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Unruly Music Magazine. November 2013

The Feedback Issue

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Subbacultcha! Magazine November 2013

The Feedback Issue

Amen Dunes covered his ears during his soundcheck in Madame Moustache as we ran out into the streets to avoid this month’s subject. Feedback can be pretty uncomfortable when it comes to unexpected distortion. But it’s even harder when used in its other context: evaluation. You’ve got to have a thick skin to handle it and remain balanced. On the other hand, it’s important to get it. So take it as a challenge next time your loved ones are reviewing your new interest as a bad choice. Sharing is caring, maybe? We put faith in looking back and evaluating to move forward. That’s life. Oh yes!


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November recommendations Each month our staff provides you with a selection of the finer things in life. Enjoy!

Music: White Material Records

Music: Mammane Sani

The goldmine of a blog-turned-record label Sahel Sounds has unearthed another gem: the first and only album by Nigerian avant-garde electric organist Mamanne Sani. Once a dusty cassette found on the shelves of the music archive of the capital, the 1978 instrumental recording La Musique Electronique du Niger is now available in all its psychedelic, hypnotic glory, consisting of six soothing and swaying compositions we could listen to all day.

Founded in New York by White Male and DJ Richard last year, White Material is dedicated to putting out straightup ‘no bullshit’ techno records. So far they’ve released four very solid EPs that are already out of print and changing hands for crazy prices. Watch out for future White Material releases if you’re into richly textured deep house, ’cause these guys know what they’re doing and they’re doing it well – but without a fuss.


November recommendations Artist support: KOP

Exhibition: Jonas Mekas

KOP stands for Kunstenaars Ondersteunend Platform. The new organisation represents and supports artists from different disciplines, with special attention to those starting out. Do you have an idea but don’t know how to start or you’ve been busy already although you have a question about your artistic career? Contact KOP for help and specific advice.

BOZAR in Brussels focuses on the work of Lithuanian-American experimental filmmaker Jonas Mekas in an exhibition running until 26 January. Mekas is known for his ambitious, poetic diary films such as Walden and Lost, Lost, Lost, which make for an unforgettable, sense-altering experience. If you missed the Cinematek retrospective in October, the exhibition Jonas Mekas / The Fluxus Wall is a great opportunity to discover the work and influence of the 90-yearold filmmaker.


November recommendations Music: D/P/I Recommended by Marvin Lin Every month we ask someone who inspires us to share one of their favourite bands of the moment. This month Marvin Lin from music and film webzine Tiny Mixtapes recommends D/P/I, alter ego of Alex Gray. You know, the ‘other’ guy from Sun Araw.

D/P/I, the latest moniker of LA-based Alex Gray, sees him taking what he’s learned from his previous solo projects – Deep Magic, DJ/Purple/Image, Heat Wave – and combining all that into a heretofore unheard sonic grab bag of sounds, all meticulously created and impeccably sourced. He’s released two mixtapes this year, Espresso Digital and Fresh Roses, both top-notch representations of his continual interest in micro-glitch experimentation and appropriation. Fresh Roses is particularly stunning, showcasing Gray’s uncanny ability to move his skittering, twitchy electronic rhythms across defamiliarised, dislocated samples (from country tunes to hyped-up motivational speakers), occasionally dropping down for some heavy bass thuds and driving beats on the hip hop/trap/house/footwork nexus. The effect is more fluid than disorienting, a smart, sometimes trashy methodology that evokes both terror and humour, unease and comfort – a digital lump in your throat that eventually plummets into your gut with frightening momentum. It’s an aesthetic celebration of technological failure, of communication breakdown, of the mind fuck of psychology, of the imperfection of humanity. But in the stylistic pivots and arm’s-length distancing tactics, D/P/I somehow becomes an impossibly faith-restoring exercise that may sound fractured and ephemeral, but actually feels holistic and everlasting.


We Saw You: Spotted at Subbacultcha! Photo by Nina Strebelle

Your first ever music-related memory? Listening to Kate Bush cassettes in the living room with my parents while playing with Master of the Universe toys. What’s your favourite pastime? Record digging, making mix compilations and podcasts, photography. What does an ideal lazy Sunday look like for you? The ideal lazy Sunday would be in Lisbon, having a drink with friends at Noobai. They have a really nice terrace with a view on the Tagus River. Any guilty pleasures? No, I don’t feel guilty at all when it concerns the cheesy things I like. Have you experienced any regrets recently? Not recently. What kind of music makes you cry? Potentially every music style. What makes you dance? D.I.S.C.O.Texas releases (indie dance/nu disco). Which future Subbacultcha! show are you looking forward to? Dean Blunt at AB on 21 November.

Name: Pascal Vermeulen Age: 33 Spotted at: Amen Dunes at Madame Moustache on 05 October Home: Brussels Keywords: Rue 14 n°14, Guerrilla Stoemp, Mixcloud, record digging, DJ-ing, radio rectangle, communication, photography, Sena Da Silva, Cartier Bresson, Willy Ronnis, Polaroids, music, concerts, Edogawa Rampo, Alain Pacadis... Zodiac sign: Virgo

What did you think of the show? I really enjoyed it. I only knew one song but it was exactly the type of music I needed that evening. Are you an honest guy? I like to think so, yes. What kind of music are you listening to at the moment? Sahel sounds, folk, hip hop, Balearic, giallo soundtracks, psychedelic rock, French indie-pop, luk thung, leftfield sounds. What’s the first record you bought? A madonna seven-inch, Like A Prayer. I was nine.



The Feedback Issue. Interview San Francisco quartet Wooden Shjips creates the kind of thick, slow-building psych-rock that’ll make you want to get your blaze on. As the band is about to release third album Back to Land, we spoke

Wooden Shjips Skype chat interview By Nina Strebelle Photos shot by Sanae Yamada in Portland, USA

with bearded frontman Ripley Johnson, who also plays in Moon Duo, about the recording process, the sonic poetry of analogue delay and how to make the best of irreversible ear damage 12


Wooden Shjips. Continued

‘I have a constant beautiful drone. Well, that’s how I try to think about it’


Hey Ripley, what’s with the ‘j’ ? We were trying to sound Swedish. I know: bad joke. It just kind of stuck. Half of Wooden Shjips – including you – is now in Oregon and the other half in Cali. Has it changed the band’s dynamic? It hasn’t really, because we never played that regularly. We usually get to together to work, tour for a while, then retreat back to our other lives. It’s kind of nice that way – we don’t get sick of each other. When you do get together, does communication play a large role in the songwriting or is it more of an organic process? I write all of the songs, then bring them to the band. I almost always record a basic demo of each song and send them to everyone. That way everyone can think about it a bit before we get together. We used to just do it cold, back when we rehearsed more regularly. Now it’s a very quick process, which I prefer. I like to get it together fast and record while it’s still fresh. It’s kind of the Neil Young and Crazy Horse approach. And when working on new Moon Duo music, do you get feedback from your Wooden Shjips bandmates, or vice versa? Sanae gives me feedback about the Shjips stuff. She was around while we were working on the mixes of the new album and giving us feedback. It helps to have an outside ear sometimes, to get some perspective. It usually doesn’t go the other way – though Dusty did help mix one of our EPs early on. How much feedback can we expect on the new album? I use delay feedback a lot with my guitar playing – a bit on the album, but more so live. Live, I usually play with more volume, so it’s easy to get amp feedback as well. But I really like playing with tape echo or analogue delay feedback because it comes at this point of infinite looping and return that cascades into a beautiful sound of collapse. Have you managed to avoid tinnitus or is your head permanently full of lovely distorted sounds? I have a constant beautiful drone. Well, that’s how I try to think


Wooden Shjips. Continued

‘I often feel like I’m in a Twin Peaks or X Files episode. Then the sun comes out and everything is bright and beautiful’

about it. I’ve been pretty reckless in the past with loud amps and feedback, with no ear protection. I take better care now. Luckily I like to have music playing all the time, so I don’t really notice it. I’m planning to achieve my dream of visiting the Pacific North-West next summer. What makes it so magical for you? It’s the landscape, the climate, the environment, the history, the culture – all of that. And there’s something unidentifiable, old, pulsing underneath. A darkness, maybe. I often feel like I’m in a Twin Peaks or X Files episode. Then the sun comes out and everything is bright and beautiful. Wooden Shjips play TAG, Brussels on 06 December.


The Feedback Issue. Interview Over the past decade this retro-gazing outfit from NYC has mastered the art of stitching together scraps of proto-punk, soul, folk, psych and country into a post-punk

Crystal Stilts Interview by Julien Van de Casteele Photos shot by Bea Fremderman in Chicago, USA

patchwork quilt that at times calls to mind Joy Division and the Velvet Underground. We talked with guitarist JB Townsend about reviews and gaining notoriety in the underground scene


JB, is feedback from your fans, listeners and live audience something you pay attention to? Yeah, I think you can’t really help it. In this day and age, you see everything – be it feedback from fans or reviews from critics. Everything is so accessible that between the five of us – and between us and the label – we pretty much hear everything. Which isn’t a bad thing because your perspective can get a bit skewed when you’re in your zone and you don’t know what’s going on around you. Getting some feedback helps to give you an idea of where you stand. But that said, we’re not relying on that: we just pay attention to it. We still make the music for ourselves based on the music that we like. Have you started paying more attention to it as you’ve grown more well-known in the US underground scene? Yeah, I think so. It’s hard to tell because it’s probably happening subconsciously. In the past year, we’ve just been writing for our new album without paying much attention to what was happening outside. Right now we can afford to do that because I feel like we’ve become a little bit of a cult band in a way. We still do pretty well at our shows and everything; I just looked at some charts and we’re doing okay for this album. So now it’s a cult thing. In what conditions was the new album produced? What’s the message? We just wanted to write a lot of songs and have a good mix of songs. We wanted to record them in a more lush way, and maybe be a little less punk. We pretty much wrote everything in our rehearsal space two days a week and wrote and wrote and wrote… We probably had, like, 25 to 30 songs. We then narrowed it down to 15 and went to a really nice studio in Greenpoint, next to the Mexican Summer label. We left out some songs not because they weren’t good – like, some of them are really good; they could be singles, even – but because they just didn’t fit in with the ones we kept. We just wanted to make an album of ten songs, so it’d be kind of to the point, short and sweet. Those left to the side will be on our next LP.


The Feedback Issue. Interview


‘It’s an album that you ease into, and on the third listen you get it, you can enjoy the intricacies after a few listens.’


Crystal Stilts. Continued The new album has been out for two weeks. Are you receiving the critical feedback you expected? Yeah, to an extent – but like I said before, it’s really hard to tell. We got some good reviews, some mediocre reviews and sometimes I can tell the reviewer just isn’t sure if he likes it right off the bat. I think all of our records are kind of growers; this isn’t a record that you listen to once and you’re done. It’s an album that you ease into, and on the third listen you get it, you can enjoy the intricacies after a few listens. That’s how all of our albums have been, and they’ve sold steadily throughout the years. How would you respond to those reviews saying that your sound has become slicker, tighter and prettier – but to the detriment of your established sonic identity? I think that’s true. We wanted to make it clearer. It’s funny because I thought it was going to be more clear than it is; it actually still came out sounding like us but with a little bit more clarity in the vocals. The mixing was a little bit more careful, we tried to keep it clear. So yes, it was deliberate. I think that we can go even clearer – not in a modern way like hi-fi super modern – but, like, in a Seventies, clear hi-fi way. Is that how your music is going to sound like in the future? I would like to have some songs that are like that, but not necessarily all of them, because there are some songs that really weren’t that kind of song – with a more rock’n’roll or punk vibe. These other songs just called for different techniques. So I think we can be eclectic enough to have some hi-fi songs and then have another song on the record that’s not as clear. I’d like to think that we have a few Crystal Stilts play on 22 November at De Kreun in Kortrijk. The show is free tricks up our sleeves. for Subbacultcha! members. Other date: 29/11 - Maison De Musiques, Brussels


The Feedback Issue. Interview

James Ferraro

Interview by Will Martin Illustrations by Eno Swinnen


Shortly after the release of his long-awaited album NYC, Hell 3.00 AM on Hippos in Tanks, experimental producer and sonic atmosphere specialist James Ferraro is back in Europe. We’re thrilled because we’re setting up the Belgian show and were able to pin the man down for an interview – which is pretty unexceptionable. We got his take on other people’s visions, positivity vs negativity and growing to another level in your life. Are you an opinionated person? Yeah, I think so – about things I find important. I’m usually not in a rush to form opinions, I think they just sort of settle in, you know? I guess it really depends on the subject. How affected are you by other people’s opinions? Well again, it sort of depends on what the opinion is about. In general I’d say if they’re from people I look up to or respect, of course I feel some sort of obligation to listen to what they have to say – but what I do with their opinion from that point on is another thing. In the context of my art, I enjoy feedback but I’m very focused on my ideas so I guess I’m sort of blind to a lot of opinions. Has negative feedback ever caused you to rethink something? Opinions are subjective in nature, so it’s hard to equate every single one into what you’re doing artistically. I don’t really believe there’s such a thing as negative feedback. Feedback for me is something that is neither constructive nor destructive. The world is a web of complex


James Ferraro. Continued perspectives: your work enters the world and extra narratives spin from it. This is something that’s really important to me as an artist: the narrative that is outside of your control. Someone brings their context along with them as they absorb your work, and whatever that brings out of them is their own experience. I never want to judge that as a negative or positive experience – even if it’s outside of what I may have originally intended. What about general negativity? Is it something that influences you? I’ve been inspired by things that may have some negative connotations, but not specifically the concept of negativity. With NYC, HELL 3:00 AM, parts draw from negative experiences or events, but it was just one element of a complex situation. The album explores themes like urban and digital isolation, but also a triumph of achieving that sort of cathartic control. It’s very personal but there’s a deep universality in this album. I think most people have felt emotions that are exhibited on the record, even though they’re presented in a less direct way than with conventional songwriting. For me, hell is a psychological state that can manifest itself anywhere, and in any situation. Is feedback noise? I enjoy the sound of noise: I’m really drawn to its layers and complexities. And it’s not so much of an intellectual thing; I just naturally enjoy it. I also like how the natural discomfort of noise kind of hints at some sort of hidden order. Dissonance has been a key element of my music for a while. Do responses to art – good or bad – validate the product? Yes and no. I know artists who I trust to show shit too, but I don’t really take advice from people because I really believe in what I’m going for before I even start to make it. I think one of the marks of a great artist is that he’s able to speak to the world and communicate


‘For me, hell is a psychological state that can manifest itself anywhere, and in any situation’


‘I personally really love criticism: I think it’s a really important cultural and social agent’


James Ferraro. Continued those ideas effectively. Sometimes – and this is something that has been proven throughout history – artists are working ahead of where the culture at large is at, and their product gains validity as time passes. I personally really love criticism: I think it’s a really important cultural and social agent, despite the fact that some critics are undereducated. Is anything ever finished? The past couple years have been an insane growth period for me – on a personal and artistic level. I used to suffer from never really feeling like anything was done, partly because I would rush things out. But I’ve learned that allowing your work to grow alongside you, and having it mirror your life in a couple different phases rather than one, is so much more rewarding, because you have a sense of completion. Of course, nothing is ever really done, but I think this way of working sort of makes that dilemma less of an issue – at least, it’s been like that for me. Do you care what your parents think of you? I care what they think to a certain extent. I’m kind of like an orphan, though, so it’s a bit different. That’s just reality though, you know.

James Ferraro will play at a secret location in Brussels on 01 November. The show is free for Subbacultcha! members. Check out our website for more details!


The Feedback Issue. Scene Report

Scene Report Istanbul

Always been curious about the music scene in other cities outside your own little cocoon? This month’s edition of the Scene Report fills you in on the scene in Istanbul. The girls from Kim Ki O take us for a ride through the crazy metropolis Text by Ekin Sanaç and Berna Göl Photos shot by Aylin Güngör in Istanbul


One day, back in 2001 when we were both 19, we heard that Stereolab was coming to Istanbul to play at this venue called Babylon. We rushed out to buy tickets straight away, even though we knew that it was absolutely impossible for the concert to be sold out back then. Rushing out to buy tickets was nothing but an expression of gratitude for the karma or whatever it was that made this gig happen, mixed with uncontrollable excitement. Yet inside our proudly irrational late teenage brains, we knew something in our city was changing; from then on nothing would be the same. We were going to have other gigs than the gigantic stadium rock shows or the countless mini coverbands in random bars. Being isolated from a certain part of the world is no problem when you don’t know much about that part of the world. But it starts to get awkward when there is a certain flow of information that is rather limited and one-sided. You know, you hear, but you cannot reach. This was how a lot of people felt about music throughout the ‘90s and most of the 2000s. Everything about Istanbul’s music scene is in one way or another, related to this very fact, even if most people don’t seem to want to acknowledge it. In terms of alternative music, venues, record stores and bars there are basically two hubs on each side of the city. Beyoğlu on the European side, where Berna lives, and Kadıköy on the Asian side, where Ekin lives. The two main record stores we used to visit every week were Kod Müzik, which later evolved into a record label and concert organiser in Beyoğlu and Zihni Müzik in Kadıköy. Zihni was and still is located in a passage called Akmar, where the metalheads and punks used to hang out every day. Because of all the drugs around, there were regular police interventions. It’s sad to think back to all the heroin problems and suicide incidents in Istanbul in the ‘90’s. One of them involved the drummer from our very first music project when we used to practice in an hourly rental studio. We were both 14 then, he was only 18 but he was a brilliant drummer. The interesting thing is that both these stores were located in


‘The current scene here is rather small and it’s the kind of scene where everybody knows each other’


Scene Report: Istanbul. Continued passages where many other cool stores popped up right next to them. Those were the places to start a band, to discover new music or just to simply get to know others. Same with the bars. Arkaoda bar in Kadıköy is one of the bars we have been visiting frequently since 1999 (we also DJ there from time to time). It’s not a big venue like Babylon, for instance, and there’s no stage, but it’s a cosy room with good acoustics and ever since Kim Ki O performed there back in 2007 they have been putting on shows on a regular basis. We both had different bands before Kim Ki O. During her last years in high school, Berna started a punk(ish) band called Lowdown. They played about ten shows in the rock bars around Beyoğlu, one of them being Peyote, a very notable club that still exists today, albeit at a different location. Peyote has two venues these days, one in Istanbul and one in EskiŞehir – a student city in the middle of the country – and has been the main hub for alternative music and local bands since around 2000. The current scene here is rather small and it’s the kind of scene where everybody knows each other. It used to be even smaller, of course, and was the sort of scene that brings together all of the punk, metal and hardcore scenes. We were mostly drawn to the punk scene, secretly sneaking out to daytime punk shows and trying to survive the whole situation as underage girls. It was challenging for sure, but experiencing the scene at an early age in a city that’s sort of artistically groundless has been very inspiring for us. There’s a really cool book our friends wrote a few years ago, An Interrupted History of Punk and Underground Resources in Turkey 19781999, about the local punk scene’s interrupted history, that ties the interrupted art movement here to the political situation brought on by the coup at the beginning of the ‘80s. In terms of people writing their own music, the scene has been


Scene Report: Istanbul. Continued quite vibrant for the last few years. The first names that come to mind are one-man band TSU! and Berk Çakmakçı, who makes music under names like Realtime Concrete and Heartsparxx. We also played with him as Soft Gates. Then there’s Anadol, a crazy solo synth project by Gözen Atila; Haossaa, the best art noise band ever; and She Past Away, a cool post-punk band from Bursa, another city in Turkey. Together with Berk, and other friends, we have also been part of a DIY music and art collective called F91W for some years. Although most of them live here now, they started out in İzmir, a laid-back western city. Ekin has been working as the editor of the independent music, art and film magazine Bant Mag. for over nine years. Apart from shows for bands from all around, Bant has been organising the Demonation Festival for some years, which gives DIY bands without official albums a place on stage, so it’s a good event to catch up with what’s happening around the indie scene. Of course there’s also the secret world of DJs and producers. At the moment we are working on a remix album of our latest record Grounds, with some of the local producers and DJs like Da Frogg, Komadub, Alphadub, 12 metreküp, Grup Ses Beats, Klaustro, Anadol... and it has been a truly inspiring process for us. We do get really inspired by working with like-minded people and artists. And that’s exactly what we did for the release show of our latest album Grounds at the Babylon. We curated an evening with friends working in different fields, almost all of them girls! Our photographer friend (who also works at Bant Mag.), Aylin Güngör, played an all-women set with a screening of old photos she has been collecting and we screened a hilarious video our friends from the performance group Biriken had prepared for us. We have been writing music for their theatre play as well. The opening act was an all-girl dance group called dadans, who gave a


‘We were mostly drawn to the punk scene, secretly sneaking out to daytime punk shows’



Scene Report: Istanbul. Continued mind-blowing dance performance to a music mix we prepared for them. Of course, we also screened the video for Insan Insan, it was directed by Zeynep Dadak and Merve Kayan, our favourite directors who also directed our other videos. We also wrote the music for their first feature, The Blue Wave which made it to the Golden Orange film festival. Honestly, we don’t think we would be making the same music if we lived somewhere else. In a way, Istanbul’s music scene has still not fully recovered from the acute isolation it suffered in the ‘90s. Some older people, showing dinosaur-like tendencies in musical terms, still feel guilty as hell when they miss a show. One could say it’s a matter of adapting, since these days it’s possible that on one night, there are four gigs that we want to be at. We still feel we are in our little corner of the world, while the event lists and various hip magazines state the opposite. We don’t live the artist life here. Not at all. We are writing this article on our work breaks. We’re overworked and underpaid. We don’t make a big deal when we miss a show. We don’t go out to bars as much as we used to. Maybe we are getting old, ha-ha. Unless there’s a good show or a special occasion, we’d rather hang out with friends at home. Starting at Gezi, we spent the whole summer outside in parks; it felt rather weird to go to indoor bars and this feeling just kind of stayed. Essential Istanbul bands: Anadol, TSU, Realtime Concrete, Haossaa, Heartsparxx, She Past Away

Essential Istanbul spots: Babylon, Deform Müzik, Zihni Müzik, Arkaoda bar, Salon İKSV, Peyote


Featured Artist

Pieterjan Grandry Crap = Good is an online platform for contemporary visual culture, which has extended to a publishing imprint called Crap is Good Press. Initiated, curated and edited by graphic designer and visual artist Pieterjan Grandry, Crap = Good tries to develop, document and describe the contemporary movement from a large exchange of information and shared knowledge to small-scale, more personal businesses. It does so by covering an emerging and constantly growing niche within all fields of design: the counterflow response to today’s over-designed visual culture. With the title Crap is Good, Pieterjan references a common thought and aesthetic sensibility. 36


Featured Artist: Pieterjan Grandry




Featured Artist: Pieterjan Grandry

Artists: Sleeperhold Publications, Vincent Vrints and en plein public Selected liked and approved by Ladda & Topo Copy


New Films by Marc Buchy & Deniz Erdem

L’Inconnu du lac Alain Guiraudie - 2013

Three years after Le Roi de l’Evasion, which was his first break-through to a wider audience, French director Alain Guiraudie comes back with his new feature – Queer Palm winner in Cannes – L’Inconnu du Lac. During summertime, on the shore of a lake in a cruising spot for men, a young man falls in love with a beautiful stranger. But this fascinating man seems to have a dark side… If the story can seem simplistic, this plot is in the first place a pretext to define a framework, an idyllic spot almost cut off from everyday routine, existing only on its own where souls and bodies meet. You can easily feel Guiraudie’s simple pleasure to shoot and to let live a small universe where Man is a complete part of nature and it’s four elements. But more than hedonistic, this film seems to be a subtle alchemy slowly disrupting itself, where a muted sorrow grows slowly… Right up until this incredible finish, its aesthetically beautiful but deeply disturbing. Release date 6 November


New Films

Handsworth Songs


Black Audio Film Collective

Elegies Alexander Sukurov - 1990-2006 Alexander Sokurov’s exceptional filmmaking generates haunting images that are simple and silent, yet subversive in their loudness. Usually in comparison with Tarkovskian spirit, he falls under the radar with his distinct use of cinematic tools, mystification of form and content, and romantic depiction of space. Besides his feature films, he worked on a series of visual essays, under the roof title ‘Elegies’. As the extensive Brussels retrospective of the Russian director is coming to an end, this month hosts a full day of these portrayals. Rare to see on a big screen, this is your chance to discover them. Elegies: Bozar, Brussels on 17 November

John Akomfrah John Akomfrah’s multifaceted practice has been directed to social obscurities and cultural, ethical and ethnical norms; and established a distinguished style. Must-see for all interested in documentary-making and for the politically curious, his compositions screen a critical and controversial response to a season of simulated representation and political stir. The filmmaker will be in Brussels and Ghent to present his two early films dating back from the late ‘80s, made while a part of the influential Black Audio Film Collective. Handsworth Songs: Cinematek, Brussels on 20 November Testament: KaskCinema, Ghent on 21 November


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Those Foreign Kids: 01 September

Those Foreign Kids: 01 September

New Music: Film: Sculpture Factory Solar Year Lydia Ainsworth


Solar Year (Ben Borden and David ErBrooklyn music lady Lydia Ainsworth tel) have become partOn of the eponysimply thrilling. Lydia, if you’re readview till Sundayis22 December mously cool Montreal music family with ing this, come and have pizza with me! a bunch of new-age electro-pop tracks Come and have pizza with the world! under their belt, not to mention some This former student of Joan La Barbaguest vocals from the Grimes goddess ra has composed for filmmakers, visual herself. The duo have been heard to artists, poets and contemporary dance call their music ‘psalmgaze’, something groups, putting her at the epicentre probably said tongue-in-cheek but imof artistic expression, making her the mediately pounced on by rabid music coolest lady everrr. Lydia’s otherworldjournalists like myself – all because of a ly vocals are accompanied by a string Gregorian chant sample, ha! Check out quartet, drummers, keyboards and this their Brotherhood EP, available for free brilliant self-devouring fast-food collage download on the Arbutus Records webanimation. Listen and be happy. site and be on the lookout for their fulllength, Waverly, which is due to appear at the end of June on Splendour.

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Music, art and film in November 2013 Those Foreign Kids: 01 September

Those Foreign Kids: 01 September

New Music: Solar Year

Film: Lydia Ainsworth

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Solar Year (Ben Borden and David ErBrooklyn music lady Lydia Ainsworth tel) have become part of the eponyis simply thrilling. Lydia, if you’re readmously cool Montreal music family with ing this, come and have pizza with me! a bunch of new-age electro-pop tracks Come and have pizza with the world! under their belt, not to mention some This former student of Joan La Barbaguest vocals from the Grimes goddess ra has composed for filmmakers, visual herself. The duo have been heard to artists, poets and contemporary dance call their music ‘psalmgaze’, something groups, putting her at the epicentre probably said tongue-in-cheek but imof artistic expression, making her the mediately pounced on by rabid music coolest lady everrr. Lydia’s otherworldjournalists like myself – all because of a ly vocals are accompanied by a string Gregorian chant sample, ha! Check out quartet, drummers, keyboards and this their Brotherhood EP, available for free brilliant self-devouring fast-food collage download on the Arbutus Records webanimation. Listen and be happy. self-desite and be on the lookout for their fullvouring fast-food collage animation. Molly Nilsson: 23 November, Art Cinema OFFoff, Ghent. length, Waverly, which is due to members. appear This show is free for Subbacultcha! at the end of June on Splendour.

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Those Foreign Kids: 01 September







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THE PERFECT TOOL, Brooklyn music lady Lydia Ainsworth THE HELIOCENTRICS BULLS ON PARADE 74 Miles Away

tel) CHARLATAN have become part of the eponyis simply thrilling. Lydia, if you’re readVOORUIT HANDELSBEURS OUT music THERE family DO 07/11 mously cool Montreal with ing this, come and have pizza with me! WO 12/02with the world! a bunch of new-age electro-pop tracks Come and have pizza BIG NEXT CHARANJIT SINGH, DO 21/11 Edo Bouman GIRLS of INJoan HAWAII under their belt, not to mention ERAAS some This former student La BarbaDE CENTRALE Tempers VOORUIT guest vocals from the Grimes goddess ra has composed for filmmakers, visual CHARLATAN VR 08/11 herself. The duo have been heard to artists, poets WO and19/02 contemporary dance PLAYS ZAPPA something VR 22/11 call ZAPPA their music ‘psalmgaze’, groups, putting her at the epicentre DAMIEN JURADO ROXY AND ELSEWHERE probably said tongue-in-cheek but im- MANof artistic expression, making her the FALLING HANDELSBEURS 40 ANNIVERSARY TOUR CD-VOORSTELLING mediately coolest lady everrr. Lydia’s otherworldVOORUITpounced on by rabid music ZO 09/03 CHARLATAN journalists like myself – all because of a ly vocals are accompanied by a string ZO 10/11 EMILY JANE WHITE BIG NEXT drummers, keyboards and this ZA 30/11 Gregorian chant sample, ha! Check out quartet, MINARD TRIXIE WHITLEY oOoOO theirEcho Brotherhood EP, available for free brilliant self-devouring fast-food collage Beatty Butterclock TEL: 09/223.22.27 download on the Arbutus Records webanimation. Listen and be happy. VOORUIT CHARLATAN site and be on the lookout for their fullDEMOCRAZY.BE length, Waverly, which is due to appear at the end of June on Splendour. th

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Pomrad + Vuurwerk

Hippos in Tanks, experimental producer and sonic atmospherist James Ferraro is back in Europe. The man behind Bear Bones, Lay Low and Sylvester Anfang member Ernesto González is supporting his friend Mike as Tav Exotic. Expect tropical electronics and eye-dilating visuals.

31 October - VUB Kultuurkaffee, Brussels 20.00 | €10 | Free for members

Brussels-based producers and mystery crew Run Tell Secrecy, aka VUURWERK, create a dissonance between dance music and intimacy. They aim to drench the club experience in a comfortable haze. Inventive synth player Adriaan Van de Velde, aka Pomrad, released his debut EP Vlotjes on the OohWee Record label last May. He brings funky, glittery beats to complete this excellent double bill.

Lust For Youth + Bierges ft. Kadoyi

James Ferraro + Tav Exotic

01 November - Secret location, Brussels 20.00 | €10 | Free for members Shortly after the release of his longawaited album NYC, Hell 3.00 AM on


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02 November - Madame Moustache, Brussels 20.00 | €8 | Free for members Although Swedish Sacred Bones duo Lust For Youth originally comes from Gothenburg, Hannes Norrvide’s confronting lo-fi synth-pop has become a staple of Copenhagen’s burgeoning punk scene. Expect a tormented darkwave sound, minimal electronics and gothic beats that border on harsh noise.

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The Last Waltz: 06 November

FILM | The Last Waltz

Charanjit Singh: 07 November

06 November - KASKcinema, Ghent 20.30 | €5 | Free for members In The Last Waltz, one of the most famous music documentaries, Martin Scorsese films the last performance of The Band in 1976. The legendary concert takes place in the presence of twelve well-known musicians, including Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Van Morrison. Harmony and friendship make it a heartwarming last waltz; a must-see for music lovers.

Brussels-based duo Bierges are opening the night.

LECTURE | Art as Generator of Change in Society 06 November - Cinema Zuid, Antwerp 20.00 | tba | Free for members

Under the title ‘Art as Generator of Change in Society’, Cinema Zuid invites artist Michelangelo Pistoletto for a lecture and presentation of his work at the University of Antwerp. A committed humanist artist, Pistoletto’s spiritual and artistic quest has led him to address societal issues including politics, economy and environment.

Charanjit Singh

07 November - De Centrale, Ghent 19.30 | €13 | Free for members Indian house music pioneer Charanjit Singh re-emerged with a bang a few years ago when his cutting-edge 1982 album 10 Ragas to a Disco Beat was re-

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Dean Blunt: 21 November

A Different Arrangement with a somewhat grainier path and less calculated coldwave formalism. Influences: former synth pioneers Thomas Leer and Robert Rental.

Black Marble: 14 November

issued via the Dutch label Bombay Connection. Luckily for us, the 73-year-old Bollywood musician still performs his idiosyncratic club music around the world’s dance floors, so if you missed him last time around, here’s your chance to party with an oldie.

Dean Blunt + John T Gast

Black Marble + Rape Blossoms

14 November - Trix (ISM PAPAYA), Antwerp 19.30 | €10 | Free for members Black Marble’s debut EP has been such a success that the Brooklyn duo became the obvious opening act for big darkwave bands like Light Asylum, Trust and The Soft Moon. The two bedroomproducers continue their first record


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21 November - Ancienne Belgique, Brussels 20.00 | €12 | Free for members Stone Island, the newest and unexpectedly dropped album from remarkable composer Dean Blunt, has been on repeat in our office for the last couple of months. Same goes for predecessor The Redeemer. The man professionally split up with Inga Copeland and called it quits in Hype Williams, skipped the fuzz in the layers of his past sound and added an orchestra instead to underline the post-break-up blues in his songs.

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Noir is an album you’ll find comfort in late at night. Label mates The Holydrug Couple are coming along for the ride.

Blunt is heading to Europe this autumn and will be playing solo this time. Support by John T Gast.

Eraas + Tempers

Molly Nilsson

21 November - Charlatan (Democrazy), Ghent 20.00 | €15 | Free for members

23 November - Art Cinema OFFoff, Ghent 20.00 | €8 | Free for members

ERAAS’s 2012 debut is like a post-rock rocketship which transports listeners to a dark, lonely world nearly devoid of human emotion but filled with an ominous atmosphere, propelled forward by the occasional motoric groove.

Molly Nilsson got more exposure since her song ‘Hey Moon’ was featured on John Maus’ latest album, with the man simply singing over the original. Molly Nilsson delivers simple but beautiful melancholic pop tunes, strangely affecting lyrics and a dreamy sound reminiscent of the 80’s. Somewhere between Ariel Pink, John Maus and Harry Merry, but replacing the manic energy of those guys with a feminine sensibility.

Crystal Stilts + The Holydrug Couple

22 November - De Kreun, Kortrijk 20.00 | €10 | Free for members Over the past decade this retro-gazing outfit from NYC has mastered the art of stitching together scraps of proto-punk, soul, folk, psych and country into a postpunk patchwork quilt that at times calls to mind the Clean, Joy Division and the Velvet Underground, as well as fellow revivalists like The Fresh and Onlys. On their new full-length, their usual influences are sewn together with a more naked emotional thread, adding an extra layer of warmth that ensures Nature

The Holydrug Couple + Gonzalez & Steenkiste

23 November - JH De Bogaard, Geel 18.00 | tba | Free for members With a sound that evokes the dreamlike natural wonders of their homeland, the music of Chilean duo The Holydrug Couple doesn’t need much explanation. Like their fellow countrymen of


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more fleshed-out and bombastic arty avant-R&B follow up to 2010’s Autre Ne Veut, Arthur Ashin’s made a tremendous leap from sharing a home with Oneohtrix Point Never’s Daniel Lopatin and writing commercial jingles to being a full-time touring artist. He absolutely smashed Amsterdam’s De Nieuwe Anita with a tortured and heart-wrenching set back in April, stole the show at Best Kept Secret this summer and released what might be his best work yet, On & On, as part of the Adult Swim Singles Series. All of which is to say, Autre Ne Veut is ready to be pushed higher, baby baby.

Follakzoïd, Ives Sepúlveda and Manuel Parra are Sacred Bones signees and their sophomore album, Noctuary, is a gem of dreamy neo-psychedelia. Ernesto Gonzalez (Bear Bones Lay Low) and Glen Steenkiste (Helvete, Sylvester Anfang II) will support.

Dead Gaze

26 November - Madame Moustache, Brussels 20.00 | €5 | Free for members Coming from the hills of North Mississippi, Cole Furlow has been releasing material under the guise of Dead Gaze since 2009, recently morphing into a five-piece live band. Combining effortless pop songs with recordings that put an emphasis on texture, a compilation album, titled Dead Gaze and comprised of the best tracks from the extensive Dead Gaze back catalogue, was recently released worldwide through Palmist Records in the UK and FatCat Records in the US.

The Pharmacy

27 November - tba, Liège 20.00 | €8 | Free for members

Autre Ne Veut

26 November - Botanique, Brussels 20.00 | €16 | Free for members Following the release of Anxiety, Autre Ne Veut’s lauded Software debut and


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Much like their namesake purveyor of healing substances, Seattle trio The Pharmacy is where to turn when you’re in need of something to make you feel good. Not drugs, silly! I mean fuzzy psych-pop with a touch of grunge thrown in there for good measure. Also probably drugs, come to think of it. The last time these guys played with Subbacultcha! they walked into De Nieuwe Anita with a giant ice-cream cone statue which they’d presumably stolen from

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Nouveau Vélo: Le Mini Who?

blistering walls of noise they’re renowned for and airy, expansive atmospherics that allow the songs to breathe and the melodies to seep through.

No Joy: 30 November

a local ice cream parlour. That it would occur to them to do such a thing, and that they’d be able to get away with it, is a testament to the fact that these guys know how to bring the party, so head on down to WORM to see what kind of trouble they’ll get themselves out of this time.

Le Mini Who?

30 November - Kapitaal, Utrecht tba | Free for all Just when you thought Le Guess Who? festival couldn’t get any better, Le Mini Who? comes along to prove you wrong! For its fifth edition, this mini festival boasts performances by several Dutch and international underground bands and artists in several kickass locations around the thriving Voorstraat. Furthermore, it’s free for all, so you’ll finally have a socially acceptable way of rubbing elbows with that handsome hobo you’ve been making eyes at all weekend.

No Joy

30 November - Cactus Club, Bruges 20.00 | €8 | Free for members Montreal’s No Joy follow up their sophomore LP, Wait to Pleasure, with Pastel And Pass Out. The EP finds the trio shredding through a similar soundscape, striking a balance between the


Agenda: November 2013

19:00 N 19 OPEN 9A A0L OPE TEN) ) :0 Z 0 ZAAL O EN1 N 0 :0 ST E 0 0 KO P : S 2 O EK0 L2RVI0CE NG ASE VIC :0 L. R9 AG Z (EXC . SE1 0N VA STEN) XCLN AANVAN ,5 05:0 CE,KO A2N RVI5 AG€ SE2 A5L0O(EPE EN) ATS V A XCL. E (E Z € N K 0 A 0 S IC A ,5 T 5GE2T 0:0 2K EKOST I€CN SERVIC TS VA (EXCL. TICAKAENT €25,50 M

V O N 5 VOVTICKETS 2 O N A N 5 M 5 2 2 A25 NOV A MA M


WWW.013.NL WWW.013.NL







What else is on this month On the following pages you’ll find a fine selection of concerts, festivals and exhibitions taking place around the country. Art: Gedi Sibony 26 October-20 December Gladstone, Brussels New-York born conceptual artist Gedi Sibony makes minimalistic constructions from impoverished material.

Bush with the dark atmosphere of The Knife in a way that’s operatic without being melodramatic, danceable and totally spellbinding. Music: Lee Ranaldo + Bang On a Can All-Stars 09 November - DeSingel, Antwerp Bang on a Can is a legendary NYC classical music organisation that has worked with some of the most important experimental musicians of our time. For this special performance, they’re joined by Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo.

Music: Rechute Festival 01-02 November - Greylight Projects, Brussels The experimentation-heavy Rechute nights in Brussels now have a festival of their own, with a worldwide line-up featuring Mark Durgan, Orphan Fairytale, Asuna and more.

Art: Playground Festival 09-11 November - STUK & M, Leuven Playground Festival in Leuven bridges the gap between visual and performing arts with three days of music, dance and theatre at STUK and an exhibition at M Museum.

Music: Julia Holter 03 November - Botanique, Brussels The romantic ambient-pop of multiinstrumentalist Julia Holter is back in Belgium.

Film: Let’s Take a Ride and See What’s Mine 04 November - Cinéma Galeries, Brussels resident Axelle Stiefel curates 9:00 WIELS a night of digitalised Super 8 short films shot by Frédéric Chapon over the course of a decade.

Music: Wampire 10 November - Botanique, Brussels Wampire’s sound is a mix of psychedelia, ’80s new wave and dream-pop with retro allusions. Music: Huerco S 13 November - secret location, Antwerp For months now, we’ve been recom-

Music: Austra 06 November - Botanique, Brussels M PODIU Austra weds the theatricality of Kate




03 NOV 10 NOV 13 NOV



Condor Gruppe & Tine Guns



Polaroid Fiction



Cut Copy + Shine 2009



Autumn Falls: Terakaft



Wooden Shjips + The Cosmic Death


20-21. 12



Public Service Broadcasting

Beursschouwburg and AB get together

Bas Nylon

Liesa Van der Aa


beursschouwburg .be

Agenda: November 2013




kijk voor ons volledige programma + locaties op

What else is on this month Music: Cheap Time + JC Satàn 30 November - Atelier 210, Brussels The retro-sounding punk band Cheap Time shares the bill with garage quintet JC Satàn, also dubbed the French Oh Sees.

mending this Kansas City producer’s distorted house beats and we still urge you to check them out. Seen and approved at Wastelands! More info on Music: Mount Kimbie 17 November - Botanique, Brussels Mount Kimbie make unique ambientfuelled electronica that could be described as post-dubstep.

Music: Blouse + Bosco Delrey 30 November - Le Brass, Brussels Blouse is a dream-pop trio from Portland whose sophomore album was just released via Captured Tracks. Opening is experimental pop producer Bosco Delrey.

Music: Disappears 27 November - De Kreun, Kortrijk 01 December - Magasin 4, Brussels This Chi-town band creates a steady and unmatched synthesis of post-punk and krautrock.

Music: Lonnie Holley 02 December - Ancienne Belgique, Brussels The 63-year-old acclaimed sculptor and painter Lonnie Holley has added music to his bag of tricks. The sound falls somewhere between the poetic worlds of Arthur Russell and Terry Callier…

Music: Crystal Stilts + The Holydrug Couple 22 November - De Kreun, Kortrijk 29 November - Maison des Musiques, Brussels Read more on page 17. Music: The Tallest Man on Earth 25 November - 013, Tilburg This Swedish folk singer has made a name for himself with his earnest, Bob Dylan-esque vocals, that harks back to the early days of American folk.

Music: Ty Segall + White Fence + Mountain Bike 04 December - VK, Brussels Fuzz-maker Ty Segall and Tim Presley’s lo-fi garage project White Fence share this pretty rad line-up. Also on the bill is Belgian garage-pop band Mountain Bike.

Music: Sonic City curated by BEAK> 30 November-01 December - De Kreun, Kortrijk This year’s Sonic City line-up features Dirty Beaches, Savages, Black Angels, OM, Forest Swords, Pharmakon and more. We would actually mention the whole line-up here if we could…

Music: Wooden Shjips 06 December - Beursschouwburg, Brussels Lead by Moon Duo’s Ripley Johnson, the San Francisco quartet Wooden Shjips creates thick, slow-building, psychedelic rock that’ll make you want to get your blaze on.


Agenda: November 2013


What else is on this month. Focus

Crossing Border Crossing Border is the festival where literature, music, film and visual art come together to take the centre stage. Since its inception five years ago, the organisers have sought to create a unique combination of spoken word, live music, film and visual arts. One of the festival’s objectives is to highlight new developments in literature and music and their interconnection with other arts. Here are our highlights for this year’s edition 17 November - Arenbergschouwburg, Antwerp

Swim Deep

Cate Le Bon

Swim Deep These four skater boys from Birmingham will melt any girl’s heart with their lovely dreamy tunes – while retaining just enough punk attitude to still be badass enough that their boyfriends won’t object.

of music and visuals to the table. If you’re drunk when you see them perform, you may well mistake the two charming front ladies in their identical outfits for a single out-of-focus person. Savages An all-female British quartet that shuffles punk, post-punk, krautrock and noise music into something brutal, confrontational and completely singular. Their music is a breath of fresh air and a statement of power and resistance you simply can’t ignore.

These New Puritans This London-based art-rock band may sound dissonant or confusing at first, but with repeated listening it starts to magically come together. It’s unnerving, but at the same time genius. Cate Le Bon A Welsh singer-songwriter who loves to sing about the ocean, love and animals. This charming farm girl has the perfect voice for her psychedelic folk-pop.

Jenny Hval This Norwegian artist’s conceptual, intelligent music moves and thrills. Her recent album, Innocent is Kinky, which contains themes including mythology, gender, sexuality and politics, sounds amazing.

Lucius This bunch of indie-pop Brooklynites brings an interesting combination


Agenda: November 2013 kultuurkaffee, pleinlaan 2, 1050 Brussel, Campus Vrije Universiteit Brussel -

THU 07 november 2013 THU 14 november 2013 SAT 30 november 2013 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

delv!s MODDI (n0) support << paper fox support << st.grandson

Autumn falls: tony dekker (ca)

<< frontman great lake swimmers

info & tickets :

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What else is on this month. Focus

Le Guess Who? Festival One of the leading Dutch festivals for independent music, Le Guess Who? is a ‘must-go’, and is marked in capitals in our agenda. The seventh edition sees a lot of our favourite bands performing throughout the city centre of Utrecht. 28 November-01 December - Utrecht, NL

The Holydrug Couple


Moonface Admittedly, being drawn to every band with the word moon in the name is a bad habit – but nonetheless, it lead to us discovering this hypnotising and enchanting (indie) solo project of Spencer ‘Wolf Parade’ Krug.

producer creates an unexplored path in psychedelic music. Braids Featured in our October issue, you might already know a thing or two about this Montreal-based art-rock trio. In which case, you’ll know that their return is officially A Good Thing.

Wooden Shjips These psychedelic magic men make rousing rhythms that convince you of their grandiosity within the first seconds of listening. With vast oceans of fuzz, echo and feedback it’s almost impossible not to get lost in their music.

Ty Segall California’s wonderkid is what they call ’im. He famously blends garage rock with psychedelica and punk, using heavy doses of fuzz and reverb to recreate that ’60s tone that you just can’t get enough of.

The Holydrug Couple It’s becoming pretty obvious: we love this band. With a sound that evokes the dreamlike natural wonders of their homeland, Ives and Manu are a valuable part of the rapidly growing psychedelic rock scene flourishing in Chile.

Crystal Stilts This Brooklyn post-punk band has a way of hazily taking you back in time. As you close your eyes you drift away into a moony, lo-fi blend of garagepop, surf and psychedelica... Beware of becoming completely hypnotised.

Al Lover Combining crunchy drums, shaky percussion, chopped samples and layers of textured effects, this San Franciscan


All Subbacultcha! events in November See all these shows for free. Join at

01 November

James Ferraro Secret location, Brussels 20.00 | €10 | Free for members

02 November

14 November

23 November

Black Marble + Rape Blossoms

The Holydrug Couple + Gonzalez & Steenkiste

Trix (ism PAPAYA), Antwerp 19.30 | €10 | Free for members

21 November

JH De Bogaard, Geel 18.00 | tba | Free for members

Madame Moustache, Brussels 20.00 | €8 | Free for members

Dean Blunt + John T. Gast

26 November

06 November

Ancienne Belgique, Brussels 20.00 | €12 | Free for members

Lust For Youth

Art as Generator of Change in Society 21 November Cinema Zuid, Antwerp Eraas + Tempers 20.00 | tba | Free for members

06 November

FILM | The Last Waltz KASKcinema, Ghent 20.30 | €5 | Free for members

07 November

Charanjit Singh De Centrale, Ghent 19.30 | €13 | Free for members

Dead Gaze Madame Moustache, Brussels 20.00 | €5 | Free for members

26 November

Charlatan (Democrazy), Ghent Autre Ne Veut 20.00 | €15 | Free for members Botanique, Brussels 20.00 | €16 | Free for members

22 November

Crystal Stilts + The 27 November Holydrug Couple The Pharmacy De Kreun, Kortrijk 20.00 | €10 | Free for members

tba, Liège 20.00 | €8 | Free for members

23 November

30 November

Molly Nilsson

No Joy

Art Cinema OFFoff, Ghent 20.00 | €8 | Free for members

Cactus Club, Bruges 20.00 | €8 | Free for members

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Free tickets and goodies To win, sign up to our mailing list on 2x2 weekend Tickets Rewire Festival

2x2 Tickets Theater: I Am Not Alone

08-09 November The Hague, NL

21 November Campo, Ghent

2x2 Tickets Tallest Man On Earth

2x2 passepartouts Le Guess Who?

25 November 013, Tilburg, NL

28 November-01 December Utrecht, NL

Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re also giving away tickets for Crossing Border, ZZZâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Terakraft, Yellowstock Winterfest and more.


THESE NEW PURITANS JOHN GRANT, RADICAL FACE SAVAGES, PHOSPHORESCENT swim deep, jenny hval lucius, cate le bon, caveman en vele andeRen

AMITY GAIGE, JESÚS CARRASCO AYANA MATHIS, RICHARD RUSSO claiRe vaye watKins, pjeeRo Roobjee dbc pieRRe, nathan fileR les muRRay, pepijn lanen patRicK dewitt, deboRah levy en vele andeRen



Subbacultcha be november2013  

The Feedback issue feat. James Ferraro, Crystal Stilts and Wooden Shjips