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Pet care with the personal touch For many pet owners, going to the veterinarian is right up there with a trip to the dentist. Dr. Patricia Danko from Arrowwood Animal Hospital plans to change that mindset. Her new state-of-the-art facility, located at Arrowwood Plaza, Unit 1- 925 Headmaster Row, opened its doors on April 30th. From the outset, Dr. Danko has set her sights on making a visit to the vet a positive experience for both the pet and their family. ”I wanted to open a hospital in my community to develop lasting relationships with my clients and their pets,” Danko states. “I would like to get to know each pet from when I meet them as puppies or kittens through to their senior years. It is much easier to provide that kind of personal care in a smaller facility.” Danko encourages clients to stop in with their pets anytime, just for a visit and some treats. That way their pet can become familiar with the hospital. “Cats especially often find a vet visit very stressful. We have a separate cat exam room equipped with a calming diffuser, catnip toys and treats to help cats feel more at home,” she explains.

Long appointment times allow the animals to feel more comfortable during their exam. An examination is required before any kind of treatment is scheduled – from spaying and neutering to dental procedures and administering vaccines. Vaccinations are tailored to the pet’s lifestyle. “Will the dog or cat be going to a kennel or be outdoors at the lake? These circumstances determine which vaccines will be appropriate,” Danko says. Arrowwood offers a full range of veterinary services including blood tests and x-rays, surgical and dental procedures. Specialists are consulted as needed to ensure that pets

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receive the best possible care. Referrals are also offered for alternative therapies such as acupuncture or chiropractic. The pet health care team at Arrowwood includes Kaylee Trach, RAHT (Registered Animal Health Technologist), and Colleen Ormiston, B.Sc. (Agr) Veterinary Assistant. A graduate of Red River College’s Animal Health Technology program, Kaylee assists with examinations, treatments and surgeries. She is also qualified to administer anaesthesia prior to surgery. “I’ve always had a passion for animals, so this is a lifelong dream for me,” Kaylee says. Colleen has training and experience as veterinary assistant, and while her primary role is to manage the office, she also helps out with patient care. “I’m the first person to greet clients and their pets when they arrive, so it’s my job to make them feel comfortable,” Colleen adds. To learn more about Arrowwood and the services it provides, go to their website at or call (204) 334-9306.

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