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THE VOID Documenting Music and Art from Amsterdam and the World Issue 1. February / March 2019

Elliyah Dyson

Mischa Badasyan Arto van Hasselt

Annosh Urbanke Efrem Angerla

Stan Wiersma

Andrei Lumpan

the harvest

Yunfei Ren

Tobias Groot

Annija Muižule

Elliyah Dyson

Bernadeta Rimutyte

Tasha Orlova

Annosh Urbanke

Hedwich Rooks

Arto van Hasselt Efrem Angerla

David Noro

Christian Mikkelsen Elzbieta Szota

Jan Johan Draaistra Hedwich Rooks

Alex from Meta Phorms

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Annosh Urbanke

Liza Federmesser

I made this ceramic piece a few months ago. You could see it as a bridge coming out of a vagina. It is meant to be playful. I offered it to my grandmother for Christmas. She thought it was a chair. It is 21 centimeters high.

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Send to The Void by Madeleine Peccoux

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Welcome back to The Void. Our playground. Our canvas. Our everything. Which is nothing, really. In the grand scheme of things. Inside you’ll find anything you need to know about beetroot tosti’s, robot animals and checking your ego at the door. On top of that, we’re getting a taste of NeoPerreo feminism, melancholic music from Moscow, DC hardcore and bedroom DJ’s from the Veluwe. There’s also plenty of information on all the upcoming Subbacultcha shows and a calendar filled with adventurous and romantic things to do in February and March.

We unearth the best Horses in the Void emerging artists and bring them to alternative stages near you. We also publish the Void: a publication documenting Subbacultcha’s ever-expanding universe. 16 February. OCCII, Amsterdam

The Void, Documenting Music and Art from Amsterdam and the World. Published by Subbacultcha six times a year.

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Issue 1, February 2019 Front cover

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Rouzbeh shot by Annabel van Royen The Void Issue 1 was made by Cora Álvarez Efrem Angerla Mischa Badasyan Ilse Bloemendal Anna Burst Leon Caren David Cross Angela Donskaia

Jan Johan Draaistra Elliyah Dyson Jorrit Groot Tobias Groot Arto van Hasselt Shari Klein Noortje Koster Robert Lalkens Cecilia Lott-Lavigna Andrei Lumpan Sandra Merinero Sánchez Christian Mikkelsen Bas Morsch Annija Muižule Sydney van Nieuwaal David Noro Tasha Orlova Maria Ortega Kevin Osepa Yunfei Ren Ignas van Rijckevorsel Bernadeta Rimutyte Hedwich Rooks Sabine Rovers Annabel van Royen Helena Soufi Elzbieta Szota Annosh Urbanke Lin Ven Frederike Wetzels Stan Wiersma Nela Zielinska

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Finance and Production Noortje Koster

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recommended exhibition



Evan Ifekoya: A Score, A Groove, A Phantom, A Congregation

18 January—23 February 2019

18 January - 16 February De Appel, Amsterdam Free for Subbacultcha members


At home with


Evan Ifekoya shot for Subbacultcha by Kevin Osepa.

A new commission and exhibition exploring surveillance in Amsterdam and the cinematic eye 16 March—20 April 2019

a de ppel Schipluidenlaan 12, Amsterdam

Interview by Angela Donskaia Photos shot for Subbacultcha by Annabel van Royen in Amsterdam

Bedroom producer and DJ Rouzbeh Teymouri is someone to keep an eye on in the near future. His melancholic music could be the soundtrack to a video-game, full of dashing synths and dream-pop influences. As we enter his cosy home full of plants, he welcomes us with ice cold lemonade, sporting nothing but a towel and his bedroom eyes.

Do you associate being alone in your room with melancholia? I really like melancholic music. It’s quite lekker. I used to download Dragon Ball episodes and edit the ‘epic’ parts of Linkin Park music in Movie Maker. It was at that point I think I started to get intrigued by melancholia and over-the-top-ness. When I moved to Amsterdam I discovered so much melancholic music I never heard before. Probably because I was always too busy playing Maplestory. It’s also the reason why I handed Maplestory in for Fruity Loops. What do you do in your room, when you’re not making music?

Hey Rouzbeh, thanks for having us. To start, long have you been living in Amsterdam? I’ve been living in Amsterdam since 2010. I’m originally from Het Harde, a little village on de Veluwe, the countryside. I used to have a completely different lifestyle. Or actually it wasn’t that different, if you replace the hours I spent playing my favourite videogame MapleStory with Ableton. How did your room look back in de Veluwe? When I was young, I used to change the interior all the time. Then I would reorganise the whole set-up. When my mom got home I was super proud to show how I re-styled my room or the living room. What reminds you of your childhood home? Nothing actually. That house doesn’t exist anymore either. When we moved to another house 200 meters away I absolutely didn’t like it. I don’t like too many changes. Although, changing your ways really does help moving forward, especially in music. When I live the same life for too long, it kind of slips through in my approach of making music too. I try to avoid that as much as possible.

I just bought a Playstation 3 on Marktplaats along with a bunch of games. When I need a little break from sitting behind a laptop for too long, I get a fast car in GTA V and try to dodge all the traffic, or I get an old car and drive around in the woods. When I’m more active I like playing Super Smash Bros. Melee, Mario Kart, SSX3, Tekken 6. Okay, so that’s a lot of screen time. What about books? Do you read in your downtime? I only read one or two books in my entire life, LYC-DROP by Paul van Loon, and The Stranger by Albert Camus. It starts off with the main character saying: “Mom died, today or yesterday, I don’t know.” The idea of not knowing exactly when your mom died really struck me, so I kept on reading. Do you go out a lot? I was about to say no, since I also work in the weekends, but actually yes, quite often, especially to Garage Noord. It’s the best, although I don’t consider it going out like clubbing. It’s more like a cosy space for fun, talks, good music and dancing. Going out at De School for instance, feels more like clubbing, which I really enjoy too, but I can never leave at a decent time from De Schol. I usually end up staying there forever. — Rouzbeh plays 16 February during Horses in the Void at OCCII, Amsterdam. This show is free for Subbacultcha members.


“That’s when I realised that there is a really transformative potential in music for me. In particular, it cemented music’s relationship to my sexuality and sensuality.” Read the full interview with Evan Ifekoya at

Luxuriating feminism into reggaeton


Behind the scenes in Madrid. MS Nina shot by Cora Álvarez.

Interview by Angela Donskaia Photos shot for Subbacultcha by Cora Álvarez in Madrid, Spain

Jorgelina Torres, also known as MS Nina, is a pioneer in the peachy NeoPerreo scene. With her liquid honey sound and feminism-flavoured lyrics, she unwraps reggaeton and trap music from the overtly male-dominated cultural cachet. Her stirring sounds and aesthetic shine a much-needed light on inclusivity and sexism in music.

NeoPerreo is said to be a subgenre in reggaeton. How would you describe it? It’s a new type of reggaetón. The “perreo”, which was born on the internet, welcomes everyone to join the party, no matter who you are or what you look like. You’re there to dance and have a good time. Your internet art seems to include a myriad of cultural references.

Tell me about Argentina. How has it influenced your sound?

It’s a combination of all the things I like, that I’m inspired by. You’d even find religious images mixed with pop music, for example. I love doing it because it’s different and it grabs people’s attention.

I received a good dose of the Latin-American culture; its music, gastronomy and all its richness. It’s a very different lifestyle compared to the Spanish one. I had fewer things when I was living there, so I can appreciate much more what I now have. The worst thing for me was the lack of security; in Spain, you can leave the house and walk the streets feeling safe.

Do you believe in female intuition and should we always trust it? From the very beginning, I’ve based everything I do on my intuition, without realizing that I was actually sending a strong message with my lyrics. I do really trust my own intuition too; it hardly ever fails. It’s like having a sixth sense. My mum always says I’m like a witch. If it wasn’t for my intuition, perhaps I wouldn’t have done many of the things I did, so I can’t stop counting on it.

Was that one of the reasons your family uprooted and moved? Actually, my dad moved the family to Spain mainly for economic reasons. I was 14 at the time and hated it. Now that I’m older, I am really thankful for what he did. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for his decision. It’s very hard to leave everyone and everything you know behind to start a new life abroad. At least we didn’t have to learn a new language. That’s why I hate it when other people speak about immigration when they haven’t a clue what it feels like.

Styling by Helena Soufi and Muah Sandra Merinero. — MS Nina plays 15 March at Garage Noord, Amsterdam. This show is free for Subbacultcha members.

Reggaeton and trap music are commonly viewed as male-oriented genres. How did you think the infusion of more women in the scene happened?

MS Nina, my performing persona, is the confident girl who isn’t afraid; she’s the shameless one, the girl ready to conquer the world. Jorgelina, me when I’m not performing, is the sweet and shy one of the two. I embody both personas.

Which language do you think best expresses the message you’re trying to put forward: aesthetics or music?

My dream would be to collaborate with J. Balvin, a Colombian reggaeton artist. Who on Instagram should we follow to get a daily dose of empowering inspiration? @lovewatts, @shesvague. Oh, and at the moment I’m really into videos on how to make your own soap, lol.

Safe space is mandatory and I think clubs and communities need to integrate it more, especially DIY spaces. I think the a lot of people keep their eyes out for violence and abuse and shows, but we need to work harder to educate people of what that looks like and how to handle it.

How do you feel about safety in the club space?

Your tracks are powerful, yet somehow there’s an overall underlying sweetness present in your aesthetics.

Who would you love to collaborate with in the future?

Augustus from Boy Harsher. Read the full interview with Boy Harsher online at Boy Harsher play 22 February at Melkweg, Amsterdam (sold out).

I think female artists in reggaeton really emerged in the last four years. When one woman is brave enough to speak up, many others will follow. That explains why more and more women have joined the scene in recent years. It’s great. You notice it in the lyrics; this attitude with which we (women) can finally say whatever we want, without fear of taboos.

Both. Digital art expresses how I feel in a more special way. With music I can communicate what I’m actually trying to say with my own voice and words. Even if you do not know the lyrics of my songs, you will start dancing just by listening to the rhythm.

Opera Forward Festival ‘19 ’19

recommended exhibition

Camille Picquot

28 feb t/m 10 mrt

Beeld: Petrovsky & Ramone Th off is rem it i ice. N ote s c W sup obod ontr el ov pose y kn ol w ei a t! d to ows s fo tur wh und no e n o re it at th e c ro ff. ome Sub sf A ba r be c au om o ultc ha tifu r l m wha yst t er y .

10 March - 12 May De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam

opera forward. nl A DV ERT ISEMEN T

Google translate ‘flugvél og geimskip’

Surreal supersonic sounds from Iceland


Rumour has it that everyone in Iceland knows each other, is that true? So in Iceland everyone knows everyone. And if you don’t, then you at least know someone knowing that person. Is it true that you can feel very lonely there? Or at least, I can imagine in the dark winter. How do you cope with that? I actually prefer darkness. I feel much more lonely in the light because everything is so bright. Being in the darkness is like a forest. And I kinda appreciate that feeling. We hear you also paint? Yes, and I make sculptures. I like to make robot animals or robots and animals to have on stage with me. Or meteors even. Recently I made a video game with my friend. I actually made it for the first song on my new album, Our Atlantis. I’m really getting into the digital art world and I like it a lot; there are no limits in that world. Like with a keyboard. If infinity exists, you can make an infinite number of songs with only one keyboard. It’s the same with digital space.

So the digital world equals infinity? In the digital space, like in video games, I can make endless worlds. I could make sculptures high as the sky, till infinity. That would be impossible in the real world. I remember when I went to art school in the Netherlands, many people were painting. But when they painted, they created exactly what they saw outside. I didn’t get why someone would paint what is already there. Why not create something which isn’t possible in the real world, like an animal with three heads? How do you feel when you are performing? Do you feel like yourself or is it a means of escape? Sometimes you can feel the electricity in the air. It only happens through interaction with all the people in the room. When I come in and I feel it, I know it’s there, like a sparkling battery. Then I go on stage and I like to pretend I’m trying to do magic. I am like a fisherman launching a net and getting everyone in to go somewhere together. Sometimes you get half of the fish, sometimes you get them all. Then we can travel together on the music. — dj. flugvél og geimskip plays 8 February at s105 (de School), Amsterdam. This show is free for Subbacultcha members.

“Ego needs to be checked at the door - the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

dj. flugvél og geimskip voice sounds like the decibels were drenched in cotton candy syrup. We caught her in the interzone and chatted about robot animals, sparkling batteries, her music, and infinity, deciphering the surreal magic that is inherent to her sound.

No Fear by Camille Picquot. Part of series Domestic Flight, 2016.

Read the full interviewwith N0V3L online at N0V3L play 9 February at De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam. Show free for members.

Interview by Angela Donskaia

Play this trippy videogame created by dj. flugvél of geimskip for the release of her freshest EP at

Liza Federmesser

Yunfei Ren

Efrem Angerla

Jan Johan Draaistra

Efrem Angerla

Tobias Groot

Hedwich Rooks David Cross

David Noro

Ellilay Dyson Efrem Angerla

Bart van den Bergh Elliyah Dyson

Arto van Hasselt

Bernadeta Rimutyte Annosh Urbanke

Arto van Hasselt Annosh Urbanke

Andrei Lumpan

Mischa Badasyan Ignas van Rijckevorsel

Annija MuiĹžule

Sabine Rovers

“Beautiful, if you ask me.” recommended by Robert, our booker.

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Slikback + Morgiana Hz + DRKNGHTS COLLECTIVE Multiple locations






The Way you Sound Tonight Meervaart, Amsterdam

Multidisciplinary art

Foam 3h: Daan Paans - Panta Rhei Foam, Amsterdam Free for Subbacultcha members



Weekender: DJ Marcelle, Job Sifre, mad miran and more De School, Amsterdam


Movie recommendation

Watch Perfect Blue by Satoshi Kon Swan Meat’s favourite movie



Shabazz Palaces Bitterzoet, Amsterdam




Watch Melancholia by Lars von Trier Classics LAB111, Amsterdam


Skin Deep #9 - Dubbelbloed & identiteit De Rode Hoed, Amsterdam


Poetry night

Rough Night Press Sexyland, Amsterdam



Open Sandberg 2019 Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam


Subbacultcha event

Unhappy Valentine w/ unhappybirthday + Barry Slee Garage Noord, Amsterdam


Subbacultcha event



Music recommendation


Subbacultcha event

Evan Ifekoya: a Score, a Groove, a Phantom, a Congregation Till 23 February De Appel, Amsterdam Free for Subbacultcha members

Listen to dj. flugvél og geimskip’s favourite Icelandic music Subbacultcha Spotify

black midi + Able Noise OT301, Amsterdam





Download and play Our Atlantis by dj.flugvél og geimskip ouratlantis


Taco Tuesdays Filmtheater Kriterion, Amsterdam



Sonic Acts Festival 2019 – Hereafter Multiple locations, Amsterdam

Free for Subbacultcha members


Tune in to our radio show Hopelessly Devoted 10.00 CET at

Subbacultcha event

dj. flugvél og geimskip + Janneke van der Putten + Misha Gurovich (visuals) s105 (De School), Amsterdam Free for Subbacultcha members

N0V3L + Global Charming + body scrub De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam



Subbacultcha Belgium


Art (De School + HE:RO)

Tijdgenoten #6: Heterotopia – opening De School, Amsterdam

Free for Subbacultcha members

Subbacultcha event


De School fundraiser for Mama Cash

7 years birthday party Beursschouwburg, Brussels

Horses in the Void w/ SEKT, Rouzbeh, Swan Meat, AETHER (live a/v) OCCII, Amsterdam Free for Subbacultcha members

Curated by Job Jobse De School, Amsterdam




Free for Subbacultcha members



Subbacultcha event

Boy Harsher + Kontravoid Melkweg, Amsterdam



Tommy Genesis Melkweg, Amsterdam

Sonic Acts Muziekgebouw aan ‘t Ij, Amsterdam



Free for Subbacultcha members



Watch Climax by Gaspar Noé Multiple locations


1 Music

Bliss Signal Paradiso, Amsterdam


Movie recommendation


Movie recommendation

Have brekky at Hema Rouzbeh’s favourite Multiple locations

Hangover food




International Women’s Day

Mama Cash Feminist Festival x Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam Stedelijk, Amsterdam





Free culture fun




Check out MS Nina’s social media pages @msninaojorgeline and

Make Sydney and Roby’s famous tosti that tastes like McDonald’s. Bread, truffle mayo, hummus, double cheese layer, red beet, sambal badjak



Subbacultcha event

Jazz & food

Jazz in the Hearth of Amsterdam H/eart.h, Amsterdam


The Blaze Tivoli Ronda, Utrecht


Exhibition opening Camille Picquot, 5pm till 8pm Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond, Amsterdam

Gothics in Nigeria Till 25 May Corrosia Theater, Expo & Film, Almere


Movie recommendation

Watch The Killing of a Sacred Deer by Yorgos Lanthimos Recommended by Working Titles’ Boris



Jaakko Eino Kalevi Ekko, Utrecht



Mario Kart Night Ranked eSports, Amsterdam


Subbacultcha event

Subbacultcha event

MS Nina Garage Noord, Amsterdam


The Void

Muziekgebouw aan de Ring: Alex Zhang Hungtai + Circular Ruins + Oceanic s105 (De School), Amsterdam Free for Subbacultcha members

Dive into your archives Send your discoveries to




Merol Paradiso Noord, Amsterdam

Subbacultcha event

Kedr Livanskiy + Guenter Råler + Lulu (dj) Garage Noord, Amsterdam Free for Subbacultcha members




Book recommendation

Sterrenkijkavond Artis, Amsterdam

Start reading L’Étranger by Albert Camus One of the two books Rouzbeh Teymouri has ever read



Free for Subbacultcha members



Pilot by Ricardo Van Eyk and Humanity passes the switchgrass as he enters the stage by Brigitte Loute P//////AKT, Amsterdam

The Rest Is Noise: Eli Keszler + Eliza McCarthy Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam Free for Subbacultcha members

Free Lunch Concert Nationale Opera & Ballet, Amsterdam

Listen to music that excites Roby The Void


Stallion’s Stud live en Identified Patient De School, Amsterdam

Watch La cité des enfants perdus by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro The movie that touched Boris from Working Titles.

Watch Last Days by Gus van Sant The movie Boy Harsher’s ‘Last Days’ was inspired by

Music recommendation


Send to the Void by Elliyah Dyson



Subbacultcha event

Das Bisschen Totschlag album release s105 (De School), Amsterdam

Theatre and dance

All Hands on Deck Stadsschouwburg, Amsterdam

Free for Subbacultcha members Festival

Rewire (till 31/03) Multiple locations, The Hague



Xiu Xiu TivoliVredenburg, Amsterdam


Movie recommendation

Watch Victoria by Sebastian Schipper A one take thriller

Listen to Fleshy from ML Buch

At OOST • Eurosonic w/ Subbacultcha at OOST, Groningen.



Friday 8 February


Saturday 16 February


w/ SEKT • Rouzbeh • Swan Meat • AETHER (live a/v) by Boris Acket & Nick Verstand

Wednesday 20 February

BLACK MIDI + ABLE NOISE black midi is a fresh London 4-piece band making frantic math-rock, topped with a fair share of noise. Think: less apocalyptic Swans riffs, more glitchy cacophonous outbursts featuring two vocalists pumping up the momentum another notch. Able Noise opens the evening with their unconventional sounds.

Melkweg, Amsterdam

At Horses in the Void at OT301, Amsterdam

Wednesday 6 March



boundaries, serving upbeat tracks that immediately fill the air with inclusive positivity.

Thursday 21 March


Gone from washing dirty dishes to playing Dirty Beaches, Alex Zhang Hungtai’s musical output stretches across genres from art rock, ambience, experimental pop to jazz. The Taiwanborn, North America-raised artist’s nomadic life is as fleeting as his musical endeavors. Needless to say, we’re honored to be teaming up with Muziekgebouw and The Rest is Noise to have him over.

Saturday 23 March

EYESHADOW: HAPPINESS + COUSIN Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam


The 14th of February, some love it, some hate it, others can’t decide. No matter what take on Valentine’s Day, we’ve got something for you to bite into, both literally and musically. A bittersweet dinner-show featuring unhappybirthday, a Hamburg based post-punk trio. One of the locals, Barry Slee (AKA Lyckle de Jong, or Waterlelyck) put his name down for the night as well.


An evening filled with two immensely talented solo-artists, both reconfiguring the idea of conventional instrumental music in the utmost way. Eliza McCarthy’s piano painting an elegant, dimly-lit, yet blunt landscape. Following with multi-disciplinary artist and musician Eli Keszler’s percussion; merging electronics, avant-jazz and drumfunk sounds inspired by the streetscapes of Manhattan.

Delve into the sunlit darkness of goth subculture in the metropolis of Lagos, as portrayed At Horses in the Void at OT301, Amsterdam through the lenses of Jan Hoek and Stephen Tayo. The two hotshot photographers explore the community’s members when coming out of the shadows, into the sun-drenched Nigerian city. The show also features an installation and soundscape, by Joeri Woudstra, Rik Laging and Thijs Jaeger. As the exhibition takes place in Almere, especially for the opening there will Friday 22 February be a (goth) bus taking us safely to and from the location!

Garage Noord, Amsterdam

logetic, bold femininity she breaks genre

Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam

Corrosia Theater, Expo & Film, Almere


This time round Eyeshadow presents a directorial debut of the Coen brothers, where crime unravels in a neo-noir fashion. As always, the night will be prolonged by some great music with Kitchenette serving top-shelf indie pop/ rock tunes.

All s105 shows are sponsored by Jupiler. Thanks to FotoLabKiekie for developing our negatives.

At OOST • Eurosonic w/ Subbacultcha at OOST, Groningen.

Thursday 14 February

Nina is exactly what a male-dominated

At Horses in the Void at OT301, Amsterdam


Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam

Want to join? Pick up a camera at the cash desk of one of our next shows or shoot an e-mail to for more info.

OT301, Amsterdam

Saturday 9 February


The Click Click Club means future #tbt material by our members. We hand over a disposable camera at our shows and you show us what you see.

De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam N0V3L brings the best out of new-wave-postpunk-funk. The Vancouver-based group’s eccentric, fragmented vocals and explosive -yet- hypnotic tunes will make your feet move. Supported by familiar faces Global Charming and body scrub.

Madrid’s artistic multi-talented MS

Saturday 23 February

Moving swiftly. Grasping at thin air, like our lives depend on it. Listening to the music we love. Discovering art that challenges us. Voicing our opinions in the face of evil. Celebrating everything we hold dear.


Garage Noord, Amsterdam

reggaeton scene needs. With her unapo-

OCCII, Amsterdam

Saturday 9 February

Friday 15 March


At OOST • Eurosonic w/ Subbacultcha at OOST, Groningen.

dj. flugvél og geimskip is a solo-orchestra project of Steinunn Hardardottir, possibly the most colourful persona you’ve recently come across. “Electronic horror music from outer space!!!” Janneke van der Putten uses her voice as an instrument in order to explore different environments physically, sonically and intuitively. Responding to the acoustics of the room and making use of different voice techniques, Janneke pushes the (un)controllable possibilities of her instrument to the max. Misha Gurovich joins the night with his gripping visuals. See you in space.

Keep an eye on our website for the freshest updates. We add new shows all the time, so don’t miss out. All these shows are free for Subbacultcha members. Sign up at

At The Rest Is Noise: Eartheater show at Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ.

With a strong background in film, Boy Harsher’s gritty and sensual narratives have smoothly transmitted to their recordings and live performances. Matthews’s hypnotic vocals paired with Muller’s dynamic synth-infused sound, result in intensively danceable tracks that perfectly reflect how a proper night out should make you feel. Kontravoid (it’s all in the name), joins in with his electrifying beats. Come allow yourself to be taken to the darkest realm.

Sunday 10 March


Eyeshadow presents yet another film special followed by a music performance. Todd Solondz hitting you with his 1998 classic, black-comedy Happiness, a socially conscious satire of the middle-class American suburbia. But hey, don’t worry, the soft music of Cousin is there to take you out off the deep abyss of human despair.

Garage Noord, Amsterdam

Haze-like vocals layered over techno-infused synths, delicate yet gripping. Moscow’s coolest export Kedr Livanskiy can’t easily be pinned down to a single genre. Taking the electronic Saturday 23 March music scene by storm with her 2017 album Ariadna, the musician offers a very personal look into her reality, veering between theAt eerie and Subbacultcha x Wham! Wham! Day Party at Sign, Groningen the familiar. Guenter Råler and Lulu join the bill, tearing the already-shaky musical boundaries down entirely.

Confirmed shows in April and May

OTHA • Minimal Music Festival w/ Kate NV, Sapphire Slows, Phillip Jondo, Mohammad Reza Mortazavi, Driftmachine, Massive Trance • Strange Days - Know V.A. release party • Jakuzi • Sneaks

DAS BISSCHEN TOTSCHLAG ALBUM RELEASE s105 (De School), Amsterdam The Amsterdam/Hamburg based trio will soon bless you with the softest music possible with their album release at our s105 venue. A sound that truly makes you feel the “nothing really matters” way.

Oase of Fragility by Hedwich Rooks. Japan, 2018. • @hedwichrooks

Inside Swan Meat’s world

Do you feel like your music resembles a ritual? I do, actually. Working in software, I feel, is especially ritualistic. What is programming if not praying to a demented god? On an interface level, inasmuch as I have a workflow, I’m engaging in ritual, though. I don’t know if it’s magical so much as it is desperate. Is Serum a prayer object? EQing a pad like lighting a candle? I suppose I have to think of it this way, otherwise, the whole songwriting process feels cold and clinical.

HOW DO YOU LOOK AT THE WORLD AROUND YOU? Swan Meat is the moniker of Cologne-based artist Reba Fay. Originally from DC, she still has a soft spot for the sweaty hardcore scene integral to the city. Her room captures the essence of her worldview in miniature size — from violins and guitars, to videogames, and Ableton — serving as an alter in which to create her sublime sound. We asked one of our favourite photographers Frederike Wetzels to drop by and have a good look. Up close and personal.

What’s your view on the online and offline world? I think for your sanity offline should be more important, but unfortunately, the online one is crucial to every musician. It’s something I struggle with. Strangely enough, being online and being a musician working online has made me more aware of my body than I should be. The internet should be a democratised nebulous space where the body is not important. I don’t want to be in that internet headspace at all.

How did you experience music growing up? I started going to hardcore punk shows when I was around 16 years old. I was homeschooled as a kid. As soon as I stepped into this new world, I started going to screamo and hardcore shows. Many took place in the basements of my friends’ parents.


“I also played the violin and the guitar for about 10 years. But nothing big. I’d like to say I’m a casual guitar player. I can’t stand that type of music anymore though, haha.”

— Swan Meat plays 16 February at Horses in the Void at OT301, Amsterdam. This show is free for Subbacultcha members. In collaboration with Goethe-Institut.

How do you fill the void? “It can be really hard. Sometimes I feel like I’m just in the studio generating nothing.” Jae from Boy Harsher. Read the full interview with Boy Harsher online at Boy Harsher play 22 February at Melkweg, Amsterdam (sold out).


A note from our booker

MOSCOW MUSIC Last January I travelled to Moscow, a city where nothing really is what it seems. I can talk for hours about it, but that would not even come close to the real thing. Maybe the best you can do, to capture a glimpse of it, is to listen to these amazing artists I’ve discovered in between eating snow and drinking vodka. Point your camera at the QR code for the full playlist.


WO 3 T/M ZO 7 APRIL 2019

Xx Robert Lalkens Booker at Subbacultcha

Free for Subbacultcha members Sapphire Slows • Phillip Jondo • Mohammad Reza Mortazavi • Driftmachine • Massive Trance and our beloved Kate NV.

Roby in Moscow. Shot by Liza Federmesser.

A mind expanding transcendental trip

4 AM Forever 4 AM is the most spiritual hour of the day. When night dissolves into day. The magic hour. The liminoid phase of dreaming. For this project, we ask artists to set their alarm clock at 4 AM and create something covering their lucid dream state at that moment. Divine creations at the most ungodly hour. 4 AMEN.

HEDWICH ROOKS Hedwich Rooks is a multidisciplinary artist from Friesland, currently based in Groningen. Her work ranges from dreamy audio installations, to creamy visuals, photography and what not. We asked her to rise and shine at 4 AM and recreate her lucid dream state.

Could you describe how you felt that night? 4 AM, my alarm went off. I started searching obsessively for objects in my room, listening to music and trying to impose feelings to help me recreate this dream I had before I woke up. This way, I hoped the dream would continue in reality. During the whole collecting process, I was really thirsty, so I drank a lot of water. I was also craving french toast with black sesame ice-cream, but didn’t have any of those ingredients at home. Around 6:30 AM I fell asleep again.

3 flavours you love Sweet, Spicy and everything nice-y 3 underrated music genres

Wanna see more of Hedwich’s work? @hedwichrooks


Hiplife Ragga J-Metal + Vocaloids


3 things in life that matter ANDREW LAUREN PRODUCTION PRESENTS








TREAT YO SELF 3 venues we should visit more often Garage Noord Hill Street Blue’s De PiP 3 things that need to change in Amsterdam Club curfew Even distribution of club venues in the city More places to eat after going out 3 things that need to change in the world Racism

DRKNGHTS Collective shot by Kenya Tay

3 life quotes / motto’s we should remember

They say good things come in threes. DRKNGHTS Collective is definitely one of them. The daring Amsterdam ladies blend a myriad of sounds into one helluva mix. The result? A determined underground club sound at its finest. Read the full interview online at — DRKNGHTS Collective play 1 February at Garage Noord, Amsterdam. This show is free for Subbacultcha members before 1 AM.



Our collective awareness Global wealth gap 3 distinct sounds to describe the collective Come hear for yourselffffff and be suprisedddd #NoAd 3 favourite drinks





“Orgasmic brilliance in deepest space� THE GUARDIAN A N D R E








Did you know Boris Acket is also part of AETHER, a spatial audiovisual live performance? We can’t take our eyes of it. Check it out IRL during Horses in the Void on 16 February.

Working Titles were once playing in the orphic garden of De School. Suddenly, the DJ-session became a live improvisation that soiled the base for their newest EP, ‘De Tuin’ – full of nimble, ambient symphonies. It instantly intrigued us to relax and rewind, so we asked Robbert van der Bildt and Boris Acket to curate a playlist – with the aura of a botanical garden. Music for cycling through the city when you’re euphoric Robbert: DAVID BOWIE — FAME Music that works meditative, hypnotises you Robbert: DEFINITELY CYRUS — PRESENCE Boris: BRIAN ENO — MUSIC FOR AIRPORT Music you would listen to if you were a robot Robbert: COMMODORE 64 - KARATE SOUNDTRACK Boris: THE OTHER PEOPLE PLACE - EYE CONTACT If you were on a deserted island and you could only listen to one song all day, what would it be? Robbert: BRIAN ENO - NEW SPACE MUSIC Boris: AMON TOBIN - SLOWLY Music to listen to if you like working at night Robbert: D5 - LAB WORK Boris: GAS - POP (Boris) A song you would describe Robbert with VINCE WATSON - RENDEZ VOUS (Robbert) A song you would describe Boris with HUERCO S. - A SEA OF LOVE The song you want to hear at the end of the best night ever, when the club is going down, the lights are on and people are still raving. Robbert: ST. GERMAIN - FRENCH Boris: THE PRODIGY - SKYLINED Read the full story behind this playlist at

This poster Oase of Fragility is made by Hedwich Rooks. Subbacultcha_fritz-kola_210x300+3mm_01.indd 1


Excited to see more? Check out Hedwich’s 4 AM Forever creation in this publication.

24.01.19 10:17

@hedwichrooks (will be launched 1 March 2019)


Eye Filmmuseum

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Blood Simple (1984) Music: Kitchenette


March 23rd 2019

Happiness (1998) Music: Cousin


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Photo shot by our Click Click Club at Horses in the Void at 0T301, Amsterdam.

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