners.

Subject 28: Kate, 26 ‘Listen, we’ve all pointed a gun at a birthday cake at some point in our lives. But in the presence of Japanese ogre, confounded face and weary cat? This must be what it looks like when the coke runs out at a Charlie Sheen party. I must admit, the transition of heartshaped eyes face/cat into crying face/ cat is quite a powerful story. And the moral of that story is you’re a fucking lunatic.’ Diagnostic emoji: police cars revolving light Prescribed emoji: ticket + airplane

Food: Stadscarnaval Beer + sausage: the golden formula for a successful summer food fest. Add a vulgar theme with Braveheart, The Lord of The Rings, Mel Gibson and LARP as the dress-code suggestions, and you definitely don’t want to miss out on this. It’s a collaborative event by Oedipus Brewing and Brandt & Levie (former ‘Worst Day of the Year’ organisers), so that’s promising anyway. DJ P Bruegel will take care of the tunes. Plus: free entrance. Yeah!


11.00-23.00, 05 July, Noorderparkkamer, Amsterdam


July and August recommendations

1 - 1 2 J U LY 2 0 1 4 AMSTERDAM www.julidans.nl


July and August recommendations Music: Erik Enocksson Recommended by Loke Rahbek Every month we ask someone who inspires us to share something they are passionate about. This month we give the floor to Loke Rahbek, one of the brains behind rising Danish experimental label Posh Isolation.

When I was asked to write this text, I had just met someone who has long been a source of inspiration for me for the first time the night before: Stockholm-based soundtrack composer Erik Enocksson. Whenever I’ve been asked to give musical recommendations, he’s the first name that comes to mind. The first time I was introduced to his work was his Apan LP, released on the now defunct Swedish label, Release the Bats. It didn’t leave my record player for months on end. When I had finally sucked every second out of it, I turned to his other work and was surprised to find a broad palette of sound. The rather stoic nature of Apan was different from the almost humble sound of acoustic guitar and organ on his Farväl Falkenberg soundtrack. Yet still there was something so similar in the mood, something so Erik Enocksson. You sense an eagerness to explore throughout his work, an eagerness to try out new routes. But even when he is walking new paths, he does it with a pair of boots that is so distinctly him, they seem to leave a recognisable footprint anywhere he wanders off to. I joined him for an early evening that turned into a late night, going from bar to bar through Stockholm, talking about small and big things and our getting languages confused more than once. I felt very happy that I got a chance to do so. soundcloud.com/erikenocksson


We Saw You: Spotted at Subbacultcha! Photo by Mariska Kerpel

What does an ideal lazy Sunday look like for you? Endless sleep and endless food. Every sunday I go out to eat dim sum. Love that. Any guilty pleasures? The Offspring – Americana. Have you experienced any regrets recently? A year or so ago I almost bought a blue NASA overall. I’m still not sure why I didn’t. I guess it was too expensive. And when would I wear it? What kind of music makes you cry? Well, crying would be an overstatement but no record stirs my emotions like The Folklords’ Release the Sunshine. Actually, the Dutch song ‘Niemand is Perfect’ by Leuk en Ko does! The atmosphere of the video, the honest lyrics, the total lack of pretensions… Beautiful. What makes you dance? Alcohol. Which future Subbacultcha! show are you looking forward to? I haven’t figured that one out yet. I guess I’ll go where the moment takes me.

Name: Hugo van de Poel Age: 26 Spotted at: Tender Falcons & Bird On The Wire at De Nieuwe Anita Home: Amsterdam Keywords: science enthusiast, musician Earth Mk. II, Pokémon master Zodiac sign: Gemini

Do you like fun? I like fun just as much as the next guy. Recently I biked up the tallest hill in GTA V, which is a video game, and just stood there, enjoying the scenery. I don’t own the game myself. It would get too addictive. According to you, what are the key ingredients for adventure? Be unprepared and most importantly, DON’T PANIC. What kind of music are you listening to at the moment? Geoff Goddard – ‘My Friend Bobby’. What’s the first record you bought? The Offspring – Americana. Your first ever music-related memory? Probably the jazz records of my dad. What’s your favourite pastime? Playing, discovering and making records.




The Adventure Issue. Interview Is there anything – anything – more adventurous than being in a punk-rock band? Roaming the land with your comrades in an old van filled with guitars and bits of drum kits, sleeping on any old

Protomartyr Phone Interview by Koen van Bommel Photos shot by Aaron Wynia in Toronto, Canada

couch you find along the way and drinking every night until the sun comes up? Sounds like a dream. In fact, it was the dream Greg Ahee, guitar player for angsty Detroit postpunk outfit Protomartyr, had when he was a child. Now let’s find out if that dream came true (spoiler alert: it did)


Protomartyr. Continued Hey Greg! So, what was the most epic adventure fantasy you had as a child? Uh, well, I’m not very adventurous, but let me think. My mind isn’t really working, because I just woke up. Probably… shit, I don’t know. There must be something... Well, I’ve always wanted to be in, like, a travellers’ band and travel across the world. I think that is about as epic and creative as my mind got. I never really dreamed about climbing mountains, going to space or anything like that. I’ve kept my dreams relatively realistic. But travelling around the world is pretty adventurous by any standard, isn’t it? Well, you see, I like travelling, but I’m not very outdoorsy and I’m not much of an explorer. So how adventurous do your travels actually get? Sleeping in a different random place every night. We try not to stay in too many hotels, so it’s usually someone’s couch in a different city every night and meeting completely new people, so yeah, it’s definitely an adventure in that way. You said you’ve always wanted to be in a band and travel the world. Tell me what that looked like in your head. It was always my dream to put out an album. That was before vinyl made a comeback, so I just wanted to get a CD out and then I wanted to go out on tour. And at that point I always wanted to make a living doing that. But as I got older I realised that isn’t very realistic. Sounds like you’ve already accomplished a lot of your dreams. Well yeah, but you set new goals once you’ve completed your original ones. Right now I’m very excited about going to Europe. Because once we had toured the US that felt like the next logical step. I mean, we’ve all been there, but just to visit. It would be much more rewarding to actually go there with a purpose. After that, I



Protomartyr. Continued

don’t know. We’ll try to write a better record than the last one. So we just keep working, and we try not to take any breaks. We realise our time as a band might be… limited. The image of a band going on a tour and having adventures and whatnot, is that image romanticised? I mean, do the adventures you have and the good times et cetera weigh up against the boredom and frustration of being on the road? I mean, we definitely have a great time, overall. But I would say absolutely it’s romanticised, because the vast majority of your day is spent either in a van or trying to find the bathroom or just sitting


The Adventure Issue. Interview ‘I’ve always wanted to be in a travellers’ band and travel across the world...that is about as epic and creative as my mind got’ around at a venue, waiting for a soundcheck and it can take its toll, just the amount of waiting you have to do. Sitting around is a big part of touring. And it can be frustrating to not always know where you’re going to sleep, because we don’t have the money to spend on hotels. But the good times and the fun and the people you meet; that, for us, makes it all worth it. But I think the way I view the whole process is that you shouldn’t see it as some sort of non-stop party, but see it more like a kind of work. And then afterwards, when you’re having fun, it’s even more rewarding. That makes sense. So how about an adventurous anecdote to finish the interview with? We were in Chicago after a show with our friends from Cloud Nothings and our drummer had this magnet shaped like a dog and we started playing this game where we’d take the magnet and throw it at our car and try to land the magnet perfectly on the car. That didn’t really work out, as we were all pretty drunk. After a while, a small crowd gathered around us and everyone was cheering and being very loud. Suddenly, the cops showed up and we thought we were gonna get arrested for throwing a dog magnet at a car. The guys from Cloud Nothings just took off, so it was just us and the cops. Luckily a friend of ours talked the cops out of arresting us. That would have been a pretty Protomartyr play on 09 August at De embarrassing reason to get arNieuwe Anita in Amsterdam. The show is rested, as a rock band. free for Subbacultcha! members.


Aurora Halal Ital Interview by Will Martin Visuals by Aurora Halal

The Adventure Issue. Interview Whether as event curators, a label, an audiovisual collaboration, or a production duo, Aurora Halal and Ital consistently explore the borders of the personal and the professional. Their Mutual Dreaming project, a unity of their collective endeavours, has consequently propelled them to the forefront of forward-thinking electronic experimentation. We spoke to the Brooklyn-based duo about shared consciousness, and the adventures and realities of working as a couple Is it possible for people to occupy the same dream space? Aurora: I am a very visual person and I’m dreaming all the time, with thoughts & images or lucid dreaming at night. And I do sleep a lot. It’s funny, I recently realized the connection with my name - Aurora is the name of Sleeping Beauty, and it also means dawn, something I see a lot of. Mutual Dream as a name for our party is a metaphor for great energy in a room - people sharing their subconscious thoughts and desires, and finding them expressed through the music & atmosphere. When art is good it can tap into collective feelings under the surface, and I think that’s a bit like dreaming. There’s a thread connecting it all which is artistic bravery / power in the intention, and always non-commercial.


Aurora Halal & Ital. Continued ‘I always call him the life force, because he has this lightning rod approach, very sensitive and expressive, open and focused’ Are you able to balance the personal and the professional? Ital: The boundaries in a relationship are always blurred. We share ideas very openly, spend a lot of time analyzing music, art etc. This leads to an intense focus in the collaborative space. It’s not entirely freed from the usual competitiveness of a normal band dynamic, but without that the music would be pretty placid. A: I hear each of us very strongly in our collaboration. Daniel flows in an impulsive way and I’m more perfectionistic. I always call him the life force, because he has this lighting rod approach, very sensitive and expressive, open and focused. I’m slower paced and adding different elements to it. What do you see in the power of a sensory overload? Do you see excess as adventurous or unnecessary decadence? I: Sensory overload can be quite a powerful tool in one’s technical arsenal, but when made the main focus of someone’s art it can get old pretty fast. I mean, I’ve “gone in” many, many times... sometimes I’m loving it, sometimes it has ended up messier than I meant, but I’ve always steered clear of the macho quality that turns me off from a lot of big noise displays. The sensory overload for me has always held a promise of ecstatic transcendence, or at least physical splendour. Sometimes it can contain rage as well, which is powerful only when deployed at the critical moment. These days I definitely enjoy walking the tightrope more than I enjoy the full blast assault. To me, it’s more adventurous to tell a complex, nuanced,


The Adventure Issue. Interview


XXX. Continued


Aurora Halal & Ital. Continued ‘The sensory overload for me has always held a promise of ecstatic transcendence, or at least physical splendour’ tensile story than to simply overload and let your eyes roll back in your head. In your opinion, does drug experimentation fall under exploration or self-indulgence? A: This is one of the great mysteries of life isn’t it? I don’t judge anyone, but in my opinion the best use of drugs is purposeful psychedelics, only on special occasions when you are open to changes within yourself. Great music is an amazing part of that experience. I took mushrooms to see DJ Sprinkles and Function last summer, and am still thinking about those ideas a year later. For me really good music is druggy, sensual, mystical, profound. You shouldn’t need drugs to enjoy it. Vacant party lifestyle is the opposite of what I’m interested in. Do you look at your career as an adventure? I: This question reminds me of soft-hued aspirational airport reading. To describe life as an “adventure” is a bit banal. Of course it is, but that sentiment has been trivialized by an escapist narrative iterated and re-iterated in an axis of modern cinema, literature and music that celebrates the individual’s capacity for spontaneity & selfactualization while ignoring the crushing socio-economic realities through which we move as well as the many looming catastrophes mankind has planned for itself. Our work is our life, our life is Aurora Halal + Ital play Somewhere Else on 18 July at Canvas in Amsterdam The our work. show is free for Subbacultcha! members before midnight.



The Adventure Issue. Interview Leaving a black-metal band to fully dedicate yourself to an electronic music project is adventurous in its own sense, says WIFE’s James Kelly. The latest addition to the ever-expanding Tri Angle Records roster

WIFE Skype Interview by Sander van Dalsum Photos shot by Dan Wilton in London, UK

doesn’t believe in ghosts, but manages to compose songs that are as haunting as they are beautiful. We asked James about the countryside versus the city... and some other clichés that you might associate with being adventurous ‘I’d love to go on a submarine one day to take a trip into the depths of the ocean’ 33

WIFE. Continued Hey James! Have you done anything unusual lately? Well, yesterday I was in a gondola, but that isn’t particularly wild. I live in London now and I grew up on the countryside. And when I lived there I did a lot of hiking and went hunting with my father and my dog. And now instead of that, I go shopping for clothes and visit cocktail bars. It kills your sense of adventure. Would you still be able to hunt your own food, though? I would, but firing a rifle in the centre of London would get me in a lot of trouble. What are your fondest memories of living in the wild? Growing up, my friends and I would go to another farmer’s land and steal bags of crops to bring home. The farmer would chase us with a gun. I also remember we all chipped in and bought an old beat-up motorbike. We brought that into the fields and would fly around on it. Do you still have a bucket list now that you’ve grown up? I’d love to go on a submarine one day to take a trip into the depths of the ocean. I wonder how that would be psychologically. People are afraid of flying because you’re so high in the air, but this is reversed. You don’t want to be on a submarine when things go wrong. I imagine you’re a person who lives by the moment. Are you? Yeah, when you live in a city there’s a bit more room for error. Before I moved to London I actually lived in a jungle in Costa Rica for four months. I was living in a tent with no electricity or running water. On a trip like that, I had to do a lot of planning because there’s no room for error at all. Once I got to the place I wasn’t going to be taken back to a city where I could get supplies. To be adventurous, you have to watch a scary movie once in a while. What’s the most frightful thing you’ve witnessed? I’ve been to some places where you can feel an old energy. Back


The Adventure Issue. Interview


WIFE. Continued ‘A lot of people are wasting years because they become content and lose sight of the things they want to achieve in life’ in December I was recording on an island off the east coast of England with The Haxan Cloak. It’s a really creepy location, and there’s nobody there except for a caretaker. It’s used for horror films a lot and there are loads of unsettling stories about it. We were in the living room of the house and we heard this huge bang and crash. There was no logical explanation for what happened. I studied science in university, though. It trains your brain to know that there’s always a logical explanation for things. I think that keeps me from being superstitious. Do you have any demons you still have to face? I honestly don’t think I’m afraid of anything. Committing to Wife and leaving a band that was already successful was kind of a brave move. Some people think the best had yet to come but in my opinion I had to stick to my commitment. The time had come, so in my own sense that was kind of adventurous. Do you have any last advice on keeping life adventurous? Don’t overthink things, be a little bit reckless, and also don’t be afraid once in a while to take stock of what you’ve done, and who you are. A lot of people are wasting years because they become content and lose sight of the things they want to achieve in life.

WIFE plays on 17 July at OT301 in Amsterdam. The show is free for Subbacultcha! members.


The Adventure Issue. Interview



The Adventure Issue. Questionnaire While bandmate Raphaelle Standell-Preston focuses on her Braids, Blue Hawaii’s Alex Cowan has taken to adventuring solo, packing little more than his favourite records. From Montreal to London, with

Blue Hawaii Questionnaire by Brenda Bosma Photos shot by Valeria Cherchi in London, UK

stops in Berlin and Moscow, there’s always something to explore. We asked him five adventurous questions. Here’s what he had to say about diving into the unknown, tropical fish and unpacking zip files 39

1) What is adventure to you? a) Saying yes to everything and then later dealing with pain and regret Saying no causes more regret, the pain part is part of life. I guess so long as I don’t lose too much money or a good friend, I live for exploring.

b) I just think preparing is for insecure people c) Other, namely: ... 2) What’s the most adventurous you’ve been lately? a) Trying to find tropical warmth in Berlin b) Installing a mindfulness app on my mobile phone c) Other, namely: I broke into a 600-year-old tower in London, my new hometown, a few days back and watched the sun set, that was adventure.

3) Blue Hawaii conjures up an image of a sweet paradise with a gloomy side to it, as if with every low tide hundreds of colourful fish wash up on the beach gasping for oxygen. Would you throw these fish back or watch them take their last breath? a) This image makes me sad, but was exactly the reason we called our band Blue Hawaii. There is no music without a little death. Ha! Sure. Sometimes I think about the band name’s double meaning as ‘blue’ being the emotional colour, not a tropical waterscape, and Hawaii being this strange prevented kind of paradise, suggesting the American power of the ’50s with resorts, the whole shebang, and of course there’s that incredibly gorgeous side to it.

b) See answer a) c) Other, namely: ... 4) After making the latest album Untogether, while you both were in different parts of the world, is there room for a record that’s made with the two of you in one place? a) Who knows, but for now we just love seeing each other’s pixelated faces and unpacking each other’s zip files Love that.

b) We will find each other in the end c) Other, namely: ...


Blue Hawaii. Continued

5) You are at the end of the questionnaire. What are you going to do next? a) Download a mindfulness app b) Digest my German fruhstuck c) Other, namely: I’m DJ-ing in Moscow tonight! Currently receiving lots of stares on a train in some Russian suburbs, pretty hungry, a little nervous, badly wanting a haircut. Blue Hawaii (DJ set) plays Somewhere Else on 18 July at Canvas in Amsterdam. The show is free for Subbacultcha! members before midnight.


The Adventure Issue. Stills

Palmistry - Protector SE5




Aerial shot


Palmistry. Continued



The Adventure Issue. Stills

R6 Lift

Palmistry plays Wastelands Festival on 09 August at 019, in Ghent, Belgium. The festival is free for Subbacultcha! members // July 15 - plmstry.com


The Morning After: Odonis Odonis Photos shot by Annegien van Doorn on Thursday, 29 May at 11.36 am


The Morning After is a monthly photo series depicting the scenes of a band’s post-slumber lodgings the day after their Subbacultcha! show. Here’s how Odonis Odonis left their Amsterdam guestroom.


Featured Artist

Henri Verhoef Henri Verhoef (1990) is graduating from the photography programme of the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague this summer. Although he is a fashion photographer, his graduation work, Man-up, forms a highly stylised and autonomous series. He spends his time geeking out in the studio, sculpting people in different lights, only to then retreat to Photoshop, working on a photo for hours on end, crafting it to perfection. With these tough-looking, teary-eyed men, Verhoef comments on stereotypical social constructions of gender, but also allows for a humorous undertone –it’s not merely summertime sadness henriverhoef.com




Featured Artist: Henri Verhoef Interview by Floor Kortman

How are you? I’m pretty good. Currently I am graduating so that’s kind of stressful but also a lot of fun. The idea that I will no longer be a student in a couple of weeks is exciting: to finally get out there, in the real world, to find my way around in the thing I love doing most. I read you have a strong desire to pet every dog you meet. I think a lot of people have this feeling. What’s your favourite kind of dog? I don’t really have a favourite, but I like dogs with ‘big-dog character’ the most. Last summer I went to Italy and I met a dog there that was like this – one with a really strong mind of its own. When a dog like that comes over to you, you know he does it because he really wants to. I think I am a little bit like that as well; perhaps that’s why we became best friends. What do you like about photography? Photography gives me the power to take control; I can create situations and make them 100 per cent my own. It gives me the ability to transform abstract, dark thoughts into tangible, beautiful images. I am a very chaotic person but within

photography I’m able to find my focus. It is also a means of not taking the world and myself too seriously. Can you tell me something about the series Man-up? I think around the end of last year I made some important men in my life cry. Something struck me: I’d never seen that many men cry in such a short period of time. Our society tells boys to ‘man up’ when they’re crying, but these social constructions about gender are extremely annoying. That’s why I started making this series. The iconic imagery of the uniforms represents masculinity and the dogs add to that status; the tear is the one thing that transforms their masculinity into something else. I tried to create an alternative to the social norm. I don’t believe I can change the world, but I can say something about it in my own way: take a serious and heavy subject and transform it into a striking image with a humorous undertone. That airiness in my work is really important to me. Henri Verhoef’s work will be on view at the KABK Graduation Festival from 12 -17 July, Prinsessegracht 4, The Hague.


Featured Artist: Henri Verhoef



Books: Self-Help Shelf No 4 By Marc van der Holst. Image by Lonneke van der Palen

A New Path to the Waterfall by Raymond Carver

Every month we offer a literary helping hand with the bigger questions in life When Raymond Carver, one of the great short story writers of the 20th century, was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he turned to poetry (and Chekhov). A New Path to the Waterfall is a last book, of last things, and asks some Big Questions, like: ‘[…] Did you get what you wanted from this life?’ and ‘What did you want?’ (‘I did’ and ‘to call myself beloved, to feel myself beloved on the earth’). These poems about dying are full of life. There's beauty (‘Cherish’), but also bitterness (‘On an Old Photograph of My Son’). There are sad memories (‘What the Doctor Said’) as well as sweet ones (‘Proposal’). And all of it is interspersed with fragments by, among others, Anton

Chekhov, which work wonderfully as short prose-turned-poetic epigrams. Ultimately, of course, these poems won’t teach you how to die, or how to live. They will be of great comfort, though, whether you are living or dying. Along with his wife, Tess Gallagher’s introduction on their last months together and the aforementioned fragments, these heartbreakingly honest and heartwarmingly simple and straightforward poems form a unique celebration of life, love and the possibilities of poetry, ‘the very thing I needed most in my life’: ‘Words lead to deeds… they prepare the soul, make it ready, and move it to tenderness’ (Saint Teresa). Read these.


Self-Help Shelf: N o1: I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon, by Philip K. Dick | N o2: Self-Help, by Lorrie Moore | N o3: 60 Stories, by Donald Barthelme | N o4: A New Path to the Waterfall, by Raymond Carver


Fashion By Mandy Sharabani. Photos shot by Isolde Woudstra

€15 Outfit Every month we give €15 to someone to compose a complete outfit for a good night out. Yes, quite the challenge Montreal-based electro-pop duo Blue Hawaii formed this month’s fashion inspiration for Simone van de Vugt, who moonlights as the singer for Bixby and just released a beautiful EP named Exhale.

while these girls were watching me probably thinking, Girl, what are you up to with this dress? Girl, that’s what I call a trendsetter. Any words on your styling? I used the white top to make the dress look like a skirt, then applied some purple hair accents – hair chalks are the new accessories, I tell you. Now, who is that stunning fellow in the picture? That’s Kareltje, my cat – the best replacement for the vintage shoes I was thinking of wearing. He came along and stole the show.

Hey there Tropical Cat Lady, tell me about your inspiration? Blue Hawaii made me drift far away and reminded me of a blue gemstone I once got as a present. Its different shades of blue inspired me, and with this in mind I went on a tropical search and found the dress I needed. Exotic-tastic! Details please! While I was strolling around at Mrs. Mokum Mini Festival, I coincidentally ran into this vintage fashion stand where I spotted the dress. I tried it on and I stood in the middle of the crowd feeling embarrassed,

Wanna go shopping for a €15 outfit? Email us at fashion@subbacultcha.nl. Blue Hawaii (DJ set) plays Somewhere Else on 18 July at Canvas in Amsterdam The show is free for Subbacultcha! members before midnight


Simone's total budget spent: €15 Top: €5 - Rock on Vintage stand at Mrs. Mokum Mini Festival / Dress: €5 - Rock on Vintage stand at Mrs. Mokum Mini Festival / Hair chalk: 2 for €5 - Gemma & the Sea Gypsies stand at Mrs. Mokum Mini Festival


Food: Cooking With... By Zofia Ciechowska. Image by Carlijn Potma

Chelsea Wolfe Every month we ask an artist to share a recipe for their favourite dish Chelsea Wolfe grew up in Northern California, where she walked amongst the giant redwoods, went to the river and spent time by the Pacific Ocean. Leaving a big old house of friends behind in LA, she has recently moved up into the mountains outside the city, where she’s gone to quiet her mind a little bit. The kitchen is pretty normal there, she says, as is her simple cooking. A warm cup of Indian haldi ka doodh – turmeric almond milk – is a nice thing to drink on a cold night at home, she says. And its a great cure for the string of tequila-induced hang overs that accrue whilst on tour. ‘Scents are actually more intense for me in relation to memory. Butterscotch ­reminds me of my grandmother on my father’s side, while vetiver and lavender ­are my grandmother on my mother’s side.

The smell of Budweiser reminds me of my childhood.’ How to make Chelsea Wolfe’s Turmeric Almond Milk • Pour the almond milk into a small saucepan and bring to a light boil. • Transfer the milk into a mason jar, add the rest of the ingredients, cover with a lid and give it a good shake. • Strain if you have large pieces of ginger, cinnamon or peppercorns. • You can make variations of this by adding whole cardamom pods, vanilla extract or maple syrup. • Drink warm or chilled in a nice tall glass. Cleanse away last night’s tequila whilst gazing at the night sky. Easy does it. Chelsea Wolfe plays on 12 August at Melkweg in Amsterdam. The show is free for Subbacultcha! members.


2 cups of homemade almond milk 1 tablespoon local honey 1 tablespoon coconut oil, optional 1 teaspoon ground turmeric

1 cinnamon stick or 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon small pinch of black pepper small pinch freshly grated ginger


Music Reviews By Carly Blair


Music Reviews Stephen Steinbrink Arranged Waves

Viet Cong ‘Cassette’ EP

Take it from a native: Phoenix kind of sucks. Born from the scorched earth of the Arizona desert, it's the kind of sprawling suburban wasteland where the heat and a lack of things to do lead people to drink too much, eat too much and watch too much TV, or if you're Stephen Steinbrink, spend a whole lotta time exploring the inside of your own head. Like a geode nestled into Phoenix's dull surface, Steinbrink has spent the past few years quietly but deliberately filling up the city’s cultural void with his own sparkling, multifaceted and richly coloured take on indie pop. Arranged Waves is his highest-profile and most refined release yet, and hopefully marks the moment when the world cracks open the humble-looking surface of his musical world and admires all the beauty within it.

For fans of Canadian indie rock in general and its Calgarian incarnations in particular, Viet Cong is like a musical wet dream come true. Born out of the dissolution of beloved artrock band Women and inspired by the subsequent, sudden death of Women guitarist Chris Reimer, the band was founded by Women vocalist/bassist Matt Flegel and Chad VanGaalen collaborator Monty Munro, who recruited Women drummer Mike Wallace and guitarist Danny Christiansen to join their ranks. Originally released as a tour-only cassette last year, this reissued EP constitutes the band’s introduction to the world at large. With its intricate guitar melodies, propulsive rhythms, skewed pop sensibility and impressively broad sonic scope, it’s safe to say that Cassette makes one hell of a first impression.


Mexican Summer


Music Reviews By Carly Blair

Peter Matthew Bauer Liberation!

Rodrigo Amarante Cavalo Easy Sound

Mexican Summer

Brazilian multi-instrumentalist Rodrigo Amarante got his start playing in popular Brazilian band Los Hermanos and samba supergroup Orquestra Imperial before working with kindred spirit Devendra Banhart in the US, forming indie band Little Joy along with Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti, and eventually growing the bolas to release this solo debut. Something like how the titular horse can evoke images of a majestic creature, a jaunty companion and a powerful beast, Cavalo is versatile and diverse, featuring lyrics in English, Portuguese and French and a variety of instruments and encompassing a broad array of styles and moods. Like a musical horse whisperer, Amarante manages to tame these varied elements and coax them into performing a sonic dressage worthy of the Olympic Games.

When former Walkmen bassist/organist Peter Matthew Bauer sings, over and over again, ‘Let’s leave it behind!’ on his debut solo album’s opening track, you’d be forgiven for assuming he’s referring to the Walkmen’s recent dissolution. In fact, the mantra is as broad in scope as Liberation! itself, nodding to Bauer’s upbringing in ashrams in upstate New York and proclaiming his decision to free himself from concerns about one’s ultimate fate in favour of living in the here and now. Accordingly, religious imagery is sprinkled throughout the album, along with enough bracing, anthemic rock’n’roll to leave you feeling spiritually cleansed and ready to face whatever life’s gonna throw at you next. The future is ours, indeed!


Music Reviews Matt Kivel Days of Being Wild

Soft Walls No Time

Though LA singer-songwriter Matt Kivel has said that the songs on his latest album were inspired by a desire to do something more social and a newfound appreciation for classic rock artists like Tom Petty and The Cars, Days of Being Wild’s overall vibe is much mellower than its title suggests, and Kivel actually impresses me most when he’s at his most meditative and vulnerable-sounding.

Though he may not need caffeine pills to pull it off, Brighton’s Dan Reeves somehow finds the time to run his own label (Faux Discx), play in post-punk trio Cold Pumas and record solo as Soft Walls. Rather than convey a feeling of being rushed, his latest album, No Time, is filled with enough hypnotic motorik grooves and sedative drones to captivate and succeed at making the passage of time seem irrelevant.


Trouble in Mind

Lydia Ainsworth Right From Real Pt.1 EP

Craft Spells Nausea Captured Tracks

Arbutus Shit’s about to get real for Lydia Ainsworth. On Right From Real Pt. 1, the Toronto artist’s skillful, disciplined arrangements neatly intermingle neoclassical flourishes, sumptuous synthesizers, tight pop melodies and her own powerful voice, resulting in an impressive debut that’s earning her comparisons to orchestral pop visionaries like Julia Holter, Owen Pallett and Glasser.

While Justin Paul Vallesteros’s debut as Craft Spells, Idle Labor, fit neatly into the C86 revival sweeping indie rock at the time and focused on the kind of youthful drama you’d expect given the title and Vallesteros’ young age, Nausea finds him pushing his limits as a songwriter, and though it can occasionally be dreamy to a fault, its high points rank amongst Craft Spells’ most exhilarating moments.


New Films By Basje Boer

The Reunion Anna Odell - 2013

Apparently a very famous conceptual artist in Sweden, Anna Odell makes her debut as a director and actress in The Reunion. The film, which was selected for the International Film Festival Rotterdam earlier this year, is an interesting hybrid of fiction, documentary and art and is both a critique on a selfish society and a very personal revenge fantasy. Odell basically plays herself, a young artist who’s trying to deal with a traumatic past: she was bullied and ignored by her classmates. In the first part of the movie, Odell gets invited to a class reunion and seizes the opportunity to confront her former bullies. In the second part, Odell doesn’t get an invitation to the class reunion and an entirely different scenario unfolds. Release: 10 July When you’ve finished this one, start watching... • Though endlessly compared to Thomas Vinterberg’s Festen, The Reunion actually has more in common with the oeuvre of Lars von Trier, a filmmaker who is a conceptual artist at heart. Dogville and Manderlay, for example, are as intellectually challenging as Odell’s film, whereas Festen, also a film about a confession that spoils the fun at what was supposed to be a joyful occasion, is more interested in human psychology and classic storytelling. • Like Odell, Dutch artist Renzo Martens also successfully mixes art, documentary and narcissism, most notably in Episode III: Enjoy Poverty, in which Martens visits Congo to promote the exploitation of poverty.


New Films


Eastern Boys


ic genres: comedy (sporting jokes that nobody except the French find funny) and (social) realism. Eastern Boys falls into the latter category, telling the story of an older, well-off gay man who finds himself attracted to a young Eastern European boy who hangs around Gare du Nord. When he invites the boy to his home, he soon realises he was set up by a gang of criminals. Release: 07 July

Amat Escalante - 2013 The latest film in Amat Escalante’s small but impressive oeuvre, Heli was selected for the 2013 Cannes film festival. Telling the story of a working-class Mexican family, the film offers a raw view of a society that’s fundamentally corrupt and violent. Protagonist Heli is a teenage father who inadvertently gets involved with both a brutal drug cartel and the corrupt Mexican police force. Heli may be shocking but it is never cynical or sensationalist in its depiction of violence. Release: 24 July

And for couch potatoes... by Gert Verbeek

Wrecked Kevin & Michael Goetz - 2013 Wrecked is an amusing lesson in what not to do when you are stranded on a desert road. Mitchell and Carter think it’s a great opportunity to argue about friendship and to hit each other with crutches. Will they survive?

Eastern Boys Robin Campillo - 2013 They may have reinvented cinema in the 1960s but nowadays the French seem to stick to two cinemat-


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Those Foreign Kids: 01 September

Those Foreign Kids: 01 September

New Music: Solar Year

Film: Lydia Ainsworth

Solar Year (Ben Borden and David Ertel) have become part of the eponymously cool Montreal music family with a bunch of new-age electro-pop tracks under their belt, not to mention some guest vocals from the Grimes goddess herself. The duo have been heard to call their music ‘psalmgaze’, something probably said tongue-in-cheek but immediately pounced on by rabid music journalists like myself – all because of a Gregorian chant sample, ha! Check out their Brotherhood EP, available for free download on the Arbutus Records website and be on the lookout for their fulllength, Waverly, which is due to appear at the end of June on Splendour.

Brooklyn music lady Lydia Ainsworth is simply thrilling. Lydia, if you’re reading this, come and have pizza with me! Come and have pizza with the world! This former student of Joan La Barbara has composed for filmmakers, visual artists, poets and contemporary dance groups, putting her at the epicentre of artistic expression, making her the coolest lady everrr. Lydia’s otherworldly vocals are accompanied by a string quartet, drummers, keyboards and this brilliant self-devouring fast-food collage animation. Listen and be happy.



ic us M


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Music, art and film in July and August 2014 Those Foreign Kids: 01 September

Those Foreign Kids: 01 September

New Music: Solar Year

Film: Lydia Ainsworth



Including all Subbacultcha! events 67

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Solar Year (Ben Borden and David ErBrooklyn music lady Lydia Ainsworth tel) have become part of the eponyis simply thrilling. Lydia, if you’re readmously cool Montreal music family with ing this, come and have pizza with me! a bunch of new-age electro-pop tracks Come and have pizza with the world! under their belt, not to mention some This former student of Joan La Barbaguest vocals from the Grimes goddess ra has composed for filmmakers, visual herself. The duo have been heard to artists, poets and contemporary dance call their music ‘psalmgaze’, something groups, putting her at the epicentre probably said tongue-in-cheek but imof artistic expression, making her the mediately pounced on by rabid music coolest lady everrr. Lydia’s otherworldjournalists like myself – all because of a ly vocals are accompanied by a string Gregorian chant sample, ha! Check out quartet, drummers, keyboards and this their Brotherhood EP, available for free brilliant self-devouring fast-food collage download on the Arbutus Records webanimation. Listen and be happy. self-desite and be on the lookout for their fullvouring fast-food collage animation. Mykki Blanco: 09 August - Wastelands Festival at 019 in Ghent, Belgium. The festival is free for length, Waverly, which is due to appear Subbacultcha! members. at the end of June on Splendour.

New Membership Pass

Artwork by Adriana Bogdanova

Every month we will be choosing an artist’s work to grace the monthly membership pass. For July we chose this image by Adriana Bogdanova. Now, this colourful little critter will grant Subbacultcha! members access to all our events. Want your work on the pass? Feel free to submit: printme@subbacultcha.nl

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Flamingods + Yuko Yuko

written and recorded separately after Kamal was forced to leave the UK for visa reasons, and unsurprisingly focuses on themes of identity and alienation. Bummers aside, these dudes are a spontaneous bunch known for starting parties that only the cops can stop.

04 July - De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam 20.00 | €8 | Free for members Though they’re now (mostly) based in London, four out of the five members of Flamingods, including founder Kamal Rasool, grew up together in Bahrain, a small island in the Persian Gulf. While everyone else on the island was listening to rap and metal, Kamal was frequently travelling the world with his family, collecting exotic percussion instruments along the way, and exposing his friends to fellow tribal-drumming enthusiasts Animal Collective. Fast forward a few years, and what was originally a bedroom project has evolved into a psychedelic ethno-folk clergy preaching Sung Tongs sermons to the weary masses. Their new album, Hyperborea, was

Metropolis Pre-Party ft. Flamingods + Blank Realm + Bird on the Wire 05 July - Roodkapje, Rotterdam 20.00 | Free for all


Mu sic

Before diving into Metropolis Festival on 06 July, whet your musical whistle at our Metropolis Pre-Party at one of the coolest spots in Rotterdam, Roodkapje. The party will feature the likes of Bahranian ethno-folk troupe Flamingods, Aussie fuzz popsters Blank Realm and up-andcoming Amsterdam indie folk Bird on the Wire. Read more on page 91.

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16-07 18-07 19-07 01-08 10-08 06-09 07-09 18-09 20-09





--------------------------------------------------------------PATRONAAT | HAARLEM | VOLLEDIGE PROGRAMMA: WWW.PATRONAAT.NL

ic us M


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Communiona: 11 June

potential to someday pull off a Lust for Youth-style transformation into joyous dance-floor bangers.

11 July - De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam 20.00 | €8 | Free for members Over the last few years a thriving noise/ punk/electronics scene has developed in Copenhagen, with bands like Iceage, Lower and Lust for Youth plus label Posh Isolation at its epicentre. Though recent Posh Isolation signees Communions hail from this scene, share certain sonic touchstones with their label mates and even share a practice space with Iceage and Lower, in general their soaring postpunk is significantly sunnier than the music of their bummed-out brethren. Yet another dark and dismal synth-pop act to claw their way up from Copenhagen’s underground to the international sphere, teenage duo First Hate’s super minimal, super lo-fi tracks have the

WIFE + Lemontrip 17 July - OT301, Amsterdam 20.30 | €8 | Free for members

While best known as the frontman and mastermind of lauded, now-defunct black-metal band Altar of Plagues, Irishman James Kelly indulges his softer side with his experimental electronic WIFE project. Kelly’s crackly, melancholic take on post-dubstep, which fits in perfectly on Tri Angle Records’ roster, has drawn comparisons to fellow masters of making bummed-out sound sexy like How to Dress Well, James Blake and even Nine Inch Nails. While his bleakly beautiful 2012 debut EP, Stoic, betrayed a pretty


M us ic

Communions + First Hate

WIFE: 17 July

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Aurora Halal: 18 July Koenig Leopold: 18 July

something energising, aphrodisiacal, highly addictive and undeniably good in the process. Even though their heads might be floating in psychotropic clouds, their feet are planted firmly enough on the ground to entertain anyone willing to buy a ticket and take Koenig Leopold’s wild ride.

serious crush on Burial, his new What’s Between EP is unexpectedly poppy and lighthearted-sounding despite being produced by none other than The Haxan Cloak.

Koenig Leopold

Somewhere Else

18 July - WORM, Rotterdam 19.30 | €6 | Free for members

ft. Ital+Halal + Blue Hawaii (DJ set) + Luc Mast & Arif Malawi 18 July - Canvas, Amsterdam 23.00 | €12 | Free for members before midnight

Koenig Leopold is a Viennese experimental performance art/music duo consisting of Lukas König and Leo Riegler. The troublemaking twosome extract the freakiest bits from an otherwise harmless pop tradition, mix them up with corroded hip-hop beats and paranoid noise improvisations, then filter out any remaining boring bullshit, cooking up

Emerging from the bowels of Trouw Amsterdam, Somewhere Else is heading to 7th Heaven before it's officially open to the public. Completely revamped, Canvas returns to sit atop the new Volksho-

ic us M


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Young Magic: 02 August

Young Magic + Bea

Ital: 18 July


M us ic

02 August - De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam 20.00 | €8 | Free for members Young Magic met in Brooklyn back in 2007, but like typical itchy-footed Aussies, founding members Isaac Emmanuel and Michael Italia spent the next few years travelling, while Melati Melay held down the fort in NYC. Given the band’s globetrotting tendencies, it makes sense that their debut, Melt, sounded like an amalgam of worldly influences. Italia has since left the band, and the now-duo has reigned in the psych tendencies in favour of a more electronics-heavy sound. While there’s no shortage of acts pairing sultry female vocals with dystopian beats, Young Magic avoid many of the pitfalls of their synth-pop peers.

tel. A true musical prodigy, Ital’s Daniel Martin-McCormick is a scene chameleon who has made great leaps between genres. Martin-McCormick has stemmed through punk-funk outfit Mi Ami and poisoned synth-pop Sex Worker, finally thriving as experimental house producer Ital. His brand of versatile and energetic DIY dance will be brought to you in collaboration with visual artist/producer Aurora Halal. The pair’s debut EP, The Day After, is a trippy, acid-touched spiralling sound featuring ‘strobing club anthems and ephemeral head trips’. Rounding off the bill are Blue Hawaii (DJ set), who have ditched 2013 Arbutus release Together in favour of rousing, eclectic DJ sets, and Somewhere Else residents Luc Mast & Arif Malawi.


M us ic

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with with

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Chelsea Wolfe: 12 August

Wastelands Festival

Protomartyr: 09 August

ft. Mykki Blanco + Palmistry + patten + Amen Dunes + more 09 August - 019, Ghent 16.00 | €20 | Free for members From the depths of the wastelands of Ghent comes a new festival, aptly named Wastelands. After two amazing editions in 2012 and 2013, the beautiful people of Wastelands have managed to put together quite the line-up for a third year, programming no less than six exclusive quality acts for your ears.


09 August - De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam 20.00 | €8 | Free for members Detroit's Protomartyr make violence, betrayal and corruption pretty. On their 2013 debut, distorted scissor punches and spiralling BPMs made for uncompromising sonic anger with clearly defined punk strokes. At the start of what now seems to have been a breaking point for new guitar music with fists, they were already a head above the rest. But this year’s speedy follow-up, Under Color of Official Right, proves the US five-piece can filter generations of rage and social toxicity into compositions with postpunk innovativeness, wide dynamics and razor-sharp clarity. This is a band with a point you’re happy to be speared on.

Chelsea Wolfe + Lower


M us ic

12 August - Melkweg, Amsterdam 19.00 | €12.50 | Free for members Chelsea Wolfe’s bleakly beautiful and romantic fusion of doom, drone, black metal, gothic rock, folk and dark ambi-

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g R E At E R lm Fi


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The Growlers: 20 August Grachtenfestival: 16 August

field. The grounds host The Netherlands Saxophone Octet performing a rare rendition of Simeon ten Holt’s Canto Ostinato, followed by the Full House Quintet & Friends performance of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue and Judique’s convergence of distant audio worlds. And, while you are waiting for the next ensemble to begin, take the opportunity to explore the stunning mix of mysterious nature and old industrial buildings.

ent and her creepy visual aesthetic have helped build her a remarkably varied and devoted cult following over the past few years. The appearance of track ‘Feral Love’ in a trailer for the fourth season of Game of Thrones has recently given her popularity a significant boost. That track opens her latest album, 2013’s Pain is Beauty, her most electronic-influenced, emotionally direct and epic-sounding work yet.

The Growlers

Grachtenfestival at Hembrugterrein

20 August - Rotown, Rotterdam 21.00 | €11 | Free For members


M us ic

These presumably stoned SoCal smartasses claim to have named their band after a member’s boisterous bowel movement, and the tunes they squeeze out are steaming hot but far from shitty. Their latest album, Hung at Heart, is rife with retro-sounding psychedelic surf pop à la the Allah-Las.

16 August - Hembrugterrein, Amsterdam 13.00 | €15 | Free for members Dive into Amsterdam’s spectacular 24-hectare, abandoned munitions factory on the shores of the IJ to experience three classical ensembles in the midst of this unique urban-flora battle-

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Wild At Heart The Double

/Kult Film: Wild At Heart

The Double

16 July - Studio /K, Amsterdam 21.30 | €9 | Free for members

01 July - LantarenVenster, Rotterdam tba | €9 | Free for members

Wild at Heart might just be the odd one out in David Lynch' oeuvre, more in line with other Bonnie & Clyde-style indie flicks of the '90s such as Natural Born Killers and True Romance. But Lynch takes his story about two lovers on the run into the territory of the bizarre, as you know only Lynch can. Laura Dern is terrific as dumb blonde Lula, Nicolas Cage is no less than legendary as Elviscrooning, snakeskin leather jacket-wearing romantic Sailor. A cult classic in every sense of the word and a no-brainer for fans of either Cage or Lynch.

In this dark comedy Jesse Eisenberg is Simon James, a timid office clerk who seems to be invisible to everyone around him. Things get even more difficult for Simon when he's introduced to his new colleague, James Simon. James is an exact copy of Simon, though no one seems to notice. And anyway, personality-wise the slick and savvy new guy is the exact opposite of Simon. The Double is The It Crowd’s Richard Ayoade’s second movie after quirky coming-of-age comedy Submarine.

lm Fi


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Dead Man

27 July - EYE, Amsterdam 21.30 | €10 | Free for members 29 July - LantarenVenster, Rotterdam tba | €9 | Free for members

20 August - Studio /K, Amsterdam 21.30 | €9 | Free for members

Heli is a teenage father who lives somewhere in Mexico with his wife, baby boy, father and little sister. These people lead ordinary lives, with Heli working night shifts at a local factory. When Heli's sister Estela, only 12 years of age, secretly gets involved with local boy Beto, a series of events is set in motion that will drastically change the lives of all parties involved. Heli, a film by the talented young director Amat Escalante, is a strong and shocking depiction of the problem of drug cartels and police corruption in a violent society.

If ever there was a psychedelic western, it's '90s cult classic Dead Man, a film by the king of indie filmmaking, Jim Jarmusch. A road movie of sorts, the film stars Johnny Depp as an accountant on the run, accompanied by a Native American who goes by the name of Nobody. With a bullet lodged in his chest, Depp is the title's 'dead man' walking. The cast also includes the likes of Robert Mitchum, Billy Bob Thornton, Iggy Pop and cult favorite Lance Henriksen. Shot in pretty black and white and scored famously by Neil Young.


MF uilsm ic

/Kult Film: Dead Man

Subbacultcha! events. Free for members Sign up for €8 per month at subbacultcha.nl

Gerda Postma & Piet Langeveld

The Future Issue Exhibition: Gerda Postma & Piet Langeveld

Dimitri Ermakov

Subbacultcha! HQ, Amsterdam Open Wed-Fri 11.00-17.00 | Free for all

in Holland and host country Finland will be announced. There will be an exhibition with all the nominees and winners on view until mid-August.

After spending a month in our basement gallery looking into the future, artists Piet Langeveld and Gerda Postma present their findings in an exhibition and a booklet. The opening of the exhibition is 04 July, during which some futuristic soundscaping will take place.

Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam


Wilheminakade, Rotterdam Open Tue-Sun 10.00-17.00, Sat and Sun from 11.00 €9 | Free for members

On 12 July the Academy Awards for the best young video art of recent graduates

The photo museum presents an exhibition of more than 100 vintage prints from the archives of Georgian photographer, collector and entrepreneur Dim-

Witte de Withstraat, Rotterdam Open Tue-Sun 11.00-18.00 €5 | Free for members

t Ar


Subbacultcha! events. Free for members Sign up for €8 per month at subbacultcha.nl


main exhibition is of Larry Clark’s iconic black-and-white photographs from the ’70s and ’80s. The two series Tulsa and Teenage Lust offer a revealing look into the world of youth culture.

Larry Clark

itri Ermakov. And Dutch photographer Ad Nuis shows his series about the oil industry of Azerbaijan, where he recorded the absurd contrast between the life of the nouveau riche and that of the simple citizens.


Mediamatic, Amsterdam Open Wed-Sun 13.00-18.00 19.00 | €8 | Free for members

Keizersgracht, Amsterdam Open daily 10.00-18.00, Thur and Fri until 21.00 €9.50 | Free for members For the summer Foam offers exhibitions that range from contemporary fashion photography to a confabulated history about one of the greatest enigmas from Belgium: The Gang of Nivelles. The


MA urs tic

This exhibition is here to counter our crisis depression with a bit of fun and lightness. For the last two weeks of the series, Mediamatic presents Candylab and PRET PARK, two things that sound like they could provide that positive summer vibe you’ve been craving. They also present the Aftermath Dislocation Principle, a 448sq ft scale model detailing the desolate aftermath of what appears to have been a crazed and devastating mass riot.

Foam Photography Museum


What else is on this month










T/M 20 JUL













What else is on this summer On the following pages you’ll find a fine selection of concerts, festivals and exhibitions taking place around the country Art: Summer Dreams Until 21 September - Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam This exhibition is about sun, vacation and leisure. So even if the Dutch weather doesn’t allow for it, you can still get that summery feeling while looking at beautiful designs for swimming pools and summer houses, and travel sketches of all that grows and blossoms.

Art: Trouw Invites: Palais de Tokyo 03 July-03 August - Trouw, Amsterdam For their new collaboration Stedelijk Museum and Trouw are reaching out to international art institutions. For the summer they’re working with Paris’ Palais de Tokyo to present an exhibition by French artist Fouad Bouchoucha.

Music: Phosphorescent 01 July - Vera, Groningen 03 July - Paradiso, Amsterdam After years of making gorgeous, contemplative Americana, Phosphorescent's fragile voice and heartfelt lyrics are as comforting as ever.

Music: Birds of Paradise Festival 03-06 July - Muziekgebouw, Eindhoven During this four-day festival, the Muziekgebouw Eindhoven stages pop performances in a grandiose setting, complete with impeccable acoustics and orchestral accompaniments.

Performance: Julidans 01–12 July - Amsterdam This summer festival for international contemporary dance takes you to different locations in the city showing some exciting performances.

Theatre: Over Het IJ Festival 03-13 July - NDSM, Amsterdam Taking on the theme of urbanisation, this year’s Over Het IJ blends urban landscape, performance and a pristine selection of DJs to revamp the NDSM-werf into a midsummer showcase of talent.

Art: Graduation Show 02-06 July - Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam It's no secret that Rietveld is a pretty unique environment, especially when it's on display at their annual graduation show. This year you might even discover some new talents before we do.

Music: Pitch Festival 04-05 July - Westergasterrein, Amsterdam This festival will once again grace the Westergasterrein with top names


Agenda. July and August in progressive electronic music. This year's line-up proves the festival has ditched its 'up-and-coming' epithet to cement its status as one of Europe's summer mainstays.

prisingly addictive pop destined to blare out the speakers of clunky old cars as they hit the highway this summer. Music: Julia Holter 07 July - TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht This multi-instrumentalist has a gift for translating cerebral source material into music that's not only conceptually interesting but also beautiful, eccentric and emotionally evocative.

Art: Positions 05 July-12 October - Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven With this exhibition the Van Abbe Museum introduces an innovative new way of presenting art. The projects of various upcoming artists will be spread over ten exhibition rooms, creating a dialogue about the way we position ourselves in contemporary society.

Art: Graduation Festival 11–17 July - KABK, Den Haag The graduation shows of one of the best art schools in the country. This is a great chance to see the beautiful building and discover new talents. One time, they even had cake.

Music: Black Pus + Chris Haskett 05 July - Vera, Groningen With his solo work as Black Pus, Brian Chippendale bashes out brutally heavy and repetitive music that’s poppy compared to his main act Lightning Bolt but no less psychedelic.

Music: Lone + Visionist 11 July - Melkweg, Amsterdam The cradle of Amsterdam’s nascent experimental bass scene, HOAX continues to push the boundaries in July with R&S eccentric Lone and future grime outsider Visionist.

Music: Drukpers x Hivern Discs 05 July - Trouw, Amsterdam Founded by the John Talabot, Barcelona imprint Hivern Discs hits the road with its enigmatic boss, label staple Marc Pinol and newcomer Kressy to shower us in sun-scorched house. Music: Metropolis Festival 06 July - Zuiderpark, Rotterdam Read more on page 91.

Art: TENT Academy Awards 12 July-17 August - TENT, Rotterdam On 12 July the Academy Awards for the best young video art of recent graduates in Holland and host country Finland will be announced. The exhibition of all the nominees and winners is on view until mid-August.

Music: Blank Realm 06 July - Zuiderpark, Rotterdam 08 July - Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam 09 July - Vera, Groningen This Aussie quartet makes fuzzy, sur-

Music: Valkhof Festival 12-18 July - Valkhof Park, Nijmegen Another free festival designed to lure culture vultures from Amsterdam and beyond, this bad boy features tons of


Agenda. July and August Music: TEEN 24 July - Paradiso, Amsterdam TEEN defy girl-group stereotypes by drawing inspiration from sources like krautrock and The Velvet Underground. When this Brooklyn-based quartet, featuring a trio of Canadian sisters, gets into a hypnotic, uptempo groove, the results can be pretty spectacular.

terrific bands spanning nearly every genre a self-respecting hipster is permitted to non-ironically enjoy. Music: Austra 12 July - Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam Lead by classically trained vocalist Katie Stelmanis, Toronto goth-pop outfit Austra wed the theatricality of Kate Bush with the dark atmosphere of The Knife in a way that’s operatic without being melodramatic, danceable and totally spellbinding.

Music: Dekmantel Festival 01-03 August - Amsterdamse Bos, Amsterdam With a line-up both lofty and deep enough to appeal to everyone from dilettantes to the most dedicated electronic music fans and a gorgeous setting, Amsterdam's latest forest festival promises a vast array of big names and rougher gems.

Music: Hiss Golden Messenger 12 July - Valhof Park, Nijmegen 16 July - Paradiso, Amsterdam MC Taylor and Scott Hirsch played together in alt-country outfit The Court & Spark before forming Hiss Golden Messenger, whose countrified folk rock is as easygoing and enjoyable as a backyard barbecue.

Film: Pluk de Nacht 06-16 August - Het Stenenhoofd, Amsterdam With its tenth anniversary under the belt, Holland’s largest open-air festival returns to that quaint little, sandy pier in the west of Amsterdam. Book a seat or bring a blanket and settle in with the year’s International film-festival highlights.

Music: Dour Festival 17-20 July - Dour, Belgium Dour has cemented its status as one of Europe’s biggest, best-run and most affordable festivals, and its 26th edition will attract an incredibly diverse line-up of 200 acts from around the world.

Music: Perfect Pussy + Big Ups 08 August - Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam Syracuse’s Perfect Pussy unapologetically shout surprisingly personal lyrics atop relentlessly brutal and joyous punk, while NYC’s Big Ups bash out post-punk corroded by the bile of classic punk and post-hardcore bands like the Descendents, Minor Threat and Fugazi.

Art: The Hitchcock Touch 24 July-30 September - EYE, Amsterdam This summer EYE pays tribute to Alfred Hitchcock, one of Britain’s most iconic and influential filmmakers, with a major retrospective including nine restored silent films in new, digital copies.


What else is on this month


Agenda. July and August Music: Ought 10 August - Paradiso, Amsterdam With their mix of restless energy and earnest, brainy lyrics, this Montrealbased four piece have emerged as heirs apparent to a nerdy post-punk throne previously occupied by the likes of Talking Heads and Television.

a new band featuring fellow sonic (former) youth Steve Shelley and My Bloody Valentine’s Debbie Googe. Music: Cloud Nothings 19 August - Rotown, Rotterdam Dylan Baldi’s Cloud Nothings have broken free from their rough-hewn solo labels to form an indie-rock tour de force. This year’s Here and Nowhere Else channels their Cleveland grit into one of the year’s most revered releases.

Music: Chelsea Wolfe 11 August - Simplon, Groningen 12 August - Melkweg, Amsterdam Read more on page 75. Misc: Grachtenfestival 15-24 August - Amsterdam Every year in August you’ll find that some of the canals will be blocked with floating stages bearing huge orchestras playing the most beautiful compositions. This is the grachtenfestival.

Music: Noorderzon Festival 21-31 August - Groningen Groningen’s international performing arts festival returns for its 24th edition, offering up a cutting-edge mix of contemporary art, theatre, modern dance and an uncharacteristically good musical line-up.

Music: Bill Callahan 15 August - De Goffert, Nijmegen Fourteen albums in, Bill Callahan continues to hone his own heavy-hearted take on the American folk tradition. His latest album, 2013’s Dream River, depicts his more laid-back side.

Music: Thee Oh Sees 25 August - Melkweg, Amsterdam John Dwyer and his Oh Sees have put out dozens of releases spanning garage rock, psychedelia, krautrock, drone, pop and folk. Though their ‘normal’ line-up is currently on hiatus, they dropped new album Drop this spring and have been touring as a trio.

Music: Kurt Vile & The Violators 19 August - Paradiso, Amsterdam Philly’s resident childish prodigy has stripped away most of the effects and production grime that muddied his earlier work, but his acoustic-driven psych folk remains as laid-back as ever.

Art: On the Move 29 August-18 January - Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam The Stedelijk Museum presents the newest developments in photography and graphic design. Many photographers tell their stories through books, but this exhibition also explors new graphic ways of storytelling.

Music: Thurston Moore Band 19 August - OCCII, Amsterdam Legendary Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore will pass through town with


Agenda. Focus

PITCH The festival season is upon us, again. Wear sunglasses despite the forecast saying wear a poncho. Drink till you collapse in a ditch. Eat unidentified meat in pita bread at 4am. Lose your friends ten times in one day. Carry people on your shoulders because those pills you took are making you feel like Goliath. The things we do to listen to great music, right? Here’s a little insider knowledge on who’s really worth checking out at Pitch Festival this year. And please don’t wash your hands in the urinals. 04-05 July - Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam Kelela Those who like to dance to some Aaliyah, Erykah Badu and TLC in their bedrooms will be in for a treat when they hear the fiercely-cool R&B of Kelela Mizanekristos. With a list of collaborations that include Arca, Nguzunguzu, Evian Christ and, most recently The xx, this Ethiopian American artist is destined for more than just great things. Saturday, 5 July, 19.00-19.45, Transformatorhuis

bass with her dark, sexy, primal beats and sultry vocals, adding to the surging wave of alt-R&B championed by the likes of FKA Twigs, Arca and How To Dress Well. The recent release of some very sexy videos and tracks can only mean that more exciting material is coming our way from this mysterious artist. Friday, 4 July, 15.30-16.15, Westerunie Shigeto Shigeto means ‘to grow bigger’ in Japanese. It’s also Zach Saginaw’s middle name, which he’s definitely lived up to with his vividly beautiful electronic music that was born in the American Midwest and has now travelled with him to NYC and London. Be sure to explore the constellations of smooth, restrained electronic compositions of this cool dude on a cool summer night this year. Saturday, 5 July, 16.05-16.55, Westertent

Cloud Boat Tom Clarke and Sam Ricketts of Cloud Boat are the new musical existentialists of our time. Following the roaring success of their first album, the duo are now opening a new chapter with their newest release, Model of You, a richer, heavier and more adventurous take on their sophisticated post-rock and electronic beats. Saturday, 5 July, 15.00-16.00, Transformatorhuis Sevdaliza From the Netherlands by way of Iran, Sevdaliza will be cranking up the



Agenda. Focus


Cloud Boat





Agenda. Focus

Metropolis Festival This free festival has long served as a springboard for upcoming bands that go on to make a big splash (Wu Tang Clan, for example, and The Strokes). This year’s line-up features a diverse mix of new and established Dutch and international acts, with a particular penchant for garage rock, indie pop and dance music. 06 July - Zuiderpark, Rotterdam


Jagwar Ma

New Build Featuring members and collaborators of electro-pop visionaries like Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem and Planningtorock, this British trio starts synth-pop parties enjoyed by nerds and normies alike.

Jagwar Ma This danceable indie-rock trio from Australia follows in the footsteps of Cut Copy but is sonically more indebted to Madchester-era bands like the Stone Roses and Happy Mondays. Woman’s Hour Seamlessly fusing ethereal female vocals with buzzing synths and delicately funky beats, this London-based art-pop band evokes Beach House and fellow Kendal hometown heroes Wild Beasts.

Elliphant This Swedish MC/producer’s bass heavy, dubstep- and reggae-influenced take on synth pop and ex-model good looks have nabbed her collabs with Diplo and Skrillex and comparisons to M.I.A. and MØ.

Afterpartees These fresh-faced fellas from Limburg cook up juicy slabs of bratty garage pop that smacks of a lessgreasy version of bands like King Tuff, Hunx and His Punx and The Strokes.

Blank Realm Like label mates Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, this Aussie quartet makes fuzzy, surprisingly addictive pop destined to blare out the speakers of clunky old cars as they hit the highway this summer.



Giveaways for members To win, sign up to our weekly newsletter at www.subbacultcha.nl 2x2 TICKETS Chor(e)ographie/Journalismus: ‘kurze stücke’

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02 July Stadsschouwburg, Amsterdam

07 July Special event

11 July Veronica Schip, Amsterdam

3x2 TICKETs Tent Academy Awards 2014

3x2 TICKETs Heli

3x2 TICKETS Boyhood

12 July Tent, Rotterdam

release date: 24 July various theatres

release date: 31 July various theatres

2x2 TICKETS Noorderzon: Hamilton Leithauser

2x2 TICKETS Noorderzon: Sun Kil Moon

2x2 TICKETs Thee Oh Sees

21 August Spiegeltent, Groningen

24 August Spiegeltent, Groningen

25 August Melkweg, Amsterdam



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Film: The Double 04 July

Somewhere Else

Flamingods + Yuko Yuko

27 July

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Film: Heli

Metropolis Pre-Party Roodkapje, Rotterdam 20.00 | Free for all

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Melkweg Cinema, Amsterdam 20:00 | € 8,50 | Free for members

Young Magic + BEA


09 August

Studio /K, Amsterdam 21.30 | €9 | Free for members

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WIFE + Lemontrip

OT301, Amsterdam 20.30 | €8 | Free for members

18 July

Koenig Leopold

WORM, Rotterdam 19.30 | €6 | Free for members

The Future Issue Exhibition: Gerda Postma & Piet Langeveld

09 August

De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam 20.00 | €8 | Free for members

/Kult Film: Wild At Heart

Studio /K, Amsterdam 21.30 | €9 | Free for members

Subbacultcha! HQ, Amsterdam Open Wed-Fri 11.00-17.00 Free for all


16 July

/Kult Film: Dead Man

De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam 20.00 | €8 | Free for members

11 July

Communions + First Hate

20 August

All month

Film: Heli

Mistaken For Strangers

The Growlers

De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam 20.00 | €8 | Free for members

Wastelands Festival

ft. Mykki Blanco + patten + Amen Dunes + Palmistry + more 019, Ghent tba | €20 | Free for members

12 August

Chelsea Wolfe + Lower

Melkweg, Amsterdam 19.00 | €12.50 | Free for members

16 August

Grachtenfestival at Hembrugterrein Hembrugterrein, Amsterdam 13.00 | €15 | Free for members

w iec urvs vMe O


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Witte de Withstraat, Rotterdam Open Tue-Sun 11.00-18.00 €5 | Free for members

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Subbacultcha! NL Summer 2014  

The Adventure Issue ft. Protomartyr, Aurora Halal & Ital, WIFE, Blue Hawaii, Palmistry and Chelsea Wolfe

Subbacultcha! NL Summer 2014  

The Adventure Issue ft. Protomartyr, Aurora Halal & Ital, WIFE, Blue Hawaii, Palmistry and Chelsea Wolfe