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november 2010

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cat power

After the lights go out By Daniëlle van Ark Photographer Daniëlle van Ark takes photos of musicians right after they’ve come off stage. Every month we publish one of her photos.

Chan Marshall Paradiso

THIS MONTH We have a new government. Some right-wing conservatives got together with some old-fashioned Christians, they sat down with a xenophobic racist and came up with a plan to keep this country in still water for the next four years. That’s fine. Still water is great, especially when the sun is out. But what bothers us is the lack of women in that wonderful crew of ministers. You must be joking! Women are the heart and soul of our civilisation! The givers of life, the inspiration of art and music. The sensuality, the sex, the poetry! The light that shines through our male chauvinistic tunnels. To compensate, we give you the women issue. Enjoy!

on the cover Toko Yasuda photographed by Daniëlle van Ark


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The women issue

theme issues, who needs them? We do! so we have a framework for our editorial content. and what better framework than....

This month in Subbacultcha! magazine

marnie Stern

toko Yasuda

Marniedeparnie page 20

Home Alone page 39

Yes, we are all about unruly, independent, relentless, alternative, loud, beautiful, silent, disturbing, soothing and uncompromising music.



...but we all love women, right?

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Taking a shower with...

Future Islands

This is Sam Herring of Future Islands in the entirely green bathroom of the Music Room at the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam. The photo is taken by Nick Helderman at night, right after the show.


Show: No Age in Trouw Ok, this is the last time we’ll mention this show. But what a show it was! Best concert of the year so far. The sweat, the blood, the sonic violence, the dark industrial basement, everyone dancing.


Fashion: Subbacultcha! Bags It is here! The Subbacultcha! Bag. Brand new, fresh and exciting. Wonderfully designed by the lovely Nicole Martens. Can’t leave home without it.

Top 5 Last month at our office These are five things that thrilled, chilled and excited us last month.


News: Howe Gelb Session Howe Gelb stopped by our office to do a session. Beforehand, ourselves, Mr Gelb as well as the audience sat round our big wooden table eating soup and drinking wine. Just another day at the office. Oh how we love our job.


Music: Hype Williams - Find Out What Happens When People Stop Being Polite, And Start Getting Real We’ve been jamming out to the new Hype Williams record a lot lately. Digging those sweaty psychedelic ’80s beats and getting all psyched up for their Subbacultcha! shows in November.


Small pleasures: New Socks Softly sliding tender tight on your left foot. Ahhh. And then the pleasure of knowing there is right foot too... And you thought we were hipsters.



hoi hallo ik kreeg een link naar een prijsvraag voor 2 kaartjes voor crystal castles maar daar stond niet wat te doen dus bij deze : ik wil ze wel winnen! wat wil je dat ik er voor doe???? ik kan muziek maken: vage analoge elektronika heerlijk koken djen tuinieren etc groet aleks

Hi! My name is Stephan Herrera. You mentioned my band (Phonebooks) in the September issue of your magazine. Can I order physical issues of the September magazine? How do I do that? Thank you for the attention! (Phonebooks was in the new music section. The magazines are on their way to Denver)

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off the record: dum dum girls


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free SHOWS in November EKLIN, Violet Dream Zenith, Hype Williams, Fyoelk • PRINCE RAMA, SUN ARAW, Bebe Fang • GARY WAR, EKLIN, Hype Williams, STELLAR OM SOURCE • FOOL’S GOLD • THE WALKMEN • TEETH

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Hype Williams

Eklin (CD Release Party) + Hype Williams, Violet Dream Zenith & Fyoelk

11 Nov - OT301, Amsterdam Starts 20.30 | €7 | Free for members When Eklin made the switch from loud noise drones to quiet dream pop, we were wondering if this was just another phase, or truly a band coming to terms with their musical direction. The release of their first limited edition cassette made clear that the boys and girl had found the sound they had been looking for. This mesmerising collection of songs struck the perfect balance between dreamy soundscapes, pop melodies and repetitive grooves. We can only hope the full-length that’s coming out tonight will live up to the same standard. Also

playing are the amazing Hype Williams (see Nov 14) along with Violet Dream Zenith and Fyoelk.


13 Nov - De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam Starts 20.00 | €7 | Free for members ‘Atmospheric’ and ‘foreboding’ might be the first words to pop into mind when it comes to this spiritual psychedelic discovery by Animal Collective’s record label, Paw Tracks. Watch Prince Rama for a distinctive blend of influences drawn from a childhood in a Hare Krishna commune. That, plus they sample Elvis Presley on a track called ‘Land Of The Apocalypse Transcended’. No, seriously. Complementing them with a hypnotic drone rock drenched in heavy guitars and vocals that can only continue end 13

coming subbacultcha! membership pages up at become a Subbacultcha! member for €6 a month Subbaand get free access to all these shows cultcha! Youdescribed can get ac-as ritualistic in their delivery be cess to these are Sun shows forAraw, free the musical vehicle for Magic Lantern guitarist Cameron Stallones. if you become a Subbacultcha! With a supporting act in Dutch darlings member. Bebe Fang fresh from a tour of the States, you need look no further for weekend enSubscribe now tertainment. and get 20 eu-

to Vampire Weekend. Israel-born vocalist Luke Top flits seamlessly between lush guitar lines and tribal sensibilities in a language that somehow seems to fit just right – Hebrew. Foreign Born guitarist Lewis Pesacov, it is rumoured, is a sight to behold live. Don’t miss this one.

Hype Williams, Gary War, Eklin & Stellar Om Source

The Walkmen

ros worth of clothing at American Apparel See page 7 for 14 Nov - Ekko, Utrecht details.

Starts 20.00 | €9 | Free for members We’ve been raving and ranting about Hype Williams for a while now, and with due cause. This London/Berlin-based duo sure know how play them groovy subs and repetitive electronics. At times they sound like the tape recorder swallowed your Miami Vice soundtrack, but you can’t be bothered to turn it off, as you’re too busy making out with three hot chicks on your parents’ couch. Then there’s Gary War, in the same league of cool as Hype Williams, but a little more up-tempo with wavy synths and dark vocals. Stellar Om Source will bring on her psychedelic noise drones and Eklin will complete this dream of a line-up.


16 Nov - Melkweg, Amsterdam Starts 19.30 | €14 | Free for members Has enough been said already about the refreshingly tropical tunes spun by Los Angeles collective Fool’s Gold? We think not. Touted as one of Beyond Race’s ‘50 Emerging Artists’ for good reason, the sunny Afro pop act is often unfairly compared 14

21 Nov - Tivoli, Utrecht Starts 19.30 | €14 | Free for members Indie staple Walkmen need no introduction, having been the favoured post-punk revival wunderkinder of both critics and fans alike for a decade now. Six albums young (currently touring to support their latest release, Lisbon) and no longer struggling for a departure from their garage sound roots, expect to see the trademark ever-sexy upright piano play as large a role in their itinerary as ever. Experience seems to have seen them slip comfortably into their surf-influenced skins. Summing up, you would have to have a really, really good reason not to go.


24 Nov - Studio80, Amsterdam Starts 23.00 | €6 | Free for members Indie/punk/electronic/dance act Teeth (or T3ETH to the hipsters) from Dalton, London – obviously bent on confounding and defying genre guru stereotypes – is as (in-) famous for allegedly hacking Lady Gaga’s Twitter page as it is for snazzy remixes, robotic vocals, chunky drumbeats (something to set them apart from the likes of Crystal Castles) and synthesized dubs.

e cials spNot fr ee ks so r ry


Stellar Om Source

Subbacultcha! at Museumnacht

ft. Banjo Or Freakout, Stellar Om Source, The Moi Non Plus, Siskiyou, Moon & Sun, Spacial Visual Concept and DJ Dance, Floor. 06 Nov - Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam Starts 20.00 | Passe Partouts €17,50 Not free for members On November 6 it’s that night again. 45 museums across Amsterdam will stay open till 2am and host an incredibly diverse cultural programme with lots of art, music, dance, performance and fashion (see page 60 for a selection). We’re hosting a special programme at the Tropenmuseum. Expect some lo-fi folk/dream pop by Siskiyou and Moon & Sun, cutting-edge electronic soundscapes by Banjo Or Freakout and Stellar om Source and post-noise dubstep by The Moi Non Plus. Dance, Floor will be DJing and Spacial Visual Concepts are setting up some awesome lights. We’re giving away passepartouts to the first ten members to respond to the invite, so fingers on the buzzers!

Marnie Stern

‘Subbacultcha! Presents’ at Le Guess Who?

ft. Marnie Stern, Munch Munch and Women 28 Nov - Ekko, Utrecht Starts 19.30 | €11 Not free for members All bands on the bill at Ekko tonight have played Subbacultcha! in the past. So obviously we were thrilled when our friends from Le Guess Who? invited us to host this amazing and cutting-edge line-up. No, we will not be introducing the bands and no we are not preparing any standup material to keep you entertained during change-overs. So what’s this hosting all about? It’s about us telling you that this is gonna be an amazing night. Both Marnie Stern and Women delivered some of our favourite records of 2010 and Munch Munch are also a pretty amazing live band. We’ll be spinning some records in between sets and if that doesn’t convince you, we’ll also have our fashionable new bags on sale. In short? Be there. end 15

subbacultcha! membership pages we saw you: spotted at subbacultcha What’s your favourite album and artist at the moment? Gorilla Manor by Local Natives What’s your favourite album and artist ever? This question is way too intimate.

Hukkelberg. All the time. What do you listen to when you are doing the dishes? I listen to the radio when I clean.

Favourite song at the moment? ‘Orange, Apple’ by Tres.b

Which music do you say you like (for hipsters sake), but actually, you don’t? I don’t pretend I like it, I pretend I know it.

Best record store? Waxwell Records.

And when you have sex? Anything works.

What was the first record that you bought? White Pony by Deftones

What’s your favourite album cover? David Hasselhoff Night Rocker.

Guilty pleasures? Sade.

Which record do you regret buying? The Smurf’s Hits.

Which album is still on your ‘to buy’ list? The Way Out by The Books. Best movie soundtrack? Disney movies have the best soundtracks. Which famous artist did you fancy when you were young? The singer of Incubus. Which famous artist do you fancy right now? Drummers. Best concert ever? The Whitest Boy Alive and Phoenix. Worst concert ever? Too mean. Which music makes you puke? I have a very strong stomach. Which music makes you fall asleep? Seabear. What do you listen to when you are on your bike? Darwin Deez will get you where you need to be. What makes you dance? Metronomy. Which music makes you cry? Hanne 16

What’s your first ever song-related memory? Dancing The Macarena at a summer camp. Good times. What’s your favourite summer (hit) song? ‘Pa Pa Power’ by Dead Man’s Bones. What music do you play on a beautiful Sunday morning? She & Him. What kind of music did your parents listen to? Polish. And the Beatles. Which record/album should not have been recorded? The Frog thing.

Photo by Isolde Woudstra

“Disney movies have the best soundtracks�

Name & age: Zaneta Pac, 22 Daytime job/study: Waitress and intern for Other interests: Food Place of Birth: Szczecin, Poland. Spotted at: No Age in Trouw, Amsterdam on 15 October. end 17

NEW MUSIC We make it our job to endlessly roam the beautiful internet and find the stuff that really matters. Behold the needles from the haystack. By Zofia Ciechowska You can find all this marvellous new music in the weekly playlist, posted on our website every week, or on our weekly radio show on the great viva-radio. com

Bands and biscuits As the rain soaks through our brollies and booties, all we want to do is sip piping hot mouthfuls of music that will trickle down the oesophagus, crash and slosh in the tummy and spread their gingery warmth to our fingertips and tippy-toes. Add a proper biscuit (preferably a stroopwafel, not those tiny-ass pepernoten) or two to these shiny, new bands and curl your hands up in your hip, oversized, knitwear sleeves once you hit play.

Sewn Leather Sewn Leather are Griffin Pin and John Root. Their music rumbles like a bomb shelter in Afghanistan and explodes in a mushroom cloud of dark wave to the power of punk feedback drones. It’s sweaty, smelly, boozy, bruised sex in the bushes and FALAFEL tattooed on Griffin’s knuckles. Crack your can of Albert Heijn Pilsener open and get their LP I Live Like This Cuz I Like It from Portland’s Yours Records.

chunks of rhythm, layers of youname-it-you-got-it samples and an unhealthy dose of danceable fun. This stuff yo-yo’s, bops and prances about like a kangaroo on speed on a pogo stick.

DJ Dog Dick



Remember when you stuffed that closet full of random treasures to the point where if you opened it, it would explode in a flurry of stuffed animals and clandestine piles of porn? BDRMPPL’s music is like one of these timebomb storage spaces – overflowing with fantastically mismatched

Let’s get one thing straight, DJ Dog Dick is the best DJ name ever. His music is a pretty good match for it too; it’s similarly divisive, brilliant and joyfully obnoxious. A recent tour partner of

Sewn Leather and buddy of Dan Deacon, DJ Dog Dick’s music echoes the former’s juvenile nastiness and the other DD’s unholy fusion of experimental electronics and pure Party Power. Who would have ever thought that the Saviour of Hip Hop would be a moustachioed nice-guy from Baltimore? Or that Black Dice meets Miami Bass would work so well? Like I said, Best Name Ever.

Total Freedom

Be afraid Copyright, be very afraid, Total Freedom are coming for you. Alongside like-minded electronic terrorists such as Teeth and Aids 3D, Total Freedom sound like they couldn’t have emerged from anywhere else other than the deepest darkest recesses of The Internet. In fact, Total Freedom are The Internet, escaping into the ‘real world’ to corrupt it, one big fat LOL at a time. TF hack commercial RnB songs, turning them into horrible electronic mutants. Forgotten chunks of dubiously smelling rave and techno are spliced with Beyonce samples which huff

and puff in a scarily glitchy but danceable mess. www.myspace. com/420rainbowboi


Sumsun West Palm Beach, Florida’s Judson Rogers is rumoured to be living in a grand mansion made out of Lego and neon pink flamingos. He brews cauldrons of jittery, warbled sounds that sound like freshly-squeezed orange Tropicana rhythms, with a bit of ambient pulp between gulps. Wrap yourself in this quilt of motley synths and stick your middle finger out at chillwave. Sumsun’s album Samo Milagro is released on Low End Theory’s affiliated label, Leaving Records, put it in your online shopping basket and proceed to checkout.

Hear Hums Hear Hums make sparkly, shiny, modern psychedelia without all those 1960s clichés, or flaky hippie nonsense – the equivalent of the invention of breakfast cereal that never goes soggy. Stringing together excellent experimental sound-trips, these Floridians fiddle with backwards vocals, synth gurgles and noisy guitar patterns bubbling up from the swamps of Gainesville. There is a free album’s worth of their gently fizzing ‘psyche cycles’ on their Bandcamp page, so click and treasure in your mp3 player.

continue 19


marnie stern



o, who’s the guy playing that wicked guitar in your band? (laughs) I had to pause for a second to think about

that. Just kidding. I’ve seen you play. You’re awesome. And I’m not saying that because you’re a woman. On the last tour you were accompanied by a female bassist. Is that true about menstruating simultaneously?

It might be true, but we didn’t. At least as far as I know. We did get very in sync in other ways. I’m curious about the other ways. What are those? You get used to finishing each other’s sentences. You get to know how the other thinks. Those sort of things. No gossiping behind each other’s back? No, we’re real friends. That’s lovely. Are you a real blonde? Nope. I have dark brown hair.

continue 21 21

Marnie Stern. continued

Apart from shampooing Fig, I don’t do much. I’m not outgoing at all. I’d rather be at home reading. My brain is always very neurotic. Books are the only thing that really help me to calm down. That’s no biggie. Brunettes can have fun too. Like dyeing your hair blond. That’s fun. Let’s talk a bit about music. Your second album has this very long and neurotic title (This Is It and I Am It and You Are It and So Is That and He Is It and She Is It and It Is It and That Is That, ed). Were you inspired by Fiona Apple’s similarly long album title for that? No, my drummer Zach Hill came up with the title. Don’t know if he listened to Fiona Apple for inspiration. We both liked it immediately and didn’t realise it would be such a big deal for journalists. What is ‘it’ by the way? It just means that everybody is it and that you just have to go for it. Okay, I will. Your latest album is self-titled. Did it take three albums to be comfortable with a self-titled one? Are you ready for ‘it’ now? I think so. Also we just wanted a shorter title this time. And what are the songs about? These songs are more personal. 22 continue

They’re about loss mainly. You know, feeling like in life you’re fighting against the grain of things, but trying to come out on the other end. Are you a serious person? No, not really. Well, sometimes. I have different sides to me. Typically Pisces! For instance, Best Coast’s Bethany sings about superficial stuff like buying t-shirts for her boyfriends all the time. How many t-shirts can you buy? That’s so Gemini. Geminis are known for being very superficial. (chuckles) I get personal and straightforward on a different level. On my other records the lyrics were more conceptual. When did the change come around? In the past year or so I’ve had more of a personal life. I read about the song ‘For Ash’, how you wrote it as a sort of elegy for an ex-boyfriend. That’s pretty devastating. The song is very gripping. Thank you. It was an emotional rollercoaster ride.


Marnie Stern. continued

m, when I think of female guitarists only one name springs to mind immediately. Melissa Etheridge. Is she an inspiration? Joan Jett and Nancy Wilson spring to my mind immediately. To be quite frank I don’t focus on gender very much when I listen to music. There are tons of people playing terrific guitar. I really focus on the sound that the person is making and that it is their own. I read you listened to classic rock a lot as a kid. Is this image I have of you playing air guitar to The Who an accurate one? Or dressing up as a schoolboy and doing a silly walk while listening to ‘Whole Lotta Rosie’? Never done that. I never really learned other people’s songs by heart. Well actually, I practised some guitar parts of Television. But generally I’m not fond of imitating. It’s kind of boring. Also, I wanted to develop my own style. Why did you start out playing guitar and not, for instance, harp? There’s no answer to that. I just knew that I wanted to do it. That sounds almost mystic. Or maybe just strong and independent. What were you like as a little girl? I liked sports. I was pretty much a tomboy. I don’t know, I played lots of video games. I wasn’t very creative.


So when did you begin to play music? I got a guitar when I was 15, but didn’t start playing intensively till in my early twenties. I’m 34, so it’s been a while now. (...) It took quite a long time to find my own style, but I don’t want to stay in the same place. Ideally, I’d like to be able to keep my style and just become an excellent songwriter. And how does your dog fit into that ambition? My little Fig! She’s a ‘morky’. That’s a Yorkshire Terrier mixed with a Maltese. She’s blond like her mom. I take her with me as much as I can. She’s very attached to me, so when I leave her she gets very depressed. That’s sad. What’s your favourite thing to do on a free day? Apart from shampooing Fig, I don’t do much. I’m not outgoing at all. I’d rather be at home reading. My brain is always very neurotic. Books are the only thing that really help me to calm down.


read something about a kissing booth. Exploiting your female sexuality there? That was just a cute idea. We needed some money to pay for a speeding ticket we got during the tour. Being musicians, we couldn’t pay for it so we figured out this scheme where I’d kiss hipsters for money.

shoarma with marnie stern continued

How much money did you make? It was pretty embarrassing. Maybe like a hundred dollars. Turns out indie boys are cheap bastards. I will just write down that you collected a couple of thousands of dollars and that you’re going to collaborate with Kanye West and a Russian child choir for your next album. Do

you have anything Oprah-like to say to young people, in particular struggling female musicians? To try and be patient and not expect it to come at once. There are a lot of bumps. In the beginning there’s a big growing spurt, when you’re first learning. Then there’s a long period of time when you’re not growing at all and

continue 25

Music feature

you might get tempted to quit. The se- I’ve seen you play. It’s very energetcret is to keep on practising, because ic. You have a lot of fun onstage. It eventually it will take you to the next seems very natural and real. step. Making music is not for people That comes from growing up in New York where everyone’s fake all the who want instant gratification. That’s not at all a diva thing to say. time. I’m so sick of it. I try and be myIt’s the dream job! There’s nothing self. People who are focused on fashmore fun than playing music in front ion and image, generally their music isn’t very good. of people on a stage. 26

Marnie Stern. continued

I eat like a ten-year-old boy. I like crap. I don’t like healthy food, I hate vegetables and fruit. Water doesn’t taste like anything and I don’t understand it. I love beer.


et’s talk some more female stuff. Food for instance. In an earlier interview you did with Subbacultcha! you said you’d be rather eating a pill than cooking your own meal. Are you bulimic? (Laughs hysterically) I’m 34 damnit. My metabolic system is a drag. What do you enjoy eating? I eat like a ten-year-old boy. I like crap. I don’t like healthy food, I hate vegetables and fruit. Water doesn’t taste like anything and I don’t understand it. I love beer. As for girlie stuff: I like perfume, especially aromatherapy on the tour bus. Let’s talk about boys. What’s your connection with the band Women? I love the band. They are very sincere. I admire them, because they stick to their guns. And their bassist Matt and I dated. Past tense? We were very similar in a lot of ways, but it didn’t work out. He doesn’t like me talking about that. Sorry to hear that. I’ll skip the questions about male hairiness then. Okay, this is getting awkward.

What if he reads this! I believe you will find true love, Marnie. I hope so. Maybe you should integrate more kissing booth sessions into your touring. That way you start out on first base! That’s a head start. Okay, one last thing I can’t seem to figure out. How do you make ‘smoky eyes’? I’m very good at that! You apply shadow on the top of the eye, then you do the one long pad eye line and start blending upwards, depending on how crazy you want it. Thank you so much. Good luck with the tour and the dog. Bye! Bye! Click. Damn! I totally forgot to talk about her Vagina Monoblog. Check it here: Marnie Stern plays in Ekko on Sunday 28 November during the Subbacultcha! presents night at Le Guess Who Festival. end 27

Music feature



This is Pat Flegel of the band Women putting new life into his eyes. The photo was taken in Studio 80 by Nick Helderman. end 29

Explore 45 in Amsterdam

museums by night

Subbacultcha at the Tropenmuseum / RoXy archive unveiled at the Amsterdam City Archive / Lucky Fonz III at Foam / music by John Cage at Stedelijk Museum / Vicky and Ron at W139 / Fata –el Moustache– Morgana at Van Gogh Museum + much more For more info about the program & tickets, visit

Irene o’ callaghan

Name Irene O’Callaghan Age 22 City of residence Amsterdam Where will you be ten years from now? I don’t know. Can you please draw us a self-portrait in 1 minute Sure. It’s called ‘spinning’ Website On the following pages: Plugs Photos of used plugs in walls of bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, toilets, hallways, attics, basements, offices and garages.

ART Featured artist Every month we select an artist we think is worth your while This month it is Irene O’Callaghan

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featured artist: irene o’callaghan. continued


continue 33

featured artist: irene o’callaghan. continued


end 35

Music feature


continue 37

Photo by Isolde Woudstra

Moon&Sun’s new album ‘The Wild Things’ is out November 12


shoarma with marnie stern continued

. RT : EE IJ 0! RV VR ,5 SE EN U 12 KO N N EK E DO ME N K EL NG E GA 3-

















The women issue

home alone

toko yasuda is the lover of caribou bassist John Schmersal who has been on tour for the past nine months. Toko has played in blonde redhead, The lapse and enon (The band of toko and john). we photographed her in her home where she spent the past months in solitude. working on a solo album Photos by Daniëlle van Ark

Hi Toko! How did the photos turn out? Turned out good I think! We only had 30 min to take it, it was a bit hectic. We took them in my living room Your living room or yours and John’s? For John and I, I have been home alone for many months now...we have a big window facing on streets, our place is on the top of the hill so nice lights and views. We like it here very much. You miss him I assume. Do you cook

for yourself when you are alone? I do sometimes, but not as much and as exciting. I have been eating the same thing. I need to be more creative but this is so easy and always good. What is it? Cheese toast and tea, or wine. Where do you eat it? Mostly in front of the computer, sadly. I like watching a show while I eat, and I don’t have a cable, so... continue 39

MUSIC new releases These are the new releases that you can’t afford to miss By Carly Blair

Avey Tare

Down There (Paw Tracks)

Animal Collective’s resident crocodile separates from the pack on his first official full length, recorded by the Collective’s elusive Deakin. Rather than the kind of solo effort that sounds like the band, stripped of many layers, only to reveal that the contribution of the individual isn’t captivating enough on its own, it’s instead just how a solo album should be – highlighting the contributions Tare makes to AnCo’s sound, but also finding him exploring the kind of idiosyncratic and personal territory that would seem too narrowly focused in the context of such a talented band. Instead, Down There’s zoomed-in quirkiness is thoroughly enjoyable. On ‘Cemeteries’ Tare vows atop a dirgey organ to take the pain out of my chest; I’m glad all I have to do is press ‘Repeat’ for him to keep his promise.

Small Black

New Chain (Jagjaguwar)

The debut full-length from these Brooklynbased chillwavers was recorded in a sleepy Delaware suburb in an attempt to ‘take the excitement and stimulus of NYC to a place far from distractions, where it could be organised properly’. On New Chain these guys do more than just sympathise with the plight of our attention-deficited generation, they satisfy our craving for variety with a record that is by turns dancey and shoegazey, bouncy and mellow, sparkly and scuzzy. They occasionally put the chill in chillwave to an extent that leaves me cold, but on the whole this is a paragon of a genre that continues to surprise with its versatility and longevity.


The Heart of the Nightlife (Rallye/This Is Music/Inertia) 42

Opening scene: chicly dressed cosmopolites lounge poolside, framed by palm trees,

mai tais in hand, laughing at the plight of the poor and ugly, whispering unintelligible sweet nothings into each other’s ears. The disco-inflected Balearic pop soundtracking their swanky lifestyle could easily be the debut full length from LA boyfriend-girlfriend duo Kisses. It was apparently inspired by Jesse ‘The Boyfriend’ Kivel’s job working as a travel writer, hence the jetsetting vibe, and features buttery smoov mixing from RAC’s Andrew Maury. In general, Kisses might as well have ROMANTIC MIXTAPE MATERIAL tattooed on their foreheads; what lady wouldn’t swoon if a guy that sounds like Jens Lekman crooned to her, ‘I would like to take you out, for a nice steak dinner, just me and you?’ I know I did, 15 times already according to lastfm.

MUSIC new releases

Fresh & Onlys Play It Strange (In the Red)

This prolific San Francisco lo-fi outfit follow up a slew of singles and EPs and two full-lengths with their cleanest and most cohesive release yet. Their sound draws from jangly psychedelia, Western soundtrack twang, punk revivalism, ’60s pop and garage rock. Given the disparate list of old school influences, one hopes their name is tongue-in-cheek. Regardless of which muse they’re channeling, these tunes are effortlessly melodic and catchy, and if released 25 years ago, Play It Strange would’ve sounded like a revelation. Given that it’s 2010, it seems like it’s about time for them to find a more distinctive sound.

The Tallest Man on Earth

Sometimes the Blues is Just a Passing Bird EP (Dead Oceans)

The latest from everyone’s favourite diminutive and Dylanesque Swede is more than just something to tide you over until the next full-length. It was written on tour and recorded during a break from blowing people’s minds

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MUSIC new releases These are the new releases that you can’t afford to miss By Carly Blair

with his captivating live performances. While not a huge departure, the overall feel is more subdued than this year’s The Wild Hunt. Matsson goes electric for the first time with ‘The Dreamer’, but rather than a sign of some kind of neofolk apocalypse, it’s a major stand-out in his catalogue. It’s a testament to his songwriting and vocal prowess that music featuring only a guitar and a dude singing about nature, love, and life can still blow you away.

Blank Dogs

Land and Fixed (Captured Tracks)

The latest from Brooklyn no-waver Mike Sniper tones down somewhat the self-consciously disaffected vocals, discordant elements and muddy production that have characterised earlier releases. This (albeit only partial) increase in accessibility may not be a good sign for existing Blank Dogs fans, but is a (albeit only partial) boon to wusses disturbed by his older output like myself.

Marnie Stern

self-titled (Kill Rock Stars)

44 end

I should confess right off the bat that I think guitar goddess Marnie Stern is FUCKING AWESOME. She taught herself how to shred, writes ridiculously self-affirming lyrics, and fingertaps like a machine. Did I mention she’s hot? What’s not to love? She’s joined here by the similarly tremendously talented Zach Hill on drums and Women’s Matthew Flegel on bass. As implied by the self-title, her third full-length is a more personal and confident affair. Not surprisingly, Stern’s characteristically complex arrangements, metally riffs, and all that technical skill are impressive, but her vocals and some pretty irresistible hooks are the bones that give structure to all that flexing muscle. These songs make me want to skydive and beat up bullies and kick ex-boyfriends in the nuts. Female guitar players are the new black, indeed!

I’m Here

Spike Jonze, 2010

Verlegen bibliotheekrobot Sheldon ziet in Los Angeles robot Francesca in haar auto voorbij rijden en voelt direct zijn batterijen opgloeien. Luisterend naar het lieflijke ‘There Are Many Of Us’ van zangeres Aska Matsumiya worden de twee machines smoorverliefd op elkaar. Bij een incident tijdens een rockconcert van The Lost Trees laat Sheldon zien hoe ver zijn liefde gaat. Regisseur Spike Jonze bloeide tijdens het maken van deze korte film weer helemaal op, wat hij wel nodig had na vijf jaar zwoegen tijdens het veeleisende Where The Wild Things Are. De luxe uitgave van dit ingetogen tussendoortje bestaat naast de dvd uit een cd met de soundtrack (gedeeltelijk geproduceerd door Nick Zinner van Yeah Yeah Yeahs) en een (prijzig) koffietafelboek dat een gefilmde making of overbodig maakt.

FILM dvds to see Door Gert Verbeek

77 Boadrum Jun Kawaguchi, 2010

De Japanse band Boredoms kreeg het in 2007 voor elkaar een dwarsdoorsnede uit ondergronds drummend Amerika op te trommelen voor een spectaculair concert in de schaduw van de Brooklyn Bridge in New York. 77 drummers, spiraalvormig opgesteld rondom de band en aangevoerd door stalmeester en knoppendraaier EYE, startten op 7-7-2007 om exact 7:07 uur ’s avonds hun overdonderende uitvoering van 77 Boadrum. De gelijknamige documentaire van 77 minuten en 777 seconden volgt de voorbereidingen, spreekt met bijna alle deelnemende drummers en toont delen van het concert. Het optreden is een oerritueel bij ondergaande zon, omringd door wolkenkrabbers in plaats van de prehistorische stenen van Stonehenge. Het immense geluid wordt door een van de deelnemers beschreven als het geluid bij de geboorte van een nieuw sterrenstelsel. Overdreven, maar waar.

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Strange Fashion: EPISODE eight

Featured photographer: Kyle Tryhorn. Featured designer: EnD by Eva and Delia. 46

A fashion tale in ten episodes brought to you by Strange Boutique. The Strange Fashion series is centred around a few ground rules that our featured photographers have to follow. The rules: - No models - Use an existing interior (preferably in a living room) - Use a plant - No Photoshop - The shoot has to take place between noon and 6pm and has to make use of natural light sources whenever possible - The shoot has to feature the work of a Dutch designer, chosen by yours truly - No fur because no animal will be harmed during the making of this series. The result: 10 versions of the same photo.

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WHAT’s COOKING? we are cooking for.... Prince rama By Zofia Ciechowska Photo by Basje Boer


Every month our very own Nigella Awesome does some imaginary cooking for a band she really really likes. Love does go through the stomach. We simply suggest... DO try this at home. It is worth it.

A 48

pparently, if you eat loads of courgettes you will be able to see in the dark. Or was that carrots? Anyway, if you eat approximately a ton of these oblong green veggies, you will be able to levitate and shoot laser beams out of your eyes. Prince Rama’s most recent mantra was ‘courgette-a-rama yum yum’, which resulted in these little treats being sent to them from Nirvana (you choose whether it was that Indian heaven and/or that band).

Courgette Ricotta Rolls Ingredients: 4 small courgettes 250 g ricotta 1 lemon Small bunch of fresh basil leaves 5 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 4 tbsp balsamic vinegar A bit of salt and pepper An optional handful of pine nuts (if you’re feeling particularly extravagant)

WHAT’s COOKING? we are cooking for.... Prince Rama

Serves: A hungry hoard of 4-5 hipsters So Mr. Rama, here we go. Trim the stems off the courgettes. Using a wide swivel vegetable peeler, slice the courgette length-ways in very thin strips. Slosh some olive oil and balsamic vinegar on two large plates and lay the strips on them. Make sure they don’t overlap too much. Drizzle them with a bit more oil/vinegar, and cover the whole thing with some cling film and stick it in the fridge for a maximum of five hours or half an hour, depending on how much time you have on your hands. Before you proceed to roll these babies, chuck the ricotta in a mixing bowl, add a generous splash of lemon juice, salt, pepper, some chopped basil leaves and the optional handful of pine nuts. Get your courgette strips out of the fridge. Dab about a teaspoon of ricotta onto one of the ends of the strip and roll. Place upright on a nice plate. Repeat until strips and/or ricotta run out. Drizzle with even more oil. (If you have too much ricotta, it’s nice to just eat it out of the bowl with a spoon. If you have an excess of courgette strips, they are excellent in sandwiches.) Eat with your hands and a nice, thick slice of air-bubbly bread to mop up the olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Wipe hands on skinny jeans.

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99 problems and the bitch... ...knows the answer

Door Brenda Bosma. Illustratie Martyn F Overweel Send your problems to 99 problems@


Beste Bitch, Elke keer als ik naar de supermarkt ga, word ik als een magneet naar de snackafdeling getrokken. Vanuit het koekjesschap lachen mij Oreo’s, Twinkies, PiM’s, jodenkoeken, roze koeken, bastognekoeken, appelkoeken enzovoorts, enzovoorts toe. Het komt vaak voor dat ik met het boodschappenbriefje (met daarop bijvoorbeeld slechts een onsje sperziebonen) nog in de hand de supermarkt uitloop - en in mijn tas een bont scala aan koekjes. Het is sterker dan mijzelf! Hoe kan ik deze drang leren weerstaan? Doegie, Het Bastogne Monster. Lief Bastogne Monster, Ik heb ooit een keer de dag voor een belangrijk tentamen drie pakjes vanille Chococups in een middag opgegeten. Ze zagen er zo delicaat uit; door het Sier Chocoteam met liefde gemaakte zachte smeltende sensaties. De expressief witte crème weldadig gespoten in een donkerpaars en gekarteld folietje. De smaak; zo subtiel en verfijnd als een schilderij van Vermeer. Mijn advies: geniet van hun verleidelijke schoonheid in de supermarkt en fluister jezelf toe dat je sterker bent dan toe te geven aan die esthetische vormen,

want daarachter schuilt kunstmatigheid en de meeste vloeibare vorm van buikloop ooit. Hou je sterk, B. Bitch, Komen de Telekids met Carlo en Irene ooit weer op tv? Sebastiaan Doornebosch Beste Sebastiaan, Eerst peinste ik nog om je vraag te beantwoorden met een retorische wedervraag “Wat denk je zelf?”. Toen dacht ik aan “Nee”, en even later aan “Ja”, en zelfs dacht ik kortstondig aan “Homo”. Ik vind het namelijk vervelend als mensen m’n Slavische frons tevoorschijn halen. Ik ben me daar ook nooit van bewust. Enfin, hoezeer ik je vraag ook een onvraag vind voor een rubriek als deze, het raakte toch een gevoelig plekje. Een plekje waar de Mega Blubber Power Race een hogere macht is. Ik ben opgegroeid met Telekids en dan inderdaad niet met die truttige paardenfetisjist van een Van Santen, maar met het onwaarschijnlijke duo Moors (Gemini) & Boszhard (Cancer). Ik zie nog de lange nepnagels van Meta in haar pruik hangen in het hilarische ‘Pittige Tijden’. Hoe vaak ik samen met mijn zusje wel niet gehuild heb van het lachen met onze giecheltjes. Tjemig,

De expressief witte crème weldadig gespoten in een donkerpaars en gekarteld folietje. De smaak; zo subtiel en verfijnd als een schilderij van Vermeer

99 problems and the bitch... ...knows the answer Stuur al je vragen, problemen en prangende kwesties naar 99problems@ als jouw vraag een antwoord verdient verdien jij een good goodie. Send your problems to 99 problems@

wat rakel je wel niet op! Ik ga zuslief gelijk bellen om m’n Telehits-cd’tje terug te eisen. Het is een blamage! Om een

serieuzer antwoord te geven op je vraag: thefonz46@hotmail. com (Fons van Westerloo’s privé-mailadres). ;p B.

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spekkie big


Door Marc van der Holst

AGENDA spend your month in style

El Guincho play Paradiso, Amsterdam.

Highlights in November El Guincho, Les Savy Fav, Baths, Beach Fossils, Museumnacht, Eklin and Le Guess Who? Win tickets to Fool’s Gold, !!!, Teenage Fanclub, Marnie Stern and more.

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Subbacultcha! Early Bird Tip


Live music and film: Dave

Douglas’s Keystone plays music to ‘Spark of Being’

Sunday 14 November, 20.15, Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ Dave Douglas is one of the key players on the jazz vs. electronica scene. Tonight, he teams up with filmmaker Bill Morrison to re-imagine Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. The result is a vivid film collage consisting of new, archival and distressed footage with a cutting edge score that’s well taken care of by Dave Douglas’ sextet, featuring DJ/Olive, who has been collaborating with the one and only Sonic Youth. Be there. See this show for only €10. Experience a great concert, check out the marvellous building and get a free drink on the side.

Early Birds Everyone under 30 for €10,- to Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ 54

Call het Muziekgebouw or buy tickets at the register 020-788 20 00 |

3 pairs of red all stars + mixtape

Not brick red or claret red. Not raspberry or maroon. Core red. Plus a copy of the Converse Mixtape 3x2 Tickets

Blitzen Trapper 10 November – Melkweg, Amsterdam This latest Sub Pop offering has some howling ‘Dylan!’, but that’s so short sighted. Try a pinch of Comes a Time with a dollop of Diamond Dogs and even a dash of A Night at the Opera and you’re getting there. 3x2 Tickets

Fool’s Gold 14 November – Paard van Troje, Den Haag Missing the warmth of the sun as winter comes creeping? Fear not! Collect some radiant equatorial warmth as this LA collective weaves sparkling pop melodies with African rhythms to maximum sun-kissed effect. 3x2 Tickets

Les Savy Fav 19 November – Trouw, Amsterdam Formed in the mid-’90s with a head full of Fugazi, Les Savy Fav mix post-punk rattle and post-hardcore punch with a live show that promises anything. And delivers.

frFree ee stuff STUFF Free tickets and goodies for you from us Every month we give away loads of tickets and good goodies. Don’t you just love us for that? To win, subscribe to the mailinglist at To become a full Subbacultcha! member, go to and click join.

3x2 Tickets

Teenage Fanclub 23 November – Tivoli, Utrecht Erringly lumped in with grunge, it’s their love of ’60s and ’70s guitar pop (think Byrds and Big Star respectively) that truly sets these Glasgow power-pop pioneers apart from the pack. 3x2 day tickets

Le Guess Who? 24-28 November – Tivoli, Utrecht Originally an exclusively Canadian showcase, this fouryear-old fest has quickly become a global indie who’s who. For more information, see page 58. 3x2 Tickets

Marnie Stern 27 November – Paradiso, Amsterdam Subbacultcha’s favourite guitar goddess returns to kick out the jams and blow some minds. 3x2 Tickets

!!! 28 November – Trouw, Amsterdam !!! (chk chk chk) have a simple mandate: to make live dance music and elevate the groove. Elevate yourself.

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agenda FOCUS STRP Art and Technology Festival

STRP Art and Technology Festival 18 - 28 November, Eindhoven. STRP offers a staggeringly eclectic line-up of international musicians, a slate of reality-altering film presentations, visual media and art expositions. Expect great headline shows by M.I.A and Chris Cunningham alongside some pretty ‘out-there’ art projects, performances and installations you’d be hard-pressed to see anywhere else. The photo shown here is a project by Colin Ponthol called Monster Happy Tapes; a giant monster constructed of cassette tape.

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agenda FOCUS Le Guess Who? By Amit Dey

Black Dice

Le Guess Who? 24 - 28 November 28, Utrecht, Various locations. For four years now, Utrecht’s Le Guess Who? festival has managed to programme consistently exciting line-ups that turn the city’s venues into treasure chests of independent music for four days each year. Named after a famous Canadian band from the ’60s, Le Guess Who? had its humble beginnings as a festival which dealt specifically in up-and-coming Canadian bands. In the three years since, organisers have opened the floor to other sonically gifted corners of the world resulting in what might be Le Guess Who’s most international line-up to date. For your comfort, we’ve made a sweet selection. However, we suggest you grab a programme guide of your own and find your own route, since Le Guess Who? has way more to offer than would possibly fit on these two pages.


THURSDAY, 25 NOVEMBER Broken Social Scene This Canadian supergroup seems oddly less important than the sum of its parts, with a rotating roster of musicians that includes Feist as well as members of Stars, Metric, Apostle of Hustle, Do Make Say Think and many others. The reality of BSS though is that it provides the platform for some of the most exciting music being made in Canada. In support of this year’s Forgiveness Rock Record, Broken Social Scene will arrive in Utrecht having spent the majority of the year perfecting their craft. With a live show

that involves at least six members, their current tour has seen them play sets that regularly pass the three-hour mark. Tivoli Oudegracht 22.15 – 23.45 Also worth checking out today: Born Ruffians, Awesome Tapes from Africa, Giant Sand FRIDAY, 26 NOVEMBER Ganglians After ditching thrash and hardcore sounds for the improvised aggressive psychedelia for which they’ve

become known, Ganglians are ready to lead you into the amazing line-up this night—they share the bill with Sleepy Sun and Black Dice. Tivoli De Helling 21.30 – 22.15 Black Dice Brooklyn electronic experimentalists Black Dice bring together so many different elements into their live shows that they have earned a loyal following of fans who appreciate their professional approach to music and electic brand of one-upsmanship that makes them expand upon each and every show they perform. Animal Collective’s Panda Bear has often cited Black Dice as one of his biggest performance influences. Tivoli De Helling 02.00 – 02.45 Also worth checking out today: Beach House, Caribou, Growing, Yuri Landman Workshop SATURDAY, 27 NOVEMBER Baths For fans of well-composed, original and melodious new-age marijuana music, this San Francisco band should be heading leisurely right down your alley. Conjuring up a sound from like-minded Bay Area bands from 40 years earlier, Baths have cultivated a reputation for a live show that demonstrates exactly how multilayered and well constructed their music can be. EKKO 23.30 – 00.15 Sleigh Bells Brooklyn noise-pop/rave-rock/ genre-defying duo Sleigh Bells bring their riotous live act to Tivoli Oudegracht on Saturday night. With the shredding of Derek Miller, the tense vocals of Alexis Krauss and a trusty MacBook, Sleigh Bells seem

like a perfectly appropriate act to fire you up to party party party... all night long. Tivoli Oudegracht 23.45 – 00.30

agenda FOCUS Le Guess Who?

Also worth checking out today: Dam Mantle, Small Black, Pictureplane, Idiot Glee Sunday, 28 November Tallest Man on Earth The stock of Swedish singer-songwriter-banjo extraordinaire Kristian Matsson has been rising steadily since the release of his debut album Shallow Grave, a rise augmented heavily this year by his sublime record The Wild Hunt. Having played a sold-out show at Amsterdam’s Melkweg earlier this summer, the Tallest Man on Earth will be bringing his Americana-influenced folk music to a characteristically stripped-down set at Tivoli Oudegracht for a fittingly charming end to the festival. Tivoli Oudegracht 22.20 – 23.30 Subbacultcha presents Munch Munch, Women and Marnie Stern We have the honour of hosting this wonderful line-up in EKKO (whatever that may mean). Anyway, we feel very close to all three bands and we are excited to see them listed on one night. Women are one of the most innovative acts of the past years who have surprised and excited us with both their releases. Marnie Stern (more woman than all four Women) is sharing the stage. Her self-taught shredding puts her in a class of her own and makes for a very entertaining and ‘real’ live show. Happy campers Munch Munch are the cherry on the pie with their humpty dumpty intelli-pop. And then, after partyyyyy. Welcome! EKKO 19.30 - late

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agenda FOCUS Museumnacht By Sarah Gehrke

Microcosmos in De Hortus

Museumnacht 6 November, Amsterdam, Various locations Museumnacht is always a treat. 45 museums and cultural hotspots are open until 2 o’clock at night offering a wide variety of art, fashion, design, dance, music, media, video... you name it. This year the programme is of exceptional quality. We really had a hard time making a selection that would fit on these three pages. And that’s something, since we are a critical bunch here at Subbacultcha!. Make sure you are well-rested and all dressed up on Saturday 6 November and indulge in this marvellous n8. Amsterdams Historisch Museum Tying in with the museum’s current exhibition ‘A’DAM, Men & Fashion’, the AHM presents a night dedicated to the phenomenon of male style and men’s fashions, with a photography show about Amsterdam street style by ArtEZ and fashion designs by Ontfront, NONbyKIM, Huyn Yeu, Sjaak Hullekes and Jeroen van Tuyl. The party is courtesy of Patta, with DJs Parra Soundsystem, Strange Boutique and Vic Crezée. 19.00 – 02.00 Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 359


ARCAM Architectuurcentrum Amsterdam ARCAM is all about space and sound tonight, in the spirit of its ‘Music, Space and Architecture’ ex-

hibition and the floating Side Scan Sonar installation, in which visitors can experience new dimensions of surround sounds via an underwater microphone. Artist Sarah Sonsbeeck talks about silence, space and her neighbours – who she asked, in 2006, to pay the rent for that part of her own house that they took up with their noise. Electro formation Buchner & d’Arles provide the music for later. 19.00 – 02.00 Prins Hendrikkade 600 De Balie A night dedicated to futurism in De Balie takes the form of a modern funfair, in which romantic ideas from a hundred years ago clash with (the actual) modern times. In the interactive installation ‘Let’s Kill the Moonshine’ romantic kitsch is shot

to pieces, filmed by a high-speed camera. There’s a continuous short film programme and the possibility to have yourself filmed in Matrix-style. And the Salon Futurismo combines reproductions of futurist art with contemporary photography and painting. All culminates in a futuristastic after-party with a live performance by acoustic-electronic band ZôNk. 19.00 – 05.00 (Including afterparty) Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10 Motorcycle Club Miktor & Molf are going to build an interactive installation. Highly dangerous and fast! 19.00 – 01.00 De Brakke Grond Graphic design, performance, photography and music meet in this multidisciplinary programme, which offers features such as ‘copy-andpaste on a big screen’ and ‘dancing on the beat of a graphic brain’. You make up your own mind… 19.00 – 02.00 Nes 45 De Hortus Insects are on the menu tonight in of the world’s oldest botanical gardens – quite literally: do you dare to try the nutritious insect snacks? Furthermore, the film Microcosmos – a fascinating documentary portraying insect life in confrontational close-ups. 19.00 – 02.00 Plantage Middenlaan 2a Foam_Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam For ‘Foam vs. Top Notch’, Holland’s best hiphop label sends a delegation of their musicians to the museum. But beware: Jayh, Reverse, Adje, Sef and Lucky Fonz III aren’t gonna be behind a mic. Instead, they can be found behind a camera lens, the decks, or in an interview. Additional programme highlights in-

clude ‘Planet Foam’, about people and photography all over the world, ‘Superdiversity’ by Imagine IC, about identity and tradition, and L’Afrique Som Systeme/Daily Paper, a group of DJs, designers and bloggers bringing you Dip Set, dubstep and Coupé Decalé beats. 19.00 – 02.00 Keizersgracht 609

agenda FOCUS Museumnacht

Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst Old Skool, New Games: here’s a night filled with games, workshops, performances, DJs and VJs, all themed around current exhibition ‘Space Invaders: Art in the Computer Game Environment’, which deals with the connection between real world, virtual reality, art and society. There’ll be arty computer games by Julian Oliver, Robin Arnott and Jose Bolanos as well as ‘ Loveball (Interactive Pong)’ , a performance/interactive installation by Captain Video. 19.00 – 02.00 Keizersgracht 264 NEMO Science Centre In ‘Sound of Science’ visitors can play DJ (and VJ, singer and sound technician) together with Night Mayor Isis. Try out the Sound Machine, some mixing and STEIM’s Mobile Touch Exhibition, manipulate images and sounds with a Wii controller, do some karaoke and don’t forget the special fuming cocktails. 19.00 – 02.00 Oosterdok 2 DJ Isis & Piet Jan Blauw Experience how body and music become one with the Sound Machine. 00.00 – 02.00 Persmuseum/Press Museum The Press Museum dedicates its night to photography. Among workshops, lectures and photo assign-

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agenda FOCUS Museumnacht

ments, photographer Hans Aarsman who has been working as a columnist for the Volkskrant for years, gives a reading about press photography (20.00). 19.00 - 02.00 Zeeburgerkade 10 SMART Project Space ‘Against the Grain’: A decadent programme of hiphop, spoken word performances and chamber music in hedonistic surroundings with food and drink. Includes a performance by The Experience and a screening of The Magic Sun, Phill Niblock’s homage to Sun Ra. And composer, multimedia artist and writer Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky (New York) has written a new score for an Amsterdam string ensemble. 19.00 – 05.00 (including afterparty) Arie Biemondstraat 111 Stedelijk Museum Barely open again, and already going quiet – in a good way though. Tying in with current exhibition ‘Taking Place’, the Stedelijk offers peace and quiet with yoga and slow food. Most importantly, though, the Ives Ensemble will perform John Cage’s Music for... (1984–‘87) – repeatedly, and in various halls of the magnificent building. 19.00 – 02.00 Paulus Potterstraat 13

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Tropenmuseum The Museumnacht opening party is at tropenmuseum. So, go REDelicious - experience a stimulating night around the colour Red, in line with the current exhibition: a lecture about and a tour of the exhibition, ‘Scarlet Woman’, in which artist Yasmijn Karhof presents herself as live artwork, a burlesque workshop offering participants to learn to pose like Marilyn Monroe… Further on the bill: a light-performance by Meeus van Dis, with music by Aardvarck.

Subbacultcha! @ Tropenmuseum: Banjo Or Freakout (lo-fi electronica and dream pop from London), The Moi Non Plus (ruthless dance-noise), Siskiyou (Canadian folk) & DJ Dance, Floor. (See Page 15) 19.30 – 01.30 Linnaeusstraat 2 W139 The fact that W139’s current exhibition is by Lot Meijers comes in handy – because she is also the drummer in an, um, rock band called Vicky and Ron that follows the art practice logic of the various members. They play with rock ’n’ roll clichés and like to perform in unusual locations. Like in this gallery, like tonight. Expect indie and hip hop. And a bit of country in between. 21.00 – 02.00 Warmoesstraat 139 Optofonica Optofonica, art-science laboratory dedicated to research, production and distribution of art about acoustics, photonics, fluid dynamics, quantum chemistry and cognitive science (yes), throws the ‘Optofonica Spinal Syrup Party’: performances and installations of synesthetic media, 3-D sound diffusion and, in general, ground-breaking science art. So much for the theory. In practice, this means performances by legendary electronic musicians Felix Kubin and Asmus Tietchens; ‘Hydrogeny’, an acoustic ‘bubble observatory’ by Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand; ‘As an Artist, I Need to Rest’, an interactive performance by Sonia Cillar; and ‘Talsys II’ by Paul Prudence, a real-time video feedback system and simulator reminiscent of the ’60s Op-art movement. In addition, there’s be Tez’s ‘Anharmonium and ‘Green’ by Bas van Koolwijk. 19.00 – 02.00 Damrak 70

agenda FOCUS IDFA By Marie-Claire Melzer What’s in a Name

IDFA 23rd edition, 17 – 28 November. The International Documentary Film Festival hits town again, 11 straight days of amazing documentaries for you to enjoy. Hot diggity! How cool is that? It almost is an insult to the programme to make a selection... but we did it anyway. 3doc12 Three music documentaries (plus one short film), topped off with a set by DJ Sandeman. Legend: A Film About Greg Garing (Emily Branham, USA, 8 min) Search and Destroy: Iggy Pop & The Stooges’ Raw Power (Morgan Neville, USA, 45 min) Ray Charles America (Alexis Spraic, USA, 90 min) LENNONYC (Michael Epstein, USA, 115 min) 25 november, 19:00 Pathé De Munt. Doc Lab New media programme on www. and in theatres. Since 2008 Doc Lab has been blurring the boundaries between documentary storytelling, digital technology and media art. This year’s edition contains more projects than ever, ranging from interactive web documentaries, participatory media art, multimedia photo journalism, games, graphic novels, applications and 3D installations. Projects featured during live cinema events include: Soul Patron, Out My Window, New York Minute, iRock, Young Me Now Me and Awkward Family Photos

Henri Plaat (Jérôme Schlomoff, 2010) French photographer/cinematographer Jérôme Schlomoff lives and works in Amsterdam. With his selfmade pinhole camera he has made a film about Dutch artist Henri Plaat (1936). The Arbor (Clio Barnard, 2010) Blending the borders between fiction and documentary, Clio Barnard made a fascinating film about British playwright Andrea Dunbar (1961-1990), who was best known for the autobiographical drama Rita, Sue and Bob Too, about the sexual adventures of teenage girls. What’s in a name (Eva Küpper, 2010) Intimate, moving and at times wildly funny portrait of New York body art performer and “gender terrorist” Jon Cory. Filmmaker Eva Küppers follows Cory before and after he has breast implants. Kinshasa Symphony (Claus Wischmann & Martin Baer, 2010) Documentary following a symphonic orchestra in Kinshasa, Congo. In a very chaotic city, these musicians somehow manage to work together.

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agenda shows in november

Zola Jesus

CocoRosie 01 Nov - Melkweg, Amsterdam Sisters Bianca ‘Coco’ and Sierra ‘Rosie’ Casady bring their mix of lo-fi pop, electronica, blues, hiphop and opera back to the Netherlands. True originals, CocoRosie have left the confining ‘freak-folk’ tag far behind and follow no-one in their ongoing search for artistic and aural perfection. Xiu Xiu, Zola Jesus, Former Ghosts 03 Nov - Vera, Groningen 20 Nov - Paradiso, Amsterdam After the release of Dear God, I Hate Myself and a hefty eight-year back-catalogue encompassing post punk, ‘80s synthpop, noise, ambient, techno and more, it can be hard to nail down Xiu Xiu. We’ll label it art pop, but you can decide for yourself. Then there’s Zola Jesus, the electro goth project reminiscent of Fever Ray. It’s surprisingly catchy and deserving of a space better than Paradiso’s Kelder, where she found herself in September. Thankfully she’s upgraded this time. Finally there’s synth pop project Former Ghosts.


Gold Panda 06 Nov - Paradiso, Amsterdam London-based glitched-chill sounds. Eclectic electro hiphop beats meet pink fluffy synths and grooves.

Ratatat 11 Nov - Vera, Groningen 12 Nov - Paradiso (London Calling), Amsterdam New York guitar/synth duo who put out their LP4 this summer. Their electro rock builds up dance-friendly loops and noise. Beach Fossils 11 Nov - Vera, Groningen 12 Nov - dB’s, Utrecht 13 Nov - Paradiso (London Calling), Amsterdam You’ve surely heard ‘Daydream’ already. It’s the lead track from the Brooklyn quartet’s self-titled album, which crosses the production ethos of old heroes like The Jesus and Mary Chain with effortlessly melodic/melancholic indie pop. It’s perfect for reminiscing over a long-lost summer. The Tallest Man On Earth 12 Nov - Vera, Groningen 28 Nov - Le Guess Who?, Utrecht Seriously? We do still love the sincere, humorous songwriting of Kristian Matsson, plus his charming live performances, which most recently saw him selling out Melkweg. But he’s come through the Netherlands so many times this year, we’re starting to think he’s been banished from his hometown for burning a Dala horse or something.

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Eklin / HYPE WILLIAMS 11 Nov - OT301, Amsterdam 12 Nov - Roodkapje, Rotterdam 13 Nov - Vera, Groningen 14 Nov - Ekko, Utrecht This Groningen-area electronoise group rose out of the ashes of the explosive Adept. Atmospheric but always evolving, they’re set to unleash their latest sonic experiments at a series of shows coinciding with the launch of their new record. Bravo, boys. Hype Williams is a Berlin/ London based duo who found the ‘Loop eternally’ knob on the sampler. And their bass knob goes to 11. Not 10... 11. Amazing stuff! It has Hipster Hype written all over it. London Calling 12/13 Nov - Paradiso, Amsterdam Paradiso’s celebration of new (Brit) music. Of course, it’s not news that the boundaries blur every edition, moving away from the UK idealism that kick-started this festival. What is news is that you have to act fast to get into it. Two-day passes sold out weeks ago, leaving either single tickets or the scalp market. No matter what, there’s some good indie-friendly acts signed up for this one: Warpaint, Wavves, Beach Fossils, Ratatat... El Guincho 15 Nov - Paradiso, Amsterdam

Tropicalia indie electronics from Pablo Díaz-Reixa. Embrace the space-age exotica of ‘Bombay’ and reminisce of an animal collective that’s purely about the beats and the melody. Fool’s Gold 14 Nov - Paard van Troje, Den Haag 16 Nov - Melkweg, Amsterdam Free Tickets. See page 53

Leave the Vampire Weekend to the Heineken Music Hall patrons - we don’t know any of those, right? - because if you’re craving a purer mix of Afropop and contemporary indie pop, Fool’s Gold remain the top choice. Maybe tropical pop is a more suited descriptor actually, seeing as the broad influences of these Californians stretch across the continent, stopping off in Mali, Congo, Nigeria and Ethiopia, not even forgetting the bouts of Hebrew lyricism. Either way, it’s sunny side up and made for dancing. Crossing Border Festival 17-20 November - Various locations, Den Haag Crossing Border may be a lit fest first and a music festival second, but it undoubtedly commands a strong line-up of bands every year. Highlights at this edition include

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Local Natives, Spoon, The National, Twin Sister, The Walkmen, Tokyo Police Club and more. The only downsides at times are the unavoidable scheduling clashes or when you discover your favourite artist will play in the Koninklijke Schouwburg - a plush theatre admittedly, but it’s tough to work up an atmosphere in there.

Baths 24 Nov - Bitterzoet, Amsterdam 27 Nov - Le Guess Who?, Utrecht Beat-driven noise pop sounding like broken tape loops spinning hypnotic melodies of never-ending conclusions. Their Californian footprint is suitably recognisable, reminding of anything from Caribou to Daedelus to Wooden Shjips.

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone 18 Nov - Paradiso, Amsterdam Owen Ashworth is celebrating 13 years of obscurity, with one last European tour. Tonight marks cftpa’s last ever Amsterdam show, so we strongly suggest you come out and celebrate with him.

Ty Segall 24 Nov - Merleyn, Nijmegen Sixties psych guitar pop. If you love The Strange Boys check out these twisted singalongs.

STRP Festival 18-28 Nov - Various locations, Eindhoven One of Europe’s largest art and technology festival aims big with its music line-up this year. Look out for Chris Cunningham, Underworld, Die Antwoord, Jónsi, M.I.A. and more. Les Savy Fav Fri 19 Nov - Trouw Amsterdam Free Tickets. See page 53

Indie rock or hardcore? Whatever, Les Savy Fav are a whirlwind of noise and energy. And just when you think they can’t possibly maintain their full-on stage persona and will surely call it a day, they reemerge with a new album - the latest being Root For Ruin.


Seabear 21 Nov - Paradiso, Amsterdam As pretty as the name suggests, this Reykjavik band don’t quite escape the atmospherics of their surrounding landscapes, but unlike some, it’s not their only trick. Rather, their indie folk is primarily songbased, recalling Groningen’s Audiotransparent. Support from lo-fi Seattle fuzz pop outfit Telekinesis.

Swans 23 Nov - Vera, Groningen 24 Nov - Le Guess Who?, Utrecht Yes, yes, fucking yes! Although Michael Gira’s head-fucking noise post-punks looked to have dissolved in 1997, the project was officially rebooted earlier this year, releasing My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky in September. Crazed vocal queen Jarboe may be missing from the line-up, but the project is suitably dark, dissonant and creative. Growing 25 Nov - Vera, Groningen 26 Nov - Le Guess Who?, Utrecht This Brooklyn-based noise trio should well be pissed off that their 2010 breakthrough PUMPS saw them fending off so many Fuck Buttons comparisons. After all, the Bristol boys had honed and evolved their sound with Tarot Sport. But while Growing certainly do connect with the heavily percussive rhythms and distortion effects that are now so familiar, there’s still plenty of playfulness under the surface. Women 26 Nov - Vera, Groningen 28 Nov - Le Guess Who?, Utrecht Women’s self-titled debut in 2008 remains a firm Subbacultcha! fa-

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Les Savy Fav

vourite, but their new album Public Strain manages to surprise with every listen. The Canadian art rockers are no strangers here, of course, and previously gave Deerhunter a run for their money in Paradiso. Lo-fi, dark and dry on the surface, shifts in percussion and harmony suddenly leap out whenever it’s least expected. Up north they’re supported by Canadian cousins DD/MM/YYYY, who’ll bamboozle with the wild rhythmic shifts of new album Black Square. M.I.A. 25 Nov - Paradiso, Amsterdam 26 Nov - STRP Festival, Eindhoven Avant-dance and hiphop from the outspoken singer. There’s trash noise pop support from Sleigh Bells. Le Guess Who? 24-28 Nov - Various locations, Utrecht The formerly Canadian-inspired festival wraps its big arms around the independent music world. Check out the likes of Baths, Beach House, Black Dice, Caribou, Ganglians, Marnie Stern, Menomena, Sleigh Bells, Small Black, The Tallest Man On Earth and Women. See page 58.

Marnie Stern 27 Nov - Paradiso, Amsterdam 28 Nov - Le Guess Who?, Utrecht Guitar hammering prog freak-outs from our fave Kill Rock Stars lass, mixing up fast finger techniques with raw emotion. Live shows are very fun and very exciting. Be there! Read an interview on page 20. !!! 28 Nov - Trouw Amsterdam !!! are back with a new record, a (somewhat) new line-up, but the same energy and sound. Come dance your heart out to the tunes of these punk-funk pioneers. Atari Teenage Riot 28 Nov - Effenaar, Eindhoven This digital hardcore band sounded pretty terrifying back in the ‘90s, but there really wasn’t much else like them at the time - at least not grabbing as many headlines, as they commanded the image as well as the digital distortion. Newly reformed, embrace the Germanic noise terror. Support from Aux Raus. Foals 29 Nov - Melkweg, Amsterdam The latest Oxford indie band to deal in emotive prog soundscapes.

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