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Notes From the Treasurer The Weekly Newsletter of the Stuyvesant H.S. Key Club

Volume 9 Issue 10

February 18, 2000

Hey Key Clubbers We would like to thank all the members who stayed after school to participate in the elections the past two Fridays. We had an excellent voter turnout this year and it shows that you care about the future of the club. The new officers were chosen by a combination of your votes (80%) and the Cabinet’s input (20%). Though all the candidates were qualified, we decided that these four were the best-suited to lead Key Club next year: Carolyn Chan (President) Qian Situ (Vice President) Raymond Chao (Secretary) Arthur Chan (Treasurer)

The UNICEF trick or Treating results are in! The Stuy KC raised a total of $811.56 for IDD, bringing Key Club International one step closer to its $2.5 million goal by July 2000. The top five Trick or Treaters are as follows: 1. Elaine Ng - $75 2. Lina Ng - $48.29 3. Marc Weiskopf - $48.03 4. Caroline Ling - $40.74 5. Shelley Cheung - $33.01 Round of applause please! If you are interested in selling candy, please talk to me or email me ( or talk to the Fundraising Committee Chairs. If you have not yet handed in your dues, please do so immediately. Key Club IDs and member handbooks will be handed out

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Yours in caring service, The Key Club Cabinet

Cabinet Co-President Alan Chu Phone: (718)539-6343 E-mail: Contact me for general info about projects and Key Club. Co-President Wai-Ping Chim Phone: (718)969-9825 E-mail: Contact me for general info about projects and Key Club.

Calendar: Secretary Kenneth Fung Phone: (718)891-3982 E-mail: Contact me for submissions to the Locksmith.

Treasurer Cindy Lin Phone: (718)268-8890 E-mail: Contact me about dues and fundraising.

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Feb. 23: Skate-a-thon at Chelsea Piers. See back for further details. March 17-19: New York State District Convention at Kutcher’s Country Club. Checks are due today (If you don’t have your check, and you still want to come, talk to the Cabinet immediately following the meeting. We will try to work something out. In addition, we are looking for a second advisor to come with us. If you know some one over 21 who would like a free three-day vacation, contact us. We may not be able to go to the Convention without a second advisor. Our ongoing projects are still ongoing.

Third Annual KC Skate-a-thon to Combat IDD When: Wednesday, February 23 from 11:30-5:20 (You can come and leave at any time you want) Cost: We need you to raise or bring at least $15. This will cover admission and skate rental. Where: Chelsea Piers Sky Rink, Pier 61 Directions: Take any train to the 23 St. station (6 at Lexington Ave.; N,R at Broadway; F at 6th Ave.; 1,9 at 7th Ave; C, E at 8th Ave.). When you get out on to 23 St., take the M23 westbound to Chelsea Piers, the last stop (or you could walk there too, its really not that far). After you get off the bus, you should see Pier 62 to your right (roller hockey rinks). Walk a little further and you will reach Pier 61. Make a right, and walk through the parking lot. Enter the small building near the end of the lot and go upstairs to the skating rink. (see map)

Notes From the Treasurer