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The secret of winning football games is working more as a team, less as individuals. I play not my eleven best but my best eleven. - Knute Rockne Newsletter Date October 20, 2000

The Weekly Newsletter of Stuyvesant H.S. Key Club ! Hope all the seniors survived the past weekend’s SAT I/II. Freshpersons, sophomores and juniors who will be taking the PSAT tomorrow, do your best! The money collected from the ten members who handed their boxes in last week amounted to $212.06. That’s roughly twenty dollars per box—not bad for a little box. Word of wisdom: Tape the boxes so money doesn’t fall out! Remember that you can also trade in your old Unicef box for a new one. It can help if you tell people that the money that goes into the little boxes is for the Iodine Deficiency Foundation. Despite the fact that iodine deficiency disorder is scarce in America, there are many people who lack iodine and suffer from goiter in third world countries. A little goes a long way. The results were great and we hope they continue to be so. The boxes, empty or full, will be collected in the first week of November. When that’s done, we’ll tally up the coins and see which Key Clubber has the most! For all the money raised, the top members will get … their name published in the Locksmith! (woo…) ——————————————————————————————————————

Volume 10 Issue 2

Our year-round projects include: Police Athletic League (PAL)— Mondays and Tuesdays after school we help tutor children Momentum— Wednesdays after school we volunteer at a soup kitchen for AIDS patients If anyone has any ideas for new, permanent or temporary projects, please contact the Projects Committee.

There will be an installation ceremony tonight for the Chinatown Kiwanis, our sponsoring Kiwanis. Guess what? We’ll be doing a little ditty of the New York District Key Club Song. It goes a little something like this: I'm a New Yorker born and a New Yorker bred And when I die I'll be a New Yorker dead Rah Rah! New York, New Yorker Rah Rah! New York, New Yorker Rah Rah New York District Go Wild WHOOOOOOO!!!

Be Proud as a Key Club Member: 

The satisfaction of realizing the capability to “give back” to the community.

A great gathering to meet new friends and to work with one another (~ especially underclassmen ~).

The fulfillment of the unwritten service requirement for admission to college is also a great asset. (Helping counts!)

~Humiliations and details next week~

* Dues are Still Due *

Please pay your club dues as your pass by Arthur, our treasurer, after the meeting. If you do not pay your dues, you are technically not in the club. It is not that we are mercenary—since of course we are a nonprofit service club; the dues are required for the administration and will not be anyone’s profit. You can hand them in today or after any other future meeting.

The Cabinet of Stuyvesant’s Key Club President Carolyn Chan Contact me for general info about projects and Key Club The Locksmith Crew!: Heather Chin! & Franklin Wong! Email: StuyKeyClub

Key Clubbers are encouraged to be outspoken and candid -suggest any new ideas to the Cabinet! Take some notes during the meeting!

Vice President Qian Situ I'll be more than glad to help with any questions u might have. Treasurer Arthur Chan Contact me about fundraising, my position as treasurer, and anything else in general.

Secretary Raymond Chao Website: Contact me for submissions to the Locksmith. (Articles, Quotes for the Issue, Anything Relevant!)

- Clubber Articles NY Cares Day By Steven Chin NY Cares Day on October 14, 2000 was an overwhelming success, and both Key Club and PS 77 would like to thank all of the students who participated and did such a great job. For those of you who didn't get the chance to help out, here's what you missed: It was a long day, that started at 8:00 (way too early for a Saturday). Groups including those from Key Club and staff from PS 77 gathered around the entrance of the school until they let us in. After receiving NY Cares t-shirts so that our clothes wouldn't get dirty, we all headed down to the gym, where the murals were. There were already chalk outlines of the pictures on the walls, so all we had to do was color between the lines. Seems easy, but we had to paint 8 different murals, including two more outside in the courtyard, as well as some planting in the school's garden. There were around 4-5 people to each mural, but it was still hard work. The murals portrayed many different aspects of school, including reading, community service, computers, and others. Supplies were a big problem at first, with the NY Cares people only supplying us with five colors: white, black, safety red, safety yellow, and safety blue (what in the world is a safety color, anyway?). Mixing these colors turned out to be a fun and messy ordeal, and the t-shirts got their share of paint. There were also a limited supply of art supplies, and to tell you the truth, it got pretty ugly. People were "borrowing" brushes, paints, and even people in order to paint their mural. Things settled down once we got more supplies and "normal" colors from a nearby paint store. And even after a few hours of sniffing fumes from paint and turpentine, things actually started to become fun. After a great lunch served by the faculty, we finished up most of the murals at around 2:30 and cleaned up. The teachers and students at PS 77 were so impressed by our work, they said that they'll contact us again for other projects. So in conclusion, NY Cares Day was a great day for all who participated, and hey, we gave back to the community, and that's what Key Club is all about.

LOCKSMITH Quote for this Issue:  

I'm a New Yorker born and a New Yorker bred And when I die I'll be a New Yorker dead Rah Rah! New York, New Yorker Rah Rah! New York, New Yo...

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