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Clear Embellishments The entry way to your home is the first thing people see, and can be an ideal opportunity to reflect your personal style. Decorative glass films can enhance any clear glass in order for people to see “you.” MPD Glass and Vinyl Graphics’ decorative glass films can simulate a sandblasted façade, textured glass, or even rice paper. Customers can select from over 50 pre-made patterns, or have something a little more personal created for their exterior setting, including an address for entry doors, or monograms. Once a design is selected, an artisan from MPD will measure the space; the film, if custom created, will be designed and approved by the client, and then the installation can occur. The company features a mobile installation unit and can apply the films quickly with little set-up and mess. While decorative film can make a statement as guests walk up to your home, it can be equally impressive inside on glass den doors, pantries, patio or interior office doors. And, if a client feels the need to change the pattern years down the road, or if new owners purchase the home, or a business logo changes, the films are easily removed and/or replaced. Along with decorative films, MPD offers a similar product directed at solar control. Films are rated for exterior UV protection, which reduces glare, and harmful rays without dimming light, and helps save on energy. The films can create a uniform appearance on any home, office or store front, along with providing a unique alternative to blinds or other window coverings. Looking to go a little deeper? MPD also offers glass etching and sandblasting. There are three different sandblasting methods the company utilizes to get different looks on the glass single stage sandblasting, which is just one pass over the surface; multi-stage sandblasting, which features different levels of sandblasting to give depth and shade; and glass carving, which goes deep into the glass and adds a real “wow factor” to the design. MPD Glass and Vinyl Graphics’ enhanced glass projects can be seen throughout various developments in this year’s Parade of Homes.

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