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Unruly Music Magazine. April 2014

The Branding Issue


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Subbacultcha! Magazine April 2014

The Branding Issue

We get flooded with commercial images everyday, both loud and clear through pop-ups, ads and billboards, but also more subtly through advertorials and sponsored posts. While we might enjoy some of this information, at the end of the day, we didn’t ask for any of it. But hey, what can you do? For one, we can question all of the information we’re processing – and that is why we’ve made the Branding Issue. We figured it would be an interesting route to see how artists view themselves in the context of this branded world. Enjoy the next pages and know that you can become a Subbacultcha! member any time. We’ve got you now, don’t we?


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April recommendations


EyEs on Brazil 10

April recommendations Each month our staff provides you with a selection of the finer things in life. Enjoy!

Music: Joanna Gruesome

Music: Woman’s Hour

The members of Cardiff five-piece Joanna Gruesome met at an anger management counselling group. Full of pep, riffs and high decibels, lead singer Alanna McArdle is not afraid to sing about stuff like mental health issues and people being shitty to each other (see: homophobia, sexism) but without sounding too morose. Think of it as mumblecore set to music. Check out their Weird Sister EP on Slumberland Records and then finish off with their Galaxie 500 cover of ‘Tugboat’.

Woman’s Hour are siblings Fiona and William plus their pals Nick and Josh. From the northwest of England via London, these four have got fans popping up further afield than just their own turf. You’ll be drawn to their wonderfully subtle, darkly brooding pop rich with synths, percussion and the sweet crooning of leading lady Fiona. Catch their brand new record Her Ghost on Secretly Canadian. We’re smitten.


April recommendations Music: Bismuth

Music: King avriel

Guitar builder and all-round wizard Yuri Landman has finally released the first album of his noise act Bismuth, and it’s full of weird bleeps and other amazing sounds that at the same time are highly danceable. Go see these wonderful weird dudes and equally weird instruments live if you can! The album release party will be on 24 April at OT301 in Amsterdam, and is free for memebers. Album out on Geertruida label

Misc.: Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s smell

Young poet-turned-singer King avriel caused a stir with the release of a triptych of tracks that made her the new cool kid on the alt-R&B scene, joining ranks with FKA Twigs, SZA, Kilo Kish and Rainy Milo. Apart from producing some seriously slick beats, there’s the intersectionality and gender role issues avriel addresses in her music. A springtime EP is out soon, no other details known. Remember: capital K, lowercase a.

How did we miss this? Will Oldham, aka Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, has released his own perfume! It’s made of deep Assam oud, Egyptian jasmine, French mimosa, and the rare oils of Mukhallat and kewda. Spritzing yourself with this exotic infusion is said to bring to mind ancient bazaars, mystic shrines and the sensual sway of veiled dancers. Unfortunately, ‘Bonnie Billy’ is only available in the US and a bottle costs no less than $200. We just say: Keep on dancing, Will.


April recommendations Art: Wasted Rita

Art: Adventice Magazine

For a Catholic schoolgirl, Wasted Rita sure knows how to draw a hairy dick. Born in New Jersey, raised in Lisbon and going places, she has a knack for capitalising on your existential crises. The black ink of her crude, hand-written provocations matches her bad-humoured disposition. And I bet her drawings look best when shown in a heavy gilded frame, nailed to a toilet wall, calling you out on your bullshit.

All good things come from Lausanne… right? At least this magazine does, which is, like, the best thing to ever happen in print. It’s a beautiful largeformat magazine with smart essays, beautiful art, great typography and it even smells of the perfect combination of paper and ink. You should go get it. Just sayin’.

Food: Food Porn Index Food porn – aka delightfully tempting artistic photos featuring edible subjects – is on the move, with special thanks to the recently launched Food Porn Index. This website tracks how many food-porn related social media pictures are tagged with junk food versus its fruity and veggie opposites. Think #icecream (almost 7 million tags) vs #beets (almost 400,000 tags). The main goal: inspire people to post more pictures of healthy yumminess. Why should junk food get all the glory? Carrots can make you horny too!


March APRIL recommendations IN CINEMAS 17

Venice Film Festival 2013 WINNER FIPRESCI PRIZE

Discovery Zone Festival, Luxembourg 2014 WINNER FIPRESCI PRIZE





April recommendations Art: Erin O’Keefe Recommended by Wandering Bears Every month we ask someone who inspires us to share something they are passionate about. This month the London creatives from Wandering Bears recommend the works of Erin O’Keefe, whose photographs play with the boundaries of the medium.

At a time when contemporary photographic practice persistently looks to highlight and consider the very nature, process and authenticity of the medium itself, the work of New York-based photographer and architect Erin O’Keefe presents a valuable and considered approach. Most notably, her recent series titled The Flatness, referring to both the material flatness of the photograph itself, and the perceptual flattening of the still life space, provides a stimulating discourse on current aesthetic, language and themes within photography. O’Keefe produces these images by photographing still life arrangements comprised of self-painted plywood boards and physical photographic prints depicting Photoshop-produced gradients with the camera working as the facilitator, compressing and altering dimensions. -


We Saw You: Spotted at Subbacultcha! Photo by Mariska Kerpel

young. Really frustrating. What’s your favourite pastime? Walking down the streets in Amsterdam with my camera at hand. Just the other day I saw something green/yellow that triggered my eye. It was a dead parakeet. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me, otherwise I would have lain down close to it to get the best shot. What does an ideal lazy Sunday look like for you? Grabbing a coffee and just relaxing with some friends along the canals, getting free vitamin D. Any guilty pleasures? Sometimes I think I drink too much Bavaria 8.6... Have you experienced any regrets recently? Not really. Like a true Aries, when I want something I go for it in a straight line, always forward. What kind of music makes you cry? The track ‘Red Lines’ by Sohn. What makes you dance? Deep techno, dub techno… Some deep house will do in the summer. The volume turned up to the max, so I can feel those deep bass sounds. Which future Subbacultcha! show are you looking forward to? I’d like to go to Jason Lindner, Now VS Now.

Name: Mayari Mailoa Age: 23 Spotted at: 5 Days Off at De Balie on 07 March Home: Amsterdam Keywords: physiotherapy student, photography, Bavaria 8.6, techno, future beats, experimental hip hop, sneakers, denim.

What are some of your favourite brands? Scandinavian fashion labels like Norse Project and Stutterheim really speak to me. The latter is known for its classic fishermen’s rainwear, and I just love my raincoat. As a real ‘sneakerhead’ – I own more than 80 pairs – I deeply love Nike’s NSW line. Also, Japanese denim brands, like Big John. What kind of music are you listening to at the moment? A live set by Laurine Frost at Nervmusic X. His music is pretty abstract with tricky rhythms. What’s the first record you bought? A compilation CD of UK garage and 2-step music, called Pure Garage. Your first ever music-related memory? Those moments when I was about 12 years old and could not go clubbing with my big cousins, because I was too



TheThe Branding Branding. Issue. Interview Interview

Excepter Phone interview by Koen van Bommel Photos shot by Robbie Brannigan in New York, USA


Excepter’s new album, Familiar, is the experimental Brooklyn quartet’s 13th. With a body of work spanning more than a decade, the band has seen its fair share of line-up changes, going from a sextet to a quintet and finally a quartet. We caught up with the most stable element of the group, founder John Fell Ryan, to see what he thinks about bad advertising, branding, jingles and failed job interviews I was looking at your website, trying to find the merchandise section to maybe buy a T-shirt and some Excepter pens and buttons, but I couldn’t find it. What’s up with that? We made T-shirts before, but we sold them all. We do have a logo, so, uh, yeah... And how about putting that logo on, let’s say, your own bottled water? Yeah… I mean, we might make a canvas bag or something. It’s just that branding... I don’t know. Bands and brands are really kind of the same concept. Our main product is... the records. And possibly T-shirts. T-shirts are just advertisement. Well, not just advertisement – I mean, rock T-shirts are kind of like a tradition. But I remember there was a time in the ’90s when it wasn’t cool to wear them. None of the rock people would wear a rock T-shirt. Can you tell me a little about your corporate identity? Well, I make the designs for all the records, and they all look kind of the same, they all have illustrations and hand-drawn words.


Excepter. Continued And other times it’s a photograph, usually of water. Or, like, a building or something. I always wanted the records to look like they belong together. Around the time Excepter started I was a big fan of Basic Channel, and all their records had the same look, a distorted, pixelated kind of mess. And I guess if you take it back to advertising, having a unified look with your records makes people feel like they have to have them all. Have you ever done design work for others? I did a logo once for another band, but they didn’t use it. And I designed a CD for William Parker, the jazz artist. It’s pretty weird, actually: that’s the only cover design I ever made for someone else. I’ve done some layout work, but that’s not really creative. It just requires that you’re able to use Photoshop. At one point in my life I tried to get advertising work, as a copywriter. That was the worst job interview I’ve ever had. Why? Basically they said, ‘If you really wanted this job, you would have it already. You can show yourself out.’ Has your music ever been featured in a commercial? One of our songs was used in the Vice television show. In the episode about Indian call centres, I think. It plays in a scene when they’re in a club, the reporter goes out and gets drunk with a call centre crew. I guess he was an Excepter fan and decided to just slip it in. But for a commercial? No. Would you want that? Well, we have a couple of songs I think would make good jingles. If it wasn’t for, you know, the beatnik postmodernism we drizzle on top of things. But some of the tracks are the kind of catchy, dorky stuff that I always like. You probably don’t know what I’m talking about, but, like, ripping off The Banana Splits theme song. It’s this


The Branding Issue. Interview


Excepter. Continued

‘Bands and brands are really kind of the same concept. Our main product is... the records’ kids’ show from the late ’70s. The song goes, like: ‘One banana, two banana, three banana, four. Five banana, six banana, seven out the door.’ It had big furry guys in costumes. That sounds amazing. I only saw it once, though. I have a respect for jingles and for advertising as well, but it’s always just so terrible. There’s this ad campaign in the subway in New York, it’s for the tourism board. And it says: ‘There’s more to New York’, and they show places that aren’t New York City, and what they have to offer for tourists. And then they have, like, theatre in Buffalo. That’s a very isolated town near the Canadian border. Not a place where a tourist would go to see theatre. ‘Oh, I was thinking of going to Broadway, but I think I’ll go to a completely isolated town far away.’ Doesn’t make any sense. You can almost see how these ideas come about. You can see the boardroom. You can see the 12 people pitching out ideas. And eventually it’s their job. They have to say yes to something. Well, maybe if they had a really good jingle, it would help entice people to go all the way to Buffalo... Maybe if they hired me, so I could say: ‘Listen, idiots, this doesn’t make any fucking sense.’ But that’s from an artist’s perspecExcepter play on 23 April at WORM in Rotterdam, and 24 April at OT301 in Amtive. And art has no business sterdam. Both shows are free for Subbawith advertising. cultcha! members.



The Branding Issue. Interview Romantically pragmatic or pragmatically romantic, Matthew Barnes of Forest Swords is pretty good at switching on and off when it comes to engaging with the outside world. Even when his album, Engravings, shook the

Forest Swords Interview by Zofia Ciechowska Photos shot by Sevda Albers in Hamburg, Germany

music industry with its raw, dark energy from the windswept coasts of north-west England. We talked to Forest Swords about what it means to be an artist in our modern economy and staying true to yourself 25

Forest Swords. Continued You haven’t moved to London or Brooklyn – why is that? I like to show people that you don’t have to be in these places to be an artist, you just have to use whatever you have, wherever you are. Your work won’t necessarily be better just because you move to Brooklyn. However, it does mean that you’ll be poorer. I understand it might be a good breeding ground for creativity, but you are a lot more aware of your peers, whereas where I am, in Liverpool, I don’t feel like I need to compete with anyone. There’s a lot to be said to being true to where you’re from and taking inspiration from everything around you and not thinking of other places as utopias of creativity. You tend to think that the place where you grew up is shit. I wanted to focus on seeking out the positives of the place that I have known my entire life. Have you ever thought of living off the grid? It crosses my mind all the time. A doctor friend of mine is signing off so many people due to stress, apparently everyone’s fucking exhausted. There’s a collective consciousness of getting tired of modern life. My life is going at 100 miles per hour, I’m doing all this shit, but I’m not properly living in the moment. And you get to this point and think that if things don’t slow down, the wheels are going to fall off, you know? I think my record was a way of not participating in that. I find it quite romantic to drop everything and go somewhere remote. It’s important to be able to press pause, spend time within yourself and understand the peacefulness of being mindful. I try to do mindfulness, it’s easy to skip when you live such a fast life, but I find it has had a noticeable effect on the way I approach things. You attune yourself to a different vibration. Why do you think it is so difficult for artists to live from their art nowadays? With music there’s a certain romanticism about places like New York City in the ’70s and ’80s when great art movements were appar-


XXX. Continued


Forest Swords. Continued

‘Turn me into a symbol and sell me to Coca Cola!’ ently created with no money, but I don’t think that was really the case. Nowadays there’s a disconnect between artists saying that they don’t make enough money and the fans that don’t believe them. Nothing is transparent, nobody will come out to their fans and tell them how little they make in a year.You’d be shocked if they did. The reality is that there’s very little money in music. It forces artists to be creative, but also work part-time and treat music more like a hobby. But I think that to be truly committed as an artist, you shouldn’t be doing it for the money anyway. I still have a day job as a graphic designer. I like it that way, because it allows me to appreciate what I love most in life. But it’s also a job that I was trained to do, which makes me feel like the schooling I did paid off. Which is a problem many face. Is it legitimate to accuse artists who have transformed themselves into brands? I think it’s brilliant that Kanye West wants to be an architect, because he’s so hungry to create things. He’s completely fucking with people’s perception of what being a rapper is. Part of it is tied up with making money, but the fact that these people want to do that is incredible. I’d love to be able to do that, because I’m addicted to making stuff. Would you turn down a big brand if they offered to help you make things you’ve always wanted to make? That’s a tough one. I could sell swords at my shows! Turn me into a symbol and sell me to Forest Swords plays on 03 April at OT301 Coca Cola! in Amsterdam. The show is free for Subbacultcha! members.


The Branding Issue. Photo essay

Bands & Brands

by Lonneke van der Palen

When we asked our favourite local bands about their favourite brands, photographer Lonneke van der Palen turned their lists into these beautiful and colourful shots. Are you craving that Snickers bar yet? For more bands & brands visit our website. Apneu, Bird On The Wire and Naive Set play Bright Lights Big City on 02 April. Lemontrip plays OT301 on 03 April. Read more on page 59.


Bands & Brands. Continued

Lemontrip Lemons - ‘I put lemon in everything.’ COS - ‘Minimalistic fashion, both classic and timeless, just how I’d like my music to be.’ Sambal Gledek - ‘Very, very, very spicy sambal. I just love it!’


Naive Set Alexander Krone Hot Sauce - ‘Hot sauce for the tongue and brain.’ Sportlife - ‘If we were to chew gum, this would be the one.’ Brouwerij De Afleiding - ‘Great beer brewed across the street from our HQ.’


Bands & Brands. Continued

Bird On The Wire Volvo - ‘Our favourite band van.’ Snickers - ‘Ultimate Bird On The Wire snack.’ Tasty Melody - ‘They serve the best ‘Baras’ in Amsterdam.’


Apneu Kukident (now called Fixodent) - ‘They had us at “Kuki”.’ Foetsie-ba - ‘A real lifesaver when it’s too cold to shit outside.’


The Branding. Interview

patten Interview by Brenda Bosma Screen shots taken from music video Drift


Known for obsucuring his face in press shots, the elusive London producer is back to celebrate his newest. ESTOILE NAIANT, out on Warp, is an album that when visualised is deeply stroboscopic in nature. Dense in layers of sound, it offers intricate, constantly changing patterns without end. As soon as we sat down before last month’s DOKA set, patten shared his thoughts on being a human in the world Most products have slogans. Do you have a mantra you live by as a musician or maybe as a human being? You describe a split between roles; a self as musician and self as a regular human in the world. One of the many things I hold close in my thoughts and actions would be trying to avoid putting out too many barriers between different roles and modes of thinking in the world that we engage with. In trying to remove those boundaries and the idea of fixity, like notions of orders, of sense and value systems, one could potentially open up a space for a more liquid and dynamic way of being in general, as a person in the world, musician or otherwise. That almost seems to exceed all the existing mantras. I don’t see a distinction between working on a piece, looking at the wind rushing through autumn leaves, or even this conversation. It’s important to consider all of these things with equal value; there’s no hierarchy. That sounds hard to me. I wouldn’t say it was easy, no. The other day I saw a woman holding a newborn baby. Every time there was a change in the environment, it


patten. Continued got upset. This child didn’t know the difference between the tram riding by or feeling hungry, a deeply confusing situation to be in. As people it pays to have some sense of understanding, to know this is my own hand, this is how gravity works. But there’s also danger about preconceived ideas in that they can allow you to miss what’s actually there. Are you saying you’d like to be like the baby? That baby’s way of experiencing is a good analogy for a kind of openness, but in a very extreme sense. People are frightened by things they don’t understand. There’s a lot in the world that demands a bit of thinking about. It’s complex, crazy, beautiful, magical. It’s a shame if we don’t allow ourselves to engage with that whole range of complexity and dynamism that exists in the world. You said ‘magical’. Yes, though it’s a funny word.‘Magical’ is one of those terms: as soon as you start on that path, you’re in a space that’s already heavily mapped out; it’s so widely used as a sort of shorthand for lots of things, that there’s little space left for open thinking. A sort of linguistic cul de sac. Magic is truly an illusion? If we talk about adding to the world, like performing music live, it would hopefully be not to prevent people from being able to engage fully with the world as it is. Would you consider your music as a product or service, a brand? I wouldn’t describe it like that. One thing that is really important to me is mental freedom to engage in that whole range. Life isn’t that long. The experiences you accumulate when engaging with other people and so on give you insight. That keeps things moving. And that’s what it’s all about: communicating, sharing ideas, trying to understand what it is to be human, expand patten plays on 09 April at OT301 in Amand explore what that could be. sterdam. The show is free for Subbacultcha! members.



The Morning After: Holy Wave Photos shot by Annegien van Doorn on Saturday, 09 March at 11.10 am


The Morning After is a monthly photo series depicting the scene of a band’s post-slumber lodgings the day after their Subbacultcha! show. Here’s how Holy Wave left their room at the Lloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy in Amsterdam.


Featured Artist

Otto Kaan ‘People talk about Otto Kaan like it’s some giant living in the hillside, coming down to visit the townspeople. We are Otto Kaan. Me, you, everybody, we are Otto Kaan. So Otto Kaan is going where we are going. So the next time you ask yourself, “Where is Otto Kaan going?” ask yourself, “Where am I going? How am I doing?”’ Berend Otto (1985) and Guus Kaandorp (1986) are photographers, in a way.




Featured Artist: Otto Kaan Interview by Floor Kortman

Who is Otto Kaan? Is he a fictional character? Actually, there used to be a person who would play the character Otto Kaan. He would do the interviews, openings and such, as we’re both not too comfy with the representational part of this métier. But practically it proved to be a bit difficult – in the end, you do want to show up at your own openings and have some beers. Do you like photography? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. In a way, it’s the part of the work we fear the most. It would be kind of implausible to say we dislike photography, as we still consider ourselves photographers – but the moments when we get excited by photographs are scarce. And when it happens, usually it’s by photos that were never intended to be an interesting picture, like pictures on Marktplaats or the ones in the Rajapack folders. Trying to reproduce some of those images’ qualities is of course totally hit or miss – it’s kind of a continuous mind fuck we have saddled ourselves with. Do you consider aesthetics at all when taking pictures? Of course we consider aesthet-

ics, but in a reverse manner. We always try to be less aesthetic; you don’t want appearances to get the upper hand. It never seems to work though, as our work always turns out hyper-aesthetic. We take only one or two negatives, even when photographing a 5.4-metre scaffold we built especially, or a mahogany furniture piece we’ve been sawing and varnishing for weeks. That said, we’re trained photographers; it would be ridiculous to pretend we’re completely indifferent about the photographic qualities of our images. We have to work on that. In 2013 you started sponsoring the second women’s team of Amsterdam-based football club Devo ’58. Why do you do this? I guess it’s every boy’s dream to sponsor a football team – it’s a really pleasant idea to have 11 people scampering around in shirts that have your name on them. I don’t know, it makes us feel proud. And for all you know, the daughter of the Stedelijk’s chief curator could just be playing in the opposing team. Besides, a lot of brands do it to promote their product: sponsoring a football team kind of says you’re making it big, right?



Featured Artist: Otto Kaan


Books: Self-Help Shelf No 1 By Marc van der Holst. Image by Lonneke van der Palen

I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon by Philip K. Dick

A selection of literary self-help books helping us with the bigger questions in life For this first instalment, we are going to adress some very basic, rudimentary questions. Like, 'What is reality?' and 'What constitutes the authentic human being?' These are not small questions, but luckily Philip K. Dick not only asks but also answers them, in the opening piece of I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon: How to Build a Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later (a lecture from 1978 that can also be found online). 'What is it which surrounds us, that we call the not-me, or the empirical or phenomenal world?' Having written about stuff like this for decades, publishing some 30 odd novels ranging from the paranoid to the psychotic, and

over 100 stories – some of the last and best of which can be found in IHISAS – Dick concludes that 'Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.' Dick goes on to say that for him human authenticity is not found in heroic deeds, but in quiet refusals from those who instinctively know what they should not do and 'cannot be compelled to be what they are not,' emanating some of his trademark mindblowing mysticism/genial gibberish along the way, which has to be read to be believed. It's all very compelling and will not go away. 'And a real bird will sing.' Chirp!


Self-Help Shelf: No1: I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon, by Philip K. Dick


Fashion By Mandy Sharabani. Photos shot by Isolde Woudstra

€15 Outfit Every month we give €15 to someone to compose a complete outfit for a good night out. Yes, quite the challenge The dreamy sounds of three-man psych-folkers Quilt formed this month’s fashion inspiration for graphic designer Jonmar van Vlijmen, who also actively involves local people in a new social platform in Amsterdam East.

on water while the flippers make catching fish easier! The pants could come in handy should I need to clip something, and the hat could simply protect me from the sun. Nice! I could see this scene taking place in Alaska, but would you wear your outfit to the Quilt show? I’m not sure, it wouldn’t be very practical since it’s only possible to walk backwards with these flippers. I would need to go crowd surfing to the front I guess...

How did Quilt inspire you? I see a very functional outfit going on here. They have a track named ‘I Sleep in Nature’, and since I studied landscape architecture and I’m a wild forager at heart, I was very excited to find myself an outfit that I could wear while sleeping in nature. Did you know you can pick wild parsnips in Westerpark? What piece should one score first when it comes to survival fashion? The bodywarmer came first, I thought it could help me float

Wanna go shopping for a €15 outfit? Email us at Quilt play on 05 April at De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam. The show is free for Subbacultcha! members till midnight.


Jonmar total budget spent: €12.50 Hat: €0.50 - Thrift store De Lokatie / Body warmer: €0 - Exchanged for his own sweater, Modestraat / Pants with clippers: €3.50 - Customised, Rataplan West / Blue stockings: €2 - Saturday market, Lindegracht / Flippers: €6.50 Rataplan West / Scarf: €0 - Own


Food: Cooking With... By Zofia Ciechowska. Image by Carlijn Potma

Naive Set Every month we ask an artist to share a recipe for their favourite dish Naive Set’s Mikey Casalaina grew up in a bustling American Italian kitchen where the ragù bubbled to the tune of The Beatles. Now Casalaina lives in Amsterdam where he’s discovered the delights of vegetarian fake meat and plays bittersweet pop in a band with three other bandmates. Their debut record, Reclining Nude, is out now on Subroutine Records, and it’s lovely. 'I grew up in New Jersey with a lot of Italian American food. We ate a lot of lasagne, ragù, bean soups. Food-wise it was like The Sopranos. I even had an Uncle Vito. I try to cook like my parents and finally I’m getting their recipes right, like this Cuban bean soup my dad makes. My family would stop in Hoboken on the way to the city and became familiar with the local Cuban community’s cooking. My dad’s

perfected this recipe over the years; my contribution is the addition of amazing vegetarian speck.' How to make Mikey Casalaina’s Italian dad’s Cuban black bean soup • Heat olive oil in a pan, sauté garlic, add onions with some salt before the garlic starts to brown. Once the onions soften, add the speck and let it brown. • Add beans, water and bouillon cube. Simmer, then add all the ingredients. • Once it’s simmering, you can add a shot of rum, but make sure you let the alcohol cook off, otherwise it’s the world’s shittiest drink. • Serve with a good squeeze of lime and a dollop of crème fraîche, add fresh coriander and pepper to taste. Stir in your favourite hot sauce. Naive Set play Bright Lights Big City on 02 April at Melkweg in Amsterdam. The


1 clove garlic (minced) 1 large onion (diced) 1 package (150g) Vegetarian Slager spekjes (or real speck/bacon/pancetta) 2 400g cans black beans 500ml boiled water 1 veggie (or chicken) bouillon cube 2 bay leaves 1 tsp cumin powder

1 tsp coriander powder 1 tsp dried oregano 1 handful chopped fresh coriander 1 tsp brown sugar (optional: 1 shot of rum) salt and pepper to taste fresh lime juice crème fraÎche


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Music Reviews By Carly Blair

Future Islands Singles

Mac DeMarco Salad Days

For their first album in three years, Baltimore synth-pop evangelists Future Islands usher in a new era: they switched labels to indie powerhouse 4AD, added a drummer to their set-up and brought in heavyweight indie producer Chris Coady to give their songs a bit more punch. As a result, Singles sounds more liberated and immediately accessible than anything that preceded it. Big changes aside, they remain as obsessed with the inherently dichotomic nature of life as ever – day vs night, home vs away, romance vs heartbreak, intimacy vs freedom. Which state is preferable? And speaking of tough questions: Would I rather listen to this music on headphones or a crowded dancefloor? The answer to both is ‘both’. Both are necessary, both are vital. Kind of like this band.

There’s a lot to be said for personality. At the ripe old age of 23, Mac DeMarco has carved out an extraordinarily weird niche for himself as a pretty talented guy who writes catchy but humble rock’n’roll songs that people love a thousands times more because they’re de-livered by a gap-toothed goofball who does. not.give.a.fuck. Or at least he didn’t used to. His new album, appropriately titled Salad Days, is sprinkled with hints at newfound maturity. This is still Mac DeMarco we’re talking about here, so 'growing up' by no means means ‘settling down’. Every ever-wiser lyric and ever-suaver croon is delivered with that same impish smile, that same mischievous twinkle in his eyes, that same cheesy wink (that wink!) that somehow contain the secret to Mr DeMarco’s peculiar charm.


Captured Tracks



Music Reviews Continued

16 APR soHn


BRigHt ligHts, Big citY


wilD BeAsts

VR 4 APR 4 & 10 APR film

mARBle sounDs, BlAck lizARD e.A.


PussY Riot: A Punk PRAYeR


nick wAteRHouse




HolY mountAin




tHe stRYPes


BlooD ReD sHoes




Music Reviews Cloud Nothings Here and Nowhere Else

The Amazing Snakeheads Amphetamine Ballads



In the five years since Dylan Baldi started Cloud Nothings as a bedroom project the band has put out four albums, and with each release reviewers have noted how much the band has improved but that it still has work to do, as though where they’re supposed to be is an asymptote and where they are is on a curve doomed to approach but never reach it. However, on their triumphant new album these perpetual underdogs sound poised to finally enjoy the sweet taste of victory. Explaining the album’s more confident tone, Baldi said, ‘I just sat down and played until I found something that I like, because I was finally in a position to do that.’ I sit down and play a whole lot of albums until I find something that I like; it’s nice to finally be in a position to stop doing that and just enjoy Here and Nowhere Else.

Comprised of two childhood friends and an eventual neighbour who’d all been working blue-collar jobs and hanging out for years, Glasgow’s Amazing Snakeheads started playing together with no intention other than to find a new outlet for their musical obsessions. However, one 85-second single released last summer, ‘Testifying Time’, and a handful of astounding gigs quickly sealed their reputation as one of rock’n’roll’s most excitingly authentic new bands. Their remarkable debut, Amphetamine Ballads, feels as natural as the band’s formation, its glowering, faintly jazzy atmosphere punctuated by menacing, rockabilly-tinged explosions with a rhythm that recalls a pub crawl that starts off cool but ends up smoke-filled, bleary-eyed and very, very lonely.


New Films By Basje Boer

Les Salauds Claire Denis

Claire Denis is by far one of the most interesting female directors working today, delivering uncompromising films driven by atmosphere, style and arresting performances. Her latest, Les Salauds (The Bastards), is a dark neo-noir reminiscent of David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive. The story – about a sea captain who returns to Paris when his brother-in-law commits suicide – unfolds slowly, raising more questions than it answers. Revenge is plotted, but the film-noir reference would mean jack if there wasn’t a femme fatale involved. The film’s suspenseful score is once again courtesy of frequent Denis collaborators Tindersticks, who lend a particularly eerie track to the shocking twist ending. Release date 24 April When you’ve finished this one, start watching... • Make sure you check out the rest of Claire Denis’s oeuvre. Nénette et Boni, 35 Rhums and White Material are among her most well-known films. Beau Travail (1999), about a former Foreign Legion officer, remains a personal favourite, with the superb Denis Lavant (Holy Motors) in the lead role and the bone-chilling closing scene, set to ’90s hit ‘Rhythm of the Night’. • If you’re in for some more neo-noir, I’d recommend David Mamet’s directorial debut, House of Games (1987), a film that combines a clever script with a genuinely dark world view. It really doesn’t get more noir than this.


New Films


Tom à la Ferme


er, casting himself in the lead role. This adaptation of a play is less extravagant than his earlier flicks, sporting a small cast and limited locations, yet Dolan turns the simple story of a grieving young man and his encounter with a sociopath into a tasteful little movie. Release date 17 April

Bong Joon-ho - 2014 Bong Joon-ho, one of Korea’s most inventive filmmakers, makes his Hollywood debut with Snowpiercer – quite the ride in every sense of the word. It’s the near future and a new ice age has killed everyone on Earth except those lucky enough to get on board the ‘snowpiercer’ in time, a highspeed train that circles the planet using a perpetual-motion engine. Based on an ’80s graphic novel, Snowpiercer is a high-paced action flick and smart cult movie in one, made in Hollywood but flavoured in Asia. Release date 03 April

And for couch potatoes... by Gert Verbeek

Mister John Joe Lawlor/Christine Molloy - 2013 Gerry (Aidan Gillen) escapes from his troubled marriage and wanders through Singapore like he’s possessed by the spirit of his recently drowned brother. This minimalistic, mysterious tragedy mixes Antonioni with Lynch and could almost be categorised as a ghost story. Out now.

Tom à la Ferme Xavier Dolan - 2014 With Tom à la Ferme the talented Dolan (25) tries his hand at a thrill-


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DO 0D 3O 00 43 04





New Music: Solar Year

Film: Lydia Ainsworth

VR Z A GRUPPO DI PAWLO NORDIC DELIGHT V RSolar Year (Ben Borden and David ErZ A Brooklyn music lady Lydia Ainsworth GRUPPO PAWLOWSKI NORDIC DELIGHT 11 2 6 + DI THE EX NORWEGIAN NIGHT2 6 is simply thrilling. Lydia, if you’re read1 1tel) have become part of the epony+ THE EX NORWEGIAN NIGHT 04 0 4 ASOCIAAL FEESTORKEST VAN HIGHASAKITE + JONAS ALASKA 0 4mously cool Montreal music family with ASOCIAAL FEESTORKEST VAN HIGHASAKITE + JONAS ALASKA 0 4 ing this, come and have pizza with me! DEUS-GITARIST SAMEN MET + ATLANTER DEUS-GITARIST SAMEN MET + ATLANTER NEERLANDS OUDSTE PUNKBAN a bunch of new-age electro-pop tracks Come and have pizza with the world! NORDIC DELIGHT-AVOND MET DE NEERLANDS OUDSTE PUNKBAND. NORDIC DELIGHT-AVOND MET DE FOCUS HET NOORWEGEN. This former student of Joan La Barbaunder their belt, not to mention some FOCUS OPOP HET LANDLAND NOORWEGEN.

ic us M

guest vocals from the Grimes goddess ra has composed for fi lmmakers, visual herself. The duo have been heard to artists, poets and contemporary dance VV RR BRIGHT 2 YEAR D I LISTENER D I groups, putting her at the epicentre BRIGHT 2 YEAR LISTENER call their music ‘psalmgaze’, something 11 11 ANNIVERSARY: 2 9 SPOKEN BEVLOGEN SPOKEN WORD GE 2 9 BEVLOGEN WORD GECOMBINEERD ANNIVERSARY: of artistic expression, making her the INDI 00 44probably said tongue-in-cheek but im0 4 MET GEPASSIONEERDE MET GEPASSIONEERDE INDIEROCK. 0 4 ONEMAN ONEMAN mediately pounced on by rabid music coolest lady everrr. Lydia’s otherworld+ FRIDAY & EL MARIA + FRIDAY & EL MARIA journalists like myself – all because of a EKKO’S DANSAVOND VOL MET ly vocals are accompanied by a string EKKO’S DANSAVOND VOL MET BASS, FUNKY, GARAGE EN HOUSE. Gregorian chant sample, ha! Check out quartet, drummers, keyboards and this BASS, FUNKY, GARAGE EN HOUSE. their Brotherhood EP, available for free brilliant self-devouring fast-food collage download on the Arbutus Records webanimation. Listen and be happy. site and be on the lookout for their fulllength, Waverly, which is due to appear VOLLEDIG VOLLEDIG at the end of June on Splendour. PROGRAMMA & TIJDEN: PROGRAMMA & TIJDEN: WWW.EKKO.NL WWW.EKKO.NL


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Music, art and film in April 2014

S NDSYSTEM Those Foreign Kids: 01 September


Those Foreign Kids: 01 September

New Music: Solar Year

Film: Lydia Ainsworth

OWSKI Solar Year (Ben Borden and David Er-

Brooklyn music lady Lydia Ainsworth tel) have become part of the eponyis simply thrilling. Lydia, if you’re readmously cool Montreal music family with ing this, come and have pizza with me! ND. a bunch of new-age electro-pop tracks Come and have pizza with the world! under their belt, not to mention some This former student of Joan La Barbaguest vocals from the Grimes goddess ra has composed for fi lmmakers, visual herself. The duo have been heard to artists, poets and contemporary dance call their music ‘psalmgaze’, something groups, putting her at the epicentre ECOMBINEERD probably said tongue-in-cheek but imof artistic expression, making her the IEROCK. mediately pounced on by rabid music coolest lady everrr. Lydia’s otherworldjournalists like myself – all because of a ly vocals are accompanied by a string Gregorian chant sample, ha! Check out quartet, drummers, keyboards and this their Brotherhood EP, available for free brilliant self-devouring fast-food collage download on the Arbutus Records webanimation. Listen and be happy. self-desite and be on the lookout for their fullvouring fast-food collage animation. Heleen Peeters & Masayo Matsuda: The Atlas of Peter Schlemihl - The exhibition is open to the length, Waverly, which is due to appear public from 07 April, Mon-Thur, 11.00-17.00 at Subbacultcha! HQ in Amsterdam. at the end of June on Splendour.

Including all Subbacultcha! events 59

M us ic



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On the following pages you’ll find all of this month’s Subbacultcha! events. You can buy a ticket at the door or become a Subbacultcha! member and enter for free. Join at

Bright Lights, Big City

Forest Swords + Lemontrip

03 April - OT301, Amsterdam 20.30 | €10 | Free for members

At the new festival-in-an-evening Bright Lights, Big City, Subbacultcha! teams up with the Melkweg and Meduse MagiQ to serve up a smorgasbord of underground sounds and visuals cooked up right here in Amsterdam. The musical lineup is nearly as diverse as the city itself, ranging from indie pop by Subroutine poster boys Apneu and Naive Set; to experimental pop from Meduse MagiQ’s Bird on the Wire, Blue Crime and the American-born Fetter; to Mühr’s deliberate, droning metal; to some wicked retro synth-pop from Klarälven and Marius. When you’re not feasting your ears on the bands, feast your eyes on visuals by Hugo Rocci, Meeus van Dis, Amos Mulder and Lilian Stolk.

In recent years Tri-Angle Records has helped cultivate a crop of hermetic young producers sprouting up around the world who specialise in grafting elements of hip hop and R&B into barren electronic soundscapes. Forest Swords’ debut Dagger Paths was among the label’s most rewarding and acclaimed early releases and last year’s Engravings revealed an even more refined take on the murky melancholy of his early work. Much as an engraving is traced on to a flat surface with the intention of using it to create prints, Engravings carves something remarkable out of an unremarkable existence and will likely leave a lasting impression on all who hear it. For the first half of this dou-


Mu sic

02 April - Melkweg, Amsterdam 19.00 | €10 | Free for members

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patten: 09 April Quilt: 05 April

gently hand washed, brightened and expanded with a few new patches - saxophone, violin, cello and steel guitar, and one that sounds more colourfully kaleidoscopic than ever.

ble bill, Dutch producer Lemontrip sets the mood with his atmospheric blend of post-dubstep vibes and hip hop beats.


patten (live)

05 April - De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam 20.00 | €8 | Free for members

09 April - OT301, Amsterdam 20.30 | €10 | Free for members This London producer’s forward-thinking compositions reside in the same sonic galaxy as those of fellow deconstructionists Oneohtrix Point Never and Actress. In the highly evocative video for ‘Drift’, the fi rst single from patten’s new album, Estoile Naiant, a stream of images fl its past the viewer: fl eeting moments of natural beauty, technology, human beings and a recurring, out of focus image of a rotating sun-like object. Its a fi tting visual metaphor for patten’s work in general: absent of anything resembling a narrative or hooks, it is rather an on-

The members of psych-folk trio Quilt met and formed the band while they were all studying visual arts in Boston. Cultivating their signature ’60s-loving sound, the outfi t’s 2011 self-titled debut stitched together a patchwork of suddenly shifting tempos and moods into a varied but cohesive whole. For its followup, the sonic seamsters had the luxury of spending a full month in the studio with neo-psych production wizard Jarvis Taveniere. The resulting album, Held in Splendor, showcases a Quilt that’s been

ic us M


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Filosofische Stilte: 10 April Ryan Hemsworth: 18 April

going, free-fl owing meditation on the collision of order with chaos, one which is painstakingly assembled and brainmeltingly psychedelic, and deserves your undivided attention.

Wonderful! If that doesn't hook you, the evening performance by Den Haag upstart Filosofi scheStilte will.

HF Young Academy

Ryan Hemsworth

ft. FilosofiecheStilte 10 April - Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam 20.30 | €5 | Free for members

18 April - Tivoli, Utrecht 23.00 | €10 | Free for members


Young Torontonian producer Ryan Hemsworth quickly made a name for himself cranking out bootleg remixes of Grimes, Frank Ocean and Cat Power. Despite the diversity of his production clientele, he’s managed to imbue everything he touches with a warm, sweet and stoner-friendly signature style that’s been dubbed ‘cloud rap’. On his latest album, last year’s Guilt Trips, he gives the hip hop and house infl uences that linked him to producers like Shlohmo and Clams Casino a slick pop sheen.

M us ic

As part of the Holland Festival, the HF Young Academy organise a pair of events to prepare viewers for their festival performances. Designed to give you a rudimentary artistic and critical skillset, this fi rst lecture looks to discuss approaches to understanding the way stories are told through various mediums. The idea being, when you turn up to HF's shows later on – or any other shows for that matter – you can brag learnèd interpretations to all your less-educated peers.

Subbacultcha! events. Free for members Sign up for €8 per month at





-------------------------------------------------------------PATRONAAT | HAARLEM | VOLLEDIGE PROGRAMMA: WWW.PATRONAAT.NL


Subbacultcha! events. Free for members Sign up for €8 per month at

Evian Christ Waterfall Tour

band has gone before. Despite numerous lineup changes and the tragic loss of former member Clare Amory in 2011, they’ve never stopped exploring sound’s deep potential. Unlike Animal Collective, whose label Paw Tracks they’ve released on several times, Excepter have never done a Merriweather Post Pavilion, continuing to make noise pop from every angle except any you’d expect. 2014 release Maids reveals an Excepter that are more than capable of getting to the point, a promising sign at this stage in a career full of surprising twists and turns.

ft. Evian Christ + Mssingno 20 April - MC Theater, Amsterdam 23.00 | €12 presale | Free for members before midnight ‘Sought after’ as an epithet somehow seems insignificant when you’ve worked with Kanye West, publicly baited Burial and partied on Rick Ross’s yacht. But Evian Christ is still a fresh name on people’s lips, and his Trance Parties in London are proving Meccas for future bassheads. Along for the ride is fellow trance-rap juggernaut Mssingno, whose debut scored highly across the board in December: on his self-titled EP, over-thetop trap dynamics somehow change places with more considered hip hop minimalism, but a bassy centre of gravity is a definite constant.

Ensemble Economique + AUN


23 April - WORM, Rotterdam (w/JSCA) 19.30 | €6 | Free for members 24 April - OT301, Amsterdam (w/Bismuth) 20.30 | €8 | Free for members Excepter are aural trekkies to the full: despite their often camp stage attire, they are unflinching in going where no


M us ic

29 April - OCCII, Amsterdam 20.30 | €7 | Free for members Brian Pyle is from California, but in the kind of way Brian Wilson was from California: a bleak, outsider existence at odds with all the sunbaked revelry. At least, that's what you'd think from his music: unlike The Beach Boys there are certainly no sunny harmonies here to hide the anguish. All the yearning is well and truly surface level: horror soundtrack ambience, agoraphobic soundscapes and eerie digital deterioration. For all we know, behind the gratuitous drones of solitude, Pyle is partying all the time.


M us ic

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ic us M


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Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer: 10 April

Tom à la ferme

10 April - Melkweg, Amsterdam tba | €tba | Free for members

22 April - LantarenVenster, Rotterdam tba | €tba | Free for members

Oscar-nominated fi lmmaker Mike Lerner and Russian fi lmmaker Maxim Pozdorovkin collaborate on Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer, a must-see documentary on ideological punk band Pussy Riot. Making use of publicly available footage, A Punk Prayer fully focuses on the court cases against the three members of Pussy Riot, following their protest performance in Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Savior in 2012. The fi lm is completed with interviews with the families of the Pussy Riot girls. After Pussy Riot’s most recent encounters with both the Russian government and the citizens of Sochi, whiplashes and all, this documentary is a more urgent watch than ever.

When his boyfriend Guillaume dies unexpectedly, Tom goes out to the country to meet Guillaume’s surviving relatives, who own a farm. But Mother doesn’t know that her son was gay, and brother Francis will make sure that the secret doesn’t come out. The day of his arrival Tom is violently awoken by Francis, setting the tone for the rest of his stay. Grieving Tom will soon get enthralled by the sociopathic Francis, who is as charming as he is unpredictable. Tom à la ferme is a subtle thriller by young Canadian talent Xavier Dolan, director of such fl amboyant fi lms as J'ai tué ma mère and Laurence Anyways.


MF uilsm ic

Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer

Tom à la ferme: 22 April

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Foam: Onorato & Krebs

Nederlands Fotomuseum: Carleton E Watkins

Stalk Fest

project The Enclave about the confl ict situation in Congo. Also on view is an exhibition by Iranian photographer Kaveh Golestan, young talent Ola Lanko and the conceptual illusionists Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs, who won the Foam Paul Huf Award in 2013.

02-03 April - Mediamatic, Amsterdam 19.00 | €8 | Free for members On 2 and 3 April, alongside their current exhibition Faceless, Mediamatic has invited a diverse group of experts, such as Dan Hassler-Forest and Jeremy Bailey, to give lectures about hacking, privacy and superhero surveillance. Entry for the lectures as well as the exhibition, which runs until 16 April, is free for Subbacultcha! members.

Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam

Wilhelminakade, Rotterdam Open Tue-Sun 10.00-17.00, Sat and Sun from 11.00 €9 | Free for members

Foam Photography Museum Keizersgracht, Amsterdam Open daily 10.00-18.00, Thur and Fri until 21.00 €8.75 | Free for members

The museum recently opened a new exhibition of some rare and remarkable vintage prints of so-called mammoth photography by American photographer Carleton E Watkins, showing 19th-cen-

Four diverse new exhibitions are on, including Richard Mosse’s acclaimed

t Ar


Subbacultcha! events. Free for members Sign up for €8 per month at

Heleen Peeters & Masayo Matsuda

Heleen Peeters & Masayo Matsuda: The Atlas of Peter Schlemihl

tury California in a nice 19th-century sepia tone. The exhibition UMBRA by Dutch photographer Viviane Sassen is also still on view.

Subbacultcha! HQ, Amsterdam Open Mon-Thur 11.00-17.00 Belgian and Japanese photographers Heleen Peeters and Masaya Matsuda present their collaborative efforts in our basement gallery this month. They met at a London art school and continued working together, though one is based in Amsterdam and the other in Tokyo. The exhibition shows the pair’s mutual interest in the transient nature of their medium of choice. Together they tell the story of Peter Schlemihl, the man who sold his shadow to the devil.


Witte de Withstraat, Rotterdam Open Tue-Sun 11.00-18.00 €5 | Free for members On view is the solo exhibition of German artist Anne Wenzel. The Opaque Palace transforms the museum rooms into one big sculptural piece in which all the different works form a single installation. On 17 April there will be a special lecture about the relationship between materiality and expressiveness within Wenzel’s robust statues.


MA urs tic

TENT: Anne Wenzel

Agenda: September 2013 Reconnect the dots... 17—27 april 2014 GDFB onthult de geheimen van het, veelal verborgen, ontwerpproces aan de hand van interventies, tentoonstellingen, workshops en lezingen. Meer informatie over programma, openingstijden en tickets:

Graphic Design Festival Breda

Y O U A R E PA R T OF SOMETHING Become a Subbacultcha! member and see our complete selection of concerts, films and exhibitions for 8 euros per month


What else is on this month On the following pages you’ll find a fine selection of concerts, festivals and exhibitions taking place around the country. Art: Two Years of EYE Until 06 April - EYE, Amsterdam Celebrate EYE's second birthday with a Cronenberg exhibition and Gustav Deutsch's Shirley - Visions of Reality.

drums and soaring guitars in which they worship the spirits of psychedelic bands past, and their faithful take on the genre should please ’60s devotees. Music: Wild Beasts 03 April - Melkweg, Amsterdam 04 April - Motel Mozaïque, Rotterdam These English indie rockers may have reigned in the much-loved vocal melodrama of their early work, but they’ve sharpened their claws as they’ve tamed their desires, sounding more quietly powerful than ever.

Art: Constant Companion Until 06 April - Oude Kerk, Amsterdam Sixty students from the different departments of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie present their work in a group exhibition, built around their interpretations of the term ‘Constant Companion’. Art: Wouter Venema: Tussenruimte Until 01 June - Hudson Museum, Rotterdam Former Subbacultcha! featured artist Wouter Venema is showing his works in Rotterdam. The exhibition is a continuation of the series he showed at our very own gallery last October.

Theatre: Breakin’Walls: FE/MALE 03-06 April - Frascati Theater, Amsterdam Breakin’Walls is about men, women and everything in between. The programme explores the complicated relationship between the genders and gender-benders in four days of performances, debates, installations and exhibitions.

Art: Superficial Hygiene Until 09 June - De Hallen, Haarlem Taking a critical approach, young artists work with the newest digital techniques in this group exhibition.

Art: The Solomon R Guggenheim Collection From 04 April - Cobra Museum, Amstelveen Famous works from the Guggenheim Museum in New York, including paintings by Rothko, Pollock and De Kooning, are on display at the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen.

Music: Temples 01 April - Bitterzoet, Amsterdam 02 April - Doornroosje, Nijmegen 04 April - Motel Mozaïque, Rotterdam Temples build songs out of cavernous


Agenda: April 2014 Art: Roman Vishniac (re)discovered 04 April-24 August - Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam Curated by the ICP in New York, the JHM presents an overview of RussianAmerican photographer Roman Vishniac featuring vintage prints, film footage and never-before-seen photographs.

mind Andrew Field-Pickering and collaborator Ari Goldman serve up cheeky bangers that you can nod your head to. Music: Modality 05 April - OT301, Amsterdam STEM, BEK and OT301 collaborate for an evening of computer-based music, using code to transform custom-made hardware into instruments.

Music: Motel Mozaïque 04-05 April - Rotterdam Read more on page 74.

Music: Gap Dream 05 April - Let’s Get a Little Lost, Zwolle 06 April - Paradiso, Amsterdam Burger Records-approved, the sexy and a little bit silly psychedelic synth pop on Gap Dream’s latest album will make you shake your Levi’s-clad moneymaker.

Music: Quilt 04 April - Motel Mozaïque, Rotterdam 05 April - De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam Read more on page 62. Music: Angel Olsen 05 April - Motel Mozaïque, Rotterdam 06 April - Paradiso, Amsterdam Angel Olsen channels Loretta Lynn and Roy Orbison through a medium of ghostly alt-country. Her new album, Burn Your Fire For No Witness, has set critics’ and listeners’ hearts aflame.

Music: Teen Daze + Groundislava + Zes 06 April - Patronaat, Haarlem Teen Daze makes synthetic-sounding but inviting songs he terms ‘futuristic music with a heart’; Eindhoven beatmaker Zes’s blissed-out compositions should serve as a mellower but no less lovely accompaniment.

Music: Peverelist + Wen + Mumdance + Logos 05 April - Toren, Amsterdam BELOW is a new platform for progressive electronic music with a UK flavour, and they start with a banger of a debut edition featuring four British producers pushing the boundaries of grime. Music: Beautiful Swimmers + Kassem Mosse + more 05 April - Trouw, Amsterdam As Beautiful Swimmers, Future Times founder and Maxmillion Dunbar master-

Music: Tim Hecker 07 April - Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ, Amsterdam Although last year’s Virgins was tighter and less sinister-sounding than previous work, Tim Hecker’s blown-out digital shoegaze is among the most distinctive experimental electronic music being made today. Music: Giraffage + Lindsey Lowend 07 April - Bitterzoet, Amsterdam SF's Charlie Yin produces the kind of


What else is on this month Music: SOTU Festival 16-20 April - Amsterdam Sounds Of The Underground Festival stages acts ranging from noise to improv jazz to experimental electronica in some of Amsterdam’s most beloved underground venues.

mellow and blissed-out tracks dreams are made of. Music: Cheaters Release Party 10 April - Doka, Amsterdam Amsterdam locals Cheaters celebrate the release of their debut, and if ridiculously tasty single 'The Woods' is any indication, they’ll have you hooked.

Art: Graphic Design Festival Breda 17-27 April - Breda The fourth edition of the biannual Graphic Design Festival in Breda brings together international designers to celebrate recent developments within design and visual culture.

Music: Nordic Delight Festival 11 April - EKKO, Utrecht This festival aims to win you over to the wonders of Nordic culture with a selection of upcoming bands, design, films, fashion and food that’s destined to delight us Lowlanders.

Music: Marissa Nadler 18 April - Paradiso, Amsterdam 25 April - Tivoli Spiegelbar, Utrecht Known for her ethereal and vaguely gothic compositions, American singersongwriter Marissa Nadler’s latest album, July, is substantial enough to have listeners spinning it ’til its titular month and beyond.

Art: 24 Hour Kapitaal 12 April - Kapitaal, Utrecht Graphic workspace Kapitaal is celebrating its one-year anniversary with a 24hour marathon of music, drinks and partying. Oh, and also art. Music: Holy Mountain 13 April - Melkweg, Amsterdam These Glaswegian stoner/psych/doom rockers’ riffs are both badass- and classic-sounding enough to get them in your dad’s record collection and your mum’s pants.

Music: White Mystery + Dead Ghosts 20 April - dB’s, Utrecht 24 April - Club Vibes, Rotterdam Whether you dig stripped-down rock’n’roll or you’re just harbouring a secret crush on Carrot Top, ginger afro sibling duo White Mystery are at your service.

Music: Sleepy Sun 13 April - Paradiso, Amsterdam 20 April - Doornroosje, Nijmegen Though Sleepy Sun are a psych-rock band from San Francisco much like Thee Oh Sees and Ty Segall, their sound resides not so much in the garage as in the nexus between black metal and classic rock.

Art: Father, Can’t You See I’m Burning? 27 April-15 June, de Appel arts centre, Amsterdam The six current participants of de Appel’s curatorial programme comprise this exhibition, in which fire stands for transformation and fearless possibilities.


Agenda: April 2014

Motel Mozaïque Whether you’re seeking out a weekend-wide blast of exciting new music and excellent live performances, some passionate art, experimental theatre, guided tours or just looking to explore the secretly welcoming heart of Rotterdam and its many hidden treasures – preferably all of the above – Motel Mozaïque is an inspiring urban experience. 04-05 April - Rotterdam Eagulls This Leeds melodic punk band serves up one howling and heavy-hitting track after another, and their new debut album is well worth sinking your teeth into.

medium of ghostly alt-country, and her new album, Burn Your Fire For No Witness, has set critics' hearts aflame. Wild Beasts While these English indierockers have reigned in the much-loved vocal melodrama of their early work, their subtler but sharper edged new approach is ultimately more powerful.

Kurt Vile (solo) Philly's resident childish prodigy is gifted at acoustic-driven psych folk, and the jams on his latest opus, Walking on a Pretty Daze, are ingeniously breezy and laid-back.

Jonathan Wilson A key figure in an LA music scene cohabited by bands like Wilco and Father John Misty, this musician/producer has a soft spot for late '70s soft rock.

Omar Souleyman This Syrian wedding singer-cum-synth pop wizard's extremely energetic take on traditional dabke music has taken him from wedding halls to the world stage.

Larry Gus One of the best live surprises we've seen in a long time, when this Greek DFA signee performs it recalls Panda Bear – if he had ten cups of coffee and ants in his pants.

Quilt On their new material, these ’60sloving sonic seamsters stitch together a patchwork of suddenly shifting tempos and moods into a varied but cohesive whole.

Nick Waterhouse San Francisco musician, crate digger and producer Nick Waterhouse looks like Buddy Holly and makes lively, tightly executed retro rock’n’roll and soul.

Temples England's Temples build songs out of cavernous drums and soaring guitars in which they faithfully worship the spirits of psychedelic bands past. Angel Olsen Angel Olsen channels Loretta Lynn and Roy Orbison through a


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Angel Olsen



Free tickets and goodies To win, sign up to our mailing list on 3x2 TICKETS + 3 CDS Wild Beasts

2x2 tickets Cinema Concert Metropolis

2x2 TICKETS Tim Hecker

03 April Melkweg, Amsterdam

06 April EYE, Amsterdam

07 April Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ, A'dam

10 DVDs Inside Llewyn Davis

3x2 tickets + 3 dvds Tom à la ferme / Les Amours Imaginairest

3x2 TICKETS World Press Photo

Out: 08 April A-Film Benelux

release date: 17 April various theatres

18 April-22 June De Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam

2x2 TICKETS Graphic Design Festival

3x2 Tickets Father, can’t you see I’m burning?

1x2 TICKETs Food Film Festival

17-27 April De Nieuwe Veste, Breda

27 April - 15 June de Appel arts centre, A'dam

09-11 May Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam



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02 April

10 April

29 April

Melkweg, Amsterdam 19.00 | €10 | Free for members

Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam 20.30 | €5 | Free for members

OCCII, Amsterdam 20.30 | €7 | Free for members

18 April

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Bright Lights, Big City 02-03 April

Stalk Fest

Mediamatic, Amsterdam 19.00 | €8 | Free for members

03 April

Forest Swords + Lemontrip

OT301, Amsterdam 20.30 | €10 | Free for members

05 April


De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam 20.00 | €8 | Free for members

09 April

patten (live)

OT301, Amsterdam 20.30 | €10 | Free for members

10 April

Film: Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer Melkweg, Amsterdam tba | Free for members

HF Young Academy ft. FilosofischeStilte

Ryan Hemsworth

Tivoli, Utrecht 23.00 | €10 | Free for members

20 April

Evian Christ Waterfall Tour ft. Evian Christ + Mssingno

MC Theater, Amsterdam 23.00 | €12 presale | Free for members before midnight

22 April

Film: Tom à la ferme

LantarenVenster, Rotterdam tba | tba | Free for members

23 April


WORM, Rotterdam 19.30 | €6 | Free for members

24 April


OT301, Amsterdam 20.30 | €8 | Free for members

w iec urvs vMe O


Ensemble Economique + AUN

Heleen Peeters & Masayo Matsuda: The Atlas of Peter Schlemihl

Subbacultcha! HQ, Amsterdam Open Mon-Thur 11.00-17.00

Foam Photography Museum

Keizersgracht, Amsterdam Open daily 10.00-18.00, Thur and Fri until 21.00 €8.75 | Free for members


Witte de Withstraat, Rotterdam Open Tue-Sun 11.00-18.00 €5 | Free for members

Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam

Open Tue-Sun 10.00-17.00, Sat and Sun from 11.00 €9 | Free for members

ben frost, iain banks Componist en regisseur Ben Frost bewerkt Iain Banks’ ijzingwekkende cultroman tot spannend muziektheater, met een onheilspellend toneelbeeld en extreme klanksculpturen, klassieke muziek, minimalisme en rauwe pop. © YANN MINGARD

22 – 23 juni Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ

Mix van ragfijne orgelmuziek en ingenieuze elektronische geluidscollages. 4 juni – Orgelpark



nico muhly, oneohtrix point never






Subbacultcha! NL April 2014  
Subbacultcha! NL April 2014  

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