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Down The Rabbit Hole Festival Guide. 2018

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The Black Madonna, SUUNS, Nick Cave, WWWater, Karel

Down The Rabbit Hole Festival Guide. 2018

Down The Rabbit Hole festival loves to send you on adventures. Between the epic line-up of headlining bands and experimental acts, lose your friends and find yourself revelling in the festival’s abundant activities and atmospheric spaces. This festival guide holds all the secrets you need to know – it’s packed with interviews, timetables and maps to help you find your future favourite band and unknown sweet spots. Hidden stages, art installations and outdoor parties are matched with extra programming by special guests Wende and De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig. Keep this guide close and get out there! Subbacultcha & Down The Rabbit Hole


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shot by Lonneke van der Palen for DTRH 2018


What To Do?

The Black Madonna

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Karel Festival Map

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WWWater Where To Go?

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SUUNS Music Programme

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A Love Letter To Nick Cave

Practical Info

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What To Do? Next to great music, Down The Rabbit Hole is a place for great experiences. Hidden stages, art installations and unexpected thrills are sprinkled along the beautiful hills and deep in the forests of the Groene Heuvels in Beuningen. Follow our treasure map to the adventures you won’t want to miss. Find the map on page 40 and locations on page 43.


Get The Gossip

Elevate your buzz with an exquisite beverage. For a drink with an edge, delight in a fine whisky at the hedonistic Scotch Egg Club. A refreshing gin & tonic can be tracked down at Hendrick’s Curious Cucumber Cocktail Forest, or grab a cold one, a dark one or a blond one at the Brand Bijzondere Bieren Bar.

Get your goss fix with the daily A4 festival newspaper Het Gat or break taboos with Wende and Lucas de Man during Erotische Verhalen at the Speaker’s Corner. Find a stream of steamy chat at Avant Garden, where Faberyayo and Sef will be recording their podcast YOUS & YAY: New Emotions live.

Locations: Teddy Widder Yard, Hotot Hill, Vuige Veld

Locations: Teddy Widder Yard, Hotot Hill, Avant Garden


What To Do? Recharge


Refuel your body and phone at the all-natural Tramontana. Solar panel power outlets can recharge batteries, and stretchy, bendy, free yoga classes can unwind your soul. Yogis welcome every day between 10:00 and 14:00.

Hang loose at the beachy bum paradise – the Surf Shack. Grab a surfboard while the sun’s out and float off into the glistening water. As the sun sets, the wavy beach club will come to life. Party on!

Location: Hotot Hill

Location: Teddy Widder Yard

Get Thrifty

Bust A Move

Grab Down The Rabbit Hole festival merchandise or seek gems in artistsrun vintage shops at the Rabbit Bazaar. Vinyl freaks can crate dig at Plato Concerto, and keep your eye open – signing sessions will be held with some of the finest acts.

Get off on the right foot each morning and early afternoon, and shake things loose at the rock ‘n’ roll dance club at the Vuige Veld. Rhythmic gymnastics and pastel ribbons more your thing? Check out the workshops at Avant Garden.

Locations: Teddy Widder Yard, Hotot Hill

Locations: Vuige Veld, Avant Garden


Activities Go Classical

Expand your musical horizons: find classical music amidst the woods at Bossa Nova and at Idyllische Veldje. Amazing trios, soloists and ensembles will take the stage and perform perfect notes just for you. Location: Bossa Nova, Idyllische Veldje

Find The Party

Speak Your Mind

Calling all opinionated storytellers and experts – grab the mic, stand atop that crate and tell the world! The Speaker’s Corner in the Tramontana is guaranteed to enlighten and entertain. Don’t miss Wende’s Late Night talk show ‘Alles Gaat Kapot’ on self-destructive behaviour featuring guests Dimitri Verhulst, Steven de Peven and more. Location: Hotot Hill, Scotch Egg Club

Get Crafty Follow the fat beats and ‘skrrts’ to uncover Wilde Haren x Desperados – the off-the-hook hip hop party that boasts a secret line-up of epic Dutch acts and parties beyond your wildest imagination. Keep your eyes peeled: secrets parties could be at any turn. Location: Avant Garden

Get out of your head and go way beyond what you know. Let experts guide you in working with steel, ceramics, wood and textiles.


What To Do? Embrace Drama

Los Conejos Bravos has got the ovens and tools, all they need is your creativity. Are you yearning to spray paint a teddy bear mint green or your sneakers miami pink? Dreams become reality at Avant Garden. Locations: Idyllische Veldje, Avant Garden

Admire Art

Mind-bending, soul soothing, luminescent and beyond, artistic treasures can be found far and wide on the festival grounds. Question reality with the surrealist installations at Future Fuzzy Field – the interactive Gaze plays with mirrors, projections and your mind. When The Sun Falls by Yair Callender is a giant frame at the waterfront, perfectly capturing the sunset. Fancy a glimpse of Vjeze Fur’s (De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig) garden of paradise? Climb up that ladder to reveal the beauty. Locations: Future Fuzzy Field, Teddy Widder Yard, Hotot Hill

Get lost in an infinite loop of performances and general strange behaviour at Broadcast Away TeeVee. Run by a collective of 80 actors, artists and theatre makers (ft. Urland, Nineties Productions and Club Gewalt). Love fashion with a message and a taste for self-ridicule? Posing as a couture fashion house, MAISON the FAUX affectionately reacts to the stern fashion industry. Expect a lifecycle of theatrical performances, revolving around daily themes: birth, life and rebirth. Don’t miss the wedding ceremony by Wende on Saturday. Warm up to more Wende during her hour-long foreplay at Teddy Widder featuring philosopher Bas Heijne and DJ Joost van Bellen. Locations: Bossa Nova, MAISON the FAUX, Teddy Widder

For the complete programme download the official DTRH18 app (iOS and Android).


Local Gems By Callum McLean. Photography by Isolde Woudstra

Karel Buzzing Amsterdam-based solo performer on getting lost in space Your sounds are pretty outta this world. Do you think everyone in space already listens to Karel? NASA sent a shuttle into space in 1977 that had music from Mozart and Bach on board on vinyl. I mean, if they are listening to that stuff, it’s a small step to my music, right?

Everyone should bring a red object. You’ll see why. ‘It’s a grey life when you’re colourblind’, you sing on ‘Life’. Where on the electromagnetic spectrum would we find Karel? The ultraviolet part, I always love when a club has tacky light going on. Never gets dull.

You’ve got a thing for vintage synths — which would you use to welcome our extraterrestrial guests? No one can withstand the beauty and sound of my Roland Juno 106. That would definitely be a warm welcome.

Based on your track record, we’re expecting strong dance moves. What can your audience try out in advance? (Zero gravity is cheating.) I always say: being unprepared is the best preparation.

What supplies should we bring when we warp out to see you play in the Future Fuzzy Field?

Karel plays Future Fuzzy Field at 15:15 on Saturday, 30 June.


Local Gems By Callum McLean. Photography by Tiny Geeroms

WWWater Divine Ghent-based R&B producer and singer Charlotte Adigéry on getting lost in the woods If we go down to the woods today, we’re sure of a big surprise — what do you have in store for your audience at the Bossa Nova stage? High intense energy that makes you wanna slap somebody or hug a tree. WWWhy so much WWWater in the WWWoods? Where does this aqueous stream of consciousness stem from in your lyrics? Because humans consist of more than 70% water. Because we are water, the woods are water, everything is water – that’s what connects us. Water is waves and everything is waves – everything is sound waves, everything is frequency. It’s an infinite stream of inspiration.

Your song ‘WWWater’ talks of cold showers. Is your music more of a refreshing splash of natural spring-water or a mysterious forest brook? I think it depends on the crowd. Sometimes we can play a set that would resemble a fire hose that could push you to the wall. And sometimes it’s just a little sprinkle. I think our music contains all sorts of streams. You’ve headed north from your native Ghent — what have you encountered along the forest path? I mostly saw unwashed truck drivers in need of a shower. That’s about it. And when we closed the border, they got a little bigger and smellier.



WWWater. Continued


‘Everything is sound waves, everything is frequency. It’s an infinite stream of inspiration’ Your EP is called La Falaise (‘The Cliff’) — is it more about scaling new heights or letting yourself flow down the waterfall? Actually ‘La Falaise’ means the waterfall and refers to a waterfall I visited in my home country Martinique. The strength of it inspired me to name my band WWWater. One drop of water could refresh you, some rain could annoy you, a bottle of water could quench your thirst and a waterfall could kill you.

interesting results; that’s what led to the sound of WWWater. On ‘Pink Letters’ you’re grateful for someone ‘licking your wounds’. There might be a few sore heads among the crowd this weekend — what’s your advice to these forest creatures for keeping each other happy and healthy? Lick each other’s wounds and drink plenty of WWWater!

The voices and sounds on your tracks flit between the organic and synthetic — are you more of a robot lost in the woods or a forest creature trying out new technologies? I think I’m more of a forest creature trying new technology. I use technology in a very primitive way. A primate could probably play better synths than I can, but sometimes exploration yields

WWWater plays Bossa Nova at 16:30 on Saturday, 30 June.



Montreal indie-royalty SUUNS is evolving. Over the last ten years, when the band isn’t chowing down on broodjes frikandel on tour, they’ve done nothing but grow. They’re engineering records themselves, taking their time in the studio and cultivating newfound confidence.

SUUNS Interview by Julia Yudelman

Photos shot by Richmond Lam in Montreal, Canada

Let all that simmer, and you come out with Felt: the warmest album SUUNS has ever made. There’s more to hold onto, singer/guitarist Ben Shemie notes. Not so clinical. Above all, an ode to the intangible: making it real.


SUUNS. Continued Where are you right now? I’m at home in Montreal, making a coffee. Do you still feel like a Montreal band? We definitely are, but we don’t play in Montreal as much as we used to. We owe a lot of our success to the city, but I’ve never felt that our band belongs to a specific music scene here. We’re an indie rock band, but we don’t feel that we belong to the indie rock scene, or that we even make that kind of music anymore. Canadians often throw around the term ‘indie rock’, but in Europe SUUNS is considered more electronic. Is it a different experience playing Europe versus North America? Oh yeah, it’s very different. One day we’ll be playing a psych festival in Austin, then the next day we’ll be playing an experimental electronic festival, and then one of the Lowlands-style onesize-fits-all festivals. It’s cool because we get to taste everything. Speaking of different tastes, let’s talk about your new album. It’s somewhat of a new direction for you, right? I mean, everyone is saying that. I don’t think of it as a new direction, just a continuation of what we’ve been doing. We’ve been a band for ten years, and we’ve matured a lot as people. Of course it’s going to be a different fucking direction. At the same time, it still really feels like us. It’s more lyrical, so that makes it a little more accessible and less dark, because there’s a bit more to hang onto. I think that comes from the evolution of the band, and the confidence we’ve built up over the years. A lot of these songs we wouldn’t have been able to record five years ago. So building confidence – it’s a natural evolution of being a band for ten years? I should hope so [laughs]. You wanna change because you change as a person, and you want what you’re doing to develop, to become deeper. If I could model myself after any band, it would




be a band like Talk Talk, who started as a pop band, and over the course of a decade ended with much more mature, spiritual and refined records that are so amazing. I admire that so much because it’s a reflection of the people actually in the band. You guys took your time recording your new album, with long breaks between studio sessions. Was that a good way to go? Oh definitely, it was kind of perfect. Because we engineered it ourselves, it was natural, and just more fun – not having to rely on other people, and to feel like, fuck it, we can do this ourselves. There’s this feeling that, now that you’re more established, you gotta go to LA and talk to this guy, and that guy’s gonna mix it, or some bullshit. Now we’re at a point where those are actually realities, which is crazy. I’m less concerned with getting the best take and the best sounding tone, and more interested in getting a


SUUNS ‘We’ve been a band for ten years, and we’ve matured a lot as people. Of course it’s going to be a different fucking direction’ good vibe and that intangible thing you can’t really prepare for. It just happens or it doesn’t. I think working this way allowed us to loosen up as a band, which makes the album warmer. That’s becoming more important to me: a musical experience rather than a studio experience. So I’m interviewing you for a Dutch magazine… Subbacultcha, yeah? That’s OG man. I just picked up the last Subbacultcha issue a week ago in The Hague. Subbacultcha was cool, especially on our first couple records, with kinda new band buzz. I got a lotta respect for Subbacultcha, keeping it real. What’s your favourite thing about playing in Holland? I like playing in Holland because the audiences are engaged. The rooms are really nice, they sound amazing and they’re very comfortable. You can buy weed on the street, which is always nice on tour. When you’re in Holland you feel like you’re in this civilized culture, maybe to a fault sometimes, but everything is well organized and we’ve always had really good shows with great audiences. Do you go to Febo? Oh yeah! Definitely! We get the broodje frikandel.

SUUNS play Fuzzy Lop at 16:30 on Sunday, 1 July.



Story By Basje Boer. Photography by Lonneke van der Palen

A Love Letter To Nick Cave Dear Nick, I guess it started out around the time I was checking out CDs at the local library, copying them to cassette tapes at home. And by ‘it’, mister Cave, I mean our little romance, my decades-long affair with your silhouette. I know I checked out your CDs as well, I’m sure of it, though I don’t have the tapes to prove it. I’m sure it was your voice on my Walkman, brimming with anger, coming down on me like thunder while I rode my bike around the neighborhood delivering newspapers, one letterbox at a time. You know, pictures were hard to come by then. They were rare and therefore more valuable. Your looming figure, preaching not with words but with a finger stuck in the air. Your entangled black hair done up like a murder of crows. You in the shadows, four letters painted on your bare chest, spelling out H-E-L-L. Mister Cave, your silhouette in black and white was on my bedroom wall. In fact, it was right above my bed. Skinny, arched back, the mess of your black hair. I still hear the muttering of guitars and drums, rising in volume like wild horses emerging from the distance. I still hear those first words you uttered as a Bad Seed: ‘I stepped into an avalanche / It covered up my soul / When I am not this hunchback that you see / I sleep beneath the golden hill’. Yes, you were that hunchback, drawing your rage from your shoulders, always questioning the innocence and sanity of those listening. But most of all questioning your own.


Nick Cave. Continued Yes, I saw you, hunchbacked on stage, in a venue with assigned seats. I was seated in the back. I didn’t dare get up and defy authority, like the rest of the audience did. You were at the very front of the stage, stretching your arms, your Red Right Hand. Maybe you stretched them towards me. The stage lights projected your shadow, not once, but twice, making you larger than life. You know what? I did get up. And then there was her silhouette. I carried your novel around school, reading and rereading the part about Heaven and the part about Hell, but most of all reading the part about Cosey Mo. I looked for her in other girls, I drew her silhouette in pretty dresses. I even tried to become her, writing her name down on my skin. But of course the ink never lasted. Picture this, mister Cave: the same bedroom where you hung from the wall in black and white, me on my balcony, longing for a storm. And when the wind finally pulls my hair, it’s you again, lending your voice to the soundtrack of the storm. Your voice is softer now, full of regret instead of anger. Your murky water and shallow graves have turned into candles burning on the window sill. Your guilty saints and repenting sinners are muffled with tender words of forgiveness. Yes, mister Cave, I remember the last time I listened to one of your songs over and over again like it was the only song left in the world. It was a sad one, a THE END type of song to close an ever sadder movie. You thanked me. Thanked me. You said you’d love me till the end of the world. If that is true – cue Warren Ellis’s sad violin – then I guess the world is coming to an end soon. But it was a pleasure knowing you. Love, Basje

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds play Hotot at 21:30 on Sunday, 1 July.




The Black Madonna Interview by Cheri Amour Illustrations by Loes Faber


Interview Globetrotting DJ The Black Madonna is an artist typified by autonomy. From releasing records on her self-built imprint label to her candid views on women’s representation in dance music, Marea Stamper has made quite the name for herself. Hailed for her powerful and positive force within electronic music, her mixes splice together techno, disco and house samples from an archive of over 50 years. The same could be said for the generation-and-genre spanning guests who feature on her latest record, from Chicago house stalwart Mr Principal to Shaun J. Wright of neo-disco bunch, Hercules and The Love Affair. The Black Madonna preaches a strong message to euphoric club-goers not seen since the youth culture of the 1990s: unity. Growing up as the daughter of a music teacher, how did you find your way to the decks? Did you ever flirt with the idea of another instrument? I played many instruments. I actually attended music school. I studied upright bass, guitar, played piano casually. Sung in mu-


The Black Madonna sicals. Auditioned for the Mickey Mouse Club but didn’t even get close to getting in; I would say that my audition was patently bad! You’re now acting as ‘Spiritual Director’ of smartbar, hosting regular pop party We Still Believe and spinning records over on Radio 1. How has your monthly residency been going over there? It is the joy of my life! I love radio. It gives you a way to connect with people in a level way. Clubs have a kind of stratification built into them, but with radio, it’s accessible to everyone. It’s free and it comes right to your home or your car – that part is really exciting for me. Accessibility is clearly a theme for The Black Madonna. How does it feel being a de facto activist, challenging preconceptions around electronica? Selfishly, I felt bored with a world where dance music is only coming from one group of people. This idea aligns with my beliefs about the world, in general. Inclusivity makes for a better party, you know? It would be easy to overcomplicate the issue of women in electronica. It always shocks me when I’m asked to talk about the subject because to me it seems so obvious. In 2018 so far, only a quarter of artists booked across 23 of the summer’s biggest fests are female or groups with at least one female member. What do you make of the numbers? Sure, we’ve started to do the headcount, but there have to be deeper investigations. It feels like change is slow. And it is. You’ve just gotta keep doing it as much as you can. Nobody’s perfect, I am certainly not. I still feel a little thrown into things. You get


Interview ‘We don’t let women go to greatness. We’re okay with women being the new hot shit but not that kinda God tier’ appointed to speak on topics, but at the end of the day you’re just a person. Of course, I have strong opinions. I talk about what I believe and push for the change I can but there’s another side where you’re like ‘shouldn’t you guys be talking to a professional?’ To celebrate its 25th anniversary issue back in 2016, DJ Mag produced a special edition focusing on the 25 pioneers from the past 25 years. Not one was a woman. Why do you think that is? They issued a caveat when they released the series about how they knew there were no women because none of them were deserving and I was like ‘Was Björk unavailable?’ Donna Summer had the first major electronic record ever. Why is it that we value Giorgio Moroder and not Donna Summer in the same way? We don’t let women go to greatness. We’re okay with women being the new hot shit but not that kinda God tier. What can people expect from your Down The Rabbit Hole set this weekend? Anything could happen. I really don’t make plans. I like to allow for a certain measure of chaos.

The Black Madonna plays Fuzzy Lop at 01:30 on Saturday, 30 June.


The Black Madonna


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Where To Go? Twists and turns, beaches and woods, future visions and renewable worlds; there are so many fields, corners and gems to discover at the festival, we thought we’d lay it all out for you. Finding the location of your dreams was never so easy. Find the map on p. 40.

Surf Shack

Avant Garden

beach vibes

the garden of comeback

Dip your toe into the cool lake, grab a surfboard to conquer the water or just sizzle away on the waterfront. The perfect spot to watch the sunset, made even more sublime by the artwork When The Sun Falls by Yair Callender: a massive frame to help capture the perfect view.

Eco-friendly plastic fantastic and dance parties meet at Avant Garden. The open air club will blast R&B, hip hop and house all day and night, while the life-size spray painting booth will breathe new life into old objects using neon colours. The experimental spoils will be proudly displayed on a 5-meter high storage unit. Come marvel.


Where To Go? Hotot Hill

Vuige Veld

The iconic blue Hotot stage has transformed – this year, Hotot lets the breeze in as an outdoor stage, making the Hotot Hill the spot for hanging back and watching the headliners with your bum in the grass. The laidback area also boasts the Rabbit Bazaar, where the crafty, the arty and the vintage lovers have set up shop. Find the sustainable beacon of light Tramontana and gaze upon the gorgeous kinetic artwork made up of a carrousel of umbrellas; not only do they mesmerize as they spin in the wind, they generate green energy too! The Tramontana is entirely self-sufficient, even offering plugs to charge your phone with sustainable energy. Find yoga and the Speaker’s Corner here – hosted by comedian Eva Crutzen and actress Yvonne van den Eerenbeemt, guests and open-mic speakers are invited to share stories, opinions and their expertise. Get inspired!

Vuige Veld is the festival’s rock ‘n’ roll heart – BBQs, fine fresh coffee, speciality beers and the best rock & psych vinyl DJs make this the home for headbangers and romantics looking for rooftop views. The field unfolds around Anders Wolhar’s oil fountain sculpture ‘Cornucopia’ and promises to stay hot and heavy till the early hours. Get lucky and catch a secret show in the bunker. Hang back and refuel at the Brand Bijzondere Bieren bar. Come to taste the good stuff, stay for the rock ‘n’ roll.

the hill to hang back on

rock ‘n’ roll


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Locations Teddy Widder Yard


the finer stuff

theme party heaven

Teddy Widder’s backyard is the place to be for scoring some of the finer things in life! Why not take some of the magical world of Down The Rabbit Hole home with you? Exclusive Down The Rabbit Hole merchandise stands besides the music-lovers favourite record store Plato Concerto. Smell that freshly printed smell? That’s the festival newspaper Het Gat, going like lightning and proving that amazing news travels fast. The finest of fine things, some may say, is a mighty fine whisky. Be tempted into the Peaky Blinders-esque world in whisky bar Scotch Egg Club, located in the spiegeltent. The bar and whisky is a legacy owed to Tommy Dewar – the legendary whisky baron and curiously, worldrespected chicken breeder – and his noble pursuit of pleasure.

If ‘the weirder, the better’ are words to live by, then Porto-Parties is Nirvana. To infinity and beyond, these bitesized theme parties in shipping containers are so absurd they border on ridiculous. Hosts are given two hours and no restrictions on theme, playlist, outfits, decorations and door policy. Swing by to find out what ‘Twister in the disco’ and ‘Creatief met Karton Cobain’ (‘Creative with Cardboard Cobain’) have in store for you. Might we find Special Agent Dale Cooper at the ‘Twin Peaks: Bang Bang Bar’? Will ‘DIY Dinosaurs’ make fossils of us? There is – as the saying rings – only one way to find out. Download the DTRH18 app to find the full party schedule.

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Where To Go? Idyllische Veldje

Future Fuzzy Field

Inspired winds sway through ‘Idyllische Veldje’, bringing together creativity, craftsmanship and pure magic. The magnificent cherry blossom tree is surrounded by offbeat garden kitchens and the sewing, ceramic and welding ateliers of Lose Conejos Bravos. The collective, led by Dutch visual artist André Amaro, invite you to throw down your helping hands and learn a new craft. That, or throw yourself into a hula hoop and sway away. Different sounds can be found here at the music kiosk: classical music performances to start the day, followed by sunlit tunes as the day warms up and finally morphing into a tropical dance floor after sunset. Including daily performances by talented Syrian and Eritrean musicians, as part of the ‘New Neighbours’ project and Jamaican Jukebox & Discos Horizontes.

The future is now in this spaced-out world. Iconic futuristic domes and bright lights lead the way to underground electronic music performances, perception-altering artwork and otherworldly dreamscapes. Located next to the Fuzzy Lop, the Fuzzy Dome will host some of the most exciting local acts out there. Watch out for Subbacultcha favourites Elias El Gersma, Palmbomen II, Dollkraut Band, LYZZA and Karel. Curated by Steven van Lummel: founder of PIP in Den Haag. Get lost in the Gaze or space out where nature meets technology – flashing lights and smoke amidst the branches and leaves will make you think you’ve entered another dimension.

utopia is a place

the future is now


Locations Bossa Nova mystical woods

BOSSA NOVA CLASSICAL MUSIC LINE-UP: Friday 10:30-11:30 // Matteo Myderwyk 12:30-13:30 // TRIO Bruinsma.Baas.Verhage

Bossa Nova is the new stage hidden deep in the ‘Idyllische Bos’. There are endless surprises to be uncovered in these mystical woods: from outstanding classical music to start the day, to intimate performances by emerginging acts as the day goes by. After the sun sets, Bossa Nova transforms into the platform for strange performances by experimental theatre collective extraordinaire Broadcast Away TeeVee. Climb between the trees to find new worlds.


Saturday 10:30-11:30 // Bernadeta Astari Trio 12:30-13:30 // Nachtgeluiden Sunday 10:30-11:30 // Club Classique Roadtrip La Bohème 12:30-13:30 // Pynarello

Music Programme

Includes timetables and biographies 51

Music Programme Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 19:30 - 20:30 // Hotot

to provide backing vocals for, his slinky fusions of psych and gospel update the retro with a funky playfulness. Alternating between lustrous baritone and whiplashing falsetto, Harding’s voice is both nostalgic and emphatically fresh.

What began with bass riffs as thick as sludge and down ’n’ dirty garage rock back in 2001 remains as heady and potent as ever, eight albums down the line. And why change a winning formula? Heavy rock is the forte for this San Francisco trio who still burn up the stage and tear through songs with reckless abandon. Colin Benders 21:30 - 22:30 // Future Fuzzy Field Colin Benders doesn’t do things by half measures. Not content with building a gigantic, homemade modular synthesizer, he also decided to live stream nightly, hour-long jam sessions from his home studio. So come see the madness and the maestro for yourself, and prepare to be amazed. Curtis Harding 14:30 - 15:30 // Teddy Widder Curtis Harding swaggers infectiously through the annals of vintage soul. Like CeeLo Green, who Harding used

Dave Budha 16:30 – 17:30 // Bossa Nova

Dave Budha is more a poet than rapper, singing about love, nature and our place in the world. Over minimalist arrangements and stark beats, his poetry comes alive – what better place to witness such beauty than in the depth of a forest? dj. flugvél og geimskip 17:30 - 18:30 // Future Fuzzy Field It’s apt that Icelandic DJ Steinunn Harðardóttir calls her alter ego ‘airplane and spaceship’, for she deals in whimsical flights of fancy, her psychedelic sets fluttering around the cosmos. Her cute voice provides an extra layer of magic to her quirky, lush orchestration and sweet po-


Friday, 29 June etry, sucking you into her delightful dreamscapes.

portioned between angular, plodding hooks – each track building from a tense groove into kaleidoscopic, thrilling heights.

Elias El Gersma 15:30 - 16:10 // Future Fuzzy Field When not creating corruscating postpunk in The Homesick and Yuko Yuko, Elias El Gersma is pushing the notion of ‘bedroom producer’ to the extreme. Using a simple keyboard, drum machine and voice distorter he creates whimsical, ‘80s-inspired songs full of charm and pretty melodies.

I-F 02:30 - 04:30 // Fuzzy Lop I-F is 808 architect to the stars. For over two decades, Ferenc van der Sluijs has earned his electro stripes ten times over – under countless aliases, through several labels and The Hague’s Hitting the platters, I-F’s sets are robotic panacea: expect Italo gems and unadulterated rawness.

Essaie Pas 19:30 - 20:30 // Future Fuzzy Field Like a bad trip on even worse drugs, this enigmatic married duo perfectly capture feelings of claustrophobia and despair in their twisting cold wave. Twitchy analog synths and jittery, anxious beats lend a tension to sprawling songs which grow and mu-

IAMDDB 00:00 - 00:40 // Fuzzy Lop

tate like sentient beings. Fufanu 12:45 - 13:30 // Fuzzy Lop Fufanu are evocatively deadpan. Conjuring post-punk ghosts with their jagged, motorik rhythms, the Icelandic trio sound like robots shrugging in sync. Their cold brushed-steel synthesizers wash out the spaces neatly


If you haven’t heard of IAMDDB yet, don’t worry, you soon will. The 21-year-old’s kooky, slow-jam fusion of jazz, trap and hip hop – what she calls ‘urban jazz’ – has made her the badass, rising star of UK music. Burning with a fierce originality and oozing cool, she’s providing the soundtrack for 2018.

Music Programme J. Bernardt 16:30 - 17:30 // Fuzzy Lop His father’s love of Kraftwerk and leftfield synth-pop are just two of the influences that Jinte Deprez, co-frontman of Belgian band Balthazar, has built his new side project on. Marking a new and exciting journey, J. Bernardt stuns with his synth beats and more electronic songwriting. De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig 15:30 - 16:30 // Hotot

For 13 years, De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig have brought retro beats and tongue-in-cheek anthems to discos and dance halls across Europe, and it’s easy to see why; with irreverent lyrics and humorous style, they don’t take themselves – or their music – too seriously. You should get on the dance floor and do the same. EXTRA! De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig Saturday 11:00 Podcast YOUS & YAY: NEW EMOTIONS (Avant Garden) // 17:30 Talkshow Willie Wartaal (Bossa Nova) // 23:00 Club night Seksueel Relevant (Avant Garden)

Joe Goddard (live) 20:30 - 21:30 // Fuzzy Lop Deep Detroit house, UK big-beat, jubilant samples and dance floor bangers are just some of the ingredients the Hot Chip founder and producer blends into his solo work, concocting an intoxicating journey through dance music history. Few DJs are as knowledgeable or enthusiastic, making Joe Goddard’s music some of the most accomplished dance pop anywhere. Jon Hopkins (live) 22:30 - 23:30 // Teddy Widder How many other producers have collaborated with Coldplay and Brian Eno, composed for dance and film, play classical piano and still make cerebral dance music that bangs? Jon Hopkins’ eclectic, auteurist touches can be feather-light, even sentimental, but his live sets promise groundshaking, planetary dance music. Jorja Smith 20:30 - 21:30 // Teddy Widder When you have a voice as great as Jorja Smith – smoky, powerful, rich like velvet – ascension to stardom is all but assured. Her sultry take on Northern soul borrows from pop, jazz and funk,


Friday, 29 June and whether she’s storming through arena-sized ballads or late-night jams, the sense that you are watching greatness develop is inescapable. KOKOKO! 14:30 - 15:30 // Fuzzy Lop

LUWTEN 14:30 - 15:30 // Bossa Nova Dutch singer-songwriter Tessa Douwstra has found her calling as LUWTEN. Delicate folk pop songs and neat, minimalist production perfectly frame both her voice and sweet melodies, giving her songs an easy charm and soft groove. MGMT 21:30 - 22:30 // Hotot

From the discarded trash of Kinshasa’s streets, an electronic pulse throbs. Congolese outfit KOKOKO! repurpose found objects as DIY synths to make thrillingly ramshackle, politically-energized dance music. Their metallic textures, analogue drum machines and Lingala chants resonate on an irresistible and darkly euphoric frequency. Leon Bridges 17:30 - 18:30 // Hotot Leon Bridges exists in some kind of delicious time warp. Despite growing up never hearing the classic soul musicians that he’s constantly compared to (Otis Redding and Smokey Robinson, for starters), Bridges’ tender ballads and retro shuffles sound homegrown amongst the greats.

Synth-pop duo MGMT have been through a few ups and downs since they redefined spine-tingling, sunset anthems with ‘Kids’ and ‘Time To Pretend’. They’re back, doing what they do best – hook heavy, brightly-hued electro-pop that’s best heard in summer fields surrounded by friends. Parcels 22:30 - 23:30 // Fuzzy Lop Aussie five-piece Parcels do wrap up nice. Studio precision and taut grooves define their buttoned-down pop – and they dress the part too. Their ‘70s locks seal audible ties to classic


Music Programme. Friday, 29 June session players and Euro disco. Expect Nile Rodgers-grade riffing, multi-part vocal hooks and tight trousers. Queens Of The Stone Age 23:30 - 01:00 // Hotot

It’s been 18 years since Josh Homme’s demand for ‘Nicotine, valium, vicodin, marijuana, ecstasy, and alcohol!’ blazed a trail across rock, and the intervening years haven’t softened his penchant for heavy riffs, scorchedearth desert anthems and blistering sonic infernos. Bands rarely hit as hard – or as true – as this. Rival Sons 16:30 -17:30 // Teddy Widder It’s not easy making gigantic Zepesque riffs, cocksure blues and sunkissed psychedelia sound fresh in 2018, but Rival Sons manages to pull it off. There’s warmth and a tongue-in-cheek sense of mischief to their music, and it’s impossible not to be swept up by their giddy take on rock’s Golden Age.

Stippenlift 23:30 – 00:00 // Future Fuzzy Field Synths squelch and shimmer, the beats are elementary, the melodies simple and catchy. Through it all is Stippenlift’s voice: a downcast, weary tone that’s part cynic, part realist. It’s impossible not to be intrigued. Tom Misch 18:30 - 19:30 // Teddy Widder If jazz-inflected, stylish, downtempo pop beats are your thing, then singer, producer and beatmaker Tom Misch should be high on your ‘to see’ list. There’s a dreamy, whimsical side to his musical minimalism that makes his lofi jams shimmer – perfect for a sunny afternoon easing into festivities. Warmduscher 18:45 - 19:30 // Fuzzy Lop Controlled chaos. Charming debauchery. Unrelenting madness. These are just some of the ways you could describe Warmduscher, a madcap bunch of crazed souls determined to do things their own way. ‘Fucking difficult’ is how one prominent critic described their sound. Best just dive into the mayhem and see for yourself.






Music Programme Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals 23:30 - 01:00 // Hotot

Convertino championed the cultural crossovers of their native Tucson, Arizona – offering an enthralling fusion of Tex-Mex, mariachi and dusty, widescreen indie rock. Now increasingly ditching those border town aesthetics, Calexico’s extensive repertoire covers a broader Americana, but one no less intriguingly mythological.

Few groove as vibrantly and meticulously as Anderson .Paak – ‘the dot stands for “detail”’. 2016’s acclaimed Malibu eloquently worked through past hardships, its sunny, genre-hopping palette never missing a beat. But the future’s bright for this West Coast wunderkind, rapping, producing and drumming his path to superstardom. The Black Madonna 01:30 - 04:30 // Fuzzy Lop From Kentucky to Chicago – and from longstanding obscurity to DJ superstardom – Marea Stamper has decidedly carved her own path. Through years of crate-digging, taste-making and championing queer and marginal voices in disco, house and techno, The Black Madonna breathes dance music history even as she makes her own. Read the interview on page 32.

David Byrne 21:15 - 22:30 // Hotot ‘Daring’ is an oft-used adjective for musicians, but in the case of David Byrne, it’s completely deserved. For over four decades this restless creative has redefined the boundaries of popular music, first with his band Talking Heads, then through an acclaimed solo career. Much imitated but never bettered, Byrne is a true visionary. La Femme 14:15 - 15:15 // Teddy Widder

A band that sounds like no one else, French collective La Femme base their sound on krautrock and motoric grooves but take them in all sorts

Calexico 17:15 - 18:15 // Hotot For years, Joey Burns and John


Saturday, 30 June of wonderful directions. Synth-pop, pastoral psychedelia, Morricone-aping soundscapes and surf rock are just some of the styles they nonchalantly reassemble into a stylish, intoxicating blend that’s all their own. Fever Ray 20:15 - 21:30 // Teddy Widder

Bold and utterly uncompromising, Karin Dreijer’s solo alter-ego has built on the foundations of her former band, electro-duo The Knife, and carved out a whole new sonic landscape. Thrillingly restless and brazenly harsh, her paeans to desire and sexuality throb with menace. Avant-garde pop has never sounded so risqué. First Aid Kit 18:15 - 19:15 // Teddy Widder Sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg possess a rare gift: writing folk and country songs imbued with freshness and vitality. They craft delicate, winsome music, their voices dancing around each other in graceful harmony, and breathing new life into the

world-weary subject matters such genres have long been based on. Foé 14:30 – 15:30 // Bossa Nova A virtuoso pianist who doesn’t play by the rules, Foé is a new star in the postclassical world. Drawing on elements of pop and baroque – and singing in French – his songs have a beauty and elegance that’s marked him out as a star in waiting. Hannah Williams & The Affirmations 15:15 - 16:15 // Hotot Hannah Williams has been steeped in soul since she was born – and it shows. Known as ‘Deep Soul’s Funkiest New Diva’, the nickname tells you all you need to know; classic soul grooves, raw funk and cool beats frame Williams’ incredible voice: a honey-soaked beacon that cuts through a tune like a lighthouse through fog. IDLES 20:30 - 21:30 // Fuzzy Lop Few bands have captured feelings of anger and frustration like Bristol quintet IDLES. Their rage is barely contained by their music, a blitzkrieg rush of pounding drums and shrieking gui-


Music Programme tars that’s like being caught in a hurricane; the perfect soundtrack for these difficult times. James Holden & The Animal Spirits 16:15 - 17:15 // Teddy Widder For two decades, British producer James Holden has pushed the thresholds of dance music to the point of bursting. His label, Border Community, has developed cult status, and his productions and remixes are panacea for heads. Now, with improv ensemble The Animal Spirits, Holden’s free jazz and prog leanings reach new psychedelic heights. Karel 15:15 – 15:45 // Future Fuzzy Field The former drummer for psych-poppers Sante Fé, Karel has made quite a name for himself in the underground thanks to his cheery, retro synth-pop experiments and full-on commitment to performance. Who’d have thought a bedroom producer could be quite so ‘punk’? Read the interview on page 16.

what you call it, this multi-instrumentalist rapper and singer-songwriter’s needle-sharp fusions are pioneering, boosting luscious instrumental and vocal noodling with Southern bass. The result is a class act, jamming as smooth as its drums flip hard. Muyayo Rif 14:30 - 15:15 // Fuzzy Lop There are certain bands born to lead the party, Spanish collective Muyayo Rif being one of them. Ska-punk, Latin, Balkan, disco and electro swing are thrown together in a riot of colour, smoke and confetti, their funfilled anthems born of a deep love of life and desire to celebrate. Odesza 22:30 - 23:45 // Teddy Widder

Masego 16:15 - 17:15 // Fuzzy Lop Virginia’s Micah Davis names his music ‘trap house jazz’. But regardless of


What’s the recipe to Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight’s massive crossover appeal? Their blissed-out electronica is a rare combination of crisply ornamented sampology and stadiumready scale, with textures as rich as its hooks are sharp.

Saturday, 30 June Oh Sees 22:45 - 23:45 // Fuzzy Lop John Dwyer is, even by the lofty standards of rock ‘n’ roll, a force of nature. Fronting a band of equally intrepid psych-rockers, he’s prolific – 14 albums in 10 years – and positively unhinged live, where the band properly takes flight. Get down to the front for an experience that’s now considered a rite of passage.

Rizan Said has an immaculate musical pedigree. Having played with Omar Souleyman for nearly 20 years, his distinctive sound and style has since won legions of fans in the West and is testament to his country’s rich, musical heritage. Sampha 19:15-20:15 // Hotot

Palmbomen II 17:15-18:15 // Future Fuzzy Field There’s a fragile, human quality to Sampha’s downtempo electro-soul and R&B and his soft, shimmering voice. A deserving winner of the Mercury Music Prize in 2017, his delicate textures attempt to process grief and mortality, a far cry from the posturing and bravado of many of his contemporaries.

Amsterdam’s Kai Hugo makes dreamy house for melancholic extraterrestrials. His lovingly analogue creations sound summoned from an alternate future, like dark love letters encoded through reruns of ‘90s TV shows. 2018 LP Memories of Cindy got extra conceptual, making Palmbomen II a unique proposition: X-Files nostalgia to groove to. Rizan Said 19:15 – 20:15 // Future Fuzzy Field Dubbed the King of Keyboard, Syrian

Sjamsoedin (modular set) 21:30 – 22:45 // Future Fuzzy Field Electronic flights of fancy are Sjamsoedin’s stock in trade, hardly surprising for a man who builds his own modular synths. Able to conjure any effect or sound from his bank of equipment, his deep, warm grooves are a mesmerizing mix of house and techno.


Music Programme. Saturday, 30 June Tamino 12:30 - 13:30 // Teddy Widder

With Tamino, the half-Belgian halfEgyptian sensation, it’s all about the voice. He burnishes his Jeff Buckleyesque hymns with mellifluous vocals, a rich instrument filled with raw emotion and soul. There’s an intensity and passion which harks back to his Arab heritage and recalls some of the alltime greats. TITIA 23:45 - 01:30 // Fuzzy Lop There’s a lot going on in this Dutch DJ’s sets: breakbeat, Chicago house, 303’s and plenty of Spartan electro. But TITIA whips it all up into a mesmerizing mix that balances the old and the new, the classic and the experimental. Raw, gritty, euphoric; when she’s on the decks, the only place to be is the dancefloor.

Veterans and bright stars alike, the eight-strong Lomé collective are masters of a wide afro-pop palette – blending highlife, funk and afrobeat. Overall, it’s a heady concoction of boisterous horns, twinkling guitars, infectious vocals and drums for days. WWWater 16:30 – 17:30 // Bossa Nova You may know WWWater from the Belgica soundtrack, where she was handpicked by Soulwax to perform on a number of tracks. But you’ll soon know WWWater for her slick, R&B beats, soaring voice and quirky take on nu-soul alt-electro pop. Read the interview on page 18. YUNGBLUD 12:45 - 13:30 // Fuzzy Lop If you mixed rock, indie, pop and rap, combined it with the lyrical prowess of Alex Turner, the swagger of Kanye, the fury of the Pistols and asked it to comment on the state on the world in 2018, you’d have YUNGBLUD: a passionate, defiant firebrand who’s not afraid to match real-world issues with catchy tunes.

Togo All Stars 18:15 - 19:15 // Fuzzy Lop Togo All Stars cover several generations of West African floor-filling.



Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

17 OKT


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Beth Ditto




Rival Sons




Bad Religion


Fever Ray

19 AUG

Cigarettes After Sex

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30 AUG

Róisín Murphy


Jeff Tweedy (Wilco)





18 SEP

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Car Seat Headrest The Decemberists

18+19+20 NOV

Ben Howard

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with The String Theory

Henry Rollins Travel Slideshow

10 DEC


Beach House

15 FEB

The Streets

DiCE no. 9

Half Waif, Liza Anne, Flor e.a

José González

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Music Programme ACID P303WER 21:15 – 22:00 // Future Fuzzy Field If you’re still going strong on Sunday, these guys are bringing the power to keep you dancing. Pumping out a mix of classic acid house and fresh new tracks, their sets are an ode to the legendary Roland TB-303. There’s no better way to spend your last remaining drops of energy.

Bökkers pull it off by crafting fun, carefree ‘guilty pleasure’ anthems that scream out for some killer air guitar action.

Alfa Mist 16:30 – 17:30 // Bossa Nova Not many make the journey from grime and hip hop to jazz, but Alfa Mist has discovered his true calling. Mellow, urban jazz blended with soft hip hop beats and his own unique poetry have, over two albums, won him legions of fans and acclaim. Bökkers 22:00 - 23:00 // Fuzzy Lop

If you’re gonna ape the era of cock rock, Status Quo and ‘sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll clichés, you better be beyond amazing or have your tongue firmly wedged into your cheek.

The Breeders 13:30 - 14:30 // Hotot Few bands have burned as brightly as The Breeders, whose whip-smart, inventive, fiery anthems ae powered by the ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitude of the Deal twins and Tanya Donelly. With the classic line-up back together and a rollicking new album to showcase, this rock band is enjoying a new lease of life. Clean Pete 14:30 – 15:30 // Bossa Nova Summer is the perfect time to indulge in a little ‘60s garage and surf pop, so thank heavens for Clean Pete. Led by twin sisters Renee and Loes Wijnhoven, their sunny indie and sweet melodies are sure to make long warm afternoons very enjoyable indeed. Dollkraut Band 19:30 – 20:15 // Future Fuzzy Field You might have caught Pascal Pinkert’s DJ set last year; if so, lucky you. And now he’s back with his band, ready to let his lo-fi no-wave and electro-dis-


Sunday, 1 July GoldLink 20:30 - 21:30 // Teddy Widder

co soundscapes worm their way into your brain. Darkness never sounded so alluring. Fink 15:30 - 16:30 // Hotot In 2006, Fin ‘Fink’ Greenhall was reborn. Hanging up his DJ headphones, he swapped groovism for acoustica, becoming Ninja Tune’s first ever singer-songwriter. But the soul kept on, Greenhall’s liquid tones since wooing collaborators from Amy Winehouse to John Legend. Fink’s trio now specialize in dynamic, earthy pop for the ages.

DC rapper DeAnthony Carlos rapidly rose from SoundCloud hobbyist to hot commodity. Attracting producers from Rick Rubin to Kaytranada, GoldLink’s ‘future bounce’ effortlessly fuses dance styles with hip hop. 2017’s At What Cost still carried the vibrant eclecticism of his mixtapes: polychromatic rap with two feet on the dancefloor.

Franz Ferdinand 19:30 - 20:30 // Hotot

Jameszoo 17:30 – 18:30 // Future Fuzzy Field Jameszoo has come a long way from jolly freakbeat producer and jazz musician; he’s now releasing records on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label. Nowadays, he’s far more eclectic and versatile behind the decks, but expect heaps of mind-expanding jazz-funk and danceable grooves.

‘Music to make girls dance’ was the band’s stated goal back in their early 2000 heyday, and time has blunted none of their dance floor sensibilities. Back with a new line-up after a fiveyear hiatus, the new material includes some classic, glam-nasty disco stompers and bright, angular guitar anthems; dancing not optional.

Jungle 17:30 - 18:30 // Hotot Master of mysterious beginnings, Jungle emerged from the smoke funking


Music Programme to a featherweight beat. After anonymously releasing ‘Platoon’ to hysterical acclaim, West Londoners Tom McFarland and Josh Lloyd-Watson assembled a seven-piece to breathe life into their synth-washed 2014 debut. Expect more angular falsetto harmonies and shimmering textures from Jungle’s precision soul. LYZZA 15:30 – 16:15 // Future Fuzzy Field

The Brazilian-Amsterdam DJ is famous for more than just her music – she’s also a champion of clubs being safe spaces and a haven for all, regardless of colour, gender or creed. LYZZA brings the party, swirling epic

are drifting, fragile things that dive deep into sadness and melancholy, his sumptuous music perfectly framing his exploration of intimacy and relationships in the modern world. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 21:30 - 23:00 // Hotot From bratty post-punk wild child to sombre balladeer via proto-goth hellraiser and garage rock sage, has any artist swirled through as many incarnations as Nick Cave? Finally enjoying headline status, his shows have never been as powerful; less a concert and more a holy communion celebrating the absurdity – and fragility – of life. Read our love letter to Nick Cave on page 28. Nils Frahm 18:30 - 19:30 // Teddy Widder

bass and baile funk into an irresistible cocktail. Moses Sumney 14:30 - 15:30 // Fuzzy Lop Moses Sumney updates the blues for the 21st Century, writing slo-mo, cosmic jams that explore aromanticism – an inability or unwillingness to reciprocate feelings of love. His songs

Nils Frahm’s music is hard to pin down, but its effect is undeniable. Grand, dreamy, ethereal, soaring; it’s all these and more. The pianist, composer and producer combines elements of postclassical, ambient and electronic mu-


Sunday, 1 July sic into melodic dreamscapes and dramatic statements that mark him out as an utterly unique talent. Portugal. The Man 14:30 - 15:30 // Teddy Widder Stepping out from the underground’s shadows with career ambitions can be a dangerous move. But the Alaskan pop-psych group are coping just fine, combining EDM bluster and modern-rock glamour without losing sight of what made them such an interesting prospect in the first place; expect bright and breezy festival anthems by the bucketload. Rahaan 23:00 - 01:30 // Fuzzy Lop Rahaan Young is one of the Chicago legends. Emerging on the heels of house pioneers Ron Hardy and Lee Collins, Young’s edits and selections

Dego and Theo Parrish have admitted to pilfering gems from his unmatchable record collection, which spans enviable rarities and no-nonsense hits alike. Try your hardest to out-smile this beaming purveyor of pure sonic love. Shame 20:15 - 21:15 // Fuzzy Lop If you’ve yet to witness shame live, then shame on you. Quite simply one of the best live bands in the UK right now, their riotous shows are a glorious racket of post-punk hymns, rage and chaos. Lean and snarling, their songs burn with fury, and the band pulverize them into dust with heart, sweat and guts. St. Vincent 16:30 - 17:30 // Teddy Widder

have carried the torch for mid-tempo groovology up to the present, still blazing hot. Expect deep cuts across disco and house history, and bottomless boogying.

Annie Clark’s artistry and expansive take on outré pop have helped her forge a unique path – and sound – that bears comparison to no one, giving St. Vincent and her rockstar grandeur the global popularity it’s long

Sadar Bahar 01:30 - 04:00 // Fuzzy Lop Another decorated Chicago alumni, Sadar Bahar is a DJ’s DJ. The likes of


Music Programme. Sunday, 1 July deserved. Wide screen pop has rarely felt so vital or so thrilling.

Wende 12:45 - 13:45 // Teddy Widder

SUUNS 16:30- 17:30 // Fuzzy Lop ‘Weird’ can be such a pejorative term, but there are some bands who turn it into a badge of honour and make it work. Bands like SUUNS for example. The gothic avant-rock band make music that’s beamed in from a different realm, all experimental guitar and bleak, dry synths, a futuristic technopunk seeped in heavy grooves and icy vocals. Read the interview on page 22.

An artistic chameleon, Wende Snijders melds electronic music and storytelling to create complex musical webs that borrow from various genres and yet sound utterly original. Rap, chanson, piano melodies and samples are just some of the tools she uses, conjuring dark, atmospheric songs that smoulder and delight.

Tank and the Bangas 18:30 - 19:30 // Fuzzy Lop

EXTRA! Wende’s Weekend Friday 22:00 Wende Late Night: ‘Alles Gaat Kapot’ (Teddy Widder Yard) Saturday 14:15 Erotische Verhalen, ‘Yes, Please!’ with Lucas de Man (Speaker’s Corner) 17:00 Wedding Ceremony with Wende

Tank and the Bangas exude a New Orleans aesthetic that’s equal parts contemporary jazzism and infectious humour. Centring ‘round former slam poet Tarriona ‘Tank’ Ball’s unbeatable versatility, their vibrant sets meld improvized jams with stirring spoken word, vocal melisma and lively banter. Like cabaret built from groove and heart.

(MAISON the FAUX) Sunday 11:45 Warm up to Wende with an hour long foreplay ft. Bas Heijne and Joost van Bellen (Teddy Widder)




Practical Information DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE June 29 - 1 July 2018 De Groene Heuvels – Beuningen

SHUTTLE SERVICE The free daily shuttle service runs between railway station Wijchen and the festival ground: check downthe or the app for the schedule. On Monday, the last return shuttle departs to railway station Wijchen at 16:00

DTRH18 APP DTRH18 is the official Down The Rabbit Hole mobile app (iOS and Android) · Up-to-date timetables · Personalize and share your schedule · Maps, location information, and FAQ

PROGRAMME CHANGES The programme listed in this guide may be subject to change. Please check our website or app for updates

GOT QUESTIONS? For any questions, contact Livecrowd at They will answer your questions via WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter. Of course you can also swing by the Info Desk on Teddy Widder Hill

MOBILE CHARGING You can charge your phone at the charging spots at the campsite, near the supermarket LOCKERS Next to the supermarket at the camping site

OPENING TIMES Parking lot: Thursday 12:00 – Monday 16:00 During this period, you are welcome to arrive at the festival at any time

FIRST AID At Hotot Field next to Teddy Widder and next to the supermarket at the camping site

Camping: Thursday 12:00 – Monday 14:00 Festival site: Friday - Sunday: 10:00 – 05:00



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