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Letter from the President Reach out to Jenna Foo: Hey guys! I hope your summers are all going great The publishing of the July Locksmith means that it’s almost time to go back to school! The reason why I’m so excited for the upcoming school year is because I know Key Club is going to grow in both size and dedication to volunteering as we welcome in the incoming freshman. I’m really looking forward to getting to know all of you even better during our events and meetings throughout the school year. We’re hoping to be able to hold biweekly meetings so you’ll be able to see my face more often :3 I hope you guys are looking forward to playing a great part in Key Club next year (maybe even a higher-up position for some of you!). Lastly, thank you so much to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! đ&#x;˜‰ See you guys soon! 2

Letter from the Vice Prez Reach out to Penny Wang: Hey! Even though summer is here that doesn't mean our committees stop working! The art committee created posters for our picnic fundraiser and many volunteer events, and it is in the process of generating new apparel for our club! In conjunction, the public relations committee efficiently posted the fundraiser posters and event posters on social media (check em out) . While word about the fundraiser had been spreading, the fundraising committee worked hard in order to make our picnic fundraiser as successful as it could be. Meanwhile, the public relations committee continuously works with our secretary in order to bring you guys amazing events each weekend. These events are featured on our locksmith, which has gone through a big upgrade! Also, we can't forget about the web and video committee, which will soon release an amazing (hopefully) recap showcasing our events and us key clubbers. Improving our committees has been an ongoing process, but we have made much progress! 3

Letter from the Secretary Reach out to Jason Xiong: Hey Key Clubber, it's your secretary Jason Xiong! I hope your summers are Updates from to Division 11 of you continuing better than mine and it makes me so happy see many to volunteer during the summer. It makes me even happier to see new faces at events, including incoming freshmen too! Make sure to attend August volunteering events and we got some great September events in store for y'all to alleviate the sadness of going back to school. For those of you that signed up for the new service year, keep in mind that you won't be added to the hours spreadsheet until your first volunteering event. If you have not signed up yet, you can do so right here and join the Key Club family: If you have not picked your certificates yet and plan on volunteering during August, please PM me so I can bring it with me if I'm also attending the event. Happy volunteering and hope to see y'all at an event soon 4

Letter from the Treasurer Reach out to Freya Zhu:

Hey everyone! As the month of July ended, the month of August is beginning! And you know what that means! More fundraisers! Before we talk about August's fundraiser, we should recount on our July fundraiser. For the month of July, we held a Picnic/Barbeque on Governor's Island. Though it's a little far, I think it also made the picnic more unique! The main activity was a scavenger hunt that spanned the whole island. From collecting shells, to sliding down the slides and taking pictures with other Key Clubbers, I think it was a hit. After making some s'mores, the fundraiser concluded. This fundraiser was successful, not because of the amount we raised but because everyone who came had fun (I -hope- think). Nevertheless, we raised $463 that will all be donated to our Governor's Project: Comfort Cases! I hope to see you guys at our August Fundraiser which will be a Bowling/Pool Fundraiser with the one and only Bronx Science Key Club! 5

Letter from the Webmaster Reach out to Tiffany Zhong: Hey guys! I hope you all are savoring your last few weeks of the summer. It was heartwarming to see the growing amount of key clubbers at the summer events, despite the occasional gloomy weather. Hopefully, we'll be able to continue this growing streak as we go into the school year with the help of new members from the incoming class. Hopefully, the website will serve as a helpful tool for new members hoping to learn more about Stuy Key Club. For the past month, I've been updating the website with new events. Thanks for reading this and have a great rest of the summer ! Also don't forget to sign up for upcoming Key Club events, such as the upcoming pool/bowling fundraiser. 6


Hey everyone! I hope you guys are all enjoying the final month of summer! It seems so crazy that it's already August! But, on a happier note, I wanted to thank everyone who helped contribute to this issue of the Locksmith. All of our members, designated writers, and of course, our fantastic Director, Rachel for helping make this issue come together. Thanks so much everyone, and I hope you guys enjoy!

 Hey All! It's already the start of a new service year! (I hope all of you remembered to sign up o_O). It's unusual (but not undesired) that at every event, there's always a new face and I hope to meet many more! Special thanks to incoming freshie Leo Lin for being such a dedicated member even before school starts and helping me out with a last minute paragraph! And as always, mucho thanks to Jason for always answering my endless stream of questions/ for being the best emotional support out there and to everyone that sent in pictures/articles, the locksmith can't run without you guys! It feels like the break just started yet school starts again in less than a month oof. Happy volunteering!

Director 7




Division August Divisional

Date: Friday, August 17th Time: 5:30pm - 7:00pm Location: Katten Muchin Rosenman Lawfirm, 11th Floor Pull up to stay updated with what's poppin' and meet Key Clubbers from all over the division!

Sign Up: 10

District Governor Erica's 1st New York Minute ← ← ←

Also check out Governor Erica's August Bulletin → → →


International Update from Trustee Alice Geng

Alice Geng International Trustee

Our Sistrict this year comprised of New York, Utah-Idaho, and the Louisiana-Mississippi-West  Tennessee District. Stay updated with what's happening in our sistrict by following @newlamissho on Instagram!

↓ Trustee Update #2 ↓

↑ Trustee Update #1 ↑ Check out the first two updates from Trustee Alice Geng !


Timeline of Past Events July 1

NYC Triathlon Location: Central Park Time: 8AM-1PM


CitiPark Summerstage Day 1 Location: Rumsey Playfield in Central Park Time: 11AM-7PM


CitiPark SummerStage Day 2 Location: Rumsey Playfield in Central Park Time: 11AM-7PM


KC Induction 2018 Location: The Brooklyn Commons, 388 Atlantic Ave, 11217 Time: 12PM-3PM


Bastille Day Event Location 60th street between 5th Ave and Lexington ave Time: 8:30AM-6PM



Epic Ride Location: Owls Head Park Time: 6AM-4PM


NYC RUNS Ice Cream Social 5l/10k Location: Southpoint Park Roosevelt Island Time: 6:30AM-12PM


NYC Poetry Festival Location: Colonels Row Governors Island Time: 7AM-6PM


Governors Island Picnic Fundraiser Location: Governors Island Time: 11am-4pm

Aug 4


Summer Streets Day 1 Location: Foley Square Time: 9am-1pm Alice on the Wall Trustee Update #1 Location: Alice in Wonderland Mural outside Stuyvesant Time: 11am-3pm


Timeline of Upcoming Events 6-10

Play NYC Location: 4th Floor of Alley Chelsea - 119 W4th St, NY Time: 11am-6pm (Broken up into one-hour shifts) Signup:

11, 18

Summer Streets Day 2 and 3 Location: Foley Square Time: 9am-1pm Signup:

11, 12

Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival Location: Flushing Meadows Corona Park Boathouse on Meadow Lake, Forest Hills, NY 11367 Time: 6am to 6pm *THERE ARE SHIFTS* Signup:


Back to School Sports & Health Day Location: Stockton Playground - 662 Park Avenue in Brooklyn Time: 2pm to 5pm Description: Volunteers will assisting with the different activities provided for the kids at the Back to School Sports & Health Day. Signup: 15


Lion Dance Expo Location: Basketball Court at Sara D. Roosevelt Park, Chinatown Time: 11am to 4pm Description: Volunteers will be helping with the lion dance expo in Chinatown with different tasks to ensure the expo goes smoothly. *This event is capped, please only go if you get confirmed. Signup:


#HashtagLunchbag Location: CrossFit Kingsboro at 1000 Atlantic Avenue Description: Volunteers will be making and packing lunches. After the lunches are packed, volunteers will be helping to distribute them to those in need. Time: 12pm-2pm Signup:


NYSoM Back to School Bonanza Location: Target, Home Depot & Los Amigos Community Gardens on 117 St between Pleasant & First Avenue in East Harlem Description: Volunteers will assisting with the different activities provided for the kids at the Back to School Bonanza and help out at the different information booths. Time: 3pm to 6pm Signup: 16


Donut Dash Location: Pier 62 along the Hudson River Greenway Time: 6:45am to 11:30am Description: Volunteers will be helping with the sweetest run there is: the Donut Dash! Volunteers will be getting a t-shirt and also donuts. You "donut" want to miss this ;) Signup: Stay tuned for September events!

Check the doc for club updates, upcoming events, fundraisers, and more! 17

Serv Spotl

vice lights

NYC Triathlon By Rachel Joh Not wanting to waste my summer doing nothing, I signed up for random Key Club events that were available at the time and NYC Triathlon happened to be one of them. Despite the nearly 100 degrees heat warning and dozens of complaints from my over concerned mother, I woke up way earlier than I usually would attend this event. Armed with ice cold water bottles, a hat to block the smoldering sun, no sunblock (regretfully), and Google Maps to lead the way, I arrived, disgracefully, half an hour late. By the time I arrived, everything was already set up: all the tables were propped up in order to support the hundreds of cups each half filled with water and unlike previous events I’ve gone to, they also prepared Ziploc bags of ice. While waiting for runners to start passing by, I noticed a very suspicious hose connected to the fire hydrant near us although I didn’t give much thought about it until later. One by one, runners started to pass by and as more of them ran by, the more exhausted they looked. Our job was very simple, yell “water” or “ice” as you handed either a cup or Ziploc bag to the passing runners. No matter how exhausted they were, all the runners kept on going panting the whole way. Many of them just dumped the water over their heads in order to refresh themselves from the scorching sun. After a few hundred runners, it became obvious we didn’t have enough water or ice left so after around two hours, there was a craze to quickly start filling more cups. Trash bins were filled with water in order to quickly fill


pitchers. With volunteers working in pairs of two placing/filling cups, we were somehow able to overcome the rate the runners were coming in. When the craze started to die down a bit, I finally regained the consciousness lost from the chaos and started to question where the water was coming from; there were no cartons of Poland Spring and it’s not like the trash bins were magically refilling themselves either. After looking up, I saw one of the volunteers holding the mysterious hose from before at an angle to form a stream of water flowing down like a rainbow in order to spray the steaming runners. However, when no runners were coming by, he reangled the hose in order to shoot into an empty trash bin-- well that solves the water source mystery. After endlessly handing out water and ice, somehow, the stream of people finally came to an end. We spend out last few hours dumping out excess water, throwing out piles of cups thrown aside, and packing everything back up. After taking a quick group picture with others from Mile 3, a few of us decided to walk from 86th street to 100th street in order to meet up with the other volunteers in order to celebrate surviving. Even with the sweltering heat, wet socks, and discovering I looked like a burned red potato the next day, I had no regrets going to this event and 100% recommend others to attend next year!

CitiPark Summer Stage By Grace Ye Taiwanese Waves flow into NYC this summer. Musicians such as Softlipa, Sheng-Xiang & the Band, and Elephant Gym bring forth soothing, magical and golden melodies to Central Park. Cities across the nation hold free music festivals with a fresh frequency of stories to share. Encircled by Seas and cultures from Dutch, China and Japan, Taiwan is a blend of an overflow of waves of a unique mix of music styles. Such is seen in the different feels the emulates when the artist may feels waves “moving gently, with sparkles of light”, “the waves in a paddy field” or “the waves under the sunset, with sparkles of golden light spills on them, which brings people peace and happiness”. People of the New York City mob weaved through Rumsey Playfield swaying to the ins and outs of the folk songs, rap, rock, hip-hop, voices and more from a beautiful island. Stuyvesant volunteers helped hand out playbills and inform people how to help contribute to keep summerstage free with an amazing playlist. We also helped advertise future summerstage concerts which will be happening throughout the summer. The summer stage event was a wonderful and refreshing concert to start off our summer and find new songs.

Bastille Day By Sammi Lin

I unfortunately only found out about the volunteer check-in time being an hour earlier than our assignment time the night before the event, which caused a slight panic the night before. Nevertheless, I was able to wake up early on Sunday, June 15th to head to the FIAF or French Institute building for the second year in a row. After really enjoying myself at the FIAF educational/kids booth at the 2017 Bastille Day celebration, I was determined to help out again this year. After checking in (in which the FIAF employee who was checking us in recognized me from last year!) and getting my green wristband (which I put on way too tightly) and T-shirt that deceptively said “Parlez moi français” on the back (as the only French I can say is Je M'appelle, Enchanté, and the numbers 1 to 5), I sat in the lobby reading the The Tortoise and the Hare in Spanish while wishing I could read French until my coordinator, Claire, arrived. Once she arrived, she walked with me to the restaurant, Amali, where the Press and Sponsors VIP lounge was to be held. I helped move around the tables in the main floor until another volunteer (and our lovely project captain!) Sidney arrived. We once again had to wait as the manager of the restaurant, Sarah, hadn’t arrived yet, and we needed her permission to further arrange the restaurant. While waiting, some employees of Président Cheese as well as a bread company came into the restaurant to start setting up their respective products. 24

Once Sarah finally arrived, along with 4 more Stuy Key Clubbers, we all went upstairs to start moving boxes of sparkling water, Perrier, and lemonade. We then spent the next hour rearranging all the little tables and chairs scattered around the floor in order to look the most presentable as possible. We tried our best to help set up French cookies as well in neat rows to maximize appeal and were then left to our own devices until further notice. I was able to have interesting conversations with all the Key Clubbers during this time, and even met a Bronx Science Key Clubber named Megan. As well, some Key Clubbers were recruited to help PrĂŠsident Cheese cut their comte, brie, and camembert into even squares or neat wedges, and we helped them move trays of cheese both to the upstairs kitchen, then to the basement walk-in fridge. However, once the employees from Harmless Harvest coconut water arrived, we went back to work filling up tubs of free coconut water and the banner for the company. Only after this were we finally given a lunch break. Unfortunately, our lunch break got cut short after Claire told us no minors could be allowed in the building due to the fact there was going to be alcohol being served and such. Thus, we left and simply walked around the festival a bit until we met up with more Key Clubbers. We talked about our different jobs and asked each other about our experiences so far until another FIAF employee informed us that they had too many volunteers and no longer needed our help, encouraging us to go home. So, after getting our individual bags and taking a group photo, we hung around for a few extra minutes, playing around with the public spray paint art wall, then decided to leave. 25

Leaving the festival was an entire ordeal on its own, however, because the moment we decided to leave and took to the streets, France won the World Cup! The streets suddenly became flooded with excited soccer (football) fans jumping and screaming, shouting and singing “C’est la vie” at the top of their lungs! This obviously made leaving the festival more difficult, but I felt so excited and jubilant feeling the energy of the crowd. I’m not usually one to follow sports or care about who wins in competitions, but seeing how proud everyone was, wearing their French flags across their backs, sitting on each others shoulders and shouting at the sky, seeing people’s faces smeared with the colors of the French flag, the familiar blue, white, and red pervasive throughout the massive crowd, I couldn’t help but feel proud, too. I saw so many interesting expressions of pride, too. One fan had a white cowboy hat that was painted blue and red on either flag ot mimic the French flag! After all of us finally made it to the train station, single-file like we were Kindergarteners on a field trip, we finally said our goodbyes and I, of course, got on the wrong train home. All is well, however, I made it home, and I can’t wait to sign up to volunteer at Bastille Day again next year!


Epic Ride


By Vicky Zhu Epic Ride wasn't the most amazing event I have attended out of all the Key Club events I've done, but it was definitely the most memorable. The event started off on a bad note, with pouring rain and a long wait for the bus. As I got to the event, it only worsened as I had to endure getting soaked in the rain while I helped lay out water bottles for the bike riders who would pass by this rest stop. By the time the stormy clouds finally lifted and sunshine peaked through, it seemed as if I had basically taken a shower. Of course, you can kind of expect what happened the next day: I got sick with a fever. However, disregarding the initial horrible weather, the event itself was pretty fun as I watched diversely different bikers stop by and grab a drink or food. The most memorable biker would be a person who customized his bike to advertise his clown business, as the bike seat was extremely high off the ground, and the bike itself was decorated with flags, pictures, and bright colors (read: totally extra). Overall, the moral of this story is that Epic Ride itself was a fun event, but people (I) should take note that in the future when they (I) sign up to volunteer for events, checking the weather and dressing appropriately beforehand would definitely be in the best interest for their (my) health.


Fabscrap By Jason Xiong

July 21st was an exciting day with double events that were actually within walking distance of each other. After Epic Ride was over and grabbing a bite at McDonald’s, Michelle, Freya, and I headed toward the Brooklyn Army Terminal where the Fabscrap office was located. The Fabscrap office was actually really hard to find. Walking into Brooklyn Army Terminal, there were many buildings and we walked into one of them because of a letter that was spray-painted on the walls. The place is extremely ambiguous, parts of it looked really nice and other parts of it looked like a jail. We had to board the Hogwarts Express (just kidding, it was an old abandoned train) and take an elevator up to the fourth floor to get to the place. However, we took the elevator on the wrong side of the building and had to go back down and go to a different part of a building. After opening several doors, we finally found the Fabscrap office. Let's just say it was somewhat of a struggle. At the office, Lauren showed us how everything works and how to tell if a piece of fabric is recyclable or not. There were many, many bags of fabrics for us to sort through and everyone split up at different sorting stations and started working. It’s really upsetting every time I see fabrics labeled with EA knowing that it’s going to waste. However, at the end of the day, it makes me proud of how we are making a difference to reduce fabric waste, one fabric at a time.




Member of the Month Incoming Freshie... Leo Lin!

Hiiiiiiiii everyone! My name's Leo Lin and I'm an incoming freshman to Stuy, at the time of this Locksmith issue at least. First off, I just want to say that even though I joined about a month ago, only attended one event thus far (Epic Ride 2018), and haven't really been exposed to even like

half of what Stuy has to offer, Key Club already seems like an incredible organization. I want to give credit to one of my closest friends, who's also an incoming freshman, for finding out about Key Club and exposing me to it. I genuinely have a feeling in my bones and heart that this is probably gonna be one of the best parts of my Stuy journey. From what I can tell from my first, and only (haha), Key Club event, the club is so warm and welcoming. I met numerous older Stuy students who've already given me so much advice (thanks guys!) and made so many friends just from that one event. Not only did I socialize and help volunteer (which always makes me so happy that I'm helping and supporting others), I also got to use a megaphone and scream positive and inspirational things to the event's attendees, which I think was really fun haha. I've signed up for many more Key Club events for the rest of summer (which is actually quickly passing by) and I'm so excited for what's to come. In the end, it's not the hours on the spreadsheet or the rewards that come out of volunteering that matter; to me, I feel so happy to have been given this chance to help others, spread positivity and inspiration, make new friends, grow as a person, and make this world a better place through my actions. Stay awesome everyone, and I hope to see you all at future events!


The Locksmith: July Issue  

Hey everyone! As always, thanks so much for reading the Locksmith! I hope you enjoy! :) ~Sammi

The Locksmith: July Issue  

Hey everyone! As always, thanks so much for reading the Locksmith! I hope you enjoy! :) ~Sammi