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Ask an Expert What are the best cleaning secrets from Winnipeg’s top cleaning service? We asked Cindy Dayman, owner of Take Time Home Cleaning & Lifestyle Services, and this is what hit the list:

Get motivated Anyone who cleans knows that the only way to get started is to get motivated. This is the most important advice if your house is in need of a deep clean. It could mean blasting your favorite music, giving yourself a pep talk, or setting goals with breaks in between. Heck, some people will even reward themselves with a special treat after the job is done.

Eliminate the grease If there is one common problem in every kitchen, it is definitely grease that builds up over time. Before cleaning the cabinets, heat a slightly damp sponge or cloth in the microwave for half a minute until it becomes hot. Then spray all the surfaces with your usual cleaning spray, wiping them down with the hot sponge. For those extra stubborn spots, let the cleaner sit for a minute and fight that pesky grease. It should then wipe down without trouble.

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Keep the shower doors clean It can be really tricky to keep shower doors clean, and if not attentive, you can easily clean them leaving spots. It’s best to clean using a glass cleaner, and when finished, dry the doors with a damp cloth. Using a glass cleaner increases water repellency; therefore the water and soap will run off the glass. Auto glass cleaners work best since they’re formulated to withstand and repel rain.

Use microfiber cloths Replace cotton cloths and paper towels with microfiber cloths, which are made of ultrafine synthetic fibers that rub together during the cleaning process, creating a static charge that attracts dirt and dust. They can also be used for computer monitors, drying dishes, on your Swiffer or even washing windows.

Eliminate pet hair Put away the vacuum and get out man’s best friend: duct tape. The sticky side is a great way to pick up stuck-on pet hair and can be used in hard to reach areas like car seats and couch corners. These amazing tips will save you time and money, leaving you with a cleaner house. Send your cleaning questions to cindy@ taketime.ca or info@stylemanitoba.com to have them answered in our next Ask an Expert column.


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