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All Things Mama + Little

"This issue of Stylish Milk celebrates Motherhood and the beautiful little lives created out of love. We hope you enjoy this monthly cup of pretty."

Image by Brandis Allison, Editor, Artist + Founder of SM Model: Jenni of Jennifer Lehner Photography

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Warning. You will need a hot cup of your favorite beverage and a fuzzy blanket when reading Stylish Milk Magazine. It's the perfect escape from the happy chaos of your every day.

Stylish Milk Mag

All Things Mama + Little No.2 / January 2016

Editor, artist, designer + founder Brandis Allison

Photography contributors Emily Butterworth Annalee Courtright Cristina Toff Max Grey Bianca Delopez Nesha Sampson Bernadette Uzcategui Belinda Love Kei Fuchigami

FASHION BloggerS Paula Mathias Meet Madeleine

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The Minted Moose Nori Child House of Strawberries Hello Charlie Studio Live Kreatve Clothing She She Marie Boutique Telegraph Ave Onyx Avenue Shayla Clay Designs Blueprint Society Fawn Kids Clothing ModerneChild Lola And Lulu Mama Mermaid Made To Play Kids Allegra And Luca

Jena Holliday Sarah Molitor Jackquel Carter Nicole Lahey

Featured mompreneurs Bonnie Ryan Kate Roginielewicz Emily Butterworth Brandis Allison Bernadette Uzcategui Amanda Buechler

HOME CONTRIBUTOR Krisztina Paskuly

BUNNY HOSTESS Michelle Vilasineekul

STYLE CONTRIBUTORS Emily Butterworth Bernadette Uzcategui

On the cover Sarah Molitor of JudeAndHudson Image by Annalee Courtright Photography Floral Crown by Annalee Courtright Maternity Attire by Pink Blush Maternity


friend, a lover, a creative genius,

women you are about to meet

a DIY kick-butt-er, a

have shared their hearts with us,

homemaker, a hostess...I mean,

have opened their closets and

you get the idea. We are Super

their homes. I know you will fall

Women, I tell you. All the hats

in love with them, as I have.

we wear should be celebrated Dear Friend, This issue of Stylish Milk feels more like the very first. The

and so I thought I would start with the one that we wear the

Thank you, for reading SM

most - MOTHER.

Magazine, for being a part of my life in this way and for your

Holiday Gift Guide Issue (November 2015) was a special edition, showcasing handmade brands. This issue, is more "me" and my vision for what Stylish Milk truly is - a celebration of YOU, the Mommy, the Maker, the Dreamer, the Creator, the Mompreneur.

love + support. It's not an easy I am a mommy of three little

job, but it's my passion, my

ones. I sometimes call them my

heart and my dream come true.

little monsters, depending on the

I appreciate you and I hope you

day. And I wouldn't trade the

enjoy this issue.

happy chaos that is my everyday, for anything in the entire

With lots of love,

world. I also at times, feel really lonely. And so my contributors

Every month, my hope is to

and I have come together to

bring you a new keepsake-

share our lives as mothers, to

worthy edition of SM, designed

celebrate the beautiful noise

around a specific theme. I think

that sometimes makes us want

it's so important to celebrate all

to pull all our hair out. We

areas of our lives as a woman, a

celebrate the ups and downs.

mother, a sister, a daughter, a

We share our journey. The

Brandis Allison, Editor

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Model: Roz, Dasrozo Cap: RadRepublicThreads Tank: M.E.AndYou Denim: Sk8king_ Skateboard: Kryptonics Sneakers: Nike

We Love Our Readers! Thank you for your continued support. We appreciate you.



#Stylish Milk Chat Brandis Chit-Chat's With SM Readers to find out what cravings they had while expecting their bundles of joy.

Images By: Brandis Allison, Editor of STYLISHMILKMAG / Model: Jenni Lehner of Jennifer Lehner Photography

nutella on everything -Morgan, LivinLikeOwen fish fillets with extra, extra tarter sauce, hot french fries, orange juice and chocolatey-chocolate milk. -Haley, NatyRose_ pineapple and watermelon -Jordann, JaJenks00 wood-fired pizza with pepperoni and spinach salad -Tara, TBrackeen

chocolate croissants with my first and all things salty with my second - pickles, olives, french fries! mmmmm -Megan, BroBroSparks

bagels + cream cheese, greek yogurt + peanut butter mixed together, graham crackers, oj, pink lemonade + chocolate -Karolyn, TheBrileyBirds

steak and chocolate chip cookies -Ashley, NeverlandCrewClothing

jolly ranchers -Miranda, MirandaSeuis

pickles with kosher salt until my lips burned from the sodium -Brandi, Brandi_Olmos

peanut butter, always! -Brittney, Haizel_Creations

potatoes! -Kim, LittleFireBrigade

beets with my first and root beer with my second -Terri, TBFarley727

Mama mermaid™

-Sketch by Brandis Allison STYLISHMILKMAG

Brand Spotlight

"Born from a deep passion for babywearing, Mama Mermaid's founder Nicole McDaniel has been creating ring slings for families all over the world since 2014. She currently resides in Texas with her husband and two daughters."

IG: @Mama_Mermaid DEAL: 10% Off SHOP: CODE: STYLISHMILK10 EXP: n/a

"Trendy and Unique fashion for your littles. Handmade and 100% Organic. Proudly made in the USA out of fabric made and printed in the USA."

IG: @TheMintedMoose DEAL: 20% Off SHOP: CODE: STYLISH20 EXP: n/a Photo by Stephanie + Model, Piper of PipesAndMama

Mama Diary A Chat About Motherhood, Blogging + Mompreneurship with Jena Holliday of


Editors Note: I had the pleasure of chatting with a lovely friend, the mama behind the Insta g ram pa ge ASpoonfulOfFaith, Jena Holliday, 28, of Minneapolis MN Brandis, Editor of Stylish Milk: Tell me what you would do if you had zero responsibilities for a day? Jena: I'd totally start the day at the coffee shop with the gospel and some caffeine to get some good morning vibes in the way! I'd then head home and likely work on something creative - drawing, watercolor, DIY crafts. This is what I love to spend my time doing so that'd probably take up most of my day. I'd also get Layla involved, since she's starting to understand a bit more, so it would be so beautiful to share this with her. I'd probably end the day with a thrifting run! I really love finding new or used things and giving new life to them and it makes me feel so much better about shopping for myself! Ha! SM: What is your favorite part of being a mommy? J: Getting to see life again through my daughter's eyes. Being challenged to be a better version of myself

everyday. The sweet hugs and kisses from your little one that only a mama knows. The bond that is formed immediately following birth. Motherhood is so amazing to me, it's shown me a lot about true life, what is important, what's not, and what sacrifice and love is. SM: Tell us more about your second pregnancy. How far along are you and is it going as you had expected / hoped? What is your favorite part of this pregnancy? How about your not so favorite part? J: I'm at 32 weeks now! Woo! It's so different, I definitely understand why women say each pregnancy will be different. I would say this time around I am noticing more of the not-so-good parts of being preggo - like being uncomfortable! And this one kicks like crazy, which is showing me - it's a different baby so I can't expect the same thing as with Layla. My favorite part is getting to tell my daughter that her "brudder" is in there, although she doesn't truly understand it all. It's still so sweet to see her talk to my belly, kiss it, and point to her belly afterwards! No, honey, your brother is not in there!

SM: The one thing you do for yourself, every single day? J: Get lost in my worship music and spend time with my bible. It's definitely my daily bread. SM: What/Who is the single most influential presence in your life, that gives you strength and passion in every aspect? J: Jesus! He has restored my passion for art, strengthened my heart in tough times, and given me a dream and vision for the future. I would also say my mother is such a great influence to me. She's raised seven kids and is such a cool, calm person. I never understood that about her, until I became a mother. She has found so much peace and wisdom in her relationship with God, that it has always helped her as a mother and I am honored to have her as a guide and help in my life. SM: Speaking of motherhood; Becoming a mother is a lifealtering event. What is the most memorable of first moments for you? J: The most memorable moment would be when we first brought Layla home from the hospital. I remember life being so chaotic. We were new parents, we didn't know what we were doing, and my husband told his best friend it was a good day to come over and cook for us. It was a disaster. I remember his friend cooking, me crying because I was in pain from my c-section, and my husband leaving and picking up a new rocking chair for me, because I could not sit comfortably on our couches. The entire time, Layla

was fine. Cooing, sleeping, and just perfectly happy - while the adults were trying to get it together. I think that was one of the hardest moments for me, but one with a significant meaning. It showed me that life was never going to be the same again, that I would definitely be tried, but to appreciate the people I have to help me, relax and go with the flow. That's exactly what Layla was doing, she knew no other way but to go with it. That has definitely helped me as a mother. SM: The last delicious treat you craved and ate? Gotta love those pregnancy cravings! J: Simple, but I was totally craving white chocolate covered pretzels over the holidays and I made some yummy ones with sprinkles. SO GOOD. SM: So, Jena, tell us more about your day job and your duties. What's it like working a full time job and being a commissioned artist? Tips on balancing two jobs and a family while expecting? J: Well during the day, I work in digital marketing as a social media analyst. So I analyze social media performance and help strategize towards sales and traffic goals. I think juggling working full time and going after your dreams can be a tricky space to be in. It took me a while to figure it out, but I've learned that I can't spread myself too thin. I've got to designate time to work on my art, time to spend with my family and time to relax. I've also got to be okay with priorities switching on me suddenly. I remember when I first started, I'd

say I want to work on something for an hour and then it seemed like everyone was pulling on me to do something else. I'd get frustrated and try to work through it - spending double the time not fully attentive to anyone or anything. What I do now, if my daughter is pulling at me - I give her my full attention; if my husband wants to talk - I make him the priority; and I don't stress about the rest. My motto is I will get to it. It will get done. I don't set unrealistic expectations, I give myself a lot of grace and time to get things done. But grace and Jesus is the big key here. You can't do it all alone and you don't have to. One step and one thing at a time. SM: I am personally, a huge fan of yours and the custom art you created for me is so dear to my heart. I am also a fan of your blog, It's beautifully written and inviting. What made you decide to start a blog? What's your favorite thing about blogging? J: I started blogging about six years ago and it was honestly just a creative outlet for me. When I closed down my first blog and started running Spoonful of Faith, I started blogging to share my life and journey in being a mom, entrepreneur, and new to Christ. I wanted to use it as a journal and it has been so much more than that. My favorite thing about blogging is that is allows me a space to creatively be myself. No rules, whatever I want and I don't have to fit into anyone's box. And sharing Gods word and connecting with others through it all!

SM: What steps did you take at the very beginning of your blogging days, to get started and to get noticed by new readers? J: I stayed consistent and faithful. I really had to dedicate myself to saying 'I'm going to write and post no matter if 1 person reads or 100 people read'. It's gotta be important to me no matter what, for it to be important to others. I shared my blog everytime I posted something. It's hard to share ourselves with the world at times, but keep putting yourself out there, keep sharing, even if you think no one is paying attention - someone is watching you! You never know who you can reach just by being faithful with that. I partnered and aligned with other bloggers, businesses, and people ONLY where it was a natural fit. Nowadays you see people doing whatever they can to gain traction and that's never been my style. I really value and treasure my readers and those who follow me and so I only give them what I really like or care about. I only promote or talk about people that really matter, inspire, or believe in.

SM: Jena, you have a fantastic, engaged, social media following on Instagram. In what way have you grown your community, your followers, authentically? J: Sharing real parts of me and my life and what I'm learning on our journey through life. Doing my own thing and producing my own voice and vision has also helped and this is solely through understanding my identity in Christ and not being afraid of it. I used to approach social media with an intention to grow and gain followers and now I'm at a point where I really want to make relationships with people, share who I am and my work, and be a light to others. I've found out that it's not fun unless I'm being me, talking about what I care about, and another key is to care about those who follow and interact with you. Why should someone care about your life if you don't interact and care about there's? Isn't there's just as important as yours? I've made great friendships with some awesome people from commenting and sharing our lives on Instagram. Don't underestimate what you can do with it! SM: Let's talk about #hashtags. Do you hashtag? If yes, tips on finding tags that reach your target audience? J: Yes! I think it's important. You really have to know what your customer and target audience is and what they care about. Then what has helped me is finding

out what hashtags they are using, who they are following, and using those insights to form your own set of hashtags. Also, freshen up your hashtags often. For different topics I use different sets so I'm reaching people with different interests. SM: Blogging. It is definitely powerful, fun, creative, interesting, exhilarating, therapeutic even. Do you have any specific advice for mommies who are thinking about starting a blog? J: Start it! I told my sister this, as she wanted to start blogging, but she was unsure of what niche she should be in and what she should focus on or even how to begin. I explained to her that it was HER blog and not to get caught up in all these rules people put out there. In the end, people will be coming for HER and she should remember that it can look and feel however she wants it to look and feel; it's hers! Also, not to be afraid or so obsessed with it being perfect if I went back to my first post 6+ years ago; it's embarrassing! Lol! Mostly because we grow from the person we were when we began. We develop and change and things get better the longer and more experience we have - so quit judging yourself so much today and know it will get better and bigger and it will form into something that you absolutely adore. Maybe not from day one, but if you don't start today, you're only wasting time wondering on something you could be building! It's a journey, embrace it!

SM: Being a Mompreneur is difficult. Can you tell us one challenge you have faced recently and how you overcame it? J: A recent challenge I've faced is staying true to what is IN me and doing work that I love vs. only what pays. There's a constant balance we do as entrepreneurs and I've really wanted to ONLY do what I love. And in seeking that, I've lost people who loved things I've done in the past because I wasn't doing much of that type of work anymore. I've also seen it shift and have new people in my life, who support where I'm going. I've overcome it by understanding that there will be ups and downs in business, but that you should always do what you love. If you don't love it, then why are you doing it? If it's only for the money or for all the wrong reasons, it will rob you of your joy. It will do more hurt to you then help and it won't benefit your life. You will be miserable and where is the life in that? People may not agree but you've got to make the best decision for your well-being!

night owl. I have random moments in the night I'll wake and just felt led to draw, or read my bible. Those quiet times have helped me spiritually and mentally. My friends don't understand how I do it all, but it's definitely got Jesus written all over it.

SM: What is one thing (other than meeting your new baby) that you're looking forward to most in 2016? J: I'm really excited for what I can accomplish this year. I am going to be taking some big steps towards running my business full-time and it's exciting! I'm also taking on some projects and I am looking forward to the doors, opportunities, people that I will be connected with. I'm excited for where my relationship in Christ will grow. I'm very expectant of great things! SM: I won't keep you much longer, as I have just one last, very vital question for you. What life advice would you give to a mommy, seeking balance in her world? J: Honestly, balance for me is found through my relationship with Christ. I really have discovered that I can't do everything all the time. I let God lead me in the direction I go with my work, my family, and my life. It has helped me to not worry as much about things that I don't have the capacity for and helped me to stay present with what I am doing. It has brought me so much peace. I believe that before Him, I was trying to do so much and often felt like a failure. I have a lot of days where I don't get to everything I need to, but I allow myself A LOT of grace each day. Was I present with my family, friends, and Jesus? Is there anything on fire? If not, we are good. I'm also a

Follow Jena's Journey: ASpoonfulOfFaith Blog: In The Woods, Fall Photos: Images by: Laura Ann, LauraAnn_Photography Jena is wearing a Gap dress + H&M Leggings Layla is wearing an Emma's Garden Sweater, Leggings from Carters and Old Navy Boots Snow Photos: Copyrigt Jena Holliday Jena is wearing a Long Cardigan from Forever 21, Tank Top + Leggings from H&M and a Coach Backpack Layla is wearing a Black/Silver Dress and Leggings from H&M, Gap Kids Booties and a Leather Jacket from Osh Kosh

WWW. N O R I C H I LD . C O M Use the code: STYLISHMILK15 to receive 15% off your next purchase

Headband: TheGipsyAndTheYarn / Dress: TheCraftedCo / Bracelets: JuneandPenny

Photography + Styling: Amanda Norisada, NoriChild

Boots: NoriChild

Hat: NoxxAZ / LegWarmers: TheCraftedCo / Bracelets: JuneandPenny

Photography + Styling: Amanda Norisada, NoriChild Fox Dress: NoriChild Model: Eva, VKnudsen15 Location: TwoSistersFarms in CA

"We are a family-run business. Our unique Children's Line stands out with a flair of vintage charm, unlike anything else on the market. We are honored to create heirloom pieces for your family, that can be handed

Boots: NoriChild / Socks: TheLittleWears / Hood: AbellasCloset / Bracelets: WillowandFigLeatherCo

down for generations."

WWW. N O R I C H I LD . C O M Use the code: STYLISHMILK15 to receive 15% off your next purchase

Meet Sarah, The Mama Behind The Insta-Page

JudeAndHudson And Learn More About Her Styled Maternity

Shoot with Annalee Courtright Photography

"I'm Sarah Molitor, the mother behind the Instagram page JudeAndHudson and I am due any day now, with our 3rd baby boy, Chase. I love baking and cooking, keeping up with the boys and spending time with my family.

more intimate feel, but we also braved the cold for some sunset pictures! Overall, it was amazing. She directed me so smoothly on how to look and pose, and made me laugh the entire time.

Hudson is 20 months old. He is attached to his older brother, loves the corners of his blankies and finding airplanes in the sky. He is super ticklish.

Maternity Pictures; You should have them taken. I felt so goofy at times, but I trusted Annalee in what she was doing and in how she guided me. I'm not a model, so when I would 'stare into the distance' I figured I would look ridiculous. But you know what? She was right. When I saw the images the first time I couldn't believe they were from our shoot. She made me feel so beautiful and glowing. She made me feel so 'elevated' from my normal mom self!

This is my third pregnancy and I knew I wanted photos taken. I asked my friend (and photographer) Annalee if she would be interested in a maternity shoot to highlight my PinkBlush Maternity items. She loved the idea and suggested a styled shoot and took it from there. I wanted some indoor photos for a

My husband has LOVED looking through the photos, which makes me feel even more beautiful. And for the future, I have these special moments recorded of just myself and my sweet babe in the womb! Simply put...this experience and the final images are irreplaceable."

My oldest, Jude, is 3 years old, all boy and loves knowing what his shirts say. He is quite the bookworm. He loves helping his little brother with everything!

Maternity Top: PinkBlushMaternity / Flower Crown: Annalee Courtright Photography

Twelve Must-Have Small-Shop Essentials For Your Littlest Loves

Written by Cover Model + Mother, Sarah Molitor, JudeAndHudson Images of Sarah by Annalee Courtright Photography



Who doesn’t love wooden toys and blocks and well, wooden everything?! Kimber and her husband are doing it right making everything from blocks, home decor, toys and more with modern designs, all in their own wood shop!

Micah has your little girls and guys covered. She makes skirts and leggings in a variety of colors and styles that people ooo and ahhh at. Her fabrics are always modern and up to date to make your little one look hip as can be (while still being affordable).

What I love: They offer most all of their products in various stains and each product is safe for your child (and you) to handle, while still being fun to play with and use. Toys can also be personalized! Our name blocks are in multiple stain colors and match our nursery in every beautiful way possible.

What I love: The leggings we have for baby Chase are neutral and lightweight (and the most adorable plaid). Perfect for year round wear, whether layering in winter or with a onesie in the heat of summer.

Fun Fact:

Fun Fact:

They are the largest toy seller on Etsy and for every toy purchased, a new tree is planted!

Micah is my sister, and encouraged me to start my judeandhudson page. I could say SO many great things about her. She really loves what she does and each item is handmade by her! She also offers the ability to ship gifts to your friends, ANYWHERE, tied up beautifully with a handwritten personalized note, with your words.

PLUCKY.MUSTARD Debra is incredibly talented and hand-paints EVERY shirt she sells! Every shirt!! Her designs vary from adorable to whimsical and everything in between. Seeing the “Oh hello Life” design on the tiniest newborn onesie ever is enough to make you want another baby! I chose the sprout color because it felt like a dash of brightness and spring in the middle of winter! Plus, I love green!

THELITTLEDOEBABY We ALL love moccasins! Especially for itty bitty babies. And Mikayla brings to life beautiful moccasins in gorgeous colors. Real leather, handmade and long-lasting. They are affordable, too!

What I love:

What I love:

The paint is non toxic and completely washable AND retains its color! Perfect for us moms who throw everything in the laundry without a thought.

The softness and flexibility of the leather. So perfect for newborn little feet (and an active child’s foot). I also love their affordability!

Fun Fact:

Fun Fact:

Debra can take custom orders and has an entire rainbow of colors to choose from! Perfect for any occasion.

Every Friday is “littledoefriday” where a certain color moccasin is featured at an amazing price! Always worth coming back for more! Never miss another deal!


TUBBYTODD I love putting beanies on my boys and this new baby will be no exception. These beanies are thick enough to keep your little warm and light enough to keep them from sweating. The perfect combo!

What I love: All the colors and patterns! I’m beanie obsessed and I can tell you that these are quality and long lasting and create that oh so perfect slouch look! Fun Fact: Young Buck Beanies has the whole family covered. They make beanies in all sizes from NB to Adult and they are always sewn after you make your purchase for BEST quality.

No one knows bath time like Andrea. With six products that cover everything from bath time to potential skin issues, its no wonder people (like myself) covet each bottle of goodness. My boys have been begging for more bubbles at bath time ever since we got tubbytodd. And I have been treating my own extreme dry skin like a boss with the all-over ointment. What I Love: The versatility. I use them AND my kids use them. Plus each product smells wonderful and fresh! Fun Fact: A little goes a long way. Since they are made with such quality, you only need a little each time to do the trick, whether for bubbles or hand cream.

POTATOFEET MODERNBURLAP I have no fear of losing pacifiers anymore thanks to Kati. Besides having an amazing line of leather moccasins, PF also have the most adorable leather pacifier clips. Neutral and beautiful colors are available along with being the perfect length so nothing hits the ground when spit out of baby’s mouth. At only $8 you just can’t go wrong. What I love: They are washable and wipeable by hand for easy clean up! Also they are handmade in the USA and you can feel the durability of the leather! Fun Fact: They can be attached to ANY baby item that has a little hole for the clip to be looped through! And they are made out of 100% leather just like their moccs.

For me, muslin swaddles are a MUST. With MB, you get the best of both worlds; muslin swaddles with adorable black+white designs that are trendy and beautiful! Very appealing for any type of style. What I love: Muslin is breathable and lightweight which makes it safe for your baby. Our Modern burlap swaddles get multiple uses: swaddling, a tummytime blanket, changing mat, stroller cover, nursing cover, burp cloth and more. We take them everywhere we go. Fun Fact: Black and white designs are a conscious choice made my Modern Burlap because they enhance baby’s vision and stimulate brain development. Win-win for you and your little. They also offer soft “anytime blankets” and other fun products.

Maternity Top: H&M / Maternity Jeans: PinkBlushMaternity / Boots: Nordstrom

Maternity Top: PinkBlushMaternity / Flower Crown: Annalee Courtright Photography


COVEREDGOODS If you want the most lush, cuddly blanket around, then SB is the place to go. The softness is unreal and they come in ALL sizes. And snuggling that newborn babe? The receiving blanket is absokutely perfect.

What I love: Besides being the softest blanket ever, I love the variety of color choices along with various options for texture and lining. I chose the ivory swirl/gingersnap lush for my babe because I wanted those soft neutral tones to match his nursery.

I know first hand that nursing in public can be awkward/scary. Jamie, creator of CG is a mom of 4 and has solved that problem with her nursing covers. Not only do they cover you all the way around, but they are long enough to cover you and your baby, sufficiently. What I love: I love the length and that there are no annoying wires or plastic. You just slip it over your head to nurse comfortably. You also have a great view of your baby. They are made of breathable stretchy fabric, for use in any environment.

Fun Fact:

Fun Fact:

Emily is a mother of 5 and so Saranoni is a “grow with your family” company. There is a blanket in every size and color that you (or your kids) could possibly want. These blankets are great for snuggling a newborn babe or just hanging out by yourself, snuggled up on the couch.

These covers are for more than nursing. Use them as a carseat cover, shopping cart cover or even as a trendy scarf (great to have on hand for those unexpected nursing sessions in public).

PINKBLUSHMATERNITY HAPPYBABYWRAP With this being baby #3, I know I will be doing a lot more babywearing. HBW is the shortest wrap on the market, made of incredibly soft, stretchy, organic bamboo. With the Happy Wrap, you can cuddle, nurse discreetly, and keep your newborn babe completely cozy and tucked away when needed. Plus, you can be hands-free. What I love: Since the wraps are stretchy, they can fit most body types. They are stretchy enough to allow room for baby to be snuggled in and I’m obsessed with all the color choices. Fun Fact: They give clear directions on how to tie your wrap, for the perfect fit! They also give tips for adjusting as needed.

PBM is the primo-site for maternity clothing (as well as jewelry, scarfs, hats, shoes and more). You will find everything you need to feel and look beautiful. What I love: That I can have an entire pregnancy wardrobe available at my fingertips. They have pieces for every season. I have been wearing my jeans non-stop and they don’t fall down! The robe I get to bring to the hospital will feel like a dream. It's so silky soft (and gorgeous too). Fun Fact: For some outfit inspo, head to their website. Not only will you see amazing outfit pairings, but they have a lookbook that always will give you ideas for dressing your bump! Plus, they often have sales and deals that you won't want to miss!

Stylish Little:A boyFinn and his bunny

Photography + Model: Michelle Vilasineekul + Finn, VeggieMom1436

Images by: Michelle Vilasineekul Finn: VeggieMom1436 Tee: BanditKids Bunny: StylishMilkMag

Images by: Michelle Vilasineekul Finn: VeggieMom1436 Cowl: FinomenallyClothed Vest: Target Wool Pants: Sloomb Bunny: StylishMilkMag

Shop Finn's Looks





7 5 6

1/ FinomenallyClothed 2/ BanditKids 3/ FreckledAndCo 4/ LittleLords 5/ HunterBoots 6/ StylishMilkMag 7/ Sloomb

Win This Stylish Milk Bunny Finn: VeggieMom1436 Beanie: BeauBellaUTDK Top: SoftGallery Pants: Noe__Zoe and KHM_Kids Bunny: StylishMilkMag

#STYLISHLITTLE Sketch by Brandis StylishMilkMag

S T Y L I SH M I L K R EP Tee: Pop Kids USA Pants: DandyLionCo Bunny: StylishMilkMag

+ B U N N Y H OS T

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Mama Diary A Chat About Motherhood, Parenting + Brand Representing with Nicole Lahey of Ready.Set.Chaos

Editors Note: I had the pleasure of interviewing the amazing mama behind the Instagram page Ready.Set.Chaos, Nicole Lahey, 28, from Long Island, New York. Brandis, Editor of Stylish Milk: Tell me what you would do if you had zero responsibilities for a day? Nicole: This is an easy one; I would pack everyone up and go to the carousel at the Cradle of Aviation. My kids are obsessed with carousels and will play musical horses on it for hours. This Carousel is a historic attraction to Long Island and was recently restored and moved to the museum. I remember going on this carousel as a kid, as do both of my parents, my husband, and his parents. It’s pretty cool to be able to share something with your children that both you and their grandparents enjoyed as kids. SM: What is your favorite part of being a mommy? N: This is so cliché, but I love watching them learn new things. Stephen and I choose not to help our kids learn new tasks. For instance, at the playground we stand back and watch them. There are a few parts of

the playground that my kids have not yet conquered and that is perfectly okay with us. We believe that if they cannot do it on their own today, that they should try again the next day and work at climbing the tower or the net on their own. We don’t freak out if they fall, instead we make sure they’re okay, kiss their bruised ego, and encourage them to try again next time. One specific moment I remember involves the ever so scary monkey bars. Harper was eyeing the monkey bars for months, but was never tall enough to reach them. Finally one day she climbed up and realized the bars were within her reach, she climbed up and down to reach them about 10 times, and each time she backed down not sure if she was capable of doing it. Over about a weeks time, and watching many a seasoned monkey-bar-climbers complete the course, she finally gained confidence and picked her feet up off of the platform. She was so proud of herself, and I was even prouder. She swung there until her arms gave out. I know that if I had helped her do that, the sense of accomplishment wouldn’t have been as great, this was something she learned and executed all on her own and as a parent I find this to be extremely important for her future.

SM: Tell us something you wish you knew before becoming a mother. N: I wish I had known to expect that the person looking back at me in the mirror, would never be the same after having her first child. Looking back almost four years, before Harper was born, I was a completely different person than I am now. These changes were not something I took on a conscious effort to undergo; they were more of a transformation if you will. Becoming a mother is the most scary, wonderful, amazing, stressful, selfless thing that a woman can do. Right off the bat, we had so many issues with our daughter; they transformed me into a take no crap, protective, outspoken advocate for this delicate life that Stephen and I created together. Our daughter was hurt and she needed me to be her voice, she needed me to speak for her and find out every single little speck on information that was available to me in order to help her through whatever it was she was going through at the time.

My tenacity to help “fix” my daughter pushed away many of my friends, who were not yet mothers. They couldn’t quite understand what I was going through emotionally and backed away, which left me hurt. My eyes are now open - I have to say that this transformation has really protected me in a way. I vowed to keep only healthy relationships around my children and I; I gave up the dead weight and moved forward into life as a Mom which opened the door for new amazing life long friendships with people who understand how Stephen and I parent.

change one person’s diapers. I personally believe there is no better time to have a child than r i g h t n ow. Eve r y t h i n g w i l l eventually fall into place, although it may be hard, making your older children siblings for the first and second time is truly a gift. It makes you appreciate how much your older kids have grown, and you get to see your little one step into a whole new role; this is totally the most beautiful thing to witness. I would give up every single minute of sleep to watch my son caress his baby sister and say her name in his goofy little toddler voice.

SM: What is the one thing you do for yourself, every single day?

SM: What life advice would you give to a stranger that just asked 'how do you find balance'?!

N: Shower, although its usually never alone. It is actually so much easier to wash my older two if they come in the shower with me, instead of having to lean over a bath tub.

SM: Becoming a mother is a lifealtering event. How did it change your lifestyle?

SM: How was the transition from two babes to three? I know for myself, it was incredibly difficult and no matter how much I tried, nothing ultimately could prepare me. Do you have any advice for mommies thinking about having a third child?

N: Motherhood took a toll on my friendships and the ways that I interacted with others. I previously would have unhealthy relationships in my life for one reason or another. After becoming a mother, I quickly realized that my time was precious and that if it wasn’t appreciated, that there would always be someone happily willing to soak up every ounce of my love and attention.

N: Transitioning from two to three was really difficult for us. I remember having a much easier time when Gunnar was born. Having three kids so close together in age, and so young, means we are caring for three babies. Harper is somewhat selfsufficient now, but she’s still only 3. Gunnar is becoming interested in the potty, so it will be a little less difficult when we only have to

N: Balance is something that I look at over time, not just a day at a time, but more like a week. 'So we didn’t eat well today; that’s okay because there’s tomorrow and the next day ahead of us. I haven’t touched the laundry in a few days, well then there’s always Sunday and most of it will get done then.' I feel like we are always playing catch-up with house work, but I would rather spend the day doing something fun with my kids and engaging them rather than mopping my floors. So if you ever visit my home, you may find a few dog paw prints on the floor, but also three very happy and amazing kids.

Follow Nicole on Instagram: Ready.Set.Chaos + Read her Blog:

SM: On your blog,, you mention dabbling in natural parenting. Can you tell us more about that decision? N: My first child, Harper, had a really difficult beginning to her life. She and I both struggled right from the start. Between her stay in the NICU resulting in my PTSD, and feeling completely detached to my baby that had to lay in a plastic box on a completely different floor of the hospital; we struggled to nurse, to sleep, and to get in any sort of groove. From the start, Harper was gassy, uncomfortable, and covered in rashes. I took her to our mainstream pediatrician for advice and support and his solutions just didn’t make sense to me. I turned to a local breastfeeding group I belonged to and looked there for support. Another mother, who also struggled with her daughter, gave me guidance, support, love, and the best advice I would receive. We took Harper to a Holistic Pediatrician; he would prove to be the answer to our prayers and the best resource for our family. From there we learned more than we ever thought we would about nutrition, infant feeding, sleep, bodily autonomy, and parenting. Slowly but surely we got our daughter to a place of comfort. The damage done by the NICU in her very first days is still something we are working on healing today. The mixture of antibiotics, seven x-rays, and formula just destroyed our perfect baby’s gut; her line of defense; her immune system. Her skin issues, food allergies, and the colic she experienced as an infant all lead back here; gut

health. We vowed to never let this happen again with future children. When you know better you do better. I wouldn’t say that I chose to parent in a natural way, it was more of a last resort, the only thing that helped our daughter, instead of hurt her. Parenting in this way is also instinctual for me; we treat our children how we as adults would want to be treated, and we respect our children, their bodies, and what they have to say. If parents treated their friends the way they are told to treat their babies, they wouldn’t have any friends. Think about it, if you left your friends to cry alone in a dark room, spanked them for not listening, or cut their genitals without consent, you probably wouldn’t have any friends. We need to realize that we as parents do not own our children, but that we must guide them and support them while they explore and grow into the individual that they already are. We guide our children out of love, not anger and make decisions for their health out of education, not fear. We understand that our children are their own person right from birth; they have a voice that should be heard and cultivated. Most parents these days, get in the way of their children’s growth. Stephen and I have chosen to step back and let our children explore the world around them, knowing we will be there to catch them if they fall and keep them safe. There has been no greater joy in my life than watching my children accomplish a new task on their own.

SM: What made you decide to start a blog and what is your favorite thing about blogging? N: I started blogging because I used to write (sometimes I still do it) really long-winded instagram captions to make a point and spread information. Friends and followers kept telling/asking me to write a blog and how if I did, they would certainly want to read it. I didn’t think I had time to do this, so it took me about a year to make the commitment. I hired a web designer to set it up for me and it was up and running in about two weeks time. I wrote my first post and became addicted; finally there is a place for me to be me. I can sit and write about anything I want without being pressured to say what other people want me to say or have a deadline looming over my head. If I finish writing one night and feel comfortable with what I wrote it will get published right then and there. If not, then it may wait until the next day or the end of the week. I am the type of person that if I find information, or an amazing product, I want to share it with everyone. This is my space for that and I’m really enjoying the little page I created for myself.

SM: So Nicole, you are a Brand Representative for some HUGE brands. Do you have any advice for mommies who are looking to land the bigger shop gigs, too? N: Be a LOYAL customer. Beau Hudson was one of the first shops I purchased from when I got into instagram. I would place an order almost every restock, to my husband’s dismay, and genuinely loved their product. I ordered from them so often that I knew what was in stock and a little bit of what was going on within the company and therefore was able to help other customers with their orders and questions. By doing this, I formed a really nice personal relationship with the owner and it just continued from there. It also helps if you style your children uniquely; everyone is wearing the same things these days so you have to find your style and edge. One of the main reasons companies have brand reps is to get their product “out there” and seen by other potential customers. What better way to do this, with minimal investment, than to put your product in the hands of those who are friends with your potential clients and have decent photography skills? Companies love seeing their product styled with other companies that use instagram; that way their product is reaching the other companies customers as well. This is why it is important to tag your photos and always allow shops to share them.

SM: What steps did you take at the very beginning of your brand rep days, to get started and noticed? N: At the same time I joined instagram, I started bettering my photography skills. I took my camera everywhere and shot my kids wherever we went. Shooting like this helped me to understand my camera and light much better and faster. I then started purchasing clothing for my kids because I always struggled to find Harper clothing; if you couldn’t guess by now I’m not into super girly sparkly stuff, so the clothing options for my daughter at the time were very limited. Finding instagram shopping was like a whole new world to me. I finally enjoyed dressing her and shopping for her. My new found clothing addiction coupled with my new found love of photography I believe, was the beginning. I started posting photos of my kids dressed up in clothing from instagram at places we visited. Many different shops and fashion pages started sharing our photos and from there my follower list grew. Somehow, I stumbled upon some brand rep contests, and figured I would enter the kids. One of the first ones I had entered, Mama Said Tees, chose Harper. I then started entering more and more, but I tried to stick to companies that we had previously purchased from, or intended to purchase from anyway. I no longer enter these contests, because I feel like if there is a company out there who likes my kids and my pictures, they will somehow find us and we can start that way.

SM: What's the most challenging part of being a brand representative? N: For me, the most challenging part is deadlines. I have started telling companies that they are welcome to send us items, but not to expect anything by the next day. I generally get photos of new items taken within the week, but sometimes it can take more. I have three kids, sometimes showering myself and getting out of the house takes up half of the day so styled photos of my kids are not always on the top of my list. I also decided that companies could only send us one or two items at a time. I was getting four shirts for one kid; between life and working with other companies it was taking me too long to get the photos out. Because of this, I no longer consider myself a brand rep. I only have an agreement with Beau Hudson, but other than that I have terminated my “repping” agreements. I chose to do this so that I can give my followers a look into our lives in a genuine way. If I don’t like something, or don’t like the message, I wont put my kids in it; I really didn’t want to waste anyone’s time so I felt that if I was going to continue taking pictures for free that it would have to be on my own terms. Repping also usually means you have to post notifications and sales, I feel that if you rep for too many companies, especially around the holidays, your feed is littered with what other people want you to say. Again, this wasn’t me, it didn’t feel genuine, so I needed to back away from that. SM: Having a social media presence is definitely a part of the Brand Reppin' gig. Do you have any advice for those looking to grow their followers, authentically? N: Be Nice! Seriously, you’re the new kid on the playground so you have to put yourself out there, get to know people and interact. I purchased most of my children’s wardrobes off of instagram and shared their photos wearing those pieces or showing the items in their room. I then became friendly with the shop owners and we grew from there. I recently had been going through a hard time and I cannot tell you how many “strangers” (people I haven’t actually met in person) reached out to me to show their support and asked if they could help. This meant the world to me and you bet I will be returning the favor if ever I can. Be raw; show the good, the bad, and the ugly. Motherhood isn’t easy, in fact it can be hilariously messy and sometimes lonely. People want to see

things that they can either relate to, or that will give them a good laugh after a hard day. I usually try and pair a photo with a funny caption based off of something one of my little goofballs did or had said that day. Take clear, well light, and happy photos of your children in clothing that you can tag in hopes that they will share your photo. SM: What is one thing you're looking forward to most in 2016? N: I am looking forward to a family trip that we are planning to Disney this Fall. I literally cannot wait to see Harper and Gunnar’s face when we get there. Harper has been collecting change from philanthropic family members specifically to buy things when we go on our trip. She has been so patient about saving her money and even responsible. If she has a dollar in her pocket while we are at the supermarket she will pull it out and offer to help me pay for food, so I am excited to watch her use the fruits of her labor on herself. SM: I loved learning even more about you, Nicole. Thank you for sharing your heart, voicing your opinions and sharing advice. You are truly a gem and one of the kindest women I "know" on Instagram. Do you have any final thoughts or advice? N: My advice goes to the very pregnant woman waiting on her (first) baby: Expect your world to change in every single possible way and don’t fight it, ride the wave called life.

Follow Nicole's Journey: Ready.Set.Chaos Blog: First + Last Photos: Images by: Max Grey, MaxGreyPhotog Motherhood Sunglasses: TheLBBrand Nicole's Hat: Zara Flannel Top: Patagonia Harper's Shirt: Mini_Rodini Harper's Pants: Beau_Hudson Harper's Hat: Beau_Hudson Gun's Jumper: Mini_Rodini Baby Wrap: PavoTextiles Jag's Hat: PetiteSoulShop Jag's leggings JuneandJanuary Jag's Booties: #PadraigCottage Birth Photo: Image by: Max Grey, MaxGreyPhotog Bra: LuLuLemon Stephen + Kids Photo: Image by: Max Grey, MaxGreyPhotog Jag's Onesie: _BoboChoses_

Baby Harper + Nicole Photo: Image by: Max Grey, MaxGreyPhotog Romper: Gap Laundry Room Photo: Image by: Max Grey, MaxGreyPhotog Hats: _BoboChoses_ Pants: Mini_Rodini Vests: CampWolf Nicole's Shoes: ChromeHeartsOfficial Bath Robes Photo: Image by Nicole, Ready.Set.Chaos Robes: Restoration Hardware Baby Bedding: Pottery Barn Kids Room Photo: Image by Nicole, Ready.Set.Chaos Bedding: Mini_Rodini Denim: Beau_Hudson Hat: Beau_Hudson Snake + Cloud Garland: TheLandOfNod Cloud Mobile: BabyJives

Stylish Little: Jadon Just A boy in red Shoes

Model: Jadon, My.Vaughan.Boys Beanie: TooRahLoo Scarf: Elle.Knits Tee: AQuiverfull_Shop Denim: Env_Denim Shoes: MyLoMoccs Illustration: Brandis, StylishMilkMag

"We are a team of two mommies who love to sew and make cute things for our kiddos! We love anything that inspires fun and, of course, play!"

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Image + Model: MadeToPlayKids


Hoodie: FawnKidsClothing Bloomers: CrewAndLu Necklace: HoorayEveryday LegWarmers: LittlePeopleRocx Shoes: ZuziiFootwear Hat: Gap

Stylist + Photo by: Emily Butterworth, @Hello.Charlie


Tee: MamaCasePrints Sweats: ShopJunePark Shoes: Converse Hat: LilFoxShoppe Wood Camera: BannorToys

Stylist + Photo by: Emily Butterworth, @Hello.Charlie


Denim: Gap Sweats: ChildHoodsClothing Boots: CityMoccs Hat: HeavenSentJS Blocks: GrizzlyMouseDesigns

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Fur Vest: NoriChild Plaid Shirt: Old Navy Jeans: SusiesCustom Purse: TheLittleDesignCo Shoes: ZuziiFootwear Bow: GiddyUpAndGrow Clip: RyanAndWren

Stylist + Photo by: Emily Butterworth, @Hello.Charlie


Dress: MaliaAndKai Bow: TheCraftedCo Cloud Clip: GiddyUpAndGrow LegWarmers: LittlePeopleRocx Shoes: Converse

Stylist + Photo by: Emily Butterworth, @Hello.Charlie


Denim: LoveSickThreads Hoodie: FawnKidsClothing Tee: KiraKids Moccs: UllaViggo Hat: JackAndJulieCo

Stylist + Photo by: Emily Butterworth, @Hello.Charlie


Tee: LovedByHannahAndEli Hoodie: FawnKidsClothing Moccs: FeatherAndFilly Leggings: SugarLimeLane Beanie: SweeteLoiseDesigns

Stylist + Photo by: Emily Butterworth, @Hello.Charlie


Raglan: HelloApparel Necklace: GunnerAndLux Heart Clip: GiddyUpAndGrow Pink Glitter Clip: RyanAndWren Hat: LilFoxShoppe Bracelet: CagedBirdBlog Boomers: CrewAndLu LegWarmers: LittlePeopleRocx Shoes: ZuziiFootwear

Stylist + Photo by: Emily Butterworth, @Hello.Charlie


Leotard: AliceAndAmes Bow: Free_Babes LegWarmers: NoriChild Boots: NoriChild Tights: JuneAndJanuary

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Tee: HelloApparel Sweats: ShopJunePark Shoes: GreysonAndCole Blocks: BannorToys Hat: JackAndJulieCo

Stylist + Photo by: Emily Butterworth, @Hello.Charlie

Stylish Little: TJ An inspirational little guy

Photography + Model: Jackquel + TJ, TheCartersKidzz

Beanie: NoxxAZ Jacket: Nordstrom Tag: TrilogyDesignCo Tee: OzzieOlive Pants: C_heekyface Boots: Timberland Glasses: FJs_PopShop



Written by Jackquel Carter Images by Grace By Faith Photography

January 26, 2012 was the day our lives changed in so many ways, as my husband and I welcomed our 1st born, our baby boy, into the world. There are no words to express the joy we felt seeing his face, holding him and hearing his tiny little cries for the first time. TJ was something special and such a blessing. In the days to come, we were about to find out just how much. Once we were settled into our room, I tried feeding him for the first time, but he wasn’t really taking to the bottle. The nurse told me it was pretty normal, as some babies are still trying to develop their sucking capabilities; I felt otherwise. As the evening

went on, TJ still wasn’t eating, and when my parents came they tried to feed him too; He took a little in, but not very much and my concern began to grow even more. I spoke with the nurse once again and she told me to try a syringe to give him his milk. I tried this method and he still wasn’t interested, but took in a little more. The next morning, I noticed that TJ’s stomach was bigger and he had not yet had his first bowel movement. I walked him down to the nursery. They measured his tummy and it was indeed a bit bigger than it was at birth, but again they told me it was normal and he may have meconium in his belly.

The Nurse called a Urologist to come and see TJ, The doctor put his pinky finger on his bottom, got some poop out and said "See; He will be fine." In my heart I knew differently, so we began to pray, and my husband just paced back and forth holding him and praying over him. At that time the Urologist also checked his genitals as TJ was born with hypospadias. He told us that at a year old we would look into correcting it and that it was becoming more common these days. As the day went on my doctor came in and asked when I wanted to leave. He told me I could leave that day if I liked and at the time I assumed that meant me and TJ, but I was mistaken. I didn’t realize TJ had to be released by a pediatric doctor as well. I prayed hard that TJ would be coming home, but when I looked at his belly, I knew that wasn’t going to happen. Once again, I walked him down to the nursery and showed them his belly. This time it was much bigger than before and extremely distended. The nurses finally decided to take action. My heart dropped when I was told he had to be placed in the NICU. Especially because I was already being discharged.

"In my heart, I knew differently." I couldn’t think straight. I called my parents to let them know our situation and then my husband and I walked TJ to the NICU. I wasunprepared for what was about to come next, as they ended up giving my baby an IV of fluids. He was so dehydrated that he didn’t even cry, which we were told wasn’t good, and meant he really was not feeling well. Later they drew blood, which revealed his white count being extremely

low. That raised even more concern and my heart dropped. My parents arrived to the hospital not too long after and I did my best to meet them up the hallway (mind you I was only 2-3 days postpartum), but I struggled and had to hold on to the ramp as I walked up the hallway. and I just cried and cried. My dad and mom hugged me and tried to assure me it was going to be okay.

"I just cried and cried." Seeing my baby lying there so helpless was beyond hard; I wanted nothing more in this world but to trade places with him and endure his pain for him, but I couldn’t. As time passed TJ wasn’t getting better, so the doctors transferred him to a level three NICU. Later that evening the ambulance showed to transfer TJ, but they wouldn’t allow me to ride with him. I broke down as I watched them roll my baby away from me. Finally we arrived at the new hospital, and I was not yet allowed to see my baby. It was about ten minutes before they came to get us, but it seemed like an eternity. The first thing they did was stick a tube down his nose and he just cried. There was nothing I could do, but tell him mommy was there and that it would be okay. They proceeded to put a red rubber catheter in his bottom (both of these things were done to air out his tummy and would have to stay in until further notice). At that point I had run out of the room. I immediately fell to my knees, crying and praying and begging GOD to help my baby and to please not take him away from me (at this point I didn’t know what was going to happen and if he was even going to survive - all the worst thoughts possible clouded my head). I prayed that GOD would forgive me for whatever it was I had done, to cause this.

T T And Twins Tee, One Tot Mess Pants, Nordstrom Jacket

Jackquel: Windsor Store Tutu, Aldo Shoes, Agaci Jacket / TJ: Onyx Apparel Tee, Hudson's Apparel Moccs

Hunt West Tees, Rock Your Baby Skirt via The Enchanted Child, Savvy Halos Headwrap, Zara Shoes

I tried to pull myself together and made my way back to my baby. When I arrived back at his bedside, his tummy had fallen tremendously. After a few days and a couple of tests, we found out that TJ had Hisrschsprungs Disease and would need surgery.

surgery). We were further informed that he may possibly have a syndrome, so they did a genetics test on him. In the meantime, I had to learn how to feed TJ with a feeding tube (which meant placing it through his nose down to his belly) and giving him blood pressure medicine.

Hisrschsprungs Disease is when the large intestine is missing the nerves that allow you to have a bowel movement. The surgery requires the doctor to pull the large intestine through his bottom until they found nerves and then reattach it.

As we waited for the day they would let TJ come home, we met many parents and many little ones waiting to go home just like us. My husband and I began to pray for those kiddos and their families that were in POD D, right alongside TJ. And let me tell you, the more we prayed the more GOD showed up and showed out. POD D began to empty out and I mean this literally, babies were being sent home left and right, including one baby that had been there for 2 years. I praised GOD for what he was doing in POD D.

After scheduling the surgery it was quickly placed on hold, as TJ was having issues breathing and after having an echo of his heart done, we found out that he would need a PDA ligation and ASAP. At that point I didn’t know what to think. A second surgery was needed and had to be completed before the first surgery could even start. The day of TJ’s PDA Ligation came and it took roughly 45 minutes. He was back in my arms, safe and sound, and finally we were able to schedule his pull through. The day of TJs pull through procedure had come, and my emotions were all over the place. What was supposed to be a five to six hour surgery turned into an eight to nine hour one, and I was on a roller coaster of emotions. My husband did everything he could to stay strong for me and TJ, though I am sure it was harder for him seeing his son in pain and his wife constantly breaking down. FINALLY my baby was back, and we were informed that TJ had 80% of his large intestine removed. TJ was finally able to eat. We then moved towards a plan of trying to get him home, but that also came with more tests and more obstacles. Next, we found out that TJ had enlarged kidneys (which later down the road, after his first birthday, required a

TJ was finally able to come home on February 29th. It felt so good to have him home, but sadly just two months later TJ was back in the hospital, with an infection. TJ had, had this infection for about a week, but the doctor informed us that babies generally die within 24 hours of not having the infection treated. We also received confirmation that TJ also had MowatWilson syndrome, a syndrome with the possibility of not being able to talk, walk, crawl until later ages. Fast Forward, WHAT?!?!?! GOD is so good, because TJ is still here with us, almost 4 years later, crawling and currently working on walking with his gait trainer. TJ has a therapist that comes to our home, to work with him on walking, speaking etc. This journey with TJ has not been easy by any means, and is far from over, but it has been a blessing. This experience has taught us to depend on CHRIST; to increase our faith. It has brought us closer to CHRIST and closer as a family. We now have two beautiful children and we are truly blessed.

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Photography + Model: Jackquel + Jyah, TheCartersKidzz

HeadWrap: SavvyHalos Vest: DarlingDaughtersCo Dress: Remie_Co Boots: The Children's Place

Stylish Little: Jyah

Just A Girl playing in rain puddles

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At Home with

Krisztina Paskuly Photography by Husband + Wife: John Noonan and Krisztina Paskuly

White Table and Chairs: A plus R design Los Angeles / Table by Norm Architects & Traditions / Chairs by Normann Copenhagan

Green Rocking Chair: Eames from DWR (Design within Reach) / Kai's Top Kidult & Co

Kettle and Cups: David's Tea

Bench: Custom Made / Throw Pillows: Amazon / Icelandic Fur: Gilt

Liam's Sweater: Quinn And Fox / Kai's Romper: Telegraphave

Play Kitchen: Brio, Bliss Concept / Play Stroller: Design Life Kids

Krisztina's and Kai's Shirts: Mason Blake Apparel / Boys' Pants: Lil Mr Boys Clothing

Crib: Nursery Works, Bedding and Miffy Lamp Design Life Kids / Romper: Tribe And Pax

Krisztina's Shirt: Mason Blake Apparel / Boys' Pants: Lil Mr Boys Clothing /. Liam's Sweater: Quinn And Fox


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in a box for 12, delivered right to your

create a fabulous soiree.

Stylish Little: Harper Just A Girl In a flower crown

Model: Harper, JennBrooklyn Floral Crown: KenzieJaws Dress: DuchessAndLionCo Boots: Gracious_May Illustration: Brandis, StylishMilkMag

Stylish Little: Matilda Just A Girl in Pink

Model: Matilda, Matilda_Bear Hair Bow: FawnAndFinch Cardigan: Beau_Hudson Tee: FierceKidsClothingCo Leggings: WhistleAndFlute Shoes: PaperKraneK8 Illustration: Brandis, StylishMilkMag

HOUSE OF STRAWBERRIES House of Strawberries is a children’s clothing line designed with a girly, vintage flair, while still being modern and fun. Every piece that comes out of the studio is handmade with love and care. Designs are always made with soft, quality fabrics, and are always ready for play and adventure! Hi! My name is Inara and I’m the creator and designer behind House of Strawberries. I adore ruffles, twirl-worthy skirts, and bright, happy colors. I love every second I spend sewing and creating, and making my customers happy by going that extra mile.

IG: HouseOfStrawberries SHOP: DEAL: 15% Off CODE: STYLISHMILK15 Images by: Amy Kolodziej SunshowerPhotography

Models: Lily, SunshowerPhotography And Kenzie, Avery, Reagan

A Styled Commercial Photo Shoot for LilyJadeCo by Bernadette Uzcategui of

I’m Bernadette Uzcategui, owner and photographer behind Blueprint Society. I am a mom of 2 crazy awesome kids, a rescue pup, and am married to my best friend and biggest supporter. I have had a love for photography since I was a child myself, and I began my professional career as a photographer almost 10 years ago. I now focus entirely on working with small brands who want their vision illustrated through imagery, and am always so excited to meet new momprenuers who share my passion and drive for creating something new and beautiful to share with the world. Blueprint Society specializes in telling the story behind a brand through photographs. With a


background in photography and experience in graphic design + art direction, my company creates imagery around products to help them stand out and pays close attention to EVERY detail. I love to include joy and sometimes humor in my work, and have a special place in my heart for vintage finds and funky style. A Special Offer for Stylish Milk Readers: New clients receive a 25% discount on services, valid through March 1, 2016. Use the Code: STYLISHMILK25 to claim.

Instagram: BlueprintSociety

Facebook: /BlueprintSociety

Mom•pre•neur a kick-ass female business owner who is actively balancing motherhood with entrepreneurship.

Meet the Mompreneur Bonnie Ryan

Founder, Maker and Artist behind



'm a hockey wife, a mom and a creator. I love fashion, horses, traveling and the color mint. I have lived in 5 countries in the last 5 years. My son was born in Austria, and I opened The Minted Moose in Sweden. I love what I do, and am super blessed to have a husband that supports me 100% and lets me follow my dreams.

Life Advice



Responsibilities What You'd Do

"Go shopping all day! To do that without my 2 year old would be a dream, haha!"

"The secret to a happy life is low expectations. This might sound kinda silly, but its true. I think people always want more, more, more. But if we have low

One Beauty Must-Have

expectations and are happy with what we have, anything extra will be

Image by Marissa Ettinger Photography


The Best

Biz Advice You've Received

"Do what you love and đ&#x;ŒŽ :

love what you do, and I

IG: @TheMintedMoose

think, 'I am one of the lucky ones that actually

FB: /TheMintedMoose

gets to do this.'"

MAC Mascara. I can't live without it! $22

Meet the Mompreneur Kate Roginielewicz

Founder, Maker, Artist, Designer behind



'm a SAHM to 3 extremely active little men (my true loves and inspirations) and work during nap times and at night. I am born and raised in CT and swore I would never end up back here, but after attending ASU for my undergrad (Developmental Psychology) and then moving to Kansas to get my masters at KU, I absolutely fell in love with the Midwest. It's funny how family always pulls you back to your roots. After almost 10 years away I moved back to my family in CT and thank goodness I did because I met my husband and started my life long dream of a family. I am also a woman of many talents - my biggest one being my ability to connect with anyone child or adult. I'm pretty much a social butterfly and always have been. I am a HUGE outdoorsy person, who loves trying new things, but most of all I love running, hiking, mountain biking and swimming. I absolutely love to travel. I have the sickest, most immature sense of humor and crack myself up all the time (yes I actually laugh at my own jokes to the point where I start crying). But thank goodness, my kids find me extremely funny. My favorite movies are Pretty Woman, Dazed and Confused and Dirty Dancing. I love pretty much all comedies. I am a Coffee Addict and have tried giving it up, but never seem to make it more than an hour. I have the biggest heart and to me, I find that to be a blessing and a curse, but I will never change because that's who I am.

The Best

Biz Advice

Life Advice

"Always enjoy what you

"My all time favorite life

are making and doing. Remember that not

quote to live by is 'Life

You've Received

everyone is going to like what you make or do. All that matters is what you think."

isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.'"

One Beauty Must-Have

Younique Mascara. It's my go-to for making my sleep deprived self look somewhat human. $29

đ&#x;ŒŽ : IG: @HazzardLaneClothing FB: /HazzardLaneClothing

Meet the Mompreneur Emily Butterworth


Founder, Photographer, Stylist at


used to be social, fun Emily and even had a few nicknames and stories that will go down in history. My kids have changed me into a homebody and they are my three little best friends. Every day is a struggle to make enough money to be home with them, but I am going to work my butt off to do it because I know I won't regret this time I have with them before they are off on their own adventures. I love those annoying little crazy sleepthieves and I now appreciate my own mother more than ever. Being a mom was my calling and I'm going to put everything I have into it. I started my professional career several years ago as a graphic designer in Des Moines. Life happened soon after and I fell in love and moved back to my hometown of Spirit Lake and we quickly started our family...I had three kids in three years. When I had our first child, Caleb, I knew right away I wanted to be at home with my kids when they were little. They brand rep for several small businesses throughout the country and I use all of my passions in one: my kids, my photography and my love of fashion. And now we are to this...Hello Charlie.

One Beauty Must-Have



Responsibilities What You'd Do

The Best

Biz Advice You've Received

"Stay true to who you are, no one can replicate YOU."

"I would check into a really nice hotel..get in a big comfy bed and binge watch my favorite TV shows for

Life Advice

an entire day."

Mary Kay TimeWiseÂŽ Firming Eye Cream I didn't need this 5 years ago, thanks kids. $32

đ&#x;ŒŽ :

"Get down on the floor and play with your kids

IG: @Hello.Charlie

at least once a day."

FB: /HelloCharliePhotography

Meet the Mompreneur Brandis Allison


Founder, Maker, Artist, Designer + Editor of

've been an artist for as long as I can remember, often falling asleep at my desk, in my all-pink bedroom (I'm not kidding - even my ceiling was pink), with a pencil in my hand. When I wasn't doodling, I was making plans, playing with my Barbies or outside playing in the dirt. I was your all-American tomboy with a splash of princess growing up, loved listening to Blackstreet, Britney Spears and Eminem in my teen years and drove a 1988 Chevy Cavalier Z24. That baby was cherry red, had really bad factory speakers, leopard print seat covers and I blared my favorite records without remorse. Always a country girl who worked hard at everything I ever had - I graduated high school with Honors, studied at THE Ohio State University, majoring in Financial Management and often dreamed of sketching (in the fashion industry). I taught myself photography which led to a Professional Portrait + Wedding Studio, One-On-One Teaching Mentorships and to having an even deeper love for creating art. I moved to Nashville, TN in 2011, took a two-year break and suddenly found myself sketching people. My old dreams kept finding their way back to me and I have to pinch myself because I am LIVING my full-creative dreams. I start every single day being and feeling grateful. I am truly thankful.


Life Advice

"Be the change you want to see. Don't wait for something to happen TO you. Make it happen NOW. Baby steps. Take just one, in the direction you'd like to go in. You can totally do it!"

One Beauty Must-Have

Image by Britt Lakin Photography

Swanson Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for my skin, teeth, h a i r. . .yo u n a m e i t ! $ 3 4

đ&#x;ŒŽ : IG, FB, Pinterest, Tumblr: @StylishMilkMag

Meet the Mompreneur Bernadette Uzcategui

Founder, Artist, Stylist, Photographer behind



'm Bernadette, the photographer + stylist behind Blueprint Society. I’m a mommy of 2, a dreamer, and a lover of all things travel and chocolate. I grew up in Texas and have lived in quite a few different places over the years, but have settled in Colorado, and it feels like home. My photography career started with pets about 8 years ago, and over time I have had the opportunity to shoot for many lovely families, destination weddings, magazines, wonderful small and large businesses. I am grateful to have met and worked with such amazing people in this lifetime. I am inspired daily by my own children, Lil and Ev, and my silly rescue pup, Scout. In my free time, I love a cup of tea (or champagne), a good book, some jazz tunes, and a cozy blanket. Oh, and Instagram. Loads of Pinterest and Instagram.

If You Could

Hop On A Plane Right Now...

The Best

Biz Advice

One Beauty Must-Have

You've Received

"I would head straight to Italy, a tiny working farm in Tuscany to be exact. There

"Never stop learning! It is

are almonds and figs you can pick right from the tree,

so easy to slip into a

cheeses made down the co u n t r y ro a d , f re s h l y pressed olive oils and some of the kindest people I’ve ever met‌all in one tiny spot. Add in a short car ride to surrounding towns filled with gorgeous architecture, and I’m going to have to consider packing a bigger suitcase."

comfortable auto-pilot when you think you have something figured out. But bringing in a new small piece of knowledge

Ma c “ It’ s Re a l l y Me � Patentpolish Lip Pencil $20

e a c h d a y ke e p s t h e creative mind fresh, the

execution more streamlined than the day before, and the

đ&#x;ŒŽ :

entrepreneurial spirit alive."

IG: @BlueprintSociety FB: /BlueprintSociety

Meet Our Featured Mompreneur Amanda Buechler

FawnKidsClothing Founder, Designer, Photographer + Boss Lady behind

Images by Lindsey Burnett Photography

Meet Our Featured Mompreneur Amanda Buechler

Founder, Designer, Photographer, and Boss Lady behind

SM: First things first! Tell us who you are and where you are. Amanda: Hi there! My name is Amanda and I am the owner of Fawn Kids Clothing. We are based out of the Seattle area. SM: Tell us a little about your business. A: At Fawn Kids Clothing, we like to create comfy clothing pieces that your kids love wearing, but also that moms love putting on them. They are comfy yet stylish. Most pieces are gender neutral basics that can be paired together or go well with other items in their wardrobes. We opened our doors in September of 2014. SM: Do you have a favorite pair of shoes? We want to know what it's like being you and walking the those shoes. Tell us about a typical day, from sunrise to sunset. A: Right now my favorite shoes are my cream converse - I wear them all the stinkin' time! Oh my, what it's like being me? I will be honest, I am pretty boring! A typical day consists of waking up around 7am, getting the kiddos ready for school. Breakfast (cereal, oatmeal, toast), sometimes packing lunches, coffee, a little pre-school snuggling and cartoons. Once the kiddos are off to school I may or may not get dressed for the day. Ha, ha! I go over my to-do list and figure out what needs to be made first and shipped out. Sew, sew, sew. Kids come home, after school snack time, sometimes play on the playground while momma gets to talk to a real live human adult. Depending on the day, we have soccer and/or softball practice. Homework time, or aka mom yells at you till you do your homework time. Dinner. Then either snuggle on the couch and watch food network or play games or listen to the girls fight (yay). I don't usualy work late into the evenings, I've been there done that and bought the tee shirt and hated it. Once the girls are in bed the hubby and I catch up on any show we missed. I often cut fabric while watching shows at night as I quite literally cannot sit still, so I try to put that time to good use. Instead of snacking I will cut fabric. Anywho, told you I was boring! Oh and of course in between all that I check my email, facebook, and instagram like 50 million times. Can't miss a single moment of that social media llama drama!


Biz Advice You'd Give Your Best Friend

"Jump in - just do it, but make sure you have a clear idea of what you want to do. You may go slow at first, trying to figure out what it actually is that you want to do, but you'll get there if it is REALLY something you want. It may take a few years to find your groove, and it may not! There are so many people that jump in and it all just clicks! Make sure to have a support system, that is CRUCIAL. Having people to talk to that completely understand what you are going through is so important. Have good, clear photos of your product (pet peeve). Your photos are what people see first so it is very important! I could go on and on..."

Life Advice

"Do not let yourself be the last thing on your list - take care of yourself. You are important, and as a business owner you're important to many, many more people than you think."

Meet Our Featured Mompreneur Amanda Buechler

Founder, Designer, Photographer, and Boss Lady behind

SM: We know there's another side of the coin. Tell us about an obstacle you have had to overcome along the way. A: So. Many. Obstacles. One was not having funds to even begin my business. I started this venture last summer with maybe $100 and I bought whatever inexpensive knit I could get my hands on. I just started making leggings and beanies. I could never understand how a shop could spend $30/yard on a piece of fabric for leggings. I couldn't wrap my head around how to get to that point. But it happened! Slowly it happened. SM: Why did you choose to be an active shop on Instagram and what do you think about this community we have found ourselves in? A: Who knew Instagram was such a hot spot for small shops?! I had no clue till about late last spring when I came across a mocc shop and it dawned on me that Instagram was THE place to be. When I first opened Fawn, I felt very alone. I am a newborn photographer and previously had a newborn photography prop shop so I didn't know anyone in my new field. My previous businesses grew with Facebook so this Instagram thing was new to me. I stumbled upon a page, asked her a question, she emailed me and invited me to join a private group on Facebook (the group had with many other small shop members). The handmade shop community is amazing, my business has no doubt grew just by having this creative group of women by my side! SM: Let's talk about Brand Enthusiasts. What is one thing you look for while browsing entries and submissions? A: Having enthusiasts has helped my business leaps and bounds. My group of FANTASTIC mommas and kiddos are literally what sell my products. I recently grew my team from about 8 to 23. I know that seems like a TON, and it is. I choose my enthusiasts solely on photo quality. As a photographer I am insanely picky about the photos that represent my brand. You have only so many opportunities to post on Instagram a day without being annoying, so I wanted my photos to be clean, bright, happy and show off our product well. It's also important to show off each child's unique personality. My team is amazing, I literally could not do this without them. Thank you!


Most Fav + Least Fav Thing About Being A Boss Lady

"Most Favorite - I am a control freak. so I have almost complete control over what happens to my business. Least Favorite - Having complete control over my business. It's exhausting. And I know I miss opportunities because I am doing everything myself. It's a doubleedged-sword."



You've Celebrated

"We were recently featured in the Seattle Times newspaper! It was so unexpected and out of the blue. It was just a little blurb about our Black + White Romper, and how rompers are at the "height of kiddie chic." It also featured a photo from one of our amazing reps @whatblakewore!"

Meet Our Featured Mompreneur Amanda Buechler

Founder, Designer, Photographer, and Boss Lady behind

SM: We know balance doesn't really exist. But how do you go about juggling and trying to balance all of the "hats" you wear in your world? A: I am a horrible balancer. I tend to give everything I have to my business and kids. Myself and hubby get such a small part of my attention. I do try to keep the house clean because I can't function with a messy house. I am always "on", always doing something, always entertaining someone,malways cooking or feeding someone, always wiping a counter, always cutting/sewing something. It's exhausting! But at the end of the day it all gets done somehow and we are all happy and alive.


2 Beauty MustHaves

SM: Thinking about your beautiful brand - do you have anything fun and exciting coming up soon? If yes, dish. A: We debut our Spring Collection in the coming month, after a pretty successful AW15 Season. I'm full of butterflies in hopes that Spring does just as well! SM: Any last thoughts you would like to share with us? A: My story is so multi-layered and bananas. It took me a good 5 years to finally open my clothing business. In a way I am glad, because if I had not known or been through what I had the last 5 years then I'm not sure that I would have made it very far. It would have been a slower road for sure. I have loved my 5 year detour. This past year has been night and day so I don't even know what to expect in the future. I do hope to have 1-2 seamstresses working alongside me, maybe a social media person to help plan out blog posts. I just don't know. I have huge dreams, so if anything off that dream list is accomplished in the coming year then I will be one happy chic! Oh and I want to eventually get into the wholesale world. The idea of having something that I have made be available in a brick and mortar shop just makes me all sorts of happy! SM: Thank you for letting us pick your brain, invade your Mompreneur heart, ask all sorts of deep questions and bug ya, Amanda. I adore you and am so honored that you chose Stylish Milk to chat with. đ&#x;ŒŽ : / IG: @FawnKidsClothing / FB: /FawnKidsClothing

EOS Lip Balm It is seriously the best stuff ever! I put it on every single night and my lips are never ever chapped. $3.29

ESSIE Nail Polish I adore their colors. Chinchilly is my absolute f a v o r i t e c o l o r. $ 8 . 5 0

IG: FawnKidsClothing / DEAL: 20% Off / SHOP: / CODE: STYLISHMILK20












Styling + Photography: Emily Butterworth, Hello.Charlie Writing: Brandis Allison, StylishMilkMag

Models: Kelsey, Rooney + Finch: KelseyWilliams Keisha, Mia + Ivy: KJoLarson10 Marlena + Charlie: MarMarGerbil

Tired Tees: HelloApparel Hats: JackAndJulieCo Purses/Diaper Bags: CocoAndKiwi Matching Coats: NoraMadisonDesigns Friday Tee: PennyAndTillie Modern Love Onesie: MamaCasePrints Pants + Shorties: ChildHoodsClothing Leg Warmers: NoriChild Kids Flats + Shoes: FeatherAndFilly Hair Clip: RyanAndWren Woolie Ball Necklaces: HoorayEveryday Mama Bear + Man Cub Tees: LovedByHannahAndEli Scarves: SaffronAndNutmeg Teething Necklaces: Tiny_Inspirations

Commercial Photography for your Small Business

Now booking SS16 Toddler Clothing, Accessory + Toy Line shoots.

Instagram: @Hello.Charlie

From My Heart, With Love. Words and Photography by Nesha Sampson LOVE . LITTLE . SAM PS O N S

"There are so many lessons that can only be taught through motherhood, and there is no better teacher than your child."

"Motherhood is a daily reminder of a woman's strength, evidence of her courage and proof that unequivocal love does in fact exist."

Mocc Boots: MinnetonkaMocc / Blue Dress: ElskanShop

"Dear Daughter, Never invest in someone who fails to recognize your true worth."

"Everything I've ever hoped to see in myself I already see in her."

"Do not rush your child to sleep. Delight in the night hours. This is when your child is in her most peaceful state."

Nesha + Avah: Love.Little.Sampsons / Baby Carrier: ErgoBaby / Mocc Boots: MinnetonkaMocc

"One day I will have to tell her I'm not her best friend. I will have to disappoint her. I will let her down. One day she will choose to hang out with her friends instead of her mother. And I'm positive it will hurt. But, I must remember that she will have many friends in her lifetime, possibly even best friends, but she will only have one mother and I'm so lucky to be able to be that one."

Stylish Little: Avah A GIRL AND HER DEER FRIEND Photography + Model: Nesha Sampson+ Avah, Love.Little.Sampsons

Shop Avah's Look





1/ RyleeAndCru 2/ BushelPeck_Kids 3/ Zara 4/ HazelVillage



Mommy-Daughter-Dates Photos by Bianca Delopez, Delopez_Photo Bianca + Atalie, Sincerely.AlieAndMe

On Style

"I cannot really say that we have a definitive 'style', but I love going from superclassy-girly to edgie, ripped jeans and converse! When shopping, I try to always look for basics that I can put together multiple ways. For example, a black dress (Atalie loves dresses) that I can add boots, sandals or converse and just change the whole look! Some of my favorite brands are Zara, Gap, Old Navy, and H&M. We love supporting small shops on Instagram as well. I do look at pinterest and bloggers a lot to see what is “in� and sometimes get ideas from there, without having Atalie look too grown up." Bianca: FRIYAY Tee: LolaNLulu Sunglasses: Michael Kors

Atalie: Zip-Up: BeruKids Sunglasses: Old Navy Denim: Gap Boots: HunterBoots

Atalie: Sincerely.AlieAndMe Zip-Up: BeruKids Sunglasses: Old Navy FRIYAY Tee: LolaNLulu Denim: Gap Boots: HunterBoots

On Favorites

"Ata l i e l ove s p l a y i n g pretend, that is what we do ALL DAY! We hardly watch television, but when we do, it is usually youtube (Shopkins) videos or Disney movies. I play video games with my husband once Atalie goes to bed. Our family LOVES food, a little too much, in my opinion. Our favorite has to be Mexican (of course) and Atalie is obsessed with Sushi. We also love Disneyland. We are pass holders and that is our home away from home." Bianca: Scarf: StyleGirl_Boutique Boots: MJUS Denim: H&M Atalie: Scarf: Zara Sweater: Zara Sunglasses: Ebay Denim: Gap Boots: MikoleonKids

Bianca: Jacket: H&M Denim: H&M Shirt: Zara Flats: Halogen, Nordstrom Sunglasses: Nordstrom Atalie: Hat: Local LA Boutique Sunglasses: Ebay Dress: BeruKids Tights: Gap Boots: MikoleonKids

On Instagram

"I started my Instagram page before having Atalie, and once I had her, she took over my feed. I love shopping and fashion, so she became my life-sized doll. I started out by sharing her OOTD. Just recently I decided to change my IG name from just mine to OURS; something we have t o g e t h e r . Sincerely.AlieAndMe is a mommy and me page. I was looking around one day and realized that moms hide behind their kids IGs and some moms actually want to see your face, style and know more about you, too. So I went for it! It has been a blast so far; I love finding items that go so perfectly, once paired together for Atalie and me to wear! My husband was volunteered to become our picturetaker, but he is a trooper and a great supporter. One thing that I love about the IG community is the people I 'meet' and the shops we find and are able to support.

Images by Bianca Delopez, Delopez_Photo Bianca + Atalie, Sincerely.AlieAndMe Bianca: Leggings: Forever21 Mickey Shirt: Forever21 Boots: Steve Madden Sunglasses: Michael Kors Atalie: Dress: Ebay Jacket: Joe Fresh Scarf: SewDarlingDesigns Sunglasses: Old Navy Shoes: Mini Melissa

HANDMADE DOLLS We are obsessed with these little faces and think they are a perfect heirloom gift idea for the little girl in your life.









-Pictured: ALLEGRAANDLUCA Merida Tunic in White -Sketch by Brandis Allison STYLISHMILKMAG

Brand Spotlight

"Our focus is heirloom quality garments that withstand washings, tree climbing, tea parties and being passed down from child to child. The goal at Allegra & Luca is to design clothes and toys that are fun for kids and easy for parents - cozy, comforting, durable, easy to put on and take off. We hope to inspire imagination and adventure."

IG: @AllegraAndLuca SHOP: DEAL: 10% Off CODE: STYLISHMILK10 EXP: n/a

LO V Is in the air

Photography + Styling: Bernadette Uzcategui, BlueprintSociety

Styling A Photo Shoot Moodboard + Styling: Bernadette Uzcategui, BlueprintSociety Written by Brandis Allison, StylishMilkMag

Styling an upcoming photo shoot is a fantastic idea for several reasons. One - it is a chance for you to take some creative risks. Two - it is a chance to step up your social game. And Three - it is FUN! As a Magazine Editior, creativity, out of the box photos and well-executed photo shoots are exactly what I look for when I scour submission entries. With this in mind, I designed the February Issue of Stylish Milk around the theme "Creativity Reins" and am hosting a Styled Photo Shoot Challenge. The

chosen winner will get a full image feature, just like our January Photo Challenge Winner. And what is a challenge without an example, you ask? Well, I have you covered! Bernadette, the creative genius behind, styled the BEST photo shoot and I cannot wait to share it with you. But before I do, I have listed some key tips for styling your own photo shoot. And Bernadette shares a Moodboard she put together while dreaming up her Mother-Daughter styled shoot.

TIP ONE: Choose one item to draw inspiration from and let the ideas come to you, naturally.

TIP TWO: Write down s o m e keywords that describe your item and scour Pinterest for things that match.

TIP THREE: Create a Moodboard and fill it with color blocks, written notes, products or items you want to incorporate into the shoot - be specific; intentional.

Mommy & Me Baking Day Photography + Styling: Bernadette Uzcategui, BlueprintSociety

Photography + Styling: Bernadette Uzcategui, BlueprintSociety Location: Viking Cooking School in Bryn Mawr, PA Aprons, Egg holder + Straws: Anthropologie Book: Cupcakes from the Primrose Bakery by Martha Swift + Lisa Thomas



The February Issue is being designed around the


theme "Creativity Reins" in which we showcase fun, unique, styled photo shoots. We want to challenge you to plan, design, style and execute a fun Photoshoot, with any subject you would like.

1/ Upload ONE image. Just one. Make it your BEST shot from your shoot. With your new upload tell us what your theme was and any other information you'd like us to know.


2/ Hashtag your entry with #SMFebPhoto and tag @StylishMilkMag + @Model_Ryann

1/ Scour Pinterest for inspiration (but don't copy) 2/ Find ONE item and let that inspire the full shoot. (For example, I found a beautiful vintage headpiece for my daughter Millie and designed an entire shoot around it).

guest judge & co-hostesses

Image by CraneCoPhoto

3/ It can be as simple or as detailed as you want. We just want to see something intentional. 4/ YES, it can be an older shoot BUT it must not be published anywhere (we love fresh milk, not spoiled). 5/ This contest is open to everyone, Amateur Hobbyist - Professional. Your images however, must be high-quality, extra large and magazineready.



be my little

Gift Ideas For Your Littlest Loves styling + photography by Bernadette Uzcategui, blueprintsociety

Hearts of Gold - For The Newest Little Love


Mom’s One Line a Day Journal: Target Everyday Shea Lemon Lavender Bubble Bath: Target Infantino Go GaGa Squeeze & Teether Elephant - Pink Kiki: Target Blanket, aden® by aden + anais® swaddleplus®: Target The Honest Company Lavender Hand Sanitizer Spray: Target Gold Heart Canvas Bag - Hobby Lobby

LoveBugs - For Your Love Bug


Bazzle Baby Banda Bib: Target MAM Mini Cooler Teether W/Clip: Target Love from the Very Hungry Caterpillar: Target Glass Jar w/ Cork: Hobby Lobby Lady Bug Erasers: Target Dollar Spot Pink & White Mini Heart Bowls: Target Dark Chocolate Covered Marshmallows: Trader Joes Striped Party Straws: Target Dollar Spot

Sweets - For Your Sweetheart


Knit Sparkle Beanie: Target Heart Sunglasses: Target Dollar Spot The Great Fairy Candy Store Scratch-n-Sniff Sticker Book: Target Pink Sprinkles Scissors:Target Dollar Spot Multi-Colored Hearts Notepad: Target Dollar Spot Pink Felt Heart Envelope: Target Dollar Spot Prismacolor Pencils: Hobby Lobby Sparkle Heart Tights: Target Pink Hearts Sippy Bottle: Target Hello Kitty Lavendar Bracelet: Target Valentine Heart Putty: Target Dollar Spot Glass Jar + Vinyl Heart Sticker: Hobby Lobby Sweetheart M&Ms: Target

Love Notes - For Your Creative Little


Flow “Coloring is a Form of Happiness” Coloring Book: Barnes & Noble Valentine Heart Putty: Target Dollar Spot Yoobi Pink Ruler: Target Blue Heart Mug: Target Dollar Spot Hampton Art Watercolor Marker: Hobby Lobby Moleskine Cashiers Collection Journals: Target Heart & Arrow Canvas Mini Bag: Target Dollar Spot Gold Diamond Washi Tape: Hobby Lobby Blue Mini Mailbox: Target Dollar Spot Candy Heart Memo Pads: Target Dollar Spot Legos: Target Burt’s Bees Lip Balm: Target Cirra Compact Umbrella: Target Bakers Twine Spool: Anthropologie

Valentine's Day Inspired Finds

Conversation Heart Shirt, $26 + Onsie, $19,

Fire Truck Red Lil' Hightop Boat Shoes $69+, Heart Crochet Blanket $52,

Romeo Tee $23,

Sequin Topped Mary Jane Baby Moccasins $30,

For Your Little Love

Felt Heart Headband Bow $12,

XO $22,

Floral Pink Cotton Dress with Butterflies $45,

Princess Panda Pretties Teething Necklace $14.95,

White LOVE Tee $22,

Organic Leggings $22-30,

"Lola is fierce + edgy. She loves pattern play + wearing dresses with sneakers...Lulu is classy + elegant. She loves lush fabrics + everything gold. She is bold with colors + is always perfectly accessorized. Oliver is their imaginary brother/mostly companion‌He believes sunglasses should be worn every day, for UVA purposes of course. Neckwear is a must! You will spot him wearing tshirts with sport coats + probably has more shoes than you!"


Pictured: LolaNLulu Conversation Heart Chalk Tees + Hugs & Kisses Skirt / Images by JBunkerPhotography

Pictured: LolaNLulu Conversation Heart Chalk Tees + Hugs & Kisses Skirt / Images by JBunkerPhotography

Pictured: LolaNLulu Conversation Heart Chalk Tees + Hugs & Kisses Skirt / Images by JBunkerPhotography


with Paula Photos by Kei Fuchigami Location: Rise Coffee House, St. Louis, MO

A Few Things "Bonjour! I'm Paula, a five-foot-zero mama. Currently living in St. Louis, was born in Louisiana, but I’m always missing my old Kentucky home and sweet tea, southern hospitality, and people who call you honey. I have a cute little Westie and two blue-eyed boys in my life; One with dimples, who likes to play peek-a-boo and one with a beard, who likes to play bass. On any given day, I like to pretend I’m in France, so I dress the part. I live in skinny

jeans, stripes, a trench coat, heels, and some kind of statement piece of jewelry. OK, guilty pleasure: Jewelry, French inspired anything, fashion magazines, and Seychelles shoes (I have quite the collection). I love to eat. Give me some salty tortilla chips with salsa and I’ll eat them every day. And my hubby and I eat ice cream every night…so, yeah...salty and sweet!"

"I must confess, I have a major crush on Paris! I took French for 8 years and got to practice speaking it when my husband and I went there to celebrate our Anniversary. I also love classic flicks (anything with Audrey Hepburn), Mexican food, ice cream, rainy days and lattes, music, and the beach. If I could see any band perform live, I would see Copeland, Thrice, Jimmy Eat World, Manchester Orchestra, Brand New.

A Confession

A Life Motto

"One of my mottos in life is that you can never have too much of a good thing, and the same goes for my wardrobe. I find what I like, and I wear it on repeat! The trick is to style it differently, which is as easy as 1,2,3! My current clothes crush is a new striped waffle t-shirt from J.Crew that my husband bought me for Christmas. Here are three ways to style this piece, but there are definitely three thousand more."

Look One: Boho Bold "Layering with stripes is always a good idea. This long Calistoga Ribbed cardigan from Shop Ruche reminds me of Santa Fe and pairs perfectly with an oversized floppy hat from Old Navy and cayenne mocha from one of our favorite local coffee shops in St. Louis, Rise. I've paired these items with high-waisted jeans, booties, and my A necklace. Out of all of the looks you are about to see, this is my favorite!"

"Coffee dates have always been one of my favorites with my husband and friends, so it was only natural that I would have coffee dates with Atticus too. Most coffee places aren't necessarily toddler friendly, but Rise is an exception. They have a cozy little space upstairs with tons of toys, and they have live music and crafts monthly, for kids too.

Mommy-Son Dates

Atticus and I have been having coffee at Rise since before he could walk, and we always order the same thing. Atticus has a vegan chocolate chip banana muffin and mini latte (steamed milk & honey) and I have an iced lavender latte or warm cayenne mocha. I like to change things up seasonally, as well. We both look forward to our little dates and always have a "latte" fun!"

Look Two: Line Leader

"A striped shirt can always stand alone. I love wearing it tucked into my favorite highwaisted jeans from local boutique, Geranium, leather b o o t i e s f ro m Ve r y Volatile LA, and gold “A� initial necklace from Anthropologie, that stands for 'Atticus' my sweet little 2.5 year old son."

Look Three: Easy Like Sunday Morning "When I’m in the mood to be cozy and casual, I throw on plaid and add some chunky jewelry and call it an outfit of the day. The neon flamingo stone fringe necklace and perfect boyfriend flannel I’m wearing are both from J.Crew Factory."

It's Cold Outside "For a pop of color and warmth outside, I topped my look with a hat from Finley and Bub. I’ve worked with Na ta l i e , t h e m o m behind the brand for the past two years, and love all of her unique accessories. She made the beanie that Atticus is wearing, too! We love supporting small businesses, and and have loved being introduced to so many talented shops through Instagram. The striped romper worn by Atticus was designed by me from another favorite brand - The Patchery! It’s so fun designing one of a kind pieces for my little guy."

Paula Mathias LaPetitePaula Blog:

Photography: Kei Fuchigami OpalBunny Location: Rise Coffee House, St. Louis

Look One Floppy Hat: Old Navy Cardigan: Shop Ruche "A" Necklace: Anthropologie

Look Two Floppy Hat: Old Navy Kassiopea Bag: Anthropologie "A" Necklace: Anthropologie

Look Three Plaid: J.Crew Factory Neon Flamingo Fringe Necklace: J.Crew Factory

All Three Looks: Ribbed Top: Shop Ruche Denim: Geranium Boots: Very Volatile LA

Outdoor Wear: Beanies: FinleyAndBub

Atticus: Beanie: FinleyAndBub Romper: ThePatchery

Every Child Should Exude Impeccable Style

ModerneChild caters to stylish moms that want to share their love for fashion with their little ones. We feel fashion is not only a creative outlet, but it gives individuals an opportunity to show personality through bold and varying s t y l e s . Fa s h i o n h a s personally brought me much strength and confidence over the years and being a mother of two, I want my children to exude that same confidence, day in and day out.

Every child is beautiful. We here at ModerneChild, only hope to be a small part in helping your child see their beauty by building their inner confidence through their outer style. We carefully hand-pick each piece we sell in our shoppe and are confident that we have a style for every child at every price point. We hope you love every piece as much as we do.

Featuring: ModerneChild Photographer: Lollipops & Slingshots Photography LollipopsAndSlingshots

Models: Ava Kolker, AvaKolker_ Kayla D'orazio, Stylish.Kayla Peyton Willerford, LollipopsAndSlingshots Megan Curtin, TheRealMJCurtin Vandy Jaidenn, VandyJaidenn Mia Arellano, LittleMisssMia Eden Henderson, Eden__Henderson

Make-Up: Krissy Cole, KrisColeMakeup Hair: Heather Bradshaw, Heatherley_Lox Flower Wall: Pretty__Petals

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Photography, Styling + Model: Brandis Allison, StylishMilkMag

Stylish Little: Arlo

Home is where the fun is

Shop Arlo's Look

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1/ YoungBuckBeanies 2/ TooRahLoo 3/ FawnKidsClothing 4/ LovesickThreads 5/ GreysonAndCole

Images by Gina Brown of Phoenix_Street

Onyx Avenue Apparel launched in the fall of 2015, and has enjoyed immediate success as a clothing line specializing in monochromatic d e s i g n . Th e i m a g e s featured on the Onyx tshirts are based on original, hand drawn art from an amazing team

of artists. Onyx products are quality hand-printed,

marathon on Netflix, they decided to run an

media. Mia oversees operations of the

with sizes ranging from infant to adult. Lifelong friends, Mia and

actual half-marathon together. Once they crossed the finish line, they knew they were an

business, is the driving creative force, and is in charge of saying, "Yes, let's go for it!� They are

Gina, spend much of their time on their phones, staying up late, and going on road trips.

unstoppable team. Gina runs a styling and photography business and has a passion for

inspired by the urban scene, which is reflected in many of their unique and striking images.

Last year, after they completed a full-

kids fashion. She also rocks the realm of social

Onyx Avenue Apparel Images by Gina Brown of Phoenix_Street Models: AbbieDwyer Beckham_Bond ShansonMT Angola2411 Kelsey_Kaufman RachMarieHite BrownTownGirls TheSpaniardLuc IG: Onyx_Avenue DEAL: 15% Off SHOP: CODE: STYLISHMILK15 EXP: n/a

Because the number of emails we receive daily are high, we decided to have you submit your Instagram page via DM, to our private team-only page.

While we are on your page, we are looking for: • • • • • •

Beautiful, Quality Images Fun Content Creativity Anything that instantly touches our hearts Anything that makes us smile Anything that inspires us

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Fashion Madeleine with

Madeleine: MeetMadeleine Photography by Deun Ivory DeunIvory Look One Faux Fur Vest: _BoboChoses_ Pants: TheMiniAndMe Purse:Phillip Lim for Target Look Two Tee: KardashianKids Pants: TheMiniAndMe Look Three Faux Fur Coat: Zara Striped Dress: JuneAndJanuary Shoes: AKIDBrand Look Four Ballet Two-Piece: DesignHistory Look Five Peter Pan Collared Shirt Bloomers + Suspenders: LaceyLaneInsta

Specializing in Cool Kids Tees.

IG: LiveKreativeClothing DEAL: 10% Off SHOP: CODE: STYLISHMILK10 EXP: n/a

Images by Mila Grace Photography Model: Mav_1020

Live Kreative is a children's clothing line that empowers children's development and enjoyment of school, learning and living a healthy lifestyle. We believe that the love for music, art and science are key to the

development of our children. Th r o u g h o u r c l o t h i n g , w e encourage kids to embrace their

fun and healthy lifestyle, along with a pulse on the cutting edge trends. This balance is what we

individuality all while emphasizing learning is fun and makes you cool. Live Kreative’s designers are very thoughtful in showcasing a

feel separates us from the rest. As our children laugh, learn and grow, we hope they all will Live Kreative.


h wit

Belinda Love

Baby Crochet Bonnet: LaikynLeigh / Bows: TheLittleDesignCo

Photography + Words by Belinda Love BeLove23 /

Something Red January Stylish Milk Photo Challenge Winner, Belinda Love

Being a mommy got a whole lot sweeter this past November when we welcomed our third little girl into this world. From ice skating to ballet, they keep me busy but I couldn't picture my life any other way. Full hands, full hearts. And because every mama should read this I'd love to share one of my favorite poems, ever. "I have carried you, always. Before you were conceived, I carried a part of you in my soul. When I met your father, I looked into his eyes and saw the other part of you, and knew you, and prayed that you would come to be. Before you were born, I carried you in my womb. When you were restless I sang to you and soothed you and told you how I loved you. When you were born, I carried you in my arms. I kissed you and held you and put you to my breast, so that you would know that there is light and warmth and goodness in the world.

After a while, I carried you on my back, so that you could look at the world with confidence and joy and know that you belonged; so that you could share all of the beauty of the world as an equal to all that live in it. Now, later still, I carry you when you are tired or fearful. So that you know that no matter how weary you become, or what life holds, you can always depend on others for support and comfort. When you grow older, my darling, and your adventures take you further from my arms, know that even in my last hour I will carry you. I will carry you in my heart, for you are always with me. I will carry you, always." - Christine Maguire.

Blanket: WillaByClothier / Bow: TheCraftedCo / Playsuit + Booties: Misha_And_Puff

Later, I wrapped you in cloth and carried you close to my heart. I held you close so that you could hear that my heart beats like yours; that we are the same, you and I, and that you would never have to cry alone.

Outfit + Hat: SophiaMBoutique

Headwrap: Kanthabae

This photo is so special to me. Why? Because as a mommy I strive to raise confident little women. At four years old, Emma has already asked me why our hair is not exactly the same? Why her sisters hair is different from hers? One of the things I hope to instill in my Emma is to embrace her curls. Not to be ashamed of them. And most certainly not to change her self to please others. I am going to be so sad the day she asks me to buy her a hair straightener! Like ugly cry. Weather it be hair, freckles, eyes or skin color may we raise little women to embrace what makes them so unique, special and beautiful.

Blouse: _Indigo_Girl_ / Skirt: TaylorJoelleDesigns

Eden: Old Navy Dress, Gap Shoes / Emma: Joyfolie Shoes

I can't help but wonder if they realize how lucky they are to have each other.

Eden: GraceAndGraceCo Bonnet, MonPetite Shoes / Blanket: Kanthabae / Emma: TheLittleDesignCo Mocc Boots

Crib Sheet: IvieBabyShop / Blanket: KindRedOak

This life feels so surreal... I still can't quite wrap my mind around it. Soaking all the newborn sweetness in because these days are going by way too fast. Striving to be intentionally present in the moment is one of my new year resolutions.

My many, many reasons to be thankful each day. I pray that their bond grow stronger with each passing year.

Emma: JensPirateBooty / Baby ElĂŠa: LittleUnicornOfficial Blanket, TheCraftedCo Bow / Eden: TheLittleDesignCo Bow

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