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Unruly Music Magazine. February 2014

The Romance Issue

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Subbacultcha! Magazine February 2014

The Romance Issue

Ten years ago, Phil Elverum of The Microphones spent months in a remote Norwegian cabin in the dead of winter, hoping to achieve the ultimate tortured artist goal of reaching illumination through loneliness and isolation. Yet upon his return to civilisation, the most meaningful lyric he’d written there would be ‘Let’s get out of the romance’ – and he might be totally right. It can be brutal to confront unmet expectations with a plain reality. Kind of like being high on life – until the party’s over. But since we’re not complete cynical brutes we’d like to play the romance card this month. Turns out we’ve got a date all set up for you on Valentine’s Day with Future Islands, so if you’re planning on getting sad-drunk that evening, join and get happy-drunk with us. If you’re not, join anyway!


de kreun vzw 路 conservatoriumplein 路 8500 kortrijk music, info & tickets

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February recommendations Each month our staff provides you with a selection of the finer things in life. Enjoy!

Music: Manse

Music: Francis Lung

‘Manse’ is a 15th-century word for a house. Manse also rhymes with dance. Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s get things straight: this isn’t your average beach-bar house music and it will probably make you thrash about rather than tango. Manse’s frightfully erratic techno of the noisy, dirty kind has found refuge in the collection of Opal Tapes releases. Lying In Wait is his latest title and it’s very good. Invest in some good headphones before you hit play.

With the demise of Wu Lyf, we’ve listened to quite a few releases from the group’s disbanded members, but it’s finally Tom McClung’s new solo project that seems to ring true. The growl of his heavy pop is gone, and in its place is a lighter, more melodic sound that still exudes a mysterious harboured sadness. You’ll have to make do with his newest single, ‘A Selfish Man’, but be on the lookout for a full-length later this year.


February recommendations Music: Milk Music & Merchandise & Destruction Unit

Music: ALAK

Milk Music sadly announced they won’t be playing any more live shows in the future, but fortunately there is also some good news. The magic hillbillies will reunite with our favourite band from Tampa and our favourite band from Tempe! The three-way split record between Milk Music, Merchandise and Destruction Unit will be released on 540 Records and will come with a book full of artwork, flyers, photos and other ‘surprises’ from their US tour together.

It only took a few chords of ALAK’s EP Guardian Petted on patten’s KALEIDOSCOPE before we were smitten with Jocelyn Noir’s outsider pop vocals and synth constructions. Fascinated by ancient beliefs in the afterlife, but equally Kendrick Lamar and Captain Beefheart, Noir is exploring new terrain with this release, an abrupt turn from her work from the past decade. This baby is free for download from the internetz; you’ll love tracks ‘llial Clone’ and ‘Pass’.

Art: Francesco Cavaliere

Berlin-based Francesco Cavaliere, is an Italian artist whose sparse compositions are interconnected to his installations, poetry and visual art. In his utopian-romantic universum he takes on the role of an obscure scientist, doing research to new forms of beauty. His compositions consist of found sounds, sensual women’s voices, intimate sound plays and references to alchemy and dark science.


February recommendations Book: Is It My Body? – Kim Gordon

Book: Infinity Net – The Autobiography of Yayoi Kusama

Have you ever loved something so much you would sacrifice everything to for ever be able to do it? Artist Yayoi Kusama fled Japan in 1957 for NYC, where she slept on a discarded door, ate discarded fish heads and cabbage leaves and painted night and day until she was on the verge of insanity. Then international fame followed. But her struggle with her mental health continues to this day. A powerful autobiography from one of the world’s most powerful female artists.

A selection of writings by leading lady of noise-punk legends Sonic Youth. Read her analysis of avant-garde figures like Mike Kelley and Glenn Branca and other issues within contemporary art, architecture, music. Published by Sternberg Press

Published by Tate Publishing


February recommendations kultuurkaffee, pleinlaan 2, 1050 Brussel, Brussel, Campus Vrije Universiteit - KultuurKaffee, Pleinlaan 2, 1050 CampusBrussel Vrije Universiteit Brussel

THU 20 February 2014 MON 24 February 2014 WED 26 FEBRUARY 2014 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< De week van de klank: KK WORLD: (BE) Vernissage (post-pop, indie) + support Soldier Hems Keith Rowe (UK) + Foschia (UK) band (MTN) feat. Jacques (improv, sound sculpture) JUPITER DIOP(afro-reggae)


co-production: Globe Aroma

FREE <<<<<<<<<

FREE <<<<<<<<<

WED 19 march 2014 SAT 12 april 2014 Thu 13 March 2014 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< MILLA BRUNE (BE) Chantal Acda (be) (duo - singer-songwriter) &(indiefolk) Band (NL/BE) + Little Dots (be) (trio) + Syndrome (BE) + support


@ Klein Mercelis Theater

(postrock, soundscapes)

@ Klein Mercelis Theater

MORE events, info & tickets :


February recommendations Food: foods of love

Book: Little Failure - Gary Shteyngart

Be prepared for Valentine’s Day, but best forget about the flowers, postcards and overpriced heart-shaped merchandise. Instead, turn this day into your most memorable by heading to the... supermarket! Check out with honey, oysters, garlic, figs, chocolate, basil, bananas, avocado, almonds and asparagus. Oh my, what random items, you think. Think again! These are the top ten aphrodisiac foods. Melt away, you crazy lovers!

After the satirical novels The Russian Debutante’s Handbook, Absurdistan and Super Sad True Love Story, Gary Shteyngart is back with a memoir this time. The book chronicles Shteyngart’s emigration as a sensitive little Jewish boy from Leningrad to America in the ’70s to eventually become a writer. Why? To be loved. Hilarious and moving – not least because of his many nicknames, some made up by his mother: ‘Little Failure’, ‘Weakling’, ‘Jew-nose’ or (on account of his bad asthma) ‘Snotty’. Published by Random House


We Saw You: Spotted at Subbacultcha! Photo by Stine Sampers


What’s the most romantic thing somebody has done for you? I’ve been taken on a road trip. I think that’s really romantic, hopeful and it makes me feel like Jack Kerouac.

Caroline de Maeyer, spotted at Pete Swanson + Yves De Mey + Kaumwald at Vooruit in Ghent on 16 January 2014.


The Romance Issue. Interview James Hinton, aka The Range, is not only a remarkably gifted producer, he’s also a really smart guy with a degree in physics and an obsession with Roman philosopher Seneca – naming a track and an EP after

The Range Phone Interview by Koen van Bommel Photos shot by David Brandon Geeting in New York, USA

the man. Maybe it’s because he spent most of his childhood alone, holed up in the basement of his parents’ house. Being an only child, The Range seems like the go-to guy to talk about the romantic undertone in going your own way. His is a diverse but fascinating point of view



The Range. Continued


The Romance Issue On your song ‘Jamie’, there’s a sample where someone says: ‘The more people that surround me, the more lonely I feel.’ Is that something you can relate to? Yeah, that’s the reason I chose that particular sample. I grew up as an only child, and I think when you grow up as an only child, you learn to get really comfortable in your own space. I’ve definitely experienced being oversaturated with people and would prefer to be alone. I mean, the more people you interact with, the more you kind of fold into yourself. As for that sample, it’s a very simple statement, but it really encapsulates the feeling I had when I was working on that particular song. So I guess you’re good at being alone? Yeah, I think so. I mean, I just spent so much time making music, playing drums and watching movies by myself when I was a kid – clearly more time than with other people. I remember just being in the basement for pretty much my whole childhood. I liked spending that much time by myself. I think for better or for worse it’s kind of how I relate to the world now. What’s the longest time you’ve ever gone without human contact? That’s a great question! Probably, like, two weeks? One summer, when my family went on vacation and I was staying home, that was probably the longest time. Two weeks can be pretty long. Yeah, I think so. How did that make you feel? It was the summer when I graduated from high school; the first time that I had to go out and get food for myself. It gave me a sense of responsibility. I remember making a lot of music as well, and feeling, stupidly, like it was my job or something. I would go out and go to the store, get food and then record for, like, a really long time.



The Romance Issue

‘I don’t really like to make music when someone else is in the room’ Is making music a solitary process for you? Or do you work together with other people? I have, but this project is very intentionally just me and my computer. I don’t really like to make music when someone else is in the room. I just don’t like to show people too much stuff before it’s really done. I’ve tried some collaborations, and played in bands a long time ago, but it’s definitely part of the project to be by myself. Are you also alone when you’re on tour? Yeah, I only travel by myself. It’s a little lonely. Would you rather have some people with you? I’ve thought about bringing other people, but then again, I like being alone. It’s an increasingly rare time when I can actually be just by myself. Logistically it can be sort of difficult, so I’m resisting it, but at some point it might be a necessary thing. Sartre says, ‘Hell is other people.’ If I flip that around and say, ‘Heaven is the absence of other people,’ would that still be right? It’s fascinating, they’re such stark statements. There’s obviously an element of truth to both. But I think that the persistence of either flips the equation around. I think I’ve just studied too much math to know that neither is true. You know, some people will go on Twitter posting rants about how they just hate everyone and they just wanna go lie in a hole and never talk to anyone ever again. And then the next day they’re posting selfies. The Range plays Botanique, Brussels on 15 February and Artefact, STUK, Leuven on 22 February.


The Romance Issue. Interview

Karen Gwyer

Interview by Will Martin Photos shot by Valeria Cherchi in London, UK


Karen Gwyer took a moment during her beloved little one’s nap time to chat about romance. From Chopin to not-so-lovely boys, teenaged jazz bands to a connection with the Vermona DRM1 drum synth, we were mesmerised. Just as we’re sure we will be during her performance this month...

Would you say you’re a romantic person? Oh yes, very much so. In what sense? In all senses, probably! With partners, I like romantic stuff... I enjoy romantic films – Room With a View is a favourite... I look back on my life in romantic terms; I was literally talking with my husband an hour ago about several trips to the beach I took as a child, and I must have sounded very romantic about it all. He seemed a little overwhelmed. In music, it’s Chopin, definitely. Have you always been that way? What were you like as a teenager? Oh Jesus, let me think about this. That’s a tough question. Yes, I’m sure I’ve always been quite romantic. As a teenager, I was sort of a half-person... I was someone on the inside for sure, but the person I presented myself as was an awkward approximation, and I was so self-conscious and unable to relax, that I think I lived vicariously through close friends quite a lot, just waiting and formulating my plans for when I could leave my town and be a one-hundred-per-cent person. Which I did. As soon as I could. But in a romantic sense, as a teenager, I was typically obsessed to a ridiculous degree with a number of lovely (and less lovely) boys, and as I couldn’t even begin to


Karen Gwyer. Continued approach them, I watched helplessly as other more socially salubrious girls effortlessly charmed them. It was shit. That’s usually how it goes for the more intelligent kids. That’s what I tell myself! Were you making music as a teenager? Kind of. I was in a jazz band in high school briefly. I was really lousy, and to make matters worse, I was playing the viola. In a jazz band. It was godawful, actually. Certainly didn’t help the awkwardness! It was like being naked for an exam. I listened to a ton of music, but I really didn’t even consider making music again for many years. The jazz band had a rather sour effect on my confidence, although I’m probably making it sound more dramatic than it actually was. The other thing is that I was a very, very serious ballerina until I left home, and that didn’t leave much room for music. Do you have any particular romantic attachment to the tools you use to make your music? I suppose I do a bit. A couple of my synths make certain sounds that, on their own, just get you in the gut. Really heavy, sticky, woozy sounds. So you develop a kind of physical connection to the machine? Yes, possibly – although I don’t know why. But that’s a really difficult question to answer. Of course, I’m controlling them, but I guess because they are analogue instruments – or maybe that’s not even important – they do their own thing to a degree, so it’s perhaps more of a relationship than a connection. It’s about having a kind of dialogue with the instrument? Bingo. I never feel like I really have it under control. … much like a human relationship, then. Far less complicated, but yes, a bit. Did the love of the tools come first, or the love of the art? What



‘At one very low point, I made some music that I still don’t think I’ve topped since’


Karen Gwyer. Continued piece of gear did you first fall in love with and who was your first musical crush? The tools were a complete mystery for a long time. It was like some sort of magic that just sounded damn fine. To be honest, I’ve only recently fallen in love with a piece of gear, which is a Vermona DRM1 drum synth. Other pieces I do adore, but this is more than that. And my first musical crush was, of course, Prince. Around 1985. Are you happy making music? Yeah, it’s making something real and physical, which helps me get stuff off my chest, and also has an effect on some other people. I worked in advertising for many years, and making music is almost a million times more satisfying. Is love a requirement for music-making? Do people make better music when they’re in love? I bet that if I took all my favourite pieces of music, and magically found out how they plotted against the relationship status of the artists at the time of their creation, it would most likely be quite revealing. Of course I can only guess based on my own experience, but the stuff I feel I hit the mark the most with was created at really intense times in a couple of different relationships. At one very low point, I made some music that I still don’t think I’ve topped since. It was total heartbreak, and when I came out of that and fell in love, realising that the previous love had been a load of bullshit, again, I found it really easy to make music that really sounded how I felt. With my current state of stability, the process of music-making can be a lot more bumpy and fraught. At the same time, I’m gaining the courage to push myself a bit further. But in the back of my mind, I do often wonder if it sounds enough like swords Karen Gwyer plays the Opal Tapes night through the heart. Jeez, that in Vooruit, Ghent on 06 February. The sounds well cheesy. But it’s true. show is free for Subbacultcha! members.


The Romance Issue. Photo essay

Future Islands by Suzanna Zak

LA-based photographer Suzanna Zak shot these dreamy photos of Baltimore synth outfit Future Islands, who are back with a new LP Singles. From first play we’ve been singing along to their heartfelt songs – filled to the brim with throbbing rhythms, addictive melodies, stirring vocals and all around romance – that have invariably earned these guys a special place in our heart 27


Future Islands. Continued

Future Islands play at Beursschouwburg, Brussels, on 14 February. The show is free for Subbacultcha! members.


The Romance Issue

Scene Report Toronto

Always been curious about the music scene in other cities outside your own little cocoon? We assumed you were! Every month weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll feed your hunger for insights and secrets in the Scene Report. Romantic as we are, this month we visited partners in crime and life Meghan Remy and Max Turnbull, aka U.S. Girls and Slim Twig, in Toronto, Canada. Text by Meghan Remy and Max Turnbull Photos shot by Meghan Remy and Max Turnbull in Toronto


Canada is the land of maple syrup and ice hockey – and also, since last summer, the land that charges a $275 ‘application’ fee per international musician gracing its stages – a decision that hopefully won’t affect the music scene too much in the near, or distant, future... Toronto. Let’s be clear; it ain’t cheap, but it is the cultural capital of Canada (and don’t let Montrealers tell you otherwise). For decades, Toronto has been pumping out top-shelf art and music, to little fanfare. Michael Snow, Rush, Simply Saucer (who, truth be told, are actually from nearby Hamilton), David Cronenberg, Mary Margaret O’Hara, The Dinner Is Ruined… these are but a few notable examples of the preemo that has come before. Don’t feel too bad if you’re not up on the whole list: for some reason, there can appear to be a strange barrier between Canada and the rest of the world. American and Euro culture is celebrated here, but the home-grown is hardly exported with the same vigour. Toronto has declared itself a self-contained world with a chip on its shoulder, bursting with diversity and youth (a 2013 study found Toronto to be the most youthful city in the world). As a part of that diversified youth wave we should be qualified to let you in on the secrets of Toronto’s creative cache. Which Torontonians make up the most exciting bands? Where can you see the best alternative programming in the city? Where do the discerning indulge in a late-night falafel? C’mon, let us show you ’round... Toronto has never had a specific sound associated with its music scene. Instead we have a smorgasbord approach, where bands refine their own sensibilities distinctly from one another. A show in Toronto


Scene Report: Toronto. Continued is often a cross-genre sampling. While the early 2000s are remembered best for a host of various arty punk bands (No Dynamics, Anagram, The Creeping Nobodies, Bush League), it’s difficult to similarly group the contemporary class of Toronto acts. Our favourites include the psyched-out prog and astral jazz of Zacht Automaat, the domestic outsider rap of Onakabazien, the cosmic country of the Highest Order and the scattered paisley-pop of Actual Water. Should you encounter one of these exciting bands on your Toronto visit you might make your way to the merch table, only to find that they forgot to bring records to the show. Bands rarely bring merch to local shows, as people here will hardly ever buy the record of a local band to begin with. Not to worry: drag your butt over to Grasshopper Records, owned by Toronto legend Derek ‘Grasshopper’ Madison, where local LPs are displayed prominently among hip hop, prog and world-music classics. Music isn’t everything, of course, and so while you will encounter plenty of shows at Double Double Land – Toronto’s premier alternative venue – you can also find yourself entertained there by a variety of cultural events. Art openings, absurdist comedy nights, alternative film screenings, curated dinners and topical lectures are just part of what this wonder-venue has had on tap since its inception in 2009. Situated down an alley and above a bakery, you’ll have to know where you’re going as there’s no sign indicating you’ve arrived. Catch a glimpse of the wallpaper adorning the stairwell into the venue; Alicia Nauta, DIY printmaker extraordinaire, has silkscreened a psychedelic entryway. It’s also worth noting that many of Double Double Land’s curators are involved in longstanding projects of particular interest. Jon McCurley represents half of the performance-art duo Life Of A Craphead (recently exhibited as probably the funniest retrospective the



â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;The world is getting smaller thanks to technology, but thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no substitute for actually travelling to a city, walking its streets and meeting its residentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;


Scene Report: Toronto. Continued Art Gallery of Ontario has had to offer), while Dan Vila is the architect behind Against Life – an incredible series of shows that takes place in abandoned industrial spaces (the series was profiled by Wire magazine under its previous name, Extermination Night). Residents of Toronto (and beyond) are notified about upcoming art and music events via alternative show-listings paper, Offerings, as well as the fantastic Weird Canada website. Both are dedicated to documenting underground Canadian recordings, and the brain trusts for the two publications are based in the Toronto area. Now that we’ve worked up an appetite, let’s head over to Gale’s Snack Bar for a diner lunch at 1950s prices. We’ll cap it off with a local brew at the Only, an east-end haunt with a fridge full of exotic beers. Still hungry? It’s time for a late-night falafel at Ali Baba’s… Toronto, like any city, is a place full of people, places to spend money and experiences to uncover. You should visit here before the price of travel goes up so high that it becomes a luxury the average Essential Toronto Spots: Double Joe can no longer afford. The Double Land, Grasshopper Reworld is getting smaller thanks to cords, Ali Baba’s, The Only, The technology, but there’s no substiHorseshoe, Value Village, Rick’s tute for actually travelling to a city, Collectibles. walking its streets and meeting its Essential Toronto Bands: U.S. Girls, residents. Slim Twig, Zacht Automaat, OnakCome live in Toronto for a abazien, Actual Water, The Highwhile before you decide it’s too est Order expensive and move to a Montreal commune, or make your way west Essential Toronto Artists: Alicia to Vancouver on a BC Bud pilgrimNauta, Life of a Craphead, Sojournage. We live in a huge-ass country; er Truth Parsons, Nikki Woolsey there’s room for all of you here.


Featured Artist

Stine Sampers Born in 1993, Stine Sampers is a young Belgian photographer who is just about to release her first book through the independent publishing house Art Paper Editions. Inspired by the boredom of her small town, she started using photography as a medium to create complex and imaginary plotlines between humans, landscapes and still lifes. The image thus became a way to share and connect with surroundings while reflecting on her position within the world. Yet despite all the scheming and romanticising seemingly involved, her work feels and remains strikingly intimate



Featured Artist: Stine Sampers


Featured Artist: XXX



Featured Artist: Stine Sampers


Films by Deniz Erdem & Marc Buchy

Le Chantier des Gosses Jean Harlez - 1956–1970

A film of historical importance, this is a hidden neorealist gem, unearthed and reprinted. Shot between 1954 and ’56, Le Chantier des gosses, as the name suggests, addresses the reconstruction of a place that has a long history of urban renewal – Brussels’ Marolles district – as experienced by the children of the neighbourhood. As they become the main actors in Jean Harlez’s adventure, we witness how a curious amusement becomes a site of revolt for these rebellious young residents. Stop by Cinema Nova to discover the local filmmaker and see how a part of Brussels looked at the time – or at the least, check out the Justice Palace without the steel support. In celebration of this special film and its new print there will be additional screenings ranging from Harlez’s other work to films exploring the Marolles and the city throughout the month of February. Playing at Cinema Nova, Brussels, until 23 February


Films Story of My Death Albert Serra - 2014

After exploring the legendary figures of Don Quixote and the Three Kings in his two previous films, one-of-a-kind Spanish director Albert Serra is back with his new film, Story of My Death. As usual the plot is simple: we follow the life of the old and decadent Casanova who decides to take a trip to the Carpathian Mountains. There he will meet another legend: Dracula. Throughout the 150 minutes of the film the story will slowly slide from one century to another, from one way of thinking and feeling to another. Serraâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s minimalistic and radical setting can seem quite primitive and austere at a first look. But for those who dare to fully enter the lengthy feature, Story of My Death will be a very generous and unique movie. The final part and its surnatural aesthetic will, for sure, haunt you for a long time. Screening in the presence of the director at BOZAR, Brussels, on 31 January.


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Music, art and film in February Those Foreign Kids: 01 September

Those Foreign Kids: 01 September

New Music: Solar Year

Film: Lydia Ainsworth

Including all Subbacultcha! events 45

M us ic

Solar Year (Ben Borden and David ErBrooklyn music lady Lydia Ainsworth tel) have become part of the eponyis simply thrilling. Lydia, if you’re readmously cool Montreal music family with ing this, come and have pizza with me! a bunch of new-age electro-pop tracks Come and have pizza with the world! under their belt, not to mention some This former student of Joan La Barbaguest vocals from the Grimes goddess ra has composed for filmmakers, visual herself. The duo have been heard to artists, poets and contemporary dance call their music ‘psalmgaze’, something groups, putting her at the epicentre probably said tongue-in-cheek but imof artistic expression, making her the mediately pounced on by rabid music coolest lady everrr. Lydia’s otherworldjournalists like myself – all because of a ly vocals are accompanied by a string Gregorian chant sample, ha! Check out quartet, drummers, keyboards and this their Brotherhood EP, available for free brilliant self-devouring fast-food collage download on the Arbutus Records webanimation. Listen and be happy. self-desite and be on the lookout for their fullvouring fast-food collage animation. Fatima Al Qadiri: 07 February, Beursschouwburg, Brussels. length, Waverly, which is due to members. appear Collage by Ruud Van Moorleghem This show is free for Subbacultcha! at the end of June on Splendour.



Those Foreign Kids: 01 September

Solar Year

Lydia Ainsworth


LARA(Ben CHEDRAOUI TOUT VA BIEN Solar Year Borden(INTERGALACTIC and David Er- LOVERS) + Brooklyn music lady Lydia Ainsworth

26.01 | SUBBACULTCHA! PRESENT: THE BELGIAN 2014 tel) have become part&ofABthe epony-THE SOUNDisOFsimply thrilling.UNDERGROUND Lydia, if you’re read-

BONES, LAYmusic LOW –family GOING –with HANTRAX –ing IGNATZ LE COLISEE – MAAN – MIAUX mously BEAR cool Montreal this,– come and have pizza with me! PING PONG TACTICS – SSALIVA – TG GONDARD – PAS DE DEUX a bunch of new-age electro-pop tracks Come and have pizza with the world! 29.01 | POLIÇA + MARIJUANA DEATHSQUADS under their belt, not to mention some This former student of Joan La Barba30.01 | CONNAN MOCKASIN guest vocals from the Grimes goddess ra has composed for filmmakers, visual 06.02 | MOONFACE (WOLF PARADE/SPENCER KRUG) herself. The duo have been heard to artists, poets and contemporary dance 11.02 | DAPTONE RECORDS PROUDLY PRESENTS… THE COMO MAMAS call their music ‘psalmgaze’, something groups, putting her at the epicentre 13.02 | MINERAL + BROADCAST ISLAND probably said tongue-in-cheek but imof artistic expression, making her the 16.02 | CITY AND COLOUR mediately pounced on by rabid music coolest lady everrr. Lydia’s otherworld17.02 | HANGGAI + LOW WORMWOOD journalists like myself – all because of a ly vocals are accompanied by a string Gregorian chant sample, ha! Check out quartet, drummers, keyboards and this their Brotherhood EP, available for free brilliant self-devouring fast-food collage download on the Arbutus Records webanimation. Listen and be happy. site and be on the lookout for their fulllength, Waverly, which is due to appear at the end of June on Splendour.

ic us M


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Holy Wave + Spectors

(known from his work with Gary War, Sapphire Slows ...). Their debut was released on Editions Mego and had some pretty good rave reviews on Tiny Mixtapes in which they were compared to good people such as Oneohtrix Point Never, Cluster and Harmonia.

04 February - Madame Moustache, Brussels 20.00 | €5 | Free for members Austin, Texas – the most fertile piece of land for psychedelic rock in America – presents another bunch of reverb adepts: Holy Wave. Known for their experiments with psychedelic surf rock, they add just enough shoegaze to keep riding that wave straight!

Opal Tapes Label Night

ft. Basic House + Karen Gwyer + Axel Backman + Lumisokea 06 February - Vooruit, Ghent 20.00 | €12 | Free for members

Outer Space

Outer Space is the new synth / minimal / ambient project of former Emeralds member John Elliot (who’s the man behind the fantastic Spectrum Spools label) and producer Andrew Veres


M us ic

UK label Opal Tapes has rapidly risen to become one of the most highly regarded labels within today’s underground cassette scene and beyond. Founder Stephen Bishop aims to bridge the gap between techno, house, experimental ambience and noise. Early signees such as Huerco S, 1991, and Kar-

04 February - Vooruit, Ghent 20.00 | €9 | Free for members

Subbacultcha! Events. Free for members Sign up for €8 per month at

Film: Maniac

en Gwyer have already gained much higher profiles, reflecting Bishop’s curatorial skill. This special very night features, Stephen Bishop himself as Basic House; the electro-glitch of London’s Karen Gwyer; lo-fi electronic producer Axel Backman from Sweden; and the Belgo-Italian duo Lumisokea. Do not miss.

05, 12, 19, 26 February - KASK, Ghent 20.30 | €5 | Free for members Shop owner Frank is a withdrawn young guy with a fetish for mannequins, and when he meets the beautiful art student Anna, hell breaks loose and scalps start flying. Adapted by Alexandre Aja (director of High Tension and The Hills Have Eyes remake) from an ’80s slasher film, this stylish French horror flick starring Elijah Wood will make your throat clench through its unique firstperson framing and spooky soundtrack.

Fatima Al Qadiri + Lucky Dragons

07 February - Beursschouwburg, Brussels 22.00 | €12 | Free for members It was back in the winter of 2011 that we discovered with welcome surprise Fatima Al Qadiri. This visual artist, who was raised in Kuwait, now lives in Brooklyn, where she began to make music. Using manipulations of her own voice and taking inspiration from traditional Muslim worship songs to explore and reinterpret sub-genres of dance music on her 2011 EP Genre Specific Xperience, her universe is as eclectic as it is explosive. Just listen a track like ‘Ghost Raid’, from her latest album Desert Strike (2012) and you’ll get the idea. Come early this night to catch the fascinating, LA-based, experimental duo Lucky Dragons.

Future Islands + Young Colour

14 February - Beursschouwburg, Brussels 20.30 | €12 | Free for members The romantic synth-pop trio from Baltimore has that unique city identity flowing through its musical veins. Melodic overtones are in harmonious contrast with the deep, sometimes gruff voice of Samuel T Herring in songs about love, loss and the future. With three full-lengths and a couple of EPs under their belts, their pounding rhythms and sprouting melodies continue to seduce us since the release of their latest album, On the Water, in 2011, and we’re

ic us M


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ly getting signed by Hot Charity. Beal’s ramshackle blues-folk still relies on skeletal instrumentation and his lyrics and soulful croon remain haunted by a sense of alienation that’s hard to imagine but easy to enjoy.

looking forward to hearing their upcoming 4AD album Singles.

Robbert&Frank / Frank&Robbert

20 + 21 February - Campo, Ghent 20.30 | €10 | Free for members The young Belgian multidisciplinary duo Robbert&Frank / Frank&Robbert is the collaborative project of Robbert Goyvaerts and Frank Merkx, whose work is expressed through a variety of media such as photography, film, installation, sculpture and performance. For two days they present their new theatre show and second Campo creation, To Break: The Window of Opportunity.

His Clancyness

23 February - Mad Cafe, Liège (JauneOrange) tba | tba | Free for members Canadian-born and Bologna, Italy-based dreamy psych-pop haunt artist Jonathan Clancy is back in Belgium to promote his sophomore effort. After playing in numerous hardcore punk bands and touring the world, Jonathan Clancy, aka His Clancyness, began, in 2009, releasing psych-pop gems online, which gained wide popularity across various hype blogs. In 2010, he compiled bedroomrecorded songs on Always Mist, and in late 2013, he released Vicious, a 12-track dreamy glam rock’n’roll escape.

Willis Earl Beal

22 February - Botanique, Brussels 19.30 | €20 | Free for members Willis Earl Beal started leaving self-recorded CDs and self-illustrated flyers advertising himself as single and offering to sing people songs around Albuquerque. Eventually one of these flyers made its way to Found Magazine, who put Beal on their cover. He moved into his grandma’s house in Chicago, where he continued to flyer and sing songs over the phone before eventual-

Crystal Antlers + The Glücks


M us ic

24 February - De Kreun, Kortrijk 20.00 | €13 | Free for members These Californians have been labelhopping at a record production rate:

Subbacultcha! events. Free for members Kraak Festival 2014 Sign up for €7 per month at


Expo Bert Danckaert Sean Edwards Miks Mitrevics + Kristine Kursiša

The Wicker Man: 18 December

March 1st Netwerk

Jessica Pratt: 18 January

fr 07.02

Fatima Al Qadiri + Lucky Dragons

fr 14.02

Future Islands

sa 15.02

Crystal Antlers

we 19.02

Nixie’s Ratzinger

tu 25.02

Tera Melos

th 06.03


fr 07.03


th 13.03

AMple Play Night feat. Bed Rugs + Sudden Death Of Stars

sa 15.03

Grails + Lilacs & Champagne

we 19.03

Horses On Fire

we 26.03

Felix Kubin

fr 28.03


fr 02.04

Old Man Gloom + Circle + support

we 09.04




beursschouwburg .be

center for contemporary art (Aalst)

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Gomorra: 25 February

three albums out; three different labels. Nevertheless, they’ve created their own blend of loud psychedelic-meets-punkmeets-soul rock over their eight years of existence. Producing their latest LP at label Innovative Leisure had them frequent past Subbacultcha! guests such as Nick Waterhouse, Nosaj Thing, Hanni El Khatib and the Allah-Las.

Crooks on Tape: 26 February

Crooks on Tape

26 February - Vooruit, Ghent 20.00 | €12 | Free for members Time to rejoice for the fans of Philadelphian cult band Enon. Teaming up with drummer boy Joey Galvan, former band members John Schmersal (Caribou, Brainiac) and Rick Lee (Skeleteon Key, Butter 08) picked up the thread again where Enon left off, presenting their new noisy psych-pop project Crooks on Tape. The exciting debut album Fingerprint got out on Misra Records in October, after the LA trio locked itself up in 2010 with a bunch of synths, samplers and loopers. Now they’re heading over to a European stage for the first time. Get ready for sounds analogous to tiny snapshots of an altered crime scene.

Film: Gomorra

25 February - Cinema Zuid, Antwerp 20.00 | €5 | Free for members Based on the bestselling non-fiction novel of the same name by Roberto Saviano, 2008 Italian crime drama Gomorra takes a raw look at the powerful and merciless Neapolitan crime mafia and the ripple effects it has on the whole community through the eyes of different characters. A post-Scarface work of art.


M u z i e kc l u b g e n t

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VR 21/02



VR 07/02

VR 28/02


Physics House Band CHARLATAN

DI 11/02





King Khan & The Shrines, Fifty Foot Combo, Washington Dead Cats, The Error Team ... VOORUIT


VR 21/03



ZO 02/03


More tbc

ISLANDS, VOORUIT Those Foreign Kids: 01 September THE GO FIND Those Foreign Kids: 01 September VOORUIT DO 27/03


WO 12/02

GIRLS IN HAWAII Robbing Millions

WO 05/03




Charlie Boyer & The Voyers

DO 13/02



ZO 09/03

Eefje De Visser VR 14/02


Mo Disko, Juice Blenders PIMPZ

VR 14/03



Shakara United





WO 19/02


Courtney Marie Andrews DEMOCRAZY.BE TEL: 09/223.22.27

The Germans, 30.000 Monkies VOORUIT

ZO 13/04


ZO 16/02





DI 08/04





WO 16/04


VR 14/03



ZO 04/05


ZO 16/03

MF DOOM Dj Lefto

VR 27/05





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Cate Le Bon: 27 February

Cate Le Bon

27 February - AB, Brussels 20.00 | €15 | Free for members Cloud Control: 28 February

Cate Le Bon is the psych-folk stage name of Welsh singer-songwriter Cate Timothy. Timothy credits her stage name to one of her boyfriend’s jokes that went too far while watching Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon performing at the Brit Awards one year. That’s all we can tell you. Her newest effort, released last year, contains a lot more polished sounds than previous endeavours. Add the now-traditional Welsh singing on occasional tracks and a demonstration of the singularity and versatility of Timothy’s voice and you can see why this is her best work yet.

Cloud Control

28 February - Charlatan (Democrazy), Ghent 20.00 | €14 | Free for members


M us ic

Take a few Fleet Foxes’ melodies and choirs, add a zest of Tame Impala’s dizzy vibes and you’ll get an idea of what Cloud Control is. Their piece ‘Dojo Rising’, from their second album Dream Cave released on Infectious Records, draws a picture of yet another romantic and melancholic guys band we have learned to know and love.

November 2013 NewAgenda: Membership Pass Artwork by Nathan Lang

Starting this month, we will be choosing an artistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s work to grace the monthly membership pass. For February, we chose an image by Nathan Lang which was submitted to Subbacultcha! NLâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s appeltje p art publication in December. Now, this dreamy looking boy will grant Subbacultcha! members free access to all our events. Want your work on the pass? Feel free to submit:


What else is on this month On the following pages you’ll find a fine selection of concerts, festivals and exhibitions taking place around the country. Film: Le Chantier des Gosses Until 23 February - Cinema Nova, Brussels Probably the first Belgian feature film inspired by neorealism. Released just before Expo ’58 (Brussels World’s Fair in 1958), the film charts the gentrification of a working-class neighbourhood in the heart of the Belgian capital.

release, Julia With Blue Jeans On, explores Krug’s classical pianist roots. Music: Aidan Baker & Jakob Thiesen 07 February - La Zone, Liège Aidan Baker’s solid mastery of electric guitar and Jakob Thiesen’s drum skills take us into a poetic and peaceful universe. The result is an instrumental rock looping called Le Mépris.

Art: Splash, Can and Cock Until 15 March - Komplot, Brussels Splash, Can and Cock is a window exhibition created by Carl Palm and Jacub Auce which plays with light and the Komplot gallery space in the midst of the dark season.

Art: Polytricks 07 February-29 March Beursschouwburg, Brussels Beursschouwburg promises a programme of power, propaganda, populism and patriotism. On top of the countless performances, screenings and shows scheduled, we advise you check out the video piece by Marijke De Roover in the exhibition programme.

Music: Mogwai + Forest Swords 01 February - Ancienne Belgique, Brussels Following last year’s Les Revenants, Scottish atmospheric outfit Mogwai are set to perform their latest and eighth album, Rave Tapes. Support by the fantastic Forest Swords.

Theater: Ilona. Rosetta. Sue. 08-15 February - KVS, Brussels At the heart of this theatre piece are three female characters from three films: Kaurismaki’s Drifting Clouds; the Dardenne brothers’ Rosetta and Sue by Amos Kollek.

Music: Moonface 06 February - Ancienne Belgique, Brussels 07 February - Cactus Club, Bruges Moonface is the solo project of exWolf Parade and Sunset Rubdown frontman Spencer Krug, whose latest

Music: James Pants + Jameszoo 08 February - De Kreun, Kortrijk Purveyor of the ‘fresh beat’, James Pants’ music is rooted in an old mix-


Agenda: February 2014 ture of 1980s soul, new wave, electro boogie and post-punk disco sounds. Let’s groove! Festival: La Ferme 08 February - Ferme du Biéreau, Louvain-la-Neuve This innovative Belgian project, created in order to promote a cultural space, will host its first independent pop rock festival. Featuring Girls Names, Quadrupède, Physics House and more. Music: Hiss Golden Messenger 09 February - Huis 23 (AB), Brussels Take a break and get lost in the sensual and mellow rhythm of MC Taylor and Scott Hirsch, Paradise of Bachelors signees with a funky take on country-folk. Music: Bill Callahan 11 February - Ancienne Belgique, Brussels Let’s hit the road with this ’90s folk hero poet. Mixing wistful sounds of transverse flute, violins, djembes and solo guitar, the result is last year’s excellent Dream River. Music: Mary Ocher 11 February - Bonnefooi, Brussels Moscow-born, Berlin-based artist and performer Mary Ocher is known for her over-the-top style and theatrical, sometimes almost feral and always unpredictable vocals sung atop avantgarde pop songs. Music: Artefact 13-24 February - STUK, Leuven This year, Leuven’s annual art, media

and music festival focuses on the prehistory of the image. Music: Goethe-Institut + meakusma 14-15 February - Recyclart & Les Brigittines, Brussels Goethe-Institut and meakusma’s fourth event features Mark Ernestus, Tapes and Sensu at Brigittines; and Porter Ricks and many more at Recyclart. Music: Moaning Cities 15 February - Botanique, Brussels Probably one of 2013’s best new Belgian acts, led by the sitar, Moaning Cities mixes blues roots, rock’n’roll guitar and psyche compos like no other. Music: Of Montreal 15 February - TRIX, Antwerp Funny, audacious and offbeat, the band’s 12th album, Lousy With Sylvianbriar – whose influence runs the gamut from psychedelic twee pop to electronica music and which is released on Polyvinyl - definitely meets expectations. Music: St Vincent 17 February - Ancienne Belgique, Brussels On her new self-titled follow-up to last year’s collaborative album with David Byrne and 2011’s Strange Mercy, the queen babe of indiedom sounds as virtuosic and clever as ever. Music: Mark Sultan, aka BBQ 18 February - Madame Moustache, Brussels Mark Sultan, known as BBQ, also plays in The King Khan & BBQ Show

What else is on this month Music: Yuck 25 February - Botanique, Brussels Compared to alternative cult names such as Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr and Pavement, this indie-rock band mixes noise-pop and shoegaze in a far-fromdisgusting fashion.

with King Khan; The Almighty Defenders with King Khan and Black Lips; The Ding-Dongs with Bloodshot Bill; and was in Les Sexareenos and The Spaceshits. Art: Duane Hanson: Sculptures of the American Dream 20 February-25 May - Musée d’Ixelles, Brussels With hyper-realist sculptures of workers, housekeepers and other ‘everyday’ people, pop-artist Duane Hanson has dedicated his work to exposing the banality of the invisible Americans.

Music: Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra 27 February - Botanique, Brussels This Montreal post-rock chamber orchestra embarks on a new European tour following the release of their first album in four years, the maniacally titled Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything.

Art: Akram Zaatari 21-27 February - WIELS, Brussels This Day at Ten marks the first Belgian exhibition by Lebanese artist Akram Zaatari, whose photographic installations and video works reflect on the circulation of images in a socio-political context.

Music: Young Fathers 02 March - Ancienne Belgique, Brussels Young Fathers is the alternative hip hop project of three Scots, whose rap verses abound in humour and a strong sense of criticism. Killer videos are paired with their Death Grips-esque beats.

Music: Breton 23 February - Botanique, Brussels This British collective will present their brand new album, War Room Stories, freshly released this month on Cut Tooth/ Believe Recordings.

Music: Darkside 04 March - TRIX, Antwerp Darkside is the collaborative project of electronic composer Nicolas Jaar and multi-instrumentalist Dave Arrington, who released their krauty-minimalism first full-length Psychic last year.

Music: Speedy Ortiz + Eagulls 24 February - Trix, Antwerp Though this Massachusetts indie-rock outfit wear their love for ’90s legends like Pavement and Liz Phair on their sleeves, their intimate lyrics and inventive melodies help them add up to far more than the sum of their influences. The melodic punk of Eagulls (Leeds, UK) is worth showing up early for.

Music: Crystal Stilts 06 March - STUK, Leuven This retro-gazing five-piece outfit from Brooklyn has mastered the art of stitching together scraps of proto-punk, soul, folk, psych and country into a post-punk patchwork quilt.



OUTER SPACE (US) Een frisse en unieke mengeling van minimale techno, old school synthesizer riedels en musique concrete

WO 05.02


DO 06.02

OPAL TAPES LABELNIGHT MET BASIC HOUSE (UK), KAREN GWYER (US), 1991 (SW) EN LUMISOKEA (BE/IT) Hét underground technolabel van het moment presenteert 4 essentiële acts. Soundtracks voor de schemerzone!

WO 26.02




What else is on this month. Focus

KRAAK Festival 2014 Kraak is everyone’s favourite, most unruly Belgian record label and concert promoter. Their festival is an annual journey through avant-garde music history, contemporary experimentalism and general under-the-radar madness. This year’s edition will be different again, but still obligatory for people whose taste is wider than mainstream venues in Belgium – or even Europe – cater to. 01 March – Netwerk, Aalst

Rashad Becker

Putas Bêbadas

Sweat Tongue A self-proclaimed poop rock/improv trio from Rotterdam entangled in a permanent quest for the purest trash and the ultimate abrupt perversion.

fucked-up noise music is the new fado. Last thing we heard, they still hadn’t been signed by Siltbreeze... The Joyous Cosmology This quartet hides in the dark traces of the Sun Ra Arkestra’s heritage, while injecting their own cocktail of ECM-styled fusion. All the while they bludgeon that with a contemporary form of witchcraft gone out of control.

Ramleh Legendary British power electronic and guitar noisicians who destroy your eardrums, with love. In short: noise grand cru, suitable for the capital of decay and nihilism (read: Aalst). Mike Gangloff & Cara Joyce With his unique blend of psychedelic raga and American primitivism, Gangloff proves he is at the top of his game. Don’t believe us? Check Poplar Hollow (Blackest Rainbow), one of the most intimate records of 2013.

Rashad Becker Check your record collection: one third of all the techno and avant-garde LPs of the last ten years were cut by this man. In 2013 he surprised with Traditional Music of Notional Species vol. I (PAN records). This is Becker’s debut live show on Belgian soil.

Putas Bêbadas Putas Bêbadas rose from the fertile underground of Lisboa, where



©Bart Vander Sanden

maxïmo Park (10.02) • Dorian WooD (11.02) • au revoir Simone + the range (15.02) • moaning CitieS (15.02) • i Like trainS 10th anniversary tour (16.02) • WiLLiS earL beaL (22.02) • YuCk (25.02) • DannY broWn (28.02) • birDPen (01.03) • mutuaL benefit (02.03) • Dan Le SaC vS SCroobiuS PiP (06.03) …

02 218 37 32 more @ Scan deze code en check onze website op jouw smartphone !


What else is on this month. Focus

Artefact This year, Leuven’s annual art, media and music festival focuses on the prehistory of the image. The programme includes a comprehensive thematic exhibition of international artists, supplemented by performances and workshops to fulfil your artsy inclinations. 13-23 February – STUK, Leuven

Cloud Boat

Laurel Halo

Cloud Boat An important addition to the contemporary UK electronic music scene, on 2013 album Book of Hours, Londonbased producers Tom Clarke and Sam Ricketts perfectly mix heavy basslines and vocals to create a folksy dubstep highbred.

The Field Swedish producer Axel Willner blends micro-samples of traditional pop songs into his atmospheric minimal techno. Moodprint Showcasing an atmospheric crossover between electronics, hip hop, ambient and bass, Moodprint consists of Jochem Daelman and Elisabeth Barber.

Koreless Aka Lewis Roberts, a 21-year old-electronic producer from Wales, Koreless creates beautiful ambient tracks with sci-fi vibes and fragile textures.

The New Dream Machine Project Inspired by Brion Gysin’s 1959 Dream Machine, a stroboscopic flicker device, in this film Brit Shezad Dawood recreates the work with light, movement and sound.

Laurel Halo A classically-trained musician from Michigan, Halo’s psychedelic IDM tracks will have you vibing like it’s the beginning of the new millennium all over again.

Light Solos - Ula Sickle & Yann Leguay How can light sources influence our perception of moving bodies? Prepare to be amazed by this eye-catching dance performance.

Rone Behind Rone is Erwan Castex, a talented French electronic musician and exfilm student, evidenced in the amazingly creative videos he makes to accompany his music.


All Subbacultcha! events in February See all these shows for free. Join at

04 February

Holy Wave Madame Moustache, Brussels 20.00 | €5 | Free for members

04 February

Outer Space Vooruit, Ghent 20.00 | €9 | Free for members

05, 12, 19, 26 February

Film : Maniac KASK, Ghent 20.30 | €5 | Free for members

06 February

Opal Tapes label night

14 February

Future Islands + Youg Colours Beursschouwburg, Brussels 20.30 | €10 | Free for members

20+21 February

Robbert&Frank/ Frank&Robbert

25 February

Film: Gomorra Cinema Zuid, Antwerp 20.00 | €5 | Free for members

26 February

Crooks on Tape Vooruit, Ghent 20.00 | €12 | Free for members

Campo, Ghent 20.30 | €10 | Free for members

27 February

22 February

AB, Brussels 20.00 | €15 | Free for members

Willis Earl Beal

Cate Le Bon

Botanique, Brussels 19.30 | €20 | Free for members

28 February

23 February

Charlatan (Democrazy), Ghent 20.00 | € 14 | Free for members

His Clancyness

Vooruit, Ghent 20.00 | €12 | Free for members

Mad Café, Liège (JauneOrange) TBA | TBA | Free for members

07 February

24 February

Beursschouwburg, Brussels 22.00 | €12 | Free for members

De Kreun, Kortrijk 20.00 | €13 | Free for members

Fatima Al Qadiri Crystal Antlers + Lucky Dragons + The Glücks

w iec urvs vMe O


Cloud Control

Free tickets and goodies To win, sign up to our mailing list on 3x2 TICKETS It’s my life and I do what I want

2x2 tickets Moonface

05 February KVS, Brussels

06 February AB, Brussels

5x1 tickets Moonface + Chantal Acda

3x2 TICKETS Goethe-Institut Brüssel & meakusma

07 February Cactus, Brugge

15 February Recyclart, Brussels

We’re also giving away tickets for Dvkes + Tubelight at AB, events in Beursschouwburg, KVS and more.




13 02 13 02

13 02 21 02




Subbacultcha february 2014 be  

The Romance issue feat. The Range, Karen Gwyer, Future Islands and more.

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