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A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. - James Keller (1900-1977)

The Weekly Newsletter of Stuyvesant H.S. Key Club ! District Convention The district convention will take place at the Kutcher’s Country Club (Monticello, New York) during March 23 rd to 25th (Friday after-school to Sunday). You will get an opportunity to meet many Key Club members from other schools and have a good time in the country resort, playing tennis and swimming in the mornings and playing endless video game in the nights. The trip costs $186.00 for each person; for those who are selling candy, fifty percent of the profits will go into your ticket. Please sign up if you are interested, especially if you are interested in a Cabinet position: from the convention, you can learn much about the organization and how to run it. Extremely Important: Elections! Elections for the treasurer and secretary – separate tickets – will take place today, February 2, 2001. Elections for the president and the vice-president – single ticket – will take place next Friday on February 9, 2001. 150 bonus points for each day you show up to vote! It is very important that everybody come to these two meetings to elect the new Cabinet members because they will ultimately shape the face of the club next year. Each candidate will introduce him/herself and will also propose some changes they intend to bring about in Key Club. Unfortunately for the members who do not have a 9 th period, the elections will occur after 9th period for both days; in order to vote, everyone must stay to then. Points will be awarded to all voters. We shall not allow this election be like our federal one, which was scarred by voting irregularities and controversial lawsuits; every vote counts, and every vote will be counted. However, no mater who the victor may be, s/he will likewise need bipartisan support from all. Again, please attend. And do vote for the candidate who, you think, will improve the club. Skate-A-Thon This year’s Skate-A-Thon will be on next Saturday, February 10, 2001 from 12—5 PM. The proceeds will go to AMFAR, the American Foundation for AIDS Research. We encourage each participant to raised at least $20.00 because although we have gotten a discount for Chelsea Piers (SkyRink), tickets are still quite costly. If you raise $16, you will get 150 points; if you raise $20, you will get 200 points. You will get 3 points for each dollar you raise over $20. And if you go to the Skateathon, you will get a bonus 100 points. However, if you are not skating on the 10th, but have raised money, please note that on your sponsor sheet. This year, we are planning to go together with other clubs in the school, as well as Key Clubs from other schools. Sign up if and only if you intend to skate. We will need project captains, so indicate on the sign-up sheet if you want to be one. It will be a lot of fun! Distinguished Key Clubber

Distinguished Key Clubber forms must be handed in to me by February 10th with all attachments stapled to it. Don't forget, submitting an article to Empire Key, the New York District Newsletter, is a must. You must also recruit a new member, and it's not too late to join Key Club. Make our District Governor Stephanie Kissel and our District Secretary Jane Li proud to have so many DKC's in their district! Do Something That You Haven’t Done This Term? We encourage all members who are interested to submit articles for the Locksmith to Ray @ Also, you have the opportunity to hold a meeting – to do what the Cabinet does every week. This is a great chance to gain experience for public speaking, especially in front of a usually boisterous crowd. Any queries, contact the Cabinet.

Newsletter Date February 2, 2000 Volume 10 Issue 7

Year-round Projects Police Athletic League (PAL)— Mondays and Tuesdays after school we help tutor children. Momentum— Wednesdays after school we volunteer at a soup kitchen for AIDS patients at St. Paul’s Church on West 60th Street. Project Captains Michael, Momo, and Gabrielle will take you guys to the 59th Street stop on the 1/9 train. Hallmark of Battery Park City — Thursdays after school, we visit the senior citizens center across the street. We will be having discussions every week about general things, just as a means to interact and share with the elderly. We will be meeting at 3:20 every Thursday at the second floor bridge entrance to leave together.

The Cabinet of Stuyvesant’s Key Club President Carolyn Chan Contact me for general info about projects and Key Club The Locksmith Crew!: Heather Chin! & Franklin Wong! Email: StuyKeyClub

Key Clubbers are encouraged to be outspoken and candid -suggest any new ideas to the Cabinet! Take some notes during the meeting!

Vice President Qian Situ I'll be more than glad to help with any questions u might have. Treasurer Arthur Chan Contact me about fundraising, my position as treasurer, and anything else in general.

Secretary Raymond Chao Website: Contact me for submissions to the Locksmith. (Articles, Quotes for the Issue, Anything Relevant!)

- Clubber Articles NYU Inter-K Event By Mei Yi Pen On the cold, blustery morning of December 2nd about twenty Stuyvesant students wandered into 5 Washington Place to attend NYU’s Inter-K Event, a day of volunteer service. Many Key Clubbers from all over New York City and even further away converged to give up a Saturday for good deeds. After a breakfast of a variety of bagels and juice and a warm welcome speech from the president of the NYU Circle K, a college level Key Club, sign-up sheets were passed around for different projects. At nine o’clock the groups were finalized and Key Clubbers split up to set off to their project locations. Introductions were made and lunch bags were handed out as the groups bundled up and left the building. There were several different projects that were available. They included caroling at a senior citizen center, decorating for a special party for children, helping at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Center and Meals on Heels. The lengths of the projects varied as some of them lasted for the whole day while others only half a day. Meals on Heels, the project that I volunteered at consisted of packing a variety of healthy foods into large paper bags. The purpose of the service is to provide nourishing food to senior citizens over weekends. Several chefs prepared two different dishes to be placed into bags in addition to wheat bread, oranges, and milk. Then the bags were hand delivered and a number of people, not only Key Clubbers, helped accomplish that. Apparently there was a misunderstanding about afternoon project; several Key Clubbers were told that there was none, others were told that the area was objectionable and that there would be no one to lead them there. There was a drop in numbers where in the morning, Stuyvesant had about twenty participants, the most numerous from any school to around five or six at the afternoon project. There was only one afternoon project available to most people, which was helping out at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Center. This center, situated in a quiet neighborhood, kept track of the wildlife and plant life in that area. There, volunteers learned about a problem with Japanese beetle, which was killing off several trees in the area, and the soil quality of the land. Native trees resistant to the beetle attack needed to be planted. Pairs of students wielding shovels and trees helped replace the dying trees. For the remainder of the day, Key Club members cut down dead brambles in a field. Traveling back to the NYU student events center, tired but satisfied, I was only one of two Stuyvesant students lucky enough to stick around. After a day of working with new people, friends were made and a game was played while a buffet was being laid out. Everyone was treated to the mouth-watering selection of Thai food. As many people decided to skip out on this, there was more than enough to go around. Upon leaving 5 Washington Place, I reflected on how the delicious dinner was a fitting end to a wonderful day of volunteer work.

LOCKSMITH Quote for this Issue:  
LOCKSMITH Quote for this Issue:  

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. - James Keller (1900-1977) Police Athletic League (PAL)— Mondays and Tues- days after sc...