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Jubilee edition

Mesmerizing Magazine Issue no1

EXPERIENCE You are here, to explore, to empower, to excel. Read the red pages and be inspired. — p 11

PROGRAM Expect the unexpected, from fashion show to empowering singers, from Paralympic sports to biofuel inventions. — p 22

WORKSHOPS Our workshops offer you the chance to try something new and meet new people. — p 43

INTERVIEW Five Years of TEDxAmsterdam Women by Marian Spier and Sylvana Simons — p 52

2 | Here we are

May 29th, 2015, Amsterdam, Hotel Okura Amsterdam. Centrally located in the heart of a bustling and cosmopolitan city, today, we are at the centre stage of personal change. Together we will challenge the status quo, defy the laws and decisions that hold us back. When you arrive, take a look around, absorb where you are and don’t be afraid to be honest and yourself.


4 | Here we are

You are here


Mesmerizing Magazine Issue no1 Spring 2015

artwork by Marlou Fernanda

6 | Here we are

I am very happy to welcome you to the 5th TEDxAmsterdamWomen! This year it is my immense pleasure to present to you our most impressive speaker line up so far. In 2010 we started at Sotheby’s as a small gathering of likeminded individuals who shared a dream and a passion. It was this passion that set ground for where we are today. HERE WE ARE, to explore, to empower, to excel!

In these last five years we have grown beyond recognition. Guests and volunteers have developed into friends and trusted partners. We are proud to have shared this journey with them so far. I expressly want to thank the Hotel Okura Amsterdam for their continued generosity and hospitality, we couldn’t have done it without them as well as the amazing support of our great partners & sponsors.

Worldwide, women are at the forefront of change. Whether it is a single African girl who is fuelling the village economy with its own micro-credit, or highly educated women who bring constructive change in the way of large European multinationals. Women bring forth ideas and reshape our future. In the area of technology, entertainment, design, science, culture, arts and global affairs, women with success stories are taking centre stage. It is their vigour, pride and vision that slowly but surely is changing the world around us.

As the founder of TEDxAmsterdamWomen I hope that you will find inspiration, during this jubilee edition, to explore your possibilities, to empower yourself and to excel your future. We discover, we create, we elevate and so do you. Just take a step back and change your perspective. There is an inspiring future with endless possibilities still out there. We all have the capacity to explore and re­ shape it. TEDxAmsterdamWomen is a call to action to all of us, regardless of sex or race. It is a place to find your inner connection. Start building your future! Be inspired.

May, 2015


Marian Spier Founder of TEDxAmsterdamWomen

8 | Here we are


Editor in Chief Marian Spier Content Editors Gemma Damen, Mila de Bont Associate Editors Andrea Bijen, Bianca Spierenburg, Doenja Hagtingius, Snezana Zivcevska-Stalpers, Yulia Korobova Art Direction and Design Bianca Spierenburg Studio Polkadot/ Visuele Communicatie Print Xerox Artwork cover Marlou Fernanda Photography Bibi Veth, Juel McNeilly, Maartjes Strijbis, Maurice Mikkers, Merlijn Doomernik, Yvonne Witte, Shutterstock Authors Mila de Bont, Gemma Damen, Florine van Wulfften Palthe Thank you Mila de Bont, Anke Bos, Gemma Damen, Rik de Fluiter, Asha N. Lalai, Willem Plaisier, Eva Sophie Ridderikhoff, Rayta van Rijswijk, Sheila Klein Schiphorst, Marrigt van der Valk, Florine van Wulfften Palthe Although this magazine was carefully composed, the accuracy of the information contained, can not be guaranteed. Interim changes are possible and therefore no rights can be received from this information. Š 2015 TEDxAmsterdamWomen


10 | Here we are

As we celebrate this jubilee event we want to take you on a journey which we think will delight you, entertain you and inspire you. All throughout the hotel you will see, feel, hear, taste, breathe and experience our central theme: Here we are. To explore, to empower, to excel.


12 | Here we are


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Table of Contents

Preface | 04 — 05 Colophon | 08 — 09 Table of Contents | 14 — 15

History TEDxWomen | 16 — 17

Timetable | 22 — 23

Program | 24— 46

Interview Guests | 19 + 51 + 59

Interview Sylvana and Marian | 52 — 54

Experience | 11 + 21 + 55 + 63 + 87 + 91 + 97

Startup Awards | 60 — 61

Making of | 70 — 73

5 Most watched TEDxAmsWomen talks | 74 — 75

Thank you | 94 — 96 15

At Microsoft we empower women to do more and achieve more

—Sophie Corlay

Marketing & Communications Manager

History TEDxWomen Since 1984 TED has been the platform

world. TEDx­Women focuses on the

for ideas, inspiration and change.

unique way in which women contribute

Millions of people visit TED.com daily

to global change and thus shape the fu-

to be inspired about technology,

ture. ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’ is central

entertainment and design. The annual

here: during the event women and men

conference is visited by free thinkers

act as ambassadors for change and in-

around the world. The x in TEDx stands


for the independence of the event; organized in the spirit of TED. A TEDx

In the Netherlands the event is organized

event provides a connection between

by many volunteers who dedicate their

streaming TED talks and own speakers.

time to present you with an amazing

The goal is to start the conversation

event every year. 2015 will be our 5th

with each other, discuss and build

anniversary and takes place at the Hotel

bridges between people.

Okura Amsterdam. On this day, national and inter­national influential women and

TEDxWomen is a global conference

men will speak and inspire all attendees.

that gives a special stage to women

At previous TEDxWomen events presi-

to inspire others. In December 2010

dents, professors, economists, actors

Amsterdam organized a TEDxWomen

and many others spoke and created in-

event as one of the first cities in the

spirational and confronta­tional moments.


18 | Here we are

How would you describe the atmosphere of TEDxAmsterdamWomen? “I think this day is very inspirational, worthy and honest.” If you could have a TEDtalk, what would you speak about? “The Colourful Top 100 and why it is necessary to show more colour and diversity. Though unexpected in this day and age, these things do not come naturally.”

Guest Interview

What changes have you seen in 5 years of TEDxAmsterdamWomen? “The network of women has grown significantly and has become more professional.”

Raja Felgata

Founder of ‘The Colourful Top 100’ Which year did you attend the event? “Four years ago I attended the event via Duncan Stutterheim. Due to a cancellation a spot for a talk suddenly came available, I was selected to offer a TEDtalk. And suddenly there I was chatting for 5 minutes about My ‘Colourful Top 100’. It was a great experience and ever since I am in love with TEDxAmsterdamWomen.”


Which speaker inspired you the most and why? “Our Top 100 platform Kim Feenstra and Funda Müjde have alighted the stage at TEDxAmsterdamWomen and the stories of these colourful women have touched me greatly. But also Zena el Khalil, from Lebanon, with her story about love and positivity inspired me.”

Who do you look forward to seeing this year? “Soundos el Ahmadi, Marlou van Rhijn and Wassila Hachchi, all women who have ranked in The Colourful Top 100.” Why should someone attend TEDxAmsterdamWomen? “The inspiration you get throughout the day is incredible, the women you meet are all role models and can be considered examples to society. The energy and atmosphere is positive and personal. The stories of the people on stage touch you and gives you something to think about. I have been a fan from the get go.”

20 | Here we are

To celebrate this unique occassion we will strive to engage all the guests and thus create lasting impressions which you can share with your loved ones. The opportunity to actively participate and be a part of our theme, will allow you to discover what it means to be here today. The memories you make, we hope, will be valuable. We want you to become an ambassador for TEDxAmsterdamWomen for the rest of your life. Which is why we created a guest experience. Next to the amazing line up, you can search and discover what it means to explore life, to empower others and to excel in all spheres of life.



22 | Here we are

09.00 Registration 10.30 Opening 10.30 - 12.00 Block 1 To explore Simone Kukenheim (NLD) Jenny Lane (NLD) Marlou van Rhijn (NLD) Raheel Raza (CAN) Azza Faiad (EGY) Naomi Feil (US) Soundos (NLD)

12.00 - 13.00 Lunch 13.00 - 14.30 Block 2 To empower Dorhout Mees Experience (NLD) Steve McCurry (US) Jesse & Meredith Finkelstein (US) Finalists Startup Awards 2015 (NLD) Corinne Vigreux (NLD) Astrid Elburg (NLD) Qeaux Qeaux Joans (NLD)

14.30 - 16.00 Break 16.00 - 17.45 Block 3 To excel

House of Makers (NLD) Taofick Okoya (NGA) Wassila Hachchi (NLD) Lex Peters (NLD) Arita Baaijens (NLD) Lucia de Berk (NLD) Announcement Winner Startup Awards Sanguita (NLD)

17.45 - 20.00 Afterparty

DJ Isis (NLD) Zanillya (NLD) 23

24 | Here we are


By Mila de Bont & Gemma Damen

What makes a TEDtalk, a TEDtalk?

From travelling the Sahara desert to

And what makes a TEDtalk, a great

fighting for justice in prison, we welcome

and inspiring TEDtalk? No two

guests from every walk of life who offer

speakers are alike and if there is one

the widest variety of subjects. Expect the

thing we are very proud of, it is the

unexpected, from fashion show to empo-

continued interest from people around

wering singers, from Paralympic sports

the world wanting to share their stories.

to biofuel inventions, TEDxAmsterdam-

Their dedication to the path they travel-

Women offer it all. We hope you will be

led and the stories they wrote especially

as enthralled by this year’s speakers as

for today is nothing short of amazing.

we are.



There is unity in diversity — Raheel Raza

Steve McCurry

Photo: Bruno Barbey

Photographer stevemccurry.com @McCurryStudios

Steve McCurry is an American editorial photographer best known for his photograph “Afghan Girl” which originally appeared on the cover of The National Geographic magazine. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Steve McCurry attended Penn State University. His passion for photography started when he was working for the Penn State newspaper: The Daily Collegian.

While crossing the border into Pakistan in disguise, Steve captured a part of a war-torn country never seen before in print media. He managed to smuggle out the film sewn into his clothes and for this exceptional display of human courage he was awarded the Robert Capa Gold Medal for Best Photograpic Reporting from Abroad.

His drive to capture a piece of humanity in a single frame took him all over the world. From battle zones to natural habitats, McCurry has a penchant for vivid colours, lively displays of culture and devastating tableaus of conflict.

He is the recipient of numerous awards, including Magazine Photographer of the Year, awarded by the National Press Photographers Association. In 2014, McCurry was awarded The Royal Photographic Society’s Centenary Medal in recognition of a sustained, significant contribution to the art of photography.

26 | Here we are

Lucia de Berk

Innocently Imprisoned luciadebdefilm.nl

As a Dutch licensed paediatric nurse, Lucia de Berk (Lucia de B.) was specialized in dealing with small children and taking care of babies. She was an employee of the Juliana Children’s Hospital. In 2001 she was the subject of a miscarriage of justice. Accused for murders she didn’t commit, Lucia de Berk was sentenced to life in prison. As a result of a biased public, who condemned her without evidence, she was already convicted even though her process hadn’t even begun. In 2004 Metta de Noo, a medical professional, instigated a personal research in the case because she had doubts about

the ruling. Together with her brother, after having been rejected by multiple professionals, Mette presented her research to the media. This was a turning point in the case and resulted in the release of Lucia in 2008, who was eventually exonerated in 2010. Lucia now enjoys all the time and the company she has, being with her husband, daughter and grandchild.

Wassila Hachchi

Member of Parlement for D66 / Founder of Dialogue Digital dialoguedigit.al @WassilaHachchi

Wassila Hachchi is a former military officer of the Royal Dutch Navy and currently a Member of Parliament for the Dutch Liberal Democrats, D66, as well as the founder of Dialogue Digital: an online international platform for dialogue, connecting people globally. Wassila graduated in Strategic Management and she chose to work as an officer in logistics for the Royal Dutch Navy. She joined the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2007 and was awarded Young Official of the Year that same year. In 2006 she became member of Democrats 66 (D66) and she


has been an MP since 2010. Her focus lies on defence, aviation and Kingdom relations. In her role as MP, she is used to opening and maintaining a dialogue with many different (international) partners. However, missing a social medium that truly bridged the gap between people and opinions, Wassila Hachchi founded Dialogue Digital. She believes that it is important for people to globally discuss a variety of topics, which are not only current, but socially relevant as well.

Arita Baaijens Author / Explorer www.aritabaaijens.nl @search4paradise

Fascinated by how humans (inter)act in intense circumstances Arita Baaijens set out to explore the deserts of Egypt and Sudan. She is a world traveller, biologist, author, photographer, and fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, the Explorers Club, the Long Riders Guild and Wings Worldquest. The Dutch adventurer has already completed over 25 desert expeditions on camel throughout Egypt, Sudan, including the Western desert and the Forty Day Road. She was the first female solo traveller to have ever achieved this feat. In Mauritania she photographed the last surviving female caravaneers. In 2013 she was the

first to travel around the Altai Golden Mountains in the heart of Eurasia. This covered 4 countries (1500 km) and her journey, which she conducted on horseback, lasted 101 days. Her upcoming book: “Search For Paradise” will be published in August 2015 through Atlas Contact Publishers. The Spanish Geographical Society honoured Arita Baaijens as Traveller of the year in March 2015. Currently Arita travels and works in Siberia and Central Eurasia, researching sacred landscapes and traditional cultures.

Taofick Okoya

Entrepreneur / Founder “Queens of Africa” dolls www.queensofafricadolls.com @QueensOfAfrica

Nigerian businessman Taofick Okoya found himself struggling to find a gift for his young niece that both displayed youthful female role models combined with African culture and values. During this quest his entrepreneurial background enticed him to design a doll that would allow young African girls to identify with. His creation, the Queens of Africa dolls, outsold Barbie in Nigeria. The dolls serve as a tool of encouragement and inspiration. One of the goals of the Queens of Africa is to promote female education among deprived girls.

28 | Here we are

By using vivid colours, traditional clothes and unique accessories, the ‘Princesses’ don’t conform to the Western stereotype of a girl’s doll. This empowers young black girls to embrace and be proud of their unique African heritage.

Naomi Feil

Creator of the Validation Theory / Author / Founder of the Validation Training Institute https://vfvalidation.org

Inspired by her parent’s work with the elderly, Mrs. Feil followed them in their footsteps. After graduating with a Masters degree in Social Work, the people she grew up with in Ohio became the people she both worked for and with.

The humanist and empathic nature of the Validation Theory helps caregivers in their jobs. Mrs. Feil travels across the world offering support and training in understanding the people they work with, with mutual respect and acknowledgement.

Mrs. Feil developed the Validation Theory as a response to the lack of methods of working with (very) elderly people who were disoriented or in various stages of Alzheimer. She felt it was important to call attention to how people interact and understand old people - how to feel what they feel and see the world how they see it.

Lex Peters

Gynaecologist / Founder Female Cancer Foundation www.femalecancerfoundation.com @femalecancer

Long-time researcher and renowned gynaecologist Lex Peters has made it his mission to find a cure for cervical cancer. His ground-breaking research and unrivalled passion in the search of a cure has caught the attention of the world. After a successful 35-year career and being awarded the Order of Orange-Nassau, Dr. Peters didn’t think about retiring. Instead he kept travelling to Africa and Asia to continue his work and provide fast medical care to women in developing countries.


Through his work with the Female Cancer Foundation, Dr. Peters strives to bring screenings and treatment to women as quickly as possible. Since 2006, The Foundation rolled out a preventive screening program of women. The program offers information, education, screening and immediate treatment if necessary. The Foundation released a beautiful book detailing Dr. Peters’ mission: A World Without Cervical Cancer.

Raheel Raza

Activist / Journalist / Author / Public speaker www.raheelraza.com/about.htm @raheelraza

In a time where interfaith and cultural and religious diversity are scrutinized and need support, Raheel Raza is a force to be reckoned with. Her outspoken and strong opinions on Muslim society and Islamic beliefs have been ground-breaking and inspiring; how­ ever others consider them to be a source of criticism and condemnation. Yet Raza remains undeterred in her fight against gender prejudices and her mission to improve the female position in Islamic society continues. In her book “Their Jihad, Not My Jihad: a Muslim Canadian woman speaks out”, Raza expresses her thoughts on how 9/11 has changed the world’s opinion on

Muslim society - their thoughts, reactions and prejudices, as well as her own. She strives to bring forth equality in a regime that is known as traditional, while still being open to many different interpretations. It’s these interpretations that drive her to scrutinize opinions and be an advocate for equality between men and women. Raheel Raza takes a stand in the public arena in her fight for human rights and with her unapologetic, brutal honesty she emphasizes that “wherever you go, there is Unity in Diversity”.

H.R.H. Princess Abzeita Djigma Princess of Mali | Founder of AbzeSolar

Being a direct descendant of the famous warrior and legendary Princess Yennenga, who is considered the mother of the Mossi people of Burkina Faso, Princess Abzeita Djigma is considerted one of the most important people in Mali. After her studies in Paris and having studies with KPMG, Princess Abzeita Djigma built up her business on the foundations that she wanted to provide knowledge on Microfinance at home. She wanted to ensure the enhanced sales of local produce and help migrants build their lives in Europe. With a strong sense of familiarity of her country and a strong business sense,

30 | Here we are

she created AbzeSolar, a company that harnasses the power of the African sun in sustainable products, called MAMA-Light, such as batteries, watercookers, portable lamps and street lights. An important part of the AbzeSolar mission is to help women improve the quality of life for their families and create a future for their children.

Azza Faiad

Scientist | Inventor @AzzaFaiad

With an environment that is rapidly becoming more affected by the toxic waste we create, Azza Faiad set out to find a solution for this worldwide expanding problem. At the age of only 16, she came up with an idea to convert plastic waste into hydrocarbon fuel by using a low-cost catalyst. Her idea was awarded the EFDA-JET prize at the 23rd European Union Contest for Young Scientists. The Contest is the annual showcase of the best European student scientific achievements. In 2012 she participated in the Euro Science Open Forum (ESOF 2012), which is considered to be one of Europe’s largest, general science meetings.

A successive win was achieved in Turkey when she and a teammate won a gold medal during the 21st International Environmental project Olympiad for their research on the same topic. She found that her participation in the national science fair competition and winning best project in environmental management category, for two consecutive years, was her first practical step towards science passion. At such a young age she admits that the atmosphere of competition and representing Egypt in international competitions were her biggest life lessons so far.

Corinne Vigreux

Co Founder of TomTom www.tomtom.com @CorinneVigreux

Corinne Vigreux co-founded TomTom NV and has been its Managing Director since July 2008. Ms. Vigreux serves as Sales Director and Chief Commercial Officer of TomTom NV, where she is responsible for Sales and Product Management.

As a native of France, Vigreux graduated with a BA in International Business from ESSEC Business School in 1987. Born in Lyon, her career has allowed her to experience France, Germany and the United Kingdom thoroughly and she now calls the Netherlands her home.

Her key role in creating and developing the company from a small enterprise to a global powerhouse in the consumer electronics market has long been recognized. A mere six years after joining Palmtop Software in 1994, TomTom came into existence.

As an active member of the business community, Vigreux is a Board member of the French Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Conseil de Cooperation Franco-Neerlandais and the President of the Dutch division of the Consiller du Commerce Exterieur de la France. For all of her efforts, Vigreux has been awarded the Legion d’Honneur in France.


Astrid Elburg

Leadership and Diversity Consultant www.elburgconsultancy.nl

Being born and raised in Surinam, Astrid Elburg found a home in Amsterdam after she finished her studies in Groningen. As an assistant in the municipality of Amsterdam she started noticing the flaws in the development of minorities in the city. Elburg is convinced that it is important to talk to people with different cultural backgrounds and hear them without sticking to your own biased opinions. Through the process steps of the moral dilemma method and Socratic dialogue, Astrid Elburg facilitates leadership courses and believes that facing your fears allows you to lead and not be led. Through this

method, Astrid provides advice and ideas to individuals and organizations to put into practise. This is the way she engages in her work as a strategic consultant, executive coach and leadership trainer while supporting organizations in the development of ethical, strategic and personal leadership.

Marlou van Rhijn

Paralympic Running Champion www.marlouvanrhijn.nl @MLvanRhijn

Although she was already a successful member of the Dutch national team for swimmers with a disability, Marlou was motivated, by coach Guido Bonsen, to switch sports in 2010. Therefore Marlou is now known both as a Paralympic running champion and an inspiration for many people in the Netherlands. In this new role she participated in the Paralympic Summer Games in 2012 and won Silver on the 100 meter sprint and Gold on the 200 meter sprint, which was a personal World Record. In February 2015, during the IPC Grand Prix Championships in Dubai,

32 | Here we are

Marlou broke her previously established World Record on the 100 meter sprint. To emphasize that doing sports while having a disability can be unlimited, her focus is primarily on achieving her next goal with her peers beside her. She only looks ahead and believes that every race is an opportunity to get better.

Simone Kukenheim

Municipal Executive for the Amsterdam Municipality (Gemeente Amsterdam) www.amsterdam.nl @simonekukenheim

As Municipal Executive for the Amsterdam Municipality (Gemeente Amsterdam) Simone Kukenheim has been working tirelessly on the portfolio of Education, Youth, Diversity & Integration and Amsterdam-East. She is dedicated in creating momentum for leadership, diversity and human rights and will be welcoming us all to the Jubilee event of TEDxAmsterdamWomen 2015.


34 | Here we are

Entertainment If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu — Corinne Vigreux

By Mila de Bont & Gemma Damen

TEDx events are not complete without

welcomed singers and performers to

our entertainment. While we don’t deny

the stage that moved us and challenged

the importance of all our speakers

our senses. This year will not be any

we also feel that an inspiring break is

different! We feel we have a fitting

often deserved. And there is so much

selection of performers and artists

to choose from. In the past we have

that bring our Jubilee event to life.





Qeaux Qeaux Joans

Rooted in Soul and R&B, mixed with Reggae, Pop, Drum ‘n Bass and Hip Hop. Passionate about telling stories through music, Sanguita knows how to captivate her audience. Sometimes simple and stripped down with just an acoustic guitar, but put her on a grand stage with a full band and she knows all too well what to do.

Qeaux Qeaux Joans (Coco Joans) is a Dutch singer/ songwriter from Amsterdam. Her debut album could be described as being an alternative form of rhythm and blues and was released in 2012. The second album, The Ritual, was released in 2014. On this album Qeaux Qeaux Joans combines clasical music with electronics, a different sound with the parable strong voice. Writing is a significant part of her life and gives her a way of expressing herself through music. The creativity and lively culture of Berlin called out to Qeaux Qeaux and she has made this vibrant city her home. In the past six months she released videos of “I Can’t Breathe” and “The Ritual” and there will be more to come.

Singer www.qeauxqeauxjoans.com @joansxxs

Photo: Oliver Ajkovic

Singer | Actress www.facebook.com/SanguitaMusic @SanguitaA

36 | Here we are



Jenny Lane

DJ Isis

With a heart for soul and a talent for singing, Jenny Lane has been a true performer from a young age. She has wowed her audiences and listeners alike with her impressive support act of Joss Stone. With an immensely popular album already making the rounds, Jenny is now creating new lyrical masterpieces for her upcoming record.

DJ Isis, formally known as 100% Isis, is one of the female pioneers in the global electronic music scene. While others come and go, DJ Isis has been one of the most constant and respected DJs on the scene. She will entertain us with her signature beats to make this jubilee TEDxAmsterdamWomen event an epic experience.

Singer www.jennylanemusic.com @JennyLaneMusic






Esther Dorhout Mees

Zanillya Farrell is an MC/vocalist based in Amsterdam. As the winner of the De Grote Prijs van Nederland, Zanillya has been making tracks in the HipHop scene for many years and has recently released a fresh new song Enchufada, featuring the innovative Castro. Born in Hannover Germany; to an Aruban father and a Macedonian mother. Her love for music has been given to her since birth by her artistic mother and musical father, also known as the late Bobby Farrell from the group Boney M. Aside from her impressive career in the music business Zanillya is also presenter and host.

After her studies at ArtEZ Academy of Arts in Arnhem, Esther Dorhout Mees developed her own attitude towards fashion as she spent her time at top labels such as Tommy Hilfiger and Bruuns Bazaar. She decided to start her own label with her distinct inspiration from nature and personal experience.

Fashion Designer www.dorhout-mees.com @DORHOUT_MEES

Photo: Fashion rollers

Singer | Presenter www.zanillya.com @zanillyamusic

She aspires to make sure that all designs are a celebration of female empowerment. Dorhout Mees strives to create a balanced contrast between human forms and constructual elements. Through the use of a wide variety of fabrics she builds the basis of her collections. These organic expressions of the human mind cover a plethora of female shapes and wearable patterns. She is committed to provide designs that are sustain足 able and produced under humane conditions. Together with the international music of 4& Ensemble, Dorhout Mees made an experience especially for the 29th of May.

38 | Here we are



Soundos el Ahmadi

House of Makers

Multitalented Soundos el Ahmadi started her career at the youth theatre assembly ‘Artisjok/Nultwintig’ in Amsterdam. Quickly she developed herself as a fast paced, quick witted and strong Dutch-Maroccan stand-up comedian. Not afraid to voice her opinions, Soundos created herself a promising career as a presenter of ‘Searching Zorro’ (Op zoek naar Zorro), as a finalist on the Dutch reality program ‘Wie is de Mol?’ and as stand-up comendian at the ‘Comedytrain’.

An initiative by dancer Matthew Pawlicki, choreographer Peter Leung and author Sterre van Rossem, House of Makers blends artistic expression with cultural disciplines into a tour de force of dance, music and storytelling. Especially for TEDxAmsterdamWomen they are creating a new performance in cooperation with Emanouela Merdjanova & Nadine Drouiners which will be premiered on the jubilee day.

Dance Performance houseofmakers.nl

Photo: Bowie Verschuuren

Stand-up Comedian www.soundos.nl @soundos

Be yourself, there are plenty of others Wassila Hachchi


finalist Danique Wiltink


Didactique 2.0 www.didactique.nl

40 | Here we are

In a world where students and teachers are on the internet more frequent than ever, it is hard to believe that connecting the two is still a challenge. Born out of the desire to bring demand and supply closer together, Danique Wiltink created Didactique 2.0. An online platform which allows tutors and teachers to upload their profiles and services, which then can easily be found by students who need help with schooling. The service can be considered as the UBER of the tutoring world.




Dorit Roest & Myrthe Stapper

Tessa Florence Duste

Marketing strategies are no longer decided upon merely in boardrooms or dusty offices. Nowadays online influencers such as bloggers, vloggers and social media fanatics are creating a new landscape in brand marketing. Their importance cannot be ignored, yet bringing the brand to the blogger still proofs to be a long journey. Dorit Roest & Myrthe Stapper want to bridge that gap with TIM. They bring bloggers in touch with companies looking for strategies off the beaten path.

Got a roof? Then you can have a roof garden. While city life is getting more crowded and polluted, the need for green spaces is increasing. With only a small square footage available on the ground, Tessa Florence Duste and the team at Rooflife decided to find their salvation in the skies. The grey Amsterdam roofs and those around the country are not yet utilized to their full potential. With Rooflife these prime locations can be transformed in unique biodiversity spots that are both pleasing to the eye and environmentally friendly.

The Influencers Movement (TIM) theinfluencersmovement.wordpress.com

Oscar Kneppers Rockstart Founder & CEO Oscar Kneppers is considered a successful serial entrepreneur and a celebrated internet publisher, launching several cross-media brands since 1998 – all focused on new media and technology. After selling his media businesses in 2002 and 2008, Oscar founded Rockstart in 2011.


Rooflife www.rooflife.nl

Renée Römkens Atria Director/CEO of Atria, the Dutch national institute on gender equality and women’s history (Amsterdam). Römkens is also active as researcher, building on extensive research expertise on gender based violence and national and international developments in socio-legal regulation. For the European Commission she regularly presents scientific advisory reports in the field of gender based violence in her capacity as expert- member of European Network on Gender Expertise (ENEGE).

Lonneke Gordijn Co-founder of Studio Drift. Lonneke Gordijn co-founded with Ralph Nauta Studio DRIFT in 2006, one year after she graduated from the Design Academy, Eindhoven. With Nauta’s expertise in crafts, materials and production techniques, alongside Gordijn’s sense for shapes and strong concepts, together they combine knowledge and intuition. Their designs amalgamate nature and science fiction, ideology and reality. Their aim is to make original and passionate designs, using the best materials and the latest production technologies.

42 | Here we are


By Mila de Bont & Gemma Damen

What would TEDxAmsterdamWomen

seizing the opportunity to explore,

be without amazing workshops?

empower and excel. Are you ready? We made sure that during our one-hour

Like every other year, our sponsors

workshops all of your senses will come

will hook you up with some of the

alive. The diverse workshops can be

most inspiring and fun workshops.

a kickstart to re-invent yourself, while

Our workshops offer you the chance

another will sweeten up your afternoon

to try something new and meet new

with luxurious ingredients.

people: it is the perfect way to interact with other guests. Today will be about 43

So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

workshops PwC


Astrid Elburg

You too have the qualities to create confidence. Statistics show that trust has economical value. Have confidence in yourself, being able to bring this across and create trust in your surroundings are aspects that are recognised on their (economical) value more regularly than before. Acting from your feminine values brings power to creating your confidence. The paradox however is that this kind of impactful behaviour is rarely recognised in society as being so.

Have you ever wondered why some products become so popular overnight? TomTom is a company with entrepreneurial spirit, constantly striving to launch innovation that really matters to their consumers.

In large corporations the value and worth of ethical leadership is expanding at a rapid pace. But many companies still lag behind in developing their teams into empowered and strong women and men who can professionally approach a moral dilemma.

Confidence as an economical value

What emphasizes the value of confidence? Are you aware what your qualities you already posses and how to use these to the fullest of their potential? How do you deal with the ramifications of this paradox and perception of this behaviour. PwC offers a workshop that will provide you with insights in what you already are capable of and how you can strengthen this. Workshop leader Debby Jannink is Director with PwC.*

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Bring value to the market

In this interactive session TomTom will show you how to develop consumer insights, how we approach the value proposition process and bring this to market. There will be a small group exercise to explore this. We then will wrap up the session with the small groups pitching back. We hope you will join us for this 1 hour workshop and that we can help inspire you to take this back to your businesses.*

(powered by ING) Leading by Example

In this interactive workshop, led by TEDtalk speaker Astrid Elburg, you will explore what it means to challenge yourself by approaching a decision from an ethical point of view. This all to develop yourself into a leader that understands the morals and values of rapidly changing professional landscape.*

Secretary Plus

Marie Claire


To Explore, Empower and Excel is the beautiful theme TEDxAmsterdamWomen this year. This is what the assistants of Secretary Plus embody every day. Today we offer the guests of TEDxAmsterdamWomen 3 great workshops!

Marie Claire is thé fashion glossy that guides ambitious working women with style. During the TEDx event you will experience a lot of new impressions and meet brands who will hopefully give you new information and inspiration. With all those new impressions it’s important to relax for a moment. With Marie Claire it is time for a break and some me-time. We will offer you drinks and let the masseurs do their job. They can give you a head-, neck- or handmassage. Time to recharge!*

Sweeten up your afternoon with a High Tea workshop in Taste of Okura, Hotel Okura Amsterdam’s exclusive cookery studio. Chef de Cusine Louise O’Hare will showcase some classic recipes in this interactive demonstration with tastings of course!*

In 45 minutes in your own power zone

Karen Frank will take us into vitality. During the workshops, you gain insight into six of the most important factors for optimal vitality and practical tips for you to use at work immediately. Nannette Looise takes us to your signature style. Having your own signature style is crucial. Explore your style, Empower IT and Excel by taking chances.

Time to recharge

Esther Justus helps us focus on balance and healthy living. Busy at work and a social life? How do you balance the two? During this workshop you get practical techniques that can be applied to office.*

* Space for these workshops are limited, so sign up as soon as you can.


High tea

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Heian room

ING Workshop

Otter room

Secretary Plus / Workshop Marie Claire

PWC Workshop

Esperance room


Okura Foyer

Share your ideas

Microsoft Playground

van Gogh Playground

ABC Bookstore Shirts TEDxWomen Playground


Amstel Foyer

ING Playground

Foyer II

Livestream Q&A Live Painting

Kook Workshop

Taste of Okura

Welcome / Afterparty

TEDxAmsterdamWomen Event

Welcome Wall Twitter Mirror Playground


Grand Ballroom

Floorplan Okura Amsterdam

TomTom Workshop

Meerman I + II


Eva Sophie Ridderikhoff Social Team @EveSophieR

Marrigt van der Valk Social Team @MarrigtvdValk

Anke Bos PR project manager @alohaanke

Sheila Schiphorst PR & Marketing @sheilaskoster

What I saw was inspiring people, with a creative minds and touching messages. They all had a background and a story to tell. All different and individual yet all the same. Each speaker openly told about their struggles in life, their challenges which made them the person they are today.

I love Sylvana, not only is she a great host but she can give a great talk! Very open and vulnerable, with a classy kick in the ass.

Janneke Niessen performed at TEDxAmsterdamWomen in 2013. She spoke about entrepreneurship in a very passionate and humorous way. It gave me lots of inspiration and energy. Secretly, I always wanted to become an entrepreneur as well. Maybe Janneke pushed my dreams to the next level to start my own business in 2014.

True energy does not come from windmills, gas, gasoline or other fossil fuels, it is what you get from others. That bit of inspiration, a difficult to interpret piece, that you know is there and gives you the feeling that you can conquer to the world. Especially when you combine the forces that are released. That energy that leads to your feeling of invincibility. It leads to your success.















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You are here


Doenja Hagtingius Hoofd Communicatie @Doenja

‘ If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.’ 50 | Here we are

— Ken Robinson

Guest Interview

in a ‘beige’ family, ‘beige’ as in: the colour of the food they ate. What fascinated me was that she showed us how with one small change, she was able to transform her life. She made nut milk, live on stage, and the empowerment she brought across was brilliant.”

Zarayda Groenhart

Author | Presenter | Online Entrepreneur Which year did you attend the event? “My first event was in 2011. I had already heard a lot about the event and the amazing talks. I knew I had to be there. These amazing women and stories, I wanted to experience it myself.” How would you describe the atmosphere of TEDxAmsterdam­ Women? “Unabashed inspiration. It’s not


always a given that guests at an event can totally immerse themselves in the stories of others. At TEDxAmsterdamWomen it is. The feelings are pure and raw and can leave you stunned.” Which speaker inspired you the most and why? “The talk that stuck with me the most was Sarah Britton. She described herself as being brought up

If you could have a TEDtalk, what would you speak about? “I have held a talk myself before and I think I would be glad to talk about it again. People should be aware of this core life lesson. Your personal stories isn’t always the one you choose for yourself, your story picks you. I wrote a book about my personal experiences and my father supported me every step of the way because he knew this and I learned from him. I think we need to be honest and brave about sharing our stories, about what made us into who we are.” What changes have you seen in 5 years of TEDxAmsterdamWomen? “What I find very special is that in these last years TEDxAmsterdamWomen has grown significantly however it hasn’t changed that feeling of intimacy and exclusivity.” Who do you look forward to seeing this year? “This year I think I am going to let myself be surprised. I unconditionally trust the organization of TEDxAmsterdamWomen to bring me the most exciting speakers available.” Why should someone attend TEDxAmsterdamWomen? “I think that TEDxAmsterdamWomen is a safe environment for people to broaden their horizons. Consider it a great cocktail party with international speakers. It is a unique opportunity to meet people and for the introverted to step outside of their comfort zone in an intimate environment.”

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Photography: Merlijn Doomernik

Five Years of TEDx Amsterdam Women by Marian Spier and Sylvana Simons

Interview In her role as founder and creator of TEDxAmsterdamWomen Marian Spier has a great vision when it comes to contributing to society. She feels that TEDxAmsterdamWomen is a call to action, not just listen but also act and be heard. As a seasoned TV hostess Sylvana has never been afraid to ask the tough questions and has been able to bring forward honesty and integrity with a touch of soul. By Mila de Bont & Gemma Damen A relationship born from a mutual understanding and love for inspiring and instigating change, Marian Spier and Sylvana Simons have spearheaded the journey with TEDxAmsterdamWomen and it is a collaboration that allows people to create a bond between speaker and listener, on and off stage. “When I was first approached by Marian in 2011, I jumped at this chance and have hosted the event from then on.” “Sylvana’s spontaneity pleasantly surprised me,” Marian adds. “We were looking for a host who could entertain and inspire our guests. In Sylvana we found the perfect combination.”


What does TEDxAmsterdamWomen mean to you? Marian: “A lot. I think it is not just the team but also the dynamics, the speakers, the volunteers and the sponsors. Everything that makes the event happen brings significance to the Netherlands. We need to focus on bringing more attention to women, being a change and bringing that change about.”

Nice Nailantei Leng’ete. She gave a TEDxAmsterdamWomen talk in 2012. She takes a stand in the fight against female circumcision. She campaigns and travels around the world to share her important message. I think it is impressive that, at such a young age, a girl can move a society.” Marian: “I agree, I liked her very much as well, but my favourite TEDtalk is that of actress Thandie Newton. She talked about accepting the different aspects of life and culture. What surprised me so much was that, you think you know someone - someone in the public eye - who suddenly shows you such a vulnerable side. It’s like you are looking at a completely different person.”

Sylvana: “It is an absolute honour to be part of this event. It has brought me many insights; through meeting so many inspiring speakers as well as the women who attend the event. I always look forward to this day because I know I will be moved. In 2013 I was lucky to have had the opportunity to give a “surprise TEDtalk” of my own. That meant a lot to me.”

What is the most significant influence TEDxAmsterdamWomen has on society? Marian: “I think that the event has done so much already. I have seen and heard of women who visited the event and left inspired. Women who changed their careers, who became entrepreneurs and women who basically just changed their lives. TEDxAmsterdamWomen brings change, even indirect, through their speakers and the organization.”

What is your favourite TEDtalk? Sylvana: “I have a lot of talks I really like. But one of my favourite is the one from the Kenyan Masai girl,

Sylvana: “I think TEDxAmsterdamWomen allows guest to use their voice, motivate and be inspired. It shows the world “We are here”.

There are many women in all areas of life who visit the event and often they recognise themselves in the stories that are shared. From these talks they draw strength and inspiration. Because this is something brought about by a TEDxAmsterdamWomen event it makes it all the more special and valuable.” What can we learn from TEDx AmsterdamWomen? Marian: “We can learn from the speakers and the stories they tell. We learn to not be afraid of change. We need to do things that are outside of our comfort zone. Many women fear this kind of a challenge but shouldn’t be afraid. Women say they are not leaders but in reality we always are. We need to learn to ask the difficult questions and address the important issues women still face. Fear can be a motivator and drives people to search deep inside and look for solutions where you least expect them.” Sylvana: “I think we need more courage and honesty in this world. TEDxAmsterdamWomen is an event that shows us the value of women in every area of life. Not only the speakers but also the public create change in their communities by simply taking a step forward.” What do you think the future will bring for TEDxAmsterdamWomen? Marian: “I think that the side events will start to hold more value to the congress. Like the Startup Awards, this contributed significantly to the TEDxAmsterdamWomen edition on the 29th of May and will continue to do so for all involved. We will keep on searching for topics that touch women and help them achieve their goals.”

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Sylvana: “I have seen the growth these last years and look forward to every upcoming TEDxAmsterdamWomen edition. It is a day that I submerge myself in unique stories origination from different cultures and with national and international allure. In future we need to continue showing the world we are here, we are of value, we are powerful and instrumental in building a society.”

To Explore We challenge you to spread your wings and walk the unpaved roads ahead, turn a corner not turned before. Look in a direction you never expected to look and embrace a neighbour not met. A meaningful connection is very close by, either on the seat beside you or buried deep within the folds of your own body.




2015 Okura Hotel

Here we are 2013 Discover Okura Hotel

the truths

2011 Heroes

Van Gogh Museum

2012 Dare


to choose

Okura Hotel

2010 Reshaping

Sotheby’s Amsterdam

the future





114 total in 5 years




18 2012


60 % works for the

multinationals in NL

40 % social influencers

and entrepreneurs

500 visitors

2.000 applications


Bachelor / Master graduate



mid-career / senior decision maker, netwerker, opinion leader, new and traditional economy

Outreach (%)


30 age 45

Most watched talk (over 57k views) 2013




Hilde Bleijswijk

Sarah Britton

Andy Torres

Hanna Verboom

Let's talk about Suicide

One change Youngest speaker: Olivia Bee (18)

The Key to Successful Blogging

Start your Own Project




500 mln views 2 mln subscribers


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tweets sent


page followers


30 Outreach (%)

Bachelor / Master graduate

20 age 50

Ambitious women, representing new economy, decision makers and networkers


total in 5 years



Reinier van de Aart, Photographer 1st male who dared to speak up at TEDxAmsterdamWomen


19 /3

16 /2








Th eN eth er la Ca nds na d Eg a y N pt ig er ia U SA Th eN eth er la n Tu ds rk Ko e y so v o U K U G SA re ece Th eN eth er la Le nd ba s no n Ba Rus s M ngla ia as de ai sh Isl an ds Th eN eth er la nd s Ca Ind m ia er oo n U Ca S A na da Th eN eth er la nd Ja s pa n U SA Br Be azil Zi lgi m um ba m w e

18 /3


117.856 136.980 154.780 29.243

2013 2012 2011 2010



total views in 5 years

2012 - present

71 240 blogs publications / channels (inter)national

media publications and channels 13 national covered the 1st Event


A three-day conference about the power of women and girls to be creators and change-makers. Theme 2015: Momentum



www.ted.com/about/ our-organization/history-of-ted



Washington DC, USA

Sheryl Sanberg Sandberg

Most influential female speaker Why we have too few women leaders

mid-career / senior decision maker, netwerker, opinion leader, new and traditional economy


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Guest Interview

How would you describe the atmosphere of TEDxAmsterdam­ Women? “Fun, exciting and impressive to be there. A real event for women by women.”

Pascale de Wijs

Which speaker inspired you the most and why? “One of the most amazing stories was that of Hilde Bleijswijk who


What changes have you seen in 5 years of TEDxAmsterdamWomen? “In my opinion I feel that the events have grown so much. It has become more professional and bigger yet it still feels very exclusive.” Who do you look forward to seeing this year? “Naomi Feil, Lucia de Berk and Marlou van Rhijn.”

Founder LikeWise. Creative Stuff Which year did you attend the event? “I attended the event for the first time in 2010 when I was invited by one of the sponsors as a guest. This was in Sotheby’s.”

If you could have a TEDtalk, what would you speak about? “My TEDtalk would be about the new way of growing old. In 2017, in the Netherlands, 1 out of 2 residents will be over 50 years of age. This group of people is still treated in a traditional manner when it comes to expected lifestyle, social activities and career. This needs to change, the stigma that has been placed on this age group is outdated and needs new norms and values. Festival Fameaux will be launched in 2016 and will focus on this change solely.”

spoke about the suicide of her sister. Aside from the personal experience, what impressed me most was the emotion she was able to put in her talk. And another talk was Harriëtte Verwey who made us aware of the dangerous differences of symptoms between men and women right before a heart attack happens.”

Why should someone attend TEDxAmsterdamWomen? “Aside from the dynamics I think it is a perfect event to make women aware of stories that deserve to be heard. Giving young women role models is extremely important. There are still women who don’t see or feel that they can be or have a role model, TEDxAmsterdam­Women removes that feeling. It offers women awareness that they need to be at that boardroom table but that there is still a long way to go.”

Startup By Florine van Wulfften Palthe Rooflife

The Influencers Movement Didactique

This year it’s our fifth anniversary

That’s why this year we launched The

and we wanted to celebrate how far

Startup Awards. And who else better to

we have come with bringing other

team up with for a startup event than

women further. We saw there were

Kickstarter: both a campaigning as well

many female entrepreneurs with

as a fundraising platform. Apparently

great ideas worth spreading but a

we were not the only ones who saw the

lot of these entrepreneurs needed

need for such an event: we received 50

help with starting on these ideas.


60 | Here we are

Believe us when we say that making a

trying to make some money) these three

selection was terribly difficult. Important

entrepreneurs are exhausted but very

questions we asked ourselves in the pro- excited to be here today. cess were: ‘Can we really help them with the award?’, ‘Do the entrepreneurs have

After talking with the three finalist we

a prototype ready?’ and ‘Does it have a

realised that the last month has been

significant positive impact on their target very hectic. “Within one month our busigroup?’. Eventually we selected ten star-

ness plan of 90 pages evaluated to, not

tups and the diversity of these startups

only a company but also the movement

also represented the enormous startup

we wanted to start”, says Dorit Roest

industry in the Netherlands.

from The Influencers Movement. Danique Wiltink from Didactique 2.0 already had a

The event itself was an even greater suc-

few investors approaching her: “Directly

cess. Speakers such as Corinne Vigreux

after my pitch several investors showed

(TomTom) and Julie Wood (Kickstarter)

interest in my idea and one investor even

all in all made it a very inspirational event. approached me during the break of the The ten selected startups got the chance


to pitch their idea to a critical jury. To make their final selection the jury asked

Rooflife shared a great learning about the

questions like: ‘Will this scale?’, ‘What

last month: “We asked people for help

are your biggest challenges?’ and ‘What

which really made the process of making

will you use your funding for?’. Together

our own campaign movie a lot faster.”

with some tips from the Kickstarter panel on their potential campaign, the entrepre-

Today these three finalist will present their

neurs got enough inspiration during the

ideas to you. The winner will win a trip to

event to sharpen their proposition.

New York and will get the chance to visit successful startups together with Kickstar-

The three lucky startups that will make

ter. Also they will win a mentorship from

their way on stage today are Didactique

our partners Microsoft, TomTom, ING and

2.0, Rooflife and The Influencers Move-

PWC. Last but not least, Secretary Plus will

ment. After a period of very hard work

provide them with an assistant until the

(talking to investors, building their Kick-

end of 2015. The trip to NY is sponsored

starter campaign, answering questions

by The Embassy of the United States of

from the media and during this process

America, The Hague, the Netherlands.


Just right after her TEDtalk Funda M端jde was embraced by members of the audience. Funda was a passenger in a taxi in Istanbul in 2007 when they got hit by another car. The crash left her paralyzed from the waist down. Since then she has been in a wheelchair. She has made it her mission to cycle, with a special designed bike, from Holland to Turkey (4000 km) and achieved her goal in 2014.

62 | Here we are

Experience points


An event is more than a word. Sensory perception is kindled through small points of emotional connection. Whether it is a quote on a bathroom mirror or a beautiful picture that transports you. The smallest detail can sometimes have the biggest impact. Either you can sit and listen or sample unexpected delicacies that excite your senses. We also have the honour of welcoming Partner Experiences. They will take you on a journey to change your perspective of established brands and entice you to experience unfamiliar territory. To find out what truly drives you we invite you to come and play The Experience Game at the event. This smart tool will reveal your unconscious feelings within minutes!

64 | Here we are

Five years of TEDx Amsterdam Women

By Marian Spier

Every year the creative team does their

and gives audiences an experience for

best to find the most relevant theme

the senses while the speakers and

which fits the topics of that moment.

performances come together during

This theme needs to be an opportunity

that day. To celebrate our Jubilee event,

for people to reflect upon as well be

let us take you on a journey back to

broad enough to address a multitude

where it all began in 2010. Enjoy!

of issues. It will be the common thread 65

Theme overview

2010 Reshaping the future

Speakers 2010 Mark Grol Sotheby’s Carien van der Laan Carlien Helmink AngÊlique Wouters Niki Kringos Jacques Verduin Jannet Vaessen

Over the past several years, a flood of fascinating data from the worlds of education, micro-finance and more has shown an essential link between investing in women, economic growth, public health and political stability. A new lens reveals women as powerful change agents. TEDxAmsterdamWomen invites both women and men to explore in depth the questions of: Who are the women leading change? What ideas are they championing? How are women reshaping the future?

Mirella Visser Harriette Verwey Noa Lodeizen Ghada Abdel Aal 100% Isis Corinne Heijn Hanna Verboom Reinier van der Aart Azumi Uchitani Jenny Lane Claudia Lisboa

TALK HarrietTE Verwey The year of reshaping the future of heart failure. One of the most authentic and thought provoking talks was that of cardiologist Harriette Verwey. She revealed that one out of three women dies

of cardiovascular failure but because the signs for women with heart failure differs from men, most of the time doctors misdiagnose them with heartbreak rather than heart failure!

Nita Liem Nicolette Mak Lavinia Meijer La Primavera Ineke Aquarius Desiree en Cilian Sithabile Mlothswa Trudy Dehue


66 | Here we are

Speakers 2011

2011 Heroes

Lauren Zander Marli Huijer Carina Hilders Mei Lin Ang Karin Amatmoekrim Hester Bijl Bregtje van der Haak Marieke Eyskoot Corina Vermeulen Sonia Faleiro Conny Janssen Andy Torres Anne van der Zwaag | Kelly Cutrone Gonnie Been Shannon Fitzgerald Mette te Velde Jessica Stern Marieke de Lange Jacqueline Rutten

There cannot be enough attention for knowledge, awareness and inspiration that brings forth many more new ideas. The program focuses on how women think, work, communicate, collaborate, learn and lead. TEDxAmsterdamWomen provides a platform to women who induce changes leading to their Ideas Worth Spreading.

Amy Lehman Caroline Philips Saskia Laroo Anneke van Giersbergen Shirma Rouse Christa Moesker & Margriet Westerhof Machteld Maris

TALK Corina Vermeulen The year of HIV heroes and not AIDS victims. People with HIV, aside from having to live with this ravishing disease, they are faced daily with the snide comments they receive.

But people with HIV have nothing to be ashamed of, Corina Vermeulen dedicated her talk to all people in the world living with HIV and AIDS and the heroes they are. http://www.tedxamsterdamwomen.nl/verslag-corinavermeulen/


Theme overview

Speakers 2012

2012 Dare to choose

Paul Zak Elke Geraerts Nice Nailantei Barbara Hofmann


Olivia Bee Lorna Goulden

Whether it is about career, love, happiness, technological breakthroughs, scientific discoveries or survival, Dare to Choose, was the motif of this year’ program.

AmsterdamWOMEN TALK ZENA EL KHALIL Choosing love over hate. Zena said it beautifully: “Love is the strongest weapon we have. It will save the Middle-East. Nothing else has ever helped. Because after all the destruction, love is all that is left.”

Okura Hotel 1 december 2012

She calls for a different approach to the battle. Forgiveness, amnesty, responsibility and finally: the world calls for a revolution around love, tolerance and respect.

Edwin Oudshoorn Sarah Britton Zena el Khalil Harriëtte Verwey Kim Feenstra Cilian Jansen Verplanke Tatiana Chevtchouk Anjali Sarker Corinne Dettmeijer Hadewich Minis Sabrina Starke Nannine Linning


programmaboekje_TEDxAmsWomen_2012.indd 1

68 | Here we are

22-11-12 16:44

Speakers 2013

2013 Discover the truths

Jonathan Karpathios Susannah Cahalan Ntjam Rosie Her Excellency President Atifete Jahjaga Dr. Loes Segerink Funda Müjde Aziz Bekkaoui Prof. Dr. Joyeeta Gupta Marie Goeminne Willa Stoutenbeek Jacqueline Zuidweg Evan Kohlmann Zanillya Farrell Aynouk Tan Anne Mieke Eggenkamp Sunny Hundal

Photo: Maurice Mikkers

Dr. Linda van den Bedem Janneke Niessen Hilde Bleijswijk Mandy Smith Bonnie Doets

It takes more than one tale to tell a story inspires you to show BrochureTEDxAmsterdamWomen_binnenwerk.indd 10 26-11-12 different sides of the truth through stories. For what is the

& Scapino Ballet Sylvana Simons


truth? In an age where information is always and everywhere at our disposal, it seems like we know less than ever before. TALK HER EXCELLENCY President Atifete Jahjaga When the president of Kosovo aligh- of the inspiring women of Kosovo who ted the TEDxAmsterdamWomen have survived misery to build a better stage she spoke passionately about future for their children. Her strong talk “breaking the silence”. The room qui- and clear mission for the future of her eted down to complete silence when country was awarded with one of the the President addressed the struggle most well-deserved standing ovations.



Here We Are: Creating Awareness, The responsibility, determination. Theme Ready for the next step.

Studio Polkadot / Visuele communicat

TEDx Amsterdam Women

WHERE WE ARE E 70 | Here we are

to explore 路 to empower 路 to excel

Interview The theme of TEDxAmsterdamWomen is closely connected to contemporary trends. A goal is set and we aim to achieve it. Luckily we have a carte blanche: the sky is the limit. The theme is not only exuded through visuals and communications, but all activities and choices we make, like speakers, sponsorships, locations, are based on it. The mission of TEDxAmsterdamWomen should reflect in every aspect of the selected theme. By Bianca Spierenburg & Andrea Bijen All activities by the team members should focus on this one message and this can be anything from guest experience, selecting sponsorships, choosing locations, workshops and other activities connected to this edition. The theme is the foundation for the whole process around. Bianca Spierenburg and Andrea Bijen have followed and developed the creation and implementation of this year’s visual aspects of the event.

What ideas did you have for the visual identity? Bianca: “This year, it was very important to reflect on five years of TEDxAmsterdamWomen. What have we achieved until now? Awareness, responsibility, determination. We are ready for the next step. Brave but also resigned. During various brainstorming sessions we reached a consensus based on what we thought was socially relevant and, at the same time, inspiring for our guests.” Andrea: “During this process we came up with the following theme: HERE WE ARE. You can play with the words and create the question ARE WE HERE. It raises the questions such as what is the meaning of HERE? Who is WE? And what is the meaning of ARE? What does ‘HERE WE ARE’ stand for? To explore, to empower, to excel? This tagline is complimentary to our goal. Where do we want go? What drives us?


Bianca: “We live in a period of transition, we are aware of capitalism, sustainable development and intercontinental trust. We have to look across borders and we need to work together. Where do we want to go? What drives us?” Why did you choose an eye as the main visualization for this year? Bianca: “Eyes are real. They are transparent. There is nothing to hide behind. The eyes are everything. They can be intrusive. They are ‘dasein’. We seek the power of simplicity. More than ever before, people are documenting their lives on camera. Being tagged on social media, through the eyes of beholder, we are conscious of our place in society. We set the goals for the future and have a transparent history behind us.” How do you translate an idea on paper to an actual visual identity? Andrea: “We want to tell a story wherein all the possible manifestations reinforce each other (typography, print, audio-visual, website, guest experience, talks, etc.). Firstly, we worked on a (compact) website that would be used to enforce and lay bare the theme by means of blogs. Naturally, we added theme expressions in the form of banners, online and offline communications, the trailer, and finally this magazine. All these efforts helped

Don’t tell them, show them! us to carry the whole ‘HERE WE ARE’ story to the next level. How would you describe your collaboration? Andrea: “We speak the same language, each using our own expertise, with a common passion for image. We discuss a lot, dare to ask each other critical questions, challenge each other, pry and toss and call each other to get things done. Bianca is definitely on the frontline. She has guts, takes the step and sees what happens, while I find myself more in the background with new ideas in my mind. We compliment each other.” What does the theme ‘HERE WE ARE’ mean for you personally? Bianca: “For me it is the fact of being here and now. Look back and especially forward. On the facade of the WDKA Academy, where I learned how to be an integral part of the visual culture, there is a quote ‘I have to change to stay the same.’ That quote made me realize my calling is about change, process, development and metamorphoses.” Andrea: “HERE WE ARE for me means ‘dasein’. Especially in this year working for TEDx, I learned to be more in the presence. I learned to be proud of what I am doing, as a person and as a team. Taking time to evaluate the final results, standing still by what’s been created instead of ‘just keep going’. Being aware of what is now. Being there. It’s ok.

72 | Here we are

How do you deal with creative work approaching a deadline? Bianca: “We feel the urge for visualization. To bring our theme to the spotlight. And to do this by speaking about it. About what is most important and by showing it.” Short Bio Andrea Andrea Bijen (1985) is an independent filmmaker, director, concept developer and online marketing professional, the owner of BeeScene Productions. “I believe in the power of the moving image. I know how to capture the stories that make an impact and touch the audience.” www.beescene.nl

Special thanks! At an early project stage Willem Plaisier, Andrea Bijen and Bianca Spierenburg got in touch to be a part of a creative team working on development of a strong visual concept. Bas van Eyck provides us with a strong web support.’

Short Bio Bianca Bianca Spierenburg (1978) is an independent creative strategist and graphic designer, founder of Studio Polkadot / Visual Com­munication. “I believe in the power of brands. A brand is greater than a product. I’m an associative thinker and interested in the perception of the receiver.” www.studiopolkadot.nl

https://vimeo.com/126470579 The trailer ‘HERE WE ARE’ is

Directed, written & produced

featured in five major cities in the

by Andrea Bijen - BeeScene Productions

Netherlands on a large public

Camera by Joao MB Costa

displays: Amsterdam, Eindhoven,

Editing by Joao MB Costa & Andrea Bijen

Enschede, Amersfoort, Utrecht.

Studio Dizzydog - Volkshotel, Amsterdam


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Andy Torres was born and raised in Mexico but decided she wanted to make it in the European fashion industry. Soon after she came arrived she realised this was an almost impossible task; as many doors she knocked on didn’t open as she had planned. She then started her own fashion blog: Stylescrapbook. com. In 2011, when she performed her TEDtalk on our stage, she had already received an Elle Style Award and a Mango IT Girl Award. To read our blog on Andy and watch her TEDtalk follow this QR-code.

After Hilde Bleijswijk told her story at our event in 2013, she received a well-deserved standing ovation. She told a very personal story about why she founded her Namasté Foundation: it all started when her sister Femke committed suicide. “Every year 1.700 people in The Netherlands commit suicide”, she says. “And 1 out of 10 people think about suicide. Let’s talk about that.” To read our blog on Hilde and watch her TEDtalk follow this QR-code.

Women Talks

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Lauren Zander’s talk ‘No one is coming to save you’ explains her vision on regaining control of your life. For this she used a formula in which you divide your life into 18 categories. Once you’ve done that, you have to go through different steps. One of these steps is to dream big. Are you curious to know more? Read our blog on Lauren and watch her TEDtalk by following this QR-code.

As a chef and nutritionist Sarah Britton shares her knowledge on the healing and preventative aspects of food. She had a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to Arizona. There she found that food can be a serious game changer. “More than fuel, food can be a powerful medicine. Just by making one change in the kitchen you can change your life.” To read our blog on Sarah and watch her TEDtalk follow this QR-code.

Back in 2011 Paul Zak talked at TED Global about empathy. His research has shown that a few hugs a day make us friendlier. As a neurologist, he took our stage in 2012 and enlightened us about the differences between men and women. Don’t tell us you’re not curious about the outcome? Read our blog on Paul and watch his TEDtalk by following this QR-code.


‘ You need to find your arrow of integrity and it will point you to your North star.’ – Amy Jo Martin

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Gemma Damen Head of Hospitality @Gemm_D “You need to find your arrow of integrity and it will point you to your Northern star.” – Amy Jo Martin (Founder DigitalRoyalty) @AmyJoMartin



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TEDxAmsterdamWomen Jubilee Smoothie Recipe By the Smoothieclub

We are all aware that healthy food

To celebrate the 5th anniversary

gives your body the fuel it needs to

of TEDxAmsterdamWomen,

stay energetic. But when you have

the Smoothieclub created the

a busy life, it is not always easy to

TEDxAmsterdamWomen blend!

eat healthy every single day.

This smoothie gives you all the energy to Explore, Empower and

We want to provide you with a

Excel, to start your day off right!

healthy solution that is easy to make and won’t consume too


much of your time to prepare.

1 Banana 3 Celery stalks 1 Lemon 1 Beetroot 100gr Spinach Ginger piece 5cm 15ml Olive oil 400ml water

If you want to learn more about the ingredients used in this blend, check out the website: www.smoothieclub.nl. Happy blending! 79

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Proud By Xerox

Ursula Burns is Chairman and Chief

creativity of a well-balanced, diverse

Executive Officer of Xerox. She is the

workforce. That means we’re better able

first African-American woman to lead

to understand and meet the changing

a Fortune 500 company and also the

demands for our products and services.

first woman to succeed another woman,

Simply stated, a balanced workforce

Anne Mulcahy, as head of a Fortune

makes good business sense. As Xerox

500 company.

believes it is important to have women working in the technology sector every

Burns is ranked as one of the most

year in the Netherlands for example we

powerful women in the world by both

introduce young girls (10 to 15 years

Fortune and Forbes magazines. Under

old) to technology and IT at our factory/

Burns’ leadership Xerox, driven by its

logistics center in Venray. Here they

2010 acquisition of Affiliated Computer

can experience the world of science

Services (ACS), has changed into

and meet (female) specialists who are

a global business services, technology

working in this field of work. In the U.S.,

and document management company

53.2 per cent of employees are women,

helping organizations transform the

and women represent 27 per cent of

way they manage their business

executive and senior-level managers.

processes and information. Xerox is proud to support Xerox places great importance on em-

TEDxAmsterdamWomen and its

ployee diversity. Xerox believes that it

focus on the unique way in which

gains a competitive advantage as we

women contribute to global change

continue to draw on the experience and

and thus help reshape the future.


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Hotel Okura By General Manager Emmy Stoel

Congratulations TEDxAmsterdamWomen and of course during the conference day on your 5th anniversary, a milestone

itself, Okura’s social media accounts

to be proud of! Hotel Okura Amsterdam

seem to explode with countless menti-

has had the honour to work with the

ons. Connecting the TEDxAmsterdam-

TEDxAmsterdamWomen organization

Women and Okura brand names with so

since 2012. What started back then as

many enthusiastic and contagious social

a conference for 250 persons on the

mentions, is truly something we want to

first Saturday in December, grew into

express our great appreciation for.

a conference for 350 persons the year after. Continuing this steady growth,

We are also very honoured to be able

we are very proud to welcome 500 wo-

to meet and greet the various speakers.

men who will attend TEDxAmsterdam-

And this year Okura’s only female Chef

Women this year.

de Cuisine Louise O’Hare of the cookery studio Taste of Okura is one of them.

The organization’s energetic mind-set

The cookery studio offers tailor-made

to prepare an exciting and original

interactive cookery workshops where

annual conference, trying – and succee-

guests prepare their own dishes to en-

ding – to top the previous one year after

joy at the dining tables. Louise will be

year, is a big inspiration. All volunteers

hosting a very sweet High Tea workshop.

of TEDxAmsterdamWomen scatter a

During an interactive demonstration she

great sense of creativity and knowledge,

will showcase some classics. So atten-

a true inspiration for our team and a joy

tion to anyone with a sweet tooth!

to work with. It is a true joy to welcome so many inspiWhen it’s ‘that time of year’ again, a spe-

rational guests to the hotel and we hope

cial vibe is noticeable throughout the en-

to continue this great cooperation for

tire hotel. In the run up to the conference

many, many years to come.



The collaboration and the coming together is what makes TEDxAmsterdamWomen so unique With a background in customer

women and men is what makes

happiness I encounter, on a daily

TEDxAmsterdamWomen so unique.

basis, the need for human well-being

And while many hours of work go

in organizations. It’s all about simpli-

in organizing the event, I am so

fying choices, multiplying the know-

proud that I am part of this amazing

ledge of happiness and helping

group of volunteers. Generosity and

people grow. TEDxAmsterdamWomen

kindness are closely linked and the

is such a good example of how people

continued support we give each

come together, share a common inte-

other day in, day out will definitely

rest and can help each other grow.

be felt by our guests.

We may not have the same lifestyle, background, age or even share the

My journey with TEDxAmsterdam­

same ideals but we do all want the

Women has allowed me to look further

same thing. We strive to make a

and more prominent on what guests

positive difference and through this

need and go beyond. From guest to

one event we pledge to do our best

friend, I hope all the women attending

to bring the issues that need addres-

will take with them a feeling of hope

sing to the table.

and inspiration. I hope the experience points all through the Hotel Okura

I feel that the collaboration and the

Amsterdam will become memories

coming together of all these strong

they will hold on to for years to come.

Asha Lalai Head of Guest & Partner Experience @AshaLalai

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To Empower The tiny triggers found on your journey through TEDxAmsterdamWomen 2015 are there to spark creative senses, which we think is the inner artist. We want you to enjoy every minute of being with us. When you walk through the doors of the hotel, take a minute and reflect on what you see, what you expect to learn and what you want others to learn from you. Don’t be afraid to be your own leader!



The advisory board of TEDxAmsterdam-

event. Once a year they come together to

Women, also called the braintrust is a

review and advise. Helping out when

close group of advisers to the organi-

necessary, and giving feedback. The

zation of TEDxAmsterdamWomen. They

ladies are all accomplished experts

give feedback on certain topics like the

offering innovative advice and dynamic

structure of the organization, press and

perspectives. Their input improves the

communications, programming, hospi-

quality of the TEDxAmsterdamWomen

tality and new insights on financing the

event, and organization.

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Angelique Meddeler / Global Head of Client Services ING With a background as Head of Corporate Clients NL Account Management and Business Management. She was appointed in September 2012 as Head of International Business Clients and became Change Leader Client Services in April 2013. She was then formally appointed Global Head of Client Services as per 1 July 2013.

Anne van der Zwaag / Director Object Rotterdam Anne van der Zwaag studied Modern and Contemporary Art at the University of Utrecht and lectured at numerous institutions such as ArtEZ Institute of the Arts Arnhem, the Utrecht School of the Arts and the Sandberg Institute Amsterdam. Anne is a creative consultant for several companies in the Netherlands and abroad and director of the Dutch design fair OBJECT.

Astrid Elburg / Director Elburg Consultancy Astrid Elburg is Consultant in strategic issues and trainer in ethical leadership and mental toughness. In her approach she puts an emphasis on the Ethics around the promotion of (cultural) diversity in organizations. She is fascinated by the relationship between leadership and the ‘Gunfactor’, a word that’s essential in business relation­ ships, and to make room for people, but difficult to translate directly into English.

Emmy Stoel / General Manager Okura Amsterdam Emmy Stoel is a graduate of Hotel Management School Maastricht. She served at the Hotel Okura Amsterdam from 1991 till 2000 in various management positions before leaving the Netherlands to work in Brussels, Vienna and Frankfurt. Stoel returned to Hotel Okura Amsterdam as DeputyGeneral Manager in 2008. On January 1st 2013 she was as appointed General Manager of Hotel Okura Amsterdam.

Gervaise Coebergh / Director Coebergh PR Gervaise Coebergh founded Coebergh 20 years ago, one of Netherland’s leading PR firms, and additionally she is the founder of Spice PR. Gervaise is also founding member of Vertov. One of her initiatives is Beter Huis, the marketplace of care for the elderly. In 2011 Gervaise won the Porsche People’s Choice Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and in 2013 she was named one of the 100 most successful business women of the Netherlands.

Prof. dr. Renée Römkens / Director Atria Instituut Renée Römkens is CEO/Director of Atria, the Dutch national institute on gender equality and women’s history (Amsterdam). Römkens is also active as researcher, building on extensive research expertise on gender based violence and national and international developments in socio-legal regulation. For the European Commission she regularly presents scientific advisory reports in the field of gender based violence in her capacity as expert- member of European Network on Gender Expertise (ENEGE).

Shula Rijxman / RvB NPO


Since 2012 Shula Rijxman Member is a member of the Management Board of the Netherlands Public Broadcasting (NPO). Shula Rijxman became commercial manager at Martsell and three years later general manager and co-owner. In 2001 Martsell was acquired by production company IDTV where she became manager Events & Promotions, followed by the position of commercial director. In 2010 Rijxman was appointed CEO of IDTV.

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To Excel As our speakers alight the stage and share their moments of triumph, trials and teachings, we hope you will find within yourself and in the people around you an energy that is challenging. Whether you are young or old, excelling is a universal ability. From the moment you could walk, go to school, advance in career, you can go as far as you want and we will attempt to show you this throughout the day.


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Concept: Esther Dorhout Mees Photography: Jacob van Rozelaar MUA: Lydia le Loux Hair Stylist: Hanneke de Hertog Models: Anna Roos @ Micha Models

Florine van Wulfften Palthe Project Manager Startup Awards @florinevwpalthe

‘ Running a startup isn’t sexy; it’s freakin’ hard work!’ — Corinne Vigreux


Marion van Happen - Secretary Plus

Corinne Vigreux - TomTom

Jacqueline Rutten - Van Gogh

Patty de Jong - Xerox

Nathalie Sichtman - Gemeente Amsterdam

Angelique Plugge - ING

Emmy Stoel - Okura

Wanda Otto - PWC

Photography: Yvonne Witte (Vincent van Gogh museum)

Sophie Corlay - Microsoft

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simple words that mean so much

Thank you



TEDxAmsterdamWomen Is made possible by the enthusiastic efforts of a great group of free-volunteers and the generous contributions from the following partners. We want to thank you for your help!

totally, completely, absolutely Advisory board Gervaise Coebergh Angelique Meddeler RenĂŠe RĂśmkens Emmy Stoel Astrid Elburg Anne van der Zwaag Shula Rijxman Advisor magazine Lenny Gerdes Creative Team Andrea Bijen Bas van Eijck Bianca Spierenburg Willem Plaisier Communication Doenja Hagtingius Sabina van Wijk Founder & Curator Marian Spier Personal Assistant Kristel Kuit

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Guest & Partner Experience Asha Lalai Sponsoring Gemma Damen Rik de Fluiter Mila de Bont Rayta van Rijswijk Sandra Schillemans Sandra Schillemans Elze van Veenendaal Esther van Aalst Hospitality & Barterdeals Startup Awards Gemma Damen Florine van Wulfften Palthe Lysia Soons Esther Brandligt Nandini Bissumbhar Magazine Bianca Spierenburg TEDtalk Coaches Doenja Hagtingius Buffi Duberman Mila de Bont Barbara Rogoski Gemma Damen Snezana Zivcevska Workshops Yulia Korobova Martine de Ridder

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If you take one thing away from this TEDxAmsterdam Women jubilee event, we hope it will be the inspiration to reach higher, run faster and love unconditionally.