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The ’90s issue:

N o A g e Ta l k s T h e a g e o f the nineties

win tickets to crystal castles, sage francis, magic kids PLUS a pair of classic all stars

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After the lights go out By Daniëlle van Ark Photographer Daniëlle van Ark takes photos of musicians right after they’ve come off stage. Every month we publish one of her photos.

Daniel Snaith 20-08-2010, Lowlands

THIS MONTH It took us some time, but after about a week of listening to the mountain of new records that have come out recently we said, ‘Wait a minute... what’s that? No, it can’t be true... Ummm... Man! the ‘90s are back! The ‘90s!” It kind of makes sense though; the kids of those olden days are pounding and beating shit out of their laptops, guitars and keyboards at this very moment and are ripe enough to be smart about it. So, while you read this, David Hasselhoff, Brendon and Brenda, The Olsen Twins, checkered shirts, ‘indie rock’ and Chuck Norris are fighting their way back into the system. You can run, but you can’t hide.

on the cover Fig. 23b by Katja Mater


CONTENT This month in Subbacultcha! magazine Yes, we are all about unruly, independent, relentless, alternative, loud, beautiful, silent, disturbing, soothing and uncompromising music. ...but we all lived through the nineties, right?


The ’90s issue

Haven’t you noticed? the ’90s are back. of course, you’re entitled to your own opinion. but don’t come to us when you’re unprepared



Talking Olson Twins and such page 22

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Woody All over the place page 41

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Sleeping with...

Neon Indian

This is Neon Indian in the Music Room at the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam. The room has an eight person bed and a green bathroom. Photos taken with a Hasselblad camera by Irene O’ Callaghan


TV: Foute Vrienden (Roy Dames) This is the moment to type in your browser window and look for this amazing documentary. Roy Dames is a very dedicated filmmaker who has been following four lower-class small-time criminals and—most of all—friends from Amsterdam Oost for about 15 years.

Top 5 Last month at our office These are five things that thrilled, chilled and excited us last month.


Music: How to Dress Well The stunning new release Love Remains by How To Dress Well really moved us last month. Elusive and musically challenging yet easy to drift along to.


Food: Smoked fish Last month we smoked about 140 fishes on the sidewalk in front of our office to feed the people who were at our nice little office party. Yum! Song: Crystal Stilts - ‘Shake the Shackle’ Great new song by Crystal Stilts. The music is as poppy as the seeds on your lunch, while singer Brad Hargett is rocking out like Ian Curtis never hung himself. Exciting combination!

4 5

Magazines: Joanie on the cover of Grazia Magazine The whole world is in love with Joanie (of Mad Men, duh), and so are we... Despite the fact she appeared on the cover of Grazia magazine... And we thought we were hipsters.

Playlists and requests Hello good people, Wanted to firstly thank you for the great playlists on Viva Radio. I work at an American Apparel and spend lots of time browsing Viva. Needless to say, I can always count on Subbacultcha for some well-picked tunes when I’m at work. If you don’t take requests I’ll leave off here with a thank you

and look forward to your next playlists. If you do take requests, I’d be very happy to see many or few of these on future playlists: Young Man (aka Colin Caulfield), Besnard Lakes, anything Micachu/Kwesachu/Filthy Friends affiliated, perhaps some Broadcast or Beach House, and even the Four Tet remix of Caribou’s Melody Day if you feel so inclined! Best wishes, Lana

INBOX The stuff we get in our mailbox... day in day out. It never stops. Luckily. Submit:


off the record: bear in heaven


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NOv. 18Th - 28Th 2010 klokgeBouw

einDhoven (nl)










19 /11


26 /11

J贸nsi / Chris Cunningham / Modeselektion / The Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77 / Chromeo / The Twelves and many more...

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Sage Francis • Rumor #62 • Blank dogs Toro y moI / Oneohtrix Point Never No age / Abe vigoda • Screaming females / the moi non plus • Hanggai • happy birthday / bird on a wire

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Sage Francis

08 Oct - Sugar Factory, Amsterdam Starts 20.00 | €17 | Free For Members Indie hiphop from a cool lyricist, working an easy melange of folk guitar and haunting words. A few have attempted to bridge indie and hiphop, even going as far as involving the acoustic guitar, but this Rhode Island songwriter is a real pioneer of the scene, never sounding cheesy or forced. Check out his latest album Li(f)e to get in the mood.

Rumor #62 ft Evangelista/Carla Bozulich, Massimo Pupillo (Zu) and more

09 Oct - Various Locations, Utrecht Starts 20.30 | €15 | Free For Members Rumor is a festival with a focus on adventurous and innovative music, stretching the boundaries between pop music, jazz and contemporary classical. The festival takes 14

place in three different locations and if you make the effort you can actually see all concerts for the price of one. Tonight’s lineup includes New York-based deep-voiced street diva Carla Bozulich (Ekko), Swedish free jazz trio The Thing (SJU) and noisedrone duo Flower-Corsano Duip, ft. Rangda’s Chris Corsano (Theater de kikker).

Blank Dogs & Hex Burial

12 Oct - dB’s, Utrecht Starts 21.00 | €8 | Free For Members Some of you have been having some trouble finding your way to dB’s recently, which is a crying shame really. Yes, it’s a little out of the way, and yes, it’s been raining a lot. But the line-up at this grungy little venue in Utrecht is more often than not worth the bike ride. Tonight’s treat features Blank Dogs, the enigmatic solo project of Mike Sniper. Mr Sniper is also known for founding the awesome label Captured

Tracks (Wild Nothings / Beach Fossils) and with his alter ego Blank Dogs he plays dark wavy post garage pop music that will please the hell out of fans of bands like Dum Dum Girls and Crystal Stilts. Also playing is Burial Hex. A drone/noise project of Wisconsin-based Clay Ruby, who describes his music as “‘horror electronics’ to prepare for the final mystery in the twilight of the Kali Yuga”. Is that you saying Amen? I sure think it is.

Toro Y Moi @ Impakt Festival

14 Oct - Theater Kikker, Utrecht Starts 21.00 | €10 | Free for members Toro is back! After lighting up the second edition of the Glo-fi Summer Pop night in Trouw last July, the Glo-Fi king made it over once more to set fire to fall with his elektro based dreamsound at Impakt Festival. This great tech, media and music festival (13-17 October) grants all Subbacultcha members free entrance to The Toro Y Moi show. Sweet! Support by the atmosperic Oneohtrix Point Never.

No Age / Abe Vigoda

15 Oct - Trouw Amsterdam Starts 20.30 | €12 | Free For Members Lo-fi noise pop from Sub Pop duo and LA scenesters No Age, who’ve just released Everything In Between; the long awaited follow up to hipster hit Nouns. At first the album seems a bit of a tough cookie, but after a while it turns out No Age is just like Shakira; give it a spin or 20, have some beers, and you gobble it up like there is no tomorrow. The layered lo-fi noise seems simple but is as deep as your soul. It’s performed with nonchalance and self relativation. There’s humour, heartbreak, attitude and punk, and all of that with a comfortable

Californian home to return to. That’s 2010 spelled out for ya. Support by Abe Vigoda whose tropical punk made way for ‘something more nineties’. Hard to put your finger on but according to some at our office also ‘just like Shakira’. Come find out.


29 Oct - Tivoli, Utrecht Starts 20.30 | €14 | Free For Members Not many Inner Mongolian folk bands make it onto these pages, but to be fair, most aren’t like Hanggai. These throat singers previously tried their luck in Chinese punk bands before learning their ethereal vocal techniques and getting their traditional garb out the closet. Somewhere down the line, Irish folk got mixed in, so when they aren’t tackling horse riding songs inspired by the grasslands, they’re all about the booze.

Happy Birthday

29 Oct - De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam Starts 20.00 | €6 | Free For Members Admit it, you’ve been dancing to ‘Girls FM’ in front of your mirror again. That’s okay, we’ve all felt the urge. Especially to bands like Happy Birthday, who’re beautifully naive in how they knock out their high energy guitar pop. Sub Pop may have peaked in the nineties, but it’s heartwarming to know they can still pick up electrifying indie punk like this. Support from Bird on the Wire, a fresh and delightful Amsterdam indie pop project. Coming up

Subbacultcha @ Museumnacht Ft Banjo Or Freakout, Stellar Om Source, The Moi Non Plus and more. Also in November: Eklin, PRINCE RAMA, SUN ARAW, FOOL’S GOLD, TEETH and more end 15

subbacultcha! membership pages we saw you: spotted at subbacultcha What’s your favourite album and artist at the moment? I think tomorrow it will be Black Mountain and their new one again. What’s your favourite album and artist ever? Westlife Back home Favourite song at the moment? ‘Crimewave’ (Crystal Castles vs. Health) Best record store? Trabuc Records What was the first record that you bought? Katrina and the Waves ‘Walking on Sunshine’ 7”

and/or perhaps Alpha and Omega Which music makes you cry? ‘Love Song’, The Cure What do you listen to when you are doing the dishes? Gruppo Sportivo Which music do you say you like (for hipsters sake), but actually, you don’t? I wouldnt need to do that because I’m very fucking cool. And when you have sex? Throbbing Gristle

Guilty pleasures? I’m way too cool to have guilty pleasures. Or maybe Foals.

What’s your favourite album cover? Entertainment Gang of Four

Which album is still on your ‘to buy’ list? Love eponymous

Which record do you regret buying? Olias Of Sunhillow by Jon Anderson

Best movie soundtrack? The Wicker Man soundtrack by Paul Giovanni and Magnet

What’s your first ever song related memory? Soundtrack to Mannequin and feeling funny in my tummy

Which famous artist did you fancy when you were young? Samantha Fox Which famous artist do you fancy right now? Yolandi Visser of course. Best concert ever? KRS-one with Jawat, SpankRock and Kool Keith. Worst concert ever? Neon Indian Which music makes you puke? 30 Seconds to Mars. It’s fascinated puking though Which music makes you fall asleep? Neon Indian. Or some Mad Professor/Tubby/Perry shizzle if it’s my choice to snooze. What do you listen to when you are on your bike? Shellac ‘1000 Hurts’ on repeat What makes you dance? Pink Duifjes 16

What’s your favourite summer (hit) song? The Game ‘Hate it or love it’ What music do you play on a beautiful Sunday morning? Venetian Snares. Then Iration Steppas What kind of music did your parents listen to? Perry Como. Fifties to the max. Which record/album should not have been recorded? Far too many. Bad by Michael Jackson was, in hindsight, a real letdown. Photo by Isolde Woudstra

“bad by michael jackson was, in hindsight, a real let down.”

Name & age: James, 31 Daytime job/study: Rehearsal Studios. I’m finished by 11.30 am. Hardly a job. Other interests: obscure shit that no one wants to talk about Place of Birth: Limerick, Ireland Spotted at: Neon Indian in Trouw, Amsterdam on 15 September end 17

NEW MUSIC We make it our job to endlessly roam the beautiful internet and find the stuff that really matters. Behold the needles from the haystack. By Zofia Ciechowska You can find all this marvellous new music in the weekly playlist, posted on our website every week, or on our weekly radio show on the great viva-radio. com

There’s this band... I pressed her button, waiting for that familiar three-tone chime of her voice to bid me good morning. I typed my name into her blank heart and clicked, waited, double clicked. Peering into her interface, I noted a flashing notification of approval. I snuggled her into my lap and we decided to take up a few new hobbies starting today. Music: Edit: Pop, Noise, Noise-pop. Rock. Alternative. Alt-Rock. Ctrl-Alt-Del. Thatband-that-appeared-in-this-column-thatyour-mates-don’t-know. LIKE.



This fiery band plays like runaway stagecoach hit by ricocheting bullets. Three guys and one girl sweat through their t-shirts like athletes on a crate of bad energy drink, pounding on their drums and broken instruments, throwing themselves into the audience to create a blur of shrill shrieking fun and awe. Before you realise it, they rotate roles and fire off

another round of chanting bangs till they cross the finish line in a hot heap of panting happiness. YouTube this ferocious four, they don’t have a website, honest!

Please Like three bloodthirsty cannibals prancing around a fiery cauldron, Please’s guitars rumble like their tummies. Their songs sound

like narrow escapes from dragon chases, with sharp, spear-like rhythmic accelerations suddenly coming to grinding halts. Yet, it’s all foot-tapable and fingersnapable when you watch them jam. If you think their music is like an endless labyrinth, good luck with googling them.

Tqqundo Frrrrr

Sun Araw


Referencing one of music’s greatest freaks with their name was always going to win this troublesome two a gold star for effort and earn them some serious goodwill. Sun Araw’s psychedelia-infused sounds will make your jaw hang awry. Retro guitar solos, splashes of electric organ and heavily effected drums meld together, creating a mushy headbobbing pop trip.

Felicita Felix Lee’s organic sound puzzles bud from eerie tinkles and hushes and swell into drip-drip-drippy fruits of Tqqundo Frrrrr. This bright youngster from London could be Lucky Dragons’ tall little brother as he dings and dongs, chimes and ka-chings, loops, layers and morphs with the virtuosity of a sage witch doctor. And if you listen in closely, there’s a tad of tomfoolery in it all, to counter all that grown-up shit. It’s two Q’s and five F’s, look for the link on his MySpace for a free album download.

This guy was in this other band, but now he’s in this band from South-East London. Before you hit play, fasten your hula skirt on your digital bum and do a little warm up booty shake. Felicita’s tropical steel drum and chime

continue 19

samples exude a quite literal happiness, pleasure and delight. This music will knit the warmest jumper of hoppy zips and blips to protect you from the onslaught of cold gusts of autumnal wind rushing up your coat sleeves.

The Atoms

whatever! There’s actually a bit of jumpy melody in between the tattered mess of frantic drum, rumpled guitar and half-spoken, halfsung vocals Nicole and Rachel have hammered together. Hold your horses, keep your skirt on, don’t whip out your feminist banners just yet, download their free album Sorry I’m Not Sorry and chill out for a sec.


School Tour

What do you get when you put some cutlery, a rainbow and The Beach Boys in a blender? This guy in London twists small chunks of pop history, sound scraps, four track recordings and The Internet into unrecognisable new shapes. It’s kind of like PlayDoh molten noise pop or a delicious all-you-can-eat buffet of excellence.

Slutever Yeah, yeah, this duo from Philadelphia might just be another one of those noisy broken-nailbroken-tooth girl ensembles, but

More hypnotic digital ambience for you; Ireland’s School Tour make tasty experimental electro jams out of piles of old electronics, cheap Casios and a Game Boy. At times icily restrained, at others noisy and grinding, the songs ride wave upon wave of loops and drones. All in all, it’s good floating-in-space music. And this man’s got a shock of long hair to top it all off.

end 21





o, what’s Dean doing?

He’s in the back of the van. We’re driving to Milwaukee for a show. You’re not behind the wheel, I hope? No. I’m responsible. 22

Someone at the Subba office thought the new album had a nineties feel to it. I don’t know: something with flashbacks of Pamela Anderson dancing with wolves while giving mouth-to-mouth to a box of chocolates. And because the nineties is the new future they thought it would be something the hipster kids would really relate to.

continue 23

NO AGE. continued

Wow, that’s so true! I like the 1990s. They’re awesome. Initially the Subba guys wanted to set up a meeting between you and Kazu of Blonde Redhead, but she had to comb her hair, like for really, really long, and then she didn’t email back.

MC Hammer pants as a kid? No, unfortunately not. I did have an oddly long purple trench-coat. No way! Do you have pictures of that?

Yes way! And no, no evidence of that. Pretty ass-masking though. I was Wow, that would have been fun! I like chubby as a teen. the band. Too much candy between meals? So, you’re stuck with me. My fringe What kind? is very nineties (or fucked-up if you will). First off: what were you doing Cherry Liquorice! Ah, the memories. So bad for my teeth. in the nineties? I’m a child of the nineties. I’m 29 years old now. Ehm, let me think, apart from sweating, I don’t know really. Nothing much, I guess. No embarrassing memories about your clothing as a teen? Yeah, I had embarrassing clothing. I remember long shorts that my mom made. I even had patches embroidered with my name on it. Then I heard Nirvana and started wearing Levi’s and flannel shirts.

I’m guessing you were into music as a teenager. What was totally the bomb in the nineties? I had this humongous thing for White Zombie. I played their records a lot. Never heard of them. I was more into the Spice Girls and Mariah Carey, especially ‘Vision of Love’. For me it was more rock ’n’ roll. Also Punk.

With No Age you created this Kurt was such a fashion icon with awareness for the vegan way of life. his ass-masking garments. What I presume you ate meat as a teenabout MC Hammer? Did you own ager? 24

At the age of 13 I became a vegetari- that woman. In fact, I did not have sex in the nineties. By myself; very often. an. At 22 I went vegan. The real thing started in the NaughSo the nineties was your dairy de- ties, hence the name. cade. So we can’t talk about that. What Yeah, as a kid I didn’t know anybody about Dean? else who ate vegan. It seemed pretty What was that? extreme to me then. What I found pretty scary as an ad- Never mind. Tell me about your TV olescent was the whole millenni- days? um bug frenzy. Do you remember where you were when the millenni- Full House! um bug dominated the news? The Olsen twins! I don’t quite remember. I was drunk. I believe I started out the new year with Nowadays they look like trolls! I a hangover from drinking champagne. worked at this bar. And one of the I do know it was the first time I got twins tried to get in. My job was to check IDs and I had to deny her acdrunk from drinking champagne. cess, because she was underage. It You celebrated it in style. As a kid was pretty sad, because she was like: I remember OJ Simpson controlled don’t you know who I am? the news a lot. That had a big impact on me. Especially his appear- Yeah, two skinny persons. ance in Naked Gun 33 1/3. And a troll. Yeah, haha. I remember seeing the trial. It was on the local news all the Did you come up with the name ‘No Age’ then? time. I grew up a little bit that day. Also that Clinton dude was on often. Did or did you not have sex with Monica Lewinsky? I did not have sexual intercourse with

Haha, no. I saw some really disturbing photos of you severely beaten up in a bar in Lisbon. In the nineties you would

continue 25

NO AGE. continued


continue 27


NO AGE. continued

“‘I did not have sexual intercourse with that woman. In fact, I did not have sex in the nineties. By myself; very often. The real thing started in the Naughties, hence the name.” have waited for the Polaroid to dry didn’t have any girlfriends. I wasn’t in order to show to all your friends. that popular. I was chubby. Nowadays it’s on YouTube before When did you meet Dean? you can say ‘cowabunga’. It looked bad. Lots of blood.


That’s not nineties at all.

Okay, so we can’t talk about that either. What shall we talk about?

It was all peace and love in the nineI remember going to the coffee shop a ties. lot with my friends. Like Friends had When did you begin playing mu- their Central Perk, we had our spot sic? Did you start out with the flute where we hung out and drank coffee. as most of us before our will power breaks and we just get very lazy Were you more a Ross or a Gunther? and bored? No, the guitar was my first instrument. Chandler. Definitely. I’m self-taught. Sonic Youth was my He and Monica adopted twins! teacher. We’ll never know if they became That’s inspirational. Can we now trolls. But that’s another story. It was nice to talk to you. Safe travels. talk about puppy love? I’m going to listen to your album Of course. I had this huge crush on and try and do some Mariah Carey Blossom from the sitcom with the handmoves. same name. She had funny hats with flowers. She was cute. Actually, I You do that! Bye.

end 29

Explore 45 in Amsterdam

museums by night

Subbacultcha at the Tropenmuseum / RoXy archive unveiled at the Amsterdam City Archive / L’Afrique Som Systeme at Foam / STEIM at Nemo / music by John Cage at Stedelijk Museum / DJ Spooky at SMART Project Space + much more Ticket sale starts October 9th. Visit for more info.

Katja Mater

Name Katja Mater Age 31 City of residence Amsterdam Where will you be ten years from now? Somewhere nice busy with my work Can you please draw us a self-portrait in 1 minute OK Website Exposition ‘Density Drawings’ @ Galerie Martin van Zomeren till 30 October. On the Following Pages: ‘The Human Colour Wheel’ (Compiled in the publication ‘A Study on Colour’ - 2009) 38 colour wheels are constructed using different types of materials, paints and colours. While rotating, the colour wheels are photographed with a long exposure time. As a wheel spins, the colours reflect light and blur together over time; the film records a mix of all colours.

ART Featured artist Every month we select an artist we think is worth your while This month it is Katja Mater

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featured artist: katja mater. continued

Fig. 03a


Fig. 34b

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featured artist: katja mater. continued

Fig. 21b


end 35

MUSIC new releases These are the new releases that you can’t afford to miss By Carly Blair

Twin Shadow

Forget (Terrible Records / 4AD)

Forget is the debut full-length from new waver George Lewis Jr, AKA Twin Shadow. Lewis was raised in a snowbird-filled Florida town before moving to Brooklyn, writing music for a touring dance company, and living in Berlin and Copenhagen. Most of Forget was originally recorded by Lewis on his own, although Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor subsequently ‘discovered’ him and helped add some production sheen. Lewis skilfully blends a variety of Eighties influences, lovelorn sentiments, and a cinematic vibe into a distinctive and affecting end product. According to Lewis, ‘The whole record is about... all the things I’ve forgotten, and trying to put them back together again, and taking one last look at them before never looking at them again.’ While he apparently intends to evolve, I intend to linger here for a while.

How to Dress Well Love Remains (Lefse)

How To Dress Well is the one man recording project of Cologne-based American expat Tom Krell, a lo-to-no-fi sort-of-R&B crooner, well-versed in chillwave tropes, but just distinctive enough to ensure himself a spot on a gorillavsbear monthly mix. This, Krell’s full debut, features reworked versions of songs culled from the various EPs previously released for free through his blog. Krell creates some beautiful and romantic mixtape-worthy moments when he stays more firmly grounded in R&B (and reality), but there’s plenty of pretty but fairly nondescript filler, and Love Remains isn’t going to change the face of chillwave (or any individual’s opinion about it).

The Walkmen Lisbon (Fat Possum)


NYC outfit The Walkmen have helped dig me out of post-break up depressions for years. Lyrics such as ‘I was holding on to you, for a lack of any-

thing to do!’ assert that while Hamilton, Leithauser & co might get dumped or kicked out of the bar, they didn’t really give a shit in the first place. An obvious self-defence mechanism, sure, but who needs self-awareness when you could have a dose of catharsis cloaked in thunderous drums and vein-popping vocals instead? Fortunately, here (as ever) The Walkmen don’t abuse their power to exhilarate, and the intermittent outbursts are counterbalanced by plenty of acceptance and restraint. Leithauser croons more than ever, some songs are graced by classy violins or horns, and their signature clanging guitar and malleable drumming set a contemplative mood as well as they do a raucous one. Not the pinnacle, but another rock in The Walkmen’s solid catalogue.

MUSIC new releases

Deerhunter Halcyon Digest (4AD)

Much as they do with their sound, this Atlanta ambient punk quartet opted to mix the old with the new when promoting their fourth full-length via a guerilla marketing campaign, wherein they supplied a Seventies photocopy-style poster which fans were asked to print, post, and photograph (preferably with the iPhone Polaroid app ;)) in exchange for exclusive downloads and advance album news. The album was recorded quickly as usual and mixed by Ben Allen (who also worked on Merriweather Post Pavilion). They’ve abandoned the wall-of-guitars approach of Microcastle in favour of either Atlas Sounding atmospherics or concise and poppy gems that add sparkle to the Deerhunter crown. The two lone, self-indulgent missteps (‘Sailing’ and ‘Basement Scene’) drag but also underscore the greatness of the remainder of this exciting record.

El Guincho

Pop Negro (Young Turks)

Barcelona’s Pablo Diaz-Reixa brought Spanish-language indie to the hipster masses in the form of joyous Afro-Latin psychedelic pop with his first two releases. On his latest he’s foregone the fuzz and instead tak-

continue 37


01/10 DE SPEECH 06/10 09/10 10/10 20/10 25/10 27/10 03/11



Info & tickets:

illustratie: Bert Scholten

en production cues from various Spanish and English pop mega-producers, making for an extremely clean and inorganic sound. The songs are built on short and simple hooks that are repeated over and over and generally neither build up momentum nor go anywhere. Plenty fun if you enjoy the hooks (as on the irresistible single ‘Bombay’), but it gets unsatisfying and annoyingly repetitive if you don’t. I feel something like a cat that’s quickly lost interest in chasing the laser pointer after realising it’s not alive. Bring back the warmth and psychedelia of yore, por favor!

MUSIC new releases

No Age

Everything in Between (Sub Pop)

Previously No Age kind of sounded like a couple of disillusioned kids bashing the shit out of their instruments and finding inspiration in the records of previous generations of disillusioned kids bashing the shit out of their instruments. But on the new record the LA based duo seem to have chosen for a more melodic and song based approach. Sure songs like ‘Fever Dreaming’ and ‘Depletion’ are still pretty old school punk rock and ‘Katterpillar’ and ‘Skinned’ provide the album’s soundscape intervals that we’ve come to know so well from the band. But on the whole the record breaths a sort of emotional 1990s indie vibe that we can’t help but really dig.

Abe Vigoda Crush (Bella Union)

Just when you thought you found the perfect genre title to define Abe Vigoda’s stylistic hodgepodge, they throw another curveball with their fourth full length, Crush. The main catalyst is personnel Dane Chadwick recently replaced drummer Gerado Guerreno, bringing a less tropical and more regimented drumming style along with him. Aside from that, the boys channel cold wave, Arthur Russell, and Bowie for a darker, brooding sound that’s weird and jarring at first but rewards repeated listens. Come watch them open up for No Age at Trouw.

end 39
















FILM 14 reasons why.... By Marie Claire Melzer Woody All over the place

9 reasons why you can’t miss…

NS Try Out Festival

Behold a sweet Subbacultcha! selection of the massive movie mash out there.

Amersfoort, 30 September – 2 October, Groningen 7 – 9 October, Leiden, 14 – 16 October, Eindhoven, 21 – 23 October

Why not watch a film while waiting for your train? IDFA provides some highlights of its 2009 edition Such as John Appel’s documentary The Player, about gambling And the intriguing Farewell by Ditteke Mensink, About the English journalist Lady Grace Drummond-Hay who travelled around the world by zeppelin in August 1929 Also present is the Leids Film Festival, with three Woody Allen films: Annie Hall, Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Whatever Works And Viva La Focus! shows the best of their mobile phone shorts competition 5 reasons why you can’t miss…

Leids Film Festival, 26 – 31 October, Leiden

Opening film is the new Woody Allen: You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger About a woman who seeks the help of a fortune teller for marital problems The website says: ‘Hmmm, page not found’, when looking for more programme info Plus the wonderful advice: ‘Keep calm and carry on’

end 41

FILM dvds to see Door Gert Verbeek

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll

Mat Whitecross, 2010 (Entertainment In Video, R2)

Andy Serkis is op zijn best wanneer hij gestalte geeft aan buitenissige figuren, zoals Gollum en King Kong. Excentrieke rockrollen zijn hem ook toevertrouwd, zoals die van zanger Ian Dury in Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll. Kreupel van de polio knokt Dury zich van kinds af aan door het leven, wat hem niet per se sympathiek maakt. Regisseur Mat Whitecross vertelt het levensverhaal van de zanger en tekstdichter aan de hand van een optreden met The Blockheads. De liedjes zijn aanleiding voor flashbacks, soms in de vorm van caleidoscopische, geanimeerde herinneringen. Het uitgelaten spel, het plooibare gelaat en de clownsgrimas van Serkis passen prima bij het onberekenbare karakter van Ian Dury. Bij zo’n charismatische acteur nemen we de anticlimax voor lief.

Fish Story

Yoshihiro Nakamura, 2009 (Third Window Films, R2)


Rode draad in deze moderne Japanse fantasie is de punksong ‘Fish Story’ van de fictieve band Gekirin, opgenomen in 1975, een jaar voor de opkomst van The Sex Pistols. Regisseur Nakamura neemt een kleine twee uur de tijd om op aandoenlijk omslachtige wijze uit te leggen waarom dit nummer opent met eigenaardige tekstregels, waarom de opname onderbroken wordt door een minuut stilte en hoe ‘Fish Story’ de loop van de wereldgeschiedenis bepaalt. De filmlocaties zijn vertrouwd gebied voor de meeste Subbacultacha!-lezers: een kleine platenzaak met veel obscuur vinyl, een concertruimte, een opnamestudio en een luxe veerboot richting Hokkaido. Het liedje heeft een wonderlijke invloed op gebeurtenissen in 1982, 1999 en 2009 en lijkt in staat in 2012 een allesvernietigende komeet te weren. Punkrock redt de wereld.

FILM context/ ontekst

“Faster pussycat! Kill!, kill!”


Iedere maand staat hier n.a.v. een actuele bioscoop release of film gebeurtenis een leuke—of minder leuke—lijst.

he Killer Inside Me, de nieuwste van veelfilmer Michael Winterbottom, gaat deze maand in première. Aanleiding voor een lijstje met films waarin letterlijk op zoek wordt gegaan naar de innerlijke moordenaar.


antastic Voyage(Richard Fleischer, 1966) Raquel Welch en co. laten zich met nucleaire onderzeeër en al verkleinen tot microscopische proporties, worden in het lichaam van een comateuze wetenschapper en CIA-informant gespoten en maken een riskante reis door diens aderen om een bloedprop bij de hersenen te vernietigen. Onderweg treffen ze nog meer killers inside: agressieve witte bloedlichaampjes en een saboteur aan boord.


reamscape(Joseph Ruben, 1984) Lang voor de recente kaskraker Inception wist Dennis Quaid al hoe je andermans dromen kunt betreden. In Dreamscape dwaalt een moordenaar, gespeeld door de immer gluiperige Tommy Ray Glatman, in een nachtmerrie van de Amerikaanse president rond. Quaid kruipt in dezelfde droom en gaat de confrontatie aan.


he Cell (Tarsem Singh, 2000) Jennifer Lopez draait de rollen om, ze gaat inside the killer, en stapt het onderbewustzijn binnen van de nogal enge seriemoordenaar Vincent D’Onofrio. Tegen het barokke decor van D’Onofrio’s psyche probeert ze te achterhalen waar hij zijn laatste slachtoffer heeft verborgen. Lopez kan in zijn hoofd een ontvangst met de rode loper wel vergeten.

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Strange Fashion: EPISODE seven

Featured photographer: Charlott Markus. Featured designer: Monique van Heist. 44

A fashion tale in ten episodes brought to you by Strange Boutique. The Strange Fashion series is centred around a few ground rules that our featured photographers have to follow. The rules: - No models - Use an existing interior (preferably in a living room) - Use a plant - No Photoshop - The shoot has to take place between noon and 6pm and has to make use of natural light sources whenever possible - The shoot has to feature the work of a Dutch designer, chosen by yours truly - No fur because no animal will be harmed during the making of this series. The result: 10 versions of the same photo.

end 45

yam deacon D

an Deacon would woof-woof with tremendous glee if he could sink his teeth into one of these yam and lentil burgers. Be on the lookout for his latest album dedicated to these babies, seriously. Serves: Two ravenous hipsters (save leftovers for the next day) Ingredients: 1 large yam, peeled and chopped 1 cup red lentils 3 spring onions, chopped 3 tbsp jerk seasoning 1 cup flour 5 tbsp vegetable oil Salt and pepper Serve with: crunchy rolls, crisp salad, a drop of Ajvar sauce, yoghurt and lemon juice. - Boil the red lentils in a pot until soft - At the same time, boil the peeled and chopped yam in a separate pot (±. 15 minutes). Jab with a fork to see if it’s soft. Drain and mash well. - Transfer the mashed yam and lentils into a bowl. Add the chopped spring onion, jerk seasoning, salt and pepper and mix with your hands. - Don’t be shy and dig into the yam and lentil mash. Squash it into patty form (approx 3-4 cm thick and 6-7 cm in diameter). Roll the patties in some flour. - Heat the oil in a good frying pan and place the patties in it. - Fry, turn, fry, turn for about 10 minutes or until nicely golden. - Slice open a fresh roll, stick the burger in, add some salad, a dollop of yoghurt and Ajvar sauce and a splash of lemon juice. - Open your mouth as wide as you can and scoff your Yam Deacon before your flatmates catch a whiff of what you’ve been up to.

WHAT’s COOKING? we are cooking for.... Dan Deacon By Zofia Ciechowska Every month our very own Nigella Awesome does some imaginary cooking for a band she really really likes. Love does go through the stomach. We simply suggest... DO try this at home. It is worth it.

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99 problems and the bitch... ...knows the answer

Door Brenda Bosma. Illustratie Martyn F Overweel Send your problems to 99 problems@


Beste Bitch, Vanwege een te vadsige lever ben ik gestopt met drinken. Hierdoor ben ik nogal in een sociaal isolement geraakt. Waar mijn zaterdagavonden voorheen gevuld waren met dionysische drankgelagen - en vooral een gezellig samenzijn met de maten waren, kan ik nu alleen nog maar dagdromen van ‘waterbeerding’ en Buffeljacht tijdens de potjes Scrabble met m’n moeder. Ik ben saai geworden! En Bitter Lemon helpt niet tegen een droge bek. Hoe zorg ik ervoor dat mijn leven weer betekenis krijgt zonder dat het mijn lever schaadt? Yo, R-J. Beste R-J, Na de betekenis van ‘dionysische’ opgezocht te hebben en in mijn knuistje gegiecheld te hebben over de alcoholische variant van waterboarding, denk ik dat ik je wel op weg kan helpen. Een goed middel tegen verveling is nieuwsgierigheid. Om dat aan te wakkeren moet je diep in jezelf kijken. Dus open die lodderige oogjes van je wijd. Er zijn tal van andere verdovende middelen! Postzegels plakken met je moeder is nog nooit zo leuk geweest. Succes, B.

Beste B., Ik vind je leuk! Ben ik nu een engert? XxX Flo Nee joh, Flo. Eerder een romanticus met een taalprobleempje. Of nou ja, dat zeg ik nu wel. Misschien ben je zo iemand uit de siksties die alles fonetisch spelt. In dat geval: mag ik je ‘daddy’ noemen? Dan zal ik op mijn beurt twee vlechtjes in m’n haar doen en dat ding daar benee polijsten. Groetje, B. Beste Bitch, Een breipatroon gaf me verkeerde instructies waardoor mijn babykousjes compleet mislukt zijn. Ik wil de woede die zich hierdoor van mij meester maakte (en maar niet wil wegebben) graag op de juiste manier kanaliseren, zonder dat er gewonden bij vallen. Wat raad je me, behalve macrameeën, aan te doen? Groet, een ex-breier. Beste Ex-Breier, Een softenonbaby heb je zeker niet in je vriendenkring? Maar breinijd dus. Ik snap eigenlijk nooit zo goed waarom breien wordt geassocieerd met gemoedelijke theekransjes. Het is juist een hartstikke agressieve bezigheid. Hoe de naalden in een continue gevecht zijn verwikkeld. Het

99 problems and the bitch... ...knows the answer Stuur al je vragen, problemen en prangende kwesties naar 99problems@ als jouw vraag een antwoord verdient verdien jij een good goodie. Send your problems to 99 problems@

harde getik van hun fallische uiteinden. En dan, als je iets af had gebreid en versteld stond waar je zoveel wilskracht vandaan had getoverd, wist die lul van een buurjongen altijd wel het zwakke lusje te vinden om zo het hele ding los te trekken

tot een rafelige kluwen die iedere herinnering aan je nieuwe warme identiteit deed oplossen als twee klontjes suiker in pislauwe thee. Maar goed, ik hoop voor je dat er zoiets bestaat als instant gratification-thee. Succes, B.

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spekkie big


Door Marc van der Holst

AGENDA spend your month in style

No Age plays Trouw, Amsterdam.

Highlights in October Crystal Castles/Health, Yeasayer, Melt-Banana, Amsterdam Dance Event, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Grafitti and Blank Dogs Win tickets to Hercules & Love Affair, Crystal Castles/Health, continue 51 Sage Francis and much more


Subbacultcha! Early Bird Tip


Live music: Kinsmen

ft. Rudresh Mahanthappa + Kadri Gopalnath Sunday 31 October, 20:15, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ It’s jazz baby! But more than that, it’s jazzclash (if that is a genre). Not your everyday cup of tea, anyway. Chai rather. Expect a night of ancient SouthIndian music mixed with modern jazz in an amazing East meets West sound experiment. A perfect fit for the adventurous Subbacultcha! mind. See this show for only €10. Experience a great concert, check out the marvellous building and get a free drink on the side.

Early Birds Everyone under 30 for €10,- to Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ 52

Call het Muziekgebouw or buy tickets at the register 020-788 20 00 |

3x2 tickets

Magic kids 05 Oct - Paradiso, Amsterdam Sunpoppers Magic Kids play MGMT’s afterparty in Paradiso. Oh wait... MGMT open up for Magic Kids. That’s it. Good for them... if only so they can learn how to stay carefree and without pretensions. Good stuff! 2x2 tickets

dum dum girls / the pharmacy 06 Oct - Paradiso, Amsterdam Fuzzy band project by Dee Dee. She and her three girl bandmates sound like a bunch of Nancy Sinatras armed with a crappy tape recorder, a plate reverb and some distortion pedals. Needless to say garage rockers The Pharmacy are a great match. Cosy times backstage. 3x2 tickets + CD + Limited edition 12”

sage francis 08 Oct – Sugar Factory, Amsterdam The Sage Francis show in Sugar Factory is free for Subbacultcha! members. But if you are not a member you could still get a piece of the pie. We’ll give away the full length + a limited edition 12” of the single ‘Best Of Times’ of this hard-to-place, folky, laid back spokenword hiphop ranter chanter.

frFree ee stuff STUFF Free tickets and goodies for you from us Every month we give away loads of tickets and good goodies. Don’t you just love us for that? To win, subscribe to the mailinglist at To become a full Subbacultcha! member, go to and click join.

2x2 tickets

Hercules & love affair 22 Oct - Trouw, Amsterdam Hercules & Love Affair are playing at my house... and at Trouw. And is part of the Amsterdam Dance Event programme. You want those tickets. 2 passe partouts

AMSTERDAM DANCE EVENT 20-23 Oct - Various Locations, Amsterdam Two thousand and ten marks the 15th Amsterdam Dance Event, combining an international conference and top-notch festival of electronic music. We are giving away two passe partouts. Do a little dance! 3x2 Tickets

crystal castles / health 26 Oct - Paradiso, Amsterdam What do you want us to say about these two acts? Subbacultcha favourites since day one. It’s stylish, progressive, controlled, angry, sexy and very, very fashionable. 3 pairs of converse classic (low)

Do you remember the time when you were a kid in the nineties, you had two pairs of All Stars and you wore a different colour on every foot. Time to relive those days!

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agenda FOCUS Amsterdam Dance Event

Das Ding

AMSTERDAM DANCE EVENT 20 -23 OCTOBER, Two thousand and ten marks the 15th Amsterdam Dance Event, combining an international conference and top-notch festival of electronic music. Well, if you’re interested in the conference, you’re probably part of the biz, thus already grabbed tix. If you’re just a regular punter into the music, well, Amsterdam is gonna be bouncing for four days, promising every form of electronic music under the sun (AKA Wikipedia’s music genre description pages). It’s right across town, so you’re unlikely to miss it, but with hoards of DJs and live acts on offer, it can be tricky to know where to turn(table). Fortunately we do... 21 Oct Minimal Wave 301 OT301, Amsterdam Das Ding (live) (Minimal Wave / Tear Apart Tapes, NL) Veronika Vasicka (Minimal Wave / Stones Throw, US) Minimal Wave is a label promoting all the nostalgia of synth pop, noisy wave music and electronica. Check out their really great compilation, the Minimal Wave Tapes. Das Ding is a one-man Dutch cassette-label electro outfit. Danny Bosten was active in the early eighties, releasing his music and friends’ music via his own cassette label called Tear Apart Tapes. It’s great stuff. 21 Oct Decked Out, BNR & Rauw present: SUPERRAUW Melkweg, Amsterdam A must see and hear, featuring a fine and dirty selection of raw stuff from electro-land today: Boys Noize (DE) Aeroplane (BE), Joakim (FR), Bart B More (NL)

and old school maestro Joost van Bellen. 22 Oct Resident Advisor presents Hercules & Love Affair Trouw, Amsterdam Free Tickets. See Page 53

Hot and sexy glitchy disco pop from New York’s finest record label: DFA. You know that floor killer! You know how it works! Ooomph! It’s all hosted by one of the biggest party supporters, Resident Advisor. 23 Oct Gigolo Records presents compilation cd12 with DJ Hell & guests Air, Amsterdam Renowned German record label that will undoubtedly be throwing one hell of a party. Host of the evening is label boss and producer DJ Hell, who reintroduced eighties electroclash back into the dance scene. Artists such as David Caretta, Zombie Nation, Vitalic produced some of their biggest hits.

end 55

agenda shows in october

Tweak Bird play Paradiso

DeSpeech01 01 Oct - Vera, Groningen 03 Oct - Tivoli, Utrecht 06 Oct - Paradiso, Amsterdam An analogue answer to the digitisation of pop culture. Led by Dutch indie poppers LPG, and joined by Alamo Race Track, At the Close of Every Day and others, this travelling concert series is designed to reunite music, art and writing. DeSpeech01 is matched with a special EP release, while upcoming segments will come with an audio book and photo book. For A Minor Reflection 01 Oct - Play Festival, Maastricht 02 Oct - Ekko, Utrecht 03 Oct - 013, Tilburg 04 Oct - Paradiso, Amsterdam Iceland is as Iceland does, but when not obsessing over volcanoes or money, the great northern territory is home to the some of the best neo-classical post rock around. These young kids share a symphonic vision similar to Explosions in the Sky and don’t even try to shirk away from Sigur Rós comparisons. Fortunately the grandiose tunes stand apart in their own right. Magic Kids 05 Oct - Paradiso, Amsterdam 06 Oct - 013, Tilburg Free Tickets. See page 53 56

Cheery, twee American indie pop that harks back to the sixties, with a

minor Elvis Costello and the Attractions twist. Summer is over but the memories live on. Black Mountain / Tweak Bird 06 Oct - Paradiso, Amsterdam Vancouver’s riff-heavy psych rockers spent this summer on the road previewing material from their new album Wilderness Heart. Well, it’s finally here, and whereas In the Future channeled Deep Purple, these new tracks are more Zeppelin, occasionally transforming into full-on Sabbath. Not that the noisy psychedelic rock explosions from brothers Caleb and Ashton Bird, AKA Tweak Bird, are likely to be outdone. Check out their debut album Reservations. Thus:Owls 06 Oct - Vera, Groningen 07 Oct - Ekko, Utrecht 09 Oct - De Spot, Middelburg 10 Oct - Roepaen Festival, Ottersum Expressive experimental pop from an international cast that accidentally assembled in Stockholm. Not your usual Swede pop sunshine, this bunch go to some pretty dark places musically, branching off into prog and jazz rock at times. That said, Erika Alexandersson’s voice is remarkably pure and adventurous, making their music enjoyably accessible.

agenda shows in october

Bebe Fang play Vera

Sage Francis 08 Oct - Sugar Factory, Amsterdam Free Tickets. See page 53

Indie hiphop from a cool lyricist, working an easy melange of folk guitar and haunting words. A few have attempted to bridge indie and hiphop, even going as far as the acoustic guitar, but this Rhode Island songwriter is a real pioneer of the scene, never sounding cheesy or forced. We give away free tickets + a cd + a limited edition 12”. Playgrounds Festival Fri 08 Oct - 013, Tilburg A festival celebrating the best of contemporary digital audiovisual art. There’s lots of tech, animation, games and design. But there’s also the music, with a luscious Subbacultcha! approved line-up. Catch bands like PVT, The Field, Loops Haunt and Walls. Melt-Banana 08 Oct - dB’s, Utrecht 27 Oct - Vera, Groningen 28 Oct - Patronaat, Haarlem Love your self abuse, bitches! Love your noise punk, too. Especially when it’s fierce, Japanese and MeltBanana. More experimental than riot grrrl and more noisy than... well, most things, this trio is fast, fun and chaotic. Amazing to think it’s almost 20 years since they formed, cos they still out-manoeuvre most firsttime kids.

65daysofstatic 09 Oct - Vera, Groningen Breakbeat post rock from the instrumental quartet. It’s a good six or seven years since they first broke, shocking with their mix of mathematical riffs and programmed drum fury, but they’re still capable of a thrill. Especially when exploring the more electronic nature of their sound. Bebe Fang / Havens 09 Oct - Vera, Groningen Experimental noise pop from the Dutch duo. Admittedly, the pop can sometimes be hard to uncover under the layers of noise and atmosphere, but the results are deeply gratifying. Support from Havens. Of Montreal 09 Oct - Melkweg, Amsterdam Kevin Barnes is rather bonkers, but when it comes to creative indie pop, he’s still got it. Proving there’s more to Athens, Georgia than REM, his group leaked pre-summer single ‘Coquet Coquette’ back in June. A swooning, symphonic, upbeat adventure, it’s possibly one of the most instant grooves Of Montreal have struck up so far. It was finally followed last month by new album False Priest. Roepaen Festival 10 Oct - Ottersum Good things happen in Ottersum.

continue 57

agenda shows in october

Blank Dogs play dB’s

Yip, even more than being able to fire cannonballs across the German border. This little venue picks up a surprising amount of great shows throughout the year, not least its own annual music festival, spreading nine bands throughout the various rooms. Look out for the ever-prolific Peter Broderick, playing tunes from his new album How They Are, and the sweet American folk of Horse Feathers. Blank Dogs 12 Oct - dB’s, Utrecht

and melodic performances. Where once their ideas could be called self-indulgent, newest release Rivers demonstrates a more approachable sound. Junip 13 Oct - Trouw, Amsterdam Although most famous for his solo acoustic numbers, Swedish singer-songwriter José González tracks back to this folky pop band. Now they’re reunited, reminding of Kings of Convenience and sounding more vibrant than his softer solo stuff.

Free Tickets. See page 53

American post punks lost in a world of lo-fi synths, bass and drum machines. Better not mention Joy Division or New Order though.


Wildbirds & Peacedrums 13 Oct - Effenaar, Eindhoven Experimental Swedish goodies from this original-sounding duo. Singer Mariam Wallentin has a haunting voice, with all the strength of a PJ Harvey. What’s more, she wields it like a truly diverse instrument. Her husband and percussionist Andreas Werliin fills in the blanks with surprisingly fluent, adventurous

Mice Parade 15 Oct - Ekko, Utrecht A global melange of independent sounds from a global melange of players. The cast may be revolving, but you can always expect hypnotic percussion and some transcendental harmonies from Adam Pierce and his friends. No Age /Abe Vigoda 15 Oct - Trouw, Amsterdam 20 Oct - Vera, Groningen Lo-fi noise pop from the Sub Pop duo who’ve just released Everything In Between. Then there’s our fave

tropical punks Abe Vigoda, whose new Crush brings a new evolution of their sound while still sounding like perfect Vigoda. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti 17 Oct - Bitterzoet, Amsterdam June’s packed show at De Nieuwe Anita is still a pleasant summer memory, but after the success of ‘Round and Round’ and Before Today, Ariel definitely needs a bigger room. Whether he’s ready for the fame or the fan love is another matter, but for now you can settle down and enjoy another round. Maps and Atlases 20 Oct - Paradiso, Amsterdam Deliciously experimental indie pop offering great percussion and unique melodic hooks. These Chicago boys have already been around for five years or so, but new release Perch Patchwork is potentially their best. Or maybe it was Paul Simon’s Graceland getting played around the office. The Home Swinger DIY Workshop by Yuri Landman 23 Oct - Worm, Rotterdam Taking tone into your own hands. Learn how to build a weird and wonderful guitar from Holland’s own dreamer/innovator. Club Cornflakes 26 Oct - OCCII, Amsterdam Nineties-sounding guitar punk and pop from new New Jersey trio Screaming Females. Support from The Moi Non Plus. Crystal Castles / Health 26 Oct - Paradiso, Amsterdam Free Tickets. See page 53

Two fave Subbacultcha! bands, one steamy gig. Having both played storming shows in the past, neither should need introduction, but here

goes anyway. HEALTH specialise in thrashing electro rock and tribal percussion. Do you think they’re ready to settle down yet? Then there’s Crystal Castles, who’ve added a sugary sheen to newer tracks, but who’re as violent and mental as ever whenever they step out on stage.

agenda shows in october

You Say Party 27 Oct - Tivoli, Utrecht Formerly You Say Party! We Say Die!, these Canadian dance punks endured a tragedy earlier this year, with drummer Devon Clifford collapsing and dying at one of their shows. The band has since remodelled, recently releasing a remix album of the successful XXXX. Bonaparte 27 Oct - Paradiso, Amsterdam These multinational Berlin-based art punks fine-tuned their ‘Circus’ show back in spring but they aren’t done with it yet. It’s colourful, noisy, big, party-friendly and chaotic. Yeasayer 29 Oct - Melkweg, Amsterdam 29 Oct - Tivoli, Utrecht Brooklyn hipsters or hippies—take your pick. Either way, these psychpop experimentalists need little introduction. All Hour Cymbals may have arrived as a pleasant surprise back in 2007, with its uplifting sunrise anthems, but newest disc Odd Blood was all about public expectations and the sonic opportunities to skirt them. CocoRosie 01 Nov - Melkweg, Amsterdam Bianca ‘Coco’ and Sierra ‘Rosie’ Casady bring their mix of lo-fi pop, electronica, blues, hiphop and opera back to the Netherlands. These true originals have left the confining ‘freak-folk’ tag far behind and follow no-one in their ongoing search for artistic and aural perfection.

end 59


Send photos to aftermidnight@ Feel very free to involve romance, stupidity, sex, beauty, banality, poetry and debauchery... or heck! you can even get arty. As long as the photos are shot after midnight. If your photo gets published you win a pair of Etnies shoes This months photo was submitted by Lawrence Chiam Lawrence also wins the Lomo Spinner camera as part of the After Midnight Photo Competition we hosted last month in collaboration with Lomography. For the top results of the competition visit our website.

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Subbacultcha! shows in OCTOBER

agenda Overview of all subbacultcha! shows

8 October Sage Francis Sugar Factory, Amsterdam

15 October No Age / Abe Vigoda Trouw, Amsterdam

Starts 20:00 | €17 | Free For Members

Starts 20:30 | €12 | Free For Members

9 October Rumor #62 Various Locations, Utrecht

26 October Screaming Females / The Moi Non Plus OCCii, Amsterdam

Starts 20:30 | €15 | Free For Members

12 October Blank Dogs & Hex Burial dB’s, Utrecht

For a full programme description see page 12

Starts 20:30 | €6 | Free For Members

29 October Hanggai Tivoli, Utrecht

Starts 21:00 | €8 | Free For Members

Starts 20:30 | €14 | Free For Members

14 October Toro Y Moi @ Impakt Festival Theater Kikker, Utrecht

29 October Happy Birthday/bird on the wire De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam

Starts 21.00 | Free for members

Starts 20:00 | €6 | Free For Members


‫ فنان ومصمم من مصر والشرق األوسط وهولندا‬22

22 artists and designers from Egypt, the Middle East and Holland

‫ نوفمبر‬09 –‫ سبتمبر‬11 / ‫يقيمون معرضاً — ميدياماتيك‬

are making an exhibition — Mediamatic / 09 . 11 – 11 . 09

1:00 – 6:00 ‫ السبت – األحد‬1:00 – 7:00 ‫اإلثنين – الجمعة‬

Open Monday – Friday 1:00 – 7:00 pm Saturday – Sunday 1:00 – 6:00 pm

.‫ أمستردام‬68 ‫فايزلسترات‬

Vijzelstraat 68 Amsterdam /

Oneohtrix Point Never, Toro Y Moi, Christina Kubisch, SKWEEE night en meer...


The 90s Issue. Featuring No Age. and lots of witty charming beautiful and interesting stuff. enjoy