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THE LOCKSMITH New York District / Division 11 Volume 6 Issue 1

Stuyvesant High School Key Club April/May Issue

About Us What does Key Club mean to you? Featured writer: Freya Zhu What is key club? That's the question I am still looking for the the answer to. Each event, meeting, divisional, fundraiser, brings me closer to my answer. Key club gave me a chance to develop my leadership skills and manage my time better. It gave me something to do on my weekends other than sleeping in. Key Club introduced me to the friendliest and weirdest group of people I have ever met. This group of people gave me support in whatever I did. Struggled with me during my hard times and celebrated with me during my good times. From gossiping to singing together on the bus, this group of people is so accepting of everyone's differences. Coming from a school like Stuyvesant, it's a competition everyday. It has such a stressful environment associated with it that it is a battle of both physical and emotional strength to get through each day, week, month, and year. There has been times where I have been at my lowest, but the thing that keeps me motivated to keep trying and stay encouraged is Key Club. I have fallen into many deep dark pits since the start of this year and every time I fell into one, it is Key Club that brings me out. When a week has been hard, I look forward to the weekends where I volunteer at the events and attend fundraisers with my favorite people. They always manage to make me laugh. So when someone asks me what Key Club is. Even though I don't have a complete answer, I can say, to me Key Club is support, is something that makes me feel this warm feeling from within and makes me feel all bubbly, it is building character, inclusiveness, service, an escape. But most of all, Key Club is family.

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The Cabinet Jenna Foo, President Penny Wang, Vice President Jason Xiong, Secretary

Contacts Gilbert Papagayo, Faculty Advisor Stuyvesant High School 345 Chambers St. New York, NY 10282

Freya Zhu, Treasurer Sammi Lin, Editor Tiffany Zhong, Webmaster

Table of Contents Letters from Sammi and Rachel Announcements from Stuyvesant Key Club A Word From Our New Directors Announcements from Division 11

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Announcements from New York District Key Club Announcements from Key Club International Timeline of Past Events Timeline of Upcoming Events Photos and Articles

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Letters from Sammi and Rachel Sammi Lin, Editor Hey everyone! Wow, it’s weird writing from this side of the column, but I’m so excited to have started working as the new Editor, and even more proud of the new Locksmith director to the right of me -> (Rachel!!). I couldn’t ask for a better Director, and I wanted to give a huge huge “Thank you!” to her for putting together so much of this issue and really devoting her time to the Locksmith. I couldn’t do this without you, and I will definitely try to help lessen the workload next time! Also, massive thank you to the new committee who is so dedicated even during the midst of the stress of finals and SAT’s this June. You guys are amazing. And a huge thanks to everyone in Key Club for continuing to support the Locksmith with all of the articles and photos you guys submit! Have a great summer, everyone! We Survived the school year!

Rachel Joh, Locksmith Director Hey guys! I still can’t believe that I’m putting out my first locksmith as a director!!! Just a few months ago I was a clueless freshie that joined Key Club with a few friends and now I get the honor of creating the newsletter! I never realized how many people it took to create a Locksmith but I’d like to thank everyone that submitted pictures and articles, you’re the main reason why we’re able to make the Locksmith. Special thanks to the cab, Sammi, and the committee for making this happen! Extreme thanks to Jason for always having my back wherever and whenever (I’ll try to bother you less)! Don’t forget about Key Club over the break and I hope everyone has a great summer!

Announcements from Stuyvesant Key Club The school year is coming sooner and sooner to an end but we would like to thank you all for the services you had completed this year. Remember that the key club grind never stops and that Key Club will continue in the summer with more events and fundraisers. We have also chosen 10 directors to lead our six committees. You can learn more about them and the committee they lead in the next few pages. On June 27th, Stuyvesant Key Club is hosting a Dave & Buster’s Fundraiser! Learn more about it here.

A Word From Our New Directors Fundraising: Alan Guo Hello to everyone reading our locksmith! My name is Alan Guo and I am a co-director with Vincent Huang of your favorite Fundraising Committee. I am currently a freshman in class 2021 that's hopeful to reach your expectations for us this year. Key club has treated me well so far and is definitely an experience to hold onto for high school, so I also encourage you all to not be shy and pull up to our fundraisers to support us. I hope to meet and be friends with all you guys through our events in the 2018-2019 service year! And Vincent Huang Hey guys! I'm Vincent Huang and I'll be one of your new Fundraising directors. I'm currently a sophomore and I'm hoping to accomplish some great things the following service year. As your fundraising co-head, I want to introduce some fresh new fundraisers into the making, rather than the repetitive movie and pool fundraisers that we've held in the past. Another one of my aims is to revise the Fundraising Committee to make it more organized, as well as increase committee membership involvement. I'm looking forward to working with the other directors and the Cab to bring great things, so stay tuned!

New Projects: Jackson Ngo Hi friends!!! My name is Jackson Ngo and I’m super excited to be one of your directors for New Projects. I am now a sophomore in high school, and being in Key Club has been extremely fun for me. I hope to make Key Club much more enjoyable by searching for events that appeal to all our members. The process of finding events is generally behind the scenes, but i want to make it so that members can interact more with the new projects committee to find what events our members like. I am looking forward to working with my fellow directors ,the cabinet and our committee members, to make this service year the best that it can be! And Weini Zhou Hi, I’m one of the directors for New Projects. New Projects is a committee that makes sure people can volunteer every week. We find events and communicate with organizations so key club can keep running. As director, I hope to find better events and also get feedback on previous ones. My goal is to find events that people with busy schedules or those who live in far away places can reach.

Public Relations: Sonia Lee Hey, my name is Sonia and I’m one of the PR committee directors this service year. I am so so so so excited to have a LITTTTT service year. I hope to inspire many little ones to join Key Club and to meet as many people as I can before I graduate in like 2 years ( if i actually do). Anyways all you of are like my family and I can’t wait to make some memorable moments with each and every one of you guys. I love you ❤ And Winnie Huang Hey everyone! I'm Winnie and I'm one of your PR coheads for the 2018-2019 service year. Along with Sonia and our PR committee, we are planning on advertising for fundraisers and just the overall beauty of Key Club to the fullest. We have recently created an Instagram account to maximize the audience Stuyvesant Key Club adheres to, and we are planning on posting a "Member of the Month" very soon. Additionally, we have organized our committee members into "Rounds," in which they are able to both get their names known throughout schools as well as advertise our future fundraisers and events. Personally, I am just looking forward to meeting the incoming freshmen and brightening their minds with the opportunities Key Club provides. With that, I am very happy to say that I will be directing PR to its greatest potential and to everyone who doesn't know me, feel free to stop me in the hallways and say hi!

Art: Tina Chen Hey y’all! I’m Tina and a current sophomore of class 2020. I’m one of the two Art Committee directors and I’m super excited to be take on this position! I enjoy doing many artistic crafts in my free time, including bullet journaling and scrapbooking. I’ll surely be using these skills towards promoting Key Club during this service year and I look forward to working with y’all! and Kelly Guo Hi, my name is Kelly Guo and I am one of the two art directors for Stuy Key Club. What we do in the art committee is to make posters for the various fundraisers we have, update the Key Club bulletin board near the second floor entrance, and to make our yearly scrapbook (Hawaiian Theme). What we hope to accomplish in the committee is to try to get more people to come to fundraisers and get more people involved. We plan to keep Key Club's reputation as fun and exciting as possible with art.

Locksmith: Rachel Joh Hey, I’m just a little freshie hoping to make the best of my high school experience. I was unexpectedly given the role of being locksmith director and ever since I found out, I’ve been looking forward to launching my first locksmith newsletter. I plan to be more active in the key club community and meet other members I hope to form new bonds with! Web/Video: Irene Chen Hi, I’m Irene and I’ll be the web/video committee director for the next service year! After two service years, I’ve grown to love Key Club for their hard work and for the friendships that I’ve made. I’m very invested in editing videos and putting together clips to create a mini-movie that everyone can enjoy. I look forward to working with anyone that applies, and I will work to make our committee feel less like a group of strangers, and more like a family. ❤ I also hope to expand the web and video committee’s role in Key Club.

Announcements from Division 11 It’s finally June and that means time for‌ Divisional Training Conference! This year, the Divisional Training Conference, or DTC for short, is going to be held at Bayside High School from 9am to 3:30pm on June 16th. It is like a mini version of the annual Leadership Training Conference in Albany. There will be workshops and also other fun events to participate in. Lunch will also be served at DTC. Coming to DTC can help you with your leadership, planning, and professional skills. You will also be able to get to know other key Clubbers from Division 11 as well as other divisions! Sign up here!

Announcements from New York District Key Club Since the election of three district officers at LTC, we had selected four more officers. Here are the new officers. District Executive Assistant: Anthony Guan District Executive Assistant: Peter Alegre District Webmaster: Unice Colon District Editor: Fahad Nabi Congrats to our new District officers! Here is Erica’s newest update.

Announcements from Key Club International What does it take to be a leader? Are you a leader or a follower? Learn more about it here. The Thirst Project has helped to provide clean water for many families. Learn how to connect with them here. Want to be successful everyday before you even have breakfast? Check out how here. Are you stressed about finals and regents? Key Club International put together 6 tips to help you. Check them out here. Key Club International celebrated its 93rd birthday! Read more about that here. Hey seniors! Are you heading off to college soon? Learn about how you can continue your Key Club adventure in college here. Summer is right around the corner. Here are eleven things you can do this summer! The 2018 HALO Grant Recipients have been announced! Check them out here. Hear a few final thoughts from Key Club International president William Simms here.

Timeline of Past Events ●

April 7:

Flushing Meadows 5k & 10k Time: 7am to 12pm Location: Flushing Meadows Corona Park Project Captain: *needed* Description: Volunteers will be acting as course marshals, cheering on runners, as well as the setup and breakdown of the fluid stations. Volunteers will also be helping with registration, bag check, and the food tables.

April 8:

Greenspace Time: 10am to 1pm Location: 207 4th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11217 Project Captain: You will most likely be signing in and out with someone from Bronx Science Description: Volunteers will be helping with moving logs and stones to create gardens and paths, trash pickup, weeding, and soil mixing!

April 14:

Fight for Air Stairs Climb Time: 6:30am to 1pm Location: One Penn Plaza Project Captain: *needed* Description: Volunteers will be helping the American Lung Association with their annual stair climb. There are different tasks for the volunteers and volunteers will receive a free t-shirt.

NYC VisionWalk

Time: 7:30am to 12:00pm Location: The Naumburg Bandshell in Central Park (Enter at 69th St entrance) Project Captain: *needed* Description: Volunteers will be helping with registration, giving out refreshments and t-shirts as well as cleaning up.

April 15:

Damon Runyon 5k Time: 7am to 1pm Location: Yankee Stadium Project Captain: *needed* Description: Volunteers will be helping with setting up and breaking down as well as cheering on the walkers and runners. There will be breakfast and lunch provided as well as a free t-shirt.

Marks JCH Mitzvah Day Time: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Location: 7802 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn Project Captain: *needed* Description: You will be helping Marks JCH with their 12th annual Mitzvah Day! It'll be fun and a light breakfast will be served! ●

April 21:

Roosevelt Island Cherry Blossom Festival DATE: Saturday, April 21st TIME: 10:30AM-5PM LOCATION: Sports Park @ 250 Main St.,Roosevelt Island DESCRIPTION: Volunteers will be helping with the annual cherry blossom festival on Roosevelt Island. Volunteers will be helping with events such as the tea ceremony, the Japanese culture fair, and help direct people into the event.

April 22

Tour de Staten Island Time: 10am to 2:30pm Location: Great Kills Park, Beach Center, 3270 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island 10305 Description: We will be helping Tour de Staten Island at their rest stops! Volunteers will be distributing water liquids to runners and cyclists! **Transportation may be provided depending on the number of signups**

April 28:

Walk For Kids Growth Time: 10am to 3pm Location: Flushing Meadows Park in front of the Fountain of the Planets Description: Walk For Kids Growth is hosted by the Human Growth Foundation to help promote awareness of child growth disorders. For this event we'll assist with setup and breakdown, face painting, snack distribution, and more!

April 29:

March for Babies Date: April 29, 2018 Time: 8:45am to 1:30pm Location: Columbus Avenue between 65th Street & 62nd Street New York, NY 10023 Description: Nearly half a million babies are born premature or with birth defects in the U.S. each year. March of Dimes is an organization aimed at providing aid for babies, as well as mothers and fathers around the world. Volunteers will actually be marching 3 miles to raise awareness and funds for this amazing cause.

May 3

Spring Play Time: 5:15pm-9pm Location: Microsoft at 11 Times Square Project Captain: *needed* Description: Volunteers will be helping Playcrafting with their spring gaming event. It's similar to the Halloween Expo and Global Game Jam event. Volunteers will be helping with setting-up, checking-in, and breakdown.

May 5:

Walk to Defeat ALS Time: 8am-1pm Location: Pier 45 - Hudson River Park Description: Volunteers will be helping with registration and also with food distribution. Volunteers will also be helping to give our t-shirts and walk at water station.

May 5-6:

Endurance Challenge Time: 6am to 3pm (Saturday), 6am to 12pm (Sunday) Location: Bear Mountain (there will be free shuttle bus to/from NYC to Bear Mountain!) Description: We will be helping with North Face Endurance Challenge in May! The volunteer positions includes helping by handing out water and food to runners as well as at the festival with running booths and handing out information to participants. Volunteer should be 16 or older!

May 6:

Kavanagh Community Convention Time: 2pm-5pm Location: Stuy! Description: We will be helping with the setup and breakdown of the convention.


May 12

Bankra Caribbean Folk Festival Time: 10am-8pm (THERE ARE SHIFTS) Location: 118-02 200th St Queens, NY 11412 Description: Volunteers will be assisting the attendees as well as directing them. There are music, dancing, face-painting and other fun activities as well.

NAMI Walk Time: 7am to 1pm Location: South Street Seaport Description: Volunteers will be greeting walkers and runners, handing out snacks, and act as route guides for the walkers and runners.


May 20:

Japan Day Time: 8am-4pm Location: The Naumburg Bandshell, Manhattan Description: Japan day is a fun festival filled with Japanese culture with lots of food and activity tents. Volunteers will be helping with handing out things, helping at tents, and more.

May 18:

Career Fair Time: 3:35pm to 6:15pm Location: STUY! Description: Volunteers will be helping with Junior Caucus's Career Fair. You will be escorting alumni to their assigned rooms, helping stamp & mark cards and the best part, there's free pizza at the end!

May 19:

Lung Force Walk Time: 8am to TBA Location: South St Seaport, Pier 16 Description: Volunteers will be helping out at the NYC Lung Force Walk by cheering on the walkers as they pass. Volunteering will also help out wherever needed.

Taste Of Tribeca Time: 11:30am-3pm Location: 334 Greenwich Street New York, New York 10013 Description: We will be helping with this year's Taste of Tribeca to help PS 234 and PS 150. Breakfast and lunch will be provided as well as a Taste of Tribeca t-shirt.

May 20:

AIDS Walk Time: 11am to 4pm Location: Naumburg Bandshell in Central Park Description: Volunteers will be helping out at the annual AIDS walk, the largest single day AIDS fundraising event in the world. Volunteers will be helping clean up and break down the event venue, after the walkers have crossed the finish line, as part of Strike Crew.

May 23:

PS 124 Translation Time: 6pm-7pm Location: PS 124 - 40 Division St, New York, NY 10002 Description: We'll be helping out with translating at PS 124 at their annual Parent Engagement Night. Volunteers should be mostly fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese.

May 26:

Passport to Taiwan Time: 1pm to 6pm(Sat); 9am to 6pm(Sun) Location: Union Square North Plaza Project Captain: *needed* Description: We'll be helping out at the Annual Passport to Taiwan festival celebrating Taiwanese heritage. There will be lots of food, crafts, and performances. Volunteers will be prepping food, setting up, selling food, breaking down, and manning the tents.

May 29:

May Blood Drive Time: 3RD TO 10TH PERIOD Location: 1ST FLOOR OF STUY! Description: Volunteers will help distribute pizza. Volunteers should make sure people don't take more than one slice of pizza.

Timeline of Upcoming Events â—?

June 3:

Drums Along the Horizon Time: There are three shifts: 7am to 11am, 10:45 am to 2:45 pm, 2:30 pm to 7pm Location: Inwood Hill Park - 218th Street and Indian Road Description: Volunteers will be helping with set up, greeting people, managing the the different areas, and with breakdown.

We Run for Hope 5K & 10K Time: 8am to 12pm Location: Flushing Meadows Park Description: Volunteers will helping to assist with registration, bib distribution and course assistance. A t-shirt, goodie bags, and breakfast will be provided.


June 9:

June Divisional Time: 5:30PM - 7PM (We will be meeting up after school and going there together) Location: Bronx Science High School Description: Pull up to the last divisional of the school year. Divisionals are a great way to meet other Key Clubbers from Division 11. There will be fun activities too!

MG Tristate Walk Time: 8am to TBA Location: Hunter's Point South Park, Long Island City, Queens Description: MG is a chronic autoimmune neuromuscular disorder that is characterized by fluctuating weakness of muscle groups. Volunteers will be helping out at the MG walk, which aims to raise funds and awareness towards this order. Volunteers will be checking in walkers, acting as route marshals, face painting and managing food and beverages.

My Night Nation Run Time: 7PM- 10PM (the event will probably end before 10pm, around 8:45pm) Location: Aviator Sports & Events Center Description: The Night Nation Run is the World’s 1st Running Music Festival an ultimate blend of a Music Festival and a Fun Run. Experience a music-filled course with Live DJs, Light Shows, Bubble Zones, Neon and Black Lights. Cross the finish line into an Epic Main Stage After Party featuring Top Headliner DJs. We will be in charge of the water station. ●

June 10:

Twist & Sprout Time: 10:30AM-4:30PM Location: Queens Botanical Garden. 43-50 Main Street Description: Twist & Sprout is a family friendly event about healthy living. Volunteers will be helping out with crowd control, assisting vendors, welcoming and directing guests, and helping out wherever else needed.

June 16:

Divisional Training Conference Time: 9AM - 3PM Location: Bayside High School Description: DTC, or the Divisional Training Conference, is like a mini-LTC and you get to meet Key Clubbers from all around the city. You can improve your planning or leadership skills through informative and fun workshops! There will be food!

June 17:

Egg Rolls, Egg Cream, & Empanadas Festival Time: 10am-5pm (STC) Location: Museum at Eldridge Street’s Lower East Side/Chinatown Description: Volunteers will be helping out at the Egg Rolls, Egg Cream and Empanadas Festival. Volunteers would be with welcoming people, staffing of musical instrument table, assisting with retail, and making egg creams & egg rolls.


June 23:

Brain Tumor Walk Time: 8AM - 12PM Location: Icahn Stadium, NYC Description: Volunteers will be helping with setting up as well as helping to give out t-shirts.

Superhero Festival Time: 12pm to 6:00pm Location: Williamsburg Brooklyn Description: Volunteers will be helping out at NYSoM's superhero festival. At the event, there will be activities/prizes and games relating to superheroes. There will also be carnival games and healthy living/fresh food information activities. Volunteers will help with the setup, the management and the breakdown of the event.


June 24

Brooklyn Takes Steps Time: 7am-2pm Location: Prospect Park Project Captain: *needed* Description: Volunteers will be assisting at tents, helping with food and t-shirt distribution, and assisting with escorting the participants from check-in into the festival.

Pho & Artic

otos & cles

Flushing Meadows 5k

Photos taken by Winnie Huang

NYC VisionWalk

Photos taken by Vincent Huang

Photos taken by Alan Guo

Damon Runyon

Photos taken by David Shi

Mitzvah Day

Photos taken by Karen Lin

Roosevelt Cherry Blossom Festival

Photos taken by Penny Wang

Tour De Staten Island

Photos taken by Nicole Tang

April Divisional By Sonia Lee We first had our meeting at Stuy, where we had all the directors give speeches and announced our new Instagram. After that we all met up to head to divisional. We filled half the subway cart but that’s all good. As we got to Baruch, we reunited so many people that we haven’t seen from LTC or past divisionals. Stuy Key Club was selling Krispy Kreme donuts and we sold all of them by 5:30pm, which was also the time that the divisional was going to start. Mara went over past and upcoming events and asked every club there for past events too. The divisional was cut short so it only lasted about a hour. At the end we all took a photo and the divisional was adjourned.

Photo taken by Penny Wang

Photo taken by Penny Wang

Photo taken by Vincent Huang

Photos taken by Sonia Lee

March of Dimes By Sonia Lee Of course I was late again to an event because of the MTA but it’s okay because the event didn’t start yet. As soon as I exited the 1 train I saw the whole group of key clubbers at Alice Tully Hall. I would say it was hard to find my club but we were all the brightest ones there with our tie dye highlighter hoodies. As soon as our executive assistant came I helped collect donations for March of dimes. Then, soon after, we began walking and selling Krispy Kreme at the same time. We walked for a total of 3 miles and at the end we took a division photo and club photo.

Photo taken by Alan Guo

Photos taken by Alan Guo

Spring Play

Photos Taken By Vincent Huang

Walk for ALS

Photos Taken By Alan Guo

Photos Taken By Wentao Lin

Endurance Challenge Series

Photos Taken By Vincent Huang

Bankra Caribbean Folk Festival

Photos taken by Vincent Huang

Japan Day

Photos Taken By Vincent Huang

Lung Force Walk

Photos Taken By Vincent Huang

Taste of Tribeca

Photos Taken By Aaron Wu


Photos Taken By Alan Guo

Photos Taken By Rachel Joh

Passport to Taiwan By Sammi Lin Coming in a little late because of the rain, I unfortunately missed a lot of the actual setting up of the event, so I got right into helping each station get all the materials they needed. I was surprised by all of the different types of food being offered at the festival, including blood pudding and oyster pancakes, as well as almost 4 different bubble tea vendors! I also loved seeing all the different cultural activities that the festival had, including making dough figurines for the kids. This events is one of the biggest events for Asian Pacific American Heritage month, so I was super excited to not only be in attendance, but to help out at the festival! We set up pretty quickly after that, so many of the volunteers took the time to walk around the festivals and chat with their friends from other schools, who we don’t get to see very much. However, once the event started, it immediately got very busy. I was helping at the Jersey Shore Chinese School tent and helped prepare and distribute minced pork rice and rice cakes. Everyone who came was very excited about the pork rice, but unfortunately, the rice cakes had a hard time selling, so we eventually had to lower the price to only $1 per cake and the cakes sold out in 3 hours! I switched in between helping to garnish the plates and lining up food on the table in order to fit as much as we could on our small

table. Later in the event, I shifted to help scoop rice for the mince pork rice, a task that left my arms feeling super sore the next day because of how sticky the rice was! I had to leave early after this, however, overall the event was very fun. I talked to some students from Millennium High School and we laughed together while complaining about how hard it was to scoop the bowls of rice. Even though the day had periodic bouts of rain that blew into the tent quite frequently, it was nevertheless a very event-packed day and an event that I keep coming back to since my first attendance last year!

Photo Taken By Even Chen

Photo Taken By Even Chen

Photo Taken By Tiffany Yum

Thank you for reading this issue of the Locksmith! Please send any feedback to and continue to submit articles and photos.

The Locksmith: April/May Issue  

Hey guys! Here is the April/May issue (finally!) I know it took a bit longer to publish, but we really put our all into this issue! I hope y...

The Locksmith: April/May Issue  

Hey guys! Here is the April/May issue (finally!) I know it took a bit longer to publish, but we really put our all into this issue! I hope y...