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Roberto Piaia, painter and sculptor, born in Moriago della Battaglia (TV) Italy 11/04/1961. After his childhood and youth spent in boarding school in Asolo, he starts early job and personal experiencies that take him abroad, particularly in Germany, for a long time. His artistic talent, already clear since his childhood, finds its way of expression only in his adult age thanks to his autodidact choice. For painting he was a disciple of master Guerra and Pio x school around 1987, for the sculpture he attended the Marble Studio Nicola Stagetti in Pietrasanta (Lucca), Roberto Piaia attends also Caravaggio School in Florence in 1990. Afterwards he attends the school of Praglia abbey and Chapel of Scrovegni in Padua (95 - 98). In this period he assimilates the theory and the practice of the "ancient color" utilization, which will take him to become master of color. Roberto Piaia 's different creative period : Blue Period, with perfectionism, hyperrealism, transparencies,macchiaiolo impressionism (landscapes) and figurative, 1975 - 1979. Yellow Period, with the ASSURFIVO (abstract, surreal,figurative) whose Piaia is movement leader and that place itself as innovation in contemporary art and as a new pictorial current, 1999 - 2004. Yellow-Red Period of Assurfivo with transparencies and shadows, interpretative symbologies, in course at the present. In Roberto Piaia's works appear references to '500 classcial school, interpreted in a Modern and Assurfivo viewpoint. In 2009 he officially joined the elite of the best painters of Italy, having received from the Committee of the Critic of Modern Art Catalogue, published by Mondadori, the classification of AIC, ie High Interest Critical. In 2011, there is the 54 ° Venice Biennale pad.Italia with a Carrara marble statue of "Iris" and an oil painting on canvas "Darya Cladico" Currently Piaia works in his ateliers Pietrasanta, via del Teatro 76 (LU) and in Pieve di Soligo, Via Sernaglia 28 (TV) Italy.

Mudra resin, 103 x 35 x30 cm Roberto Piaia

Mudra bronze, 103 x 35 x30 cm Roberto Piaia

Mudra, resin, 100x 30 x 35 cm In white resin with black interior: the purity, the whiteness of the white that is opposed to the dark, dark black color.

Mudra, Bronze, 100 x 30 x 35 cm. In Bronze. where the enveloping spiral delimits and hints at the soft feminine features. The golden patina outside and black inside, as well as enhancing the plastic forms of this sculpture, brings us back to the style "Assurfivo", unmistakable painting technique created by Roberto Piaia.

Roberto Piaia at Art Capital 2018  
Roberto Piaia at Art Capital 2018