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Welcome to studio vcky’s fourth ever official catalogue! studio vcky is based in Vancouver, Canada. Contrary to popular belief, we are not three raccoons in a trench coat - we are one human woman doing the arts and packing the orders. The raccoons help, but like.. rarely. We started a few years ago with one card; a cat shaped like a loaf of bread, tied to a mickey mouse balloon, captioned PEACE OUT F*CK#rS! Since then we've amassed a small contingent of cards with increasingly silly humor, and a customer base of the kindest silly people. vc delights in the absurd, and enjoys putting party hats studio vcky on all the animals. We (the raccoons and I), are so happy you're here and we hope you like what you see. We’re on instagram, and our line art and doodles are @studiovcky

Vicky Liu Owner, illustrator, incessant doodler


A2 CARDS (4.25” x 5.5”) Blank Inside QTY per style / 6 Unit Price $2.75


HB001 - Breadcat Birthday

HB002 - Blowhard

HB006 - Party Terrarium

HB008 - Cupcake Skewer

HB011 - Bravest Balloon

HB012 - Party Hat Time

HB014 - Flip Table

HB015 - Science

HB018 - Walkman Dinosaur

HB021 - Party Party Party

HB024 - Giant Cupcake

HB010 - Kick Stuff

HB019 - Ice, Ice Baby

HB020 - Pinwheel Bear

HB025 - Precarious Hat

HB028 - Penguin Palette

HB029 - Seagull

HB030 - Sloth

HB031 - Peeing

HB032 - Raccoon Cake

HB033 - Pool Party

A2 CARDS (4.25” x 5.5”) Blank Inside QTY per style / 6 Unit Price $2.75

HOL001 - Spicy Tree

HOL004 - Reinbear

HOL008 - Balls

HOL002 - Cheers Bear

HOL003 - Harley

HOL005 - Cactus Tree

HOL007 - Poor Duck (Holiday)

HOL009 - Fox Tree

HOL010 - Fake Tree

A2 CARDS (4.25” x 5.5”) Blank Inside QTY per style / 6 Unit Price $2.75

BL002 - Bear Hug

BL008 - Found Waldo

BL012 - Oh Canada

BL003 - Cactus Buddy

BL004 - Hero Time

BL010 - Best Fries

BL011 - Princess Beara

BL013 - Peace Out

BL016 - Unicorn Floaty

BL017 - Good Weird

BL018 - Resist

BL019 - Proud Monkey

BL020 - Poor Duck

BL021 - You Pretty

BL022 - Got Your Back

BL027 - Axolotl !

BL031 - All Is Lost

BL029 - Love & Despair

BL030 - Dumpster Fire

MD004 - Appreciate

TY003 - Thank You Bee

A2 CARDS (4.25” x 5.5”) Blank Inside QTY per style / 6 Unit Price $2.75

TY003 - Thank You Bee

TY002 - Thank You Mountains

A2 CARDS (4.25” x 5.5”) Blank Inside QTY per style / 6 Unit Price $2.75

MD001 - Beardilocks

MD004 - Appreciate

MD003 - Crayon Bear

MD002A - Dry Bum Sunset

Bestseller! New!

A2 CARDS (4.25” x 5.5”) Blank Inside QTY per style / 6 Unit Price $2.75

WE003 - Get A Room, Bees

LV001 - Hold Your Paw

BL008 - Waldo

LV002 - Sending Love

A2 CARDS (4.25” x 5.5”) Blank Inside QTY per style / 6 Unit Price $2.75

BB001 - Fierce

BB003 - Babies Plural

BB002 - Koala

BB004 - Galactic Baby

A011B - Checklist

A2 CARDS (4.25” x 5.5”) Blank Inside QTY per style / 6 Unit Price $2.75

A001 - HBD Fuck

A004 - I Like You

A008 - Dinky

A002 - Best Day Ever

A003 - HBD Shit

A006 - Fucking Best

A007 - Congratufuckinglations

A011B - Checklist

A013 - Holy Shitballs

A2 CARDS (4.25” x 5.5”) Blank Inside QTY per style / 6 Unit Price $2.75

A025 - Nekkies

A016 - Shirt Balls

A022 - What To Eat

A015 - EFY

A017 - Drift Compatible

A023 - Card & Alcohol

A027 - Happy For You

A018 - Fuck Yeah Marriage

A024 - This Year

A028 - I Am Perfect

A029 - Thingy

A019 - Petted

A026 - Cat Peen

A020 - Hope You Like

8 x 10 Digital Prints QTY per style / 2 Unit Price $9.00 Packaged with a stiff backing board, in protective cello

PP004 - Peace Out (Cat)

PP026 - Got Your Back

PP025 - Penguin Portrait

PP028 - I Feel Pretty

PP016 - Poor Duck

PP023 - Resist

PP021 - Unicorn Floaty

PP012 - Science

PP024 - Good Weird

PP020 - Narwhals Can’t Fly

PP022 - Dope Space

PP018 - Ghosticorn

A2 CARDS (4.25” x 5.5”) Blank Inside QTY per style / 6 Unit Price $2.50


EP016 - Lemony (0.75” wide)

EP002 - Strawberry Milk (0.75” wide)

EP006 - Dinky (0.75” wide)

EP007 - Tiny Goat (0.75” wide)

EP014 - Pencil Rocket (2” wide)

EP019 - Sentient Flour Sack (1” tall)

EP018 - Tiny Bun (0.75” tall)

EP012 - Box Cat (1” wide)

EP015 - Ice, Ice Baby (1” tall)

EP020 - Tiny Giraffe (1.25” tall)

EP013 - Framed Cat (1” wide)

EP014 - High Five (1” tall)

EP021 - LOL Pants (1” tall)

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Greeting cards are packaged with an envelope in a cello sleeve. Prints are packaged with a stiff backing board, in a protective flap-sealed cello sleeve. Enamel pins are affixed on a glossy backing card. The environment is important to us! All studio vcky envelopes, prints, and greeting cards use FSC certified paper, printed at a local carbon neutral print shop.

Terms Ordering Opening order minimum: $150 Minimum reorder: $100 Orders can be made via email to: Orders ship within 5 business days unless otherwise stated.

Payment New retailers: Initial orders require payment before shipment, via Paypal, Interac E-Transfer, or Credit Card. Net 30 accounts are billed at time of shipment.

Shipping US orders ship via UPS, or USPS via ChitChats. Canadian orders ship via Canada Post Expedited Parcel. International orders ship via UPS or ChitChats International. We are not responsible for shipment duties, taxes or fees.

Back Orders When products are out of stock, we will notify you immediately. Unless discussed otherwise, the order will ship immediately, with the backordered items to be shipped once available and free of shipping charge.

Returns We do not accept returns on wholesale orders. If items arrive damaged, please email us immediately with photographs of the damage to within 5 days of receiving. We will ship replacement product immediately.

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When the iPOD came out, I thought it would be funny to call myself “ivcky”. I was ivcky in emails, nicknames, personas, and all casual correspondences, until it just became “vcky”. This went on for years, permeating my now adult life and it really really stuck. It stuck in a “vicky-with-an-i now looks wrong” kind of way. The good thing is, I’m very searchable! The bad thing is I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night wondering if I’ve missed opportunities from people emailing “studio vicky”. Please ensure there is no ‘i’ in :)