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As part of Templestock’s versatile range of storage systems,

Product Features

Fineline shelving is available for use in all types of office

Fineline is a highly versatile and cost effective storage system.

environments, archival, retail and light industrial areas.

With differing shelf widths and depths a wide variety of filing

The flexible system comprises static and mobile bays,

and storage media can be accommodated ranging from archive

additional bays can be added to the existing Fineline system as

boxes, open shelf files and lever arch files. In addition to the

your filing requirement grows.

standard shelves various filing accessories are available making

Constructed from high quality British Steel, Fineline is a clipped

filing, archive records and retail stockroom storage.

Fineline suitable for a multitude of applications including X-ray adjustable, boltless shelving system that is easy to install without the need for special tools.

Pull out reference shelf A pull out shelf can be added to bays creating a convenient Lateral suspension filing

working space.

Pull out suspension filing cradle Pull out cradles can be fitted to Fineline shelving to provide easy access when using standard suspension files.

Lateral filing rail Providing more flexibility lateral filing rails are available to house lateral suspension files.

Adjustable dividers Can be used on all standard shelves helping to keep files tidy. Dividers clip over standard shelves and can be adjusted when required. Magnetic dividers can also be supplied.

Double doors Door sets are available for 1 metre wide static units providing a secure storage area. Wider doors can be made on request. Pull out filing cradle

Files, Folders and Wallets Templestock can supply a range of files, folders and wallets for use within its filing systems.

Static or mobile shelving? For storage areas where space is at a premium Fineline can be configured

There are many options to get the most into the available space. Static units can be used but mobile systems can increase capacity dramatically using the same amount of space. The following illustrations provide an example of how mobile units save space.

as a mobile storage system. Fig.1 Static

Compared to a static system comprising an equal number of bays, mobile systems use half the floor space. Alternatively the same static floor space can hold twice as many mobile bays. 0m x 4. .4m 92m 6 : 1 ed a us acity = Are ap c g Filin

Double Doors

Drop Over Dividers

Cross Bracing

Additional protection for

Moveable lateral supports for

Alternative to fully enclosed

sensitive filing.

flexible paper filing.

back sheets.

Shelving Options Fineline shelving is available with either full-height backsheets, half-height backsheets or cross bracing. A variety of options are available to suit any number of applications.

Pull-out Reference Shelf A retractable work surface at standing height.

Fig.2 Mobile

Fig.3 Double mobile

This option uses half the space but provides the same capacity as the static option (Fig. 1).

This option uses the same amount of space but provides twice the capacity as the static option (Fig. 1)

0m x 4. .2m 92m 3 : 1 ed a us acity = Are ap c g Filin

0m x 4. .4m 84m 6 : 3 ed a us acity = Are ap c g Filin

Full Height Backsheet Provides fully enclosed storage bays.

Suspension Filing Cradle Pull out cradles for traditional suspension filing.

Half Height Backsheet Provides flexibility within a bay for mixed-depth media.

Full Height Dividers Fixed dividers to create pigeon holes for lateral filing and storage.

Mobile storage systems Mobile systems are specifically designed for each individual project to ensure they meet exact requirements. A detailed site survey of the storage area is undertaken and CAD drawings of the proposed system are provided. All mobile systems are modular enabling easy installation, addition and alteration. The mobile base is specially designed to sit directly onto any floor surface without the need for bolts or cementing. If the system needs relocating this can be completed without damage to the floor.

Mobile systems feature safety hand wheels that can be locked when aisles are open, preventing movement of the bay. As an optional extra, the systems can be fully lockable when not in use. DĂŠcor end panels can be specified for all mobile Fineline systems to coordinate the shelving with existing or new colour schemes. This added value service makes a Fineline mobile system a stylish addition to any workspace.

Colours and Finishes Fineline is available in our standard colour range with a choice of textured or gloss powder coated finishes. Other colours can be sourced on request, including colours from the RAL range. Other bespoke colours can be sourced to match corporate colours and interior décor.

Smoke White





Please note these colours are used as a guide only. They will not represent the exact colour that will appear on the finished product.

Décor End Panels We supply décor end panels for our mobile systems for aesthetic purposes in open plan office environments. Where company branding is important, this can be used as a blank canvas to showcase corporate identity. There are 2 options in this range. Option 1 is our standard 2 colour metal finish offering a main carcass colour with a highlight contrast colour. Option 2 is our bespoke range that includes the flexibility of accommodating various graphics such as company logos, mission statements or beautiful sceneries. These images are all digitally printed in four colours on vinyl with a gloss laminate finish. This is then applied with the utmost care in a dust free environment onto the panels. There are no visible fittings providing a neat finish.

Décor panels wih a highlight colour.

Side panels are also available for a seamless look.

Décor panels with bespoke graphics.

Electronic Mobile System

Effortless aisle movement at the touch of a button.

As an alternative to the manual hand wheel, Fineline can also be integrated to function on an electronic mobile base. Designed to provide ease of use, safety and security for the user and the items stored, aisles can be moved effortlessly at the touch of a button. •

Security – single locking point allows a complete system to be secured with the minimum of delay.

Safety control aisle movement sensors prevent access while the storage unit is in motion.

Warning lights warn users equipment is in use.

System is powered from a single 3 point plug.

Contol panel clearly identifies the systems status.

Product specification may change without prior notice due to our continuous improvement practices.

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