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Proud To Be From Canada

By Carly Peters

July 1st may officially be Canada Day, but at Dufresne, they like to celebrate Canada year round. Partnering with Canadian manufactures such as DeFehr and Palliser, Dufresne offers exclusive products that are innovative in solving customer’s problems. “We work hand in hand to develop each piece, and find that when we do, they rocket right off the showroom floor,” states Kelly Krentz, case goods and motion buyer for Dufresne. The contemporary styling of the Milano series, created with DeFehr, certainly has a presence on the floor visually, but it’s the little extras that really sell the set. From soft-close drawers on the dresser and bedside table, to four-drawer storage under the bed frame, the series offers superior functionality. The headboard hosts a command centre with two flush USB ports and two outlets along

each side, allowing users to plug in their smart phone or tablet, as well as lamps. A standout piece in the series is the chiffonier - a hybrid dresser and mirror that offers 30 percent more storage capacity, but takes up 20 percent less space. The mirror, which runs the full length of the case, slides to one side to reveal five drawers. The second drawer contains a secret, felt-lined panel, which pops out to reveal space for jewellery or other small goods the user wants hidden.

“You’re not going to find pieces like this anywhere else,” states Krentz. This includes the latest in motion furniture, which Dufresne partners with Palliser to produce. With the simple touch of a button, users can recline to infinite positions.

The newest frame, Jasmine, is the ultimate in compromise between T.V. lovers and book readers. One of the end sections hosts a recliner great for watching shows, while the other side features a chaise lounger with built-in storage for books, magazines, and blankets.

Storage is certainly something that the new San Marino set addresses. This solid oak veneer series features a unique six-inch thick, illuminated storage mirror with felt-lined compartments on each side, as well as hooks for necklaces. It also includes many of the technology rich features referenced in the Milano.

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