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Gilles Mazan was born in Paris in 1957. Engineer by training, he worked for a long time in the food industry. Passionate about Art and amateur painter for almost 30 years, he decides to devote himself entirely to this activity in 2014. Landscapes and still lifes are his favorite themes. He works mainly with gouache and oil. Gouache on small formats for his studies that often require rapid note taking; in oil on larger formats for his definitive works. He also makes collages on wood of pieces painted in oil. Gilles Mazan loves painting in all its diversity, with however a preference for painters who, like him, express themselves on the motif. Having worked with a realistic figurative style until 2014, he is now turning to a representation of the reality more and more optical distorted. He lives today in Paimpol, Brittany

Gilles Mazan

Totem marin ou Figure de proue oil on canvas, 81 x 100 cm Gilles Mazan

The artistic inspiration of Gilles Mazan has always been inspired by the depiction of landscape and still lifes. The artist has dedicated three decades of passionate study to these subjects. Today's perfect reproduction has evolved into a style dominated by the optical decomposition of shapes and colors. Among the works resulting from these studies, one of the most intense for colorist rendering and for complex and meticulous decomposition of the image, almost analytic, is Totem Marin, shown here on the occasion of Art Capital 2018. Gilles Mazan sublimates the landscape in sign and color through the techniques of coloristic decomposition, giving to his surroundings an irrepressible expressionist charge that has made him one of the masters of contemporary colorism.

Gilles Mazan at Art Capital 2018 Paris Grand Palais RMN  
Gilles Mazan at Art Capital 2018 Paris Grand Palais RMN